The man of Sin p. 1a

The man of sin part 1a: Identifying his character and world.

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters how are you doing? This is your brother Obadiyah Ysrayl coming to you with a recorded lesson that I’m giving to you today. I’m here today to bring forth this lesson for you today. You all have been asking me about this for years now. And I have been promising to bring forth this lesson for years now. And it’s just now that Yah is giving me the opportunity and just the time to sit down and put this lesson together and to even bring it to you in this format because we are looking at a very, very powerful topic here dealing with the man of sin. And this is going to lead us into our Book of Revelation series. So I found that it was just fitting that we first go into the prophesies and look at the man of sin and try to identify him. We are going to identify him by his character. We are not going to pinpoint and say well I’m 100% sure that this is Barack Obama or Prince Charles or whoever else is the man of sin for the month.

So we are going to be able to identify him just by his character and the things that he is going to do when he comes into his time and when he is revealed to us. Before we go into this lesson, I just want to give a Shabbat Shalom to everyone out there who is listening whether you are listening on October 20, 2012 in our Paltalk Shabbat Class or whether you are listening to it, I don’t know in the year 2015, 2019 whenever you hear this even in the archives years from now. I greet you with Shabbat Shalom. For those of you not familiar with that term, Shabbat is the 7th day of the week. You may know it as the Sabbath where we are commanded by the Most High Yah to commemorate His resting after creation. He created the world in 6 days. He rested on the 7th day. So we are commemorating Him resting from His work and we do this each and every week. This is called the Shabbat. So when we say Shabbat Shalom, shalom is the Hebrew word peace. So we are saying peace on the Sabbath or Sabbath peace. HalleluYah.

It’s all good that we have this venue (way) to come together and study the Word of Yah because we are in those days, we are in those times. The prophets saw what was coming. The brothers saw what was coming. The Messiyah taught what was coming. And we are fastly approaching those prophesies and those times which they stated would be the worst time of trouble that we as a nation of people of mankind as ever experienced. It is coming to the climatic end of all sin. And so Yah is going to let it run its course and it’s going to run at full throttle until it hits its pressure point. And then once it hits that pressure point, it’s going to explode and that’s going to be it. It’s going to be removed from the earth forever. So Yah is going to let it take. Yah said hey if you want to sin okay I’m going to let you go ahead and do your fullness of sin because you sin and you get all your sin done. Because when it’s over, it’s over. Everyone that was participating in it will pay for their crimes.

As we look out into the world today and we look at all this craziness that’s going on, the Gentiles seem to be able to do whatever they want to do. And these wild Hebrews have followed suit just doing whatever they want to do. But there are consequences for every action you make. Every decision, every choice there are consequences. And these consequences can even go down generations. I’m not saying the son is going to be punished for the sins of the father but the son can take on the sins of the father. And just like the father was punished for those sins, the son likewise can be punished for those sins. If your father is a sinner and he teaches you sin and you abide by sin then you are going to be punished just like your father was. So many of our great, great grandparents taught us sin. They taught us to eat the pork. They taught us to eat chitlins. They taught us to eat hog maws. And here we are two and three generations later doing what great, great grandmama taught us and doing what great, great-grandfather taught us. And let’s not make excuses family. ‘Well that was back in that time, they didn’t know any better’. Yes they did. Yah has never left the children of Ysrayl without a way back to Him. Not 400 years ago, not 4,000 years ago. There has always been prophets and servants in the face of Yah’s people telling them to repent for the kingdom of Yah is at hand.

This is a lesson that, the understanding comes from Yah of course. Without Yah’s understanding of this you will not understand it. I have pages of notes here. We have pages of Scriptures that we are going to go through and we are going to break down this and that. But if Yah does not give you the Ruach of understanding then guess what? You will not understand this. And that’s why we have today so many misnomers, so many misunderstandings concerning who the man of sin is.

Everybody especially the Gentile Christians has his own take on it. It’s this person, that person not even understanding that the god that the Christians worship is one of the closest entities we know to the man of sin. Because as we define this term man of sin, we define this term anti-messiah as we define this term abomination of desolation or the abomination that lays waste. As we define this term the beast and we look at all these names that he is called and just his full character you will see that the spirit of the anti-messiah is already here. Not only is it here but it is already in full operation and has been in full operation for a very long time and because we are looking at these things from the Christian prophets instead of getting the understanding from Yah’s Set-apart Israylite prophets. I’ve seen books over the years, I have heard many of these Christian prophets speak about them. Because every faith, every belief has prophets. The man of sin is even going to have his own prophet. But Yah has real prophets and everything else is a false prophet. Islam has prophets. Christians have prophets. Jews have prophets. But the only true prophets are the Israylite prophets.

