The Operations of Demons p. 2

This spiritual battle is real! Demons surround our camp daily. Rebuke the devil 1001 times y’all. Don’t let him overtake you. Don’t say you are tired. Don’t give up the fight and be overtaken by this demonic demon. They use to fellowship and were immersed and they fell off. You go ahead (leave) the teachers and prophets of Yah. Obadiyah is a man. I don’t have all the answers. Yah communicates with man via man. Yahoshua said no man has heard Yah’s voice. Yah appoints teachers. You sit under teachers 4 or 5 years then you say you don’t need a teacher, you want to be on your on. This is not the first time it’s happened. Yah has order, structure. Isaiah, Daniyah were men…So why do you accuse others of following men? The Torah was written by Moses, a man. Yah has always spoke through men. Yah gave Moses the law, then Moses gave it to the children of Ysrayl. Shaul said be followers of me, as I imitate Messiyah. This is what the demons say…saying don’t follow man. This is a demon on him…Aharon Ben Ysrayl. I’m calling you out coming up in here disturbing the class. Y’all I.H.-12 at dailymotion is not our site.  We loved this brother. The brothers did not chase after Judas when he betrayed Yahoshua did they. David did not try to be a brother to Shaul. We don’t hate you. But we are not brothers. These people leave and go get on Facebook but say they are not a teacher and then attack us. People’s hearts are revealed saying we follow men but they have men following them.

Y’all all I have is this Word. I live in the hood in Chicago. We try to protect the sheep here. Aharon said we skip over Scriptures and lie to y’all. We let y’all ask questions all the time. We don’t duck and dodge questions. We let you ask all your questions. Shaul said to the assembly, listen to what I have taught you. Just like y’all know the names. You know there was no pre-existence. You know Yah is one. In Exodus 23 Yah sent angels. In the book of Enoch, the people went to Michayah because Yahoshua was not there. The New Testament says to ask in His name. This is when He was intercessing. Abraham interceded for Sodom. Moses interceded for the children of Ysrayl. Yahoshua was not there to intercede. Y’all demons have doctrines, they teach. The taught ones did not think he pre-existed. They thought he was a prophet and then Kepha said you are the Son of Yah that’s who You are.

The first covenant with Ysrayl was broken so the new covenant was needed. Yahoshua is the new covenant. Yah brought Yahoshua into existence when there was a need for Him to exist. In Ezekiel, Yah said ‘I was searching for a man to stand in the gap to intercede’ and Yah said He found none. Yahoshua is a man. Adam fell. So then we needed a Messiyah. What was the need of a Messiyah if man didn’t fall? If he did pre-exist, what was his job title? Yahoshua was birthed into the world, angels were not. The angels just appear and disappear. Yah’s word pre-existed not Yahoshua. Don’t let the demons over take you. This person was here 4 or 5 years! You can lead a horse to water but…pray for him. Do you know how many people will be in the lake y’all? I don’t love satan. TEXT: This happened in the wilderness with Moses…some fell away!  (My sidenote: Always pray for Yah to stay with you to lead and guide you, King David did this Ps. 16:7, Ps. 51:11, He prayed 3 times a day Ps. 55:17 and praised Yah 7 times a day Ps. 119:164. Yah loved David. We should fast and pray if we don’t understand. Yah will send the answer.)

News you can use: Facebook went public. It is worth 104 billion! It’s at 38 dollars a share. Facebook is worth more than these 10 companies…HP (Hewlett-Packard) which is worth 44 billion. Facebook i s worth more than Dell, Starbucks, Ebay, Amazon, McDonald’s, the NY Times. It is worth more than Target which is worth 37 billion. It is worth more than Disney which is worth 80 billion.–finance.html

What does Facebook sell? Those other companies sell things. FB only makes about 10 billion in ads. FB is selling you! Now FB is on your phone. It tracks you. This is what makes them rich! Google is worth 204 billion! They track you too and collect info on you. Microsoft is only worth 250 billion and Apple is worth 500 billion. Google and Facebook don’t sell things. You are the commodity. The same goes for Twitter, MySpace too. The government pays them too.  Mark Zuckerberg is worth 19 billion dollars! FB is selling you. The government doesn’t have to search for you anymore. They watch you androids now. We can’t turn off our computers. We need them. Windows 8 is in the works. It will be more powerful than Windows 7. We can’t worry about them tracking us. Stay focused on Yah. TEXT: Use the enemy’s tools to prosper in Yah! I’m not a fan of FB because Israelites gossip on there. It’s a shame.

The Nato Summit is here in Chicago this weekend! These boys have the city locked down! It’s a police-state. The hospitals are on alert for bio-terrorism!

