Do We need to Speak Hebrew in Order to Understand the Bible?

Speaking in tongues vs. Yah’s understanding: Do we need to speak Hebrew in order to understand the Bible?

News: Homosexuality in United States: The 2010 census, what is the % of those who say they are homosexual? 5% and that number is up only 3 % from the 2000 census. Y’all it’s all propaganda in the news. Everyone is not gay. They manipulate, promote homosexuality. The media promotes mind control. It’s not everywhere. Television, the president promote homosexuality. But most people are not homosexual. The divorce rate is 50% now and 50% of the people are single but these people are fighting for gay marriage. Something is wrong here. This is population extermination not control. This is what they are trying to do. Gayness stops the population from growing. A Christian preacher said put them (homosexuals) on an island so they can die off. The media went after him. He stood up for the Bible. We are not going to knock him for all his beliefs but he stood for the Bible. Don’t be blind to persecution. The Jews did not stand up for each other when the Nazis went after them one by one (Polish Jews, German Jews etc). Persecution will start with Muslims and Christians. And they will end persecution with you. Because you have the full truth, Hebrew Israylite. They (Muslims and Christians) have partial truth.

How to research: This will be the topic of the blogtalk radio show tomorrow at 8 cst.

Backwards: NY grown men can have a relationship with children now but heterosexual marriage is said to be bad now. Babylon is wicked.

Ray J, Brandy’s brother is in the hospital. He was found disoriented in a hotel and did not know who he was. Ain’t that strange? It’s illuminati games y’all. Ray J knows what happened to Whitney. Whitney gave brandy a note before she died. Ray J is the one who found Whitney. He can’t tell what is really going on. Maybe he has started telling. They put him back in line. They will call his number if he doesn’t fall back in line. Just like Nick Cannon. They beat up the presidents. George Bush had a black eye and Bill Clinton had a broken leg.

Obama is a different type of president. He’s hip. He knows African-American culture. They treat him as a nigga. He is from Kenya. Kenya means kayn or yes Yah or I agree Yah.  He is a clone of Akhenaton. He may not be Hamite. There are Israelites in Kenya y’all. Obama may be a ‘brew.

Belize, Caribbean people are always on the move. Caribbean ‘brews tend to move to Europe (U.K) and Canada. The Gentiles believe the Caribbean is paradise but the ‘brews think the Caribbean is cursed. Wherever we go, we are cursed. The curses follow us. We are moving south again in the United States too. The curses still follow us. Return to Yah. This is the best time as it can get for us now. Yeah, Jay Z and Beyonce are not happy either, ask them. We are a cursed people. Have you seen the living conditions of our people living in Kingston, Belize, the world? We are a poverty-stricken people. All we have is Yah. When you fall, all we have is Yah. These jackals will stump you when you fall. Yah extends His hands to us. HalleluYah.

Michelle Obama said if she could be any person…it would be Beyonce.

Movie: Rosemary’s baby: This movie was directed by Roman Polanski who has since left the U.S. because of child molestation charges. Do y’all know his girlfriend Sharon Tate was pregnant when she was killed by Charles Mason and his crew?  Is this a coincidence? The song ‘Helter Skelter’ by the Beetles was about Manson.  The real Paul McCartney was killed in 1966. John Lennon was killed too. Look it up, the Gentiles have researched this. The Beetles had Allister Crowley on their album cover.

Lesson: Do we need to speak Hebrew to hear Yah? This lesson is similar to the lesson called ‘hearing Yah’. How do you know if your hearing Yah’s voice? They believe God and Jesus are one, the same voice…dispensation. They say the law is done away so Jesus does not speak to man. This is not of Yah. This is not Yah speaking. How do we know when Yah is speaking?

Dispensation is not true. Yah says He always sends His words to His prophets so they can go to His people. Dispensation is not the voice of Yah. Religion is not from Yah. Check e-sword’s dictionary. It is the 1828 Webster’s dictionary. It says religion means to re-bind or bind anew; to bind; and make an oath to the gods or elohim. The Romans, namely Constantine made the religion of Christianity.

