Authority and Submission p.1

You know there are so much out of order things, it’s like sometimes we brothers are blinded. We can point out everyone elses miss deeds but when it comes to our own self we are blinded. We have the plank in our eye and we try to point out a splinter in our brother’s eye or our sister’s eye. This is why this message is so timely today.

Now ahkotees (sisters) you have got to remove that wicked Babylonian mindset that you have. And listen many of you have it. A whole lot of you have it. Some of you have gotten rid of part of it. Some of you have gotten rid of some of it. Some of you have gotten rid of all of it. But the ones of you that still have it, any part of that Babylonian attitude. Listen, when Yah set this authority (up) and you are supposed to fall (in line) in this order which we will look at in this lesson. Listen, you can’t come up against a man’s authority. You are not a man. You can’t pretend to be a man. I don’t care how much Scripture you know. You ae not a man. You will never be a man. And you will never have that authority of a man. Not in this lifetime. So once you understand that, that doesn’t lessen your role in Yah. That don’t make you anything less. That doesn’t mean you will not get salvation. It doesn’t mean you just are going to be a slave. Naw, that don’t mean nothing like that.

It means that there is proper order. Even in the angelic realm there are some angels that out-rank other angels. They have order and they are all happy in their order  because they are servants of Yah. And they are happy to serve The Father.  I’m pretty sure when satan led his rebellion in heaven, I’m pretty sure he went to Michayah. I’m pretty sure he went to Gabriyah and tried to get them to rebel with him. But they stayed loyal to Yah and they obeyed Yah and satan fell. So they were happy serving The Father.

So if you want to serve Yah then you will have no problems Ahkotees, getting this order. You have to remove that whole independent thing ‘oh I been like this my whole life’. Some of you use that as an excuse. You been saying that for 10 years now. ‘But this is the way you were brought up’. Each and every one of us, if we were not brought up 100% in the truth, we must change the way we were brought up. We have to remove what mama taught us, what papa taught us. What uncle and auntie taught us because they taught us rebellion. They taught us ways that were not of Yah. So many of you hold onto that as your excuse. You been saying it 10,20 years ‘I’m going to change’ but when?

What’s so hard about falling into submission to your husband and to an authority of a man? What’s so hard about that? Your husband has to fall into the order of Messiyah. And so you want to know how your relationship should be with your husband? Look at your husband’s relationship with Messiyah. Or look at a man’s righteous relationship with Messiyah. Now ahks (brothers) some of you, the women can’t fall in line because you are not in line. So they are rebelling against what they see. And you know what? Some of you brothers, Yah ain’t giving you no authority in your household. Because you don’t want it. Because you have brought shame to your head. Who is Machiach (Messiyah)?

So this lesson is for all of us y’all. There is nobody sitting on a high mountain saying that he’s greater than someone else. Man, we all are striving. And don’t use that as an excuse. ‘I’m striving, I’m striving.’ Yahoshua said ‘seek perfection’, man. At what point are you going to be perfect? If you’re striving toward perfection? When we were out in the world and we were striving for something, it didn’t take us long to get it. You were striving to get that new car. We saved up a few pay checks and we got it. Or you was striving to get that promotion. You know, you kissed up to the boss a few times and we got it. Or you were striving to get that girl over there. Man, you ran your game and you got her. So why are you striving for perfection so hard? Why do we constantly use that word when the Messiyah said ‘be you perfect’ that’s a commandment. Be you perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. Do you know why? Because you are a representation of Yah. So when people see you, they need to see Yah. But if all people see in you is disorder…(then) they see strife. They don’t see meekness. They see arrogance. If that is all they see in you, how are you a representation of Yah?

Some of us y’all, we have gotten to the point where we are masters of disguise. You know, we know how to disguise these things. We know how to put on a mask. We come before the assembly and we are great and perfect but then behind closed doors, we are tyrants. You know, we are not even running our own house properly. You know there is just chaos everywhere surrounding us. And then you wonder why? It’s simple. It’s simple, you ain’t serving Yah. You’re faking. And you are trying to keep it on the down low shhhh. It’s funny but Yah reveals all, man.

So let’s look at this. I want start this off…it’s funny because I left my Scriptures in the big ahks care and big ahk’s out of town so I have my emergency copy here. I don’t like brand new stuff y’all. I’m going to tell you that’s one thing about me. I like stuff broken in and beat up. And my Bible is broken in and beat up, man. And I love it! (laughs) I don’t like this new stiff Bible here. But it is just a backup I’m using. I’m going to give it away to one of the ahks behind bars.

