A Disciplined Servant is a Servant of Yah p. 3

And this is the last Scripture right here. The Book of Hebrews chapter 6. This pretty much sums it up right here in all that we do, have done and aspire to do. HalleluYah. Get wisdom.

Hebrews 6: 1-2, v. 1 ‘Let us go on to perfection’ uh-oh that’s #7. That’s 7 times we have seen be ye perfect in the Scriptures. Go to perfection, is a direct reference to Matthew 5:48. ‘Not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works’ so let’s not go out with intention on sinning. Let’s go out to perfection. This is what it’s saying. Don’t go out in your day-to-day activities and think ‘oh, I’m going to sin anyway’. No. It says go to perfection. Let us go to perfection not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of the belief towards Yah. v. 2 Read. v. 3 So Yah willing, we will  have the authority to do all we just said if Yah indeed sees us fit. v. 4-5 Read. v. 6 So you see, it’s impossible for those who were once of the way and once professed the name of Yah, it was impossible for them to even be there in the first place because they are talking about repenting. You can’t do it that way. It says they were once of us, they left but it had to be made manifest for them to leave us because they were never of us in the first place. This is what this Scripture is saying. Verse 4-6 Read again. This is a direct reference to Hebrews 10:27-31. Because once you sin willfully, there is no repentance for that. So there is no such thing as back-sliding.

It’s impossible for us to have tasted this Good Word, truly and then go back into sin. It’s impossible. So again, that’s just one more shove in the right direction towards perfection. Let me read it again. Because this is the understanding of this whole lesson right here. It says for it is impossible for those…I’ll put it like this, it is impossible for Moshe who was once enlightened and have tasted the heavenly (Spiritual) gift and have become a partaker of the Set-apart Spirit. Right? And have tasted what was good or have tasted the Good Word of Yah and the powers of the age to come and fall away to only go to repent for the one sin that you knew was wrong in the first place. So it is impossible for me to know that cussing is wrong and then stand up here as a teacher and tell you not to cuss. This is what that is saying. I was the biggest hypocrite. And until I made that covenant with Yah this morning, I was the biggest hypocrite. HalleluYah. So again it is impossible for us to become true partakers of this Set-apart Spirit AND to sin willfully. This is the meaning. It’s impossible because you don’t have faith. You don’t have faith because you’re not disciplined. Your not disciplined because you don’t fear Yah. And we know the fear of Yah is the beginning of wisdom. And it’s that simple.

So again, for me to sit up here and tell you one thing and do the exact opposite, that means I’m counting the blood that the Messiyah spilled on the stake as common place and I spit at all He did. So again that’s what compelled me to make the covenant that I made with the Most High Yah on this day. So brothers and sisters whatever weakness that we are struggling with, make it your business before you lay your head down tonight to try to stop it. There is no other way of getting around it. You must be perfect. I will read this Scripture one more time. It is IMPOSSIBLE, for we who were once enlightened and have tasted the heavenly gift to have come into knowledge of Yah and Yahoshua, to have been immersed into the body of Maschiach, it is impossible and have become partakers in the Set-apart Spirit that is what that means for us to be immersed. Having come up and tasted the Good Word of Yah…enjoying these lessons. It is impossible for you to truly say that you have done that when you knowingly go out and sin. You are not a true partaker in the Word. I was not a true partaker in the Word. I AM NOT a true partaker of the Word until I become perfect in thought action and deed. Discipline=perfection=the kingdom. HalleluYah.

v. 5-6 Repentance because you were back-sliding. v. 7 So what this is saying is that if you are working, if you are working towards perfection…Yah is going to work towards you. Yah knows that we wrestle against flesh and blood everyday. But anything worth fighting for family is truly worth dying for. and if we can’t die for what we believe in, we might as well go to the church next door. And go give tithes again thinking that we are going to buy our way into heaven.

v. 8 Remember the parable of the sower of the seed. Those who get choked up in the ways of the world with thorns and thistles. That seed once fell on fertile ground. But because you weren’t diligent in your gardening, you weren’t working to keep your garden fresh. Thorns and thistles have grown up in your garden. And now what was once beautiful has been choked out by the worries of the world. This is what this Scripture is saying right there. Seek ye first the kingdom of Yah and everything else shall be added unto us. HalleluYah.

