When I watched the Conjuring part 2, I wondered if the demon could be in two places at once. It (the demon) was bothering the little girl and her family in London and also the paranormal investigator”s wife in the USA. They seemed to experience it at the same time. I was watching this paranormal show about a month ago, one of the investigators said yes, demons can be in two (maybe more?) places at the same time. Time is not the same for them like man. They are spirits (paraphrased). I thought that was very interesting.

There is a new paranormal show coming on tonight at 9 pm on the FOX Chanel. It’s called “The Passage.” I’m going to check it out. I just hope it is not stupid like the show they had called “Lucifer.” HaHa

The blog has slowed down because I have been sick. I’m not totally well yet. I was sick about 2 months ago then I was well again for a few weeks then I became sick again (with three ailments). However, I am feeling better but not one hundred percent. Please have patience.



Did y’all see that the U.S. has plans to make an armed department called ‘Space Force’? It will be set up by the year 2020 said the Vice President today.  Something that I have been thinking about for awhile…if Russia could hack into the U.S. election system, if that is true…couldn’t Russia/other countries hack into U.S weapons systems? And shut the weapons system down, not being able to shoot down any incoming missiles? After all, there is a reason why Yah said Mystery Babylon will go down in one hour…

Something else I saw interesting today…not that I follow this person but Alex Jones was kicked off FB, YT and Apple for hate speech.

Just thought y’all would find these stories interesting. Yah bless.


Interesting Article

Did y’all know that Beyonce bought a church last month in New Orleans? Some people think she wants to become a preacher. They have been joking on the internet wondering if she will still sing and dance (and twerk) or will she just twerk for cheese-zues? If you click on the URL at the bottom of the article you will see an instagram photo of people in a California church having Beyonce mass…



Praise Bey! Beyonce Buys Church in New Orleans—and Fans Are Ready for Worship

| May 22, 2018

Fresh off her dominating performance at Coachella, Beyoncé—according to reports or, at least, a trust associated with the megastar—has purchased a 100-year-old church in New Orleans. Located in the Garden District, it’s just a few blocks away from where her sister, Solange, lives.

The church was built in 1900 and was sitting empty after the deaths of many of its worshippers, according to the New Orleans Times–Picayune. The stone building with 7,500 square feet of interior space and 18-foot ceilings was listed for $850,000.

The property was purchased on May 11 by the Noble Jones Trust, which also owns a home on Saint Ann Street, where the sisters, their mother, Tina Knowles, and the rest of the family have been seen during Mardi Gras.

Another home in the Garden District, just five blocks away from the church, is a $2.5 million stunner that has been linked to Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment company.

There’s no telling what Queen Bey has in store for the space. It’s zoned to allow “limited non-residential uses such as places of worship, historic neighborhood commercial establishments, and recreational facilities that are compatible with surrounding residential neighborhoods,” according to the city. This means the church could remain a house of worship, be turned into an epic home, or become a spot for the BeyHive to get in formation.

The “Lemonade” singer is married to JAY Z, and they are parents to Blue Ivy, 6, and 1-year-old twins Rumi and Sir. Beyoncé certainly wouldn’t have any trouble drawing a crowd on Sundays.

Last month, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco held a Beyoncé Mass and packed the house. Perhaps the entertainment powerhouse smells a fresh business opportunity? Or perhaps that’s just the scent of incense burning near the altar.


Have you noticed something? The devil’s festivals or high feast days begin (approximately)  October THIRTY-ONE and end December THIRTY-ONE….thirty-one to thirty-one. Everyone was so happy today about the new year at work. I felt sick or it made me sick (not literally).



Y’all know that the Jews and the Palestinians are fighting to make Jerusalem (or Palestine) theirs right now. They are especially fighting over east Yahrushalom. I thought that was interesting because you do know that Yah enters Yahrushalom through the east side of the city….the children of Ysrayl will always be Yah’s people.

Prayer is Needed

Please pray for us in Florida, that Yah will have mercy upon us. I know that Yah is about to judge Florida like He just judged Texas.

Did y’all see the Island of Barbuda? Yah laid it waste! They reported that 90% of the buildings are gone. And Yah is about to send a second hurricane, Jose to Barbuda so they all have to evacuate. We don’t know yet if Jose will hit the United States…

They also reported that Irma will be worse than hurricanes Hugo and Andrew combined…(Hugo being a category  4 and Andrew a category 5), because of its size and its winds.

Did y’all notice that the western United States is on fire?



The eclipse leaves the USA at South Carolina, returning to the USA seven years later.

