Being Accountable For Your Life

From news you can use August 4, 2012: The wild Gentiles say Obama through his mother is an Israelite y’all. That is satan taking a swipe at Yah. They know Israelites will never sit on the throne of the United States. They lie. They traced his lineage to 1640 they say to one of the first slaves. TEXT: Hamite. TEXT: African.

So why are they saying this now? It’s a ploy to connect him with the sons of Abraham. Yahoshua said he who tries to sneak in is a thief and a robber. They are trying to sneak him in. Israelites are always 2nd in commandment like Yoseph was 2nd in command in Egypt and Daniyah was 2nd in command. We don’t  need to be #1 or the highest to effect the people. Look at Denzel and Jay Z. Satan is reaching his hand out to you, the natural Israelite. Did y’all see Barack had a Passover at the white house? Deception. Bush and Cheney are in Obama’s lineage, cousins. So I guess they are Israelites too now? No. Did y’all see that Obama went to the wailing wall? Idolatry. TEXT: Contradicts himself.

I saw the Batman movie y’all. I liked it. Robin was in it. TEXT: It was a warning. Yep, it was a warning. It was more like a blueprint. It was the most real super hero movie. Terrorists were in the movie. The villain was a beast, unrepenting merciless beast…they are prepping our minds for this. This movie opening was a sacrifice. Over 300 billion dollars worldwide, it made. The character took over a city and almost ignited a nuclear bomb. These movies are messages. They are about to do this. The CIA was in the movie torturing people. They never use to be in superhero movies. Batman will not save you when they do this…prepare. Go see it y’all.  The 1997 Batman was terrible. But this villain was almost real. His voice was heavy like the angels. Bane is the next boogeyman, terrorist. They are going to bring a terrorist to terrify the American people.

The olympics celebrates olympic gods mostly Zeus. It started as a religious ceremony. They kiss their medals. Did y’all see that? The medals are given in 3’s: gold, silver and bronze. This is the trinity. It’s masonic. The opening ceremony is a ritual. Each nation is required  to have a burnt sacrifice to the gods…everyday. They (each nation) had this sacrifice. They give energy to the gods. This is why they sacrifice, so the gods remain powerful.  TEXT: Wrath of the Titans. Where Zeus said in the movie that man has forgotten us, our power is diminishing.

Yah said don’t even mention their names. TEXT: Yep remember when that girl prayed to Aries and he showed up and killed her.

Arguments give energy over to the demons. Don’t give them energy. It’s negative energy. Protect yourself. Don’t go to bed mad. Your man should rush home to a  house of shalom. Men, protect your households. Be careful, satan is a master of disguise. He loves to deceive us in relationships. I have been deceived too. Don’t let satan steal your blessing…that righteous relationship.

Yeah, Snoop Dog is now Snoop Lion. Oprah is natural now. The awakening is happening now. This may be his door to Hebrewism. Some of us came through Islam or Christianity (to Yah).

This week’s news you can use: Be accountable for your faults and blessings. You will face Yah’s judgment not mom and dad. The American justice system has clauses where killers can say their insane. So that he is not held responsible. After repentance Yah will relieve you. The movie theater was #9=the nine rings of Thor, 9 is judgment in Hebrew. They drug him up for court the news says. He is a trained government assassin probably. He covered his face so who’s to say he really did it? (someone else may have done it like a trained assassin). The people in the theater said he seemed like a trained person. TEXT: They picked a scapegoat then doped him up and put him on display as the perpetrator.

Movie: ‘Wag the war’ in 1996. Osama Bin Laden never claimed he did 911. This guy was living in caves. He could not have put it all together. The fallen angels and illuminati did 911. Bush did not do it. Bush said twice that he was in a room and saw the first plane crash. But the news said no one could have seen the 1st crash. They did it themselves…Zionist Jews. Do your research. Did y’all know Holmes the theater 9 killer is Jewish? The son of Sam killer is also Jewish. Most mass murderers are Jewish. The kkk started off mostly Jewish. Jews were primarily the merchants of the slave trade. The north was funded by the American government. Who funded the south? Zionist Jews. They had the most to lose if slavery was put to rest. The American flag brought you over here yet you hate the confederate flag. It’s a game y’all to play on your emotions. They killed Medgar Evers, Emmit Till and blew Martin’s face off. The kkk is a masonic secret organization started by Jews. The Jews were the land owners (during share cropping). The Gentiles worked for the Jews. Every nation had a hand in it. Movie: ‘birth of a nation’. TEXT: But yet they make us think the Jews were for us and were being persecuted by the Gentiles just like us. TEXT: President Wilson called it a must see (movie).

