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The Man of Sin p. 5a

Shabbat Shalom HalleluYah welcome to another Shabbat day lesson my name is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl and I will be bringing you this message today. Shabbat Shalom to you whether you are listening today November 24, 2012 or whether you are listening in the archives 5 or 6 years from now.

Today we are going to continue with our series the man of sin. Today we are in lesson five. Part five is going to deal with the destruction of Babylon, the destruction of the United States of America is going to be the lesson today because remember we’ve already established that the man of sin is going to set up headquarters in Jerusalem or Yahrushalom. And that’s where he’s going to rule from. Now we are identifying this system of democracy as being the system that is ripe or prime for the man of sin to make his appearance out of. In fact, to come out of this system and to come from the U.S. would be a perfect fit for him.

So it needs to be understood (that) if he is coming out of this system and this system has been identified by Yah Himself as Mystery Babylon, a harlot or whore who rules over the entire world and has brought her system of democracy, a government that is for the people, by the people and spread it throughout the world. This has caused the world to go mad and lead the world astray. But why isn’t this man of sin going to rule from the United States? We even established how Wa-shatan is where the seat of satan is. Because the president is called the leader of the free world. Now the freedom that they are speaking about is a freedom or independence from Yah meaning we no longer have to listen to Yah. Yah’s way is no longer valid. We do it our way.

So with that why isn’t the man of sin going to rule from Wa-shatan D.C. which stands for the devil’s capital? So ha shatan is how you say satan in Hebrew. It just means the adversary. We know that from the seat of power that is central in Washington D.C. that it has become an adversary to every nation on earth. That’s where every rule is created and made from. That’s the center of democracy, Wa-shatan D.C.

So if that is the center of democracy (where) decisions are being made when this nation declares a war on another nation to get that nation to bow down to system of democracy that decision comes out of Washington D.C. through congress, the senate and ultimately by the president. But this man of is going to rule from Yahrushalom. Now understand the reason he is going to do that is because that is Yah’s city of peace. That is where Yahoshua is going to rule from. That’s where David ruled from. That’s where Yah set His name on. And His eyes are on that place always. That’s where the set-apart feasts were kept. So Yahrushalom is a special place.

But this man of sin because he’s going to take his whole spiritual deception to that land…because what we are going to see is that Yah is going to destroy Mystery Babylon or the United States of America. So the man of sin won’t be destroyed until Yahoshua returns and the destruction of Babylon is before Yahoshua returns. He’s going to be ruling from over there. While over here is set on fire.

Now before we go into this lesson. Don’t get yourself all fearful. ‘Obadiyah do we need to sell everything we have and flee to Israel right now’? No, Israel is going be ground zero. This place is going to be destroyed but when Yahoshua comes for that grand destruction, He’s starting there first (Israel) to clear out His Father’s land. Let’s say that the government has taken over our community. Right? And you raise up as the leader of this rebellion against the government. Right? So before you go and…let’s say that you go to liberate your neighborhood from government troops. So before you go down there, the first place you want to liberate in your neighborhood would be your own house. We’ll start here at my house first. We’ll take that back and then we will go through and liberate the rest of the neighborhood. That’s how it’s going to be when Yahoshua returns. He’s going to liberate what’s most important first…Yahrushalom. That has to be cleansed first because that’s where the kingdom is going to be.

So don’t you get all shaky. Don’t you get all scared. You know ‘what are we going to do’? ‘Is the U.S. going to be destroyed’? Yeah, that should bring joy to you. Yah said rejoice over that. When the rest of the world is going to be crying and mourning over it. Yah tells you to rejoice because its done on your behalf because of what she has done to you first. Yah’s going to get her for what she has done to the other nations by leading them astray (also). But what she has done to you first. This is what your father is coming to pay her back for.

So we are going to try to look at a little time line here to add all this up so you can understand when this is going to happen. We have a whole lesson that we’ve done previously. I don’t know maybe 4 or 5 years ago dealing with identifying Mystery Babylon that is spoken of in Scripture (as the) United States. We even went over a little bit of that in one of the man of sin lessons. We went over Mystery Babylon to identify it as the United States.

Because right now when you look at the United States, there’s no other country like it on the planet right now. A lone superpower. A military power. An economic power. When you look at over the last hundred years, all of the major inventions came out of this one country. Everything from cell phones, computers and all of this stuff came from here. Major inventions come out of here. And this world…with those major inventions (they have) promoted (these inventions) to the world. The rest of the world uses computers because the United States made it the standard. The rest of the world is heavily into video games because the United States made it the standard. Whatever she does, the world does. Because she leads the world astray. She’s the leader of the world. As the president is called the leader of the free world.

So we are going to try to put a timeline together so you can just see how all these things are going to add up. So you can keep your eyes (open) to look for sign one, sign two, sign three etc. Because there is a lot that is going on in the news right now that is leading up to some of the things that we are reading here.

So in the future, I want to possibly if it’s Yah’s will to do a part 2 to the destruction of Babylon. Right now we will deal with part one. We will talk about a timeline. We will look at her destruction and how Yah said that He is going to do it and just the pain that she’s going to bring. By the end of this you are going to see. We have not seen any type of destruction that is equivalent to what we are going to read here that’s going to happen to Mystery Babylon OTHER than when Yah took down Sodom, Gomorrah and the other cities that were surrounding it. Yah took down 4 cities in all that were still having sex with fallen angels after the great flood. When those 2 angels went to Sodom and the people wanted to have sex with them. Remember they want to know them. ‘Give us those men’. Those men were angels. We always try to make it where Sodom means homosexuality but Greece was more homosexual than Sodom.

Alexander the king who conquered the world, the king of Greece was a flaming homosexual. A homo thug if you want to call him that because he was thugged out. Read about him when he went on conquests throughout the nations that he conquered. He was a thug! No mercy. A wild man. And he was homosexual but Yah allowed him to do that. So how can you limit that Sodom was just only doing homosexuality. They were doing that but that was the smaller of the sins. Yah said in Genesis 18:20-21, let Me go down and see what they have done ALL TOGETHER because the sin has reached up to My nostrils. Their sin is grievous. When those angels came down, they said the whole city not just the men but the whole city came to Lot’s door and tried to break it down so they could have sexual unions with angels (as they did the fallen angels).

The word Sodomite means temple prostitute. It does not mean homosexual. That’s what these wild Christians have made it to mean. But it means a male temple prostitute. Because back in the day…and this is even where your nuns come from…they were temple prostitutes. Back in the day the people would come to the temple to simulate having sex with the fallen angels. These male temple prostitutes, they were not homosexuals. They were having sex with women. And by that they had sexual rituals where they were communicating…they called themselves reaching that level of communication with the gods. It was all sexual rituals. That’s what a Sodomite did in their temples. (My sidenote: I was just reading the other day where King Yahoshaphat of Judah put temple prostitutes out of the land in 1 Kings 22:46).

So you understanding all these things family, it’s these truths that they keep from our understanding. We have to stop believing what these wild Gentiles are telling us. I have said it throughout the lesson series that they refuse to believe that Mystery Babylon is the United States. Some say that it is an Arab nation. Some say it’s Iran. Some say that it’s the Roman Catholic Church. The Protestants blame it on the Catholics. The Catholics say it’s the Protestants. The Muslims say it’s the Christians. The Christians say it’s the Muslims, this Mystery Babylon. Some even go so far as to say that it’s the Jews.

But Scripture gives us that how is it that a nation such as the United States that is a conglomerate of all those mighty powerful ancient nations that existed before her. How is she not mentioned in this book? Because you have a movement called British-American Israelites where they say that the Europeans of Britain and the Europeans of the United States are the children of Israel. In fact, this belief is so widely believed, that the monarch over in London who calls themselves the UK or the United Kingdom, they believe they are Israelites. That’s why it’s called the United Kingdom. Remember the kingdom was split after Solomon. And so now they say they have united the kingdom. Because now they are one with the lost children of Israel that are in the United States. Meaning the white Europeans. This is what they teach. This is their doctrine.

And so by them believing that, their like no way could the United States be Mystery Babylon because the United States is a blessing by god. God bless America. Right? Where do you think that phrase (song) comes from? Because they say that was promised to Abraham. That’s why the United States is the leader of the free world. That’s why they say the sun never sets on the British Empire. Because these nations are ruling the world. This is what they say. And so they never look at this place as being Mystery Babylon therefore they will not understand any of the prophesies concerning the children of Ysrayl or Mystery Babylon. But we don’t have to go into that but you just need to know about that. That’s why they don’t look at this.

So we are going to see what Yah is showing us and how Yah is angry at this whore. That’s what He calls her. He’s angry at her and He has a target on her back to destroy her utterly in a manner that the earth has not seen a nation destroyed before it. She will be destroyed by the hand of Yah. He will seek vengeance on her for the treatment of His people, Ysrayl.

Let’s look at Yah’s first promise of His judgment coming down upon this nation called Mystery Babylon. Now remember when it’s called Mystery Babylon, Mystery is a secret. It’s a secret. We know that there was a nation that existed called ancient Babylon. But this one is a secret. And she is also referred to as the daughter of Babylon (Isaiah 47:1). The daughter of Babylon, ancient Babylon, Mystery Babylon, all of these apply to this new place, this new land. So if you are not understanding who the children of Ysrayl are, how can you understand what has happened to the children of Ysrayl? How can you understand how this whore has come against and slaughtered Yah’s people?  You can not understand that. But it all makes sense when we see  how Yah speaks about her and her destruction and what she has done to His people. It all adds up when you look at the history of the so-called black people of the western hemisphere. Particularly in the United States. It all makes sense.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 15. We are going to read v. 13-14. We are going to look at Yah’s first promise of Babylon’s destruction or her judgment coming.

Genesis 15:13-14, v. 13 Abram is our father Abraham. This is before his name was changed to Abraham. When Yah says know for certain, guess what? You can count on it that it’s going to happen. Now for sure that this is going to happen Abraham. Seed just means descendants. v. 14 Read.

Now look at this. ‘Your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs’. The United States, when these jackals were forming this country and when they wrote the constitution or the laws of the land, they had us in chains and shackles. We had nothing to do with that. And since we are dealing with truth here family, stop believing that fable about a man named John Hansen a black Moor being the first president of the United States. That is a doctrine created by these people called Moorish-Americans. They are filled with Islamic and all types of satanic doctrine. These are the ones confusing your mind about declaring yourself a sovereign nation. Talking about you some ancient Moabite.

You know the Moabites were the children descended from Lot and his daughters. After Sodom was destroyed, his daughters thought that all the world had been destroyed because that destruction was so HEAVY. It could be compared to a nuclear destruction. And these women thought that there were no more men on the earth left. So they went and got their father drunk and they went in and had sex with him and he got both of them pregnant. The Moabites are descendants of one of those unions. and these people calling themselves Moorish Americans are leading many astray in that wacked-out doctrine.

And many of you are Israylites and are giving ear to it. Yah said that you will be a stranger in a land that is not yours. They are teaching you that these Moors, that these were Moors over here and that you are descended from those Moors and that you are not descended from the slaves that came over here. ALL types of madness. There was Israylites all over the planet. Some sojourned to some places and some went into captivity. Yet what they’re saying in this doctrine is unfounded. Yah said we are coming into a land that is not ours. So this whole John Hansen being the first American president…listen ain’t no Israylites going to sit on the throne of Babylon!! Yah didn’t say that! If you believe that then don’t believe the prophesies. You can’t believe the prophesies if that’s what you are believing. See that was baby goo-goo-gaa-gaa stuff when you didn’t know who you are.

Now that you do know who you are, you don’t have to search for these half-baked identities. You want to associate with the Egyptians. You want to associated with Moors. You want to be this, that. You are an Israylite! Stop running Jonah! Live up to who you are.

So Yah said you are going to be a stranger sojourning in a land that is not yours. And we serve them. We were brought here in 1619 as these people’s servants and made into slaves. You can’t find one people in this land that has had the continued trouble as we have. We got over here in slave ships. Everybody else came on cruise ships. Or luxury cruisers. We were not invited over here. We were captured and forced over here. Because Yah said you shall serve them and they shall afflict them for 400 years. It’s been nearly 400 years. It’s been 393 years of captivity, exile for the children of Ysrayl in the United States of America.

And they have mistreated us from the moment that we stepped off those ships to this very hour we are being mistreated in their society. Yah didn’t say we shall be in slavery for 400 years. (reads v. 14 again). That nation that Yah has sent us into for a period of 400 years is the United States but she is called by the term Mystery Babylon in the Bible. This is the first that we here about Yah placing His judgment upon that nation for what she has done to His people. Because she has mistreated us for 400 years. Our 400 year time period will come up in the year 2019. (That is) 7 years away from this present time right here.

As Willie Lynch said in his letter in 1712 he wrote it. He said my plan will be effective for 300 years. 1712+300=2012. And the great awakening has long begun. Now it’s time for Yah to work through His people that’s why this truth is coming out through the mouth of His people. You can’t go to the Christian and get this. You can’t go to the Muslim to get this. You can not go to the Jew to get this. There’s only complete understanding coming from the redeemed house of Ysrayl, the redeemed Messianic house of Ysrayl. Because now we are in that time. We are not moved by Willie Lynch. We are not moved by light-skinned versus dark-skinned. We are not moved by whether Gentiles can get salvation. We know the answers to all these things. Because Yah is working this in His people. It’s not a question with us. It’s a question with them because they don’t know. So right here we see in Genesis 15:13 that’s the first that we here about Yah judging this nation. Then he said when we come out we are coming out with great possessions. Physically and spiritually because the greatest possession that we are going to leave here with is our name or identity.

Remember in the movie ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’? Tina told Ike and the they divorced, ‘I don’t want nothing, all I want is my name’. Remember when we came out of Egypt? Yah said go and spoil the Egyptians. Get everything. Get the gold of Egypt (Exodus 12:35-36). We are coming out of here with our heritage. We are coming out of here with our identity. We are going back connected with the covenant. We are going back connected to our land. And we are coming by here by the hand of our Messiyah, through our Mighty Fahter Yah. Great possessions He said that you are going to receive when He brings judgment upon this land that has kept you there for 400 years and mistreated you, which is Babylon.

Real quick. I get this question every time we talk about Mystery Babylon. Obadiyah what about the Israylites in Jamaica? Obadiyah what about the Israylites in Haiti? Obadiyah what about the Israylites (here or there)? This prophesy is Yah dealing with Babylon. When some of our people are taken into captivity, all of us are taken into captivity. We are one nation. Our Jamaican brothers live here. They come to the United States and they get treated just like the natural-born one that was here already. The Jamaican emigrates here and get treated the same as the Israylite born here. So does the Haitian, so forth and so on. This concerns the entire family of Ysrayl. But Yah is dealing this one particular nation. She reaches down in Jamaica. She reaches down in London. She reaches down in Asia. All over the places because she rules the world.

So this is a prophesy that is concerning the children of Ysrayl because all 12 tribes are here. All 12 tribes were here from the beginning. Don’t you believe that madness that you know that the United States is where the negroes are. Negro-Israylites, the house of Judah is the negroes and Haiti is the house of Levites (they say). That’s garbage! All 12 tribes are over in Haiti. All 12 tribes are over in Jamaica. We all are here Ysrayl and Yahudah. We all are here (in the U.S.).

So Yah talks about that great possession. Then we go over to Isaiah chapter 60:9, this verse talks about the great possessions (that we will leave Mystery Babylon with).

Yesiyah 60:9 Tarshish is Spain. (*see Genesis 10:4). These are Spaniards. You better learn and catch up on your spanish brothers and sisters. So take me home, Ese. That’s what you better learn to say. Because the ships of Tarshish, Spain first. Because it was Spain that brought our people over in this hemisphere in the slave trade first. (My sidenote: In 1501 the slaves were brought to the Dominican Republic, If I’m not mistaken). Because it was Spain and Portugal that came out of Europe’s dark ages because the Moors, the true Moors along with Israylites had conquered Spain for a period of 711 years. And when the Moors and those Israylites had conquered Spain they went up there and brought great knowledge because after the Roman Empire fell that knowledge that they had gotten from Egypt through Babylon fell with it. Remember when Greece ruled, Rome came after Greece and took all the knowledge that Greece had gotten from Egypt and Babylon. Rome took it (over). Rome took it from Greece. Greece took that knowledge from Egypt. Egypt took it from Babylon. And then when Rome ruled they ruled over Greece and they took that knowledge. But when the Roman Empire fell, that knowledge fell with it.

These people once had bath houses all over the place (Rome had a system of aqueducts). Now they don’t even know how to take a bath (dark ages). Yeah that’s what happened up there. Plagues came (the Bubonic Plague) because they were living with rats (the flea which carries the plague rides on the rat) and the rats came through and killed millions of people through a plague. That was called the dark ages. Because there was no knowledge in Europe. The rest of the world was filled with knowledge and prosperity. But Europe was dark. So coming out of the dark ages, Spain and Portugal came first and when they came out, they came down to the west coast of Africa where they were informed (of our whereabouts) by the Muslims. That these are the people of The Book. These are the children of Ysrayl.’ They have been disobedient to their God so take as many of them as you want’. ‘You better get them’. So this began what’s called the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. So we go here.

So Yah says because the coast lands wait for Me and the ships of Tarshish first to bring your sons from afar. Their silver and their gold with them to the name of Yah, your Power and to the set-apart One of Ysrayl because He has adorned you. Do yo see that?

v. 10 Look at that. ‘And the sons of kings’ or ‘sons of foreigners’ shall build your walls. The sons of the foreigners they will come, the kings will serve, that’s when we are leaving out with the knowledge that we are the children of Ysrayl. The nations are going to serve us. That’s what Yah said they are going to serve (minister to) you. Then we are going to read Revelation 3:9. They are going to bow down to our feet. That’s when we are going to come out of Babylon. Here we are today, the lowest of the low but we are going to come out on top. We are going to be the kings and rulers of this earth. And your kings are going to serve us. So Yah said I’m going to judge her and you are going to come out with great possessions. Just like when we left Egypt and when He judged Egypt. We came out with great possessions. So let’s look at this.

So we are going to look at a little time-line here leading up to Babylon’s destruction so that we will have an understanding of what to look for. So the first thing that we are going to be seeing…now remember this is leading up to Babylon’s destruction. When we get into the Revelation series we will have a greater time line of the end times. But we are looking at Babylon’s destruction right here. There’s a lot of things that are going to happen. I have 5 points that I want to show you. But there is a lot of stuff that will happen between these five points and we will talk about the end-times.

So the first thing that we will see that leads up to Babylon’s destruction is satan being cast out of heaven. Yeah for those of you all that didn’t know, satan is still in heaven. The whole thing that he is in hell, ruling hell and Saddam Hussein is his boyfriend and all that madness, yeah that’s madness. That’s not real. Satan is in heaven and he’s up there creating chaos. These scientists are looking out into heaven and they say listen out there is a very violent place. They say there are massive explosions of gigantic planets and star systems and planetary systems. There is a lot of chaos going on out there as far as Yah is allowing them to see. They only can see a little bit out there. Right?

So we don’t even really believe the stuff that they THINK they know. There are a few things out there that Yah allowed them to get correct. But everything else, these jackals don’t know what they are talking about. But they talk about how violent it is out in the heavens because satan is still out there in the heavens. As we will read, even the book of Revelations says he is the accuser of the brethren before the face of Yah day and night. So he’s up there always trying to make an accusation against Yah’s servants. So he’s still up there. He’s not down here in no hell. Hell just means the grave. And when he goes to the lake of fire, the lake of fire will be his torture chamber. That’s his death sentence. It was created for him and his malakim. But Yah’s going to put all of those who follow him in there including men and demons. All of them are going in there. So he is going to the lake of fire to be tormented. He’s not going in there to torment anybody. Yah is going to torment him. So that’s just a myth. It’s foolishness coming from ancient paganism and coming from the stories of the gods, elohim and all that stuff. Those myths of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism too.

Revelation 12, the first thing in our time line of Babylon’s destruction is satan being cast out of the heavens for good.

Revelation 12:7-12, v. 7-8 ‘The heaven’ or heaven. This is high heaven or ha Shamayim. Shamayim is how you say heaven in Hebrew. This is the highest heaven where Yah dwells. What is satan doing up there causing a war? He’s going to make his final attempt at the throne of Yah. And this is going to be it for him. They will say no, this can no longer happen. You’ve been cast down and now you are trying to sit your throne above the stars of Yah and you are trying to sit in the mount of the congregation of the north. No you can not do it anymore. And satan and his crew are not strong enough because their energy as they go up against the righteous malakim…their energy is limited. Michayah and all those legions and legions, legions and legion of warrior malakim that are under him. That are under his authority are still connected to Yah and Yah is ha Power, the Power. Yah is ha Yl. He is the Power. So Michayah and them have infinite, forever and ever power. And satan’s power is limited. So how can you go against that and think you will win? So they don’t. They are not strong enough. They don’t have enough energy. They don’t have enough power. Yeah they have power over the sons of men but they don’t have power over the righteous malakim.

