Ysrayl, the Strangers and the Gentiles p. 3

…So this angel sent this man to who? Kepha, an Israelite. And the angel told him, ‘he has words for you’. ‘He’s going to teach you the truth’. Because it has been given to the hand of the Israelites to teach the strangers, to teach the Gentiles the ways and the truth of Yah. And that’s what we are seeing right here a heart open to the children of Ysrayl and open to Yah. So this man is not going to have a problem hearing this truth from an Israelites. He’s not going to say, ‘well listen man, I already know all that man’. ‘You don’t have to tell me all that, I pray to Yah everyday’. He didn’t say all this as some of the Gentiles have said today. v. 24-25 Look at That! The humility! This man was so excited he went and got his relatives and went and got his friends. Because he knew a servant of Yah was coming in his midst. And he fell down in obedience to this man. Now look at what Kepha says. v. 26 Kepha said hey listen, I’m just a man. You don’t bow down to me. You don’t have to do that. But this is just showing the humility.

Remember when we did the lesson on prayer and we saw that bowing down at the foot was a way of doing obedience to a king, paying him honor and respect. So when Cornelius saw Kepha come through that door, that’s what he was giving him…the honor of a king. Kepha said stand up man, I’m just a man myself. This is Kepha still being humble. Some Israelites out there today man, I got that video on my PDA on my computer. But there is a video of these brothers in New York telling a Gentile that he has to bow down and kiss their feet. And the Gentile says ok, I’m going to bow down and do I kiss your feet now or what? Am I still going to hell? Because they told him that the Gentiles cannot get salvation. And they have this man on camera bowing down and kissing their feet.

But right here, Cornelius and Kepha…this is righteous. Cornelius is doing this out of honor and respect. And Kepha is correcting him. ‘Hey, I’m just a man, you don’t have to do that’. But many Israelites out there say no-no get down further, no-no a little further. You know, stay down there for five more minutes. Just wickedness. But you must keep that humility brothers and sisters. v. 27-28 Do you see that? Now Kepha is giving you the understanding. ‘Yah told me that I should not call any man common or unclean’. He’s not talking about food. Food was just used as an example or symbolism. But Kepha said hey, you know that it’s an unlawful thing for us Israelites to come to anybody of another nation. Because this was the mindset of Ysrayl. Because when Yah said I call you to be a separate people, this was a mystery to them that they didn’t know that they were going to be teaching the strangers and the Gentiles.

So when Yahoshua came and told them hey, don’t go into any city of the Gentiles. ‘I’m only sent to the lost sheep of the house of Ysrayl’. They didn’t comprehend that fully. So now Yah had to come to Kepha and give him understanding. Remember Kepha walked side by side with Yahoshua. This is the same Kepha. So Yah gave him understanding. So now the Israelites understand that the Gentiles can be brought into the truth. Now they are starting to comprehend that. v. 29 So now he understands not to call any man uncommon or unclean and this is why I have come here. Now, this is why.

v. 30-35 Let me read verse 35 to you again. Fears who? Fears Yah. This is about a righteous order. He sent the word to the children of Ysrayl, bringing the Good News, peace or shalom through Yahoshua the Messiyah. He is Master of all. v. 37-48 Do you see that? That Set-apart Spirit came down upon them, opened up their understanding, now they understood even greater. Now they are ready to be immersed. They were speaking in tongues or languages brothers and sisters. Do you see what happens? Do you see how that Gentile had a humbled heart? He was kind to the Israelites. He made a big things about Kepha coming to bring him that truth. That’s how it goes brothers and sisters.

But these other Gentiles that come in with agendas and want to proclaim themselves as being greater than Yah’s people and al this other madness…It ain’t for them. That’s time wasted, even if you are trying to bring them to the truth. But for those who have humbled themselves…of the Gentiles, they have humbled themselves. (talks to someone) That’s right. You must come in with humility. Notice Cornelius did not come in trying to teach Kepha. When Kepha came, he understood. And when Kepha started talking he shut up. And he received what he was going to receive. Cornelius received the gift of the Set-apart Spirit and salvation through Yahoshua Messiyah.

