Q & A For Genesis 15:13

Q: What is the difference between a stranger and a slave? ‘In the land’ does that mean the United States only? A: Well that’s what it’s saying sister. It’s saying that…when He said Abram know for sure that your seed shall be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. So we are looking at…in my translation it says sojourner but a stranger…when it says stranger that means you are outside that governmental system or body. For instance, we are strangers to this land because we are outsiders to the governmental system. In fact, when you read the slave narratives, the narratives that the slaves wrote of themselves, they actually said this. They said that we are strangers in this slave land. And that was one of the reasons that they couldn’t get away when they ran from the plantations. Because this land was so strange to them. The slaves themselves called this a strange land and considered themselves strangers. Meaning you are not familiar with it. So when the children of Ysrayl, when they were down in Egypt, they had not stepped down into the land of Canaan yet. They had not set up shop. They had not put up roots and set up seed in that land. They had not spilled blood in that land yet. Now we are on the other side of our coming into the land of Canaan. Now we are here. Now we have taken up root. We have lived in the land of promise. But we were kicked out of there. So now we are in a strange land that is not ours. We know that the land of Canaan is ours because it’s not just a promise but we have lived there. Our people have lived there.

So the difference between a stranger and a slave is that a slave is in servitude. There is a great difference. A stranger means you don’t know or its foreign. If a stranger comes up to you, that’s a foreign person, a person you are not familiar with. But a slave is actually in servitude.

Now the 1607 vs 1619: I have been looking but all I have found so far brothers and sisters about the 1607 is that Jamestown Virginia was founded in 1607. And all the records seem to point that the slaves first came into her ports in 1619. So I have looked and looked and looked and the only thing I could find is that she was founded with a government in 1607. So right now she’s celebrating her government founding of 1607. Well you must understand that during this time in 1607 the Dutch and the Portuguese, now Portugal and Spain was one nation during this time. And the Dutch and Portugal at this time were fighting over the slave trade. They were actually at a full-scale war. Because the slave ship that brought the slaves into Jamestown Virginia in 1619 was a slave ship, I believe called ‘The Dutchmen man of War’. And they said that the Dutch man of war actually took these slaves from Portuguese ships.

(Talks to someone) Well, what did Yah say? He said you shall serve them right? But you shall be afflicted for 400 years. Now the affliction has been on us for 400 years and we have been serving. Whether they came in as indentured servants or slaves, it’s the same thing. Because the prophesy is still being fulfilled because first we shall serve and then we shall be afflicted for 400 years. So we have to look at the whole institution of slavery and how that whole thing was set up. But see the thing is that Jamestown Virginia is that they were the first Anglo…now Anglo-Saxons, white folks or the Gentiles today to run this land and Jamestown VA was their first set-up. That was when they were really getting things going.

(Talks to someone) That’s right, the slaves headed toward North America by the Portuguese. Because the Portuguese and Dutch were actually at war during that time. And do you know what? They actually hi-jacked the ship when it was here in the western hemisphere. The Portuguese had brought those slaves from the west coast of Africa. They brought them from the Congo. And so as they were coming the ships was hi-jacked. So Yah says…let’s turn to Isaiah 60.

(Talks to someone) (laughs). How does it relate to the rapture? It doesn’t relate to the rapture because nothing in this Book relates to the rapture. There is no rapture. The rapture was created by misunderstanding Christians. (laughs). That’s all I know about the rapture. Yeah, it was a good song too ahk, (laughs).

Let’s turn to Yesiyah 60:9. Ahk I’m glad you brought that info up. Because that is a little known fact that a lot of people don’t know is that, that ship was hi-jacked. Because Yah said it would be the ships of Tarshish that will come and get us first. (Talks to someone) No we aren’t going to be mean to you. See, the thing is that there’s never going to be a rapture. We are going to be taken care of on the earth. We are not going to be lifted up and taken into the heavens. *My sidenote: I have heard Israylites saying the same way we came in, is the same way we are leaving and that Yah repeats Himself.*

So the historical info, 1619 that’s when the first slaves were brought here. But do you all know that Tavis Smiley and all these negroes are going to have a commemoration next month in Jamestown Virginia? To commemorate our 400 years they say in this country, in this land (laughs). Ain’t that something? But the 400 years could not have taken place in Egypt.