So these Christian prophets, Howl Lindsey, and this guys name keeps escaping me, its right on the tip of my tongue. He’s an older Gentile guy. He’s kind of short, heavy-set. And he’s in love with Israel. Some of you all may be posting his name on the screen right now but too bad I can’t see it. Because this is pre-recorded. It’s right on the tip of my tongue. Why can’t I speak this man’s name? Maybe I’m not supposed to speak it right? Well this other guy, I have been listening to them over the years giving their understanding of what the man of sin , they call him the anti-christ would be. Many said that he is going to be an international super star. (That) he is going to be this guy that will come on the scene and he’s going to be so charismatic and then he’s going to stand up in 100% full opposition against Christianity. That’s what the Christians are looking for.

See this is why when the man of sin comes on the scene that he’s going to have full control over the minds who do not understand. And have full control over the minds that are not with Yah because they are looking for the wrong characteristics and they are looking for the wrong person. Many of the Christians just because of their hatred of Islam say that he’s going to be a Muslim and that he’s going to stand against Christianity. And that he’s going to force Christians to stand in line to get what’s called the mark of the beast. That’s utter nonsense and that shows you their level of misunderstanding. He’s not going to be that type. He’s going to be so smooth with it. He’s going to be so deceptive with it that you ain’t going to know it’s him. But what you will know is that you have given him authority over your salvation. That’s going to be the end result.

I’m sorry family, I’m kind of distracted because I’m trying to remember that guys name. (laughs) I really am. I see his face. He wears glasses. He’s short and heavy-set and he’s older now. I remember when I first came into the truth back in the 90s. I use to watch his programs. He is in love with Israel. He thinks the Jews are the chosen people. And he is so in love with Israel. But I remember because his understanding or misunderstanding of the man of sin stood out the most to me over the years. For the life of me, I just can not remember that man’s name. But I’m pretty sure some of you have posted his name on the screen. And that is probably him, probably the guy that I am talking about.

But like I was saying because a lot of people listen to him and…John Hagee that’s his name. That’s it. I’m pretty sure John Hagee has gone up on the screen about 20 times! But like I say, this is pre-recorded for the pal-talk class and if you are listening to it 10 years from now or whatever time period from now. Hey, John Hagee that’s his name. A lot of people listen to him. He has one of those mega churches and a lot of even Hebrew Christians go to him because they consider him, what they call, a prophesy teacher.

Now in the Christian faith, they do have what they call prophesy teachers meaning people teach or teach their understanding or I like to call it misunderstanding of what the prophesies of the Bible are saying. But if you don’t know the main prophesy, you know if you don’t know who the children of Ysrayl are, you can’t understand nothing else that’s in the Bible. So if you are thinking the children of Ysrayl are the people called the Jews living in the land of Israel (then) how can you understand the prophesies related to this people? Because the man of sin prophesy is related to the children of Ysrayl. Because it’s going to signal to us that the time of satan’s rule on earth is about to come to a complete and utter end. And the rule of the righteousness of Yah and His people in peace, shalom forever is about to begin.

So these are major signs that we look at. We don’t look at in terms of prophesy or in terms of years as the Gentile has made it in terms of years. We look at it in terms of signs of the times. That’s how we tell what’s about to go on because we know how it relates to prophesy. So that’s why it’s so important that we do this man of sin lesson. (And also) it is important that we do the Revelation lesson.

So here I am recording this on October the 19th Shabbat night, Friday night. I’m going old school today. Normally when I do lessons, I go ahead and I have the computer sitting right in front of me and I’m looking at e-sword. and e-sword is a very top-notch Bible program. And it’s free. You can go to to download your free software. You can get every Bible, man you get a ton of Bible where you can easily compare. Because I jump back and forth normally when I am doing lessons or on a study. I jump back and forth. I see what this translation has to say about this particular verse but let me just see what the other translation has to say concerning this too. And then maybe you will get a little bit more clarity. So I usually use e-sword but now I have my old, old Bible here. And if I handle it too wrong, it will just disintegrate into dust. That’s how it is. It’s torn up from the floor (up). But I’m pretty sure there are pages missing out of here so I may have to go to e-sword because as I go through here, I see pages torn out and I have glues stuff back in here. I have taped it back in here and all of that. So I have to be cautious. I have to put my gloves on with this boy here.

