A Demon Named Sinsome by J California Cooper

It’s been awhile since I did a book review. This is not really a book review but something that I wanted you to read. I have been an avid reader of J. California Cooper since the 1990s. I stumbled across this YouTube video back in 2009  (just before I came into the truth) where she was speaking about this character in her up coming book. I’m so glad the video was still up a few days ago when I went to transcribe it for the blog. One thing that I have always liked about Ms Cooper is that she gives her characters very unique names. This character is no different. His name tells you that he wants you to sin some. I saw on another YouTube video that she said this demon would be living in a house with a family. She said the demon was bored and tired of being a demon. The demon was bored because he said once upon a time, he had to trick mankind into sinning but these days, man sins all on their own which left the demon nothing to do. I’m not sure if Ms Cooper ever finished her book, sadly she died in 2014. May Yah have mercy upon her soul. The following is the text from her manuscript:

(Author speaks) You guys know that I do not do editing. So this is the first (draft) and he’ll (the editor) will probably straighten it out later. Usually I have a voice (of the character) but I can’t get (mimic) his (Sinsome’s) voice because it’s a different little voice. It’s a sneaky, nasty voice.

(Author reads) He says I do not usually speak to people in this manner. This woman has been pulling and pulling me into her mind and imagination so hard and so long, I give up a little just to come speak to her. Let it be clear that I do not want to speak. I do not want to tell you the things that she wants me to admit. I do it because I do not think enough of your intelligence to imagine that you will have the ability to keep me out of your life. It seems to be just how humans are made, well not made but the way you are. My name is Sinsome and that is what I do, sin. I am a demon and my master is the lord satan. There are millions of us busy demons. BUSY.

Myself, I am more than five thousand years old and I have been working for my lord and master satan almost from the beginning when he told the first lie ever to be told on this earth in the world. I have watched the master perform and work, placing all manner of confusion, problems, wars of all kinds with the help of his faithful human followers, his servants.

I knew them all. All the beautiful, greedy, selfish, self-serving, cold-blooded and cold-hearted men and women of mankind. As time passes, mankind becomes even more cruel. Well, they can search out and reach in more places and have invented even more fierce weapons of destruction, killing more humans at a time. Among my favorites lately are Hitler, Stalin, (Mao?), Attila and I like Jack the Ripper. Serial killers…I love them, the mafia and others of (the like). (Author speaks to audience: I’m not scaring y’all am I? Audience responds: No).

I love to work in the capitals of the world. There is so much fodder there. Corruption is alive and well and spreading in Washington D.C. Washington D.C. is one favorite. A busy place. Well the money…gold. What we do is a job that use to be a bit more difficult in the early days of the world. People had so much work to do to survive then. They could not do just a little (work). Then also so much gold and oil had not been unearthed to excite more covetousness. We use to have to lie, coerce, seduce and induce humans to do evil but now they think of it all on their own. (audience laughs).

Now (or these days), people even write books and give lectures on how to cheat, lie, steal and kill. Many humans all over this earth watch with pleasure even glee the dangers of those they have come to hate because of jealousy, revenge, ignorance or whatever. They really need no reasons. Have you noticed how many crimes are committed for no recognizable reason at all? Isn’t that wonderful and exciting!! (Wow someone says in the audience)

*This part of her manuscript reminded me of that television show called ‘how to get away with murder’. I think this show started last year. The demons are teaching.

Our lord and master satan has many connections in the highest places in the world. Fortunately and unfortunately for you on earth, even the richest, mostly the richest, churches and monasteries and most holy are ours and you worship them. If you don’t believe me, ask (Yah). He gave you a manual (the bible) but you seldom look at it! It’s all in there. (audience gasps).

We demons think the thing that was wrong with the glorious (Yah’s) idea was to give humans a free choice as He gives to all. What He should have done is built in an automatic love from your birth, for Himself and His laws. Man can not be trusted to do the right thing. He did not do that so our own satan took the opportunity to gather mankind to his own glory. He lied but alas mankind cannot be trusted to do the wrong thing either. Many humans, not to many, find their way to (Yah) through love and that is what we demons must destroy. You would be amazed how easy it is to destroy love among empty-minded, empty-handed people. (audience gasps and someone says wow).

