Continue to Bear Fruit

Talks about feed My people program.

Don’t give up the fight. Fighting leads to eternal salvation.

I’m feeling very tired today family. I don’t remember the last time that I rested on the Shabbat. It’s been years. Yah told David to get off the battlefield because he was tired. Sometimes we need rest, the leaders. Shabbat is a day of rest.

Yah’s Table: They use to be associates with Israelite Heritage. In Toronto Canada, they have broken away from us. They have their own teaching now, the doctrine of devils. They teach that Hebrew is needed to understand Scriptures. They teach that Shabbat is sunrise Saturday until sunset Saturday instead of Friday sunset until Saturday sunset. There is wicked doctrine being taught up there. They teach women can’t wear women’s pants. Yahoshua said the pharisees will put a burdens on you but will not help you. Canada is cold those women need to wear pants. They will not help those women. Women they say, must hold their heads down and not look a man in the eyes. Listen family, we are going to lose casualties of war, those you broke bread with. This is how it is in war. Pray but we don’t have time to mourn. The devil is trying to take our lives. Keep fighting. We must protect the assembly. Athletes never give up…as long as there is time on the clock.

I believe they are setting Jesse Jackson Jr. up for a sacrifice. They are making him seem crazy. Jackson Jr. said, Jesus was depressed in an article that I read about him. Jesus, I don’t know but Yahoshua may have been depressed. He wept. Sweat rolled down him like blood. He said take this cup. He seen many terrible things. He was a man. He was tempted by ha shatan. He cried for about the condition of Ysrayl. He was in the midst of a cursed people. We all go through depression. Is Jesse Jackson Jr’s view outlandish? We see the condition of our people today. This affects us. Yahoshua seen what we could have been and cried. Yahoshua was a man with feelings…with love, pain and all that. He was a nationalist too. He said to the Hebrew first then the nations. Jesse Jackson Jr. knows Jesus not Yahoshua. We experience all the things Yahoshua did. Jesus is a god not a man. Yahoshua is a man. They hated Him first. They hate us (the world). Yahoshua claimed Ysrayl. Jesus says it doesn’t matter what nation. Yahoshua said He is an Israylite. Listen, if you are a Gentile in this walk, they hate you too. They will persecute you too. We are in this thing together.

The law of return: In 1950 the Jews in Israel said that certain people cannot return. Those who are a ‘threat’ to them are not allowed to be a citizen, they say. They are kicking all Africans out of Israel, those from Sudan. There are Israylites in Sudan too. They are going through the curses too literally living in caves.

The Jews call them infiltrators. ‘Their presence is an external threat to the state of Israel’ yet the Sudanese say they just want work. Why do they want them out? The law of return…see they are Hebrew (Sudan). These are apart of the true children of Ysrayl. It’s Yah kicking them out. It’s not time yet (to be over there).

They know who you are. They are not kicking out the Palestinians or Ben Ami’s group. Why? The Sudanese people live by the Scriptures (They keep the laws statues and commandments of Yah).

Our time is coming. Get your boots ready! Ysrayl is waking up! They sound just like pharaoh saying ‘they have become mighty, let us deal wisely with them’. If the Sudanese don’t leave, they will be killed. Remember this is the synagogue of satan that we are talking about here. They hunt down Israylites who sneak in the land. They beat up a pregnant Israylite sister over there last year. They were the primary merchants of the slave trade. They spoke Hebrew to us because we spoke it. They are not us. They funded the civil rights movement. They watch you. They have the greatest to lose. Yahoshua Ben Yah will kick them out the land as Yahoshua Ben Nun kicked out the Canaanites.  

Lesson: Continue to Bear Fruit

We need to have a revolution of self. What is a revolution? Definition read. A sudden complete marked change. A procedure or course as a series, circuit or circle back to a starting point.

We were created in love truth justice, right? …in the image of Yah.

1 John 4:1-21, v. 1-3 So we see here there are only two Spirits: truth which is Yah and the anti-messiah spirit. v. 4 We are of Yah. Love, peace, truth…this Spirit is greater than the spirit of the world. It is greater than the old man. Yahoshua freed us from sin. Yah is greater than the devil, the devil was created. Why do you question Yah’s name? Doubt is of the world. v. 5-6 Only two spirits are at work: Truth=Yah and delusion=satan, anti-messiah. v. 7-8 HalleluYah. v. 9-13 The Spirit of love=Spirit of Yah. There are only two spirits. If you are lukewarm=it’s still the spirit of the adversary. No lukewarm Israylites, they belong to the world. v. 14-18 Let fear go. Let isolation, fear of being made fun of…let fear go. Don’t be afraid to spread the Good News at work. Don’t worry about what you will say. The Comforter will tell you what to say. v. 19-21 We must have compassion on our brothers and sisters. Those who do the will of Yah not speaking about those who cast pearls to swine. Those with the spirit of delusion are not our brothers and sisters.

