Genesis 15:13 Four Hundred Years in a Foreign Land p. 1

*This lesson is from 2006 or 2007.

The title of this lesson is Genesis 15:13, 400 years in a foreign land. Was it Egypt or is it the United States? Where did the children of Ysrayl spend 400 years? And for those of you who may not be familiar with this, you may be brand new, we are going to go read, we are going to start from the beginning and we are going to take it all the way through and we will see just where this actually happened at. Where was this prophesy fulfilled at? Or has it been fulfilled? Was it in Egypt or is it actually here in the Americas?

I will be in detroit next week. This is not about one  man or two men. This is about restoring a nation. The Gentiles need to be restored also not just Ysrayl. Tell your people to come out. It’s going to be on Shabbat.

So brothers and sisters here we are…Genesis 15:13, 400 years in a foreign land. Now what I’m going to do when I bring this information out, I’m not going to bash anybody for their understanding of it. Everybody, Ysrayl is just a stiff-neck, hard-headed people. But what I’m going to try to do is bring all the information out directly from the Scriptures and let Yah be the judge and let Yah show you from His own Word. A lot of Hebrews today have moved Yah from the equation. They have removed Yah and depend on themselves and the vices of men to understand Yah’s Word. I rarely hear Hebrews today talk about the understanding coming directly from Yah. I have heard Hebrews say that if you don’t know Hebrew, if you don’t know this (or that). But I hardly ever hear anything about the understanding coming directly from The Father. It doesn’t matter if you are reading the KJV, this or that translation. Yah’s understanding is beyond translations. It is above translations. He is the source. This is His Word. So if Yah has something in here that you don’t understand, you go to Him. And pray to Him for that understanding and you will understand. So we must be humble brothers and sisters.

(Talks to someone) Yeah, we are seeking understanding and I just hope that we can gain that understanding.

If you have a pen and pad take it out. If you have your Bible before you bring that forth. So we are going to start this off in Genesis 15:13. I believe and I’m going to show you that is prophesy is being taken place right before our very eyes, right now in the United States of America. The United States, as you will see, that Yah is telling Abraham that his seed would be taken into. Not only will we talk about this but we will have to talk about another aspect that is directly connected with this prophesy. And that is the mystery of who Mystery Babylon is. If you understand this nation, then you will understand that Mystery Babylon that is spoken of in the Book of Yesiyah (Isaiah) 47 and Revelation 17, 18, 19…She is connected to this right here. She is connected to this direct prophesy and I’m going to show you that.

So let’s get started. Let’s open this up. Let’s go to Genesis 15 verse 13. Because brothers and sisters you must realize where you are in this day and time as it relates to prophesy. You must have a grip on this to understand this. So Genesis 15:13, I’m reading from the Scripture. Hey it’s just a translation. If you are reading from the KJV Bible that’s fine or RSV that’s fine whatever translation you have. Yah is going to give us the understanding of what’s being said here.

From verses 13 through 16, I’m going to show you where a lot of brothers get caught up at in understanding this prophesy. I’m going to show you where they kind of ver off to the left and it just tears up their whole understanding from that point on about this prophesy.

Genesis 15:13-16, v. 13-16 Read. Now right here brothers and sisters, the understanding that a lot of brothers get lost at is that they believe that this is one continual prophesy. They believe that from verse 13 through verse 16 that Yah is speaking one prophesy. Let me tell you brothers and sisters from verse 13-16 of Genesis 15…you actually have 3 separate prophesies that Yah’s speaking to Abraham. Three separate prophesies.

So verse 13-16, let me explain to you how this is 3 separate prophesies. I’m going to break these prophesies down for you. Prophesy #1 can be found in verses 13 and 14. Prophesy #1 states that Abraham’s seed, one thing you have to notice about this prophesy is that first Yah has not identified which branch of Abraham’s seed He is speaking about. But we will get into that in just a moment. Let’s break down these 3 prophesies. We have 3 prophesies from verses 13 through 16. Prophesy #1 is found in verses 13 and 14. It’s speaking about this nation that the seed of Abraham shall be sojourners (strangers) in. And this land that is not theirs and they shall serve them and be afflicted 400 years. Verses 13 and 14 are speaking about the same prophesies. Yah continues, He said in verse 14 but the nation whom they serve…so Yah is letting you know that He is talking about this nation in verse 13 that He told Abraham. So verses 13, 14 brothers and sisters is one prophesy. It’s one prophesy because both verses are speaking about this nation that Yah said Abraham’s seed shall go into and they shall serve and they shall afflict them 400 years.