No Cornelius was not an Israelite. This man was an Italian. He was a Gentile. There is a difference between and Israelite and the Gentile and in part 2, this is what we will talk about. (So far there is no part 2)

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 8. See Gentiles have to have that humbleness brothers and sisters. Let’s read this since we are reading about humble Gentiles. Check this out.

Matthew 8:1-12, v. 1 This is speaking about Yahoshua. v. 2-3 Man, brothers and sisters this is powerful stuff right here. But do you know that when we are ready, this thing will be done to us. We will have that power. That’s beautiful. This man came to Yahoshua humbly and said ‘if you desire to heal me, I know it will be done’.  And Yahoshua said ‘I desire to do so because of your belief’. That is what it is all about… your belief. v. 4 Yahoshua told him to keep the law because after he was cleansed of his leprosy there were animals that we had to bring to the temple for the priests to slaughter. Yahoshua told him to still go according to the Torah, to the priests and show them that you have been cleansed of your leprosy. And bring the gift that is in the law. See Yahoshua was a Torah teacher.

v. 9-10 Naw, because it was because of Ysrayl’s lack of belief that they were going to have the Messiyah put to death. But He said not even in Ysrayl…(is there this great faith). v. 11-12 He says many Gentiles will come and sit with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom. The Gentile had great humility. He knows that all Yahoshua has to do is speak the Word and it shall be done. He said I am a man of authority. He’s telling Yahoshua he’s under authority. He’s under the authority of Yah. This captain understood that. Yahoshua said I have not seen great faith like this even in Ysrayl. The sons of the kingdom are the children of Ysrayl. They will be in outer darkness with weeping and gnashing of teeth in the lake. He’s talking about these Israelites out here teaching falsely. This whole kill whitey-thing. They say ‘whitey can’t come into the kingdom’. And Gentiles this and that. He’s talking about them. They are going outside of the kingdom and there will be Gentiles inside the kingdom chillin’ with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You know, drinking new wine and talking with them. And these disobedient Israelites will be outside living in the Mad Max ‘beyond the thunderdome’ type of world. You know with all kind of chaos. A Will Smith ‘I am legend’ type of world with monsters and wild animals and all that craziness.  So He’s saying that hey those that have the great faith, belief will be brought into the kingdom. We are the sons and daughters of the kingdom (the Israelites). The kingdom was made for us. And He said some of those that the kingdom was made for, they will not even see the kingdom.

See, the Gentiles have to come to us brothers and sister and we have to bring them to Yah. Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 16. (talks to someone) You got to leave those ninja turtles alone brothers, they will get you put out of the kingdom into utter darkness. You definitely don’t want to listen to them.

Yeremiyah 16:19 The Gentiles are going to humble themselves and they are going to come to us and say ‘our fathers have inherited falsehoods’. ‘Christianity is lie’. They will come saying that. Remember the steps of repentance. Humble yourself, admit that your sin is wrong and admit it first. Humble yourself. And then you have to turn away from that. So the Gentiles are going to repent of this madness that they are involved in. Some of them will. They will come and say that their fathers have inherited vanities, falsehood, futility and there’s no value in them.

Let’s go to Zechariyah 8:23. Once they say what they just said, this is what they will say (in Zechariyah 8). (talks to someone) Yeah a lot of them are not. They will stay with that Christ mess.

Zechariyah 8:23 So that when they come to you and say that our fathers have given us all this falsehood. Then the next thing that they will say to us is ‘hey, we are going to go with you, for we have heard that Yah is with you’. They will grab hold of the tassels the edge of the garments. They will grab hold of a TASSEL! There’s power in those tassels. You saw that the people grabbed Yahoshua’s tassels to be healed. So they will grab on the edge of our tassels saying we will go with you. For we have heard Yah is with you. Who? Yah is with the children of Ysrayl. So they are going to understand. Now they have to be taught by these children of Ysrayl.