Let us have the revolution of self. Definition read again. Procedure as a circle, circuit or series to bring you back to the starting point. TEXT: 360 degrees.We are going back to the image of love. Yah is bringing us back…the image of love. (talks to someone) Infinity and all that is satan. We were enslaved to sin when we were in the world.

witchcraft is speaking against your brother or sister. Speak blessings to them. Every time you speak, you gossip. We are tired of your back-biting, niggertry. Let’s be righteous. How we told Yah we would be. Yah will expose you witch, DEMON!

Let’s have a revolution of self. There are things about myself I want to change. We all have faults yet you are quick to pick other people’s faults out. See, the Spirit of Truth draws people to us. Some people have the spirit of delusion. This is why you do not bear good fruit. There are only 2 spirits at work, the Spirit of Yah and the spirit of delusion the anti-messiah.

If we are going to live with each other we have to leave lust, jealousy, witchcraft, gossip and back-biting. Yet we know in the wilderness we will have rebels. I don’t want to have lust, profanity and anger in the wilderness. If we get there. Tomorrow is not promised. Make a list of your faults. Yahoshua commanded us to be perfect. Write down what bothers you, work at them. Yah’s commands are not hard. There is a difference between striving and back-sliding. Shed that Babylon mind-set, it’s life or death. Yah reveals.

1 Corinthians 13:1-13, v. 1-3 Give but if you don’t have the Spirit of Yah on you, you’re a tool and not a vessel. Are you a tool or vessel? A tool can be used by Yah. It does not matter how much you give, spread the Word. Tools are put away but if you have love like a vessel and is filled with water…there are people who do not keep Yah’s Word on them. Are you filled with the living waters of Yah? A tool only has one purpose. Hammers drive a nail. Nails go to the wall. Yah uses you for that purpose. Vessels carry many things, multipurpose. We strive to be vessels, constantly filled with the Set-apart Spirit of Yah. Tools can be set down idle. TEXT: Vessels carries blood=life=salvation.

Let’s look at what parts of us need to die. v. 4-7 Love endures. Don’t fear persecutions coming. Pray for knowledge, understanding. Because it is coming. The final test is coming…study! We know how the story ends. v. 8 Are you a tool or vessel? Yah will send you delusion if you do not have love. You will fall for demonic doctrines. You will cease to be used by Yah. TEXT: ‘Mene, mene, tekel upharsin is what Abba wrote on the wall—we do not want to be caught out of balance in Yah.

v. 9-13 I use to do Christian and Egyptology concepts that I thought I could incorporate with Yah. Some of us try to hide our sins ‘that’s speaking as a child’. We say ‘let me put it off a little longer’. Men and women don’t use excuses. We are accountable for sins we commit. Repent and don’t do them anymore. Only 2 spirits exist…righteousness and wickedness.

We can’t jump to Revelation without understanding Genesis 15:13 first. If you question the names,  how can you understand Yah’s plan of salvation? How can you understand the fallen ones when you still do as they do? How can you fight satan if you are still in the world? You don’t have love of Yah in you, you fall for delusion.

Ysrayl means those who strive and overcome with Yah. Christians only know of Ysrayl. They don’t strive with Yah. Christians say John 3:16 all the time yet never mention John 3:18. Shed that Babylon mind-set. So what if you prophesy, if you don’t love Yah, you are not of us.

Galatians 1:6-12, v. 6 ‘different gospel or Good News’, how many go away from this truth? The preacher tells you its god because His name is too Holy to say. You won’t even tell your family about Yah and are quite around them. You cut your beard and stop wearing your tassels making excuses. See, Yah is not on your heart. v. 7 If I talk physco-babble on the mic, rebuke me…out of love. Don’t hate me…’I was waiting for this nigger to mess up’. We must have love, mercy for our brothers. v. 9-10 We don’t please men here. We follow Yah. We are to have love of Yah. The pharisees had no compassion of Yah. v. 11-12 So many of us leave this organization. ‘They say I don’t follow no man’. ‘The Way’ was an organization. This is not the only organization teaching Yah’s Word. You use to love Israelite Heritage. Now you call it a cult. Two spirits operate, the Spirit of Yah and the Spirit of delusion. Don’t let no one take you from where Yah has placed you. Don’t let nobody take the truth from you.

Let us have a revolution of self. Are you a tool or vessel? I want to be a vessel, multipurpose. The tool of the devil is used by him.