Zionist Jews put gun control in effect so that we could not own a gun. The same happened in Nazi Germany. And they have Jesse Jackson promoting gun control. Why do they want to take our guns but the criminals still have theirs? If you take away guns, people will just use knives, stones…it is the heart of a man that matters. He will find a way to murder if it’s on his heart. TEXT: Look at Cain, he found a way to murder Abel. TEXT: Men in prison still find a way to murder.

Stay within the law if you own a gun. Yahoshua said if you have no sword…sell your garments to get yourself one.

Yeah bleached, holey jeans started in the ghetto. They use to laugh at us. Now they are making millions off our style. Jordans are big in Japan now. They want the ghetto shoes, the dirty pairs to have the hood appearance. Africans are braiding your hair now. When you use to sit on the porch and do each others hair. But you don’t see chinese going to Mexican neighborhoods and selling goods. Nobody else does this but to us. Their stores stay packed with ‘brews in our hoods too. TEXT: They make a fortune on us.

Yah said we would be a cursed people, this is why.  (Talks about the condition of our neighborhoods) TEXT: Our neighborhoods look war-torn.

Do y’all notice Churches Chicken is only in our neighborhoods? (LOL in the room). They know we love churches. TEXT: Big buzzard chickens.

Movie: Drop Squad. Movie: bamboozled. Drop Squad, the brothers took sell outs to the underground to break them of their Uncle Tom habits. Movie: Undercover brother. Movie: Three the hard way. These movies have truth in them. In undercover brothers, they wanted to poison black people via chicken restaurants. So much truth in it…Church’s Chicken. In three the hard way they poisoned black people’s water.

Yah said through Yahoshua, that we could drink poison and nothing will happen to us. The devil lessens your belief so you will not believe Yahoshua. Drink if you are thirsty. Know how the devil works. They have been poisoning our food since slavery…the hog maw and the chicken too. All we have is Yah. They will not utterly destroy us. We have to be here (to bring the nations salvation).

How many of y’all have been paying attention to the Zeus games? Track has a ‘brew for each country. lol laughs. Cuba, Canada, U.S., Jamaica…running like jets!! LoL. We dominate every sport, y’all. We invented air conditioners and brooms. We had already invented these things in Ysrayl. We invented refrigerators the iron and ironing board too. Brews have always been a very creative people. The word is that the internet was created by a ‘brew. In the terminator movies, a brew created the terminator knowledge. You are a special people! Wait ’til we come into our fullness. You think they are following you now…just wait and see. The young Arabs bump Jay Z now too because ‘brews bump Jay Z in their cars. Do y’all notice in Arab stores, that young Arab women never work there. But Arab men sleep with many ‘brew women. Yet they keep their women out of sight. Do y’all know most terrorist operate in our neighborhoods. They fund their terror with drugs. All in our neighborhoods.

Michael Jackson was into Baphomet worship but he was starting to ask questions. Song: They don’t really care about us. They killed him before he go the full truth. Michael was a vicious sexual predator. He also was preyed upon as a child. When he backed away from the illuminati, they slapped him with molesting charges. Jesse Jackson tried to back out too and they told about him having an outside baby. Do you see Jesse Jackson Junior? He was a FBI informant, has a child on the side and tried to buy Obama’s seat from IL governor. They are setting him up to be sacrificed. Don’t sell your soul to satan. Yah has already promised you everything. Chicago has some wicked people, R. Kelly, Jennifer Hudson the witch, Oprah Winfrey, Ben Ami, Kanye West, Jesse Jackson, Farrakhan.

They are fighting over MJ’s money now. Michael’s kids are Gentiles. Paris means the temple of Isis. Paris use to have a big Isis temple there. Michael Jackson was weird, he did not go against them (illuminati). ‘This is it tour’ was the final sacrifice (for him). He was the king of pop. Julius Caesar was sacrificed. Whitney was sacrificed, the queen. That energy opens portals. They are movies out about him (Michael) and her (Whitney) coming out. She will be in the movie ‘Sparkle’.