So brothers and sisters there has to be a level of humility among the Gentiles. Let’s look at this, the behavior of the Gentiles when they are brought in. How should they behave? Should they come and kick against Ysrayl? Should they come and kick Ysrayl out of the way? Let’s go to Romans chapter 11. Let’s look at the behavior of the Gentiles. Because Shaul had to put this thing down in his day. Romans 11. So once the Gentiles have humbled themselves, came into the Israelites. Once they have come into the fold…now what? Let’s look at this.

Romans 11:14-27, v. 14 He is talking about Israelites here. v. 15-17 So right here he’s calling the Gentiles a wild olive tree. The tree represents Yah with many branches and so some of the branches became wicked. Some of Ysrayl fell off. So now he’s saying that you are a wild olive tree and you don’t fit into the branch. Now grafted in just means to come into unity, to be connected. Like a branch falls off and you put another branch next to it. Let’s say that you have an apple tree or something and one of the branches fall off. And you get another branch and put in there. And you let it grow roots so it can grow in with that tree. So to be grafted in just means to be united. It said you are a WILD olive tree…Gentiles. You were wild. So you have been grafted in among them and came to share the root, fatness of the olive tree. v. 18 Remember you are not part of the root so don’t come in here thinking that you are better than the children of Ysrayl. Don’t come in here Lou White thinking that now you can teach the children of Ysrayl. Yeah we can come and glean from your research but don’t come in here thinking now you can branch and brag against the children of Ysrayl. ‘Oh Yah did away with the children of Ysrayl’. ‘We’re the new Israelites now’. The Gentiles are the Israelites now, that’s what some of them teach.

So this is what Shaul is talking about. Don’t boast against, Gentile. You have to humbly come in here. Do you all think that Cornelius boasted when he came into it? Naw. Do you think those Gentiles that are going to come to us and say ‘we have heard Yah is with you and our fathers have inherited vanity’. Do you think they will come in here boasting? Naw. They are coming here looking for Yah. That is why the first step of repentance is humility. They first have to humble themselves because many of them look at us as the ‘N’ word. the N-I-G-G-A. Some will say ‘I’m not listening to them. Look at them. They look at us and say ‘there’s no way in the world y’all are the Israelites’. ‘There ain’t no black people in the Bible’. All kind of insults they throw at us. But yet they think they can come in here and be part of Yah’s people. (talks to someone) That’s right, no respect. They just constantly disrespect us.

So they just come in and do what they want to do. or think that. Shaul told them not to boast against it. Remember you do not bear the root. We are the root (the Israelites).  We are the part of the tree that bears the root. The root is stuck in the ground. So Ysrayl is there from the beginning. Continues reading. v. 19 So he is saying you better be glad some branches were broken off so you can be grafted in. v. 20-21 Natural branches=Israelites. So you coming in here bragging and boasting.. and if Yah kicked out some Israelites for their disobedience and not being humble…He will do the same thing to you Gentile. So you can’t come into this thing with that attitude. Because the same thing will happen to you. Don’t be haughty (arrogant) he said Gentile but fear. Don’t try to come against the children of Ysrayl. Don’t be arrogant.

v. 22-23 Look at this. There’s hope for those disobedient Israelites. They can be grafted back in and become once again part of the natural branch. Yah can do it again but first they must repent. They have to become humbled. Repent of that foolishness that they are involved in. Repent of those things that got them cast off the tree in the first place. Repent Ysrayl. Why won’t you repent? v. 24 See that?! He said the Gentiles are WILD by nature. It’s their nature to be wild. (continues to read). So he’s saying for them to come into this, it’s contrary, it goes against their nature to come into this olive tree. This is what Shaul is saying. Because those Gentiles brothers and sisters have always been known as a wild bunch. They always have been known as a wild bunch. Just about every man on earth has testified to that wildness. The Arabs, when the Arabs went up there in the 8th century. The Arabs were shocked at those Gentiles and just the wildness that they were doing…beastility, they would not clean themselves. So the Arabs reported about all of the plagues that were coming unto the Europeans Gentiles. This is just the truth. This is not racism. This is truth, they were a wild bunch. So it said you are going contrary to nature. And being grafted into a good olive tree. How much more will those who are natural branches be grafted into their own olive tree? So if Yah’s giving forgiveness to the Gentiles, He will give those who have rebelled against Him, of the natural tree of the children of Ysrayl.