(reads v. 8 again) When this happens, this is Revelation the back of the Book. When this happens then satan is cast down to the earth. But right now he’s still up there until this war takes place. v. 9 The serpent of old=the serpent that was in the garden. He’s associated with the serpent. That was an actual serpent of the serpent people who deceived Eve. And satan deceived that serpent to deceive her. So everybody got punished that took part in that. Mankind got punished. The serpent got punished. And of course  satan is going to be punished for his hand in it. But satan is called the great dragon, the serpent of old. He’s called the devil and satan and ha shatan. The adversary that leads all the world astray.

v. 10 The accuser of the brethren. Whenever you have that spirit that is constantly accusing the brothers, that’s the spirit of satan. That’s the spirit of the great dragon, that old serpent. That’s what he does, accuser of the brethren. Who accuses them before Yah day and night. He is always making an accusation. Just like those pharisees were always making an accusation against Yahoshua. ‘Oh He’s teaching against the law’. They always made accusations against the emissaries. ‘Oh they are teaching in this man’s name’. ‘Oh they are doing magic blah, blah, blah’. That’s the spirit of satan. ‘Oh Obadiyah and nem are teaching against the feast days’. ‘Oh they doing this’. That’s the spirit of satan.

v. 11-12 He knows that when he comes down here his time is almost up. All he has is 3 1/2 years to operate! That’s all he has. So he’s going to be angry! He’s coming down with straight destruction. And when he comes down to earth what’s the next event that is going to happen? The man of sin will make his appearance! Satan can not wait a day longer because his time is almost up. He’s at his last 3 1/2 years of ruling over the sons of Adam. So when he’s cast down that’s when the man of sin is going to make his appearance.

Let’s go to 2 Thessalonians 2. So do you see how our time-line is building up to the destruction of Babylon? Satan will go against Michayah to try to make his throne higher than the throne of Yah. He will try to get back into the heavens as a ruler with authority. But it’s not going to happen. Because Michayah and those other akeem (brothers) they will make sure that this ain’t going down. How dare you, you defiled, abominable creature! You have fallen so far from the heavens. How dare you try to go back and get your authority! That’s going to be the righteous malakim mindset. They have been waiting on this. They’ve been waiting for you, satan. You may have deceived the nations. You may have deceived the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve but you ain’t deceiving Michayah and the righteous malakim. No that for certain, satan.

And they will show you what this is all about. And may the mercy of Yah be upon us. To let us see that because y’all do know that satan is down here on this planetary field. All the planets are named after the gods. The gods that fell with satan. The ones that he convinced to leave heaven dwell on the planets. Yes that’s where they are. So they are going to lead an assault on the throne of Yah. What did you think? You thought you would catch Yah sleeping? We can go get Him when its night-time. When the sun is down it’s night-time and Yah is taking a nap so we can go cut His throat. That’s your plan huh? Okay. We’ll see about that there. And we’ll see how effective your plan is going to be (laughs).

So that the attitude family because listen you have to take authority of your life back from the adversary. You have to do it, man. We have to stop letting him depress us all the time. We have to stand strong and say I don’t feel like being depressed. I don’t feel like hearing what satan has to say. Even if you give me an inkling of truth, let that truth be truth but everything else you say is a lie. Because you are a liar and the father of it. Therefore there is not one Scripture that says I have to listen to your voice, satan. Because I know all your going to give me is a lie. Even if you try to mix it with the truth, it’s still going to turn into a lie. So we don’t have to listen to him, family. Stop letting him get us depressed.

Satan was cast out of heaven and he knows he has a little time left so he goes into wrath because we know that when the man of sin makes his appearance, he immediately will go into wrath against the children of Ysrayl. Satan is cast out of heaven, the apple of Yah’s eye is on earth and satan is going to make that his target.

2 Thessalonians 2:3-7, v. 3-5 Read. v. 6 You know what has to happen. When satan is cast out of heaven the great falling away (will happen), the temple being built, all of that would have happened already. Because when satan comes down he does not have time for all that to be done. He has to have that in place already. And then the man of sin will make his appearance. But we know that the great falling away and all those thing has to happen. The temple has to be revealed. So you must understand what is restraining him.

v. 7 ‘For the secret of lawlessness is already at work’. Yes it is. Barack Obama is the leader of a lawless world. ‘That he may be revealed in his own time’. We have read this several times in this lesson but we are still building our timeline here for the destruction of Babylon.

Let’s go to Matthew 24. Yahoshua said the same thing about the man of sin being revealed. So when satan is cast out of heaven thrown down to earth, this is when the man of sin is going to stand in the temple and says he is the greatest of all gods. Because satan only has a short time left. How short is that time? 3 1/2 years after he’s cast out.

Matthew 24, this is the same time period. One of the things you will  notice about the man of sin is that we are still talking about that same time period. When we get into the Revelation series, we will be talking about similar time periods here. All of this is on the horizon to happen.

Matthew 24:15-18 So we know that this is going to signal time for Ysrayl to run into the wilderness. Which is the next one of our time, Ysrayl fleeing into the wilderness. Yahoshua just told us when that man stands up in the temple and when he says that he is the greatest of all gods, the abomination that lays waste spoken of by Daniyah. We know that it’s time to go. So the next thing that we are going to be looking at in our timeline is that it’s leading up to the destruction of Babylon. It’s Ysrayl fleeing into the wilderness

Let’s go to Revelation 12. Yahoshua already told us, don’t go back into your house for ANYTHING. Get ready to put those jets on and get ready to go. ‘Obadiyah I’m too tired to run, man’. ‘I can’t make it’. Well, I’ll see you at the resurrection, ahk. See you at the resurrection. Because our Master has instructed us to go.

Revelation 12:13-14, v. 13 So remember Yahoshua said when the man of sin stands up that we are to flee. Because satan is going to make his war. Satan sees that now he’s thrown down to the earth, he’s stuck here and he can’t go up to heaven and lie before the face of Yah and try to make war against Yah. You see here he will persecute the woman who gave birth to the male child. The woman is symbolism for the nation of Ysrayl. The male child is Yahoshua. Yahoshua came through the nation of Ysrayl.

v. 14 So the woman is fleeing into the wilderness. That’s when Ysrayl is going to flee into the wilderness when the man of sin stands in the temple and calls himself the greatest of all gods. We are leading up to the destruction of Babylon. So by the time Babylon is destroyed, Ysrayl is in the wilderness. And so this presents a problem for us North American Israelites because us in the United States this is Babylon and as we see that Yah is going to destroy Babylon before Ysrayl comes out of the wilderness. We are going to see that Yahoshua when He returnes as he told us in Matthew 24 that when He returns He’s going to send His malakim to gather His elect from the 4 winds of heaven or 4 corners of heaven scattered from the 4 corners of the heavens or 4 corners of the earth.

So Ysrayl will be in the wilderness until Yahoshua comes to get us out. The wilderness is going to be in every continent, every country where the children of Ysrayl dwell. Isaiah chapter 35 says that the wilderness is a desert. When the children of Ysrayl came out of Egypt and went into the wilderness and wandered for 40 years they wandered through the desert. So as we will see us North American Israylites in the United States, we can not be sitting around here waiting in the deserts of Arizona or the deserts of Nevada (or California). You know waiting on Yahoshua to come and get us because before Yahoshua returns the United States will be destroyed. Did you get that? Ysrayl is going into the wilderness, Revelation 12. Yah destroyes Babylon in Revelation 17, 18. And Yahoshua comes back, Revelation 19. So that poses a problem for us. Where do we go? Where is our wilderness? We go down south to the southern region, not southern United States but to South America. There’s no deserts down there, only jungles. (later they said there is one desert in S. America but we will not be in this hemisphere). I’m going to share a bit more of that information with you at the end of this lesson, if Yah so deems me to do so.

So we are seeing that satan is cast out of heaven. The man of sin stands up and makes his appearance saying he’s the greatest of all gods. Ysrayl flees in the wilderness led by 2 wings of a great eagle. What could that 2 wings of a great eagle be? Because Yah said the same thing that we were led into the wilderness during the days of Moses by 2 wings of a great eagle. Is He talking about the democrats and republicans are going to lead us into the wilderness? Is that what He’s talking about? (laughs).

Some of you wild ‘brews might thing that. You just might think that Yah is just saying that the democrats and the republicans are going to get together and save us. That’s what you are hoping for right? That’s not it. The only thing that we can identify (as) 2 wings of the great eagle because we know that they didn’t get on an airplane and fly into the wilderness. We know that didn’t happen. Right? We know that a giant eagle didn’t come and swoop all those Israylites upon its wings.

No that didn’t happen. The only thing we can relate this to, that’s going to happen in our time, that did happen back in the days of Moses was Moses leading the children of Ysrayl out of Egypt with his brother Aharon. Whom Yah says in Exodus 7:1, Moses I have made you an elohim to the face of pharaoh and your brother Aharon is your prophet.

Now the next thing we will talk about is the 2 witnesses. They are going to stand up against the man of sin. That’s going to be the #4 in our timeline here. The 2 witnesses standing up to battle against the man of sin. Now those 2 men may be the ones that lead us into the wilderness. Just like Moses and Aharon led us then. These 2 men may be the ones to lead us in this day. Two wings of a great eagle, these two servants of Yah. Because just like Moses and Aharon went to the face of Pharaoh, let my people go. These 2 witnesses are going to go to the man of sin and be a WITNESS against him! That’s what you are doing and who you are is a wicked, inspiration, possession of satan! And Yah’s witnesses on earth are the children of Ysrayl.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 43 and then we will look at these 2 witnesses. Yah’s witnesses on earth are Ysrayl. So that’s a smack to you Jehovah Witnesses. Y’all can witness for Jehovah. We witness for Yah. No other people have experienced the blessing and curses from the hand of Yah because no other created a covenant with Him other than the children of Ysrayl. And those (nations) who have joined themselves unto this covenant (too). Yah only deals with His people in that manner. They haven’t felt His wrath just yet but we know it. We see it. We live it. We breathe it.

You are the witnesses. So when we get over here and we see the 2 witnesses because Moses and Aharon both were Levites. Both were Israylites and were a witness against pharaoh. Yah said to let His people go and you refused to. That’s a witness against YOU pharaoh. You are a wicked man of sin and everything that you are doing is wickedness. We are a witness against you. So since the kingdom is now split and Ysrayl is to the north and Yahudah down to the south. That’s why of Yah’s 2 witnesses one will be from Yahudah and one will be from Ysrayl. Yah knows which tribe everyone is from. Yah knows who you are. Yah knows where you are. So Yah’s 2 witnesses on the earth right now since the kingdom is split is Ysrayl and Yahudah…Israylites. Those that were from the 10(northern) tribes and those that were from the 2 (southern tribes). So more than likely one of these men will be descended from the northern tribes. It could be Ephraim. It could be Manasseh. It could be Gad. It could be Zebulon. Whatever. And then the other one is probably going to be descended from Judah or Benjamin or maybe even a Levite.

These are who the witnesses or Yah are. So when you get over to the 2 witnesses…because like I said we are a separate nation now. Our nation has been divided. You have Ysrayl and Yahudah and when Yahoshua returns that’s when the nation will be gathered together in Yah’s hand (one stick).

Isaiah 43:10-11 Yah is the Power that can save. So when it says Yahoshua is the savior that’s only because Yah made Him so. He has no power to save on His own. His power comes from Yah. So do you see Yah starts off in Isaiah 43:10, you are My witnesses. So Yah is going to send two witnesses to this man of sin just like He did in the days of old. He sent 2 witnesses to pharaoh.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 11. Because Ysrayl are the witnesses of Yah. So satan being cast out of heaven making that final attempt at Yah’s throne. Having a great, grand war against Michayah and the righteous  malakim. He will get cast down. And when he is cast down he only has 3 1/2 years remaining. The man of sin is going to make his appearance, standing in the temple, standing in Jerusalem (saying) I am the greatest of all gods. Yahoshua said flee into the wilderness.

So the next event is Ysrayl going into the wilderness. And then the next event after that is the 2 witnesses standing up and battling against the man of sin. So Ysrayl is in the wilderness by the time this happens. So when Yah talks about being led into the wilderness by two great wings. The only thing we can relate that to is these 2 men right here. Taking the children of Ysrayl and leading them into the wilderness. Now we said Ysrayl is scattered all over the world. So these 2 men how would hey perform that? That’s in Yah’s hands. Do you think Yah can’t bring them all over the world? Santa Claus can go all over the world in one night. Right? And you believe that. Right? You believe that so why can’t these two men by the power of Yah go all over the world? So just keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes on Yah and never deny His Power ‘Oh man that’s fantasy’. No you are fantasy. Not Yah. And not the Power that Yah can weld on the earth. That’s not fantasy. You are and your understanding of Scripture is fantasy. It’s because you don’t believe in the Power of Yah.

Revelation 11:3-4 Now sackcloth we put that on when it’s time to mourn. As we are now in a state of mourning here as the children of Ysrayl are held in exile outside of our land and being put under the ban of another nation, a wicked nation who is supposed to be under our ban but because we have been disobedient, we are under their ban. These men are in sackcloth because it’s a time of mourning because the man of sin has stood up and said he is greater than Yah. He is speaking all these blasphemies against Yah so it’s a time of mourning.

Yah said 1,260 days that’s the same we read in Revelation 12 that the children of Ysrayl will be in the wilderness 1, 260 days or times, time and half of time or 3 1/2 years. Satan know when he is cast our he only has a short time left, 3 1/2 years. That’s all it will take for these 2 men to make their prophesies and to stand against the man of sin. As long as the man of sin is in that temple and as long as he is in that position and as long as he is leading the world astray and they are worshipping him, then these 2 witnesses will be in his face.

v. 4 The 2 olive trees and the 2 lampstands who are standing before Yah. Who stands before Yah on the earth? The nation of Ysrayl. Let’s go to Amos real quick. Chapter 3, the prophet Amos. The 2 olive trees, that’s where we get our anointing oil from. The 2 lampstands…lampstands do what? They give off light. Going to be a light to whom? To the Gentiles. The light represents what? The truth and the knowledge of Yah. And Yah gave His truth to who? The children of Ysrayl. So right here He has only dwelt with this nation here because this is the only nation He has ever made He covenant with, the nation of Ysrayl. So these two lampstands, these 2 olive trees, we are talking about Israylites. Amos 3, what Yah says here just resonates through the entire Book. This is What Yah says through the entire Book.

Amos 3:1-2 YOU ALONE, Ysrayl have I known of all the families of the earth therefore I shall punish you for your crookedness.

And we go back to Revelation 11. What does it say in v. 4? These are the 2 olive trees and the 2 lampstands that are standing before Yah of the earth. So Ysrayl is the only nation that Yah has dwelt with on the earth. We are the ones that He has adopted. Everything was given to us according to Romans 9:4-5. So we are talking about 2 Israylites here as the 2 witnesses. Not Yisrayl Hawkins down in Abilene Texas and his brother Yahcob. Yeah he said that him and his brother are the 2 witnesses and his brother has died. So now where does that leave? You know, unbelievable and people still follow him.

Revelation 11:5-8 Can you imagine? These brothers breathing fire our of their mouths! OH-WEE! v. 6-8 The Master was impaled that’s Yahoshua. He was impaled where? In Yahrushalom, Jerusalem. But this city is called what? Sodom and Egypt! Sodom where they was having sex with the fallen angels. Egypt where they were worshipping over 360 gods and all type of spiritual wickedness was there. Spiritually Jerusalem is going to be sick like that because that’s where the man of sin is going to be ruling from.

So these 2 witnesses are going to be the next event as we are leading up to the destruction of Babylon. They are going to prophesy 1, 260 days against this man.

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The Man of Sin p. 4c

So what I want to do as we get ready to close out here. I want to read this victory speech that he gave November 6, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. And I want to read this for you just some very interesting points. A lot of this stuff he was saying pay attention (to it) family.

This is what he says: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Tonight more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny the task of perfecting our union moves forward. It moves forward because of you. It moves forward because you re-affirm the spirit that has triumphant over war and depression. The spirit that has lifted this country from the depths of despair of the great heights of hope. The belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams. We are an American family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people. Tonight in this election you the American people reminded us that while our journey has been long, we have picked our selves up. We have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America that the best is yet to come.

Hmmm. Not for us. Maybe for them. Right?

Continues: I want to thank every American who participated in this election. Whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time.  (stops)

One of the things that I noticed about the election also is that they were trying to make it as though Mitt Romney was actually a competitive force. ‘Oh Mitt Romney is going to win the women vote’ ‘Oh he is going to win the Hispanic vote’. And when it came Mitt Romney won nothing but old folks votes. That’s all that he got. It was pretty much a landslide. It was like wow, what are y’all talking about here. But that’s just showing the power of media. They can get you to think or believe whatever they say. They put you in a trance. Yah said your potent spells. Right? That’s what they do.

He says: But despite all of our differences most of us share certain hopes for America’s future. We want our kids to grow up in a country where they have access to the best schools and the best teachers. A country that lives up to its legacy as the global leader in technology and discovery and innovation. With all the good jobs and new businesses that follow. We want our children to live in a America that isn’t burdened by debt. That isn’t weakened by inequality. That isn’t threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet. (stops)

Yeah it sounds like he is getting these Americans together, boy. Getting them revved up.

Continues: And whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to you. I have learned from you. And you’ve made me a better president. All with your stories and with your struggles I return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do and the future that lies ahead. Tonight you voted for action and not politics as usual. You elected us to focus on your jobs not ours. And in the coming weeks and months. (stops)

It’s funny he didn’t mention years.

Continues: I am going forward to reaching out to working with the leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together, reducing our deficit, reforming our tax code, fixing our immigration system, freeing ourselves from foreign oil…we have more work to do.

He goes on to say: What makes America exceptional are the bonds that hold together the most diverse nation on earth. (stops)

Remember he says right here that America is the most diverse nation on earth but in the beginning he said we are one people…unity through diversity…out of many come one. That’s what he’s talking about. He’s stepping his foot in now. Right? That Barack Obama they thought they would have seen the first term is probably the one you are going to get now. He’s going to lure them to sleep with his potent spells and many witchcrafts as he’s already done.

So this was just looking at Barack Obama and looking at the curiosity points that he has. It’s more than enough to raise an eyebrow, you know. The thing now is to just listen to the talk about him running in 2016. There has to be something that happens between now and 2016. He is the president and has the power. Everything is held together by the constitution. And if you suspend that constitution, you may have to write a new one. Where that was the American constitution, we will need a constitution for the world now because he’s a world leader. In America the president can only run for 2 terms. This is their mindset. But for the world we need a leader that will always be there. We need a god.

So once again let’s look at this. Barack Obama, yeah he is a man but cloned. He didn’t come into this world the way that men do. He was cloned from pharaoh. And like I said, it’s not a coincidence that we are going to have a pharaoh on the throne. We may have a pharaoh on the throne ruling over the world when it’s time for us to be freed from our captivity. And when its time for us to be freed and run into the wilderness. Y’all know that’s how Yah does it. Y’all know that’s how he does it, that pattern. He did it once, He will do it twice. So Goshen’s unite. Project Goshen, before the children of Yrayl left and went into the wilderness, they left from Goshen. It’s no coincidence. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.




So fam as we sit back and we pay attention to this man’s time on the throne, pay attention to it.

(cars heard in the background) These wild ‘brews are out here drag racing. And soon as the police pull them over. You know, ‘what did I do’? Give them a ticket and throw them in jail ‘police brutality’. Hey man listen ‘brew you shouldn’t have been drag racing through commercial streets. We know how the police do us. Yeah they pick on us all the time and we can get killed. Like I said earlier by a simple traffic stop oh yeah but I’m talking about the ‘brews that do, do thing that attracts the police attention. Those are the ‘brews that I’m talking about. You want to play like you are one of the innocent ‘brews but you are not. And as soon as you get pulled over for drag racing…there you go. You will call Jesse Jackson. Right? ‘Man I was only going a hundred and ten miles in a thirty-five mile zone man’. ‘They are picking on me’.

So as I said ‘brews pay attention. Watch. Don’t get lost. Don’t get caught up in Howl Lindsey and Jack Van Impe. If this man is the man of sin, he’s already in office. They are going to be waiting on him to come into office but he’s already in office. He’s already there. He is already making this society lawless and he is already ruling over a lawless society. But it’s only going to get even more lawless than it is now. He’s already doing it, if he is the man. And they are waiting on another. So do you see how smooth it will be?

If this political system collapses while Barack Obama has been in office, while he is elected and then he brings out a whole new system. they are not going to say that’s the mark of the beast…that’s him fixing the system. Our finance system collapses, breaks down so we need a new system. Cause they are still going to be waiting on some man to come out of the sky and do this and that.

Did y’all notice? Go back and look at the 2008 campaign. They were calling this man a savior. Obama for messiah. He’s our savior. He’s our messiah. One sister stood up and said ‘I won’t have to pay my mortgage anymore’. ‘I won’t have to pay for gas anymore’. ‘Because he’s going to help me’ Because right now, notice this also. Notice how the world is looking at the children of Ysrayl. It’s imitating the children of Ysrayl. The whole world. So it’s looking at Barack Obama as one of us. It looks like he came up from our midst. They call him an African-American. Right? I mean Egypt is in Africa. Right? Akhenaton did live in Africa. Right? And now he lives on the continent of America. He is a true African-American but they make it seem like he comes out of our ranks. But the world looks at him as one of us. So whatever he say, they will do. Did y’all see the reaction of how people were celebrating around the world when he was re-elected? They were over in India making sculptures of him in the sand. People were celebrating in Kenya. And they did the same thing when he was elected the first time. So he’s not that far away from being accepted. You know you can say whatever you want to say about yourself but I’m talking about being accepted for what you say about yourself.

Like for instance, you look at these Hollywood movie stars, really these are fallen angels. People look at them as handsome and beautiful and if one of the ones people cal handsome, if he says ‘yeah I am handsome’. ‘I’m a very handsome man’.Then if he is handsome according to your standard of beauty and he says that he is handsome then you accept that he is handsome. If she says that she is a very beautiful woman and she is beautiful by the world’s standards and she says that she is beautiful then you will accept her as being beautiful. Right? She said it and you accept it.