So I’m going to go back to my Bible. So if you here the pages rattling, you know that’s how I use to do the old lessons back before I got e-sword. But I love to get my hands on the Bible, you know going through it and reading it directly as opposed to reading it on the computer screen. But as long as you read your Bible right whether it’s on a computer screen or a smart phone or a tablet…whatever. As long as you read your Scriptures. HalleluYah.

So the title of today’s lesson and this is part 1, this is entitled the man of sin:Identifying his character and world. Now in part 2 of this, we are going to go in a little bit more. We are going to go into his wars and his persecution upon the children of Ysrayl. But in this lesson part 1, we want to identify his character and just go from there because that’s the foundational understanding. We have to have his character identified. And then we will get into some of the things that he is going to do. We will look at the world that he is going to rule what would that world look like that he is going to rule. That’s in part 2. We are going to look at his wars and persecution of the Messianic House of Ysrayl. We are going to cover the mark of the beast and the war against the saints and the Maccabean wars. So we are going to look at all these things in part 2. But right here in part 1, we are going to identify his character and world.

So I have my coffee here. I just brewed up some coffee here at the center. And it is very delicious. It’s that Jamaican blend, I forgot the name of it but it’s the Jamaican coffee. This is what the queen of England drinks. You know the ‘brews down in Jamaica, so I have myself some Jamaican coffee here and I am ready for the long haul. We will be going, I don’t know maybe for the next 3 hours or so. However long it takes us to get this lesson done. We will do it. So I decided to come to you once again in a pre-recorded format that way I can focus more because during the Shabbat class as we run the center here, we have to make sure everything is running smoothly and focused so that by time the lesson starts that we are 100% concentrating. We have eaten and did all those things. So sometimes doing all those things takes me off focus. But right here, right now, I’m focused 100% on the lesson. I don’t have to worry about getting finished fast to go do this or that. I have the time to sit here and deliver the message to you in its fullness. So todah Yah for that. HalleluYah. So however long it takes us to get the message done today that’s what we are going to do family.

So we are going to start off real slow here. Well not real slow, I don’t want to make it where ‘oh I’ll turn Obadiyah off and come back when it’s real fast’. So don’t turn me off yet, stay right there. We are going to start off just with the basics. We are going to define a few words here and ten we will go into looking at his character and all that stuff.

So we are going to start off with defining the term man of sin. I like this term because man of sin, anti-messiah, the abomination that lays waste all of these are applied to this same one person. Now the first mention of the title man of sin can be found in the Book of 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 and we are going to go there. We are going to kick off our Scripture reading directly from that chapter. This man of sin is a very powerful title. And it applies to one man who will rise up in these latter times and make himself appear to be the Most High or even greater. Now when we look at the term man of sin, what’s very powerful about it is that we live in a sinful society. Everything in our world today is based on sin. Sin is freely done everywhere.

I just read an article that stated that there was so much pedophilia going on in the boy scouts and that the boy scouts knew about it. The higher up, the higher (officials) of the boy scouts knew that these little boys were being preyed upon and that there was pedophilia going on. You know, they were molesting these little boys. So as we look at that term the man of sin, that’s sin that they are doing. And we can look at every doorstep, every house and we can find tons of sin being done behind those closed doors. We can even look out in mainstream society today how now, it is right for homosexuals to marry one another. And if you speak out against homosexuality then you are looked at as the bad guy and in some cases you can be persecuted. These homosexuals now rule the society that if you are an actor or someone who has a mainstream face, a non-religious person, because they expect pastors and all this to say things about homosexuality but if you are an actor or something, your whole career can be destroyed by you coming out against this unlawful act.

So when we look at the title man of sin, it’s as if this one man is the creator of sin and we know that satan is the first to sin. But not the only. so this man to be called the son of lawlessness also the man of sin and he’s also called the son of destruction. We are going to define all these names that are applied to him because we are looking at a person that really hasn’t existed fully to this full effect since the days of the god-king Nimrod. This man will sit fully on the throne of Nimrod to its fullest. Everything that Nimrod did, this man is going to do.

So as we go into part 2, we will see looking at his wars and things, we will look into Nimrod’s life so we can get a greater understanding of things that Nimrod did. So we can see how it compares with what this man is going to do. And we will look at some things about Nimrod in this lesson.

So the man of sin, he is called the man of sin because he’s going to be the ruler, the sole ruler over a full lawless society. He will rule a world that will not regard the laws of Yah. Like I was saying, we can look out into the world and we can see all types of sin. Alister Crowley, we all know about Alister Crowley he called himself the beast. He called himself the man of sin. Because Alister Crowley was trying to teach and his teachings were straight up (from) satan. (It) is a doorway that has opened to this lawless society that we have today.