Servants of satan are preparing for their messiah, the man of sin. They will re-bind man in this religion. In John 8:32 Yahoshua set us free from that. The sum of ALL religions says that everyone can be a god. This is the same ‘ol lie that satan tells them, that they can be gods, Genesis 3:5. Religion is not of Yah, no matter how much they read the Bible. In Jasher 7:45, Nimrod united man to be gods so they could go to heaven to fight Yah. They bowed to Nimrod. He was like a god-king.  This is just like American Idol, the football hall of fame and the Hollywood walk of fame. Satan promises them to be gods. Truth inspires religions but is elusive to them the article says. (He did not give the link to this article).

Before religion there was the mystery school system. Babylon, Egypt, Medieval Europe all had this system. They vowed to the gods just like the doctors today vow to the gods. Religion is a mystery school system. They know they worship satan!

Judaism is for those who don’t know what they worship. Those that know what is going on openly worship the Qabalah. Christianity is for those who don’t know what they worship. Gnosticism/Qabalah is the hidden knowledge they do. Islam is for those who don’t know what they worship. While those that know worship Bating (sp?). Buddhism is for those who don’t know what they worship and Baharyan are the hidden teachings of Buddha.

 John 4:24 Yah is a Spirit. Worship Him in Spirit and Truth. What kind of Spirit?

2 Corinthians 3:17 Yah is Spirit. Yah is freedom. Religion is binding. It is not of Yah.

1 John 4:8 Yah is love. Another attribute of Yah. So we see Yah is freedom and love. Yah is also the fruits of the Spirit.

Galatians 5:22-23 Fruits of the Spirit, these are attributes of the Most High Yah. Psalm 119:142,151 all Yah’s Words are truth.

1 John 5:1-4 Love again. We show Yah love by doing His commandments. Liars, thieves do not love Yah. You either love Him or you don’t. When you are obedient with the fruits of the Spirit, you will hear Yah. Yah’s laws are not hard to do. Keep the Shabbat, dietary law and love your brother. v. 4 Our faith—we must have it to be obedient to Yah. Faith is defined in Hebrews 11:1. We believe Yah is His name, that is faith. We believe Yahoshua is His name, that is faith.

John 14:15-17 The Set-apart Spirit is the Spirit of the Truth the same Spirit Yahoshua had. The truth is Yah’s Word. You believe in the Words. Yahoshua said the comforter would be with us.

1 John 5:4-8 The Spirit is truth=Yah’s Words. It’s not dispensation. It’s not the trinity. Yah bears witness that He sent Yahoshua. Yahoshua was immersed and shed His blood for us. We believe this…faith. Yahoshua was perfect in thoughts, actions and deeds. Yahoshua laid the foundation for us. We to need to be immersed. v. 8 The three are agreeing on one accord. This is not the trinity. We in here all agree to… one accord.

See we don’t need oaths, vows with Yah. We are apart of Yah’s way via our actions.

Romans 10:1-17, v. 1-3 Matthew 6 says seek the kingdom of Yah first and not lean on our own understanding. Our own understanding=religion because gods etc, sin. v. 4 Messiyah is the goal—what does this mean? Strive for perfection. Christ teaches you that it’s ok to backslide. But Hebrews 10:25-29 Yah says there is no forgiveness for willful sinning. That’s rebellion. Christianity teaches back sliding but Yah said tomorrow is not promised. Get it right you are not promised tomorrow. Don’t look for a stumbling block to fall. Yes, Yah does have mercy if we do fall and He knows our hearts. Romans 6 says we are not to be a slave to sin. Romans 8 Shaul tells us to walk in the truth, put off that old person, be perfect. v. 5-9 If you talk it, walk it, if you really believe in Yahoshua. v. 10-14 So how can you know Yah if you have not been taught about Yah. They say the God of Israel. The pharisees held the scrolls but did not see Yahoshua in front of them. It doesn’t matter where you read from, it matters if you have Yah’s Spirit and Truth. They read it but didn’t give Yah’s Word. v. 15-17 Belief comes from hearing the Word of Yah. Christian preachers don’t give Yah’s Word. It doesn’t matter where he’s reading from.  In dispensation/religion, they add and take away from Yah’s Words. It’s dead (works) and not of the living Yah.