I want to start off reading 2 Kepha (Peter). I want to read what Kepha has to say so we can get a foundation of just what we are talking about here. Like I said, we have talked about this very issue many times in this room. And I just want to give this warning: This lesson is not about anyone in particular. But my prayer is this: If this lesson convicts you, if you feel that brother Obadiyah is speaking straight to you, I say halleluYah. That’s my prayer to Yah, that it convicts your heart, whoever it falls on and whoever is supposed to get this message. It’s a beautiful thing when you say ‘this brother is talking directly to me’ because I know, in my early days when I was coming into this truth and when some of my teachers were teaching me, man they would give some powerful lessons that hit me right in the heart. I said this brother has to be talking directly to me. All those Scriptures relate directly to me. So I pray that you be convicted. And that if you have any of these ways…if you don’t know what your authority is ahks, it is important that you understand what it is.

It’s real simple man. Because the same authority that you have in this lifetime, in your household…the same authority that you have in this lifetime over the flock, it’s going to be the same authority you have in the kingdom. So you got to know it now. Yah ain’t allowing you if you can’t get your authority right now, to come into the kingdom with that madness. Get it right, here and now.

2 Kepha 1:1-16, v. 1 Ha Maschiach means Messiyah. v. 2-4 So what he’s telling you brothers and sisters is that you have been promised. If you fall into what Yah has planned. If you fall into Yah’s plan of salvation, if you fall into Yah’s order, if you fall into Yah’s righteousness, He has great and precious promises for you. v. 5-8 Be an upright person. Don’t be this duel person. You are one person in assembly, before the world but then behind closed doors you are another person. You know, you are Yah before the people but behind closed doors your satan. No. You must add uprightness y’all. Knowledge, self-control…control yourself. Some of you just get so out of control.

You know especially you sisters. Sometimes you just go off at the lip. You start saying things you should not say. And doing things you should not do. And then you come against the authority of a man which is a no-no. And ahks, you do the same thing, you lose control with your woman. You start putting your hands on her. You start cussing her out. You start bringing her self-esteem down. You talk ill about her. Control yourself. And then from self-control to endurance and from endurance to reverence. Then from reverence to brotherly affection. Have love for your brother. There’s noting wrong with loving your brother. Nothing at all.

v. 8 Do you see that? If you have all these attributes right here that we just read, you will increase, you will not be an inactive servant. Your going to always be active. Because your going to always be working for The Father. Your going to always be bringing forth good fruits. v. 9 They can’t see the truth. So he’s still in the old ways. There’s no change about him. Because he’s blind because he’s absent of all these things that’s going to change him and make him a better servant of Yah. So all those things are absent from his life…affection, brotherly love, uprightness, endurance, reverance…alll those things are absent. So he’s blinded. She’s blinded.

v. 10 Do you see that? You should never fall away from the truth if you are doing all this right here. You should never be confused about the truth if you’re doing all these things right here. So he said do all the more utmost to make firm your calling and choosing. Take it seriously. Don’t have it (be) a past time. You know, just something to do, just something to say. Man, make it firm, stand on it.

v. 11 So he’s giving you the keys to the kingdom right here. How do you get to the kingdom? Here you go, we just read it. If you do all these things and you be true about it. You be firm about it. v. 12 Do you see that? This is what I’m talking about right here. Kepha said I intend to remind you of these matters again and again. Yeah we talked about these very issues time and time again, we have words of the week for you to hear and so forth…time and time again…yet though you know them and have been established in the present truth.

v. 13 Reminding you as long as I live (my tent). v. 14-15 We have to remind you Ysrayl because sometimes we forget these things. We get lazy with these things. So you must be reminded over and over again. This is why we are having this lesson here. We have talked about this before as I stated but we must do it again.

v. 16 See that? We don’t follow cleverly devised stories. What we are bringing you is the truth. We are not making this stuff up. This is the real deal here. So if you felt that you heard this lesson before, if you feel that you don’t need to hear it, why don’t you leave then? Why are you wasting your time? This is for those who have an ear to hear and an eye to see and a heart to perceive what Yah has to say. And we are going to do this lesson again in here and again. As long as we have teachers here at Israelite Heritage we will have to talk about this over and over again because we seem to forget and we so quickly fall into sin, to fall in error because we so quickly forget.

This is Yah’s order. This is Yah’s way. This is not Obadiyah’s way. This is not Israelite Heritage’s way. This is of The Father. If you can’t get into the ways of The Father then hey. Let’s go to Proverbs chapter 19. I just want to lay some foundation as we always do. We will see what is the reward for what happens to those who don’t follow Yah’s way.