So if you Gentiles can get salvation, don’t come in and think you can throw the rest of Ysrayl away. You must have humbleness. You must have kindness and pray to Yah that their understanding is opened and they be brought back to Yah again. (talks to someone) Yeah it testifies to these people. That’s why the children of Ysrayl, they found out about these wild Gentiles. Now this is not racist. This is just the Scriptures and bringing that understanding. This is history. History says that they were a wild group. v. 25 So the nation of Ysrayl in part will continue to be blind until the fullness of the Gentiles come in. So Yah has a set number of how many Gentiles will be brought into the truth. ‘Into the completeness of the Gentiles be brought in’. v. 26 He’s not talking about all Ysrayl will be saved as in the disobedient too. He’s talking about all of the righteous Israelites shall be saved. v. 27-28 So Shaul broke it down. When y’all come in here Gentiles, y’all can’t boast against the Israelites. You can’t think you are better than the Israelites. Just like Lou White is doing. Just like Just like Yisrayl Hawkins. they don’t pay us no mind. And we are trying to tell them what the real deal is….we are the children of Ysrayl but more importantly this is the full understanding of Scripture. So we are trying to bring this to them but they don’t want to understand.

 Turn with me to Ephesians chapter 2. The Ephesians were a group of European people.

Ephesians 2:11-14, v. 11 So he said you are Gentiles in the flesh, who are called the uncircumcised. Because that is the way that we (Hebrews) referred to the Gentiles. We called them the uncircumcised because we were circumcised. Circumcised meant that we were part of the covenant. And they were called uncircumcised because they were not apart of the covenant. They were just too wild, you know as we looked at them. v. 12-14 So now he is saying hey, y’all can come in now. The blood of the Messiyah is there. So he’s saying that y’all were without Yah…excluded from the citizenship (commonwealth) of Ysrayl. So now you can come in and partake in the citizenship of Ysrayl. Remember there’s one law for the stranger, one law for the Israelite. It’s just like if I were t go today and become a citizen of France. That means that I would have to do as the French do, in order to become a citizen of that country. I would have to learn the French language. I would have to learn the French customs. And learn the French laws for me to be declared a French citizen.

So likewise when the Gentiles come in, in order for them to be declared a citizen of Ysrayl, they have to learn the custom, learn the laws, learn the language, learn the mannerisms. And they too can become a citizen of this people, Ysrayl. They can become a commonwealth now because Messiyah has come and he’s brought us closer. We are all Ysrayl. Let’s go to Galatians chapter 3.

Galatians 3:28 (this is read from the translation of the Bible called the Scriptures). Yahudite nor Greek…do you see that? We are now one in Messiyah. Now understand this word is used right here for a reason. There is a great understanding why it is used. He said there is neither Yahudah nor Greek. Now remember once again he’s using the term Greek. Greek right here is just a reference for those Gentile nations. Now the reason that he said there is neither Yahudah nor Greek is because this represents the separation. Remember Yahudah (Judah) represented the separation of Ysrayl. After the death of King Solomon, when Yah took the kingdom from Solomon’s hand, He sent 10 tribes to the north (Ysrayl) and 2 t the south (Yahudah). and that separation, Yahudah was in the south, the 10 tribes to the north kept that name beta-Ysrayl or the house of Ysrayl. So Yahudah represents separation from the nation of Ysrayl. So he’s saying that Yahudah and Greek, Greek representing those Gentiles, they were separated from the nation of Ysrayl. Son now we are all one in the Messiyah. We are all ONE in the Messiyah. So that is what he is saying. So they can come in and partake. They can become citizens and enjoy the commonwealth of Ysrayl.