Beyoncé and Jay Z are the richest couple in Hollywood, for last year. Why? Did y’all see Rosemary’s baby? Guy told his wife they will get so much. This is her payment for bringing this child. Jay Z hasnt’ had an album in so long, who is paying him? Do y’all know presidents are billionaires? The illuminati pays them. They (when running for office) pay millions to get the job. The American government pays them 400,000 and the illuminati pays them billions. Luke chapter 4, satan pays them. This is why Jay Z, Beyoncé are billionaires. It’s temporary money. Yahoshua said store your treasures in heaven. He will reward you. They have sold their souls for pleasure.

I’m going to name this next part of the news, ‘I can’t believe what these jackals are doing’! LOL. Did y’all know there is spray-on skin now? You spray it on to heal. Where did this come from? TV show: ‘V’. The reptilians sprayed on their human skin. ‘V’ the baby was born a lizard and they sprayed onto it human skin. TEXT: That’s why they stopped showing ‘V’ too much.

Arsenal Hall had Farrakhan on his show and a week later his show was GONE. Maybe Oprah will go out like that. Maybe she will call me on there, lol. Yeah her name is Hebrew. (They were talking about her network going under and that she has natural hair now). Bill Cosby sacrificed his son, Ennis. He is a billionaire, boule, high priest. He had a child out-of-wedlock too yet tells ‘brew men to take care of their kids.  (The room talks about the old Cosby when he did Fat Albert). Leviticus 26 referenced here…you shall be on the run. On the run like water, Sam Cook sung I was born by the river and been on the run ever since. (The teacher was talking about black men running away from their families. It’s part of the curses).

Dick Gregory has a wealth of information! He’s the one that pointed out that Michael Jordan was throwing games due to gambling. Gregory is the one that told us that Magic Johnson did not have AIDS. Jordan owed drug dealers millions! They did not want basketball to become like Pete Rose and baseball. In 1991, the Bulls swept Isaiah’s Pistons. Jordan’s father was murdered. They made Jordan go away. They gave him a team. Magic owns a lot too. They wanted him to go away too. Where does Dick Gregory’s information come from? He is the same as Alex Jones. (They are apart of those organizations). Who allows him to put info out? Did y’all know Dick is a millionaire? Dick Gregory is friends with Jesse Jackson, Bill Cosby, all are boule. Yeah, he marched with MLK. TEXT: Wolf in sheep clothing. (My sidenote: I remember hearing Gregory talk about how they put chemicals in the black hair care products years ago.)

TEXT: We tried to give Steve the truth but he refused.

He had a lot of info too. May Yah have mercy on Steve’s soul. TEXT: Steve was talking ’bout who really shot Martin.

TEXT: 50 million Americans are in poverty.

Poverty is at an all time high y’all. Millionaires will be considered broke y’all. The middle class will be no more. Greece is in a major depression, worse than the 30s in America. TEXT: unemployment in Spain is now 54%.

There are more Gentiles on food stamps then ‘brews. Mitt Romney said he will have people working for food stamps—bread lines are coming. The government already owns 50% of the land through foreclosures. They own those homes y’all. And China owns the other 50% of foreclosed homes.

No work, no eat in the Scriptures means work in the garden of Yah for to eat from the tree of life. They twist Scripture.

TEXT: They are making prisons private too.

Clinton put into effect working for a welfare check. The government gives nothing free. Be careful fam. I know some are on food stamps. They will require something of you. Government phones are being given away now…be careful. They have never done nothing righteous for us. They do it for their benefit. Lincoln said if I can help the union without freeing one slave, I would do it. Nothing in this society is good for Ysrayl. Only Yah is good (Yahoshua said). Yah sees we are for Him. He sees our troubles. They have not tried to help us. They only hurt us. As citizens we should not have to beg them. But Yah put us here. Yah will righteously punish them for going overboard. Give to Yah what belongs to Yah, give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar (Yahoshua said).