Proverbs 19:16 Do you see that? If you despise (are careless of) Yah’s ways…you die. And we are not just talking about the physical death. We are talking about eternal death. Because all those that are going to the lake of fire including satan and his crew, they are going in there because they have despised Yah’s way. They have devised for a better way (so they think). Which they believe in their hearts is a better way. So if you despise Yah’s order you are going to die. It’s just that simple.

So this lesson is a message of warning ahks and ahkotees to warn yo to get it right. Some of you are out of order and you know it. I’m talking about ahks and ahkotees. You know, Obadiyah can’t come into your household and tell you how to run your household. All I can say is ahk run your household the way that Yah has given you the authority to do so. Ahkotees fall into line as Yah has given you the way to do so. This is all I can tell you. Everything else is on you. So on your day of judgment you can’t go before Yah and say well, ‘this is Obdaiyah’s fault Yah, I have all these sins on me because it’s Obadiyah’s fault’. It’s your own fault. You are responsible for your own walk. You are responsible for your own soul, your own righteousness. All I can do is…giving me what Yah showed me to do which is what Scripture says. That’s it. That is what each and every teacher here can do. We can’t convince anyone to do anything. I don’t have that power. I’m just a man. I can’t make you listen to me. I’m just a man. All I can say is ‘this is what The Father says’. That is all every messenger of Yah, every prophet, every servant, every emissary of Yah…that is all they ever brought was thus saith Yah. That’s it.

The Messiyah just brought the words of Yah. The emissaries brought the words of Yah. The prophets brought the words of Yah. That’s it. We are not required to do anything else. And then from there, once the people hear the word, it’s upon them to do the word. If they don’t do the word, there’s nothing I can do about that. But I say as being a shepherd here at Israelite Heritage, we don’t have to tolerate that. We have rules and laws within the structure of this organization. If you break the rules, laws then hey we are done with. Oh course there is repentance, there’s forgiveness. But if you don’t want to repent and you don’t want to be forgiven you are out. Because you are of the adversary. You are not of Yah.

Let’s go to 1 Corinthians chapter 11. Let’s look at the order. Then we will look at authority. Because we talk about this as I stated all the time in here. But somehow I don’t really believe it is coming across as hard as it should. This is the order y’all that Yah has set up. Alright, 1 Corinthians 11. This is Shaul speaking to the Corinthians.

1 Corinthians 11:1-4, v. 1 Now people try to say that Shaul is trying to get a following here saying that he is telling people to follow him. No, he’s not saying follow him. He is saying I am an example. Follow my lead, or follow my example. And do you know what? That is what Yah has called each and every servant to be. You see every servant is supposed to be an example. So if you see righteousness, you will imitate righteousness. If you see a righteous brother walking, you imitate that righteous brother’s walk because he is imitating Messiyah. Messiyah is our ultimate example. Every righteous brother that is walking now righteously according to the ways and words of Yah is because he saw the examples of the Messiyah. He read the Messiyah. So if you see that brother or you see that sister walking, that’s what righteousness is. That’s why we must be examples. Sisters have to be examples to sisters. Brothers can get in a sister’s face all day and tell her how she has to follow the law. You can yell the 10 commandments in her face all day. But if she ain’t seeing it…she ain’t comprehending it. You know, so it is good for her to look at another sister and say ‘that’s how I’m supposed to do this’. That is how I’m supposed to do that’. There is nothing wrong with that.

Same way for the ahks. See this is what I’m talking about, we don’t understand our authority. We think that we are some big ‘brew and we think we are high-ranking up there with Yah. As if we can go sit on Yah’s throne and start telling the angels what to do. Some of y’all think you have that much authority but you don’t. You better know where it begins. And you better know where it ends. And you better know how to execute it. Because if you don’t, you will be in a place with the one who you actually follow. You will be in that lake with satan. Because if you ain’t following Yah’s ways, your following satan’s way. No two ways about it. Satan breeds disobedience, satan breeds rebellion and sin. If you rebel against this order you are of the adversary and there is no doubt about it.

v. 2 So Shaul is just telling them hey man listen, I praise you all that you remember me in every way possible. Remember what I taught y’all. Remember how I was. This is what Shaul is saying. Remember my example that I left for y’all. And keep the traditions, everything that I told to you, you keep it the way that I gave it to you because this is the righteous way. Because after these brothers died off, all types of stuff came into the assembly. All the way up until the year 325 the birth of Christianity. See there has to be somebody to watch over the assembly always. Otherwise, you will see these fakes, cons, and chumps sneak in and they will corrupt the assembly. That is why Yah has watchmen all around the assembly. That is why Yah has malakim with flaming swords drawn all around the assembly to protect it.