So if Barack Obama says I am a god and he has god-like talent. Then because he says he’s a god people will accept him as a god. So what I’m saying is that, you think about this. You think who on this earth right now, if they were to say that they are a god that the people would look at them and say ‘man you are out of your mind’. Of course you will get those people but people would accept him. Then he pulls fire out of heaven in front of the face of men. So look at these things. He’s involved in the world’s three largest religions. Passover at the white house. Muslim name and professing Christianity. When we look at this man’s religion you know the one world religion and the false prophet. We are going to look at all those things to see how all those things match up. The parliament of world religions and all this stuff. They are all worshipping the same god. So Barack is very curious and like I said more so than anybody else. This man has some very key features of what we know the man of sin (has). If Barack is not him, there will be one that comes up that will be a mirror of Barack Obama. Maybe Barack Obama gets murdered in his second term so I don’t know. It may be someone who comes up after  him.

But it was funny how Daniyah said ‘the despised one’. Who’s been more disrespected than Barack Obama? He’s both loved and hated at the same time. As we all are. There’s someone out there that hates us just as much as someone who loves us. But to the scale that this man is because he’s a public figure. So I’m just saying keep our eyes open. Keep watch on him. He may not be. He may be. We don’t know until he stands in the temple and proclaims himself. Yet at the same time we know we need to watch because if he is not then the one that is, is going to be a mirror and if we have already watched Barack and know what Barack is about the one that comes after him, if he’s not him then we will know what he is about.

So I think I will end the lesson right here family. This is the man of sin part 4. It was entitled Barack Obama. We just looked at some of the characteristics that Barack Obama has versus what the man of sin has. And we are trying to match them up not to say that Barack is the man of sin but just to show you those characteristics are there. And everybody is looking for a man to come from here or there but we are looking at a man that is.

Everybody is looking for a great speaker but Barack is a great speaker. They are looking for a great speaker to come but a great speaker is already here. Their looking for a man to come and lead the world into lawlessness but the man is already here leading the world into lawlessness. Through a lawless system.

So that’s what I’m saying, we are looking over here, over there. Everybody is speculating about this one, that one. But there is one that is already here. Are you focusing on that one? Because these Christians don’t know the prophesies. Muslims don’t know the prophesies. Jews don’t know the prophesies. Hebrew know the prophesies. Israylites know the prophesies. Messianic Israylites know the prophesies. So this is what Yah is giving us to see. Watch him. Watch his policies. Watch what he says. Watch what he does. You are effected because you are part of this land. You live here physically. You are not of it but you live here physically. Your sojourning in this country. Yah said pray for the peace of the city or the land in which we dwell. For in its peace, we have peace. So if we have to pray for the land that we dwell in to have peace then if the land has peace, we have peace. Right? But if the land has no peace, we have no peace. But we know that we are the children of Ysrayl. We know that we are in captivity. But at the same time everything that these people do affects us. Everything. Like they say, if America sneezes, we get the flu. If they get the flu, we are in critical condition.

I’m going to read Jeremiah chapter 29. This is when the children of Ysrayl were taken to the first Babylon captivity.

Yermiyah 29:7 So we have to pray for the peace of the places that we are. We know Chicago needs some peace. Right? (laughs).

I’m going to read Romans chapter 13. I said I was going to close out but this came to mind. (Ambulance in background). I’m going to let this ambulance go by. Probably another ‘brew done stole an ambulance. ‘Brews be stealing ambulances here in Chicago and then charge you $10 to take you to the hospital. Wild ‘brews that’s probably what’s going on right there. Rolling down the streets with those screaming sirens. Yeah ‘brews are wild here. So after I finish here, I will go outside and see if Pookie got any rides tonight. I got a little stomach ache. Maybe Pookie can drop me off at the hospital. I know Pookie charge $10, Ray-Ray I think is down to $5. It all depends on which ambulance he has. They have the 2 seater and the 1 seater, it all depends.

Romans 13:1-6,  v. 1 Now what this is saying is, if Barack Obama is the man of sin, Yah has allowed and appointed him to be that man. v. 2 Look at this. This is not saying that because we stand against democracy that we are going against Yah. Not at all. Democracy stands against Yah and we stand with Yah. So if democracy is against Yah and we are with Yah we are automatically against that demonic rule. So we obey the laws of the land as long as those laws do not supersede the authority of Yah. Yah says homosexuality is an abomination, that’s the law that we live by. Just because this land allows homosexuals to get married. Because Yah’s law says no. So as long as the laws of the land match up with the laws of Yah. Yah says we shall not murder. The laws of the land say you shall not murder. Yah says you shall not steal. The laws of the land says you shall not steal. So we follow the laws of the land and we follow Yah’s laws. v. 3 So what we are talking about here is that all authority is appointed. Yah finds men fit and puts them into leadership, all authority. Even his shepherds that he puts over his people, Yah finds them fit. (Remember you said this when you were writing about Joshua?)

Yah found the wickedness in this man’s heart, Barack Obama to make him the king of Babylon to put him over this system of democracy. The king of democracy right now. The king of demonic rule. Yah found him fit for that. Yah found me fit to be a shepherd over his people and try to lead them back to righteousness and truth. That’s what Yah found us as. So Yah has authority. All authority comes from the hand of Yah and if Yah finds that man fit then He will place him over there. You go for that Barack Obama but you are not good for over here. Barack Obama can not come and sit over here where we are and try to teach us into righteousness because he ain’t righteous. So that’s what it means.

v. 4-6 So listen we have to pay taxes. We have to pay all those things. Render unto Caesar those things that are Caesar’s. And render unto Yah those things that are Yah. (see Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:25 and Matthew 17:24-27) So all that I’m saying is pay attention. Because some Israylites will telly you ‘oh man you ain’t got to worry about that man’. ‘Y’all need to be trying to keep the feast days and y’all talking about what Barack is doing’. Yeah you need to know what Barack is doing. You need to know what these people of the land are doing. Because in the peace of the land you have peace. Right? Absolutely.

I want to go more into the destruction of Babylon but I’m going to wait. Like I said when we get into the Revelation series I will try to go through that then to show you how Babylon is going to be destroyed and just add up some things that are happening right now on the political scene world-wide and how these things are starting to march up to those times. And Barack is here family. And he’s in power. He’s not some lone congressman from hidden city, Alabama. He is the President of the United States. He is the president of Babylon leading the world astray. Barack is here. His name means blessed. (Barack or Baruch=blessed). So he’s been blessed if he is that man of sin and he’s been blessed by satan to fulfill that role. And they all are going to pay homage to him…666. Right? That’s why they are throwing up the 666 now. The athletes, the entertainers, everybody. To show their alliance to  him.

Now we know it’s not a blessed thing to be the man of sin but in their world it is. Never forget that the world of satan is different from the world of Yah. Jay-Z is proud to be a servant of satan. Like we are proud to be a servant of Yah. So that would be a blessing for him like it was a blessing for Yahoshua to obtain the status that He obtained in our world. And so the man of sin is going to be a blessing to them. And that’s this man’s name…blessed. Really think about it Ysrayl. Let no man deceive you. That’s what Yahoshua started off saying. That’s what Shaul said. Let no man deceive you. Let no man lead you astray. That’s why I have been saying according to the book that we don’t know if Barack Obama is. He has to reveal himself but he has characteristics and that’s all we have been looking at in this lesson. He may be or he may not be. We don’t know until that temple is built, til the falling away happens and he is revealed.

But we do know that things are adding up. How things are starting to look. So coming out of this system, democracy, the leader of the free world, liberation, July 4, we are independent now. We no longer have to be dependent on Yah. We are independent. Yah, you won’t give us rain, we know how to make rain. Yah, you won’t give us life, we know how to make life. We can grow our own food in a laboratory. We don’t need your ground anymore. We can clone our own babies in the laboratory. We don’t need your system of reproduction anymore. Do you see? We are independent now. We have ended our dependency on Him. You take my breath away, I have an artificial machine that will keep me breathing. You stop my heart, I get an artificial heart. You take my legs, I get an artificial leg. Do you see? We are independent now. I’ll grow another. Me in the laboratory and I’ll take his legs and sew them on to mine. Now I have my legs again.

You confine us to earth. We are going to the Moon and Mars. Do you see? You don’t give us the tree of life. Then we’ll make medicine that will help us live forever. We’ll make our own life. We will make our own medicine, our own tree of life. This is the mindset of these people. They have ended their dependence now. And all of this is coming out of this one land, the United States. All the science. All the disease and all this stuff is coming straight out of here. This is where satan choose to plant his throne, to put his feet. Out of Wa-Shatan. That is laid out on a satanic pattern. There’s nothing in that city that is happen-chance. Everything is precisely built. The white house, the capital all of it. Everything is in place.

It’s like having a get together at your house and you have everything ready. You have the food cooked. You have the TV, living room set up fro everybody to arrive. You have enough chairs. All you need now are the guests. Everything seems to be falling in place all we need is for him to reveal himself. And we know how that’s going to happen.

May Yah bless each and every one of you. Shabbat Shalom to all of the 12 districts of Israelite Heritage. Shabbat Shalom to all 12 tribes of Ysrayl scattered the world-wide. Shabbat Shalom to everyone who is listening to this wherever you are whether it’s today November 10, 2012 or whether it’s 5 years from now or 10 years from now. Whenever you are listening to this shalom to you. May Yah bless, I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace. Shalom.

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Notes From Shabbat

Did y’all see Forbes Magazine top 10 most powerful list? #1 is Barack Obama. #2 is the Chancellor of Germany and #5 is the Pope.

Yeah the nurse was murdered. It was not a sacrifice. Rosemary’s baby. She was pregnant with a Nephelium from a fallen angel. She had problems with her baby in the beginning of the movie. This woman is seriously ill. It is not normal. Text: like when chick got pregnant on ‘V’ back in the day.

Many women died giving birth to Nephelium (in the Pseudepigrapha). Beyoncé may have had a surrogate. That surrogate may not be alive now. —like Yahoshua belongs to Yah but Miriam gave birth. Yeah the two DJs are illuminatists. They murdered her.

Talks about the lesson, this is class not church. I’m going to ask you all question today.

Kate Middleton, duchess of Cambridge, not normal pregnancy. This child is a lizard or child a Nephelium. But Diana was a human woman. The nurse’s death is unexplained now. Beyoncé hid baby, had her own floor in the hospital. Two hundred fallen angels took many wives in the book of Baruch 409,000 giants were born. Yah killed these giants then they became demons. These women were dying while giving birth. They put skin on them to hide them. Remember the Scripture? Be aware, you may be entertaining an angel. —Men in black p. 1 and ‘v’ the second episode referenced.

Talks about Forbes again. The pope is the #1 religious leader though. Barack #1 pope #5=#6. Mentions Germany starting WWI & II. Germany is anti-American. Hitler’s body was never found, Bin Laden body never shown. Nazi were smuggled to South America. Many Nazi went to Argentina and Israel. Hitler’s army was mostly Jews. Text: 50,000 deaths in Brazil in a year. France doesn’t like the U.S. either.

Did y’all hear about  Hebrew Israelites in Denver sentenced guilty of animal cruelty. They bought a lamb for Passover and put it in the closet. They say that was animal cruelty. They could get 18 months for trying to keep a feast of freedom in captivity.

I want to ask y’all a question. What did you learn from the man of sin series? various answers given.

The people are already in Barack’s hands. Mexico supreme court passed gay marriage. Now CA, IL all these states want to pass gay marriage. Marijuana—WA and CO made it legal to get high. It’s all to contact the gods that is why it’s called ‘getting high’ just like in the Bible the places to worship the gods are called ‘high places’. They use alcohol to meet demons too. Pharmacy=witchcraft. Communicating with the gods began from witchcraft. Text: drug dealer are modern-day warlocks.

They are trying to legalize pedophilia now too. Older men with young boys especially but all children in danger. Children are given too much freedom away from parents. Children have a lot of technology at their fingertips. Some children are allowed to run around in dresses now. Parents just say that’s okay.

Q: Why is it called ‘the dark time of the year’?( October through January). They say the sun is dying. It’s the winter solstice. The days are shorter. There is more demonic activity. It’s colder. Depression and suicide are up this time of year. (The big) pagan holidays from October to January.

Football player 25 years old killed his girlfriend. Something she did? Her parents have not said anything. Why haven’t they said anything? Suicide in NFL players has increased. What is going on in the NFL?! Why are they dying so much of heart attacks? Reggie White was 43 when he dropped death of a heart attack. Reggie found out he was an Israelite. He studied this Word 10 hours a day. Yeah he was a Christian preacher then found out he was an Israelite.

The world is godless they say. No it’s not. It’s full of gods.

Renegade is President Obama’s nickname. Renegade means lawless.

Son of Anak or Nephilium…Fallen angels can masquerade as us. We can rebuke fallen angels. This is why satan will be after the children of Ysrayl. Yeah the fallen angels will appear before the man of sin reveals himself. There will be a group of them around him like there are a group of elders that are around Yah (in Revelation 4).

Strong’s Concordance will give you a Aramaic word for the Hebrew. This is why I don’t use Strong’s. We know Ham means burning black. The old concordances from 20 and 30 years ago will give true definitions. Yahshua is Aramaic.

Q: The 7 sciences of masonry that the illuminati gives people (music, grammar, rhetoric, logic, math, geometry,astronomy): How does it parallel the 7 systems of Revelation 13? (government, education, finance, politics, culture, justice, religion) A: That is correct. They parallel. Satan patterns everything after Yah. Seven is the number of perfection. Education will have 7 parts; politics will have 7 parts etc.

Don’t always ask Yah for things. Ask Yah what you can do for him.

Q: What is the correlation between the 2 wings, 2 witnesses and the pillar of fire that led the children of Ysrayl out of Egypt? A: Exodus 13:18-22 pillar of fire and Revelation 12:14 2 wings of an eagle to fly. UFOs may be what lead us out. There is a desert in South America y’all. But Yah is probably going to send us out of this hemisphere away from the nuclear fallout  The desert in South America is called Atacama.

Q: What is the cut off age where Yah holds us responsible? And are we the children of Philadelphia? The 7 churches we will talk about in the Revelation series. A child is free of sin til he is 12 years old is a Christian belief they say because Jesus taught at twelve. When a child comes out the womb we are taught to eat pork and celebrate holidays etc. We are born into a sinful world. Yah said Canaanite children were just as wicked as their parents. Children are able to think. They know if they are disobedient. Text: prophet Elisha cursed a group of children calling him bald-headed (2 Kings 2:23-24).

Q: The first day Yah created light and then on the 4th day he created the sun and moon. What was that light on the first day?  Genesis 1:13-15 read. Verses 14 and 15 are the light on earth created for appointed times to light the earth. The sun and moon are greater and lesser light. The stars are for distinguishing the times but not as in astrology.  Verse 13 light itself created.

The dead sea scrolls, our people hid those. The scrolls were found and were hidden by the Jews for 50 years. I believe they mention the slave trade to the ‘tee’. They have only given us part of the scrolls. The Vatican has many of the books still hidden too. Text: I’ve always felt that the Scriptures that are locked up would identify us clearly. I saw the exhibit of the dead sea scrolls when they were in Dallas. They are heavily guarded and we couldn’t stand too long to read them.

John 10:34<—->Psalm 82 Yah called fallen angels, gods. Yahoshua is explaining he is the Son of Yah. The pharisees said He tried to make Himself to be Yah. We don’t worship god/gods. Money, things can be your gods.

Q: Genesis 1:7?

A:The layer of water above the atmosphere of the earth. Then the flood came. Water came from under the earth. So water came above and below to flood the earth. Before the flood man lived over 900 years. There was an atmosphere change after the flood. Then man lived only a short time as most 35 to 40 years old. But yeah, water existed in the sky during then. Firament=sky.  So there was water above the earth—then the sky—water under the earth. There is a radiation field between the moon and earth this is why Neil Armstrong is a liar. Angels protect the earth. Satan has to ask Yah to do things. I wonder if the water above the earth was for protection? Text: Discovery Channel had a special on about radiation belt last week.

Q: Is Pangea true? Dinosaurs?

A: The earth before and after the flood…the continents may have been connected. They are split now like a puzzle. Creatures called terrible lizards in Latin roamed the earth. Yah’s creatures were called good. There is nothing good about dinosaurs. Satan created them. Satan knew Yah’s plans to create man. Satan wanted to create like Yah. The imperfect man, the neanderthal are satan’s creation. Scientists say that we evolved from that. Those neanderthals did not think like we do. Yah threw a comet and wiped them out.

The origins of the gods referenced.  (I think this is their documentary, sorry I didn’t write down what this was).

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The Man of Sin p. 4b

Let’s go to the Book of Jasher chapter 7. We are going to read about Nimrod and his building of Babylon and all that. So you can have an understanding. The man of sin sitting on the seat of Nimrod and Nimrod was the founder of Babylon so it only makes sense that the man of sin who’s going to be sitting on the full seat of Nimrod WOULD COME OUT OF BABYLON. MYSTERY BABYLON, she’s a secret. The world doesn’t look at her as Babylon that’s why these so-called Christian prophets can not get the understanding of these prophesies correct. Because they don’t want to believe that this land that they call their land, that their father’s have struggled to build, a land that they love is a land of pure wickedness. It is a land that is going to usher in the end times. It is a land that Yah Himself is going to destroy. They don’t want to admit that. Naw,  it has to be Iraq. Naw, it has to be Iran. Naw, it has to be some other nation but no this one. That’s how they think. That’s why they are lost.

Jasher 7:44-48, v. 44 When we talked about the man of sin and the wars that he is going to wage we will see the same thing  repeated that we just read right here. We may even read this Scripture (again) over in that lesson. This same thing the man of sin will do when he does his thing.

v. 45 Look at that. This is the same thing that the man of sin is going to do. And when I heard Barack’s speech and I was watching him on TV, I can picture him as clear as day standing in Jerusalem right in front of that rebuilt temple, that new temple they will build and saying those speeches, saying these words. Just like its saying Nimrod did here. Nimrod had fame. Nimrod was ruling over all the sons of Noah. And Barack standing up ‘we are who we have been waiting on’. ‘It’s time to go forward’. I can SEE him doing that.

v. 46 They had one language. They understood one another. Since this time, the world today is this close, is the closest to this time that we are reading about then it has ever been. English right now is the world’s language. But not only that family we can communicate through the internet. And through translators. You know they have software where you can translate whatever you are saying into the language of someone else you can write emails back and forth and you can even do live chat with it. The world was of one tongue.

‘And words of union’. We are unified. We are one people. We are together. ‘But Nimrod did not go in the ways of Yah and he was more wicked than all the men that were before him from the days of the flood until those days. This man of sin will be even more wicked than the times of Nimrod.

I just want to read something real quick because it talks about Nimrod this…I’m going to read v. 46 again. It said that they spoke the words of union. We are unified. We are one people. He ruled over all the sons of Noah. Look at Barack’s speech here. I’m just going to read this one paragraph…well we will not read the entire speech but most of it. But right here, I just want to read one paragraph. The second paragraph says this:

It moves forward because of you. It moves forward because you re-affirm the spirit that has triumphant over war and depression. The spirit that has lifted this country from the depths of despair  to the great heights of hope. The belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams. We are an American family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people.

That’s what he said. Nimrod said the same thing. Nimrod ruled over all the people. We are one American family. We are one people. And then when he moves international, we are one people under democracy.

v. 47 But look at this, it says that he taught all his subjects and the people of the earth his wicked ways. So all the way from the days of Nimrod, all the way til now we are looking at the ways of Nimrod still being taught. But he taught them his wicked ways like a man of lawlessness will teach his wicked ways. Nimrod ruled over a lawless society. The man of sin will rule over a lawless society. He will teach them to be wicked.

v. 48 So if satan is wicked then satan is only going to bring forward wickedness. So satan is going to bring forth his Messiyah. Satan is going to bring forth his son. From satan’s wickedness this man will appear (‘from wickedness goes forth wickedness’ a proverb came forth from that time to this) and he will be just as wicked. For the dragon shall give him all of his power. And it will proceed from satan with all signs and lying wonders. The man of sin will be a carbon copy of Nimrod. Except it’s going to be on a grander scale.

Let’s go to the Book of Jasher chapter 9:20. Nimrod started Babylon. He built the city of Babylon, the nation of Babylon which is located in Iraq. You know we are going to skip this (Scripture). But I just wanted to show you how Nimrod and how this man of sin that there is a great connection. But what I want to do is go over to Revelation 17 and let’s pick up where we left off by reading verses 7-11. Just looking at this you must understand once again that Nimrod ruled over that wicked Babylon. And the man of sin is going to come up out of this wicked Babylon and Barack is there already. He’s already leading the world into chaos. Do you know I was watching FOX News channel and like I said I watch FOX News. I watch CNN, MSNBC…I’m not caught up on no democrat and republican…I don’t have a loyalty to any of them. I don’t have a loyalty to DEMOCRACY. We are so caught up in thinking that only the republicans are racists and the democrats are the good guys. Because this is what we have been brought to believe. That’s only DECEPTION. Barack Obama is a multi-millionaire. Mitt Romney is a multi-millionaire. You and I are no-aires to this world. So why are they even concerned about us? And why are we concerned about them?

There’s a lot of stuff that I agree with that’s spoken on the FOX News channel. There’s a lot of stuff that I agree with that is spoken on MSNBC. I’m just looking for the secular information. So when I was listening to this FOX News channel and just listening to their view on the election and what they were saying. Something they said was so profound. They said Mitt Romney didn’t win because he’s not a man of the people. They were saying that Barack is the perfect man for this society. They were saying that he is the president of the gays. He is the president of those who want to do abortions, the pro-choice people. He’s their president. I began to think saying wow this is profound because he is the president of this lawless society. We know that this society is going to get even more lawless than what it is now. But right now Barack is the king. He’s the most powerful political figure in the world and he’s ruling over a lawless society. So do you see what I am saying? If he is the man then he’s already operating. He’s already in office. He’s already doing his thing.