Now as we have seen, well let me just go here about the doctrine that Yah has cast away Ysrayl. Let’s look at that. Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 31. Has Yah cast away His people, Ysrayl? Has this been done? Because we see today that for those Gentiles to be brought in they still have to come among Ysrayl. And when they come among Ysrayl, we don’t even consider them Gentiles anymore. We consider them ahks or ahki (brothers) or ahkotes or ahkotees (sisters). Once they have shown that humbleness in their hearts and come to Yah and come to Ysrayl to be taught. They are one of us, man.

(kayn) not immersing themselves, that is a wild one right there. You must get immersed brothers and sisters. Immersing is important for your walk. You must be immersed. We are trying to get around to immerse y’all. We are setting this thing up. Praises be to Yah in Yahoshua’s name. Stay prayed up.

Has Ysrayl been cast away as many in the deceived world says? You get the Gentiles, Christians, all these people saying that Ysrayl is cast away. Yeremiyah 31, this should humble all of Ysrayl reading this.

Yeremiyah 31:35-37 So isn’t that out of the mouth of Yah? Yah said these wild Gentiles with their big brains can search out the heavens as they think they are doing but Yah is only allowing them to see a little corner of the heavens. Let’s say you are looking at your computer screen right now. Let’s say that, that represents the heavens. Then you look over in the right hand corner and the smallest portion of your right hand corner is what the Gentiles are allowed to see. So now he is thinking he is a god because he can see that little spot in the heavens and thinks he knows something. He doesn’t know anything. So the Gentiles have not searched out the earth. They don’t know how deep the earth is. They don’t know what’s under the earth. They claim they know but they don’t know. So Yah said if all that happens, then He would cast away Ysrayl. So we see that the sun is still shining at day, the moon and stares shines at night. That whole ordinance is still going. The waves are roaring so Ysrayl is still a nation before Yah. Yah has not cast away His people.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 41. This is coming out the mouth of Yah. Isaiah 41. Some want to believe that deceived doctrine saying ‘well brother you are reading from the old testament’. The old testament is part of The Book and I’m going to read something from the new, to let you see.

Yesiyah 41:9  By the mouth of 2 or 3 witness (all matters are declared). We just read in Yeremiyah that Yah said H has not cast His people away. Yah went even deeper to say if you can search out the heavens and the foundations of the earth then Ysrayl would be cast away. But that’s not going to happen. He has not cast away (rejected) Ysrayl. It’s right here, out of His mouth. I have not rejected you. I have not cast you away.

Let’s go to Romans chapter 11. Let’s go back to Romans 11. (talks to someone) That’s right no one has taken our place. And do you know what? From the day that he chose us, from the day He made the covenant with us and promised our father Abraham, that blessing…we still are that people today. We still are that set-apart people who bring a blessing upon the earth, to bring the world into righteousness. Do you see how deep that is? Man, that is a big  job! There are 5 1/2 billion people on the earth. We have to teach them the ways of Yah or if you walk in your righteousness, you will be judging them. Man, what Yah has planned for you brothers and sisters, we will read that in just a moment…it is awesome!

Romans chapter 11. Has Yah cast away Ysrayl? The 2 witnesses we just seen (Yeremiyah and Yesiyah) said no. Let’s get a third witness from the new testament. For those of you who want to be a new testament Christian…whatever that is.

Romans 11:1-4, v. 1-2 Who are the people He foreknew? The Israelties. v. 3-4 So right here he (Shaul) is saying Yah has not cast away His people. Just because there is some unbelief in Ysrayl, just because there are some wicked Israelites that doesn’t mean that the whole nation is done away with. Because that’s the argument of these Gentiles and these deceived preachers today, is that Ysrayl failed. Ysrayl was so wicked that Yah had to cast them off and bring a new people. That’s not right. But you see Yah has NOT cast away His people. He has not rejected His people. Yah is going to bring us to the fullness of this walk brothers and sisters. And when we come into the fullness oh it’s going to be something awesome.

Turn with me to Zephaniyah. We have a few more verses to go after this. And what I get into after this…oh this is the good stuff. The good stuff is coming up after we read this in Zephaniyah. Well, all of it is good stuff but just understanding about where these wicked Gentiles stand. Because everything that I’m talking about now, this is pertaining to the righteous Gentiles. Those sojourners that have joined themselves, who have been grafted into the tree, this is pertaining to them and their righteous walk and our interaction with them. BUT, wicked Gentiles that refuse (reject). Oh, Yah has something for them.