There are certain people and certain elements that are not supposed to be in our midst when we come together to serve, honor and praise Yah. Those that cause strife, those that cause division, they are not even supposed to be in your midst. Those that believe in Maschiach, we are not even supposed to give them shalom. So this is what Shaul is telling you.

v. 3 So do you see that? I want to explain this and give you greater understanding of this verse. Real quick, some of you all in this room, you come in here on Shabbat. You feel comfortable on Shabbat and you get into the word of Yah but during the weekdays, you go and fellowship in other rooms. Now, that’s on you. We are not going to tell you where you can go or who you can go with…that’s on you. This is what I’m saying: We teach different from what they are teaching over there or over there. You are going to get yourself highly confused. You really are. Now you need to…it’s on you…go where you will be taught. If you are going to be taught over there, you stay over there because you learn over there. You know if you are going to be taught here, you stay here, you learn here. But if you are jumping all over the place to every wind of doctrine before you know it you will be hating Yah, you will be bowing down to Amen-Ra, you will go back to Jesus Christ, and then you will be throwing rocks at the cobble stones. That’s how deep your confusion will be. How do we Know?

We see it. It happens all the time. We see Hebrew going and becoming Egyptologists. We see them going back to Islam. We see them going back to Christianity…because they get confused. Because they allow the adversary to come in and confuse them. Do you know why? Because they rebel against Yah, that’s all it is. I just wanted to say that to you all. (talks to someone) There you go elder, doctrine hoppers. They are doctrine hoppers. Leafy. Flying like a leaf blowing in a tornado.  Now verse 3 in this chapter…we just say this as a warning brothers and sisters because like I say, we see it all the time. It happens all the time.

So Yah does not take pleasure in having to put His people in the lake of fire. That was for satan and them. But it will be for all of mankind that rebel against Yah and Yah’s order. And do you know what? I truly believe in my heart that a lot of ahks are confused with Yah’s order. All they think about is that a woman is supposed to submit to them. But they neglect to understand what their job is. Once that woman submits to you…now what? What do you do with a submitted woman? You know, that’s where the problem starts. Because they don’t know. And do you know what? Because may of you don’t know, Yah removes that woman out of your midst. Yah’s like I’m not having my daughter here. I’m going to give her to one of my princes, one of my sons over here that knows how to submit to Me and knows what My authority is. Because a woman who is stiff-necked and rebellious, that’s not her husband’s fault. Because a man who is stiff-necked and rebellious that’s not the woman’s fault. That is on that individual person. Man, you can’t make your woman submit. If she doesn’t want to submit, well hey what can you do about it? Take it to The Father. Woman you can’t make your man submit. You can’t.

(talks to someone) That’s right Yah will give your man away, if you are rebelling against the order. What do you need a righteous man for and you can’t even submit? What you need a righteous woman for and you can’t even submit? Oh you just want her because she’s pretty (laughs). You want him because he’s handsome. No, that doesn’t matter to Yah. Yah will remove that man from you. And then after He removes him, then you want to boo-hoo cry. Now you released what you had. ‘If I only’, hind-sight is 20:20. All you had to do is submit. It’s just that easy.

Let’s go back to verse 3. This is the order man has to fall under, the order of Messiyah. Woman has to fall under the order of man. And Messiyah falls under the order of Yah. And Yah has authority over all. He is the lone Power. He is the greatest Power. So sisters, if you see a righteous man, know that this man is going to submit himself to Maschiach because Maschiach has submitted Himself to Yah. Sisters when you get that finger waving, neck snapping (sister-girl attitude) when your husband done told you to do something, I’m talking about your righteous husband, I’m not talking about these stiff-neck chumps, these punks, these busters. I’m talking about a righteous man. If a righteous man tells you to do something, you don’t say nothing, you do it! You do it. Because when the Messiyah tells this man to do something…just imagine him snapping his fingers and waving his hand at Messiyah and giving the Maschiach back talk. Do you think that will happen? So likewise what gives you the authority to do so?