And everybody is waiting on this evil man of sin to be a Muslim. They are waiting on him to come and kill up Christians like I keep saying. But Barack may be under the current already doing his thing and not many even see it. So if a war breaks out and the financial system collapses and he builds it back up with peace and flattery and we are one people…who can make war with him? There’s no war. He just fixed the whole system. This is what I’m saying. This is why I’m saying it’s so important for us to even look and for us to even watch this man. Because you know that in his hour when it is time for him to be revealed, the moment he is revealed he’s coming straight for your head.

And one we think is us. Right? We think he looks like us. He’s married to one of us. Oh he knows everything about you. Did you know that Michelle Obama’s cousin is a Hebrew Israelite here in Chicago? He has a congregation over there on the south-side. Absolutely. I think they are a mix of Hebrew Israelites and black Jews. Somewhere in there. Yeah so Barack is connected even through that to the Israelite community. And then they try to say that he is one of us because he is the great, great, great, great-grandson of the first man to be enslaved in the United States. How do you know that? Do you see how they are connecting him? This man has already won a Nobel Peace Prize…he shall come in peaceably. Right? In flattery, he’s already won the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s in his second term of office. And between his 2 elections that he won, he won over 600 electoral college votes. He is signed. He is sealed. He is delivered. And he’s yours.

Just think on that real quick. If Barack is the man, it ain’t that he’s going to wake up one night and be the man. He’s already the man. If he is the man of sin then he’s already the man of sin. It’s only us who don’t know but to those who do know if he is that man, they already know that he is that man. So he is signed. He’s been approved to be that man. He’s sealed because he has not been revealed yet. And he’s delivered because you put him back into office and he belongs to the people. I’m signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours. You made me your king and your god. And you told me that you would only worship me. Oh-we! These are some very interesting times that we are living in. And if you aren’t paying attention to these times that we are living in, you aren’t going to live in them much longer.

Oh Stevie Wonder is part of this…do you think on just his talent alone that Stevie had made it to the level that he has made it to…no-no. Stevie is involved in this and one of the first acts of the man of sin…wouldn’t it be something if one of his first acts is to give Stevie Wonder sight? Because we did read in the Apocalypse of Eliyah that, that is what he is going to do. He’s going to heal and give the blind sight. Wouldn’t that be something if he were to give Stevie Wonder sight again? Heal Stevie Wonder in front of the nations. Pay attention family.

I’m always staying safe with this. I don’t want you all thinking ‘well Obadiyah said that Barack is the man of sin, we have to go to the wilderness tonight’. I’m not saying that. Don’t ever say that I’m saying that. I’m saying that we  have to watch this man. He may be and he may not be. But we have to use wisdom which all the servants of Yah have wisdom. Let us be wise in this manner. Just like we are wise in using the name Yah versus trying to pronounce a Tetragrammaton. Because the Book tells us that His name is Yah and that’s what we stick with…HalleluYah and all that. We are going to use that same wisdom for this. The Book identifies who this man is yet we are still saying let…the Book says he is going to reveal himself but even before that the great falling away…all this has to happen. So we are just saying okay we will wait for that to happen but at the same time, we are going to keep our eye on this one. We are going to keep our eyes on Jerusalem. Because when we see the moment that temple starts going up oh we are so close to him coming in and saying who he is.

So is this man is going to be in for a third term when the constitution only says two terms, before we go to Revelation 17, this popped into my mind. So Yah says go here so I will be obedient and I am going there right now Yah. Just understand family, remember what we read in that article with Newt Gingrich. I want to read that again before we go here. We will go to the Book of Daniyah. This just rolled into my mind and slapped me just like that when I was talking about him keeping on with his presidency.

Now Newt Gingrich said he may run through 2020. Right? So Newt is talking about a fourth term as president for this man. Newt said that he’s already won this election. This was November the first and the election didn’t happen until November the sixth. Barack won by 303 as it still stands because they are still counting in Florida. He can get up to 332 I believe electoral college votes vs. Mitt Romney’s 206. It’s pretty much a landslide. It wasn’t a close race. So what Newt is saying is that they believe that the 22nd amendment will be repealed and Barack can continue to rule.

Let’s go to Daniyah chapter 7. Look at what Daniel tells us about this man of sin. We read this verse before. This came right to me, I was like wow.

Daniyah 7:25 The man of sin shall change appointed times and laws. He is seeking to change laws. Now we know that he is going to be ruling over the lawless society. and we know that he is going to put his laws in place and remove Yah’s laws. But what would be one of his laws? Repealing the 22nd amendment so he can continue to run, so he can continue to stay in that position as the leader of the free world, as the king of Babylon. As the king of lawlessness, as the man of sin…possibly. Do you see how all these things are just adding up? It said that he shall seek to change laws and the only way for him to stay in that office past 2016 is for him to change that law is to do away with the 22nd amendment.

So now let’s go to Revelation 17. But do you see family he may be already in office. He may be already operating and doing his thing. We know that this man came in peaceably. He came into office and won the Nobel Peace Prize. That’s what it said, he shall come in peaceably. He’s not stealing the election or none of that. He’s coming in peaceably. He’s not coming in under a political coup. He’s coming in peaceably. Under peace.

Revelation 17, in all four parts of this lesson I keep saying Barack has characteristics of the man of sin. I keep saying that more than any man on this earth Barack Obama has those characteristics that match up more than any other man on the planet right now. Revelation 17, we are still talking about Mystery Babylon. The nation in which Barack Obama is the leader of and by him being the leader of this nation, that makes him the leader of the free world. And that makes him the king of the world because this nation rules over the entire planet.

Revelation 17:7-11, v. 7-8 This beast goes to destruction. The man of sin is the beast. (He is) the son of what? Destruction. They will marvel when they see this man. They already marvel at Barack Obama. They marvel at this man. v. 9 The woman sits on 7 mountains. The 7 mountains are the 7 continents of the planet. So she sits on top of the world! Like I was saying out in the harbor in NY city, you have the statue of liberation which is the statue of liberty. We are now free from the laws of Yah. July 4th 1776, independence day, we are now independent from Yah. Because our system of democracy. So we don’t need Yah. He’s the bad guy. He kept the knowledge of good and evil away from us. Satan gave it to us. So he’s our king (This is how they think)  This woman sits on top of the world.

Once again (she is) the queen out in New York who has a crown on her head with 7 spikes. And if you do the research, you can go to the medal of honor website run by the military and they break down all the medals of honor. And on one particular medal they have the statue of  liberty there and they break down EVERYTHING about her. They even said that she is a carbon copy of Nimrod’s wife Semiramis. Do you know that the first statue of liberty was to be a black woman? Not black because of slaves and freedom for Hebrew women, nooo. Because the wife of Nimrod his mother and his wife Semiramis was a black-skinned woman. Just like you have the so-called black Madonna worshipped up in Europe. That’s nothing but the image of Isis, the Egyptian goddess Isis. She was a black-skinned woman. Don’t get caught up in all this racial stuff.

So right here this woman sitting out here with seven spikes on her crown, representing the 7 continents on which she sits. Everywhere man is, there she is. She is the only nation on the planet with military bases all over the world just like Rome had. Go to war in Vietnam and now she has troops stationed in Vietnam. Go to war with Japan now she has troops stationed in Japan. Go to war with Germany now she has troops stationed in Germany. She rules over the entire world. You can take her currency and go buy anything over the entire world. There is no other nation like that on this planet. The woman is sitting on top of the world. She rules the world. Text: Just recently the U.S. established their first military base in Poland.

v. 10 We just broke this down a moment ago. There are 7 kings and kings rule over nations. Kings rule over kingdoms. There are 7 nations. Seven nations which held the children of Ysrayl in captivity. They came against us (these are) world-ruling nations. Let’s go over them to refresh your memory. Egypt, Assyria, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Greece is five. Five have fallen. At the time in which Revelation was written those five had fallen. It said and one is. Rome was ruling the world at that time. And one is yet to come, that is the United States. And it says when that one comes he shall remain just a little while. The United States will not see 500 years. She just celebrated her 400 year anniversary out in Jamestown Virginia in 2007. She will not see 500 years. She’s only here for a little while.

v. 11 So 5 kings, nations have fallen. One is. One yet to come. We are talking about the United States here. All of this is dealing with the United States. She is the Mystery Babylon that rules over the world. Everything is so unique about this nation and you have these Christian prophets who refuse to see that Yah has mentioned her in an angry tone and in an angry way. They refuse to acknowledge that oh this is the greatest nation on earth they say. Because this is what they truly believe. Because Babylon is so strong. She’s so powerful. Right?

Let’s go back to Isaiah 47. We are still talking about Babylon because you must understand that Babylon is prime for the man of sin. And if Mr. Barack Obama is going to be here until the 400 year captivity is over for the children of Ysrayl (then) that’s telling us a whole lot. So we’ll see. Right? We are not making no claims that he is the man of sin. But we say he is very curious. The curious case of Barack Obama. Isaiah 47, we are still talking about this whore Babylon. Mystery Babylon the Great, the mother of whores.

Yesiyah 47:7-15, v. 7 Look at her arrogance. (She says she’s a queen forever). How you gon’ be that arrogant against Yah? Because it’s from this land that you say there is no Yah. It’s from this land that all modern technology rules. It’s from this land. The steam engine locomotive, automobiles, computers, cell phones all of that stuff comes from here. And it came within the last one hundred years. So she has all that. And she has never really lost a military battle because she had the mighty men of Yah to fight with her in ALL of her wars. We fought in every war this whore has raised the world over! And she’s never really lost. Not even really Vietnam. They were just playing. This nation is so powerful militarily that they could knock every nation off the earth tonight if they so choose to. They have things that you haven’t seen and if you seen it, it would explode your mind just where you stood. Their mighty. Do you think that little space shuttle toy is all they have? No, it’s not. They are in cahoots with the fallen angels. This (place) is where satan sits.

v. 8 ‘I am a super power and there is no other but me=I am and there is no one else besides me’. Humphf. ‘I do not sit as a widow nor do I know the loss of children’ meaning there’s no wars going on, on my land. Like we are over in Iraq and are destroying their land. We are off in Afghanistan destroying their land but nothing is happening over here. v. 9 ‘Because of your many witchcrafts (sorceries) for your numerous abundant spells (enchantments). Yes this is the land of witches. And your secret societies and all this stuff.

v. 10 ‘And you have trusted in your evil. You said no one see me’. I’m in a secret society, how do you know what I’m doing? I have my secret masonic rituals going on. You can’t see that. I have my skull and bones going on, my sacrifices, children and adult sacrifices. You don’t see that. ‘Your wisdom and your knowledge have led you astray’. (You say) there is no Yah. I have mapped the human genome. I know what every gene means. There is no Yah. ‘You said in your heart I am and there is none like me’. Who has a military like I have? Who has military bases like I have all around the world the world like I have? Right? This is the mindset (of Babylon). The people of the United States are the most arrogant people on this planet! Calling yourself the greatest country in the world and this is the only country that you have been to. Have you seen other places? No you have not. Many of them that say that have not gone anywhere but the city and town in which they are from. Yet they will say that this is the greatest place on earth.

v. 11 Yah says over in Revelation 18 and we will go over there in just a moment that in one hour he’s going to destroy Babylon. v. 12 Witches and Wiccans all your witchcraft movies and putting secret spells on folks and all that. In your movies, you put spells on people. ‘In which you labored from your youth’. From the foundation George Washington was part of the illuminati and masonic order. Those jackals, George jackal. It said you did this from your youth, from inception, when you founded your country, you based all this on it. You were doing witchcraft. I want to go so deep into that one day. But that’s another day. Just about the witchcraft and the stuff they have been doing from the beginning. And like I said you can’t put all this on the masons. The masons are like the lower levels. They are just the builders. Yet they are apart of the satanic order. It is a satanic order, yet it is. Let us not count that out. But let us not put so much on ‘oh the masons run the world’.

v. 13 So let your star-gazers and your physics and all this stuff help you now…Miss Cleo. v. 14 See this is what I’m saying. Babylon is going to be destroyed. We can’t be sitting over here in no wilderness when Yah comes through here. So that’s why North American Israylites, Yah has another place for us other than coming into the desert here. We will not be out in Arizona, Phoenix and all these places sitting in the desert waiting on Yahoshua to come scoop us up. Because this place is going down! (The fire shall burn them. They shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame).

v. 15 We are talking about Mystery Babylon here. The same Babylon that we read over in Revelation 17. This woman. Right?

Let’s read  revelation 18. Yah said He’s going to destroy her. She won’t escape the fire. Right? We are talking about the same whore here. I don’t care if you wear red lipstick tonight and gold lipstick tomorrow, you are still the same ho. No matter what you change your clothes into. We are still talking about the same one. The one we just read over here in Isaiah 47, the one we read in Revelation 17 and now we see her over here in Revelation 18. This ho is all over the place. Right?

Revelation 18:1-4, v. 1-3 The merchants of the earth, this is the #1 import nation. Everything is made from every other country right. Made in china, made in Japan, made in Argentina, the merchants of the earth became rich through her. v. 4 I am going to stop right here but his is Babylon which Yah is going to destroy in  one hour family. She is going down! And this is where the man of sin is. This is why His headquarters isn’t going to be here in the United States. His headquarters will be in Yahrushalom. This is where he will be operating from, Yahrushalom. We are going to have a future lesson on the destruction of Babylon and we will go more into the Revelation series. But this is all we need for now. So we see that Mystery Babylon is the leader of the world. And if this man of sin is going to be the king of the world, its only right that he comes out of this place. Out of the presidency. Everything is already set up. He sits on the throne of satan and satan’s throne is in Washington D.C. Right? Wa-shatan…ha-shatan the adversary. Wa Shatan yes Wa Shatan D.C. It’s the Hebrew letter Wa which corresponds to the English ‘w’. So Wa-Shatan…George Wa Shatan, satan’s seat is in Babylon because that is why the king of Babylon is called the leader of the free world. This is why Babylon is leading the world astray, into lawlessness. This is why Babylon is leading the world free from Yah, the statue of liberation, liberty…it all connects. Oh you didn’t know that satan changed his seat and that satan had seats?

Let me show you something. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 2. See Wa Shatan D.C. is where satan sits. That’s the seat of satan. And just how King Shlomo (Solomon) when he had authority even over the demons. He had the demons to help build Yah’s temple. Just like Yahoshua had authority over the demons and he had the chief ruler of the demons to cast out other demons. That’s just showing authority. Do you know that our people built the white house? It was built by the hands of Israylites. Do you know that Wa-Shatan D.C. is layed out on a masonic scale with the head of Baphomet. Ye the entire Washington D.C. is laid out on a satanic scale with the inverted pentagram that forms the head of Baphomet. All of the points touch, the Capitol Building, the White House and this one and that one. And Washington, D.C. was layed-out (designed) by a Hebrew named Benjamin Banneker.

Revelation 2:13 Do you see? Satan was dwelling in all the different places wherever the kingdoms were set up that’s where satan ruled. When Nimrod formed the first Babylon, satan dwelt there. When Alexander ruled the world, satan dwelt there. When the Romans ruled the world, satan dwelt there. When Babylon rule the world satan dwelt there. When Hitler was over in Germany trying to rule the world, satan dwelt there. When Napoleon was trying to rule the world, satan dwelt there. And when the kings of the United States was formed and they set up their democracy, satan has been here. Why do you think the Muslims call this place the great satan!? That’s what they call the United States. Why do you think that they call them that? Because satan sits here. It doesn’t make sense for him to be sitting in Iraq does it? What’s over there? The leader of the free world doesn’t dwell in Iraq. It doesn’t make sense for him to be over in France does it? The leader of the free world doesn’t dwell in France. It doesn’t make sense for him to be in Mexico. He can send all his little minions to all these places to create evil. But he’s going to be right in the midst of everything, sitting on the throne right there in Washington, D.C. And Barack Obama is sitting on his lap.

The creators of Christmas and Easter and all these things, promoting it to the world. Christmas has become such a commercial holiday because of how it’s celebrated in the United States. People in Communist countries and Muslim countries celebrate Christmas because of how it is celebrated and promoted in the United States. The seat of satan, where satan dwells. He is following that kingdom so he can sit there and he can WATCH over everything. He’s right in the face of Barack Obama in the White House. So much demonic activity goes on there. Have y’all heard the stories about the hauntings and demons that roam through the white house?

So now you have the yin and yang going on. You have the black and white. You have the black man in the white house. Yahoshua was a Hebrew. Don’t you know satan is copying everything of Yah. You are waiting on a European to come out, a super-star, that’s going to persecute Christians. Do you know that Barack Obama had Passover in the white house? Do you know that he’s been to the western wall in Israel and prayed on the wall? He was wearing a yameka. You do know he has a Muslim name, Barack Hussein Obama. He grew up a Muslim. But do you know he professes Christianity? He’s all three. Like the man of sin will be. (My sidenote: A week or so after this lesson he went to a country called Myanmar which is formerly known as Burma and poured water over the head of Buddha whilst bare-foot in the Buddha Temple.

And that will be our next man of sin lesson we are going to go into his religion. The one world religion. Let’s see what that’s going to be about.

Do you know that Barack Obama wants to redistribute the wealth? He said this in his speech before he became president back in 1998. But do you know that Daniyah said that, that’s one of the things that the man of sin is going to do? To redistribute the wealth. Daniyah said he is going to do what his fathers have never done. There hasn’t been one American president to talk about re-distributing the wealth because all the wealth is in their hands and their father’s hand. But to make this guy look like he’s a man of peace or a man of righteousness…so we shouldn’t have any poor because if you have too much let’s take from what you have and give it to the poor. Daniyah said that this is going to happen.

Let’s go to Daniyah chapter 11. Then I’m going to read from this speech that Barack gave back in 1998 talking about re-distributing the wealth. So we are seeing how this thing is coming together. Barack Obama the great speaker. They say hail Cesar and the man of sin with the number being 666 coming out of the sixth kingdom. And then we see that he is the leader of the free world. He is the leader of Mystery Babylon. And we see that Mystery Babylon is the United States, the leader of this rebellion against Yah.

Then we see Isaiah 47 where Yah talks about her there. Revelation 17 Yah talks about her there. There are other places, Jeremiah chapter 50 and 51. Even Genesis 15:13. In fact, before we go to Daniyah 11 let’s go to Genesis 15 because I sho’ said we were going to go there and it skipped my mind. You just saw where we read Revelation 18 where Yah says He’s going to destroy here. So I’m going to read Genesis 15 to let you understand this prophesy that is up in 2019. Barack is talking about being in the office one year after our 4 year captivity is up. He’s talking about still being in office at that time. (There are) patterns that Yah does. I shall send you into Egypt again in ships. When we left Egypt. There was a black man ruling the most powerful nation on earth, pharaoh. Yah said you are going back into Egypt. Yah said you are going to be there for a period of 400 years. And in the entire history of the United States, there has never been a black man to rule until this time period. Humphf. Do you think this is a coincidence? No it’s not. And there may be a black man on the throne when it’s time for our captivity to be over. When Yah says I’m going to judge that nation.

Genesis 15:13-14 We came into this land as servants and turned into slaves in the year 1619. Yah said that we shall be a sojourner in a land that is not ours and we shall serve them, we came over here as servants and was turned into slaves. It said we shall be afflicted for 400 years. We’ve been servants, we’ve been slaves. They discriminated against us. They lynched us. We are still discriminated against even to this day. But it said they shall afflict us for 400 years from 1619 to 2019, all the way up until this very hour. Show me a moment when we haven’t been afflicted. You have a black man in the office and you still are going through it. And we may go through it even more so right now. Because you do have a black man in there for a second term. But he is not of our stock. But we will see how things shape up. But do you see this. Yah said that nation whom they serve, the United States, we were brought here in 1619 the nation you serve I am going to judge. We read in Revelation chapter 18 when he destroys the place called Mystery Babylon which is the United States.

And that’s going to signal to all the House of Ysrayl that our redemption is very near. Because what goes on in Babylon does not stay in Babylon. What goes on in Babylon spreads to the entire world. Because this whore has gone out whoring and taken here wine of her cup of fornication and abominations with her. That wine that is in her cup is democracy. She is teaching the others to be rebellious. Yah  said that He is going to judge that nation. Right?

Revelation 18, we will go more into this in the Revelation series. But I just want to show you this. This is connected to Genesis 15:13-14. Because this nation Mystery Babylon is mentioned in Genesis 15:13-14. It is mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:49-50. It is mentioned in Yeremiyah chapter 50 and 51, Yesiyah chapter 14 (and 47), Revelation 17 and Revelation 18. We are talking about the same place the United States. Yah said I’m going to destroy that whore.

Revelation 18:6-8, v. 6 Read. v. 7 Isn’t this the same thing that we read in Isaiah 47? This is the exact same thing. v. 8 ‘Yah who judges her is mighty’ ‘and that nation in which you serve I am going to judge’ That’s what Yah say. Right? So that nation over there in Genesis 15:13-14 is that nation spoken of here in Revelation 18 where Yah says I’m going to burn her in an hour. Yah said I’m going to burn her with FIRE. He said the same thing over in Isaiah 47 that he would burn her with fire and the merchants of the earth are going to cry and mourn. We will go more into this during the Revelation series. HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

So do you see Barack Obama being the leader of the free world. He is coming out of this system. Let’s go to Daniyah 11. Barack Obama is talking about re-distributing the wealth. Let’s read what Barack had to say first. This is from a speech he gave in 1998 here in Chicago. And the republicans got their hands on this and they were putting it out ‘hey Barack wants to re-distribute the wealth’ because none of their fathers have ever thought about doing a thing like that because they spent all this time to steal all the wealth. And to serve satan so he can give all them wealth. So why would they give it up?