The above part of the lesson was given by Brother Moshe. The next part of the lesson is given by Brother Obidayah.

In the United States, the official language is English. 393 years ago we spoke another language. Yah brought this Bible over here because He knew we would speak English. You can’t limit Yah’s authority to one language.

Once upon a time everyone spoke the same language.

Genesis 11:1-9 Shinar=Iraq, v. 1-4 Mission Impossible 3 they were climbing down the Dubai Tower. This tower was once the highest tower in the world. Now the highest tower is in Japan. There is also a Sears tower. So this tower they are building here is no ordinary tower. v. 5-9 They wanted a tower to go to heaven to fight Yah. Babel means confusion. Babylon means the land of confusion. Yah confused the speech.

You understand that Poseidon of the Greeks is Neptune of the Romans. And that Zeus of the Greeks is Jupiter of the Romans. The knowledge of the gods goes across all languages. Language is understood.

Catholics killed people who translated the Bible. William Tinsdale (sp?) Englishmen who translated it—so they could keep people in confusion and tell them what they wanted to tell them. The Bible was translated from Hebrew to Greek not Aramaic. But you don’t say we have to know Greek. Yah speaks to us in multiple tongues. The Bible is translated in many languages. It’s just about the only book in the world that is translated into every language. Did y’all know Ebonics is a language? Yeah, the FBI has translators for that—for street language.

Ezekiel 3:5-6 This is paleo Hebrew that Yahzeqyl speaks. They will not understand you, your own people. But if I send you to this other people, they will understand. See Ysrayl makes things complicated. You don’t need to learn Hebrew by a deceived Jew. Keep it simple.

Acts 2:1-2, v. 1-2 Tomorrow you will see ‘brews trying 2 keep this feast here instead of Jerusalem as Yah says. v. 3-4 They spoke in many languages. v. 5 All these Hebrews are from different languages. v. 6 Yah spoke to them in the language they were familiar with. v. 7 They were from Yahudah but they understood. v. 8-11 They spoke Yah’s Words in their own tongue. They did not speak Hebrew. v. 12 What does this mean? No need for tongues in the old testament because there was not scattering  back then. Now we are scattered to the 4 corners. Yah’s Spirit will have you speaking another language. His Words will be interpreted by someone. In church they speak the words of demons—speaking in tongues in church=demonic talk.

Speaking in tongues is needed now because we are scattered to the 4 corners. Hebrew is deceptive now. There are 50,000 Hebrew words today. In Moses’ time there were only 8,000 to 10,000 Hebrew words. These concordance and Bible dictionaries can be deceptive. They are deceptive.

1 Corinthians 12:7-11 Some  speak in tongues and some have the gift of interpreting language. We all have Spiritual gifts to esteem Him. You may need to speak in tongues or interpret one day.

There was a pastor that knocked people out with his ring. (laughs). They people claimed to have the holy ghost. Do y’all know Christians have  speaking in tongues schools?

1 Corinthians 14:1-40, v. 1-5 Prophets build up the assembly and it is better than speaking in tongues but you can prophesy in tongues too. v. 6-11 You have to understand the language spoken to you. v. 12-14 Interpreting benefits you. We came to the truth in English. v. 15-16 How can you say Amein or halleluYah if you don’t understand? This is what he is saying. v. 17-22 Speaking in tongues is for unbelievers. Prophesying is for believers. The assembly does not need speaking of tongues. v. 23 Jibber-Jabber does not profit us. v. 24-26 All this is for the upbuilding of the assembly. v. 27 One interpreter must be present. v. 28-34 Shaul said women be quiet…I did not say this. v. 35 No women should be teaching in assembly this is saying like in the churches. v. 36-40 Prophesy but don’t forbid speaking in tongues. Use it when it is needed—have order in assembly. It’s a gift. These church profit from speaking in tongues. They twist meanings to get those tithes.