Ahks, listen to this before we really start breaking down this authority. Don’t you know that this woman is your helper. Look that word up if you don’t understand it. You can even look it up in a Hebrew dictionary or English or whatever. Look that word up if you don’t understand that. She’s not your slave. She’s your helper like you are Messiyah’s helper. Let me explain this to you ahks. You don’t put everything in the woman’s hands. Give me one Scripture that says the woman has to take care of the children by herself. Or the woman has to cook all the meals and clean the house. Where is that written? You can’t find it. This woman is only half of who you are. And you are the other half. Half and half make a whole. So you must help that woman in the house. You must raise those children with the woman. That’s not her job by herself. You got to cook and clean too. You are the head of the household, she is there to help you maintain. See that’s what I’m talking about here. That is that Gentile wickedness. See this is why that white woman made up that witchcraft called ‘a woman’s liberation movement’. So she could liberate herself from her male chauvinist pig husband who put his woman to slavery.

And now you have these Israelites looking at the Gentile…and now the Israelite is putting his woman into slavery. But now you have a problem. Because this is Yah’s order. So ahk, this thing is 50:50, man. You must raise your kids. You don’t just put them in a woman’s hands and you off and you go into the woods and you know. You are the head of the household. She is just there to help you. She’s helping you to maintain order.

Why do you think Messiyah went and choose 12 brothers? What did those 12 emissaries do with Maschiach? They helped Him. He was the sole authority figure but they helped Him. Did He ever send the brothers out to do things on their on? He gave them authority to do things. He was there with them, He just didn’t put everything in their hands. Everywhere they went, He went. Everywhere He went, they went. They were together. He said Father make them one like we are one. Just like it tells us in Genesis, we are to become one with our wife…ONE ahk, ONE ahkotee. See this is why a lot of households get out of order is because the ahk thinks that all he has to do is so one or two things and he has the authority. Man, you don’t deserve no authority if that’s what you think. Because that is not the way of Yah. That is not the authority that Yah gave you. That’s something you are making up. And I bet it is based on what the Gentiles say.

Let’s look at Messiyah’s authority. Because  you have to be like him. Let’s go to John chapter 17. (talks to someone) Yeah, make babies and leave them to the woman to raise. And ahks don’t you look out into the world…whose raising these drive-by killers? Look at this generation that just proceeded us. All these came from single parent households. Because the man was too weak to raise his own children. So he leaves them in the arms of the woman and look at what you have. How in the world is a young man going to know how to be a servant of Yah if he doesn’t see a servant of Yah in his house? How is a young woman going to know what to look for in a husband, if her father is not there to show her what a righteous man is. We have to be there to help. If we have a two parent household hey listen I know in many cases one parent is serving Yah and the other isn’t. I’m not talking about that situation. I’m talking about when you have both parents in the house. Man listen, raise those children, clean your house up and cook some dinner sometimes.

I’m just talking about things in a general way. These crazy ahks out here preaching on these street corners, do you know that they say ‘a woman can’t even plant a vineyard’? But in Proverbs 31 it says that, that woman plants her own vineyard.  She makes and sells her own things. See your whole understanding ahks of what authority is, is whorped. Many of your understanding of what authority is, is defiled. You think you can sit on a throne and just issue out orders all day and have your wife slaving and have the kids terrified of you. Some of you all…and you know this is true…I don’t know who you are, I’m just saying it because the Spirit is putting this on my heart but some of you all…your wife, your children hate when you come in the house. Everytime you leave the house…shalom is there. When you come in…all hell breaks out. But you portray yourself as this servant of Yah but your household is hell-bound. I’m talking about hell as in the grave or death. Not the way Christians mean it. But that is real. They don’t want to see you come around. Because you are not exhibiting Yah.

You are making up your authority, man. Because you don’t understand it and you haven’t gone to The Father and asked Him to give you the way like King Solomon. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to bring it to Obadiyah. You don’t have to bring it to another brother. You can just go to Yah and ask Him. Say ‘Yah what am I supposed to do’? Because see we never had authority before. Ahks living in this society, we’ve been beat down. We’ve been stepped on. Our self-esteem has been taken to the ground, to the mud. And then we come into this truth and we find out that in Yah we have authority, that Yah given authority. We don’t know what that is. We abuse it, man. We go screaming at our wives ‘YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO WHAT I SAY’! You know. And you haven’t taught her nothing about Yah. You haven’t taught her nothing about the order but you scream at her that she is supposed to do as you say. Why should she do as you say? What have you shown her? Because if the woman if she’s of Yah hey, it just may be but we are going to talk about the women. Y’all ain’t free from here. We will talk about y’all’s rebellion. Because sometimes that is what it is. The brother has to scream at you. Because you are not doing what he says. Do you know why? Because you have a demon on you.