Ephesians 3:1-5 There’s a satan’s doctrine that says this Scripture is pre-existence of Messiyah. What is the mystery? Read v. 6-7. This is the understanding. The Gentiles will be united. Salvation is for everyone. John 4:22 Yahoshua came to us first. We are to go to the Gentiles. He had to bring back the remembrance to us. We are to be a light to the nations. 1 Corinthians 15 death and life came through a man. Revelation of Yahoshua was revealed to us. So be like Him. Imitate Him. This is the revelation, bring us back to our original place. We were not born to be sinners. We were created to be perfect. We are not Christians. Stop trying to be a Muslim, Christian, black nationalist.

The revelation was given to John (Yahcanan) from Yahoshua. You must have the revelation in order to understand this Word. Keep this fire! After you are immersed, satan will attack you. It’s a war. Keep the zeal for Yah. Remember, the joy of coming out of the water. keep this fire! I pray you guys understand the seriousness of this. We are about to go into the Revelation series. Pray for understanding. There is so much false doctrine out there about the book of Revelation.

Colossians 3:25, v. 1-4 Read. v. 5 Covetness=greed of gain. v. 6-7 We once walked in these. Continue to allow Messiyah to be revealed in you. Walk on the Spiritual. v. 8-10 We have been renewed in Yah, we must be as Yahoshua. v. 11-13 Read. v. 14 Put on the Spirit of Love, Spirit of Yah.  Yah is perfect. Yah is Love. v. 15-17 Read. v. 18-25 Read. There is no partiality with Yah.

This revealing is beautiful. The end time series will be read together. The Spirit of Yah will be here. I have questions, two questions also about the book of Revelation. The revealing will come. I pray Yah will give understanding of simple matters first. Like how to deliver the Word, how to treat my brother etc. TEXT: How to please Yah.

Appreciate small blessings first before you want to heal and raise the dead. Knowing the name of Yah is a blessing. Knowledge is not Jesus. The Book of Revelation will reveal Yahoshua. Do you know Yah? Is He on your heart? Yet you know all the Scriptures. Don’t forsake the assembly. We don’t know everything. You will end up putting your foot in your mouth. Some of us don’t know there will be righteous Gentiles in the kingdom and wicked ‘brews in the lake. How can I witness, if I don’t keep Shabbat? If I don’t have love on my heart? Sin is complex. Scriptures are simple.

Ephesians 4:1-16, v. 1-3 Some of you are quick to turn and say ‘I heard Israylite Heritage is ___’. ‘Man I KNEW it’. Guard yourself, the unity. Guard against gossip and strife. v. 4 One teaching, 1 love, 1 truth. There are only 2 spirits…Yah and the adversary. v. 5 We are immersed in the name of Yahoshua. One immersing. There is a righteous separation. v. 6-14 Read. v. 15 Maintain truth. Truth is love, Yah. v. 16. HalleluYah.  Love is the underlying message to this lesson. Revealing is with love. Yah is love. You must have love of Yah to understand Scriptures.

Let’s talk about the scribes and pharisees. We are the body of Messiyah. We must love. We must protect. Or it will be taken. We must be a vessel or we become tools.

Matthew 23: 1-32, v. 1-8 We are brothers so don’t be called teacher, preacher etc. Don’t be like Christians. Be like Yahoshua. Let your brother or sister exalt you. Don’t exalt yourself. Yah is esteem. Be a servant of Yah. Do as Yah says to do. v. 9 Yah is Father. v. 10-12 People come and go from the organization, who wanted authority. Yah has removed them. They were tools. They were used by Yah then put away. They are taken away with false doctrine. Test the spirit by the spirit. Yah will give you what He wants you to have. Don’t pray to be the greatest teacher. Pray for understanding. Don’t pray to bust the Christians over the head. Pray Yah is lifted and seen by them. Be a righteous humble servant. You want a title. Be happy you have understanding. You want to be wicked with Yah’s Word. Yah sees your heart. TEXT: Motives.

Obadiyah and myself never call ourselves leaders. Yah places shepherds over us. HalleluYah. Yah gave this Word through Obadiyah and I followed. It’s Yah’s Word. I don’t have all the answers. v. 13-16 Read. TEXT: Yah blockers. v. 17-19 More concerned about how you appear before men, instead of Yah. v. 20-28 Read. v. 29 You are the niggers that killed the prophets. You speak against them. You kill your brother today. You speak against your brother today. If Yahoshua was living today, you would be the main one pulling out his beard and saying His blood be on our children. You would be one of the 490 something prophets of baal in the days of Eliyah. v. 30-31 The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…their father is the devil. Just like in the book of Yesiyah says, you speak with your mouth Yah and Yahoshua but your heart is far from Yah.

My walk started in 2008 when I got immersed. I knew about Him since 1992. I expect to get more faith. Hebrew 11:1.