He said: I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and facilities some re-distribution because I actually believe in re-distribution.

This is what he says. (continues to read): At least at certain levels to make sure that everybody has got a shot.

Daniyah 11:24 He won the Nobel Peace Prize=peaceably. ‘Disperse among them the plunder, spoil, riches’. He shall give them plunder, spoils and supplies. These people have spent 500 years getting all the plunder and all the spoils and they have NEVER wanted to give it up. But it says that he is going to do what his fathers or forefathers have NOT done. We know that through his mother he is connected to these jackals that ruled over this land. George Washington is his father, forefather. George Washington and all these people are called the founding fathers. They never talked about re-distributing the wealth but Barack Obama is the only American President to speak this and Daniyah said that this is what the man of sin is going to do…share the wealth. Right? Barack says he believes in re-distribution.

Now let me tell you what Romney had to say once this comment came out about Barack wanting to re-distribute the wealth. This is what Mitt Romney had to say about that. He said: He really believes in what our government calls central society. I know there are some that believe that if you simply take from some and give to others then we will all be better off. It’s know as re-distribution. It’s never been a characteristic of America.

Do you see this is what he said. He said its NEVER been a characteristic of America to re-distribute the wealth. But Barack is the only president to say so. And the man of sin is going to do that…my, my, my. I’m not making this up family. That’s why I keep saying for the duration of this lesson or every time I gave a lesson I said that this man has characteristics. Part 5 will be soon but I want to do a part two to this lesson. I’m going to keep this nice and short so you can comprehend the things we went over here. But I want to do a part two to this and I want to go a little more in-depth about a lot of other things that Barack has in common with this man of sin. Text: I heard debt reset was in the works.

But just look at because coming out of  Wa-Shatan, the seat of satan, Babylon the leader of the free world, the rider of the beast. Going around taking democracy to all the other countries and getting them drunk from this. Making a society that is for the people, by the people. The people make their own laws and rules. It’s demonic rules and then when the people make their own laws and rules next comes the culture, the defiled culture. So this is what he is spreading. This is what his lawless society is going to look like. It’s going to look like New York City doped up. Just imagine if NY City was on one big piece of acid? That’s what his lawless society is going to look like.


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The Rainbow: Yah Remembers


Yah said that when we see a rainbow in a cloud that it is then that He is remembering His covenant that He made with us, every living creature, the whole earth. He said that He would never destroy all flesh again.

It shall be when I bring a cloud over the earth that the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud and I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh. The waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh. The rainbow shall be in the cloud and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between Yah and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.  Genesis 9:14-16.

Did you know there is a rainbow around the throne of Yah? …and there was a rainbow (or rainbow of stones) around the throne… Revelation 4:3. HalleluYah

*Yahzeqyl saw something like a rainbow in appearance around Yah’s throne. Yahzeqyl 1:28.

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The Man of Sin p. 4a

Shabbat Shalom this is your brother Obadiyah back to you again with another Shabbat lesson in our man of sin series of lessons. HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah and praises be to Yah that He has allowed us to come here before His face again on another blessed Shabbat day. Coming live and direct from the Israelite Research and Fellowship Center. Located on the west side of Chicago. This is center #2. At 5422 W. North Avenue if you are ever in town. Come stop by. Check in and see how your brothers and sisters are doing here. HalleluYah HalleluYah. And if you are from the Chicago-land area, you need to be over here. You need to be sitting with us right here, right now. We have a full house today. You need to be here hanging out with us getting this truth. HalleluYah.

Today is November 10, 2012. Where did this year go? It shot by so fast and so much has happened and so much is going on. Just the other day Mr. Barack Obama was re-elected to the office of the presidency of the United States. A very significant event. And that is giving me cause for this lesson right here. Part 4 of the lesson is entitled: Barack Obama. We have talked throughout this series about how Barack Obama has characteristics of the man of sin. Now this lesson is not going to try to show proof that he is that man. He’s going to have to do that, he will have to reveal that in his own time, in his own season when Yah calls for him to do it.  But what we are going to look at are his characteristics. Those things of what we know from the Scriptures about the man of sin, Barack has things that are in common with him. So that is what we are going to be looking at here.

I just felt that this lesson was needed this week given the presidential election which we just witnessed a few days ago on November the sixth. It was highly profound as Yah was just giving me insight into a lot of different things that was going on. I was paying attention to the things that people were saying. I was paying attention to the reactions that were given by the general population and also the reactions of the news reporters. We had our online room opened and we were in there discussing these things about election night coverage. Brothers and sisters you have to be mindful of all of this. Don’t get fooled. Don’t get caught up into believing that ‘well I don’t have to know about the political system’. Or ‘I don’t have to know about the presidency’. ‘Oh that doesn’t matter’. ‘I’ll I have to do is this or that’. Listen, Yahoshua told us to watch. To be watchful. We have to know under what authority and the authority that the people are coming in who is ruling over you. You have been placed into this captivity. You have placed into this exile and there are people who are ruling over you. So we need to know about these people.

Now particularly about this Barack Obama as we have been doing this man of sin lesson and just looking at his character. He is something unique. You can even say that he is something special. When he ran in 2008 you all remember that the model or his platform that he was running on was ‘change’. ‘A change is going to come’. ‘It’s time for a change and we are the people who can do it’. (<–old song). And then this election, this campaign in 2012 his platform was ‘forward’ or ‘moving forward’. So you take those two concepts in which he presented, hey we are going to come with a change and now we are moving forward.

So that change that was made in 2008 not it’s time to move that change forward. This is profound. Because he did absolutely make a change when he stepped into the white house (on) January 20, 2009 after being elected in November 2008. And he stepped foot in the white house as the president, a change had come.

The wild Gentiles as they look into these things as they look at this from a secular standpoint. They said and this is even before Barack had run (for office). They were saying that George Bush would be the last American president. And now I’m starting to understand. When the Gentiles gave that information, he thought that there were going to be some type of major war or another September the 11th that would just end the presidency. That they would just take away the constitution and just say we don’t have presidents anymore. We will have a king. This is what they are thinking.

But what they had right was that George Bush was the ending of that run starting with George Washington. It began with George Washington and it ended with George Bush. But get this, George Washington. Right? G.W. are his initials. George W. Right? It started with George W. and it ended with George W. Right? George W. Bush, that’s his name. Right? And they always promoted his middle initial…George W. This was his nick-name, ‘W’ just like that ‘W’. (laughs) So you started with George W. and you ended with George W.

And now you have a foreigner that’s outside of being a citizen of the United States. Now in order to be president of this country you must be a citizen. He’s really not a citizen. This is why it’s hard for him to produce a birth certificate. Pay attention. Don’t get yourself caught up in those old ways that you use to think when you had this and you didn’t know why but you had this allegiance to the democratic party. And I know that some of you are still working that out of your system. And I know some of you still in your heart of hearts were cheering when Barack won. I know it’s still there. Some of these things take time to get out of our system because we were birthed into it. We were born into it. It takes a minute to remove it.

But anyway going back now you have this guy who is not born in the United States because he was not born as men are born. He was created, cloned but that is something else we will look at. But every president that has ruled on that throne all of them were born in the United States except this one, Barack Obama. So already a change has come. So he stepped into the white house.

Now we are going to look at some of these things about Barack Obama. And then we will look at some of these things that Scripture says the man of sin is going to do. So we are going to try to match up the two. But still even if we match up every point of Barack Obama’s history and every point of Barack Obama’s personality and every point of Barack Obama’s characteristics, even if we match it up word for word you know line upon line with what Scripture gives us about the man of sin we still have to wait until he reveals himself. What happens first, always remember this. This is major.  Before he is revealed the great falling away has to happen. What is the great falling away? Those leaving the Messianic belief. This has to happen first before he is revealed.

So if we are seeing Barack Obama and by the end of this lesson, if we are seeing his characteristics and just who he is starting to match up with this man of sin right here in this book. And if Barack is already in place. He’s already in office. That means that him revealing who he really is, is soon. That means that the great falling away is even sooner. Which means that you Ysrayl better get yourself rooted in the Word of Yah. That’s the only thing that would take you away is that you are not rooted. That you are pretending to love this Word. That you are pretending to be a servant but you are not. That you are not loving what Yah says and thus says Yah. You are actually looking for something else. You want to go read the manifesto of the space aliens. You want to believe that, that they created you. You want to believe that you are a god. That you are a child of pharaoh. You want to believe all these different philosophies and beliefs. You have not taken the time to study the word to root yourself. (So) you are going to be apart of that great falling away.

So if the man of sin is not far from revealing himself (then) that great falling away is not far from us seeing it happen. And we have to pray everyday that we are not one of those that are taken away. Yah and Yahoshua are real. That’s what you have to believe on your heart. That’s what you have to believe on your heart of hearts. If not, you’re not rooted. Don’t come into the midst of us because you want to hear something deep. Don’t come into the midst of us because you want to hear what we say so you can take it and present it to someone else and you can sound smart. Not really even affirming what you believe but you want to sound smart. So you come in and you come in the midst of Yah and Yahoshua are real on the Shabbat and you just listen in to the lessons and then you go and you take it somewhere else and you go and try to sound like your real deep and real smart. This ain’t the place for that. This is to get you rooted while there is time to root yourself.

What does it mean to be rooted? Have you ever seen a tree root and how the tree is rooted in the ground? The roots of the tree that’s where its nourishment and everything comes from because its roots are strong in that ground. It can’t move because it’s rooted. It’s right there and that’s what you have to be. You aren’t going to move, not waver. You will stay right there in the truth of Yah.

As we were watching this election coverage and as we were seeing Barack Obama advance in the electoral college votes. It first started off with Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney was winning like 30 to 3. They were showing images of Barack and he seemed cool, calm and collected. He didn’t seem to have a worry. Then all of a sudden when the polls started closing out in the central time zone, they had already closed out in the eastern time zone. Then you started to see his numbers rise. By the time the polls closed out on the pacific coast BAM he had the election in hand. He had won. And it was time to celebrate.

And things that were key to notice is that when he came to make his acceptance speech and we are going to read that speech. But when he came to make his acceptance speech the song that was playing in the background was Stevie Wonder’s signed sealed delivered, I’m yours. That was profound to me. Because that’s what he was saying, I’m signed. I’m sealed and I’m delivered to you. I’m yours. You elected to have me to rule over you. But we say no you are not ours. Yahoshua is ours. You belong to them. The beast rising out of the sea. The sea represents the people. My my my Ysrayl.

Let’s look at this. Let’s start this off with Barack being a great speaker because he went into one of his great speaking moments with his acceptance speech. We are going to break down some very profound things that were said in his acceptance speech. He is a great speaker. He spoke about peace. He spoke about unity. He spoke about the oneness. Let us all come together, we are one. Let’s go to Daniyah 11:21.

This is so profound. We will go to the Book of Jasher so get your Book of Jasher’s out. We are going to read some stuff about Nimrod. We will see how that matches up with what Barack has said, is saying and is saying in his speech. And things that he commonly and normally says. Like I say we can match him up but until he stands into that set-apart place and says I am he, we are just speculating.

So we are going to be looking at Barack but we are going to be keeping our eyes on that land. That’s what we are going to be keeping it on. But Barack is not one to close our eyes to. Believe that. And that election, when we were watching it something significant may have taken place. This is what I’m about to read right here. With Barack being this great speaker and all. Check this out.

Daniyah 11:21 seize the rule or seize the kingdom by intrigue (flatteries). This is so profound because like we were saying about the Christians, they don’t know who he is. They are looking for this evil man to come on the scene and start persecuting Christians. And they are waiting on a rapture. When none of that is going to take place. But what if Barack is that man? Which we are not proclaiming here but what if he is? Daniyah said that they shall not give the excellence (honor), they are not going to want to give him the kingdom.

Did you see all the backlash and you have a judge down in Texas talking about there is going to be a civil war if this man is re-elected. But it said he shall come in peaceably and seize the rule by flatteries (intrigue). This is talking about the world order when it’s set up. He shall come in peaceably. Barack didn’t come in under a political coup. He came in peaceably. He was voted into office. And he came in with flatteries. He’s a great speaker. ‘We are one America’. So what if he is the man? What if this election that he just won is him coming in to take full control of the rule and to take full control of the kingdom? Because what I want to show you here is that democracy and the American presidency are prime for the man of lawlessness to come out of this system. Because this system is being taken around the world. And we are going to see that in just a moment.

But this American presidency, he’s called the leader of the free world. He is the leader of Mystery Babylon. Mystery Babylon is the United States and we will go over that in just a moment. But I want you to even consider this through his speech, through his flattery could it be that we have already seen his hand beginning to take hold of the kingdom? Now what’s deep about this? Going back starting off with George W. and ending with George W. Now you have a foreigner in there. He’s a foreigner even though he’s related to them but he’s quote-unquote a ‘black man’ all the other presidents were quote-unquote ‘white men’.

So what I want to show y’all is something really, really profound. I want to read this article to you that was sent out by Mr. Newt Gingrich  and this was before the election. This is from ABC News from November 1, 2012. Because what Newt Gingrich is saying is that when Barack wins in 2012…this was November the first and the election took place on November the sixth. So it had not even taken place yet. So Newt Gingrich  is saying that Barack is going to be the president all the way up to 2020. Profound. Who wants him in there that long? That’s against the twenty-second amendment in the constitution. Right?

But remember just like you were amended to the constitution through the 13th and 14th amendments that’s all that it is, is an attachment. And if you suspend the constitution that amendment is gone too. So the 22nd amendment limits the president to only 2 terms in office. But if you have a crisis…wars…and you have a total collapse of the financial system and then this man is responsible and take credit for fixing it. Who is like unto the beast? Who can make war with him?

This is ABC News November 1, 2012. It says: Errant e-mail to Newt Gingrich supporters who say Obama is going to win. Now this is 5 days before the election that this article came out. It says: an email message ‘mistakenly’. I put that as quote-unquote sent to Newt Gingrich news letter list served Thursday morning told subscribers that president Obama would not doubt win in 2012 and that they should be more worried about Obama winning in 2016.

Look at that he said be more worried about him winning in 2016. Then it goes on. That’s right besides the 22nd amendment which limits only one person to two presidential terms the e-mail that went out to Gingrich readers suggests that President Obama will be running again in 2016 and possibly serve through 2020. They shall not want to give him the kingdom. Because it’s going against the law for you to continue to run that long. But Newt Gingrich is saying that he is going to go through to 2020. This is one of your big republican heads. ‘Well Obadiyah he’s just an angry republican’. Is that what you think?

So now you are into this republican and democrat thing when the right-wing and the left-wing are still wings on the same eagle. The eagle is democracy and the political system of the democrats and republicans are both on this eagle, attached to this eagle. It helps this eagle fly. Have you ever wondered why they call it the right-wing and the left-wing? So are you caught up in something called a democrat and something called a republican? When it’s all about democracy.  When it’s all about demonic rule. When it’s all about making way for the lawless one to rule over the lawless society. You are caught up and you are thinking that Newt Gingrich is an angry republican. And Newt Gingrich says no such thing. Barack is his king. He’s doing as he is supposed to do. Why do you think that they get along and they go to their Bohemian Groves and all these places to make the proper sacrifices? The democrats and republicans are only for those that don’t know. Or those that are too stupid to know. That’s how they think.

So the article goes on: The title is ‘what’s really at stake this Tuesday’ came from Gingrich Market Place. A news letter correlated by conservative news group human events. The truth is the next election has already been decided. Obama is going to win. It’s nearly impossible to beat an incumbant president. Well George Bush Sr was an incumbant president and he lost to Bill Clinton. George Bush Sr was only in office for one term.

So this is what they are saying. This is why I keep telling you all to pay attention. We are not part of that. We are outsiders looking in. So we know that there’s a game being played here. And for those that don’t know and don’t understand they are the pawns of the game. So you must listen. What do you think that the so-called birther movement is trying to tell you? Not only can he not produce a birth certificate for the United States he can not produce a birth certificate for Kenya! The country that he says he was born in. There’s no record of live birth for Barack Obama there either. So how is this man walking around a living breathing human being but there’s no record of his birth on earth? Listen to what they are telling you.

Because he wasn’t birthed as men are birthed. He wasn’t birthed as you and I and Yahoshua and all the prophets and emissaries were birthed. He was cloned. Pay attention to what they are saying. Do y’all remember when Donald Trump a few days ago was talking about that he had some really big news to come out and say? And he said it was going to turn the tide of the election. He said that this thing was bigger than anybody knows. And then he came out and said well I’m just going to offer Barack Obama $5 million dollars to show me his college records. That wasn’t what Donald Trump was going to come out and say. He was going to come out and say that Barack Obama is a clone. But they told him to hold his hand. They made him hold his hand, the illuminati, their masters. They made him hold his hand. Hold on it’s not time to reveal all these things just yet.

We are just matching all this up. If he is that man and he’s a god. Gods are not born. Right? Gods descend from the heavens. That’s why there is no record of his birth on earth. Ain’t that something? See Yahoshua came through the womb of a woman. You can trace His lineage all the way back to King David. But we can’t trace Barack. And everybody who is supposed to be his close relative that know this truth is dead. His mother is dead. His father is dead. His grandmother is dead. His grandfather is dead. Everybody that knows this (is dead). The people in Kenya, they don’t know the deal. But his so-called father…

So they are saying with this e-mail that Gingrich sent out that he’s going to run through 2012. But he is not supposed to run in 2016. Your supposed to stop (after 2 terms).

Now I have this other article here. It says: ‘why attacking Iran may give Obama a third term in the white house’. Do you see? What did we just read in Daniel chapter 11:21? He’s going to come in peaceably and speaking flattery. He’s already a strong orator. He’s already a strong speaker. It says: Mission speaker are ready to unleash multiple beefy arguments at President Obama during the upcoming debates. But demanding military action against Iran should not be one of them. Why? Because it might help President Obama win not just a second but also a third term. He can’t do that. We have the 22nd amendment you quip. Yes we do but imagine the destabilization the Iranian war would cause in a region which is home to a nuclear Pakistan, a bleeding Syria and a wounded Arab-Isralis conflict with China and Japan posturing over deserted Islands to its right and Arab spring to its left and all you have is red meat.

So what this is saying is that, it is possible…why are they talking about here right before he even wins his second term, they are talking about he may be in office for a third term. This is why I’m saying keep our eyes (open). Is this what we are reading? The man coming in to take over the kingdom. Did that happen with his second term and this man will be in office all the way out? George W. Bush was the ending of the American presidency as we know it.

You see they try to mock Yah. You know how Yah is so precise with timing? The children of Ysrayl went into Egypt and 430 years later the same day that they went into Egypt was the same day they were freed. You see satan tries to be that precise. You start with a George W. and you end with a George W. and then you have one that’s different from all the rest. The one horn, the little horn coming up that is different from all the other horns. He’s looking for a change. I’m coming in to change this thing. And soon as he sets foot in office, that’s exactly what happened. Just him being there was a change as the president of the United States. It’s still the same system. There’s still the same philosophy going on. But now the leader of the free world, there’s a change.

Now what is Barack saying? We’ve changed this thing now let’s move forward with this change. Pay attention to him. I don’t know if you all saw this but the NY Post, the day after Barack Obama won the election, the NY Post had his pictures on the front page of their newspaper and the caption read ‘Hail Caesar’ and it had Barack Obama dressed up as a Roman Caesar.

Hail Caesar, why would they call Barack Obama or link him to the Roman rule? Remember we are still in the Roman rule. There are 7 kings and 5 have fallen. We are going to read that in just a minute. One is and one is yet to come and when he comes he only lasts for a little while. Do you understand? They said Hail Caesar and had him dressed up just like a Roman Caesar. They are connecting Barack Obama to this sixth kingdom. The sixth kingdom is represented by the Roman Empire, the sixth of the seven kingdoms.

Let’s look at this. Let’s go to Revelation 13. Let’s look at the number of his name. We haven’t gone over this yet in this lesson. So now is a perfect time to. I may have a link to that image. It should be on the screen in the paltalk room. If not then you can just google it. Just put in NY Post Hail Caesar-Barack-Obama or something like that and it should give you that image. But they had him on the front as a Roman Caesar. Unbelievable family because we know that this man is coming from the sixth kingdom and we are still here in Greco-Roman rule. The western world is based on Greco-Roman rule.

Revelation 13:16-18, v. 16 We will get a little heavier into this as we go through Barack’s speech. But we went over a little bit over the mark of the beast. We didn’t go into all of it but I think in part 2 is when we went into the mark of the beast. v. 17 Read. v. 18 Now you may have read in earlier translations where they have 6-1-6. But the 666 is the proper number because notice what it says here. For it is the number of a man and his number is 666. This is a number of a man. Because every time you see that 666 ‘oh devil this or that’. But it says that it is a number of a man. This is letting you know that this man of sin is just that, a man who is going to be fully possessed by satan. Meaning a man who walks on this earth that looks like us, that has flesh like us. Yet when we look at Barack Obama, he’s a clone of a man. Akhenaton was a man. So although Barack didn’t come through a womb of a woman but he’s living on this earth as a man. Right? But when he fully reveals himself he will let you know about all that other stuff about what he really is.

But I just want you to look at this number here 666. Let’s get an understanding of what this means and then we will see why they call Barack Obama Caesar.

666, each ‘6’ in this number stands for something. Write this down. The first ‘6’ stands for the day on which man was created. Man was created on the sixth day so ‘6’ is his number. You can look at everything in creation, everything that exists on the earth has a number according to the day in which Yah created it. Six is the number of man because we were created on the sixth day so this is letting you know that this is a man. That’s why it says that this is a number of a man. Now the next ‘6’ stands for imperfection. Six in Hebrew is the number of imperfection. So you have the man and imperfection. But Yahoshua’s number was not 666 because Yahoshua was perfect. And then the last ‘6’ stands for the sixth kingdom which is Rome. What is the sixth kingdom? We will read in Revelation 17 in just a minute that it stated that there were 7 kings or 7 kingdoms and 5 have fallen and one is and one is yet to come. We are going to break that down and you will see that, that sixth kingdom represents Rome. I’m going to tell you real quick and then we will go over it again.