Many of the people in the entertainment industry worship this man, Alister Crowley. He had a law (which) stated do as you want or do as thou wilt for that is the whole of the law. Whatever you want to do, do it. And that’s what these celebrities are doing and everybody looks to the celebrities as role models right. If they see Michael Jackson molest children, they will go molest children. If they see Beyonce being a harlot, then they will go be a harlot. They see lil’ Wayne shooting people so they will go shoot people, do you see? That’s why you have these entertainers being the head of this. This is why they are called stars and superstars. Just like in Scripture, stars are symbolism for angels.

So these are people who are in cahoots with the fallen angels and some of them are fallen angels themselves.

So the man of sin will rule in this society that is coming. And I know we look around, what do you mean Obadiyah its coming? I see lawlessness. I see sinful nature everywhere. Well right now he’s still being a little restrained. We talked about in news you can use a few months ago about how out in NY state it is now lawful for people to look at child pornography on their computers as long as they don’t download the images or the videos. But if they want to sit there ALL day and look at little children have sex and look at little children have sex with each other and little children have sex with adults, they can do it all-day-long. And see, once you understand where this man of sin comes from, his origin, you are going to understand the lawlessness of the society that he’s going to rule over because it’s the same lawlessness from his ancestors. But he will be more wicked than they.

So the man of sin as we are looking at…we are going to define this term first as we just did. It just means a man of lawlessness. It means that he is going to be the king, the ruler over a lawless society. When we look at presidents now, they even have a pretend persona of some type of sense. You now, Barack Obama is not out there saying its good for y’all to go have sex with you know three-year olds and all that. He’s not saying that he’s going to be the man of sin or anything. But I have always said he does have some characteristics (of the man of sin) and we will look at some of those characteristics. But I’m just saying him as a head of state, him as what they call the leader of the free world. Right? We don’t see him on TV saying that.

So they have some restraint right now. But when the man of sin rules, he’s going to say ‘have an orgy out in the middle of the street’. It’s going to be where you see people walking down the street naked. And see these things are already starting to take place. You have once a year, I forgot what month it actually happens but they have this protest going on once a year where women walk around with their bras and some walk around without their bras. They walk around shirtless. I think they are supposed to be protesting the right of a  woman to walk around without a shirt like a man can walk around without a shirt.

So these are little things that are going to add and then pretty soon it will be lawful to do all those things. When they will walk around the street naked. If you want to have sex with somebody you know right in the middle of the street at the bus stop naked, you can do all those things and you will not be charged for indecent exposure. You know.

When we look at the ancient Greco-Roman Empire everything was based on immoral sexual practices, homosexuality, you are going to be walking down the street and there’s two homosexual males doing sexual acts right in front of your children. The society is going to be so lawless you will be holding your children by the hand and let them watch. That’s nothing. Just look at the stuff you allow them to watch now on television. For instance, you would allow your child to watch a program that is so violent that in the first 5 minutes 10 people have been brutally murdered. They can watch that. In the first 5 minutes they can watch the police recover a decomposed body. And you don’t have a problem with them watching that. But the moment there’s a kiss between a man and a woman on the screen then we are telling our children to turn their heads and close their eyes. When a kiss between a man and woman is natural. See, if yo don’t teach your child what is natural between men and women then they will get their understanding from the society from TV, from friends.

There’s nothing wrong with seeing a man and woman kiss especially right before your children. They need to see love. Yeah, woman to man and man to woman. But when you see when Yah said thou shall not murder yet you will let them watch murder. I’m not saying for you to let them watch sex, naw. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying they need to see the interaction between a man and a woman that’s how we learn. We learn from seeing parents.

Many of us are our parents. Meaning that what they taught us, that’s what we are teaching our children. Or the way they raised us, that’s the way that we raise our children. So if your children see that you are affectionate to have love as husband and wife towards one another, don’t you know that’s going to be healthy in their mind. Or even if they were to see it, you know we just cut that off. But now I understand that TV has gotten to the point where they are having…it’s almost like what they call soft-core pornography. And you do have to be mindful of what the child watches on television. Absolutely.

But what I’m saying is that when we have what Yah has given us versus what satan gives us…we can let them watch murder. But if a man and a woman embrace on TV which Yah has given woman to man then we tell them to close their eyes on that. But you don’t say that on the murder. You see this is how satan’s society is going. This is how we are leading up to that lawlessness and that lawless point. Because it’s everywhere, the lawlessness. But it hasn’t even come to the climatic point yet.