v. 9-10 Yah will never forget the day that we swore before all of heaven, earth and creation when we went down in that water. Yah ain’t going to forget that. And we will ultimately be held accountable for our actions. So at what point do you start being disciplined enough to hold yourself accountable for you actions? That’s where discipline comes in.

v. 11-12 So what this is saying here, that’s why we make it our business to say that as soon as you come out of the water of immersing, your walk has now started. That feeling, I want everyone to go back to that feeling that you first got when you came up out of the water. That happy feeling. Picture that in your minds right now, that happy feeling that you got when you came out of the water. You said halleluYah I did it. And those who have been immersed, you have heard us say this, that feeling that you have, let that feeling carry you through your trials and tribulations, that feeling that you got when you first came out of the water. You felt like you could take on the world because you took that step. Keep that same feeling in your darkest hour, in your time of trial and tribulation. Because it is only that same Ruach, the Set-apart Spirit of Yah that’s going to carry you through until the end. Let’s read those last two Scriptures again. Verses 11-12 read again.

Yah is telling yo to have that same zest, have that same eagerness, have that same zeal. Endure to the end. Keep that same love that got you immersed in the first place in your heart. Don’t let satan, his doubt, his lies, his back-biting, all of his wickedness, the same lies he used to get Adam and Hawah (Eve) to sin is the same lies he uses against us. That will take us to the lake of fire, if we don’t exercise discipline. Discipline=perfection=the kingdom.

Hey fam, that’s pretty much it. That’s the lesson. We pray that this lesson has been a blessing for you. At some point in time we are going to have to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Satan blamed Adam and Eve for his expulsion or the loss of his authority out of the heavens. How many times do we blame people for our transgressions? That same spirit that you indulge in is the very same spirit that got the adversary out of the heavens. That same spirit. Blaming somebody else for our problems, blaming someone else for something that happened to us. Do you know what I will read it. Let’s read it. Let Yah be the truth and everybody else be a liar. HalleluYah.

I’m going to read this right quick. This is the life of Adam and Eve. And this is Satan’s account on his expulsion from the heaven. And how many times have we said these words? I will read this then we will be done. This is satan’s loss of authority from going into heaven. Because he can still go into heaven. But he has no authority there. He’s not the covering cherubim that he once was.

Life of Adam and Eve chapter 12: He blames Adam for this. Chapter 13: The image of truth, love, justice and discipline. That’s why when we come into the Spirit of love and truth, we see that we come in the image of Yah. That gives credence to the term we worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. Chapter 14:  Michayah worshipped first…leading by example HalleluYah. Satan said ‘he ought to worship me’. It’s interesting, that same attitude will cause many a Gentile and many a Hebrew into the lake of fire. ‘How can the Creator of all come for some nappy headed nigger?’ ‘I ain’t worshipping no Yah’. That same attitude, that is straight from the mouth of satan. Because satan was the first to say it. ‘I came into Israelite Heritage before him, why is he a teacher’? ‘I ought to be the teacher’. It’s the same thing. The same undisciplined tongue. It’s gone on for so long. And do you know what brothers and sisters? That is going to be the next covenant that I take with Yah. Again, putting my tongue in complete and total subjection, not speaking out of context, not saying just what I feel because feelings are of the adversary… feelings and emotions. Satan thinks like a man. And when we act irrational, when we act out of character that is a sign of demonic possession because you are not acting which is normal or accustomed to you. You act out-of-body. You can even call it that. That’s demonic possession.

Chapter 15: Satan said ‘I will be like the Most High’. ‘I’m going to go start my own organization’. ‘I don’t care’. Chapter 16: Have you ever been under such demonic possession so much that it hurt you to hear someone talk? Not saying that it is someone coming in the image of wickedness, no. But when you ar wrong and you know you are wrong…they (fallen angels) said they were pained to see Adam in such bliss and delight. This is why they say you kill them with kindness that heaps hot coals of ash on their heads. Kill them with kindness. Satan said, ‘with deceit I assailed your wife and made you to be expelled through her from the joys of your bliss as I have been expelled from my glory’. Brothers and sisters let this fall where it may. Do not let the spirit of satan take you from where Yah has placed you. In the name of Yahoshua ha Maschiach. May Yah continue to bless the name of Ysrayl. May Yah continue to allow us to study. May Yah continue to allow us to be disciplined not swaying to the right or to the left not giving ear to twisted doctrine by twisted men. Again in the name of Yahoshua ha Maschiach HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. Amein.