The next prophesy, verse 15, Yah mentions nothing about the nation anymore. What does He say to Abraham? He said now as for you, you are to go onto your fathers in peace. You are to be buried at a good old age. So that’s the 2nd prophesy that Abraham would die a peaceful death. When Abraham dies, he’s not going to die in war. He’s not going to die being murdered but he’s just going to die of what we call natural causes. So he is probably going to die in his sleep and he’s going to sleep with his fathers. This is the 2nd prophesy.

The 3rd prophesy is found in verse 16. Now, what Yah is telling Abraham in verse 16 is that these people who inhabit this land right here Abraham, they must be kicked out because they are so wicked. And so Yah tells him that the Amorites, when it is time for the Amorites, the last of these Canaanite tribes, when the Amorites time comes for to be kicked out, then that’s when your seed will come here.

But notice Yah did not put this in chronological order. He did not say now Abraham you are to go to your fathers in peace, you are to be buried at a good old age. If this was in order, then the that prophesy should be first. It should be verse 13 instead of verse 15. And then Yah would tell him that hey your seed will be strangers in a land for 400 years, they will be afflicted for 400 years. And then we would see that verse 16 would come after that, that after they leave that land Abraham then in the 4th generation they shall return here. But Yah did not say that. He’s giving Abraham 3 separate prophesies and 2 of the 3 prophesies have been fulfilled. And we are going to look at the 2nd and 3rd prophesy. Because we are not going to look at have they been fulfilled, we are not going to dwell too much on that because this is about prophesy #1, in verses 13 and 14. So we will look briefly that Abraham did die at a good old age. As it states in verse 15.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 25. We are going to see that Abraham died at 175 years old. We just are going to touch this to verse Genesis 15-16 for a moment to show you that this is 3 prophesies brothers and sisters. Two of the three have been fulfilled. A lot of brothers squish this together and say that this is one prophesy that in the 4th generation that’s when the children of Ysrayl was going to return to the land and all that stuff. But Yah is giving him 3 separate prophesies brothers and sisters. And you will see, you will understand that this could not have been one continuous prophesy.

Genesis 25:7-8 So we see Abraham died at a good old age just as it states in Genesis 15:15 when Yah spoke to Abraham he prophesied to him and told him that you are going to die at a good old age. And this is what Abraham did, so that prophesy was fulfilled.

Now let’s look at the 3rd prophesy in Genesis 15:16. Yah is telling them that they are going to return there. Now when He said ‘there,’ He’s talking about the land of Canaan because that’s where Abraham actually stood at when Yah gave this prophesy to him. So the Amorites, they were taken out when the children of Ysrayl came into the land of Canaan, they conquered Canaan and they got rid of the Amorites. We are going to look at that right now.

Let’s go to Numbers chapter 32. This is to show that this prophesy was already fulfilled. This is 3 prophesies brothers and sisters from Genesis 15:13-16. And 2 of the 3 have been fulfilled. Two of these prophesies have been fulfilled and one is being fulfilled right before our very eyes, the first one (verses 13-14).

Numbers 32:33 So we see that the Amorites, the king of the Amorites and we see that when the children of Ysrayl came in here, they took over all these lands.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 1. This is the same thing. I’m just showing you that when the children of Ysrayl came into the land, they took the land from the Amorites. And Yah told Abraham the fourth generation because as it stated it was going to take 4 generations for these Amorites to fill out their whole wickedness. See that’s the thing about Yah brothers and sisters is that Yah gives mercy. Yah gives you an opportunity to repent. Unless it’s some great sin where there is no hope for you like what went down in Sodom. When Yah sent those angels. And those angels confirmed what those people were doing down there…Yah sent instant destruction. And we saw that . But in other instances throughout Scripture, we see that yah gave entire nations His mercy. Look at Nineveh. He gave them the opportunity to repent. So we see here where He says in the 4th generation, He’s giving these Amorites a chance to turn from their ways. They are the last of the Canaanite tribes that are in the land. They are the last that have some wickedness to go before Yah was just fed up with them. So He said in the 4th generation, they will come and take those Amorites out.

Deuteronomy 1:20 He was giving us the land of the Amorites. When the children of Ysrayl came into the land of Canaan, it was time for the Amorites to go. Their sin and all their wickedness that they had done, it was time for that to go. So we see that 2 of these 3 prophesies has been fulfilled.

