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The Man of Sin p. 5c

v. 41 Remember this because when we get into the Revelation series we will see something. Remember the Russians. Remember the Chinese and the Chinese represent will represent the Asians. And all of the European countries that will come against the United States with Russia. The Asians, the Arabs and the Africans. You’ll see. v. 42-46 When Babylon goes down the world is going to mourn. This ain’t going to be no small time thing. This is going to be major. This-is-going-to-be-major.

Let’s go to Jeremiah 51. Yah said that the king of Babylon has heard about what’s about to happen (from Yeremiyah 50:43) and he became weak. Now remember this, the man of sin is going to do his thing from Jerusalem. He’s going to come up out of the system of democracy but remember there are 10 kings. Right? Ten kings with ten crowns. There’s going to be a king that will be over here ruling over the North American region. There’s going to be a king coming out of the United States to rule this region. But the man of sin is going to be already over there doing his thing over in the land. That’s where his eyes are focused on. He’s going to be working these peace treaties, remember making this covenant with many. He’s going to be worried about getting his god status. But there will be a king. Right? You notice Yah said the king of Babylon. Remember there are ten kings. By the time that all of this is set up this world will be ruled under those ten kings. And Yah tells us that these ten kings…when this 10 king system is set up that they will be the ones to turn on Babylon.

So when they hear about Russia coming…because Babylon will not be around when it’s time to go to war in the battle of Armageddon. Jeremiah 51, we are looking at the destruction of Babylon.

Yeremiyah 51:14-25, v. 14 So when He says I shall fill you with men this is talking about soldiers invading the United States. v. 15-24 So He is going to use you as His battle-ax, as His weapons of war. You are going to bring down kingdoms! The kingdoms are going to fall before your feet, Ysrayl.

Look at this. v. 25 Remember that we read about that the pastors, that Ysrayl’s own shepherds have led them astray from mountain to mountain? The mountain is symbolism for nations and governments! So Yah calls Babylon mountain because this nation has gone throughout the earth and destroyed the earth by leading it in a rebellion against Yah by leading the world astray. We read Revelation 12. It said that satan leads all the world astray and satan is leading this nation where the president of this nation, once again is the leader of the free world. So a destroying mountain who destroys all the earth says Yah and I will stretch out My hand against you. Roll you down from the rocks and make you a BURNT mountain. Remember Yahoshua told us, if you have the belief of a mustard seed (then) you shall tell that mountain to move out of this place and it shall obey you.

Let’s go to Matthew 17. Let me show you this. So when it says that the shepherds of Ysrayl have led them astray from mountain to mountain…the shepherds have led them astray from nation to nation. Every nation that we are in, we have been led astray by these false shepherds, these false leaders. These false teachers, your Christian leaders, Muslim leaders, all of them from nation to nation. Why is it that the leaders of these people always have to be a politician or a religious figure? It just so happens that Jesse Jackson is both. You have your reverends who are your leaders, the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King. He was pretty much both. Barack Obama, he’s a politician. He’s the president. He’s the leader of black people. Reverend Al Sharpton, Right? Every nation, these false leaders lead us astray.

But Yahoshua says in Matthew 17 to give you some clarity because Yah just told you that He will use you to break down nations.

Matthew 17:20 You shall tell the government of Babylon to bow down! All you have to believe is to have your belief as small as a  mustard seed physically and spiritually. Physically I could tell Mount Everest to move to Chicago and it should do it. Spiritually, I should tell Babylon to move this government, to move it out of its place, to bow down before Yah and it should do it. That’s what He’s talking about here family. Because the mountains are symbolism for the nations and the governments. And Yah said I will use you to destroy all this because by this time Ysrayl, when that time comes and you see Yah’s hands as He destroys the world on your behalf. When you see Yahoshua coming you will stand before all the nations and bring righteous judgment against them all. These are the destroying mountains that have destroyed Yah’s people.

Let’s go back to Yeremiyah 51. So that was what Yahoshua was telling you. He’s giving you the spiritual and physical understanding. We are going to be the ones to break down these nations. They are going to come and serve us. Right? We read that in Isaiah 60. There kings are going to come and serve us. Revelation 3:9, they are going to come and bow down at our feet. They are going to come grab hold of your tassels and say that we are going to follow you for we have heard that Yah is with you. They are going to come from the ends of the earth saying our fathers have inherited vanities (lies) in things there is no profit.