I cannot keep talking to you this way. I know you are ready to stop listening, even at this moment. We count on the fact that humans do not like to hear the truth. (audience gasps). But, I will tell you this one little thing that brings laughter to my heart…joy. Mankind is searching in space for a new planet to live on and destroy. Man can now kill from the land, the air, on the waters, everywhere. We urged mankind to want outer space, the heavens so that they can fight over that too. He wants to rule the heavens and also he is desperately searching space to find another planet that man can live on and move from heavenly control. (In other words they want to independent or free from Yah like we have been taught). But there is only this one place, believe it or not. The planet of earth was created for man in the galaxy milky way. It is at the exact place, by the sun, the moon, the waters, magnetic fields and much more of the required elements for mankind to survive. Earth rests right there, even if it spinning because mankind cannot touch it though he live on it. I know they bomb it, dig into it, scorch it and do many things to injure it yet it still survives because HE (Yah) wills it. As for the other planets, you will  never see an ocean, lake, river, flower or tree or even a bee or anything else that is on the magic planet earth anywhere and/or on any other planet. I don’t care how long they look for it or how far they go. They are limited, I hate to admit by the Creator of this extraordinary creation.

But they will not destroy the earth until the time comes for life on earth to end. I, even I, tremble at the thought. For I know , we all know, even our master satan knows that there will be end to all this freedom we now enjoy. I’m tired of telling you these things that make me sound as if I wish I were on the side of (the Almighty Yah). If I could make it there, I could, I would but I cannot. So I will have to continue to do the job I have to do on earth… to destroy dreams and lives, to confuse and mostly diminish your self-esteem by leading you to acts that you are ashamed of and never planned to do. Alcohol and almost all drugs are a few of our tools, they almost always were. Satan our lord and we demons cannot read your mind, (Yah) did that to us. But when you open your mouth and we hear you speak, you give us all the information that we need about your weaknesses, your desires, the things you love and the things you hate.

I want you. I want you. I am focused on you. I’m watching you, even when you sleep and ALWAYS when you are awake. I want you. I want big and little problems, confusions and troubles. I believe I can make you hate your mother, your father, even your children. I know what you like and what you crave. AND WHO YOU CRAVE. And sex is practically free, laid out in the streets of the world. (audience gasps).

I have had five thousand years of practice while I waited for you. I personally want you. I do not know what will be in this woman’s book yet but no matter. If the bible did not save you from me, her book certainly will not either. (audience gasps, laughs and claps). I want you.

(author speaks to the audience). That was his introduction. (audience claps).

*Did you notice that the demon told truth mixed with lies or lies of omission like his master? He did not tell that the fallen angels give man tech about weapons of mass destruction, like Enoch told us. He also did not tell that Yahoshua will come to stop man from destroying the earth and from destroying the children of Ysrayl. Also, Yah trusted Yahoshua to do the right thing and He did it perfectly but the demon did not tell them that. We also know that satan can read your heart and put a stumbling block before you (if Yah allows him). Was there anything else that the demon lied about? If so, comment below. This was an interesting read. Right? The demon told the truth about people seldom reading the bible. You have to read the bible, ask a teacher questions and put the laws into action…but the first step is opening your bible, like the Ethiopian in the bible. Then the Ethiopian asked questions of Philip. Then the Ethiopian was ready to put the law into action after his immersing.

*The author used pagan titles and the name of god which I changed to truth in the text.
















Interesting Book

I use to think that Yah doesn’t want us to eat pigs because they are filthy decomposers that eat anything like mice and dead humans in the woods. This is true but its even deeper than that. I’m reading this book and the author states that pork is one of the most acidic substances (notice I did not say food) that one can eat. It has an acidic value of -38. When the body becomes acidic, it causes diseases such as cancer. That blew my mind right there. The author also talks about keeping the body alkaline. But when I was reading, I began to think…If you keep the body alkaline, and disease free, how is it that people still die? Yah put the answer into my mind. The answer is that Yah takes their breath in their sleep but we humans say ‘the person died of natural causes’ or ‘they died peacefully in their sleep’. These people die with no profound diseases. If I’m not mistaken, Yah promised Abraham a peaceful death (or at least not to die in war). I’ll have to go back and read that again to make sure. Yah also use to just put (certain) people in the grave for their safety (before the great flood). They lived a long time back then and they did not die of any disease.

I’m not finished reading this book yet.  I just thought that was interesting. What do you think?