So let’s go to 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. The man of sin will rule over a full lawless society. We will read v. 1-4.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-4, v. 1 Read. v. 2 ‘As though the Day of Yah had come’. I’m reading from the translation called the Scriptures here. And this is profound here. Because he’s warning the brothers up in Thessalonica. He’s like listen man, y’all take it easy. Don’t be so easily unsettled in mind or spirit by word or by letter as if we told y’all that the man of sin is coming. So we have people right now running around because they are listening to the Christian prophets and they are getting misunderstanding and they are telling you that the man of sin can appear any day now. They are telling you that Barack Obama is the man of sin. And you are believing that. So now you become unsettled. Now you become troubled. ‘Oh I have to sell all my belongings’. ‘I have to go to the land of Israel to hide because the man of sin is about to come any day now’. No, he’s giving a warning AS IF the Day of Yah is coming. We will talk about the Day of Yah in the Revelation series. Because the Day of Yah is the final trumpet. That’s when all wrong will be paid for as wrong doing and righteousness is beginning to reign. When we talk about Revelation and talk about that blowing of the 7th trumpet and all that we will talk about in the Day of Yah.

v. 3-4 Now get this. Now when he said all that is called elohim remember elohim is the Hebrew word for gods. So he is saying that he is going to exalt himself above ALL the gods or anything that is worshipped. So when you say anything that is worshipped not only will he exalt himself above the gods, he’s going to exalt himself above Yah. We Israylites worship Yah through Yahoshua the Messiyah.

So this man is going to raise himself everything. He’s going to be above Zeus. He’s going to be Osiris. He’s going to be above Jupiter. He’s going to be above satan. He’s going to above YAH. That’s what he is going to exalt himself to. So you have the gods or elohim or the little gods, we will get into that. About the fallen angels coming down to present themselves before mankind as gods. That he’s going to be a group that’s even higher than that. When the gods come back because they are coming back, the ancient gods, the ancient fallen angels and once again they are going to pretend to be gods before the face of men. But they are going to say hey we are your gods but there is a god that created us (even). He’s the head god. So let’s go back up to v. 3. Let no one deceive you in any way because the falling away is to come first. We are going to talk about this a little later on. We will see this, what this means (by) the falling away is to come first.

And then it says ‘and then the man of lawlessness or sin is to be revealed, the son of destruction. Now before he is revealed there is a great falling away that has to happen first which is one of the signs of his coming. And when we get into that section about the signs of his coming then we are going to look at that falling away and what that actually is.

But he is called the man of lawlessness or sin and he is also called the son of destruction. This is a very profound title, son of destruction or as the king James says the son of perdition which means destruction. Meaning that if there’s a son of destruction, there has to be a father of destruction. Right? A mother of destruction that gave birth tot he son of destruction. So if your parents are of destruction and you are born to those parents, you are going to destroy. What is he going to destroy? He’s going to destroy from the minds of men the ways of Yah.

He’s going to utterly destroy. How? Because he’s going to be the king of lawlessness, the man of lawlessness. So you will not have one regard in your mind for what right and what wrong is. You will remove from your mind the knowledge of all good and you will only be stuck with the knowledge of EVIL.

So satan in the garden had this thing set up long ago. (He) got us to eat from the tree of knowledge of evil when Scripture says we were created from wisdom. We were born with intellect. We were born already thinking beings. (We were born) capable of learning, speaking, teaching. But then satan deceived us to go get the knowledge of good and evil which Yah kept from us because He didn’t want us to get confused. You were already wise, why do you need the knowledge of good and evil? With your wisdom you knew everything.

So now satan came and now we have paid that sin with our very lives. Because now we have eaten from that tree of knowledge of good and evil, we now die. So it said that he is going to be the man of sin that he is going to be the man of lawlessness and is to be revealed the son of destruction…he’s going to come to destroy ALL that is good. And what did Yahoshua tell us about the word good? Only Yah is good.

So when he exalts himself to make his throne rise up as satan says he’s going to do in Isaiah chapter 14. Which we are going to got to right now. Isaiah 14:12. Because this man of lawlessness, the son of destruction, he’s going to go out and destroy. We are going to look at that title in just a moment. We are going to see that it was used for another person in Scripture. So this other person in Scripture that we can see what his character was and we will see that he relates with the man of sin. Meaning of these two characters in the entire book, both of them carried the title the son of destruction. And we can see from one of the men that carried the name, son of destruction, we are going to see what his character was like. And so we will know what to expect of him. But real quick let’s go to Isaiah chapter 14. Because when this man exalts himself he’s going to be after the order of satan. Like Yahoshua is after the order of Yah. This man is here already. And I truly believe that the movie Rosemary’s baby that I have been telling y’all (about) and if you haven’t seen, you need to see it. I truly believe that, that was a bio-pic of the man of sins birth because that’s what it was about. This woman was impregnated by a fallen angel and she gave birth to the anti-messiah. That’s who Rosemary’s baby was.