Do y’all remember those John Travolta/Nicholas Cage images from the 1800s? Now Sylvester Stallone, there’s a Vatican painting from the 1500s that looks like him! Some believe they are clones from the fallen angels. Demons can take over your consciousness y’all. Check out the movie ‘ source code’.

Cage owns all these castles in Europe too.

TEXT: The dead sea scrolls are in Philly now. HalleluYah said the teacher.

Most pastors support Obama’s gay marriage. You know pastors say it’s not wrong. Did Obama pay them? What will they do to us? Us who keep the laws of Yah? The black churches are afraid. TEXT: The black church is nothing but a failure.

Did y’all hear about the 49 headless found in Mexico? They were beheaded. They have had drug cartels in Mexico since the 70s. But until 2 years ago, the Arabs behead like this. Al quida is a ghost organization y’all. The government started it. The government doesn’t have to send agents to the Arabs anymore. TEXT: The president of Mexico has Muslim roots.

These were ritual murders. Contractors in Iraq were killed like this. Arabs are taking over the drug cartel. They want to attack the U.S. through Mexico. And the U.S. government knows this.

Who has family in jail? The phone company charges them $17 for a 15 minute call. They are trying to cut them off from their family. Don’t throw stones at those people in jail for selling drugs. This is part of the curses. They want all Hebrew men in prison. Kepha and Shaul went to prison. The 13th amendment says that slavery is abolished except when a person commits a crime. So prisoners are slaves. When they get out, they are still slaves. They pick them up and take them back to prison if they don’t get a job or can’t find one…back to prison like master always came to find his slaves. Just because they are in prison doesn’t make them throw-aways or cast-offs. They are in the belly of the beast. There are rapes and murders in prison. Thy work as AT& T operators in prison. Yah’s going to bring us out of the Ghettos and prisons like Joseph asked them to take his bones out of Egypt when they left.

They accused Yahoshua of leading the people astray. Don’t hate people who fall off. But we can’t fellowship with them.

Ugly Apps: This is facial recognition. They have regular people doing it for the government. Beware y’all.

Lesson: Operation of Demons part 2

It’s important to know how they operate. Now we want to see how they operate in the midst. We want to see the way they attack the work and workers. Satan will try to stop you. These stiff-necks will try to kill  you. They will argue with you and maybe want to fight you. How to spread the truth: we will show you at the meeting this summer in Chicago. Demons hate the workers and Yah’s work. this work destroys those evil philophies…Islam, Catholicism etc. The church is filled with demons. Christians minds are being held captive. Demons are accusers of the work of Yah.

Numbers 12:6 referenced by someone in assembly. Yah makes a prophet.

Revelation 12:10 What is satan called? The accuser, he accuses day and night. Satan accused Job too. He accuses us before Yah too. Accusers bear false witness. They lie. Satan sill goes to heaven. He is not in hell. 

John 10:19-21 They accused Yahoshua of having a demon. Demons accuse so you will not listen to the words of Yah. They will tell you not to listen to truth or Yah’s teachers. They have unfounded accusations. Demons can not open the eyes of the blind. TD Jakes and Creflo Dollar are not opening the eyes of the blind. Demons don’t tell the truth. They want you to stay blind. 

John 10:31-39, v. 31-32 Yahoshua showed them good work. v. 33 They accused him of making himself Yah. They twisted His words. v. 34-35 He said I am the Son of Yah,  Not Yah. They tried to twist His words. v. 35 ‘them gods’=elohim. v. 37-38 Just believe the works. That goes a long way. Demons can’t heal the blind. Only Yah is good. v. 39-40 They wanted to kill Him for saying the truth, works.  They sawed Isaiah in half. Shaul was stoned, they thought they killed him. They said they would not sleep nor eat until He was dead. They will do you the same way. Demons accuse the workers to get you not to believe. Give you doubt like satan. A person possessed will say anything. They will lie. Just look at the Israelites on Facebook. They have no fear of Yah.

Deuteronomy 19:16-21, v. 19 Don’t falsely accuse, it could put you in trouble. v. 20 Accusations are evil, just like satan. v. 21 Yah don’t play! What you do to others, the same happens to you.

English is the master deception language. Civil unions is the same thing as gay marriage. Let your yes be yes and your no be no said Yahoshua. Must languages have no ‘maybe’. I’m going to stop telling people I’ll call if I remember. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Obama is homosexual. So is Jay-Z. There is no law in Babylon against homosexuality. Yah does not approve of homosexuality.

Accusers never show you Scripture or play back where they said you lied! Armor up or satan will get you. Make sure your Armor is tight, gun loaded on the battlefield!