(talks to someone) What are we to teach the Gentiles? One law for the stranger, one law for the Israelite.

Zephaniyah 3:19-20, v. 19 Yah said everywhere where we have been put to shame, He is going to give us a name and fame. v. 20 So He is going to give us a name and praise when I turn back your captivity. Just like we read those Gentiles will come and say, ‘we have heard Yah is with you’. You are going to be famous. Everybody will know who the children of Ysrayl are. Zephaniyah is saying this is when the kingdom is set up. The people of the earth will be praising you, Ysrayl. ‘Let’s grab hold of the Israelites’ they will say. ‘Let’s learn the ways of Yah’. Man, halleluYah!

Now let’s go to Isaiah, for those wicked Gentiles that don’t want to hear this truth. That don’t want to fall in line. That don’t want to humble themselves. Alright, Yah has something for you. They want to continually oppress the children of Ysrayl out of their own hearts. Going overboard. Going further than what Yah has called you to do. Yah called you to come down upon the children of Ysrayl but you have gone overboard. Because you have been influenced by the adversary. This is for those wicked Gentiles. Isaiah 14:1-7. This lines up with what we just read in Zephaniyah chapter 3:19-20.

Yesiyah 14:1-7, v. 1 read. v. 2 So this is speaking about those Gentiles, you will be servants…those wicked Gentiles. But the strangers are going to join themselves to Ysrayl, those who have opened their arms to Yah, that want to walk with Yah. They have opened their hearts so they are joined to us. But right here…these servants these are the wicked Gentiles. Those who took the children of Ysrayl captive, we will take them captive and they will be slaves. We will rule over our oppressors. This iw when we come back into the kingdom. v. 3-7 So halleluYah. Yah has something planned for those that don’t want to join onto Ysrayl, those that don’t want to come into this truth the way Yah has set it up. And those who want to continually oppress Ysrayl…humpf that is what is going to happen to you. You will be servants.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 60. And this is the last one. We are going to read this entire chapter. And this will be the end of the lesson.

We are talking about the same time period, when we read in Zephaniyah, we are talking about when the kingdom is set up. What we just read in Isaiah 14 is when the kingdom is set up. What we are reading here…the same time period.

Yesiyah 60:1-22, v. 1-5 So all this richness that is in the world is going to be given back to the children of Ysrayl. Yah took the riches of the world out of our hands because of our disobedience and He’s going to give it back to us through our righteousness. v. 6-9 So the ships of Tarshish first. Tarshish is Spain’s ancient name. So the ships of Spain are coming first to bring your sons and daughters from afar. Because it was the ships of Spain that brought us into this captivity first. The ships of Portugal and Spain brought us into the western hemisphere as captives. So Yah said that their ships are going to come first to bring us from afar, their silver and their gold. v. 10 You are going to be serviced by kings, presidents, they will come and bow at your feet because you will be ruling them. v. 11 Look at this! Your gates will be open all day, all night because the Gentiles will be constantly bringing you gold and silver…day and night. You will be like a god to these people. You will be like a god in their sight. Now this is after the kingdom (is set up), after you have come into the kingdom. This is after you have gotten your eternal life. After you have gotten your Spiritual body. Yahoshua said, ‘I’m going to make you rulers, kings and priests. You will be ruling over the people. And you will be a priest because you will be ministering to the people. A king rules and a priest ministers. So you will be kings and priests of Yahoshua and Yah. Meaning you will be a ruler and that you will be ministering to them to bring them this truth. v. 12 See this is what will happen to the wicked Gentiles that did not join themselves. Yah said if they DON”T serve you, they will be UTTERLy laid to waste. v. 13-14 Look at this. Yah said the SONS of those who afflicted you. So those Gentiles that want to stand up today and say ‘well slavery was a long time ago’. ‘That was my great, great, great, great grandfather’. ‘I didn’t have nothing to do with that’. Yah said their sons who afflicted you. So y’all ain’t getting away with this. We were punished for the sins our ancestors, what makes you think you will get away from the sins of yours? Once again, He said the sons of those who afflict you come bowing down to you. And all those who despise you shall bow themselves at the sole of your feet…the KKK, skinheads, the U.S. government who despises us…you will come bowing down to us. They will call you City of Yah, Zion of the Set-apart One of Ysrayl. This Scripture right here Isaiah 60:14 goes exactly with Zephaniyah 3:19-20 and they both go with Revelation 3:9. These Scriptures go together. They all speak of the same time period.