Listen we are not anti-Semitic. We need to know when wrong is wrong and right is right. We are to forgive, if Yah did not want them to own Israel, Hollywood and the slave trade, then they would not be there. We accept Yah’s will. We don’t hate Jewish people but we are not going to shade our eyes. It is our fault what we did to Yah. Your fault is with you.

Lesson: Being Accountable for your Life (walk)

The Gentiles say being a sheep, they say sheepeople (sheep + people) is bad. While Yah says to blindly follow Him…(faith). We are setting up the community (to live off the grid like the Amish or like the African village in South Carolina). Goshen was protected in Egypt from the plagues. Are you preparing?

Responsibility and accountability are both the same things. We are to help each other but don’t blame others. To notice wrong things, notice YOUR imperfections first. Satan causes you to blame others. This is from Scripture. Let’s say you notice this certain cycle. And you think this is done by others. The cycle returns over and over with different friends. It is because you don’t correct your own faults. TEXT: self-examination.

Satan blinds you about your faults. Satan blamed Adam for his fall. How can a man make a malakim fall? Fix your faults before you can perfect yourself. People will reject you due to your faults. All your friends were NOT at fault. It was YOUR fault. If you don’t fix it, you will continue to blame others. You can’t blame mom and dad for how your life turns out.

Sisters say they can’t get along with other women…arrogance…this is how satan thinks. Have you ever had a negative friend that blames you? ‘Well all the men look at her’. Things don’t go well when this friend is around. People reject what they see on you. Ask Yah for guidance. You may have caused pain in their lives. If you have love in your heart, you will exhibit love.

Galatians 6:1-5, v. 1 I have to look at myself first before I correct (someone else). Correct yourself first. v. 2 Bear each others burdens together. Don’t let satan separate you. Because he will attack you. Thinking you above, like because you are handsome will remove you from Yah. Ugly is on your heart, Yah sees through your heart. Another fault: in the world you were a great sex man. See this is a pedestal. That’s like me saying I’m little messiyah because I been in this walk longer than y’all. We are held accountable.

We did not lose one person at the gathering here in Chicago. Shepherds have a very special job in front of Yah. We are held responsible for what is brought before the assembly. Moses was responsible for the children of Ysrayl. He was the leader of the assembly. Ysrayl has always had leaders.

v. 3 That’s deception on your heart that causes you to fault…from satan. Your special, handsome, pretty, good hair, well-endowed…satan tells you. We bring these faults in Yah’s face. Yah looks at the Spiritual not physical. ‘Man, I made $100,000 last year’. This is a fault. Next, you will think you are better than Yah just as satan did. He wanted to be worshipped. The exact same arrogant mind-set (as satan). He blamed Garbriyah, Michayah and Adam (for his fall). Why is it that your friends, cousins who don’t know each other all have the same testimony about you? (infers a bad report)

v. 4 What works are you doing for Yah? Examine your own work for Yah. Do you deliver the Word of Yah? v. 5 You are accountable, your own fault. It’s your own fault if everybody rejects you as a teacher. You say what’s on your own heart (and not the Word of Yah). Friendships are two-sided. They are 50/50. If you bring 35% and I bring 50%, but you can’t see that…that’s your fault. TEXT: We can teach people how to treat us based on our behavior.

Don’t think everyone is lower than you. Satan has deceived your heart. Everyone has the same testimony about you. You are (the one) blinded. It’s you.

2 Corinthians 5:1-10, v. 1-10 read. We all have to be responsible for what we do. Without responsiblity, there is no perfection. Some people think they are already perfect. So there is no room for improvement. You think everyone else has to improve. All will stand in front of Messiyah to be judged y’all. ‘I’m perfect’. ‘They need to change’. When you are the snotty one. If you run out here and teach false doctrine…you are responsible for that as the leader of the assembly. You tell them they can eat chicken during Passover. You do videos but say you are not a teacher. When that is teaching. You are leading them astray. Be accountable for all you say and do. It starts at home, in your own hearts first. Admit you have flaws.

Relationships fail because of both, each has faults this includes friendships, marriages, parents/children.  We blame spouses…divorces. We break up with parents. We never see our own flaws. Can you list your own faults on a sheet of paper? this is when you become mature and start to take responsibility. Yeah, a lot of parents are not responsible. They blame others when their child is shot. Yet you don’t know who your child is running with. Know if he has $300 dollars, where did that money come from? He comes in at midnight!!!! But when he is shot down, you blame others. You party yourself parent and don’t pay attention to your children. Be accountable. TEXT: Allowing the streets to raise their kids.