Mark 3:1-6, v. 2 They watched Him so they could accuse Him. v. 6 They plotted to kill Him. They never understand Scripture. In Matthew 12 Yahoshua said I prefer obedience to sacrifice. Moses had to deal with over a million stiff-necks in the wilderness! He was needed at that time. Yahoshua was needed at a certain time. He did not pre-exist.

Luke 11:52-54 They hinder the people from learning the truth of Yah. They wanted to catch Him to accuse Him. They will lock onto your every word so they can accuse you even on the smallest thing. They watched Yahoshua’s every word. TEXT: like vultures waiting for prey.

1 Peter 3:16-17 They will defame you, evil doers. They will accuse you. Suffer for doing good. Where do you get the time for accusing us on Facebook and YouTube? You are speaking against Yah not us… 1 Samuel 7:8. Our people  are stiff-necks.

John 7:1-20 v. 1-2 They were seeking to kill Him so He went another way to Jerusalem. v. 3-4 Show your works to the world. v. 5-10 He had to sneak to Jerusalem. v. 11-12 They accused Him of leading the people astray. They will accuse you too. v. 13-15 He was not educated y’all. He was the son of a carpenter. v. 16-20 They accused Him of having a demon and deceiving the people. He said, people speak for their own glory or esteem. It’s thus saith them instead of thus saith Yah.

Luke 7:33-35 They accused John the Immerser of having a demon. This is what they say about the servants of Yah. They accused Yahoshua of being a demon because He hung out with tax collectors and sinners. He was teaching them. They will accuse you too because you bring truth. They accused Yahoshua of being a glutton/wino. They will accuse you of hanging with thugs because you minister to ex-convicts. This is what the demons do y’all.

Acts 6:7-14, v. 9 They rose up against Stephen. v. 11 They accused him of blasphemy, lied on him. They are under demonic possession. v. 13 They lied on him. Just like satan the accuser. v. 14 Yahoshua taught same as Moses not different. They lied on Stephen. Stephen did not lie. ‘The congregation of the freedman’ was this camps name. They were not part of ‘the way’. You do need to be apart of a camp. Watch demons because they will speak to you, whisper in your ear. Kepha, Yahoshua and them were part of ‘the way’. Their camp was called ‘the way’. There were many different pharisee camps at this time. We hear Yah’s voice through teachers and prophets. You can’t understand on your own. Yah set me before a teacher. This is how I learned through teachers, His servants. Don’t let satan pull you away (and be off by yourself).

Acts 13:44-51 They spoke evil against Shaul. The Israelites persecuted Shaul and Barnabas. The Hebrews will turn you into the police, your own family members. They will lie on you. They wanted these brothers kicked out of the country.

Acts 14:1-5 Israelites stirred up the Gentiles not to believe. They will lie on you too. They wanted to stone them. This is how demons operate. In the book of Acts, these brothers were heavily persecuted!

Acts 21:27-28 They stirred the crowd. They laid hands on him. They lied, saying they defiled the Set-apart place. Do you see how they continue to operated? You see it on Facebook and YouTube. TEXT:They never back their words with Scripture …just talk.  They never talk about their works…just accuse. What works are you doing for Yah?

Have you ever been blamed? They will say ‘It’s all  your fault’. Pastor will blame you if you need your rent money. If your hungry, his pockets are full. TEXT: My old pastor drove a Bentley and lived in a million dollar home.

They will blame you if they fall off. One ahk accused me of stealing 1.6 million dollars from Israelite Heritage. Y’all we have only been here since 2006. And we never had a million dollars!! (laughter in the room). He blamed me because He fell away.

Galatians 6:1-8, v. 4 Prove your works! v. 5 Bear your own burdens. Don’t blame others for your burdens. v. 7 Don’t be deceived. What you sow, you reap. Yah will not be mocked. They come and leave Israelite Heritage all the time. Don’t play. v. 8 What you sow, you reap. Yah will expose you.

2 Corinthians 5:10 We will be judged on our own works…good and evil. This goes for every man. So how can you blame someone for your fall? Study to show yourself approved. You can’t blame others for your falling away.

John 10:25-29 You don’t believe, you are not His sheep. No one can snatch them from Yah. Only those who leave(the faith)…they are satan’s. They are not of Yah. They don’t endure.