Let’s look at Messiyah’s authority. Let’s go to John, Yahcanan chapter 17. (talks to someone) There you go Ima (mother) love your wives…and we will definitely go to that Scripture. Love your wives as the Messiyah loved the assembly. And do you know what’s so beautiful about that? Is that, that’s the example. How am I to treat my wife? Look at how Messiyah treated the assembly, He gave His life. Had He failed His mission, there would be no us right now. Do you understand? He gave His life. Many of you all…if it came between life and death…somebody was robbing you…you would run and hide behind your wife. And use her as a human shield if someone started shooting. That is how much you love her. Humpf.

John 17:2  This is speaking about Yahoshua. Now Messiyah has authority over all flesh. He has rulership overall flesh… the righteous and the wicked. So the Messiyah is going to be handing out everlasting life to al that Yah has given Him. That is His authority. He has the authority to rule. And we have to do likewise. If He is our head, we have submitted to Him and by submitting to Him we submit to Yah’s order. So likewise, we have to follow what He did. We have to follow what He does. He has authority over all flesh and He has given us a certain amount of authority too. We have authority over our household and we have authority over the flock of the assembly.

Let’s go to Ephesians chapter 1. (talks to someone) There you go ahk, Yahoshua set the standard. How many times did Yahoshua abuse His brothers? Name me one brother that Yahoshua abused. Even when He knew one of his brothers would betray him, what did He say to that brother? Go ahead, do what you got to do. Did He ever get mad at Yahudah, Judas? Did He ever get mad at the ones that were putting Him on the stake? Did He get mad at the chief priests that came to arrest Him that night? What did He tell  Kepha that night? Kepha don’t you know that if I was to pray to Yah, He would send more than 12 legions of angels down here. And they would rip Jerusalem apart. He did not abuse anybody. He didn’t abuse His authority. He had the right authority. And do you know what? Around His inner circle, there was always shalom. Wherever He and His brothers in His inner circle went there was shalom. Because Yahoshua ruled His house well. That’s our example, man. If you see a demon on your brother, you see satan himself come upon your brother, what do you do? Do you start fighting your brother? Do you cast your brother away? Or do you rebuke that demon that’s on him? Like Yahoshua did right. Get behind Me satan, you are an offense to Me, you are on My brother. ‘Kepha satan wishes to sift you like wheat’. Warn your brother. This is how Messiyah ruled evertyhing y’all. I’m just showing you. This is the authority that He has. He has authority over all flesh. This is how He held His authority. He taught as one having authority and that He commanded even the unclean spirits and they obeyed Him. Do you see that? That’s what Yah’s authority does.

Let’s continue. Ephesians chapter 1. and this is not a one-sided lesson. This is not all about ahks. This is not all about women. It’s about both of us. And what we are doing. And what we are Not doing. Because that’s more important, the things that we are not doing. Because if we did those things, the things that we are doing would be corrected. Ephesians 1. And let it be convicted in your heart, you must do better Ysrayl. Don’t be putting out one mask out here and behind closed doors your something else. Yeah we are all striving but don’t make that into an excuse, just do it. You know what you have to do.

Sisters, you know how to submit. Listen to your husband. These Scriptures that we are going to read are going to tell you how to do that. Ahks, you are going to see what your authority is all about. Just do it man. Fight those demons when they try to make you do something else. Fight them! You have the power. You can even defeat them. Do it!

Ephesians 1:20-23 The Messiyah has been given in all authority, power and mastery. v. 22 Messiyah is head of the assembly so He has power over all. The body of Maschiach is His authority. He’s the head. We have to answer to Messiyah, sisters. You have to answer to that man. Now what I’m talking about is the authority of a man, your husband, that’s that first authority. But you are in authority to men. Listen, you don’t have to listen to no stiff-neck. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about righteous men here. We are talking about righteous people here, we are not talking about stiff-necks, alright.

Now brothers, see with authority, we will read this…all authority comes from The Father Yah. Now it may be that sometimes that Yah hasn’t even given you authority. That’s why so many will rebel against you. Not even rebel but you know you just have to wait until the proper authority be given to you from Yah. Sometimes we speak out of turn. Sometimes we do things out of turn and Yah said it’s not your turn yet. I’m not ready for you to say that. I’m not ready for you to do that. And so when we go out and we react to a certain thing that is of our own reaction, that is Yah showing us that hey, ‘you wasn’t supposed to do that’. You weren’t supposed to say that. Because if you were supposed to say that, the proper reaction would have been had. Somebody would have heard it. But if nobody is hearing it, then maybe Yah is not giving you the authority to speak it. So we have to consider all of that. See sometimes we just forget Yah. We say Yah but how many of us sincerely before we move, we go to The Father in prayer? And pray to Him? And ask Him for direction? Yah you know this certain thing is on heart but is this of You? Where did this come from? Do You want me to do this Yah? You know, instead of going off and doing it, man. Because sometimes we go off and do things and BAM and like I say, it’s not of Yah.