You deny your faults, your friends see. You drink and are wild but you don’t have any faults you say.

Proverbs 6:20 We are to train children. Teach them the Bible not beat them with the Bible. Don’t blame Yah for your life. You had cars, a house, money when you served Jesus. Now Yah has forsaken you, you say. Your children will blame Yah too if you do. Mom and Dad take responsibility for your own faults. Some of you think you are responsible for your neighbor blaspheming Yah. That’s their fault. We love complicated in Ysrayl with extra-ness. ‘Oh His name is not just Yah’. ‘What about the Tetragrammaton’?

Accountability—>Repenting—>Healing from Yah.

But if you think it’s everyone else, how can you heal? It was the plank in your own eye not the splinter in your brothers. Your burden. Your demons on your heart. You will stay in that cycle until Yah takes your breath. The same things keep happening to you because it’s you. You think your perfect already with no more work to be done.

Some men have 20, 30, 40 children because this man runs from responsibility. These children will intermarry because they don’t know who daddy is. Men go to jail and become homosexual then come home and sleep with his girlfriend, wife. We have to be responsible. Adam did not take responsibility in the garden. Eve was deceived. He was not. We like to blame satan for our faults. ‘I tripped when I was texting…it’s satan’s fault’. Satan comes up against us but take your responsibility. Satan caused you to be in bed with 2 naked women? No, that was your own lustful heart. You stole your friends DVD’s. You have thievery on your heart, satan didn’t do that. You did it. It was on your heart. (Then satan plays on it). Don’t blame it on the alcohol. You go murder 5 people on the road, that was you. I have a friend that had to be cut out of a car and taken to the morgue. He always told everyone he could hold his liquor.

Genesis 3:1-6, 12, 17, v. 1-6 Adam ate the fruit that Eve gave him. v. 12 Adam blames Eve. v. 17 He listened to Eve, Yah said. Adam taught this command to Eve. He knew the law not to eat of this tree. He ate because it was already on his heart. Then he blamed Eve, his scapegoat. He didn’t say I was curious about the tree. The serpent was deceived by satan. The serpent was not satan. Satan was speaking through the serpent. Eve blamed the serpent. TEXT: Nobody took responsibility for their own actions. TEXT: Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, lol.

Talks to someone, Charlie sheen ain’t crazy. He has a new talk show coming out. LOL.

Yahoshua said the same judgment that you put out is the same judgment that will be put on you…You better repent. Satan will keep you there.

Yahzeqyl 18:1-31, v. 1-9 You are responsible for your walk. v. 10-13 Urusury=interest. If father is righteous and son is wicked=the son will die for his own sins. We are held accountable for our walks. Admit you are a thief. v. 14-17 If son is righteous yet father is wicked=son will not die. v. 18-20 You are not responsible if your mother, sister, brother are not walking with Yah. Don’t put mom, dad before Yah. Make sure you walk with Yah. If you give them the truth and they reject it, let it go. You don’t want them to blaspheme Yah. v. 21 All of us turned from our old ways. Don’t turn back to church, Islam. We are held accountable. It’s our children’s responsibility to choose Yah. But we are to teach them. Don’t force your children to love Yah. He wants us to freely love Him. Some of our faults keep us from loving Yah because you are not over what the Gentiles have done to you. Yah is the one you are really mad with. But you take it out on His servants. Own up to it. You don’t even believe He sent the Messiyah. Satan will keep this on your heart. Your faults can cause you not to accept blessings of Yah because you don’t recognize the blessing (before your face).

If you buy your child a $300 video game and he tears it up that same day..Yah likewise will not bless you again with a gift because you don’t want it. Satan tells you, you are too good. Satan can make thunder, a rod to snake, he does not need Yah he thinks. This is how you think as well, you don’t need Yah, you say. ‘I don’t need to pray to Yah for this job’. I’m already handsome, I’ll get it’. This is like how (some) the Gentiles think. They are arrogant in their hearts. ‘We go into space, clone, have test tube babies…why do we need Yah’? Satan gives arrogant attitudes. If Yah twists your face up in a car accident, you will look for Yah. Right? Yah will humble you to bring you to Him.