The author explained that although the stomach should stay acidic (some people have less acid in the stomach and this can cause problems too), acidic foods stay acidic and anaerobic in the lower gut causing problems for the whole body (causing the bacteria in the gut to turn acidic and anaerobic also). I assume the acidity spreads to the body by blood capillaries since the small intestines feeds the body.

How do you know if your body is acidic or alkaline? The author used litmus paper (the kind you used in general chemistry in high school/college and is also called ph paper) on the saliva of (the author’s) family.  That’s it. Simple.

I’m still not finished reading the book. Oh yeah, Ha Shatan is mad with me about this post because last night he was trying to make me eat pork in my dream! I was surrounded by it and there were persons there in my dream eating pork. He wanted to trick me into eating it.

When a person has cancer, I saw on some television show that I can’t remember right now years ago, that the doctor will kill almost all the cells in the body through chemicals and/or radiation (and some have surgery to remove the cells or tissue). They are trying to kill these acidic, anaerobic cells almost to the point where the person is close to death in hopes that the body will have an immune response to create new alkaline, aerobic cells. Often, I have heard people with cancer say that they changed the way they ate during/after cancer, they are trying to keep the body in an alkaline condition even though many don’t  say “science-y” words like that. Now, this all is making more sense to me. I have a family member who stopped drinking after she had cancer. She told me that she knew it was the alcohol that was ‘eating up my guts’. Those are her exact words. She use to drink to get drunk. She changed or repented of her behavior.

The author also said that worrying (or any negative emotion like anger jealousy sadness) turns our bodies acidic . Negative thoughts and emotions affects every cell in our bodies! Doesn’t Yahoshua say not to worry? Doesn’t Yah tell us to come to Him for counsel or seek Him and  put our burdens on Him? Do you believe Yah? Through negative thoughts and emotions the demons can destroy us spiritually and physically. Call upon Yah and cast them off through Yahoshua. When we run to Yah, the evil spirit(s) flee. “Yah rebukes you satan in the name of Yahoshua”. I sometimes say “begone” or “leave” then rebuke. *I don’t want to lead anyone astray so please do make sure to use your anointing oyl before praying/fasting.

One way the author suggested to keep the body alkaline is to incorporate a variety of more raw green leafy vegetables by way of smoothies and/or just thoroughly chewing the dark greens of a salad. I also once read somewhere or other that lemon water keeps the body alkaline. Yah says in the kingdom, we will eat (green) leaves for medicine. See Yahezqyl Chapter 47 where He talks about healing water and trees. *Whether using oyl prayer fasting (or green leaves or water in the kingdom) to heal, you should have faith behind it. It really does come down to faith.

*About 2 lbs/pounds a day of raw dark green leaves was recommended by the author through smoothies and salads.

*If I’m not mistaken, Noah healed with herbs/greens when the demons were plaguing his children and grandchildren. I can’t remember where I read that right now but I need to find it to make sure. I may come back to this post. Jubilees Chapter 10. I’m sure Noah prayed over them too and Noah was most likely anointed with oyl. Noah probably put a heavy beat down on the demons with all forms of healing. Some say the kingdom of Yah is the tree of life.

Book Review: Without Sanctuary


A few weeks ago I, bought this book called Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America by James Allen, Hilton Als, Congressman John Lewis and Leon F. Litwack circa 2007. I almost didn’t buy it because of the price. I’m cheap with buying books because I buy so many but I usually buy used.  This book was worth every penny.


Some of the photos, I have seen before but I never knew their names. The photo above is the lynching of the only Hebrew woman in the book. I seen this photo before but not the whole photo. On the left, you see another person hanging. It’s her son. They also give her name, Laura Nelson, which I did not know before. In other photos, I noticed that sometimes the Hebrew men appeared to be half-naked. I wondered why their butts or private parts were exposed? Maybe to shame them or they may have been sexually abused before being murdered. There are even a couple of pictures of Gentile men that were hung. I’m not sure of the circumstances of why they were hung. They may have been sympathizers or as the Gentiles say, ‘nigger lovers’.

By the rivers of Babylon: There we sat down, yeah we cried when we remembered Zion. Psalm 137:1. We will never forget our time in Mystery Babylon.