Yesiyah 14, just so you can see because we are going to come back to that son of destruction. But what I want to deal with right here is him exalting his throne above everything that is worshipped. (Now) look at what satan said, so you can understand the same character here. That this man is coming after the order of satan. He that sins is the servant of sin. They are after the order of the devil. You are after the order of the devil. You are after your father the devil. And his will, you will do. So this man is going to do what his father deems him to do. Yahoshua did what his father deemed him to do. Satan is a copy-cat. He parallels everything Yah does as we are about to read right here.

Isaiah 14:12-14 ‘Let me be like Yah’. Yah is greater than anything on this earth that is worshipped! So satan is going to come and pretend that he is that Yah. We know that everything is below Yah. That includes Yahoshua on down to us. And everything else out there. But we see that this man of sin will exalt himself above that which is called god or gods or that is worshipped. So he sits as Yah because Yah is the Most High. In the dwelling place of Yah showing himself that he is Yah. Let’s break this down again. Let’s go back to 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. I’m sorry, I’m getting really excited here. Let’s go back to verse 4.

2 Thessalonians 2:4 Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called the Self-Existing One or that is worshipped so that he sits as the Self-Existing One in the temple of the Self-Existing One showing himself that he is the Self-Existing One.

OH WEE!! Blasphemy! So if he’s here and he’s telling men that he is Yah, that he is the greatest. And he is going to do all these signs and wonders. He’s going to have his prophet right before him pulling fire out of heaven, healing the sick and all these things. Then he is going, by that, he is going to destroy the minds of men. To where their minds are going to be blocked from hearing Yah’s truth. Can you image little ol’ us going out and all we have are our tore up Bibles in our hands. And he’s going to do away with all Bibles. He’s going to have major Bible and Koran burnings like you never seen a book burning before. And he’s going to burn all these religious books. The Bible is not a religious book but I’m just saying all these books that even deal with religion. All of them, the Buddhist books, all of them. He’s going to burn the Bible along with them. And he’s going to say y’all don’t need these anymore because I’m god and I’m here on earth. I can talk to you now face to face. That was the old way I communicated with y’all through books. But now I’m right here living with y’all. You don’t need those books anymore. So if you do away with the Bible, how can we say well all you have to do is go read for yourself if they have no Bible? Because that’s how we teach right now. Right? That’s why I’m telling you that I’m in 2 Thessalonians 2:4. I’m telling you we are in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 because you have the same Bible too. But that day is coming when we will not have these books. So how will we tell them to open up with me to this chapter? Naw, you have to show them. Because that’s all you will have. We are going to talk about that. Probably not in this lesson but probably in lesson 2.

So the son of destruction, let’s look at that. Let’s go to John chapter 17. The son of destruction is a powerful title, just as powerful as the man of sin. Like I said sin is abiding in the world today. Why wasn’t Jeffrey Daumer called the man of sin? Why wasn’t John Wayne Gasey called the man of sin? And they did terrible sins. Killing people and eating people, just everything. But they are not the man of sin. There is one man more sinful than what they did. He’s going to be the ruler of the sinful nation or the sinful world.

John 17, this is Yahoshua giving a prayer up to Yah.

Yahcanan 17:12 ‘except the son of perdition’. WHOA wait a minute, Yahoshua said I was guarding over them. Reads v. 12 again. Who was He guarding? He was guarding over the brothers, over the emissaries . (He was guarding) those who served Yah through Yahoshua the Messiyah. Right? This is who He was watching over. He says in your name which you have given Me and I watched over them and not one of them perished except the son of destruction. Who is the son of destruction that He is talking about? He’s talking about Judas or Yahudah. Yahudah is called in this passage here the son of destruction. He said not one of them perished except him. Because we know the story of Yahudah, Judas, he sold out Yahoshua for 30 pieces of silver. He set out to destroy the Messiyah. So he came from the father of destruction (satan). We know that Judas’ heart was never in this truth because if it was Judas would not have betrayed Yahoshua for 30 pieces of silver. Not for 100 pieces not for no amount of money would he have betrayed his brother. Because Scripture tells us that if you hate your brother without cause you have committed murder. So he was not trying to love his brother as he ought to. He was destroying his brother the whole time he’s there eating, sleeping with our Messiyah. They are walking side by side seeing each other everyday and he was a devil in Yahoshua’s midst. And set out to destroy Him.