I was reading some interesting facts about this eclipse that is about to go across America on Monday and it’s interesting that it will be on moon-day, also. The way it will move across America almost looks like a line of division, right? Just like a north versus a south line. Like Yah drawing a line with His finger. The (full) eclipse begins around Newport, Oregon and ends around Charleston, South Carolina, my home. Did y’all know that the Civil War began in Fort Sumter, South Carolina? Fort Sumter is in the downtown area of Charleston and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. I also read something interesting about the state of Oregon. Have you ever heard of sundown towns? A town where “blacks” (coughs, pardon me) had to be out by sundown or risk getting lynched. Well, it seems that the WHOLE state of Oregon banned any blacks from living there or risk being whipped to death. The ban was not lifted until around 1901 but blacks did not start migrating there until around 1926. However, even then blacks had to pay higher taxes, of about $5 to live there. Ain’t that something? Do you think more division is on the horizon?

*I saw on the Science Chanel that the eclipse will take 93 minutes to cross America. 9+3=the 12 tribes of Ysrayl. Also, there has not been an eclipse like this in America in 99 years. Nine is the number of judgment as we have learned from the Israylites.  There will also be fighter jets following the eclipse across America…to “study” it they said.

08/23/2017: I saw on the news, that the next full eclipse will be in 2024 or 7 years. That is no coincidence. Seven is one of Yah’s numbers. However, the next time, the eclipse will move east to west, from Maine to Texas. When finished, these two eclipses will have made an “X” pattern across the United States. Yah is using His finger…

Submitting to Your Man

I love to hear stories about how couples met and the going-ons that came with it. Recently, I watched a couple of mini documentaries on how Prince and Denise Matthews (the artist formerly known as Vanity) met. Did y’all know that they met behind stage of one (I’m not sure which one) of those musical award shows? It was love at first sight. I also did not know that they lived together in the early 80s, for two and a half years! Prince had a lot of girlfriends but he was serious about Denise Matthews. He wanted to marry her. Their break-up was explained in the documentary. See, Vanity had a drug problem. She use to fuss and carry on in the house about wanting more money…for her habit. At that time, Prince had all three members of Vanity 6 on a stipend (or allowance). They also said in the documentary that she, Denise Matthew helped write the movie script for Purple Rain. The scene where Prince’s dad back-hand slaps him to the floor was a scene from her life. Her father did that to her in real life among the other physical, sexual and mental abuse she suffered because of dad. Prince wanted her to play herself in the movie but she turned him down. By that time they had broken up.

There are so many people suffering out here and they don’t know how to go to Yah about their problems. They may tell someone about their problems, like she told Prince about her dad…however…Prince did not know how to pray for her or take her to Yah. He did not know how to cast the demon(s) off her and/or himself. Purple Rain was a good movie back in the day but the story of Prince and Vanity (in my opinion) would have made a better movie. She also said in her book “Blame it on Vanity” that Prince was the only man that she ever had a deep love for (but she would not submit to him when they lived together) and years later she wanted to get back together and he turned her down…


What the Heck Is It?

A few weeks ago, I was online looking for a new menorah charm. While looking, I saw this charm at When I saw it, in my mind, I thought “What the heck is it? Then, I thought it was something for voodoo with its red ruby eyes. It turns out to be a Black Moor charm. This charm originally sold for $2,400 but was reduced to $1,800. Did y’all know the Gentiles collect “Black Moor” figurines all over the world? Let me show you.

This Black Moor was created by Balthasar Permoser and is located in Grünes Gewölbe. I noticed that the majority of Black Moor figurines are in servant roles as the above Moor is carrying a serving platter of emeralds yet he is dressed as a king. The Moors ruled Spain and Portugal. He looks no different than an Ashanti/Levite man.

Another Black Moor dressed in gold and looking like a king. We know the Israylites have always loved gold. You once were a king but right now you are a servant to the nations.

Another Black Moor with gold medallion and serving platter.

A pair of Black Moors at the door like butlers.

If you look in the distance you will see another Moor with a net as you can see the Moor standing before you with a net. I did not see very many pictures of this figurine on the internet. These Moor figures are located in Ulriksdal, Sweden at what is called Blackamoor Bridge.

This was very interesting to me! Did y’all know the Island of Sardinia use to fly this flag of blindfolded Israylites Black Moors? This is a proverb, right here. Yah said who is deaf and blind but my servant?!

However, it is also interesting that recently the blindfold of the Israylites has been lifted and placed as a head-band on the Sardinia flag….we are waking up. The facial features of the second flag seemed more European now but that is what some people do…try to white wash history.

*The only thing that I could find out about the Moors, is that they were from “Africa.” There is no such thing as a nation called Moor. Although, some people think the Moors were a composite of Israylites and other peoples from Africa. No one seems to know what the word “Moor” means or where it came from but I suspect that it is just probably a byword. The Gentiles also use to call us black rascals because Israylite men were always out-smarting master (massa), Black Moor just reminded me of that for some reason.