Narrative of the Life of Henry Box Brown


This book was written by Henry Brown and edited by John Ernest. I read this book a few weeks ago. When I was in high school, I remember reading about Henry Box Brown mailing himself from Richmond Virginia to Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  I remember there were always only a few short sentences in the history book. They told the measurements of the box being 3x2x2 but they never explained deeper about why he did it. Henry was owned by one master and his wife and children were owned by another master. His wife’s master’s wife did not like her because she was to ‘refined’ (jealous) for a slave. She reminded me of Patsy’s master’s wife in 12 years a slave. Anyway, her master became ill so they called for Henry to come pray over him before he died but he did not die. The master’s wife began to taunt him about that so he wanted to retaliate against Henry but he could not because Henry did not belong to him and Henry’s master forbade anyone from damaging his property. Henry was considered to be especially intelligent. So Henry’s wife’s master sold her and the children. Henry was very mad and heart-broken because of this and he never saw them again. Henry almost died in that box because he was turned upside down for more than a few minutes. Because of the Fugitive Slave Act, Henry left America for England with his new wife for fear they would put him back into slavery. He became a lecturer. He returns to America about 5 years after the Civil War.

Last year I did a post about aloe vera. Back in the 80s it was the base of Jerry Curl spray which we playfully called the juice or the soul glo juice. Back in the 60s they (James Brown and Bobby Byrd) use sing about ‘soul power’ and ‘I know you got soul’. It partially comes from David and Yahanathan being friends, soul brothers in the bible. But there was more to the soul power movement.  I once saw this PBS special on the civil rights era. I saw this elder saying part of the reason they sang songs like ‘I know you got soul’ is because the Gentiles use to say that we have no souls. I was going to post about it last year but then I did not. So now, I have read it this time in a book. Henry Box Brown said the same thing as this elder that I saw on PBS, that Gentiles use to say we had no souls and that we are not accepted into heaven on pages 68-69. Of course we know that we don’t go to heaven when we die, our breath goes back to Yah and Yahoshua is the only man in heaven sitting on the right of Father Yah. But it seems it was meant to mean that we are unloved by Yah and that we are like animals. Like, don’t nobody want you. (sounds like something a jealous lover would say doesn’t it? Yah said from the beginning our lovers/the nations would reject us). We know more now, we know Yah says we have never been replaced by any other people and we are inscribed upon His hands.

*I’m not saying all the Gentiles felt we are unloved by Yah so don’t be offended. We know that in all our movements that there has always been believing Gentiles. Henry escaped with the help of two Gentile men.

The Sea Islands Experiment


This book is called Black Rice: The African Origins of Rice Cultivation in the Americas by Judith A. Carney. On page 90, I read that the plantation owners of South Carolina and Georgia made it a point to find the Israelites that were experts in rice growing (in the countries that form the rice coast of Africa). Other countries such as Guyana and Brazil also sought for the Israelites knowledgeable on rice cultivation. I also read that some plantation owners sought Israelites that were expert herdsmen. Rice is grown in marshy areas. I once read that the marshy areas of South Carolina and Georgia were so burdened with mosquitoes that the plantation owners refused to live out there. That is one reason why the Israelites  or Geechie-Gullah people were able to hang on to some ‘Hebrewisms’ (such as Deh Yah, Bin Yah, Come Yah and KumbaYah). There was no one watching their every move out there. The people of the South Carolina-Georgia Islands don’t own very much of the land anymore. High taxes have caused them to abandon or sell the land. Now the Gentiles are building resorts, homes, and businesses on the Islands. The mosquito problem is a thing of the past because of chemical sprays.

The Sea Island Experiment: Prior to any formal government policy on reconstruction General William T. Sherman created his own land redistribution policy. Sherman issued special field order #15. This order declared that the Sea Islands on the coast of South Carolina and Georgia would be reserved for freemen. Under this order each family would be eligible for forty acres of land for their own cultivation.  Sherman also gave the freedmen army mules. This would serve as the basis for the cry of “40 acres and a mule” the basis for many freedmen’s hopes and demands later in reconstruction. The Reconstruction Acts of 1867 confiscated the land so that the average freedmen retained only about 2-4 acres each by the 1920s. This was a blow to radical republicans.


No formal reparations were ever given to African Americans like the reparations given to Japanese Americans. In 1980 under President Jimmy Carter Japanese American survivors that were put in war camps during world war II were formally given $20,000 each.