Skips down to verse 26. So when ‘brews start leaving Yah and Yahoshua (the belief), then we hear they died in a car accident…is there unrighteousness? v. 27-28 Accountability…who is to blame? Nobody liked you in high school? It’s you. Nobody likes you in Assembly? It’s you. Go to Yah to ask Him to see your faults, heart and mind. Things that you can’t see. Pray to be changed. Start with self before you can see others faults. Get out of the cycle of blame. The first step is admitting it. You been trying to jump over the stumbling block when you needed to walk over it. Take responsiblity for your life. Don’t blame others for your faults. When things go wrong in your life, who is always there?  You. TEXT: Our own hearts sometimes can be our downfall. TEXT: ‘The person of interest’…is you every time something goes wrong. You are there. TEXT: Yah, we ask that You show us all the things that we don’t see that cripples our walk so we can become better servants to You Yah!

Whether you receive or turn away from Yah’s blessing…it’s all on you.

You go do something in the streets…then you say it’s your momma’s, wife’s, husband’s fault. ‘Believe in yourself’ the Gentiles say. Where Scripture says believe Yah. We can’t do it ourselves. We can’t fight satan by ourselves. We need Yah through Yahoshua. Yahoshua said satan thinks like a man! That man who burned those people’s feet on coals…yeah, Tony Robbins. Why? Those people had burns. Be careful of what they teach family. The Bible is the only book that teaches the mind of Yah…not science.

2 Thessalonians 3:11-16, v. 11 They do not work but are busybodies!! Talking about other people! v. 12 Calm down. v. 13 Continue to work. Who cares what they say. v. 14 We don’t keep company with non-messiancs. v. 15-16 Those not working…what are you doing? Are you speaking to people, a small thing. Or are you doing greater things like immersing people, feeding, clothing people? What are you doing? EVERYDAY!!  TEXT: By their fruits you know them.

If you want to be a busybody, own up to it. You do  as your father satan does. Get those demons out of your heart. So you can properly repent. You know you should be studying more. But you don’t do it. You think your perfect, you don’t think you need to do more. Own up to it so you can improve. Are you in order? Yah is in order. Confess what is on your heart, this is how you get rid of this demon. Endure.

James 5:16 (KJV version) confess your sins. Husbands confess to wives and vice versa. Children confess to parents. But you think you have none. Right? Don’t take offense when people point out your faults. It’s human nature to take offense. Make a list of your faults. Remember what people told you about yourself. That’s real there. Like flies to feces, the demons will stay on your defilement. Examine self, then Yah can bring His Ruach down on you. Demons love extra-ness, a weak point for us. Kepha said those who get into the kingdom will barely get in. We will fight until Yahoshua comes! TEXT: Ain’t nobody skipping into the kingdom.

Take responsibility for your faults of HURTING PEOPLE! You hurt them. They may have hurt you too. Apologize and be mature.

1 Peter 4:18 The righteous scarcely will be saved. Endure until Yahoshua returns. Arrogance tells you that you are already saved!! Many of us will barely make it in. Don’t blame other people.

Luke 16:10 Let’s close out. Be righteous in least, Yah will bless you with much. Some of you still carry demons from childhood, from your mother’s womb even. Remove that to become greater. If Yah was to show you your heart, it would probably TERRIFY you. Ask Him to cleanse you. TEXT:  Help us Yah.

Akeem (brothers), if you are constantly going outside your marriage…get her cooking lessons, take her to the beauty parlor. It’s your fault, your lust, your demon. Take responsibility. Same thing sisters.

May Yah bless you. May Yah give you strength to fight the enemy. May He give you eyes to see. May He give you understanding of the heart and may He give you the heart to change.

Q: Acts 4:12, are Christians saved through Jesus Christ? A: No other name. Yahoshua is the name. Jesus was created by men. It is not Hebrew. It’s not the name of salvation. Yahoshua is the highest of Yah’s servants. Higher than David and Abraham. They are not saved by Jesus, Buddha or Allah either. Text: Isaiah 7:14 A virgin shall give birth. TEXT: Trying to get in the kingdom any other way is like being a thief or robber. (Yahoshua is the way truth life, HalleluYah).


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