(Talks to someone) Yes, they are going to be commemorating in Jamestown VA next month. I think February 20th. It’s going to be Tavis Smiley and you know all the other famous negroes…Cornell West blah, blah, blah. So they are going to go do that and I just find that deep. Real deep.

(Talks to someone) Man will go to heaven…humpf. We understand and no one is throwing stones at you. If we can help you out, we will do that.

Now what I have is 1619 and 400 years means 2019. And there is so much the Gentiles have planned. Now, I’m going to do…a (lesson) real soon brothers and sisters but they have so much planned for these next few years. It’s unbelievable and they are going to bring it all to a head around that year 2019. Twenty-nineteen, I’m telling you things are about to go down. The thing now is starting this year, 1607 Jamestown VA, now look at this. Remember 1607 to 1619 is how many years? Twelve years. That number 12. The 12 tribes of Ysrayl. The 12 hours of the day. The 12 hours of the night. That # 12 that comes up in Scripture time and time again. So you get 1607, then 12 years later you have members of the 12 tribes of Ysrayl coming to her ports to fulfill this prophesy. So think about it all. Yah has this thing together. It’s going to happen when He deems it to happen.

(Talks to someone) You know passports are for now. Passports are going to be part of the mark of the beast. That little micro-chip that they will stick into your sin, that’s going to be your everything. Your passport, your money, your bank account. It’s going to be all of that. So if you are planning on traveling now, you go get a passport now. And they have already started to change the passport rules. That’s right, you must have  a passport if you are going anywhere now.

Now see, the nation ID card is a pre-cursor to what they have coming. I’m not saying all that. We just have to keep our eyes open. Keep your eyes open these next few years. Because a lot will take place with Ysrayl.

(Talks to someone) Hey sister, they are never going to listen. They don’t want to hear that. See this is why Yah is going to bring this thing together through tragedy. See we want to be stiff-necked. Everybody wants to do their own thing. This is why Yah is going to bring a tragic situation down on our butts and we will have to stick together just like when we were in slavery. We stuck together. We had a few Sambo’s and negroes all around but we had unity then and we spoke about freedom during that time. We don’t even speak about freedom anymore. We do not speak about freedom.

(Talks to someone) Don’t be surprised. Barack Obama looks like a good pharaoh to me, what do you think?

Just keep your eyes open brothers and sisters because this thing is going to play out like it did before.

Yeah, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are apart of the U.S. territories.

(Talks to someone) I don’t know. You have to remember Barack is not of our genealogy. I’m talking all of us in the western hemisphere. His father is from Kenya, so he may be an Israylite from that end but his mother is a Gentile. His bloodline they trace on his Gentile side. Because we know that these presidents are selected and they are going according to a bloodline. So it maybe his mother’s bloodline that will allow him to get into office. So he is not one of us because he does not profess Yah.

When the children of Ysrayl left Egypt what did they take…they plundered the Egyptians but they got up out of their freely. It’s going to be exactly like that. Exodus 12:31-42.

No ahki there’s no record. You can search the Scriptures through and through. There’s no record.

With the United States being such a defiled land, this place is WICKED. You all turn on your TVs and you see the flaming homosexuals. You know all this stuff that they are doing.

Yeah, they have concentration camps all over this country. And what you see going on in Iraq today is only a dry run. Many of those men that they are snatching up are not terrorists. And they are putting them in Guantanamo Bay. They are going into their homes in Afghanistan and Iraq late at night, breaking down their doors. Putting blind folds on them and sending them across the seas and putting them in concentration camps. It’s going to happen. We will talk about the concentration camps in a more organized way in the end time series.

So you all got understanding from the lesson brothers and sisters? This was the goal, to bring you in understanding of this prophesy, 400 years in a foreign land.


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