Now, let’s go to the first prophesy. This is what this lesson is based on, the 400 years in a foreign land. And we will dwell on verses 13 and 14 from here on out. Now you have to understand this, we will even look at the issue of the Egyptians and our time in Egypt, how it was impossible for us to fulfill this because we must understand what this prophesy is saying. I’m going to read Genesis 15:13-14 again. v. 13 Know for certain, without a doubt. Abraham that this thing is going to happen. There is no doubt that this will happen Abraham. This is what Yah is saying, know for certain. And we know that Yah’s Word is true through and through. He can never change (Malachiyah 3:6). Once He sends it out…that’s it. Yah doesn’t change His mind because He doesn’t need to. Continues  to read v. 13-14. (Let me) teach understanding here. Yah says know for certain that your seed Abraham, seed in this verse means descendants or offspring. This si the key to understanding right here. Father Abraham had not one child when this prophesy was given to him. But we know later on that Abraham had children. And when he had children, Abraham had many children. He had many offspring, many descendants. But Yah never tells us which branch of Abraham’s seed will fulfill this prophesy. So right here, once we go through Scripture, we will see that Yah Himself has excluded others from this prophesy. Because Yah did not identify which branch of Abraham’s seed shall fulfill this prophesy. He did not say. He did not say Abraham, uh your seed through Sarah will fulfill this prophesy. I’m talking about when He gave this prophesy to Abraham. He just made a blanket (general) statement, ‘your seed’. So the requirement for the fulfillment of this prophesy see is the seed of Abraham, his descendants, his children. They have to be sojourners, strangers to a land that is not theirs and they shall serve them and be afflicted 400 years. Afflicted for four hundred years.

Now, let’s look at Abraham’s children. Abraham’s first-born son was by his wife’s handmaid, she was his wife’s servant and her name was Hagar. She was an Egyptian. Abraham’s first-born son’s name was Ishmael. Let’s go over to Genesis 16. We are going to read about the birth of Ishmael, Abraham’s son. Ishmael is of Abraham’s seed. He is a descendant, offspring of Abraham. So is it possible that Ishmael could fulfill this prophesy? Well, we have to see. We will have to look and see which ones of Abraham’s seed will be the ones to fulfill this prophesy. Abraham had numerous seed. He was called the father of many nations. But let’s look at his first-born son Ishmael.

Genesis 16:4 This is talking about Sarah, how Sarah despised Hagar. But the important thing here is that Abraham went into Hagar and she conceived. Abraham did not have children with Sarah until after his son by Hagar. Hagar was his wife’s servant. Let’s go down to verse 15.

Genesis 16:15-16 So we see father Abraham is 86 years old when he had his first child. So we see that his first-born was Ishmael. But when Yah gave this prophesy over in Genesis 15:13, Abraham had not one child. But Yah told him, his seed, your seed Abraham.

So let’s look at this. Later on Abraham had a child by his wife Sarah. And this son’s name was Yitzshaq (Isaac). This is Abraham’s second born son. Yah is going to tell Abraham where the descent of his children will follow. But first, I want you to look at more of Abraham’s seed. He had a son with Sarah, his wife. But after Sarah died, he had another wife named Keturah. And Abraham had children with her. Let’s go to Genesis 25. So we see that Abraham has 2 sons by this time. So when Sarah dies…let’s go to Genesis 25. Because this is key brothers and sisters because Yah did not identify or specify how much of Abraham’s seed shall this prophesy be uh related to, He didn’t state which branch of his seed. He just made a blanket statement ‘your seed’. This could include the children of Ysrayl. This could include Isaac and these other children that he has with his wife Keturah. We will see, Yah will tell us where this, where the covenant He made with Abraham, where His covenant was going to descend. We will see in just a moment.

Let’s go to Genesis 25. We are reading here about Abraham’s other children that he had with his other wife Keturah.

Genesis 25:1-7, v. 1-2 So we see right here Abraham had 7 children. 7 other children by his other wife. So they are also the seed of Abraham. And when Yah said the seed of Abraham is He talking about these children also? We are going to see. v. 3 Right here this is the descent of Abraham’s grandchildren and so forth. Let’s go to verse 5. Remember he had 2 sons by this time, when he had these 7 other children. So Abraham had a total of 9 children. v. 6 He even had sons by his concubines. v. 7 Oh we already read this. But I’m just showing you that Abraham had many seed. He had children by Keturah. He had a child by his wife Sarah. He had a child by Hagar. And it says he had sons by his concubines. So Yah said Abraham know for sure that this prophesy is going to happen to your seed but Yah never gives a description of which seed He is speaking to. Not directly to Abraham in that prophesy. So we have to search the Scriptures to see where this seed is going to come from Abraham and passed on to his seed.