The 7 kingdoms were the 7 kingdoms that held the children of Ysrayl in captivity. The 7 world powers that held the children of Ysrayl in captivity. The first was Egypt. The second were the Assyrians. The third were the Babylonians. After that were the Medes and Persians or the Persian Empire. The fifth were the Greeks. And as we read in Revelation 17 it says ‘one is’ and ‘one is’ represented Rom at the time that Revelation was written Rome was the ruling empire. And then it says ‘one is yet to come’ and that is the United States. So Rome represents the sixth kingdom of that seven that is spoken of in Revelation seventeen. So this 666 stands for the number of man, the day man was created on the sixth day. Six is the Hebrew number for imperfection and this man is going to rise up from the sixth kingdom…thus Hail Caesar.

The sixth kingdom is Rome and all roads lead to Rome. We are still in the Roman operation. Did you know that Rome had a senate? Like your America has a senate. Do you know that Roe had a Capitol Hill? Just like you have your Capitol Hill here. This whole system follows after the pattern of Rome. So this demonic rule is the same demonic rule that the Romans set up. And it’s the same demonic rule that the whore of Babylon is carrying to the rest of the sons of Adam and feeding them poison.

Now by Barack being called the leader of the free world and he’s also the leader of Mystery Babylon, so it is prime that this man of sin may arise from this system that’s already in place. All these blasphemous titles like ‘the leader of the free world’. He is the leader of the ones that are leading the people astray. He’s leading the world astray. That’s why democracy once again is a government that is for the people, by the people, the people make their own rules, the people make their own laws.

Just in this election you had two states that are now legalizing marijuana. Not for medical reasons but for recreational reasons. Yeah cocaine is going to soon follow. They are going to legalize all these things because remember we are getting prepared for the lawless society. A society without Yah’s laws. And then we saw that the first openly gay senator was elected. (He is) openly gay because this system is meant for gays. It’s meant for lawlessness. Every shape and fashion of lawlessness this system is built for it.

So let’s look at Mystery Babylon. Some of you may not know what I’m talking about when I say a place in Scripture that is identified as the United States. Barack right now is called the most powerful man in the world because he is the leader of the United States. He is the commander and chief. He has full command of the most powerful army or military on earth. He has full command of the richest nation on earth. He has full command of the economics and the finances of the richest nation on earth. That makes him powerful. He’s more powerful out of anything coming out of Europe. He’s more powerful out of anything coming out of Africa. He’s more powerful than anything coming out of India. He’s more powerful than anything coming out of Asia. Barack Obama sits in that seat tonight.

So wouldn’t it make sense that he is leading the world in rebellion against Yah? Wouldn’t it make sense that the man of lawlessness who’s going to rule a lawless society that is  already being put into place by the leaders of the United States. Wouldn’t it make sense that this is where he would come from?

Let’s go to Revelation 17. Pay attention Ysrayl. Like I said, I’m not here to prove Barack is the man but I’m just saying we are going to look at his characteristics. He probably is and he probably is not. We won’t know until he reveals himself. We don’t know. But the way things are looking, oh-wee. I really can’t put another to mind right now. This man may be in office all the way until 2020. They say that he may bypass and be in office or run for office even in 2016. Just think now from 2012 to 2016 if there’s a world-wide financial collapse. Because everything is based on the dollar. That’s how strong that the U.S. is, everything is based on the dollar. You can take a one dollar bill and go to any country on this planet and pay for your merchandise. Just about any country. But you can’t come from any country over here to pay for your merchandise with their money out of their system. No. You would go to jail. But you can do that (in their countries) with American money. I know, I have done it. Ain’t that something? Right so everything is in place. And this lawless society is being led by the leaders of the free world.

Revelation 17, let’s look at Mystery Babylon. What Yah has to say about her in her filthiness. Revelation 17, that election was so profound.

Revelation 17:1-6, v. 1-2 So they are going whoring with her. They are laying in the bed with her. Right? And they are drinking the wine with here. What is her wine? The wine of her whoring. We are going to see in just a moment. v. 3 This is the same beast that we read about in Revelation 13. But this one is more representative of the man of sin whereas the other one was more representative of the system that he’s going to run. v. 4 Now I want you to understand this. It says…once again I don’t want you to be confused we are looking at the same beast of Revelation 13 but right here we see that this beast has a woman who is riding it. A woman who is sitting on a scarlet colored beast with names of blasphemy having 7 heads and 10 horns. And the woman is dressed in purple. Let’s stop here. Purple is the color of royalty. It is the color of kings. It represents rulership. So this woman is a ruler. Scarlet is red and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls. So she has gold, precious stones pearls meaning that she’s rich. She’s a ruler and she’s a rich ruler, this woman who is riding on the back of this beast. Scarlet that red color represents blood. It represents sacrifice. That’s what it represents. It also represents whoredom.

v. 5-6 So look at this. This woman was drunk with the blood of the set-apart ones. She has drunk so much of our blood…the set-apart ones are YOU, the children of Ysrayl. And with the blood of the witness of Yahoshua  the Messianic Hebrews that she is going to kill up. Right? Now we read in Revelation 13 that satan is going to come down and he’s going to make war. We read that in Revelation 12 and 13. He’s going to make war with the set-apart ones. Then we see over in Revelation 17 that this woman is DRUNK because she has drunk so much blood. She’s covered in scarlet, covered in red. So do you see that Revelation 12, 13 and 17 are the same thing? It is the same beast. But this beast has this rider of a woman who is the United States, who is called Mystery Babylon. It says I’m going to show you a secret, Babylon the great the mother of whores and of the abominations of the earth.

Do you see that? So we are looking at the same thing here but we are looking at the United States here. The United States is that woman. She is Mystery Babylon. We are going to further prove that in just a second. But she has the blood of the set-apart ones. She’s the one killing the set-apart ones because she is the one in which that man of sin may rise up out of. If he is the beast and she is riding on the BACK of the beast…she’s guiding and leading this beast.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 47. We want to Identify this Mystery Babylon because Barack is the leader of the free world. He’s the most powerful man in the world as they say. But we know that he is not more powerful than Yah. That’s not even a question. But we are talking about as far as the kingdoms of men. He is the most powerful one right now. And so Mystery Babylon, leader of the free world who is leading the world astray who has the wine in here cup and that wine is democracy. That is why she is going throughout the earth. It said that she is the mother of whores meaning that she has little whores running around. And those little whores are those who practice democracy. All those nations.

Yesiyah 47:1-6, v. 1 Maiden (virgin) means young. We just saw that Yah said she is a whore so she’s not a virgin. This word (should read) young. Remember we are going to see in Revelation 17 when it gives us even more about this woman and the beast. It says she shall last only for a short time. You compare her to all of the great ancient nations (such as) Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. She’s the youngest of all of them. Those nations lasted hundreds upon hundreds and thousands of years. (But) she ain’t lasting that long. v. 2 ‘Or Queen of kingdoms’ or ‘mistress of reigns’ we are talking about the same woman we just read about in Revelation 17, oh young daughter of Babylon…Mystery Babylon the Great. This is the same one here. Now this is going to let you know who Yah is talking about.

v. 6 They showed no compassion, no mercy upon us. They will break down the door and go in and kill a 92-year-old elderly woman like they would kill a 15-year-old boy. They did the same thing during slavery. We are going to go back up then come back to v. 6 again and get some back up Scripture to show you that this is the United States. Yah said in v. 5 sit silent and go into darkness o daughter of the Chaldeans for no more do they call you the Queen of Kingdoms. The United States is the long super power. She rules the world by herself. Now in Revelation 17 there is a woman riding the beast. And in Isaiah 47 we are talking about the same nation. We are talking about the same thing because Yah starts off by calling her a daughter, a young daughter of Babylon. Daughters are women. And then Yah said in v. 5 ‘queen of kingdoms’. Queens are women. So Yah is speaking to her in the feminine sense. A queen, lady…that’s why in the NY harbor you have that whore out there with her banner in her hand with torch. She has 7 points on her crown. She’s a queen out there. And she says give me your poor, your tired and blah, blah, blah. She extended an invitation to every nation on earth EXCEPT the children of Ysrayl. She never extended a message to us that’s why she is filled with the blood and that’s why she is drunk with the blood of the set-apart ones. Because you were the sacrifice. You were the meal that everybody ate from (Leviticus 26:38). So she invited all them to the grand feast and you were the feast. And she got drunk off of your blood. And now her torch reaches up to the heavens to say ‘see Yah, I’m leading the people astray’. ‘I’m their leader’. ‘I’m their god’. ‘See what I did to your people’. Because in v. 6 it says I was angry. Yah said He w as angry with His people and He told us that He would send us in this place in ships because of His anger with us. He said I was angry with My people. I have profaned My inheritance. I have given them into your hands Babylon. You showed them no compassion. You made your yoke very heavy on the elderly.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy 28 to back this up. We are talking about the United States here. It’s Babylon. And Barack is the leader of the United States. The woman that’s riding the beast. The woman that’s leading the world astray. The stature of liberty is the statue of liberation. We have democracy. We don’t have to listen to You anymore. It’s all about the people. The people make their choices. Text: Check out the new Euro bank not with the woman riding the beast! Text: The original statue was a slave girl with still a shackle on one foot, from DVD called hidden colors. Text: Liberty is the also the goddess Minerva, the goddess of war.

Deuteronomy 28, let’s look at this family. They are saying this man may get an extended rule of the kingdom. He electrified the people when he stood up and spoke in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention. That’s what got him known nationally. He electrified the people when he stood up in 2008 and all over the world, to Berlin making speeches over there letting them know ‘I am he’. I’m not saying he as in the man of sin. But ‘I am he’ the one you can trust in. ‘I am he’ the one who can make a change  ‘I am he’ the one who can move forward. That’s what he is promoting.

Deuteronomy 28, Yah just said over there in Isaiah 47 that Babylon…I was angry with My people. Yah put the curses on us when he got angry with us. He said I sent them into your hand. And you did not show them any mercy. You put your yoke heavily on the elderly. That’s part of the curses.

Deuteronomy 28:49-50, v. 49 We didn’t understand these people when they came scooping us up on the West Coast of Africa. We didn’t understand this English language. Read in the classic slave narrative, Olaudah Equiano I think his name was. he said that when he was captured from Nigeria and he was an Igbo. He said when they put him on the ship, he said he did not understand what they were saying. He said that language was different from any language I had heard in my life. So Yah said He’s going to bring a nation. We are talking about a nation here this is who Babylon is. She’s a nation. Yah said I shall bring a nation against you from afar. From the end of the earth as swift as an eagle flies. It’s no coincidence that the bald eagle is the symbol of this country. As it was the symbol of Rome.

v. 50 We are talking about the same nation here that we just read about in Isaiah 47:6 and Revelation 17. The woman riding the beast with something written across her head Mystery Babylon the Great. The mother of whores. The same one. Yah just said that this nation will not show favor to the elderly nor show favor to the young. None of us get respected. They will pull an old man over for a traffic stop and blow his brains out just like they would pull a young Hebrew man over for a traffic stop and blow his brains out. That’s what we are talking about here family. And so this is the nation that Barack is leading.

Let’s go to the Book of Jasher. I told you all to have them ready. Barack is the leader of Mystery Babylon. So if Barack ain’t that man, the one who comes behind him just may be that man. But they are saying that Barack isn’t leaving this office. And that’s the point I’m trying to get across. We know that this system is fit for the man of sin to arise out of and they are saying that Barack isn’t leaving this office. Why would he stay all the way until 2020? One year after 2019? Huh? If you let him stay until 2016 but what happens between 2016 and 2020? We know that 2019 is the ending of the 400 year prophesy spoken of in Genesis 15:13-14 which relates right here to Babylon. Because Yah said in Genesis 15:14 which we will go to in just a moment. Yah said that nation whom they serve, I am going to judge. He’s talking about the United States. And we are going to see that in just a moment.

Let’s go to Jasher. We are looking at the times of Nimrod here. Nimrod the king who ruled over all the world. Who the man of sin will sit on his throne. Nimrod is the only one as far as men go to rule over all sons of Adam and to be called their king and to be called their god. Alexander ruled over part of the kingdom. Nebuchadnezzar ruled over part of the kingdom. The Persians kings ruled over part of the kingdom. The Roman Caesars ruled over part of the kingdom. But the man of sin is going to rule over the fullness of Nimrod’s kingdom. Nimrod is the founder of Babylon. Babylon was the beginning of his kingdom. Babylon comes from the Hebrew word Babel and it means confusion. This is the land of confusion. As the Genesis band told you that in 1985. Do y’all remember the singing group Genesis with Phil Collins? That was one of my favorite songs that they made, that this is the land of Confusion. Listen to that song. But it’s hard to find even on YouTube now! And I wonder why? Listen to what he is talking about. This is the land of Babylon. It was identifying the United States as Babylon. The land of confusion, the land of Babel.

In there he had Ronald Reagan. He was making fun of them. So check that out. See all we have to do is pay attention Ysrayl. We’ll get so much out of life by just paying attention. Just pay attention. They have been trying to tell you a lot of stuff for a long time. There are a lot of people who have some insight on a lot of these things that are happening right in our midst. And it’s okay to glean from them. It’s okay to glean their secular information but when they get on their spiritual trip, leave that alone. But the secular information is good to glean from because they can go into places where we can’t go. Because they are part of the system. And some of them pretend to be part of the system. Some of them are serving the same Yah you serve. They just haven’t let it be known yet. There are those out their that are in some of these inner circles. Just like satan had Judas in Yahoshua’s inner circle and Judas was a devil. Yah has his saints in some of their inner circles. And in the day and hour they will reveal themselves to us and they will let us know what they know. HalleluYah.


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News you can use

Text: Did y’all know lol means lucifer our lord? Text: They say devil worshippers end their prayers with Lucifer our lord…hence lol. Some people responded by saying many things in Babylon have double meanings.

News: Did y’all see the image of Barack as Jesus? Yeah Jamie Foxx called him lord and savior.  Jesus is a God and they are calling him a God. The #666, this man will exalt himself. His name will change. Whatever his name is now, it will change later.  Revelation 19 Yahoshua has a name no man knows. We change our names when we come into the truth too. Puff Daddy changed his name. Lil Wayne became Wezzy. Barack can not produce a birth certificate. There is nothing showing he came through the womb of a woman. If Barack is that man he has to have a supernatural origin.

Behold the pale horse: W. Cooper said Alex Jones is an agent. How else could he know the things he knows. Masons are the builders of the lawless society. The illuminati are the fallen angels. They are more powerful than the watchers. They are called Titans, the old gods that fell with satan. The blood line of the illuminati, they mixed with humans.

1934 movie called the house of Rothschild, Hitler used this movie. Joseph Guilge (sp?) created Nazi propaganda. They used this to make the Bin Laden movie that is coming out. It’s recruitment. Just like the call of duty game. Renegade means lawless one.

Nimrod married his mother. Michelle looks like Queen Tye. Akhenaton was controlled by his mother. Scripture says the man of sin will not desire women. He will not want to interact with women. He will not desire any goddess for example the queen of heaven. Queen Tye ruled Akhenaton’s household. They say Michelle Obama is mean. Michelle looks just like Queen Tye. She carries the same spirit as Queen Tye.

Since George H. Bush all presidents meet with the pope. The pope rules all churches in the world. They kiss his ring. Yeah he wears the fish fat of the god Dagon.

Yeah King Tut was Akhenaton’s son. Okay, I will look into that, Obama having a son. ‘The man’ a movie where James Earl Jones became president. In the movie 6 states wanted to succeed. This happened with King Tut. The children of concubines were not to take the throne. (King Tut, the son of a concubine?) Back then they were not called Queen. Queen is an English word. They were called Great wife for the first wife and then lesser wives.

Ladies first means you were a goddess worshipper in those times. Women stood behind the throne in ancient times like in coming to America movie. Men were created first. Yah talks about lions a lot. The hunter is the lioness yet the lion eats first. He is the protector. Lions have multiple females. Proverbs 31 She worked. She helped. Man is to work in the garden. That means teaching the word of Yah. Women are to help.

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The Man of Sin p. 3c

Your child is in your house. You give them the rules that company is coming over. People are coming over to the house. You say these are the house rules child. You live here, you know what I expect. You know what you are supposed to do.  And then as soon as company comes over there that child goes being wild. Doing everything that is knows it’s not supposed to do. I was that child. I use to get a whipping every Saturday night. My parents would have a party every Saturday night. They would invite their relatives over. My father’s relatives and these were some WILD ‘brews boy. They would come over and be wild all night. But they would bring their children over. My mom and pop would give me the prep talk because we made groceries every Saturday. And because we made groceries every Saturday the freezer would be full of all the goodies. Right? We would have pizzas in there and I was like 5 or 6 years old but I’m listening to my cousins telling me to cook so I’m going in there cooking a pizza. My mom said don’t you try to cook pizza in here. So as soon as she turned her back and she’s on the dance floor dancing and pops over there in the corner drinking and shooting dice. There I go cooking a pizza. Just what they told me not to do. So right after everybody left before they even cleaned up the house, they cleaned up my behind with those belts.

Because I knew better. I knew the house rules because I’m a child of the house. So when company or guests come over I am the one to tell them the do’s and dont’s. I am not to listen to them to tell me to be disobedient to what my parents have already taught me. But I was a stiff-neck child and just like our people are, we are a stiff-necked people. We are the children of the house. You are the children of the kingdom. If the people want to come inside the kingdom, you give the ground rules because you know what the rules of the house are. Because your father has taught you these things. That’s why He gets so upset with you when you go against it. Can you understand that Ysrayl? People love a lie so much that He’s going to give them a strong delusion so that they might believe the lie.

You want to believe that you were created by aliens but you don’t want to believe that Yah created you. You want to believe that some other entity out there created you. So that’s what you are going to believe. You believe that there is some secret books of records that is hidden under the hand of the sphinx. You think that you will find the history of mankind in a place called Atlantis. When all you have to do is go buy yourself a Bible that can cost between  $5 to $8 and open that Bible up and read the first few chapters of Genesis and it will tell you the origins of man. But that’s not enough for you. You need more. So Yah is going to give you more.

This man is going to come and he will say ‘I am your creator’. ‘That’s why you look like me’. ‘I made you in my image’. And this is why he will transform into every nationality of man that exists on the earth. He’s going to be a shape shifter. He’s going to be all things to all people. The rest of the world will not even recognize who he is because he’s standing in the place of Messiyah. He’s standing against Messiyah.

As we close out here, I would like for us to just look at this term anti-messiah real closely again so you can understand this man and his rulership. Because it use to always be on my mind, man why is he the man of sin? Like he is the only man who does sin or has created sin itself. He’s also called the son of lawlessness. Why is he called the son of lawlessness as if lawlessness was created by him? But lawlessness existed before him. I was always trying to contemplate that and get an understanding. But then anti-messiah, Yah laid this heavy understanding (on me) and this heavy understanding I’m about to give to you as we go along and we continue to get more information about this man.

Now let’s look at the term the anti-messiah and the son of lawlessness. Because we know that he’s going to rule over a lawless society, a world that does not give one ear to the laws of Yah. That’s what lawlessness is, when you are disobedient to the laws and ways of Yah. The man of sin will rule over a lawless world.

Let’s go to John 14. So we can get a greater understanding about this anti-messiah, the son of lawlessness. We defined what his world would look like in part one. This is Yahoshua speaking.

Yahcanan 14:6 He said He is the way to Yah. He represents Yah’s way. And the truth and the life because He is the first of all of mankind to be granted eternal life. So all eternal life will come through the Messiyah. All eternal life for mankind will come through Yahoshua. So He is the life. He is the ways of Yah. He represents the ways of Yah. He represents Yah’s life. So He is the truth. What is the truth? Let’s go over to John 17.

Yahcanan 17:17 So Yah’s word represents truth. Yahoshua said I am the truth so He is the Word. So what is truth? Let’s go to Psalm 119.

Psalm 119:142, 151 Torah (law) are instructions. Torah is law so Yah’s laws are truth. v. 151 So Yah’s laws and commandments are His Word and Yah’s Words and commandments are the truth. So when Yahoshua said I am the truth, He said I am the Word and I am Yah’s laws and commandments.

So when you have an anti-messiah, if true Messiyah is the truth. If the true Messiyah is the Word. If the true Messiyah are the laws and commandments. Then anti-messiah is going to be lies. Anti-messiah is going to be against the laws and commandments. So everything Yah said thous shall not, anti-messiah will say thou shall for that is the whole of the law.

Let’s go to John chapter 1. ‘Yahoshua is the Word of Yah so that means He pre-existed with Yah’. No, no John chapter 1. This is what it means by the Word of Yah.

Yahcanan 1:1-3 This is speaking about Yah’s literal Word. You go over to Genesis as we often talked about this. You go over to Genesis chapter 1 read around v. 3 it says ‘and Yah said’. Then you go to around v. 6 it says ‘Yah said’. So everything you go through in Genesis 1 it says ‘Yah said’. Yah is speaking everything into creation. Yah spoke wisdom first into creation and then everything proceeded from wisdom. ‘And Yah said’ because without wisdom how could you serve Yah.

You can have the knowledge of good and evil and not serve Yah because that is happening right now. Mankind has the knowledge of good and evil and most of mankind is disrespecting Yah. Not serving Yah. Right? But everything that precedes from wisdom is wise. Yah said that these laws and commandments are your wisdom. Let me read that to you.