Numbers 16:1-42 This is Korah, Dathan and them acting up in the wilderness. v. 2 Two hundred-fifty camps rose up against Moses. v. 3 They accused Moses of exalting himself. Just like Aaron and Miriam did too. v. 4-11 They complained against Aaharon. v. 12 Dathan rebelled. v. 13 They accused Moses of being a ruling prince. v. 14 ‘I will not come up’ he said…rebellion. v. 15-21 Yah said step aside so I can consume them! v. 22-24 Get away from around them. v. 25-30 They provoked Yah. v. 31 The ground opened and swallowed them up and their wives and children. v. 32-35 Yah don’t play!! v. 36-40 read. v. 41 The next day, they complained against Moses and Aaron!! They blamed them for the others being swallowed up. This was Yah doing this not Moses. v. 42 Moses was blamed. Yah deemed them wicked. How is it my fault you don’t believe? Ain’t that something? They will do this in the wilderness again. Yah have mercy on whoever Yah chooses to lead these stiff-necks in the wilderness (again)!!

James 4:17 You know, so don’t blame nobody else for leaving Yah. You pretend to love Yah. The demons are slick! Don’t let your enemy out-smart you!

Q & A:

Q: What does cast out or down power arguments mean? A: To push out of your midst like satan was cast out of higher heaven to a lower level of heaven. Our planetary system is a lower heaven. I’m not sure what you are talking about. PM me. TEXT: The knowledge of Yah’s Word will cast down all arguments. TEXT: Truth crushes a lie every time.

Q:Why is the word elohim being a Hebrew idiom of a plural of magnitude or majesty being all together thrown out, not even being used in some of the las names of ‘brews replacing it with YL? We know Yah is above all. His word and the Hebrew language was here before all the deities wasn’t it? Do you accept ‘brews who use Israel? A: Elohim are the gods. yah is not an elohim. Ps. 82 referenced here. Yah did not want us worshipping like the Canaanites. Exodus 1:7 Moses was made a elohim by Yah and Aaharon a prophet to him. Yahoshua taught Yah’s name in John 17. He did not teach elohim. Satan is elohim. When you talk about someone, you call his name don’t you. It’s out of respect. Israel, Michael is calling on el. Yah is not there. Egyptologists say: Is-ra-el or Is for Isis, ra is the sun-god and el for the many elohim. Yah is not there. There is only one Yah, Yl. Don’t disrespect Yah. Yahoshua taught his name. Amen-ra the sun-god. We say Amien which means so be it in Hebrew.

Q: John 7:13, it says Jews? A: Those are the Hebrew-Israelites. Jews are the Israelis or Ashkenazi Jews. There were no Jews back then.

Q: Psalm 40:7 and Hebrews 10:7 A: Yahoshua is first mentioned in Genesis 3:15 all the way to Revelation. He was prophesied to come not that He pre-existed.

Q: If someone gives me a gift what do I do? A: Hey little ahkotee. Tell them why you will not accept birthday gifts or holiday gifts. Birthday gifts are to exalt yourself. No cakes either, the Israelites baked cakes to the queen of heaven. No wizard birthday caps either. Don’t say today is my day. All these days belong to Yah.

Q: Is Yah a Spirit? How can Yah be something He created? I hope I don’t sound dumb. A: Yah is a Spirit. He is the self-existing One. This is what Yah means. We worship Him in Spirit and truth. John 4:24 referenced here. No such thing as a dumb question. Yah exists from His own power.

Q: Jews have mazzossa (spelling) on their doorposts. On the mazzossa they have Deuteronomy 6:4-24. Does it apply to us? Are we to do this? A: They also have the commandments on them. They mock Yah. The commandments are not on their hearts. What does Yah want from us? OBEDIENCE. It is a Jewish tradition. They try to validate that they are the children of Ysrayl. They lie and say they are us so how are they keeping the commandments? These people raise pigs and have 9 stick menorahs instead of 7 stick menorahs. Kosher does not mean clean. It means a way they slaughter it. They have kosher pigs and pig farms. They do traditions of men. Don’t eat Halal (Muslim) meat either. They pray over that meat.  Grasshoppers are clean y’all. I would have to eat that fast, lol I’m not use to it. (the class talks about clean foods).  Quail. Not all pigeons are clean y’all.

Q: Where is the memorial to Messiyah mentioned in Script? A: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 also Luke 22:19-20 and 1 John 5:6 we can have water or wine/grape juice in the cup.

Q: Who was Shaul witnessing to? The Gentiles? A: Christians say Shaul did away with the law.  Read 2 Peter 3:15-16. Shaul was talking about the sacrificial law was done away with. christians don’t understand. Some Israelites will  not teach Gentiles. You must understand the Torah, prophets, Yahoshua…or you will not understand Shaul’s writing.

The end of the lesson

*My sidenote: Deuteronomy 11:6 references Korah, Dathan and them being swallowed up too.

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