Let’s go to Genesis 17. This is critical right here to understand because we must understand that Yah made a covenant with Abraham and part of this covenant was that Yah was going to give Abraham’s seed a land. And Yah was going to be their mighty one. Yah was going to be their all. This is important because that covenant that Yah made with Abram whose name was later changed to Abraham. This covenant would pass to Abraham’s descendants on down to his grandchildren. So as we just seen brothers and sisters it’s critical for you to understand that Abraham which we will read right here is called the father of many nations and Abraham as we seen had many children, many offspring, many descendants. When Yah gave the prophesy, He did not identify right there in Genesis 15:14. He didnt not identify which branch of Abraham’s seed this prophesy was going to effect.

We are going to search the Scriptures and Scriptures will show us the branch of Abraham’s seed this prophesy is going to effect. And then you may have a better clarity on comprehending this prophesy. Yah did not state anything about all of Abraham’s seed. He did not even say half of Abraham’s seed. So the fact is brothers and sisters, the requirement for the fulfillment of this prophesy is that one, Abraham’s seed has to be a sojourner or stranger in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them. But more importantly they have to be afflicted for 400 years. So do you know what that means? If two people that can be identified as the children of Abraham and they are in a strange land that is not theirs and being afflicted for 400 years then those two people have fulfilled this prophesy. That is all the requirement is. If you have something else to add to that then that’s between you and Yah. The only requirement is that they have to be of Abraham’s lineage. But as I stated Yah does not state in this prophesy right here which branch or lineage of Abraham’s seed. We are going to search the Scripture which we are doing now for that information.

Genesis 17. It’s critical that you understand that Yah made this covenant. And this covenant was to pass from Abraham to Abraham’s seed.

Genesis 17:1-8, v. 1-5 Yah repeats in v. 4 and v. 5 that Abraham will be the father of many nations which Abraham is. There are many nations on the earth which are descended from the seed of Abraham. They are the seed of Abraham. v. 6-7 Now Yah is going to establish His covenant with Abraham’s seed that is to come up after Abraham. So once again which branch of Abraham’s seed could that be? v. 8 So once again, Yah did not identify which branch of Abraham’s seed is right here in these verses. But we will read that He is going to identify who this covenant is passed to.

He made a covenant with Abraham. He promised Abraham this land. So we will see in just a moment which branch of Abraham’s see this covenant passed to.

Let’s go to verse 19, we are still in Genesis 17.

Genesis 17:19, 21 So Yah is making another prophesy to father Abraham that your wife Sarah is going to give birth to a son next year at this time, his name is going to be Isaac, Yitzshaq and with him, I’m going to make this covenant. So that excludes his first-born son Ishmael from being the one fulfills this prophesy spoken of in Genesis 15:13-14. That excludes his 7 sons that he had with Keturah. That excludes his sons that he had with his concubines. Because Yah said I’m going to establish My covenant with your son, Isaac.

Now let’s go to Genesis 21. This is very critical to understand right here. So the covenant passed from Abraham and now it’s going to be in the hands of Isaac, his son Isaac. Not in Ishmael’s hands, not in the 7 sons by Keturah, not in the concubines sons but in Isaac. That’s why when we read in Genesis 25 where it says that Abraham gave gifts to his other sons and sent them away from Isaac because Yah had told him in Isaac, your seed shall be called.

Genesis 21, so now we are putting a face to Abraham’s seed that Yah told him in Genesis 15:13 know for sure that this is going to happen to you and your seed. And Yah is showing us that He is talking about the seed Isaac. So we have to follow that covenant through the seed of Isaac.

Genesis 21:12 Oh, so now the seed has a name. The seed we read about in Genesis 15:13, He’s talking about the seed through his son Isaac.

Now let’s comprehend something because this is very unusual. And what’s so unusual about it is that normally even in the east today the inheritance of the father goes tot he first-born son with the bigger or larger inheritance. The father leaves an inheritance for all the children but the bulk of the inheritance goes to the first-born son. So we have here that the first-born son was excluded by Yah and Yah’s the one telling Abraham, your second born son shall get the inheritance. So the covenant shall go to him not the first-born. So this is unusual. So we are going to see that this decision rises again.