Deuteronomy 4:6 And you shall guard and do them for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the peoples who will hear all these laws and they shall say only a wise and understanding people is this great nation.

So you need wisdom. That’s why Yah created wisdom first and then everything proceeded from wisdom because everything that He created is wise. (Book of Yahshua Ben Sirach 24:9 Apocrypha) And that’s the only way everything can be obedient to His truth, to His laws and commandments is if they have wisdom.

Solomon was called the wisest king. That means that he had the full understanding of Yah’s laws and commandments. That’s why it’s baffling about him in his old age (turning away from Yah). It’s not too baffling because satan is a deceiver and satan is slick. He can get us all to fall.

So that is wisdom. Everything proceeds (from it). Yah created everything with a wisdom. So that it could be obedient to His Word. So this man is going to take away wisdom from the minds of men so that man can no longer serve Yah in the capacity that Yah commands us to serve Him. So the man of sin will be anti-laws, anti- commandments. This is why he is the man of lawlessness, the son of lawlessness, the man of sin. For sin is the transgression of the law. This is why all these titles fit him perfectly.

So that is what his kingdom will be. A lawless society that will not regard the laws of Yah. You can murder, kill. You can steal. You can do everything that Yah told you not to do. You can do it in his system. This is who he will be.

The reason the Christians, Jews and Muslims won’t see him is because they are already lawless. Those are lawless religions. They teach against the law. Christians say Jesus has hung the laws of Yah to the cross. The cross is a pagan symbol. so they say that there is no more law because Jesus has done away with it as if he had the authority to do so. Who gave him such great esteem and great authority to throw Yah’s laws away? That sounds like the anti-messiah to me. Right? Absolutely. This is why he will come and be in the form of Jesus. He’s going to come and be in the form of ha Shem for the Jews. He’s going to come and be in the form of the Mockdi or Mohammed for the Muslims. This is why he is going to make war with righteous Messianic Ysrayl, those who are guarding the commandments of Yah and have the testimony of Yahoshua because Yahoshua is the law. So we must have that testimony. That’s our testimony, our eyewitness. So that’s why he’s going to come against those who are still trying to keep the law. Remember Antiochus epiphany burned the law books? And everybody must do his law. Remember Nebuchadnezzar? Everybody must do his law. This is the same thing here. He’s going to come with the same philosophy. So this is why he is called the lawless one. The son of lawlessness. The man of sin. He’s going to be totally against Yahoshua. So they don’t know who Yahoshua is. They are already lawless. Yah said keep the Shabbat, 7th day. 1234567…they are going on Sunday. You can show them from the book, Yah said this a sign between Me and My people. You can show them in Matthew 12 where Yahoshua said He is the Master of the Shabbat. And they still wave you off and go in for Sunday sunrise service. You tell them hey this is anti-Scripture here. Calling Him Jesus is anti-truth. Going to church on Sunday is anti-truth. Going in to worship the Sun God they don’t care about that. That’s why the day is named Sunday. But they don’t care about that. He is already set up with this Christianity which 2 billion plus on the planet worship Jesus. A billion worship Muhammad. Do you see?

So we are going to look at possibly in the next man of sin lesson, we will look at the religion. We will look at his philosophy and his false prophet. Or we may look at his wars. Whatever Yah gives for the next lesson. Because we want to look at all these aspects of this man. We definitely have to look at all his religions and how he will tie all these things together. It’s going to be so elaborate family. See like I say all these YouTube videos, they think they know what they are talking about. But when you really do research and you really understand what the Scriptures are talking about, they don’t know what they are talking about.

Yeah we know about the masons but this thing is deeper than the masons. It’s much deeper than just Buddha. It’s deeper than Jesus. It is way deeper  than that family. Just how this man is going to operate and how he’s going to put these things together. It’s deeper than that. And we must be careful of the information that we consume. And we have to be careful of the information that we even put out. Because if you keep watching all these YouTube videos, they will have you thinking that masons run the world. I have seen videos where they have said that. They don’t even understand what masonry is.

Masonry is a toy for the lower levels. Like I said you know when you have a small child 1, 2 years old and you are trying to get your study on. You are trying to listen to class and you give that child a ball to play with. Get off in the corner and they are in their own little world just playing with that ball for hours or whatever it is. That’s what masonry is. The higher-ups, the fallen angels look down upon all mankind. And they aren’t going to put no man in a position where a man can one day over throw him. He keeps them all in a subservient position. That’s why Kennedy and Lincoln had to be killed. Because they thought otherwise.

So masonry…’oh the mason, you know he’s a mason’. SO WHAT. What does that mean? We get so caught up in that and we are not understanding. We are allowing unlearned Gentiles to unlearn us. Just like back in the day, when we were the circumcised and the Gentiles were known as the uncircumcised. And in order to be like them we watched them and wanted to be with them and join them so we uncircumcised ourselves. We talked about this several times.

But that is the same mindset that we are coming up with in this day and time is that we are unlearning ourselves because we are listening to what these unlearned Gentiles have to say. They think they know everything but they know nothing and that they will never admit to you. They will get on these prophesy shows and make some of the most insane prophesies that has ever been heard in the ears of man and they say ‘I read it in the Bible’. But you ask them for a Scripture and verse, show me the 1948 Scripture and verse. Show me the 7 year great tribulation Scripture and verse. So you must be careful of what you listen to. It’s okay to glean from some of the secular information that they have. But when they try to interpret Scripture…you better leave that alone.

Like Lou White and all these Gentiles. They know to keep the law but they refuse to admit that we are the children of Ysrayl. Lou White (of the book) Fossilized Customs. It’s good to glean from the secular information. Yeah Halloween began here, it did this or that. Yeah okay that’s good but when they start trying to come into the Scriptures…into your book and trying to tell you what’s in your book when the understanding of your book has been given to you. ‘Surely this is a wise and understanding people who have all this great law’. This is your wisdom Ysrayl. Their wisdom is based on philosophy of men. So why are you giving up your wisdom for their philosophy? They shouldn’t be telling you what’s in your book. You tell them. That’s not arrogant. That’s being real. You have t stand on something Ysrayl. Get out of the quick sand and stand on the firm concrete ground, on solid ground Ysrayl. Stop unlearning what Yah has given you to learn.

Now as I was stating, the masons this and that, the illuminati these people are not even understanding the book. Masonry is based on what’s written in the book. Why do you think Solomon plays a high role in Masonry? I’m not saying Solomon was a mason and all that. Masonry to build…Solomon was the builder of the temple. What does all that mean? The next temple over there in Jerusalem will be after the masonic order who are on the lower level. But understand this Ysrayl because I don’t want you to feel confused. ‘Well Obadiyah you just said that the masons this and that now you are saying that it will be a masonic temple’? Yes indeed. Masonry just means to build. Who do you think will be the builders? That’s their job. That’s why they are on the lower levels because they are builders.

When you read in the Pseudepigrapha the testament of Solomon, Do you know that it said that he had demons to help him build the temple? Huh? Did you read that? Okay. Everybody has a role in the structure and order of satan. But we want to put it on one group. That’s what he does. ‘Oh just watch the masons’…’If you have a masonic ring’. Some of those masons don’t ever know what they are involved in! Yes it is a satanic order but its low down there. I have heard people say that masons are ruling the world. Everything is based on masonry. ‘Oh he has one hand over his eye’. Why does he have one hand over the eye? What does the all-seeing eye represent? I keep saying this to you brothers and sisters because sometimes I see that these words fall on deaf ears. Because as much as we talk about being careful with these YouTube videos and not to consume all that foolishness.

Then someone sends me a YouTube video ‘oh man you have to check this out’! I’m like check what out’?! This is a waste of my time! My schedule is so busy and you are going to wast my time with this? ‘This is the latest and newest, look at this mason video’. Made by some guy that can’t even figure out what the 7th day of the week is and so he has to go into church on the 1st day. He can’t even comprehend that there is no letter J in Hebrew in which the language of the Bible was written. Yet he has all the ends and outs of the masons. He has ll the in’s and out’s of the illuminati but he can’t even get the stuff that is based on his salvation.

So why should I listen to that? Why should you listen to that? Why should you go into the book and try to interpret…’you know Revelation says this’. Revelation has not said nothing you don’t even know where Revelation is. You looking in Genesis and calling that Revelation. And you refused to admit that you are in the book of Genesis and not Revelation. We have to be careful family. Satan is a cleaver deceiver. He has been doing it for a long time. He didn’t just start this last night. He took 1/3 of the malakim with him! He did not leave alone. Powerful angels left Yah to follow satan. This ain’t no small time chump here. Scripture says he has deceived the entire world. He led them all astray. What do you think we are dealing with here? You have to be cautious. It’s okay to glean from their secular understanding. But what I’m telling you is to stay away when they start going into the Bible talking about Scripture. It is so insane what they say. Even some of them may have partial truth. But when they refuse to admit that you are the children of Ysrayl, how much truth can they have? Partial truth can still equal to a bigger lie.

Yah promised us the children of Ysrayl and those who grab hold to the covenant that He would send us the spirit of truth that would lead us into how much truth? ALL TRUTH. What is truth? His laws and commandments.

So that’s all I’m saying family. Be cautious, it’s okay to research. We have research centers right here that we opened up. It’s okay for research. That’s good. But know how to research. Know what to throw away and what to keep. Because I see so many of our people fall away because they have become confused because they heard something or they have read something that they didn’t have the understanding of. When I watched that show (video ?), it just showed me the level…I had to talk about this. I have to do a lesson about this. These people have that little understanding but we will tune in and read their books. We will faithfully go to their websites. And we will quote them word for word. We will make their doctrine our doctrine. We will make their thoughts our thoughts. We will unlearn ourselves. This is what I’m saying family.

We will talk more about secret societies. Every secret society has his hand or has its position in this structure that satan has. Remember he’s only getting three and a half years. That will be his time to dance so he’s got to set everything up to perfection or perfection according to him. Masons playing around with their little aprons and lion paws and all that…

It’s like when Yah has given and delivered the truth to us family, that’s what we have to hold on to. YouTube has become saturated with garbage! Like I said I only go on there for the DIY videos, Do-it-yourself-videos. If I need to know how to do something to the computer, I go on there to see someone talk about that particular thing I need done to the computer. That’s all I go on there for. I go on there and listen to a little music sometimes. You know there’s a lot of set-apart music on there. The old stuff (music) I don’t have in my archives so I go there to listen to that. I play a game listening to that. I like a lot of instrumentals too. I like all forms of music so I go there to listen to music.

It use to be a place where you could go and get a lot of good information but they shut that down. They been shut that down. Be careful, I can’t say that enough. Especially when we are touching on subjects like this. It’s so beautiful and so delicate as this. The man of sin coming out of your book. This book was given to you and the understanding has been placed in your hands. Not Howl Lindsey, not Jack Van Impe or Pat Robertson or Perry Stone, all these guys who try to go in here and they make mockery of your book. They make mockery of your covenant. Because they don’t understand these things. Because like I said, it wasn’t given to them to understand. It was given to you to teach them to give them understanding. But they refuse to admit that, that’s the order. Because of their hatred, because of their stupidity. So be it.

That’s all family. Let me just address a question real quick.

Q: What shall you do when the man of sin makes his appearance and you are in one location and your kids may be at home? Or your kids may be at school?

A: We don’t know where to go right now in this hour, November 3, 2012. We don’t know where to go when that time period comes but Yah will take our hands and lead us and show us when that time comes. You as a servant, if he guides your hand as the parent, then He will guide your children’s hands as His little servants too. He will protect us all. And lead us all to wear we need to be and where we need to go. We are just going to put all that in His hands because if we worry about those things it will always be on our minds. We would be 30 years old with a head full of white hair because we have worried ourselves. What if the man of sin is about to come tonight? Tomorrow? Don’t worry about that. Just know the signs of his revealing and things that has to take place before he is even revealed. Pay attention to that. Focus on that. Everything else is in Yah’s hand. Where the wilderness is? That’s in Yah’s hand. I’m not going to worry about that. Isaiah 35 says it’s a desert location. Babylon will be destroyed. The United States is going to be destroyed before Yahoshua gathers up His elect. So the children of Ysrayl in North America has to go somewhere else. There are no wilderness deserts down in South America. There are only jungles and forests down there. It’s all in Yah’s hands. I can’t worry about that because when the time comes I just know that it’s time to RUN. And the malakim grabs me and my wife and family and you all by the hand and we are taking off…that’s it. All we are to worry about is that we hear Yah’s voice at that time. I can’t stress that enough. Don’t worry about anything else. Everything is in His hands. Just be obedient so you can hear it.

I’m going to leave you in peace because I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace. Shalom.

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The Man of Sin p. 3b

Now let’s go to first Corinthians. This is what Yahoshua is showing us and this is what Shaul even said. This ain’t no rapture family. But these are the Scriptures that they like to use to try to promote this fake doctrine of a rapture of them being delivered from earth and going to live in heaven but naw that’s not the case. Yahoshua said I’m sending My malakim to get y’all. Shaul said that we are going to meet them in the air and we are coming back down. Because Yahoshua is coming down to make WAR with them. As they have made war with His people. He’s coming to repay them. 1 Corinthians 15, this is still the same time period Ysrayl. That rapture stuff just makes no sense. That’s why you have some saying its going to happen before, some say after. Yahoshua said AFTER the tribulation of those days. He said He’s coming after the 3 1/2 year period that the man of sin gets to rule. So why is there debate when He said after. He didn’t say anything about a rapture. After the tribulation, I’m coming t get My people. I’m coming to get My ahks and My ahkotees. And now it’s time for them to wage war on those who have waged war on them.

1 Corinthians 15:51-54, v. 51 He said I’m telling you a secret. Not everybody is going to die because those in the wilderness that are truly serving Yah not the rebels of the wilderness, Yah is going to kill them off. But those who are not rebels and are truly serving Yah in the wilderness, they will not die. He said I’m telling you a secret. But we all shall be changed. What is he talking about? v. 52 The last trumpet! The last shofar! The 7th shofar! Yah is coming with the sound of the shofar. At the last shofar that’s when Yahoshua comes. The dead shall be raised up into these new esteemed spiritual forms, pure energy. HalleluYah No restriction, we do not need this weak flesh anymore that’s why when we go into the grave this body rots away.

v. 53-54 So he’s saying at the last trumpet we shall all be changed into these spiritual bodies. This is the same time period as 1 Thessalonians chapter 4. All of this is the same time period. Flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of Yah because the kingdom of Yah is coming to earth. Earth is moving to a new heaven where Yah dwells. And that’s where His kingdom is. Right? Yah’s kingdom is in the highest heavens. Yahoshua calls it the kingdom of heaven. It is coming down to earth. What does that mean? Yah is going to pull us out of this third position, from this disobedient sun and this disobedient moon and these disobedient planets because Ysrayl now will be a mighty righteous nation and everything on the earth would be purified. It will be pure again. So Yah is going to move the earth out. He is going to move it to the kingdom of heaven where He dwells. This is why He says you will not need the sun anymore. I’m going to be your light. This is why Scripture talks about a new heaven and a new earth. Because this earth is going to be purified. We are going to see how its going to be purified in just a moment.

Let’s go to Revelation 12. We read this last week when we talked about the wilderness. Yah will protect His people on earth. He’s not going to take you up into heaven. Yahoshua said no man has ascended into the highest heaven where Yah is. Flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of Yah. Flesh and blood can not see Yah nor has any flesh and blood man heard His voice at anytime. Because you couldn’t comprehend. Your mind or your brain is too pewy for all that information. You would die of information overload if you tried to process it. You wouldn’t understand what you are seeing. You wouldn’t understand what you were hearing if you heard His pure voice. This is why Yahoshua had to be transferred into a spirit before He went into heaven. He couldn’t go up there as no flesh and blood man. None of us can. So you have to be changed over into this spiritual form.

So we know that Yah is going to take His people over into the wilderness. Revelation 12:13-14, they are going to be there for 3 1/2 years, 42 months, time, times, and half of time. We know that when they get to the wilderness according to Isaiah chapter 35:1-10 which we read in the man of sin part 2 that the wilderness will be that nourishing point. The wilderness will be there to take care of us. Yah said I’m going to nourish you there. We know that in the book of Yahzeqyl chapter 20:35-38 Yah speaks about bringing the children of Ysrayl out of the countries and bringing them into the wilderness of the peoples. Yah has a plan to protect His people on earth not to take them into heaven for a rapture. Go back and read those Scriptures. Isaiah 35:1-10 and Yahzeqyl 20:35-38.

Yah has a plan to protect us here where we are because we were created from this earth and as long as we are fleshly we are earthly. Right? So all the way up until the return of Yahoshua, up until the last trumpet is blown we are going to be flesh and blood. So we stay here on earth. No need to try to go up to the highest heaven where Yah is because we can not. If you tried to get to the level of heaven where Yah is…man’s flesh is not capable of even flying in a flying device to even get there. You wouldn’t make it there. You couldn’t take a space ship up there. It’s a trip that man could not survive. That’s how weak the flesh is. So you will stay here on earth.

That whole thing with those wild Christians talking about they are going up to heaven…is a fantasy that’s taught to them by satan. So even now you are looking at this so-called rapture thing. You even have Gentiles that even think they can predict the hour, day and time of when these things are going to take place. Many of them have said that the rapture will be on this date, this time.

Let’s go back to Matthew 24. The rapture isn’t going to happen. Yah is going to protect us here in the wilderness. This is our place of safety on earth. Because we are earthly creatures. We have flesh and blood. Yah never said anything about protecting us with a rapture. When it says that we are going to meet them up in the clouds, that’s during the first resurrection when all that happens. We will be changed over into spiritual form. We will meet Him in the clouds and then we are coming back down to make war on the wicked.

Matthew 24:36-44, v. 36 Concerning the hour when Yahoshua is to come back, He said no one knows only Yah knows. Not even the malakim know the day that Yah is going to send them down and say okay go get ’em. Go get My people and kill everything that stands. That has not bowed to Me in obedience, to My Word, go kill them. They don’t know when that hour is. Do you think that we are the only ones of Yah’s creatures that are tired of this war? Do you think that we are the only ones that are tired of satan and his tricks and his foolishness and are so tired of fighting it? The malakim are tired too! They have been fighting this war for a long time! They are longing for the day when they can come and make this war over with. They are on stand-by waiting for that commandment to be given. And they will do it with joy and gladness of heart. Because they want this thing over just like we do. They are tired of satan coming before the face of Yah and accusing their brothers day and night. They are ready to do away with him. So they don’t know the hour when that’s going to happen.

v. 37-38 They didn’t understand. They were making mockery of Noah. But all the way up until the time that he entered the ark they didn’t know that the flood was about to come. Yahoshua is telling you the same thing. The world isn’t going to know the signs of His coming. Because the world can not see! They are going to think this man of sin is a righteous man. Many of them are going to worship him as a god, as the supreme chief deity of the world, the creator of the heavens and the earth. They are going to worship him as such. So how will they know he is only in there for 3 1/2 years? This is their god. There’s nothing wrong about him. They will still be waiting on the man of sin to come and make a 7 year great tribulation. Yahoshua said just like in the days of Noah, these people were eating, marrying and given in marriage all the way up until the time that the flood came.

v. 39 They will not know. It’s going to sneak up on them. Because they will not know the time frame. They will not know the signs. They will not even know the person to look for. ‘Oh he’s going to be some European, some superstar politician’. Then you have the protestants ‘Oh he’s going to be the next pope’. v. 40 This is the same thing we were just reading about right here that when He returns those that are left living, two shall be grinding at the mill one is taken and one is left (v. 41).

v. 42-44 Look at that. Man if I have been chillin’ in the wilderness all that time and all this craziness is going on out there, I have forgotten what time it was. If I’m out here everyday trying to teach these people and I’m running for my life, I have forgotten what time it is. I know the 7th day of the week but I have forgotten what year it is. As Morpheus told Neo when they first met in the real world. When Morpheus came into his room he said listen you think that it’s 1999 but we are more closer to the year 2199. They had lost track of time. Do you see? If you are one of those people who are left outside of the wilderness when Yahoshua comes, if you are one of those brothers that are out here teaching, look…2 shall be in the field, one is taken and one is left. I’m out in the field trying to teach and here comes Yahoshua. Right? You know you are one of those brothers left behind and are out there trying to teach and BAM here He comes. The dead have risen and now you have risen. Now you have been changed. Now you are up in the sky with Him.

Now you have your flaming sword and you are ready to go to battle. They say this is a rapture too but it’s not. See, you don’t know what hour He’s coming so your pre-tribulation, post-tribulation, middle-tribulation…all that is craziness. The whole rapture doctrine is non-sense. It’s utter non-sense. These people say they can predict when it’s going to happen. Do y’all remember Harold Campings? May 21, 2011 the wild Gentiles were supposed to be partying, they are supposed to really be in that party by now. Right? It’s a year later.

But Harold Campings was not the only one. Let’s look at a little history here. Back in 1844, William Miller predicted that Jesus would return between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844. Then when it didn’t happen he revised his prediction. As they do. He said that he miss calculated Scripture and that it was to happen October 22, 1844. This sounds just like Harold Campings’ prophesies. Right? They called that when this time period came, the great disappointment.

Now let me get something straight with you all because I know Israelites love to put things into my mouth that I have not said even though I’m recording this! My voice is recorded saying this, I’m am NOT predicting that in 2019 the world will end. No man knows that. Right? Not even the malakim. We are just aligning the prophesy of Genesis 15:13-14. Sixteen-nineteen was the year we were brought into the United States as servants, as slaves and Yah said we shall be brought into a land that is not ours and we shall be treated evil for 400 years. So if you count from 1619 to 2019, that’s all I’m saying about that. Is that, that is the fulfillment of the 400 year prophesy. What Yah has in order? Is He going to destroy Babylon at that time? I don’t know. But according to Genesis 15:13 that’s all we are saying, the 400 year prophesy. We are not saying that the world is going to end.