Let’s go to John chapter 6. Let’s just flip over here to chapter 6. So Judas and the man of sin both are called the son of destruction. Judas is a unique man. He’s the only man in the history of the world to have sold Yahoshua out face to face. We know Kepha denied Him but Kepha didn’t sell Him out. Judas is the only man who done that. We know that people turn their backs on Him right now that didn’t see or hear His voice. And even during that time  (the people) who did hear His voice and saw Him turned their backs (on Him). Judas is the only one that set out to destroy Him. The only one.

John 17, I hope you are paying attention brothers and sisters. I forgot to tell you at the beginning of this…make sure you have your Bibles, your pens, your pads all that stuff you need to take notes. Right down every Scripture that we go through here. This is the man of sin lesson. You must understand this. Don’t get deceived. We already saw what Shaul said ‘LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU’. Because there will be many that will say ‘there goes the man of sin’. ‘there goes the anti-christ’. If you are not going by what the Scriptures says then you are just going by something (wrong).

John 17, I forgot to tell you get your calculators out too. Because we will have to do some calculating on some time periods here. Yeah, we have to do all that so get your calculators out.

John 17:70-71 Do you see? Judas was a DEVIL. So if he was a devil and he was called a son of destruction, then the man of sin is a devil who is also called the son of destruction.

But get this, let’s go deeper. Judas, Yahudah knew the truth of Yah. (He) knew Yahoshua was Messiyah. Although he was set out to destroy that because the devil is always set out to destroy righteousness. So the man of sin knows Yahoshua is Messiyah. The man of sin knows this truth. Because his father knows this truth, satan. The name Lucifer is Latin and it means the light bearer. Those fallen angels that are down here on the earth causing all this havoc are called the illuminati or the illuminated ones. It means to bring light forth. It is said that satan brought the knowledge of good and evil to man so he is the good guy. And this is what this man of sin is going to bring ‘I gave you knowledge’. Do you see that?

So Judas walked with Yahoshua and knew the truth. So this man of sin knows the truth too. Don’t you know in all of these secret societies, the mystery schools and all that when they go down into their deep dark dungeons and do their ritualistic stuff, they know that you are the children of Ysrayl. They know all these things. They teach the higher initiates, the higher you go in the order, the more information or knowledge you receive. Until you get to the highest order. So this man of sin will know the truth. But he is set out on a path of destruction because his father sent him to destroy. The son of destruction.  He will be like Judas, a devil. One who knows the truth but ignores it and goes into full destruction. This is who the man of sin is.

Let’s go to Hebrew chapter 6. We are about to get his identity family. We have to harken on that character. If you came here to listen to this thinking Obadiyah is going to identify Barack Obama, I can’t do that yet. I have to wait until these things are fully revealed. Although I do say Barack does share some things in common with the man of sin. He absolutely does. But until he stands up in the temple in Jerusalem and says I am greater than Yah, I am Yah. Then we will know who Barack Obama really is.

Hebrews 6:4-8 So the man of sin in his lawless society will bring forth thorns and thistles. He’s not going to bring forth fruit to repentance to Yah. Because he’s going to tell the people to do as thou will for that is the whole of the law. They will ask him what is the law and that will be his reply. Everything is good in my sight. Why deny yourself? He’s going to teach all manners of breaking the law and in every way possible. Murder is going to be okay. If you are mad with somebody and they stole from you, go out and get your revenge. He’s going to bring back ‘an eye for an eye’ ‘tooth for a tooth’. There will be no law against murder. There will be no law against stealing. Nothing. Just do whatever you want to do as we already see society going in that way.

You know parents now saying that even though their child was born a male, they are going to let him decide what he wants to be: male or female. You have parents saying how can I restrict my son, my daughter just let them make their own decisions. Let them do what they want to do. So how do you have a child that is 7, 8, 9 years old doing what they want to do? Making their own decisions. And you are not guiding their hand. That is the society that we are coming to. Your 7-year-old daughter coming to you telling you that she wants to have a relationship with a 30-year-old man. And you are telling her it’s okay. ‘If you love him baby, it’s okay’. ‘And he loves you’? This is where we are leading too.

So it says that once we know this truth and we have tasted the good words of Yah and the powers of the age to come and fall away. It’s impossible to renew them again to repentance having impaled for themselves the Son of Yah again and put Him to open shame.

Do you know how many Israylites are going to be caught up in this worshipping of the man of sin? Because you have so many strange doctrines out there right now and all these doctrines are doorways. If it ain’t coming from the Book, coming from the truth, all of these doctrines are doorways to get you to open up to the man of sin when he arrives. Especially when they say there is no Messiyah, that Yahoshua has not come. That is the number one doorway to anti-messiah. As we are going to see. Let’s go to Hebrews chapter 10.