Luke 24:44-46 Yahoshua’s brothers (12) did not understand that He was supposed to be killed. This is why they hid when he as being killed. He opened their understanding after He rose. He taught in Hebrew from the law, prophets and Psalms. Understand the Word through Yah’s Spirit not just Hebrew. Yah’s Ruach comes down and teaches understanding.

 Exodus 31:1-6 v. 3 Yah filled him with knowledge and understanding. v. 6 they had wisdom to build the ark. Language can deceive, you must have Yah’s Spirit with you. You just need understanding. Yah is going to restore our language in time. Yahweh, Yahcwah, Yahwahshi—confusion. Yah’s name is One. Just Yah. Some people fight over translations too. The good news books tell the same events y’all. Those 4 brothers told others what happened and they wrote it down. In the German translations Yah’s name is in the translation. Simple. English is the language of deception—words like ‘maybe’ are deceptive.

The holy ghost is a real spirit. They say something pushes them to the ground. TEXT: I know someone who went to the hospital every week catching the holy ghost.

It’s the same voodoo spirit. Satan knows what you like.

A Jesuit priest said Islam was created by Catholics. The warlock, Vatican Assassin  Charlie Sheen said he is not crazy. He acts crazy so they will not kill him. The Vatican tortured people in the middle ages y’all. They dress in black robes. Mother, son, holy father—this is the new trinity they say. It’s the sacred dark feminine or goddess worship. They are getting people ready for this.  John Paul II, the pope before him only lasted 30 days. They tried the longest to kill John Paul II. He was a wicked pope. He ended the cold war. The Berlin wall being brought down was his doing to unite them.

Move: The darkest war’ referenced.

Iran and Israel: Dimona and southern Iran: They both want to kill the ‘brew in the nuclear areas. It’s for sacrificing.

Movie: ‘Battleship’: This is a navy propaganda movie. It’s not as good as ‘the avengers’.

Now Batman (2008), Spiderman and the Avengers are the highest grossing movies. Why  do all these superheroes movies have no ‘brews? Because the fallen angels will be Gentiles when they return. We don’t worship brews but we love the Gentiles. And for the black power people…they will give them black angels.

Q: I had a DNA conversation and the person asked me why doesn’t our DNA have lineage in Iraq? A: DNA tests are deceptive. They were made by the Jews. They compare their DNA not ours. Remember we have all DNA. We have been in many captivities—Arabs, Greek, African. Yah said we would be known by the curses not DNA. Did y’all know mixed children of the slave masters were put in the fields too. The wife didn’t want the light-skinned ones in the house as a reminder. The darker ‘brews worked in the house like mammy from ‘Tom and Jerry or Butterfly in ‘gone with the wind’.

Q: Is it ok to join a sorority? A: They do pagan rituals, sexual rituals. They take secret oaths like mystery schools of Egypt and Babylon. They haze. They chant with candles. Its by invitation only. It is fully satanic. Did y’all see the hazing down in Florida? Sororities and fraternities opens doors to being a satanist.

Q: Is Hebrew a pure language. A: Hebrew became unpure as we became unpure. We started to worship like them.

Q: lunar Shabbat? A: Exodus 20:8-11, Moses tells them why they keep Shabbat. The 7th day. Keep it simple. Isaiah 1:13-14 Yah is tired of your new moons.

Q: Is wearing fur and pig skin leather against the law? Didn’t people where camel skin leather? A: Most leather is cowhide. Footballs are cowhide. and likely basketballs too since they are bought made by the Wilson company. Yahcanan the Immerser wore camel-hair. We don’t wear pig skin, we are not to even touch that. Dead animals used to make fur…that’s unclean. Gator shoes are unclean. (laughter in the room).

Q: Are tattoos wrong? Or only wrong if you get one for the dead? A: tattoos are a no-no. Don’t scar your body. Lev. 19:28.

2 thoughts on “Do We need to Speak Hebrew in Order to Understand the Bible?”

  1. I think that you don’t need to understand Hebrew to understand the most basic/general stories and lessons of the Bible, but if you ever want to really understand all of its nuances and the deeper and more hidden meanings, then learning Biblical Hebrew is a must! if you are interested, I have found Biblical Hebrew Magazine to be an extremely informative and interesting resource. Hope it helps!

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