Isaac has 2 sons, 2 twin boys. His first-born son is in line to inherit that covenant that Yah made with Abraham. The covenant passed from Abraham to Abraham’s son Isaac and now the covenant is in Isaac’s hand. Now Isaac has 2 sons. So Isaac has 2 pass the covenant down to one of his 2 sons and then that covenant has to continue all the way up to that prophesy being fulfilled that the seed of Abraham being in a strange land.

So let’s look now at where did this covenant go once it reached the hand of Isaac. I know many of you already know this but we have to put down the foundation. So you can understand what this prophesy is actually saying. So the foundation has to be laid. The foundation, so you can follow the covenant so you can put the name of Abraham’s seed…we can see how this covenant is blossoming in our day for us to look at with our very eyes right now.

So the covenant now is in the hand of Isaac and in Isaac your seed shall be called. Yah had to make this point clear in Isaac. So let’s go to Genesis 26. Now the covenant is in the hands of Isaac. Here Yah is going to confirm because Yah had already told Abraham, in Isaac your seed shall be called. Now Yah’s making this thing known to Isaac himself, that this covenant in now in his hands.

Genesis 26:1-4 So the covenant being in the hands of Isaac is confirmed by Yah right here. Yah is telling Isaac, the same covenant that I gave to Abraham, it passed from Abraham’s hand, now it’s in your hand too Isaac. So your seed be called.

Now as I stated our father Isaac had 2 boys. Let’s read about this. He had 2 sons as we know, Yahqob and Esau or Jacob and Esau as many of you may know him. We are going to read about the birth of Jacob and Esau because once again, we have the dilemma but an unusual case of the blessings on to the second born son. As I stated the bulk of the father’s blessing usually goes to the first-born.

So let’s go to Genesis 25. We will start reading at verse 20. We are talking about the birth of Esau and Yahqob. These are Isaac’s 2 sons. So the covenant has to pass from Isaac to one of his sons.

Genesis 25: 20-28 Hey, so Yahqob was closer to moms and he dwelled in tents. So HalleluYah. v. 29-30 So now we have this interesting thing right here. We see that Esau, I’m just going to briefly go into this. The story of this, what actually happened is that Esau had killed the god-king Nimrod. You can find this in the Book of Yasher. Nimrod’s men were after him and he was running from them for his life. So after he killed Nimrod, this is when he came to his brother and he was so tired and was about to faint because he had been running for his life. So this is when he sold his birthright. Let’s read this so he came from the field weary and Jacob was cooking some red stew. Edom in Hebrew means read or Adom. And because Jacob was cooking this red stew, he actually sold his birthright for this red stew. This is why he is called Edom. Not because of his skin color.

v. 31-34 See Esau was in line, Esau was the first-born as we read. He was in line for that covenant to pass from Isaac into his hands. Esau was in line for that covenant but he sold that covenant promises to be the chosen people, to be Yah’s chosen…he sold that for read soup. The Scripture says he despised his birthright. So this is why in Scripture where you read where Yah said He loved Jacob and hated Esau, this is why. Esau despised his birthright and he sold it for red stew. So that covenant was going to pass from Isaac into Esau’s hands but Esau gave it up. He sold it to his brother Yahqob.

Now a situation arises as we will see that the covenant went from Isaac into Jacob’s hands. Isaac is on his death-bed and he wants to give his son the blessings. He wants to lay his hands on him and pass this covenant on from him unto his first-born son. Now since Esau has sold his birthright to Jacob, Jacob has all the rights to the inheritance of the first-born. Now let me tell you brothers and sisters to swear an oath in that day…many of us have been Americanized. We have been westernized, in this western hemisphere you can do whatever you want to do. You can lie. You can take it back. You can change your mind. NOT in that day. If you swore an oath to somebody, that thing was binding. Broken oaths caused deaths. So when he sold his birthright that was an oath. They took this oath and his birthright went from his hand to the hands of Jacob.