After I got off the mic, I gave a little testimony. Prior to this morning, I was a hypocrite because I was a liar. Because I would come up and say how righteous of a servant I am but then go back and start cussing. Hey man, Yah really convicted me to the point where I had to seriously consider this. That was the purpose of today’s lesson. This was more so for myself. How can i as a so-called man of Yah stand before the nation of Ysrayl and say what thus saith Yah, if I’m not even doing it myself? Just like I was telling the fam before man, you know I will start everyday. Making a covenant with Yah everyday and when I feel strong enough, I will go with 2 days. Then 3 days. Then 4 days. And HalleluYah, if it’s Yah’s will before the breath of life leaves my lungs, I will be a perfect servant. Because I would have disciplined myself enough to keep my tongue in subjection, not to be quick to anger. Not to talk unrighteously. This is real. No candy coating or anything. This is Yah’s Word. This is what Yah compels us to do. So reach down in your hearts family. Before you lay your heads down tonight seriously consider what is hindering you from serving Yah in all seriousness and in all Spirit and in all Truth. And you come to grips with that and stop that. This is what Yahoshua meant when He said be ye perfect. We have to discipline ourselves enough to know that ain’t no such thing as ‘I’m sorry I just got angry’. Anger is a spirit brought forth by the adversary. That’s an emotion. We have to keep ourselves under control. We have to keep our tongues in subjection. You can’t be looking, lusting after a young woman and thinking that’s okay. That’s  not okay. That’s wrong. Because Yahoshua gave us a greater understanding saying that if you even LOOK at a married woman, you have committed adultery in the eyesight of Yah. The same goes if you speak ill of your brother, you can kill people spiritually with your words. You know, by our words you can have someone leave Yah’s way. And that will not go unpunished. We will be punished for that. We will be held accountable for every person that we have led astray in our lives. This is why Scripture says in the Book of James that not everyone should now want to become a teacher. Because believe me, it is a tremendous responsibility and we never take it lightly.

So that’s it, I’m off the mic.

(Obadiyah gets on the mic). Excellent lesson ahki. This is beneficial because not only can they apply it to their lives right now but they must apply it to their lives. Because if you don’t discipline yourself now, you are going to find yourself too late. It’s going to be too late for you. When Yah takes your breath away then you have no opportunity after that. So it was beautiful because as you ahk, as you have been fighting these demons here, it’s like we always get blamed for things that happen to other people. That’s why the lesson next week is going to be a perfect complimentary lesson to this one. It’s going to be right on the heels of what you said here…is that understanding what spirit, understanding where the brotherhood begins and how to operate that. How to be disciplined. How not to go to much to the left or right but staying on the path. So let the lesson be not something we say is a cool lesson and then we go out the door and do the same thing we did last week. The same troubles we were in last week, here we go again. It’s like when do you take accountability?  When is it accountable for you to say okay I was in trouble for this last week, why am I in trouble with this again? I got out of this thing, as old folks in Mississippi use to say by the skin of my teeth and then this week you have the same problem. That’s your fault. Can’t nobody be held accountable for that but you. You are the one that keeps getting in this trouble. People help you but you are still troubled. That was an excellent lesson. HalleluYah.

(Elder AsaYah on the mic) Beautiful lesson. All the lessons are preparing us to be Yah’s people. Like Yahoshua said we don’t live by bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of Yah, HalleluYah. These are the rules for question and answer. Ahkotees, if you don’t have a ish (husband) please PM a moderator with your question. If you have a ish, your ish can come up and ask your question. If you don’t have a mic and your hand is up and it’s your turn you can text your question if you don’t have a mic. We try to keep down the text so there is no confusion. So people will not text in answers and they have no truth or wisdom of the answer and will lead someone astray. So let’s be humble and don’t do that. Because there are people learning that are new and there are people still learning like me. We need to focus on the answers that are given. HalleluYah that we are humble and learning how to love one another like Yah has shown us and showing us everyday through His Word. It is a blessing.