Alright, the man’s authority before he can even come to the assembly with any type of authority, his authority starts in his household. It starts in his household. So if you can’t get your household in order, there’s no way you can have order over the assembly. NO WAY. Let’s go to 1 Timothy chapter 3. Because we have ahks that want to come and have authority over the assembly but yet their house is not together yet. You know, so Yah is rejecting that. And He’s not giving you authority over an assembly until you get your house in order. This is where it starts first. If you learn how to rule your house, it’s going to be easy to rule the assembly. It’s going to be easy to rule in the kingdom.

When chaos is your household, there will be chaos in the assembly. Because the same way you run the household is the same way you are going to run the assembly. So Yah is not going to allow that. Like I was saying a moment ago, there’s certain elements of the assembly that are not supposed to be there. No strife, no division, no foulness, no uncleanness, all that stuff, if can not dwell in the assembly of Yah. So if you have any of that and you have not shaked it off at home, Yah’s not going to allow you to have a place in His assembly. 1 Timothy chapter 3. See brothers we have to get this right. This thing starts with us. If Israelite Heritage is out of order, it’s because the ahks are out of order. And the ahkotees are following the leads of the ahks. That’s what causes it. We can’t blame nobody but ourselves on this matter. If we have demons in our midst, it’s because we as ahks let demons come into our midst. And we have not cast them out. That’s our authority. Ahkotees don’t rebel against the authority of a man. If a man is giving you Yah and teaching you right, listen to the man. But if he is giving you foolishness, rebuke him real quick. And the same way ahks. If you see a woman out of order, go and correct her. You have that authority to do so. If she’s a single woman, go and correct her on the side. If she’s married, talk to her husband. Notify him that his wife is out of order. You know, because she did some out of order things. And ahks, if an ahk has to come to you and tell you about your wife, don’t take it as an insult. Just listen to the consul and go and correct your wife. Because she may be under the spell of a demon and not even know it. and then once you bring it to her remembrance, BAM and then you both can repent and you both can pray together.

(talks to someone) There you go ahk, good looking out. You know this is how we have to be as a family, man. We must watch one another’s back y’all. See there is a reason Kepha drew his sword and cut that man’s ear off when he was trying to put his hands on Messiyah. Kepha was watching his brother’s back. Kepha was ready to go to war. Yahoshua said no Kepha this has to be done. He didn’t get mad because Kepha was watching His back and pulled out the sword. He just said hey Kepha this has to be done. They have to take Me away. This is Yah’s will. The Messiyah Himself said if you don’t have a sword hey sell your clothes and go get one. So He never rejected Kepha of carrying a sword. Understand that. Christianity is that sissy religion. You know, turn the other cheek which they don’t even understand what that means and just who that’s talking to. But Yah breeds warriors! Yah breeds brave men and women. James Brown did a song. You youngsters may not know it. What’s it called? Papa don’t allow no punks or take no mess or something like that. That’s real.

Like I said brothers and sisters, this is just a message.  This ain’t aimed to nobody in general but if it’s convicting you, I say praise be to Yah. Change that rebellious way, man. Get it out of your system. We don’t need to be a rebellious people. How can we teach the Gentiles how not to rebel against Yah when we are rebelling against Him? You know.

1 Timothy 3:1-4 Do you see that? This is a man who longs to be an overseer, to oversee the assembly which is a good position. But he should be blameless. The husband of one wife. This is not saying he would be in sin if he takes another wife. He should be blameless to this one wife. If I was sitting up here with 3 wives, half of y’all would not be in here listening to me. Especially y’all sisters. You know that’s all you would point out, ‘Obadiyah has 3 wives over there, I’m not listening to him’. So he said just be blameless. If you are going to oversee the assembly, you are the example to the assembly. So if you are smoking weed. If you are not sensible, if you are not orderly, if you are not kind to strangers, if you are not able to teach, then what are you doing over the assembly? And you are the example? So if we have man that’s sitting over the assembly that is not sober, that is not sensible, that is not in order, that is not kind to strangers and not able to teach then the assembly is going to be likewise. The assembly will not be sober, the assembly will not be sensible, the assembly will not be orderly. Because their example is not like that.

But when we submit ourselves to Messiyah as men and we fall into the order that Yah has laid and we bring forth the same authority as Maschiach brought the same love, the same meekness that He brought, that’s what the assembly is going to do. So the assembly is a reflection of the leader and the leader is the reflection of the assembly.

