Book Review: Zombies


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to: Zombies by Nathan Robert Brown. This book has 15 chapters: the voodoo zombie, the rise of the living dead, the extended zombie family, psychology philosophy and the living dead, zombies in early literature, zombies in recent literature, zombies in comics, zombie comics on the web, early zombie films, George A. Romero’s ‘dead’, the modern zombie cinema canon, when zombie movies go rotten, the rise of the video game zombie, zombie survivalist groups and bringing down the dead.

The author says the most frightening things about zombies are that they are very patient. They will patiently wait to eat you. And the second most frightening thing is that they will bring their zombie friends to eat you. The numbers of them grow with each passing hour. The author recommends the following weapons: crowbar or tire iron, hammer, hatchet baseball bat, axe handles, .22 caliber rifle, 9mm pistol, .38 caliber revolver, 10 or 12 gauge shotgun. The weapon depends on legality, functionality, portability and noise level because he said a gun (noise) may attract the attention of more zombies.


This is a picture of the Hindu goddess Kali or Kalika. She is associated with empowerment. The name Kali comes from kala which means black, time, death, lord of death. She loves to get drunk on the blood of her victims. Notice in the picture she has a bowl ready to drink it. She is always shown with her tongue sticking out and sometimes with fangs and her tongue sticking out. She has her foot on her husband the god Shiva who makes up one of the gods of the Hindu trinity along with Brahma and Vishnu. He lays there so she will stop killing and drinking human blood, supposedly.


Notice this zombie has its tongue sticking out. While searching through images of zombies with their tongues sticking out this was one of the least gross of them. There were many pictures of zombies with their tongues out. Zombies seem like they are under the control of this goddess Kali in my opinion. I know it’s all satan.


This is a picture of Gene Simmons of the rock group Kiss. Notice the hanging tongue. He is famous for this tongue. Looks like the goddess Kali, doesn’t he?

I knew from the Israylites that there are Scriptures on Cannibalism in the Bible but a few days ago I did a more intensive search for all the Scriptures I could find on the topic. They include: Leviticus 3:17, Leviticus 26:29, Deuteronomy 28:53-57, 2 Kings 6:26-29, Yesiyah 9:19-20, Yesiyah 49:26, Yeremiyah 19:9, Lamentations 4:10, Yahzeqyl 5:10, Yahzeqyl 24:1-10, Micah 3:2-3 and Zechariyah 11:9. Some of these Scriptures, the Israylites were literally eating flesh, the law of Yah on not eating blood and fat and other Scriptures it was symbolism. Like Yahzeqyl 24 Yah seems to be comparing Ysrayl’s disobedience to the flesh in this filthy cooking pot, if I understand correctly. Also the giants use to eat the flesh of men, I think that is in the book of Enoch if I’m not mistaken. Whenever the Israylites were in disobedience it seems like they were eating in disobedience too. Like when we came to America, what did we eat? Pork. The righteous blood and body we are to eat is that of Yahoshua, symbolism because He laid down His life for us John 6:48-58. The devil really does parallel everything Yah does and make it go for bad.

*The living history of Zombies: ancient zombie tales will be on the History 2 channel tonight at 10 pm.


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