Now. I’m not going to read it. I’m just going to explain it to you. So we can save a little time. This story is from Genesis 27. That when Isaac got ready to bless the first-born saying hey this covenant is passing on to you, that Isaac went and told his son Esau to go get him a kid, a goat, kill it and bring it back to him and after he ate he’s going to give him the blessings. So Rebekah (Ribqayah) heard what was going on. So she went to her son Jacob. Now, Yahqob was close with his mother as we read right. She loved him. Yahqob was his mother’s favorite. So she probably knew that Esau had sold his birthright to Yahqob. Remember also that when she was having trouble in labor pains, those birth pains when these children were struggling inside her womb, she went to Yah. And Yah told her that the elder shall serve the younger. So she’s all for this. So she knows the prophesy. She knows what’s going on. So this si why she goes and dresses her son Jacob as though he is Esau. She put goat hair and the smell of the field and so forth (on him). So Jacob goes into the tent. Ribqayah actually cooked that food for Yitzshaq and so Yahqob took it in there and he pretended to be Esau. He only did that because he was entitled to the birthright brothers and sisters. That was his birthright. Now had he gone in there and tried to explain to his father Isaac, Isaac probably wasn’t hearing that. But it was an oath. It was still an oath. And so that birthright passed from Isaac to his second born son Yahqob. Like I said this story can be found in Genesis 27.

So now, the covenant is in the hand of Jacob. Now the promised seed, Jacob has 12 sons and do you know what brothers and sisters? That covenant passed from Jacob to all 12 of his sons. Because his sons made up the name of Ysrayl of Ysrayl. So that seed that Yah is speaking about in Genesis 15:13-14, that is speaking about Abraham’s seed through Isaac and through Isaac’s son Jacob. The nation of Ysrayl.

So I just had to lay that foundation because as I stated Yah did not identify right there in particular when He gave that prophesy to Abraham. But it is identified throughout Scripture. So it is the children of Ysrayl, the nation of Ysrayl is where this promise is going to pass.

Now let’s get down to it. We know that in Genesis 15:13-14 that this is talking about the children of Ysrayl. Now as this lesson is entitled, 400 years in a foreign land was it Egypt or is it the United States?

Now let’s go to the Book of Exodus. Exodus 12 will tell us actually how long the children of Ysrayl stayed in Egypt. We have to understand this in order for this whole prophesy to be understood. Because you can’t take half of it, you must deal with all of it. And we are going to deal with it. As I told you the prophesy in Genesis 15:13-16 is actually 3 separate prophesies that Yah had given to Abraham. So right now we are dealing with the first prophesy that is found in verses 13 and 14. So let’s go to Exodus chapter 12. We will see. Because the children of Ysrayl were taken into Egypt. They stayed there for a while. Let’s see how long they stayed in Egypt. Because this throws a lot of brothers and sisters off right here. They read this Scripture and they make a connection some how to Genesis 15:13. But we will see that no-no, that could not have happened.

Exodus 12:40-41 So the children of Ysrayl only stayed in Egypt 430 years. They did not stay in Mizraim one day over 430 years. So let’s read the prophesy again, Genesis 15:13-14. In v. 13 Yah said that your seed, which is the children of Ysrayl shall be in a land that is not theirs and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. Yah said they shall be afflicted 400 years so that’s telling us since the children of Ysrayl were in Egypt for 430 years, that’s telling us that 30 years after their arrival brothers and sisters, 30 years after their arrival the affliction should have started. So I’m going to show you that could not have happened. But before we jump into that. I just want to bring out to primary reasons why this did not happen in Egypt. The first reason is…let’s go back to Genesis 15. I’m going to read that prophesy one more time. I’m going to read verse 13 one more time. Then I will tell you the first reason why this could not have taken place in Egypt. v. 13 Read. ‘In a land that is not theirs’.

Let’s go down to verse 18.

Genesis 15:18 On the same day Yah made a covenant with Abram saying I have made a covenant with your seed, I have given this land…what land? From the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates. From Egypt to Iraq is our land. And Scripture says on the same day Yah made a covenant with Abraham, He gave him not only the land of Canaan but He gave them also from Egypt to Iraq. So Egypt is our land. But Yah said you shall be sojourners in a land that is not yours.

So if you believe that this prophesy took place in Eypt…your making Yah a liar. Because Yah said when they are in this land for 400 years, this land is not their land. But then He goes down in verse 18 and tells Abram, I’m giving you the land in Egypt. The land of Egypt is just as much your land as the land of Canaan and as Jerusalem is. So how can it be that this prophesy took place in Egypt if Egypt is our land? And Yah said it out of His own mouth…Abram, this is your land. So we could stop right here is we wanted to. But naw we have to go farther. This is the primary reason why this prophesy could not have taken place in Egypt. Egypt is your land but Yah said this land that you are going into is not going to by yours.