Q: Where in the Scriptures when you were mentioning the ugly malakim, when Abraham asked about seeing the angels true form, where is this mentioned? A: Those were 2 references. The first was the testament of Abraham. Both references were in the Psuedepigrapha. So they are not in the canonized books, the 66 books. The ugly angel reference was in the apocalypse of Zephaniyah. Some people don’t agree with using the Psuedepigrapha books but the way I do, as with anything or any extra book that are apart of the canonized one what I do is see if it lines up with Scripture.

Page 511 Pseudepigrapha vol. 1, Apocalypse of Zephaniyah is the reference about the ugly angel. Chapter 4, so what this angel is doing is showing this ahk, in this case Zephaniyah the angels in charge of taking unrighteous men to the lake of fire (a vision). He describes the angel as ugly or unpleasant in appearance. I think in the Book of Yahzeqyl where it says that there’s an angel that had 4 faces. One face of a man, one of a ram, one of an oxen so that’s why I read that Scripture because there are other Scriptures that describe angels.

The part where death came to visit Abraham and showed himself, that’s in the testament of Abraham vol. 1 of the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha page 893 in chapters 17-18. Abraham begs the death angel to put on that lovely appearance again and he did.

Q: We understand the dietary laws of clean and unclean and clean should be separated from unclean and the ahks question was how then should we treat dining out? A: Like say we go to Long John Silvers or Red Lobster or something like that: We are not to eat Lobster but we can eat the salmon that they have there. The ahks question is about the various animals being cooked on the same skillet and all that. Ahk it’s just like anything else in the issue of clean and unclean. Sometimes women, they fall in their monthly cycles, their unclean cycle and let’s just say that ahki Moshe goes out and rides the bus. You know I like to ride the bus when I go back to Chicago. There could be a woman on her monthly cycle and she sat on that particular seat and she sat got off the stop as I was getting on. When she got up and I went and sat down on the seat, according to the law, I would be unclean. In that respect, Yah has mercy on us because Yah understands that this entire world is defiled. Because satan has the rulership over this world. Because it was given to him by us when we forfeited our rights, when we ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So we understand that there are some things that we just can’t control. And I like going out as well ahki but the most important thing about it is that when you get that meal you ordered, a clean meal, you say Father Yah thank you for this meal which I am receiving Father Yah may this meal be for the nourishment of my body in the name of Messiyah Yahoshua Amein. That’s it. You pronounce the blessings of Yah on that food and you say may it be blessed for nourishment and good eating hey halleluYah.

I see someone texted don’t dine out. But we can’t really get away from it because the same can be said about genetically altered food. That’s unclean because it’s mixing of DNA or seeds. But unless you get an heirloom seed and its even hard to tell if that’s pure. So the point is everything is unpure…Yah reads and understands the heart. Yah knows I’m not going to lay and go into my wife if she’s on her monthly. It’s laborious for me to…I don’t have a place to put my wife like they did back then. Plus we have sanitary napkins and things like that our women didn’t have back in the day. So it’s more of an issue of where your heart is. Above all, we are still in captivity. We are still being punished. We are still being reproved. So the most important thing is for us to seek Yah in all matters. As long as we continue to put the Most High Yah first and have that love in our heart like we read in Scripture. For love is a covering for an abundant of sins. And that’s one of them right there. So if you have the love of Yah in your heart and you have the love of your brothers and sisters in your heart that covers you going to eat at that unclean place. Because hey man, there’s probably people who don’t even wash their hands cooking your food. (my sidenote: even if you go to the supermarket the butcher may be unclean or the produce stocker may be unclean, who knows) And it could be a vegan place (you eat at), digging in their nose and all types of abominable things…you know. We pray that it’s not like that but these people are wicked because satan himself is wicked. That’s why we say Yah bless this meal regardless of who may have done what to it. You said in Your laws that it is okay for me to eat chicken man, HalleluYah. Bon appetite, I’m finna eat!! When I say my blessings like I’m finna go over here and eat this chicken that I smell right now (laughs) But hey halleluYah y’all.

Q: There was an ahk that asked a question before the lesson started. A: The commemoration, they call it the communion. For that understanding we go to the Book of first Corninthians chapter 11. Shaul our brother lays it down, line upon line, precept upon precept. (Talks to someone) Kayn, I try to cook as much as possible but hey. But every now and again I want to treat my wife nice. I want to take her out, go out and see a movie or something or have well…I’m not going to tell y’all our pet names for each other but hey we go out and enjoy ourselves. HalleluYah.