For me personally, what you see from me here, this is who I am. People who know me in private, this is just who I am. You don’t hear me cussing and screaming because I don’t cuss and scream. You don’t see me lusting…you know tongue hanging out…no woman in this assembly can say that Obadiyah came to me and tried to seduce me. Or Obadiyah came to me and he was talking all sex to me. Not one sister in this assembly can say that. That I’m not married to of course. Because this is how you have to be man, put it off and just be it. Just be it. Be sober, be sensible, be orderly, be kind to strangers and able to teach. Not given to wine. Don’t be a brawler but gentle. Don’t be arguing all the time. Don’t be a lover of money. I can’t be a lover of money because i have none (laughs). So hey, that’s how it has to be y’all.

Kayn Ima (I agree mother/elder) but that is why we have to breed more men like that. And see that’s a reflection of the assembly. If they look at me and say this is how Obadiyah is and this is how we (the assembly) must be, then that’s a blessing. Let’s say that we have 50 men that are apart of Israelites Heritage and if we are all looking at one another for examples and we are all walking that straight walk, then we will have 50 righteous men. Do you know how hard it is to find 50 righteous men in this day? But Yah has blessed us with such. Because we have examples. As long as we submit ourselves to Messiyah and watch and do as He did, then this is how we will be. So we can’t be double-minded men. We have to be one way in front and the same in the back.  We have to be men. Otherwise hey…

1 Timothy 3:12 See men, brothers your authority starts in your house. You have to rule your own house well. Now if your wife is stiff-necked and she rebels against your authority, brother that is not your fault. That is not your fault, that’s just a stiff-necked woman. But if you have a woman who is willing to fall into your authority and you are ABUSING your authority, that’s what I’m talking about. You are not ruling the children in your house well. You are abusing it. Because now you are an ogre. Now you are sitting on your throne. Man, that is not ruling your home. Like I said many of you know. Your own wives hate when you come into the house. And they love it when you are gone. Because when you go shalom returns. When you come in, hell comes in with you. and that’s a sad testimony for your own household. So how in the world do you expect Yah to have you to rule over His assembly, when your household is out of order? Because you have abused your authority.

Let’s go to 1 Peter chapter 3. I don’t have that many Scriptures here. We have talked about these issues before. I’m just going to read what the Word says with some commentary and we will be done.

1 Peter 3:7-9 Do you see that? Give respect. Many of you believe that you are not even supposed to respect your wife because you are a MAN. And that’s beneath you to respect your wife. Some of you believe that.  But he said give respect to the weaker vessel, understanding that satan is going to always be on her back. More so than you. Because satan is going to use her to come at you. So that is why she’s more emotional than you, brother. That is why she’s going to be crying a lot. That’s why she is going to be going through a lot of different emotional issues with you ahk. Because the adversary is attacking her. Ahkotees when you come under those attacks, if you have a husband, he’s your covering. Let him protect you. Don’t hold that stuff back. Because I know a lot of you women when you get into that emotional state, you go silent. You just roll around with your head down. You don’t speak to nobody. You don’t tell your protection, you don’t tell your covering so he can rebuke that devil. And that’s just what satan wants. He wants to isolate you. Just like when a man goes to rape a woman. He doesn’t rape her in the public where everyone can see. He isolates that woman and takes her into a dark corner and does as he wills with her.

That’s the same thing that satan does to you ahkotees. You have to let your husband know. Open your mouth. Let him know what satan is putting on your mind and heart. Because sometimes that brings a lot of strife to the household. Because you don’t talk to your husband, you don’t tell him what’s wrong, you don’t communicated with him. And he’s thinking that he did something wrong. He doesn’t know. Speak to him. Open your mouth. He has to protect you. He has to draw his sword.

But ahks you have to understand she’s the weaker vessel. She’s going to be going  through a lot of emotional things. Sometimes she don’t need you to say nothing. She just needs you to listen. That’s it. But more importantly, ahk she needs you to understand what she’s going through because more so than anybody else, you are the ONLY one, the ONLY one that can understand her. And if y’all have not grown that far together than man y’all need to practice on that. Because the two must become one. So when she’s going through these ills ahks, and it maybe because of something that you are doing. Listen to her. Don’t talk just listen. Let her pour her emotions out so you can fix that situation. Because remember she’s the weaker vessel. Satan is on her back ALL the time. Because he wants you. Satan ain’t going to come up to you. He’s going to come through your wife. He’s going to send all types of things your way ahks but he wants to do it through your wife because that is the one that is closet to you.

v. 8 Look at that. See this is how we have to be…


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