Book Review: Our Black Year


This book is called Our Black Year: One Family’s Quest to Buy Black in America’s Racially Divided Economy by Maggie Anderson. I saw the author quoting statistics from her book on the C-SPAN channel. The author is a lawyer and her husband is in finance.

I borrowed this book from the library. I remember once seeing an episode of My Wife and Kids dealing with the lack of black businesses in the ‘hood. It was the Soul Food vs. Seoul Food episode where Michael Kyle and his wife are in competition with a Korean family for customers for their restaurant. That episode was very realistic of what goes on in the black community.

Statistics from page xii of the book: A dollar circulates among shopkeepers and other businesses for nearly a month in Asian American communities before it flows out of the neighborhood. In Jewish communities that a dollar circulates roughly twenty days and in predominantly white Anglo-Saxon Protestant communities it is seventeen days. The author says, want to know what it is in the African-American neighborhoods? Six hours!

Statistics: Less than two cents of every dollar an African-American spends in this country goes to black-owned businesses. More than 11 percent of whites and Asians own their own businesses compared to only 7.5 percent of Latinos and 5.1 percent of blacks. White owned firms have average annual sales of $439,579. Black own firms $74,018. Blacks in general spend more on groceries, clothing and footwear than the overall population. Black teens spend 20 percent more a month than the average teen especially on the categories of apparel, video game hardware and PC software. Second to the government, black entrepreneurs are the greatest employer of black people. Yet the African-American unemployment rate is twice and sometimes 4 or 5 times the national average for whites. page xiv.

The author calls the experiment to buy black the Ebony Experiment or the Empowerment Experiment. The author quit her job consulting making her husband the sole bread-winner during this experiment. page xvi. She was a member of PUSH in Chicago like Barak Obama and attended the same church as he. She mentions the NAACP and the talented tenth. She reminds me somewhat of Dick Gregory who is a member of those groups and comes and tells us some of what they are doing to attack our community.

Page xix, there are 2.5 million black households in the U.S. with six-figure incomes.

In chapter one called you have a blessed day, she focuses on the lack of grocery stores in the black community yet as stated above we spend more groceries than any other group. The author meets a black owner of a grocery store in the south side of Chicago named Karriem Beyah (interesting last name, eh?) who owns Farmers Best Market. I saw this story earlier this year about this actor named Wendell Price on NBC news. He opened a grocery store in New Orleans Louisiana in the ‘hood called Sterling Farms. Here’s the link.


The author admits in chapter one that she is bourgeoisie (even though she grew up in the Liberty City area of Miami) and that she has been prejudice against low-income black business owners.

In chapter two the author canvasses the community for black owned businesses. Some residents on the south side want a WalMart so they can buy better meat than what is offered to them now.

Chapter three is called Leakage. The author is accused of being racist for buying only black. Statistic: 2004 shows for every $100 flowing into an average underserved black community about $95 leaves either by being spent at local businesses owned by ‘outsiders’ or at businesses outside the community. The author references a black community in Tulsa Oklahoma known as Greenwood (or Black Wall Street by some) that generated great wealth. Back then a dollar could remain in the black community up to 3 years!!!!!!! As of 2007 residents in Chicago neighborhoods collectively spend $3.8 billion outside of their own south side communities, page 40. The principle affliction of poor communities in the US is not the absence of money but its systematic exit, page 40. On page 41, the author says the immigrant groups and Corporate America took advantage of the situation in our community. Statistics from page 42: African American buying power rose from 318 billion to 845 billion from 1990 to 2007. In 2006, advertisers spent $791 million to market to African Americans. The US census bureau data shows that the black population of about 40 million makes at least 75,000 has increased 47% since 2005. Yet we still have not learned how to flex our consumer muscles as a group says the author. Page 49…the main legacies of the civil rights era has been the demise of so many black owned businesses is ironic.

Chapter four is called a dose of reality.  Not all of Black Corporate America backed the Ebony Experiment. It was seen by some as militant and racist by other groups. Some people called them the N-word. One complainer wrote “these people should have their butts kicked instead of being written up as saints on a mission to fix the world”. A man in Oregon even started a Facebook page opposing the Ebony Experiment. One complainer stated “she best hope she or her family don’t need healthcare and not to refuse a white or Asian doctor”. The author states the statistics on blacks in healthcare in this chapter and how we are treated poorly already by physicians even if we have health insurance.