Hebrews 10:27-29, v. 27 Read. v. 28 Do you see that? Anyone who has disregarded (rejected) the Torah of Moshe dies. The Torah of Moses. The Torah, the law, He says that you die. Christianity is a lawless religion. Islam is a lawless religion. Judaism is a lawless religion. They are without the laws of Yah. And so when the man of sin comes creeping on the scene it’s not going to be nothing for him to connect all the points. He’s going to be for Christians. He’s going to be for Muslims. He’s going to be for Jews. So since the Christians are going to see that he is for them, how can he be the anti-christ and the anti-christ is against Christ? But if he’s for the Messiyah and you will not know this unless you understand the truth of Yah, unless you understand the laws of Yah. Reads v. 28 again. There will be 2 or 3 witnesses there to judge against you to say yes he or she was a sinner. And see when we break this down when we get into the mark of the beast this is really going to open up your understanding. You can not buy or sell without that mark. This man is the  beast and this mark is the mark of his system. You will have to openly denounce Yah and Yahoshua in order to be able to function in this society that he is about to rule. Like Antiochus Epiphany had them to try to sacrifice pigs on  the altar. ‘If you are for me let me see you do this’. Yeah we are going to talk about this in the next half of this.

v. 29 Look at that. (How can) you say that this covenant that we have taken with Yah is common? It’s just a regular old covenant? It’s just a regular old covenant? No, Ysrayl this is what I have been trying to tell you for years. You are that covenant people. That’s nothing common about this covenant that you made with Yah because no other people in all of existence has ever done such a thing but the children of Ysrayl. So when Yah sent one of our brothers to come and redeem us, the Messiyah Yahoshua and you are going to say that, that was just common,that was other messiahs. You are going to sit here and tell me because you done read some book about other false messiahs that satan put forth…because remember everything satan does is false. Everything Yah does is real. (What will) always exist in the world: is the real and the false. As long as satan is able, willing and capable and given permission to operate through this world, through this universe, he will always have something false that will parallel and that will mirror what Yah has for real. Anti-messiah, he’s trying to parallel Yahoshua. He’s trying to parallel Yah. What do you think Christianity is? What do you think Judaism is? What do you think Islam is? Islam parallels the culture of the Hebrew. Christianity parallels what they call the new testament. Judaism is a parallel to what is called the old testament. All of them are deception and satan will use all of them to the FULLEST when he makes his appearance in the form of this man of sin who he is going to possess. This is a man who lives on the earth like Yahoshua was a man. This man was born through the womb of a woman, this anti-messiah. You better believe that one of those fallen angels came down and got busy with Rosemary just like he did in the movie. They are letting you know all this just pay attention, Ysrayl.

From v. 29 ‘and insulted the spirit of favor’ this means that you have insulted the Spirit of Yah. I didn’t have this Scripture in my notes and I don’t have my Pseudepigrapha right here with me. It’s over there on the bookcase (laughs) and I don’t want to go way over to the bookcase because I don’t want to break my flow here. But in the Pseudepigrapha in the ascension of Isaiah, Yesiyah he states in there that in the latter days that these people will make the prophesies to non-effect. He said that they will even make his prophesies of non-effect. Meaning that they are going to say that those prophesies happened a long time ago; they are already fulfilled. ‘And y’all are looking for them in this day and they are never going to happen in this day because they happened so long ago’. (They say) things like that to give you utter confusion.

So if you aren’t looking for he man of sin, then you can’t be prepared for when he arrives. Have you ever had a guest show up to your house unannounced? That’s like an inconvenience, right? You could be in the middle of something. You could be in the middle of spending time with your wife or wife could be in the middle of spending time with her husband or whatever. You had plans for that day and that guest just shows up un-announced. It’s like wait a minute now my whole game plan has changed. Now I have to re-organize everything. Well when this man shows up and he’s coming to bring destruction and you don’t know that he’s coming to bring destruction, you think that he’s a savior. Because you don’t know the signs of his coming because you don’t even know his character. Because you are looking for a-a-a international superstar as John Hagee said back in the 90s. Who is just going to go around speaking peace, peace, peace. Then everybody is going to fall in love with him. Blah, blah, blah. And then he’s going to stand up and oppose Christianity ‘Jesus is a lie’. Islam is…you know. ‘Islam is true’. It ain’t going to happen like that. Satan is called the father of lies. He is the master of deception.


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