So the second reason that this could not have been fulfilled in Egypt is because Yah said the affliction is to last for a 400 year period as we saw in Exodus 12:40, Ysrayl was only in Egypt for 430 years. So as I was stating 30 years after their arrival as a nation in Egypt, the affliction should have started. Get this brothers and sisters, this is why I have been reading Genesis 15:13 over and over to you. I’m going to read it again. Because you have to comprehend this. Genesis 15:13 Read. Now He did NOT say they shall serve them for 400 years. They shall be in servitude to these people but the affliction is for a 400 year period. The affliction is what He says. And they shall afflict them 400 years.

So if the children of Ysrayl were not in Egypt one day past 430 years, as I stated 30 years after coming into the land of Egypt as a nation the affliction should have started. We are going to look at that.

Now this next segment is called: Ysrayl’s time in Egypt. We are going to see that after they entered Egypt as a nation, did the affliction start? Now the Israylites were afflicted in Egypt, they went through hard times in Egypt but was it for a 400 year period? Was it for 400 years? Let’s look at this.

Ysrayl entered Egypt 66 in number. It was a total of 70 including Joseph, his wife and his 2 children. So there were 70 Israylites, 70 people of the House of Yahqob that were in the land of Egypt. This is when the count of the 430 years began.

Let’s go to Genesis 46. Let’s look at when the children of Ysrayl entered into Egypt. Because they have to be afflicted. Right? Thirty years after…now before I even go there, let me lay the foundation work here. Especially for you new Israylites. If you are not to familiar with this story here…Yahqob had 12 sons as I mentioned. These 12 sons made up the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. Jacobs 11th son was his favorite son, Yoseph. And Yoseph’s brothers, Yahqob showed so much favor to his youngest or next to youngest son. Since he was Jacob’s favorite, the other brothers got jealous and they started hating on their brother Yoseph. They started disliking their own brother. So from that jealousy a situation arose where they caused their brother to be sold as a slave into Egypt. From their jealousy came about Joseph being sold as a slave into Egypt. So while Yoseph was in Egypt a situation happened. Pharaoh was having this dream that he just could not comprehend. None of his wise men, magicians, sorcerers, none of those men could interpret this dream. Joseph had gone to prison because his slave master who he was sold to in Egypt, his master’s wife cam to Joseph and tried to lay with him. And he would not do it. He wasn’t having it so she called rape, rape and Yoseph was thrown into prison. That’s a familiar story huh brothers.

And so as Yoseph was in prison, there were 2 men down there that had dreams and Yoseph interpreted both of their dreams. So these men were let loose and Yoseph was still in prison. So when pharaoh had this dream and no one could interpret it, I think it was his cupbearer that came and told him that there’s a man down in prison that interpreted our dreams when we were in prison and what he told us came true.

So pharaoh sent for Yoseph and brought Yoseph to him. Pharaoh gave Yoseph his dream. The dream was for 7 years of famine that would take place in the entire so-called known world. There would be 7 years of plenty harvest and 7 years of famine. So Yoseph interpreted this dream to pharaoh who did not understand it. I’m going to read that in Genesis 41. Let’s read about how he came to be the man he was in Egypt because Yoseph was actually a ruler in Egypt. Yoseph was an Israylite. The 11th son of Yahqob. He was one of the covenant bearers. He was one of the 12 tribes of the 12 tribes of Ysrayl.

Genesis 41:1-8; 39-44, v. 1-8 So this is when this cupbearer tells him about Yoseph. So pharaoh calls to Yoseph and tells him this same dream that he just had. Let’s go to verse 39. v. 39-40 This is when he had interpreted pharaoh’s dream and told him that this meant 7 years of plenty harvest and immediately following the 7 years of plenty harvest you will have 7 years of famine. So this is when Yoseph interpreted pharaoh’s dream. Pharaoh was so happy with that he said ‘the spirit of the elohim has to be upon you’. So he is telling Yoseph now I’m going to put you over everything. I’m going to put you over everything in Egypt. Now look at this, he said only in my throne am I greater than you. Now his throne represents rulership. So he’s saying to Yoseph ‘only in my rulership in the land of Egypt am I greater than you’. That’s it. Otherwise, Yoseph is over the entire land of Egypt. Yoseph is ruling the land of Egypt. v. 41-42 He made Yoseph bling-bling’ed brothers and sisters. v. 43 So Yoseph was like pharaoh in Egypt. This is an Israylite. He was a ruler telling his own people to bow down to Yoseph. v. 44 So pharaoh is saying hey if you don’t tell them to go, they don’t go. If you tell them to stay, they stay here. Yoseph was a ruler, like a king of Egypt.