So if it’s 2019 and the world hasn’t exploded but you have sold all your possessions…’Obadiyah I’m disappointed now’. ‘You told me that the world was going to end’. I haven’t said no such thing. Even if I’m around during that time, go back and play one of these recordings. I did not say that. I said that this is dealing with the 400 year prophesy. Read Genesis 15:13-14, Yah said that nation whom has mistreated us evil, who has taken us captive, He said He will judge that nation. That nation is Mystery Babylon. Read about her judgment in Revelation 18 and 19.

Then in 1914, 1918, 1925, 1942 so many various dates were predicted for the rapture by Jehovah Witnesses. Jehovah Witnesses have been going crazy with their predictions of rapture. 1981 Chuck Smith predicted that Jesus would probably return by 1981. 1988 was said that the rapture would happen. There were many false doctrines saying that the rapture would happen in 1988. Do you know why the rapture hasn’t happened in all these predictions that we are reading here? And I got this from wicked-pedia, encyclopedia. You just look under rapture and you can see this. Do you know why this has not happened yet? Because the rapture is NEVER going to happen! Not according to this Word. They are going to fabricate a fake rapture but not according to this Word.

Then in 1989 they made some false prophesies. 1992,1993 and in 1993 that wild man down in Abilene Texas, Yisrayl Hawkins said that in 1993 because Israel and the Palestinians, the PLO the Palestinian Liberation Organization signed a peace treaty with the Jews in 1993. And he said that this war a 7 year covenant and Bill Clinton was the one who signed it. So he was saying that Bill Clinton was the man of sin.

Although I can say this much, Bill Clinton is another interesting character just like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton does have characteristics of the man of sin. Just him being around this long of a time. Bill Clinton, now back in the day after these prophesies were written many believed that this was referring to a Roman Caesar called Nero. Nero brought great distress down upon our people during that time. But of course Yahoshua said it’s going to be the worse time of trouble ever. So that wasn’t Nero. But the thing about Nero is that Nero Caesar and Bill Clinton look just alike. There are statues on-line of Nero Caesar side by side with photographs of Bill Clinton. They look-alike. But that’s neither here nor there.

Yisrayl Hawkins at the House of Yahweh down in Abilene Texas said that in 1993. So he made prophesies. In the two false prophesies he stated concerning the 7 year great tribulation that the world was going to end in the year 2000 because in 1993 Bill Clinton and Jews and Palestinians signed a peace treaty. He said this was the peace treaty of Daniel 9:27. Read his false prophesies. He is still operating today. Still making predictions. He said the world was going to end in a nuclear holocaust in 2006. And people are still following this jackal…

1994, 2011 and there are some in 2015 (end-time prophesies). Some say that Sir Isaac Newton said that the world would end in 2016. I mean family, it goes on and on. But we just read no man knows the hour, the day, the time not even the messengers (malakim). Because no one knows and Yahoshua said you will not expect Me in the hour when I am coming. The world is not going to see who this man is. They are going to miss him by a mile. He’s going to waltz in and do all that he will do. He will stand in the temple, all that stuff, pulling our fire. They are not going to know that it is him. (He will) set up the new economic system and they will not know it is him.

So Yahoshua said you will not know the hour that I come. You aren’t going to expect it. You will just look up and know the sign of His coming. As the sun shines from the east to the west and as lightning comes from the east to the west hey that’s how it’s going to be when He comes back. That will be your sign to know that, that’s Him. You probably will be running around and eating grapes the size of your feet in the wilderness. You know running around joking and laughing in the wilderness and you will look up and there He comes.

Sound bite: Narrator: In the nineteenth century William Miller a Baptist preacher in Vermont made an end-time prediction that became known as the great disappointment. Speaker: He was virtually uneducated. He was self-taught. He came to the conclusion that Jesus Christ would return to earth around 1843 or 1844. He began to teach this message throughout upstate NY and Vermont. Speaker 2: This is a Millerite chart. It’s a prophesy chart that depicts the end of time. It was published in 1842 for use throughout the year because he predicted as the chart shows that the end of time would come in 1843. On the left you have the images and the text from the book of Daniel and on the right you have the images and text from the book of Revelation. Narrator: When 1843 came and went without the world ending Miller re-calculated claiming that he hadn’t accounted for the transition from BC to AD. Speaker: And finally he calculated using what he called millennial arithmetic that Jesus would return on October 27, 1844. At that point the Millerites dropped everything. They quit their jobs. They stopped working the fields. They paid off their debts. Narrator: This second prophesy failure was known as the great disappointment because of the anguish that the faithful felt that the millennium was not at hand. Nonetheless, interest in end of time prophesies remained high. In the latter part of the 20th century any major shift in the middle-east could inspire millennial thinking. Speaker: I remember very clearly that on June of 1967, I was playing outside on a nice warm summer day and my mother came to the front door summoned me and said son this is it. Get ready Jesus is coming back at any moment. And this was during the 6-day war. And it was her understanding on her reading of the book of Revelation that the Israelis recapturing of the ancient city of Jerusalem was the final pre-condition for the return of Jesus.

Now another major lie they like to say concerning the man of sin is that the countdown to prophesy started in 1948 when the Jews came into the land of Israel, conquered the land of Israel and took it over. And they say that this was the prophesy that showed that we are close to the revealing of the man of sin. That this began the countdown of prophesy. Have you heard this prophesy before that this is the countdown because the Jews are over there now? Well let’s go ahead and bust this in the head.

Sound bite: Narrator: Since the time of Christ’s departure, one question has been in the forefront in the minds of prophesy believers. When will Christ return to defeat the anti-Christ and usher in the millennium? Many prophesy believers search the Bible for clues to the end of time. One prophetic concept has come to dominate their calculations. Speaker: The rebirth of the state of Israel is the super sign. It’s the sign amongst all others that suggests man we are really close. Speaker: In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel. Speaker: For all of its history since the 1830s dispensationalism says this is the refounding of the state of Israel. Speaker: Now learn this lesson from the fig tree, as soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Speaker: God clearly shows that the fig tree is the people of Israel. They said when the fig leaves puts on fresh leaves that’s what happened to Israel in 1948. Israel was not born, it was restored. It put on fresh leaves. For many prophesy believers the rebirth of Israel in 1948 marked the beginning of the countdown to the anti-Christ the second coming and the end of the world as we know it.

Narrator: They believe the generation that witnessed the events of 948 will also witness the showdown between Christ and anti-Christ. Speaker: I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. Narrator: The ‘things’ that Matthew refers to are wars, famines, earthquakes. All in a short period of tribulation followed by the return of Christ. In response to these passages many have set dates for the end times including best-selling prophesy writer Howl Lindsey. Speaker: Additions to the late great planet earth clearly suggest that the end will come in 1988. So his book appeared in the 1970s. So he has an 18 year run before he was disproven. Narrator: Nevertheless, many believe in 1948 remains the start date for the march towards Armageddon. They turn their attention to interpreting how many years constitute a Biblical generation. Speaker: A generation would be a hundred years. In 1948 was the beginning. So we are coming close to the close of this generation and it’s not that long. Narrator: But as disturbing as some of these arguments may be, Howl Lindsey and Benny Hinn are merely part of a long tradition of believers who feel they are living near the end of time.

Okay see the first thing that we must understand is that Jews and the Israelis are not Yah’s people. Their not Yah’s covenant people. They are imposters or as Yahoshua said they are the synagogue of satan. Now, Yah’s servants, we know are the children of Ysrayl. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 41. We know that the children of Ysrayl right now are under the curses for their disobedience to the Almighty Yah. And Yah is going to allow them to stay in this cursed state as a people until Yahoshua returns. Because we already read in Matthew 24 that Yahoshua is going to come and gather His people up, gather His elect from the 4 winds or 4 corners of heaven. Because we are scattered all over the world. Right? So if we are scattered all over the world, how are we in the land as a people? The Jews are there but the children of Ysrayl are not. If these called the Jews aren’t the children of Ysrayl why isn’t the land cleansed of all of its wickedness and all of its sin? Why are there Roman Catholic Churches in the land? When Roman Catholicism is against the ways of Yah. Why are there Muslim Mosques in the land? When Islam is against the ways of Yah. Why are there Jews ruling and controlling the land when Judaism is against the ways of Yah. Yet you are saying that the children of Ysrayl have returned home. So now this has begun prophesy.

Yesiyah 41:8-9 That’s who you are Ysrayl. Not no Jew but you. So because He loves you so much, He has got to punish you for your transgressions against Him.

Let’s go to Zechariyah chapter 8. The Father’s people have a time where we are still in this captivity where He will release us.

Zechariyah 8:3, 7-8, v. 3 Is Yahrushalom called the city of truth today? Is there truth over there that is reigning? How can it be? When you have a man over there calling himself a messiah. And saying he is Yahoshua. When you have Judaism ruling in the land. When you have Christianity, Christians ruling in the land. And you have Islamic, Muslims ruling in the land. How is that the city of truth? BUT when Ysrayl has returned and when Yah has returned to Ysrayl, HalleluYah and brought them back to their own land, that Jerusalem shall be called the city of truth. But it’s not called that (now) because the Jews are liars. The Israelis are liars. So how is the city that they rule called the city of truth when the people dwelling there are liars?

v. 7-8 Do you see? He’s going to bring us back and He’s going to be there with us. He’s going to save us from the east. He’s going to save us from the west. And everywhere we have been scattered, He shall bring us back and we shall dwell in the midst of Yahrushalom. That’s when Yahoshua comes and He’s going to send His malakim to gather us from the 4 winds and take us home. Swing low sweet chariot, coming for to take me home. What do y’all think our people were signing about? Huh? You thought they were just passing time on a plantation as massa told you that? You thought they were signing some escape song as massa told you that? They were signing about our history! Our redemption! We are waiting on the chariots. Didn’t Yahoshua say He’s coming and He’s going to take us in the clouds? Those clouds are the chariots! Coming to take us home family! We shall return by the hand of Yah not the Balfour Declaration. Read up on the Balfour Declaration. I don’t have time to go into it now. But that’s the document that allowed the Jews to go into the land of Ysrayl in 1948. Do research on the Balfour Declaration.

Deuteronomy chapter 30. Debarim chapter 30. Those of you all listening. You may hear me give 2 names on some of the books. I’m giving you the name in Hebrew and I’m giving you the name in English. If you are using the translation called the Scriptures it has the actual Hebrew title of the Bible books as the KJV has the English titles. So Dabarim is Deuteronomy.

I’m just letting you see how it will be when Ysrayl returns. But they say 1948 began the prophesy because now the Jews have returned home.

Deuteronomy 30:1-5, v. 1 Let’s stop right here. Aren’t we now remembering the blessings and the curses? Don’t we know now that we are cursed people? Can’t we match the curses verse for verse to our entire history and show documentation that these things have happened to us with the trans-Atlantic slave trade and bringing us into the western hemisphere. Spreading us throughout Africa. Spreading us throughout Asia and Europe. Don’t we have the documentation that this has happened? Yah said when you recall all this to your mind. Don’t we know that King David is our ancestor? Don’t we know that we were blessed during the time of King Solomon before he turned his back on Yah? The blessings and the curses. Don’t we know that we are blessed to have entered into a covenant with Yah?

v. 2-3 He said you have to turn back to Him. The Jews over there are anti-Messiyah. The anti-Messiyah spirit is heavy on the Jews. They don’t believe in Yah. They are not calling upon Yah. They are not calling upon Yahoshua. But Yah said when I return you back these are the things that have to happen. You have to remember the blessings and the curse. You have to return back to Me with all your soul, you and your children. That’s what we are doing now. We are giving up everything of Babylon so we can have peace with Yah. We understand that we have been disobedient to You. We went out to James town Virginia in the year 2010 on September 12 our fast day. We went out there fasting praying and repenting back to Yah. We told the Father that we understand what He has done to us. We understand that we have been cursed because of our disobedience. Not because He has hated us. Not because He has disliked us. But because we have hated Him and because we have disliked Him. That’s why we are a cursed people. We are recalling all that to come back to our minds.

v. 4-5 Our faith has grown. Our faith versus the faith of our fathers who came out of Egypt. Who seen the Red Sea, The Sea of Reeds split in half on their behalf and they still went wild against Yah. We haven’t seen it but we believe it. Those Israelites that stood before the face of the Messiyah and said execute Him. Those that turned their backs on the very words of life that He spoke. But you have not done that. You didn’t hear His physical voice. You just read His voice in the testimony of His life and you believe. So He said for that I’m going to increase you greater than your fathers. Because I rocked the world on their behalf and they still didn’t believe it was Me. Before we got two feet out of Egypt, we were making up a god. There we go worshipping a golden calf. When Yah said have no elohim before My face.

This is what must happen. The children of Ysrayl have not returned home. Yah said He shall bring you to the land which your fathers possessed. He gave this (prophesy) before we even stepped in the land. This is Moses telling this to the children of Ysrayl. Moses didn’t even go into the land. So he is already speaking…our fathers have possessed that land. Our blood has been spilled in that land. Our babies were born in that land. THAT’S OURS. Our names are etched in that land. THAT’S OURS. So Yah’s going to bring us back to that. Not some man or by the hand of man or Balfour Declaration whatever. That’s not going to get it. The children of Ysrayl have not been brought back. So that is another lying prophesy by the Gentiles.

Let’s go to the book of Joel chapter 3. The book of Yoyl. I’m almost finished family. I just had to go over these things with you so you can have a clearer understanding. Yoyl 3. All these things most take place before the children of Ysrayl come back. We are going back by Yahoshua. See that’s good that you understand the patterns of Yah. Remember I told you about the patterns? We were brought into the land by who? We were brought into the land by a General as a conquering army. A General name who? Yahoshua the son of Nun. Right? During the time of Exodus, when we exited out of the land of Egypt and all that, that happened. So now we are going to be brought back into the land as a conquering army by a General named guess what? Yahoshua, Yah’s salvation. You have to recognize those patterns? That’s how Yah works. The Jews got over there as a conquering army but not by a General named Yahoshua. They got over there by the hands of man, the devices of man. No malakim came and gathered them from the 4 corners of the wind and set them back over there. That didn’t happen. Yet it will happen to you.

Yoyl 3:1-2 In those days at that time=future prophesy. Can’t be no more telling than this. The people in the land right now are dividing up the Father’s land. Who gets Jerusalem? Who gets this or that? They are dividing His land. But He said I’m going to enter into judgment with you there on behalf of My people Ysrayl. That hasn’t happened yet. That’s the battle of Armageddon. That hasn’t happened yet. So how can the children of Ysrayl be back if Yah has not entered into judgment? I’m going to show you why Yah has got to enter in judgment with them there.

Let’s go to Numbers chapter 35. This is why Yah has to go into judgment there. Because before He comes back, before Machiyach comes back…that land is stinking. That land is defiled and that land is dirty. That’s a dirty land over there. There’s no set-apartness in it right now because you have dirty people defiling the land. So before Messiyah can come back to set everything straight. This is what must happen first.

Numbers 35, Yah said I’m going to bring them down in the valley of Yahoshaphat and I’m going to enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people Ysrayl, whom they have scattered among the nations. They have divided My land. Before Yah comes back over there, the land has got to be cleansed of all the bloodshed that has been shed in that land.

Numbers 35:33-34 He said don’t spill blood in the land. Much blood has been spilled in that land. Israelite blood, Gentile blood, much blood. So Yah said in order for that land to be pardoned of the blood or cleansed as it states in the KJV. In order for that land to be cleansed of the blood that has been shed on it, those who shed the blood must have their blood shed in order for the land to be cleansed. This is why Yah said I’m going to bring you down to the valley of Yahoshaphat, the valley of decision, the battle of Armageddon. Armageddon is in a place called Megiddo, that’s in northern Israel. Because Yah has got to shed the blood of every nation of man in order for the land to be cleansed and in order for us to come back to a clean land, their blood has got to be shed. Even the blood of Israelites. Because you will have Israelites that will join in with this man of sin and with those Jews, that whole operation.

So Yah’s going to shed their blood too. This is why He is bringing them down. Blood shed has got to happen in order to cleanse the land of blood shed that has already happened. Has that happened? There’s plenty blood shed still going on and it’s not cleansing. The Jews are killing the Arabs and the Arabs are killing the Jews and the Christians are killing the Muslims and the Muslims are killing the Christians. One big pot of mess. So they say that you know that the Jews are going to be persecuted. The Christians are going to be persecuted by the man of sin. That’s another lie that will not happen. This is why they will not know that he is the man of sin because that’s what they are looking for.

Soundbite: The anti-Christ would put to death all those who refuse to acknowledge him. And at that point of course all the Christians are gone. They have been raptured out. And so what he is doing is addressing Jewish believers who have come to faith in Jesus Christ after the rapture. And he let’s go a horrible holocaust against them. What modern dispensationalism says would be the worst persecution in the history of the Jewish people.

They are looking for the Christians and the Jews to be persecuted by this man. When he will not persecute the Christians and the Jews. So that can’t be the man of sin if he’s not persecuting Christians, Jews and Muslims. When he is in-line with all of them.

So another thing that they say is that we have to look for is that the man of sin is going to be a persecutor of Christians, Muslims and Jews. When he rules it’s called the worst time of trouble ever but it’s also called the time of Jacobs distress. Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 30, Yeremiyah chapter 30. We are just looking at the facts and the myths concerning the man of sin. This is crazy family but I hope that your understanding has been had.

…I said kayn if you understand not cake. Some of y’all will bow down to the man of sin for cake. Because you bow down now for less than that. ‘You mean I can eat pork chop again’? ‘Eww you so great’. Lusting for that pork chop. All they have to do is give you a cat-fish sandwich and there you go, acting up again.

Yeremiyah 30, They say the man of sin is going to persecute the Christians and the Jews and all this. Right? So when the man of sin stands up and as he starts persecuting as we learned in part 2 of the lesson we know that, that’s called the time of Jacob’s trouble.

Yeremiyah 30:7 So when the man of sin stands up in the temple and he’s proclaiming himself to be the greatest of all gods, Yahoshua already told us to run. Don’t look back, just keep going. Don’t stop just keep going. Don’t go back into your  house for anything. Now let me just answer this real quick when that happens it’s so important that you get away in the time that you have to get away because you will have to flee because remember the man of sin is going to come chasing you with an army. He went after the woman who gave birth the male-child.

Now let’s go read that real quick Revelation 12:17 because it let’s us know who he is going to persecute. This will let you know that not one Christian will be persecuted by the man of sin. Did you hear me? Not one Christian will be persecuted by the man of sin. Do you know why? This right here will tell us why.

Revelation 12:17 Who is the remnant of her seed? Those guarding the commandments of Yah and possessing the witness of Yahoshua ha Machiyach. Ain’t no Christians keeping the commandments of Yah nor have the testimony of Yahoshua as Messiyah because they believe that Jesus is messiah. So this is why they are going to miss who he is because he’s not going to make war with them.

Let’s go to Revelation 13. Just flip your page over and if your Bible looks like mine be careful flipping your page over because it will rip out.

Revelation 13:7 The KJV says ‘the saints’, the set-apart ones. Who are these set-apart ones? Let’s go to Psalm 148. The book of Tellihim.

Psalm 148:14 He has exalted the horn of His people. The praise of all His saints of the children of Ysrayl, a people near to Him.

Praise Yah. HalleluYah. So those set-apart ones are the children of Ysrayl who keep the commandments of Yah and have the testimony of Yahoshua. The time of Jacob’s trouble, our father Jacob’s name was changed to Ysrayl and his descendants are known as Israylites or the children of Ysrayl. It is our trouble, the worse time of trouble that we have faced as a people. It’s not the worse time that the Christians and the Jews have faced. That’s when Yahoshua returns. That’s going to be their time of trouble. But ours will be when the false messiah is here, the anti-messiah is here ruling. That’s our worse time of trouble because we are going to stand up against him. We are going to stand in opposition to him. But when Yahoshua returns that’s when the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims will have their time of trouble ever.

Let’s go to Psalm 147. Yeah I’m still sipping on the hot cocoa. It’s not hot anymore but it’s still good.

Psalm 147:19-20 HalleluYah. Do you see that? It said declaring His Word to Jacob or Ysrayl. His laws and judgments to Ysrayl. He has not dealt with any nation. And they have not know His right rulings.

The nations don’t know how Yah operates! But because you have been under Yah’s authority, you are recalling the blessings and curses to your remembrance. You know how He operates. You know what is a displeasure to Him. The other nations don’t know that. We have to go teach them that!! We are their teachers!!

So this man is going to come make war with us because of that. Because Yah holds us up in such high esteem. So do you see that family? The Jews will not be persecuted. When you hear that madness, rebuke that. When you hear that prophesy count down of 1948 because the Jews have returned home…this is their first time going to the land. That’s our land. And if a man leaves his home and leaves his identity in his home and he doesn’t come back to his home for a long period of time. Then you can walk in that man’s home and you can become that man. You can wear the clothes of the man and wear the cloak of that man and wear his full identity and people will think that you are that man. That’s what has been done to us and Yah has allowed it to be done because Yah said…wait a minute listen. All this that I have been through with y’all, all this we have been through together and this is how you treat Me? All the good I have done for you. I made you the highest nation above all nations on the earth that I have made. I made all nations but I made you My choice nation. And this is how you treat Me. So I would rather for someone else t be in your land. I would rather for the United States to be the richest most powerful nation on earth than to have you treating Me like this and have you in your land as the mightiest, richest nation on earth. I’d rather sit back and let them do it. I’d rather see them defile the land than watch you defile the land.