1 Thessalonians 5:1-28, v. 1-7 Read. v. 8 Put on faith, love and hope. v. 9 Deliverance through Messiyah. v. 10-28 Read.

Continue to fight. Yahoshua has been revealed to us. Keep that revelation . Yah does not give you things you can’t handle. It is easy for people with no understanding on their hearts to be taken away. Have revelation, revolution of self. Work on that old man. I write my things down. This is how Yah speaks to me. Messiyah is coming, be sober. Have your feet prepared. Put on that breastplate of righteousness. Because people will come with accusations that we steal, sell drugs…rebuke that. They will come with lying wonders. I carry 2 swords!! I will fight to stay with Yah!

In the book of James: Never say that you are tempted by Yah. Satan uses things that are on your heart to tempt you. Remove the old man or woman. TEXT: Remember when you gave your heart to Yah you gladly took up your shield and your sword as time marched on some trials came along that’s when you should have trusted even more. TEXT: Like in the Matrix…I didn’t tell you it would be easy, I said it’s the truth…HalleluYah.

Q: Aaron Russo? A: ‘wag the dog’ movie: Jessica Lynch remember her from the Iraq war? Did y’all know that whole thing was made up? The ‘wag the dog’ story is similar. They needed a hero after the fake war (reason for the war) and fake 911 (who really did it)…Aaron Russo called ‘freedom fascist’ in the movie. They killed him so he does not talk. Aaron Russo was killed because he told about the Rockefeller’s banking industry. Yeah that song ‘proud to be an American’ by Toby Keith or Lee Greenwood whoever, made a lot of money after 911. All this was done by design. The police in the south started as slave catchers. Did y’all know that? Patrol men.

Q: What does Exodus 4:24-26 mean? Who was Yah seeking to kill and what did Zipporah mean when she told Moses ‘thou art a bloody husband to me’. Is this because of circumcision? A: Let’s read verses 19 through 31. This is Moses going back to Egypt. v. 23 Yah’s Spirit told Moses what to tell pharaoh. We are Yah’s first-born, Ysrayl. He smote pharaoh’s first-born. v. 24 Yah was about to kill Moses. Zipporah did the circumcision. Moses was a stiff-neck. Yah was about to kill Moses. The book of Jasher gives more to the story. Yasher LXXVIII or 78:9-10 and LXXIX or 79:8-12 Zipporah saved Moses from the angel of Yah.

Q: I just came into the truth. My husband and I left the church. We study online but I go through mental battles. How do I combat this? A: Ahkotee, you are going through your fiery trial. Don’t lose faith. 1 Peter 4:12-13 read. Don’t be dismayed. Don’t give in to depression. It’s from the devil. We all go through it. This is the only place of shalom to worship Yah in Spirit and truth. Keep fighting.

Q: Romans 13:1-6? Submission to government? They are corrupt. Paying taxes? A: They say we don’t have to pay taxes. We are to obey laws. The man of sin will try to make us eat pork and profane the Shabbat. Don’t disobey Yah’s laws. Yahoshua said pay Caesar what is Caesar’s. (My side note: Matthew 17:24-27 Yahoshua paid the temple tax).

Q: Boils, pimples are a discharge? And unclean? A: Discharges are on-going. A continued flow. Zips are not a continued discharge (laughs).

Q: Exodus 33:11, did Moses see Him? A: No man has seen the image of Yah…and lived. Yah spoke face to face means a relationship like a friend.  This was not a formal relationship. Yah speaks through us in dreams and visions. But He spoke in a special way to Moses. Moses’ face shone with light of Yah. He had to wear a veil on face. Enoch in the book of Yasher, the people would fight and could not look him in the eyes because the presence of Yah was on him. TEXT: Yah spoke to Moses clearly and not in dark sayings. TEXT: The glory of Yah was unbearable to look upon.

Q: Are some sex positions forbidden? A: The bed, marriage is undefiled. But do not reverse roles in the bedroom. No man should play like a woman and vice versa. Authority is still the same in the bedroom.

Q: How do we get married according to the Bible? A: Genesis 2: 22-25 read. This is the first marriage. You two make a covenant before Yah. It was just me and my wife at first. Then we renewed before the assembly the second time. We did have state papers done just so niggers don’t try to claim the little money I do have.

A: 1 Corinthians 14: 33-35 and 1 Timothy 2:11-15 This is why women don’t ask questions here. She is to ask her husband. v. 14 Eve was deceived not Adam. But women can read Scriptures in assembly but you can not teach in assembly.

Q: Do we need to do circumcision? A: They are starting to charge 250 to 400 dollars now saying it is cosmetic and not needed. We need to learn how to do circumcision.


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