Now a situation arises Yoseph remember he got into Egypt because his brothers sold him into slavery, they were so jealous of him. His 10 brothers did. His youngest brother Benyamin had nothing to do with that. Yoseph is sold into Egypt as a slave. Yah rose him up from the pits of prison, rose him up to be the king of Egypt with real power Yoseph is ruling over these people. So as the famine that Yoseph interpreted for pharaoh came about, remember there were 7 good years of plentiful harvest and right after that would be 7 years of famine where nothing was going to grow. So Yoseph told pharaoh when those 7 years of plenty start, we are going to store grain during that time. We will store food. Then we will have food ready for when the 7 years are bad. No need to waste food just because we have it. So Yoseph is telling him how to preserve it so they can survive the upcoming famine.

Now this is where we get into the children of Ysrayl coming into Egypt. As the famine started, it started right after the 7th year so we are in the 8th year of Yoseph’s rule, reign in Egypt. So in the 8th year of him ruling in Egypt we see this is the beginning of the famine that’s going to last for 7 years. This famine not only covered Egypt but it covered the entire known world. So lo and behold his family, his brothers are still in the land of Canaan with their father. Since there is no food growing in the land of Canaan and Yahqob hears that Egypt has plenty food stored up so he sends his sons over to Egypt to buy food so they can have food to eat during this famine. So what happened was that ultimately Yoseph found out his brothers (came to Egypt) he revealed himself to them. And he brought them down into Egypt and Yoseph and the entire family was in Egypt. Yoseph was the ruler at that time. Now this began there 430 years in Egypt.

Now, let’s go to Genesis 46 to show you that the children of Ysrayl came as a nation to Egypt. This began the 430 years of their sojourning in the land of Egypt. Remember if they were there 430 years, not one day over 430 years, thirty years after they entered Egypt, the affliction should have started. When the entire nation came into Egypt as we just read, we will read Yoseph was still ruling. We saw all the authority that pharaoh just gave Yoseph. Right? Yoseph still had that same authority when his family came into Egypt.

Genesis 46 I hope you all are still following. Remember this still relates to Genesis 15:13-14. Abraham’s seed, the chosen seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and they shall be afflicted 400 years. We were in Egypt 430 years. Only 30 years after the affliction, that would mean brothers and sisters that we will see…I’ll wait until we get to that part.

Genesis 46:26-27 Seventy Israylites of the House of Yahqob were in Egypt. This began our count of the 430 years that we spent in Egypt.

So we see that we came in and were seventy in number. Seventy all together, all the Hebrew, all 12 tribes, all 12 sons and the son’s descendants. The whole family of Yahqob was 70. This is when we set up shop. There was no Israylite outside of the land of Egypt during this time, all the Israylites, because Israylite just means a descendant of Ysrayl. Ysrayl is the name of our father Yahqob. Yah changed his name of Ysrayl and so all of his descendants were called Ysrayl, Israylites. So all of the descendants of Yahqob were in the land of Egypt. This is when our nation, we were a nation when we came into Egypt, this began our 430 year stay in Egypt. So on this day, this day that we came in there from that day 430 years later, we were to walk out of Egypt as a nation,  a greater nation as a larger nation in numbers. So 70 was our humble beginning.


4 thoughts on “Genesis 15:13 Four Hundred Years in a Foreign Land p. 1

  1. I found this post to be a very good read but a little too long, my only disappointment was, I thought you we’re going to go a little further and a little deeper but to my surprise the post just ended seemingly without resolution.

    • Shalom. I thought the brother who gave this lesson did an excellent job of teaching what Yah wants us to know. There isn’t a resolution because the prophesy is not over yet. The resolution will be in the year 2019 when the four hundred year prophesy is up, then we will know more information. The Israylites are known for long lessons on Shabbat. Just read some, digest it and come back to read more. Hope that helps.

      • So who wrote it, I thought you did? I’ve been doing lots of research on this matter because it is a major concern for me, or some reason I’m drowned to it. The question that inters my mind without end, though I’ve try to put it a side, it keeps after me causing me to study on and forward. Everyday I confronted with new revelation, not so much new but over looked do to lack of heart to study, research etc. Oh how many years have I wasted.

      • This is a Shabbat lesson from Israelite Heritage. Don’t give up on studying about Yah through Yahoshua. You can find the Israylites on on Saturdays/Shabbat about 1 pm eastern time. Click ethnic when you get to Then click African-American. Then click onto Yah and Yahoshua are real. When you get in the room (my advise), please just sit back listen and learn for awhile before speaking. “Awhile”, may mean months or even a year. Shalom.

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