Chapter five is called a mighty economic power. The author discusses the long history of blacks buying from blacks. In 1841, the Female Trading Association, a New York grocery cooperative run by one hundred African American women sold grits, rice, soap, candles, brooms and brushes among other items. The author notes another book author named Robinson Delaney who wrote a book on black businesses before the civil war called ‘The Condition, Elevation, Emigration and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States’. The word ‘buy black’ is first used by this author named Delaney, page 73. There once was a black owned credit union called Tyrrell in Columbia North Carolina. On page 77 the author talks again about Black Wall Street or Greenwood Avenue of Tulsa Oklahoma. From 1900 to 1921 there were over 600 black owned businesses there! During the 1955-56 Montgomery bus boycott around the same time 1955-57, blacks in Mississippi boycotted a chain of stores that the families of the murderers of Emmett Till operated, a move that led to the demise of the family’s business. Fifteen billion dollars runs through African American hands daily as water runs through a dam, this was stated by William K. Bell in 1957 the author says. There is great power in 15 billion dollars! Page 83 the author briefly talks about online black businesses. Page 84, The Kellogg Study concluded that between two and five percent is what blacks spend in the black community. Two percent of $913 billion yields 18.3 billion and 5% yields 46 billion! 894 to 867 billion is spent outside our community!!!

Chapter six is called the turbulent dew. Ebony Magazine afraid to lose its advertisers threatened to sue them because of the name “Ebony Experiment” a way to shut them down…so they thought. Page 96, African Americans today tend to heavily have restaurants, arts & crafts, music, books, home healthcare, barber, braid shops, and daycare businesses. These are businesses they can maintain out of their homes and not much need for a middle man to supply goods. Blacks tend to have a lack of generational wealth, page 97. Yet we worked for America for almost 300 years free!! Loans to black businesses are usually rejected and if accepted require interest rates of 1 to 1.7% higher, page 97-98.

Chapter seven is called the colors of racism. They created a 501C-3 for funding the Ebony Experiment. They hired an attorney who specialized in non-profits. While the author was in Dallas Texas, people tell the author of family that owned businesses but were taken over by Dillard’s Department Store or they experienced racism while shopping at non-black stores. The author talks about Americans emailing the Ebony Experiment racist mail. One email saying please leave America. The author says they did receive encouraging emails from whites. The author says she wasn’t trying to have blacks spend all their money in black businesses just some. It’s okay for white businesses to advertise to black Americans but it isn’t okay for them to do the same. Page 120, she talks about no forty acres and mule (or reparations) were ever given to (the slaves). The author quotes Joslyn Slaughter, business owner who said “we could move mountains and I think that scares some white people”. The author states the media continues the fear-mongering by portraying us as dumb, loud, shiftless, predatory, immoral and stereotypes ranging from obese-welfare mom and vulgar rapper to the ignorant athlete. An email sent to her said: “Those jackasses are going to be in charge? We can’t let that happen. It’ll be anarchy”.

Chapter eight is called the trouble is us. We don’t support each other, page 132. On page 140, according to Ida B. Wells, the largest number of black men lynched were those business people who competed with whites. In my research says the author, I found repeated references to an estimated 2 or 3 lynchings each week in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the south and every reference listed economic competition from blacks as a leading reason for the crime. Lynching was economic terrorism!! In 1859 black furniture maker Henry Boyd closed his Cincinnati plant because it had been burned 3 times. In 1860 arsonists destroyed black owned Sea Girt Hotel in Newport Rhode Island. The race riots of 1906 in Atlanta and 1919 Chicago came about due to white tension over economic competition from blacks. The author states in this chapter that the Farmer’s Best Grocery Store went out of business so now she had no black owned grocery store to shop locally.

Chapter nine is called in the groove. The author struggles to find a black grocer continues in this chapter. She did find a meat supplier called Israel’s Clean Meat House on the South Side which she said the company sounded like a bible study group. But she doesn’t stay with them because the meat isn’t all that good. She also talks about black farmers becoming extinct.