(My sidenote: The other day I was watching this show called ‘American Digger’. It comes on the Spike Channel. The host was in Aiken, South Carolina for this episode. There use to be 18 slave plantations in the area. One Gentile lady told them to get off her property and that slavery was in the past so leave it in the past. They went to another plantation where the Gentiles that lived there agreed to let them dig for one day. The most valuable thing they found was a slave Identification tag made of metal. The plantation owners use to rent slaves from the Charleston area because Charleston slaves were known to have skills like blacksmithing. Anyway, the American Digger host made a total of 5 thousand dollars on the dig. And guess what? The owners of the plantation got a thousand dollar cut of the money. So the sons and daughters are still profiting. I just saw this show last week and it was a brand new episode.)

v. 15-22 There you go. Ain’t that a beautiful chapter? Yah just broke it down. So when we come back to the land, we will be ruling the Gentiles. The Gentiles will not be ruling us. There will be Israelite kings in the land, not Israeli prime ministers. So this is real, Ysrayl. This is truth. This is what Yah has planned for you. And when Yah brings you back and when Yah shakes the foundation of the world to bring you back, EVERYBODY in the world will know what this deal is all about. The whole world will know, that you are the children of Ysrayl. He already told you, ‘I’m going to give you fame, make you famous among the people. I already showed you that the people will come and say ‘I have heard Yah is with you’! EVERYBODY will know who the children of Ysrayl are. Ain’t no sneaking around. Yah’s going to make this thing real. And He’s going to shake the bottom of the earth. Turn it upside down to bring each and every one of his people back. Ain’t no game. All we have to do is sit down here and wait and get in where we fit in…do what we have to do. Bring forth this truth. Teach one another. Uplift one another. Be each other’s brother’s keeper or sister’s keeper. Do what pleases Yah. Do what’s right in His sight. Don’t vex or bother the stranger. Bring him in and teach him about Yah. Man, this is powerful. Because Yah is going to make you a god to these people brothers and sisters.

Remember we were talking about the bowing down right. Bowing down is showing reverence for…well, I’m going to end it right here. I thought that was the last Scripture but I will end it right here. Revelation 3:9, you all know what this says. But let’s get a greater understanding.

Revelation 3:9 He said that they are coming to worship before our feet…bowing down. Because Yah is going to make you like a god to these people. And that’s why they will be constantly bringing gold and silver to you…day and night. The riches of the Gentiles shall ours. HalleluYah. Todah Yah (thank you Yah). Amein. And I’m not giving up my crown for foolishness. I am not going to allow Christianity to take my crown. I’m not going to allow Islam to take my crown. I’m not going to allow Egyptology to take my crown. Because the crown that Yah has for us is GREAT. You just read it. So there you have it brothers and sisters…Ysrayl, the Strangers and the Gentiles.

Y’all know how it goes now. This is just part 1. The Gentiles are Europeans, they can be brought in. But first, right now we are to bring Ysrayl and…wake Ysrayl up first. And Yah will soon wake up emissaries to go directly to the Gentiles and bring them in. So halleluYah for that brothers and sisters, halleluYah.

That’s right black Jews, too, I will not allow them to take my crown away. You can’t do it. You must stay where Yah wants us to go. How can we teach the world righteousness, if we have not become righteous? If we are still in unrighteous thoughts or religions…Yah did not give us a religion. Cut off, the end of the lesson.

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