1 Corinthians 11, you can start at the beginning of the chapter but the understanding to your particular question we can pick up on the 23rd verse. v. 1 Read. We read this before in some of the supporting Scriptures in this lesson. We are to imitate the Messiyah in thought action and deed. And one of the deeds that was done by the brothers whenever they got together was to commemorate what Yahoshua did, Yahoshua’s life. This is why we do it. And then I will explain why the Christians do it. But first let’s explain the truth and then we will talk about the falsehood. Let’s jump down to verse 23. v. 23 Read. v. 24 He blessed His food (gave thanks) to Yah. A correlating Scripture to this verse would be Deuteronomy 8:3 where it says we do not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of Yah. So when we take the physical bread, we take it understanding that it is symbolic of the Spiritual bread. The Spiritual bread is the Word and if we are to live by every Word that comes out of the mouth of Yah, we are re-confirming every time that we meet that we are walking in the image of Yah. We are becoming the Word in the flesh. You see, by eating of this bread.

So it’s a very deep understanding and we will read a little bit more after this in a minute. We will understand why we shouldn’t take this lightly. So again, we see that we are not to live just by physical bread but we take the Spiritual as well. Yahoshua being the Spiritual bread, it’s symbolic of the Word. He being the living Word, He being the living bread.

v. 25 In the same manner, He blessed the cup. So again, we take that wine or the grape juice (or water), symbolic of the life that Yahoshua lived. We take in that Spiritual life. Because we want Yahoshua the Living Word to be flowing within us. It’s not about drinking blood or no cannibal stuff like that. No. It’s all on the Spiritual aspect of it. Yahoshua being the Spiritual Word. The word in the flesh, right. So we take that wine as a symbol of His life.

Now here is the warning of this. Because this is not to be taken lightly. v. 26 So each time we do this we are proclaiming that Yahoshua beat even death. Again, one of the questions we ask you before you become immersed is ‘do you belive that Yahoshua lived and was perfect in thought action and deed, was executed, stayed in the ground for 3 days, raised on the 3rd day and is sitting at the right hand of the Father right now in all power and esteem’?

You see this is a lot more serious than drinking wine and eating bread. We are re-confirming that oath that we took. Not oath that we took…for lack of a better word (than oath). But when we stood before all of creation and The Creator professing our love. So that’s what it is.

Now here’s the warning part. v. 27 Do you see that? Let’s just say we have a Christian in here and they know that they will go to church tomorrow yet they still eat and drink of the wine just because they are here. You know that whole do as the Romans do whole attitude, Listen to the warning. v. 28-29 You see you are judging yourself because you take it but you do it unworthily. You do it as something happen chance. Now verse 30 us the key to the whole reading. v. 30 So again, playing around with this truth and playing around with Yah’s Way…calling on Yahweh and all of that, calling on strange gods, calling on Jesus and all this stuff. Then talking about you are going to do the commemoration that you will eat of this bread and drink of the cup. This is what happens. Because of this many are weak. Many are sick among you. And many sleep meaning many have died because they have trampled on the blood of the Messiyah and counted it as common place. So we have to be careful of that family. We definitely must be careful of that.

And also, Yahoshua did not eat and drink. Because He said He will do it when the covenant is re-established, when the re-institution of the feast days come back. Read the book of Yahzeqyl chapter 20 going to the end of the book. The feast days will be reinstituted. That shows you exactly the lay our of how everything is going to happen. The feast days will return in that 1,000 years of shalom when lion lays down with lamb. Then Yahoshua will take part in the commemoration because then it will be the feast. But until then we as men and women we proclaim and profess our love for this walk that we have embraced. Again going back to Hebrews 6:1-12. We do this because we mean this. *Luke 22:14-23, 1 John 5:6

I stress this, if we have anything on our hearts that is profaning us, if you were to die right now and you were to stand before Yah. If you were to go into the lake of fire…whatever is in your life you will have to change. Whatever is in your life that would cause you to go into the lake of fire, if you were called to judgment right now…you need to get rid of that. That’s pretty much it fam. I’m going to go ahead and relinquish the mic.


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