Chapter ten is called our problems, your solutions. Statistics: only 13.9% of black owned firms had annual profits of $10,000 or more compared to 30.4% for white-owned firms. Nearly 40% of all black owned firms operated in the red, page 170. On page 171, according to the 2005 census bureau figures showing a household net worth gap, the median level of net worth for black households is $6,166 as compared to $67,000 for white households. The figures grew larger by 2009 the median net worth for black households was $2,200 and for white families the figure is nearly $98,000. Our status as 3/5 of a man during and right after slavery comes to mind she says. Almost 150 years later our wealth remains ridiculously low compared to our former owners. We were worth more as slaves. The author talks about gentrification based on class and not skin color in this chapter. She said on page 185 that gentrification resembles the false promise of trickle-down economics.

Me: The author sees the curses and even calls our neighborhoods ‘war torn’ like many of us do but she doesn’t understand that it is the curses of Deuteronomy chapter 28. She cried in her husband’s arms on page 177.

Chapter eleven is called a rewired family. On page 189, she says just realize that our kids won’t do better unless they actually see better. Page 195, she says our hardwiring had been re-engineered . Page 204, the author and her husband spent about $94,000 on black owned businesses that year. The author notes the lack of capital and lack of entrepreneur training for the reason why many African American businesses fail, page 206. On page 207, she says we need to focus on black owned franchises including food, clothing, hotels and household and professional services. The Marriott in July 2011 had 586 women and minority owned hotels nationwide including 126 owned by African Americans. New York Life Insurance also works with minorities to build multi-generational wealth. The company wants to challenge blacks to be wealth creators instead of wealth spenders. On pages 215-16 the author laments about being called racist and sell-out by whites and blacks. The author wants to have a Empowerment Experiment Center, a place for research and education in black economic empowerment and self-help.

In Appendix 2, the author provides bar graphs and pie charts, a map, spread sheets of data and a case study.

Me: I recently saw this YouTube video where emcee Roxanne Shante was talking about business. She went to school and became a PhD and also she has become an entrepreneur. She owns apartment buildings and an ice cream parlor in New York. She said when other rappers were buying Mercedes Benz’, she saved her money and got a ride with them.

Book Review: Israelites in the Civil War


This is a picture of my most recent book buy.

This book is called African American Faces of the Civil War: An Album. I first saw this book last year. I almost bought it but decided not to because I thought it would be yet another book purchase with the same information sprinkled with 2 or 3 pictures. Then a few of months ago after Shabbat class was over, I was surfing with the TV remote and landed on a channel called C-SPAN2 or the book TV show. I sometimes watch this channel because they have history professors lecturing. On this particular evening, the author of this book Ronald S. Coddington was lecturing on this book. He talked about the various lives of the people in the book. What blew me away was all the pictures in the book, seventy-seven pictures he said. I got the book Monday and thumbed through it. I saw  pictures of  Israelite soldiers with guns, daggers and swords in their hands!! The only Israelite I recognized in the book was Robert Smalls who  was also from South Carolina. If I’m not mistaken, the author said he left out pictures from two infantry divisions because they were already all over the internet and history books. He focused on pictures from private collections that not many people have viewed. About 200,000 Israelites served in the army and navy during the war.

The Drinking Gourd


Beautiful gourds made in Africa made for carrying and storing water.


Notice the gourd bowls and especially the gourd spoons. Someone is ready to cook or serve food in Africa.


Children in Africa making gourd bowls probably to sell. When we were in Africa we also used gourds for our cooking utensils. We also used gourds for the base of our drums and we used the gourd for a string instrument called the kora.


Fulani woman with a gourd bowl on her head.



The above link is from NASA and  explains the codes in the secret song the drinking gourd that the slaves used to escape.  I read there were at least two versions of the song. I guess the song depended on what route or rivers they were crossing and on the big dipper.


Children’s book: The Israylites called the big and little dipper gourds or drinking gourds. The slaves followed their way north via the north star or the drinking gourd.


The big dipper in this picture: The big dipper lays in the northern sky. It is apart of a constellation called the great bear. The big dipper is composed of seven stars. The bible refers to the formation as ‘the seven stars’ in Amos 5:8 KJV.


Image of the big and little dipper with the north star. The far part of the big dipper will lead one to Polaris or the north star which is part of the little dipper.

Update 11-07-2015: After I made this post, I came upon another scripture but I did not come back to this post to add it . But, after hearing the Israylites do a lesson about constellations and stars yesterday, it reminded me of the scripture that I marked in my bible. Revelation 1:16, Yahoshua has 7 stars in His right hand. We know that the right hand represents authority so these stars are under His authority.