Yeremiyah 51:26 This is Yah talking about Babylon. He said you will be a waste forever. Nobody is going to rebuild this place. Nobody is going to make a cornerstone and lay a foundation like they are out there doing in NY rebuilding the world trade center. When Yah destroys this place ain’t none of that happening (no rebuilding it).

v. 27 Ashkenaz are the Jews! Israel! The Jews! Yah said call them! And they are going to destroy you Babylon. Your so-called ally right? And she is doing all this stuff to you. You there is even evidence that they were the ones that pulled off the 911 attacks. They did so much wrong against the United States…the Jews already do. They want to destroy this place too. Secretly they are in cahoots with Russia. Yeah the 51st state wants to destroy this place. They get all this money from the United States and weapons all so they can join in the destruction. They get weapons from Iran and all that, Israel does. Go look at their soldiers weapons…made in Russia…made in China. Yah said call Ashkenaz.

v. 28 The kings of the Medes…Medo-Persia. Medo-Persia ruled from what’s called Iran today. So you think there is animosity between Iran and Israel, naw that’s only to create chaos because they are both in cahoots against the United States. v. 29 How many times does He have to say this? There won’t be any inhabitants in this place because it’s going to be a ruin. Nothing will be able to live here because it’s going to get destroyed with something that’s worse, with something that’s called a nuclear holocaust. You know how they say how they go and blast a nuclear bomb and it’s going to block out the sun…Yah said no life will be over here. It will be without inhabitants.

v. 30 She has no protection now. When the Russians, Chinese and whoever else comes over here and whoever else feels like coming because it will be a free-for-all. All of these riches, everybody is coming to get some. So how will your soldiers stand against that? Do you see that? Their morale is now down…their might has failed. That’s what it means. They have no morale. They have no more strength to fight for you because they have been overtaken now. The mighty men of Babylon have ceased to fight.

v. 31-33 Yah is saying He is going to break this place down. v. 34 Now it mentions Nebuchadnezzar here because Yah is always relating this Mystery Babylon back to ancient Babylon. You have to look at how powerful ancient Babylon was and then you get an understanding of Mystery Babylon. Remember she’s a secret. Her rule and her rule in the state of Babylon is…shhhhh (a secret). Remember she’s riding that beast, she’s guiding the beast. She’s a conglomerate of all these ancient nations.

v. 35-37 ‘A habitation of JACKALS’! You already have jackals over here, the human jackals. So Yah said that the animal jackals are going to be here. It says it will be a habitation of jackals. Who wants to be around all the jackals. Not me. ‘An astonishment and a hissing without an inhabitant’. Once again, there will be no human life here after He destroys it.

v. 38-41 Read. v. 42 You see Babylon stretches from ocean to ocean. One end of Babylon is at the Pacific Ocean and the other end is at the Atlantic Ocean. This is how big this place is. Yah said I’m going to cover it with water, with the sea. The sea has risen over Babylon. You thought superstorm Sandy did something…just wait.

v. 44 Read. v. 45 We are going to read this again in a moment. ‘Come out of her My people’. ‘Come out of Babylon’. This is what Yah says. Let’s skip over to v. 58.

v. 58 Read.

Let’s go over to Revelation 17. This is what Yah is going to do to this place family. He is going to burn it. The nations are going to come and attack it. Yah said there will be nothing left here.

Revelation 17: 12-16, v. 12 Now we are talking about the woman riding the beast. This is when the world is going to be split up into 10 regions. The American union, this or that union…10 of them. v. 13 So when they give their power and authority to the beast, this is th man of sin. This makes him rule over all the kingdoms of the world and those 10 kings will be in authority to him. They will be under his authority. So that’s how he can have the United States attacked and thrown into the sea and burned up.

v. 14 Read. v. 15 So we see the woman sitting on top of the water, that’s what it represents. This symbolically means she’s ruling over the world. v. 16 So they are going to plunder, rob this place. They will come and blow up Fort Knox and take all the gold, take everything. They will blow this place to the ground. Burn baby burn. This is what they will do. This is what Yah is going to call them to do. To come against Babylon.

Let’s go to Revelation 18. We are getting ready to close out. I just want you to see this.

Revelation 18:1-8, v. 1-3 Read. v. 4 Now remember there’s going to be some that are left behind to continue to teach. Remember Ysrayl is in the wilderness by this time. So those whom Yah says come out of her My people, these are the ones that are left behind. Get out of Babylon! You have no more work here. That’s it. She’s done. Yah’s about to bring this place down to the ground. Just like the angels told Lot, those 2 malakim told Lot during the time of Sodom’s destruction. They said Lot get out of here. We have confirmed what we came to see and now Yah has sent us to destroy this place. And they took Lot and his family by the hand and they led them out of the city. So this is the last call for Yah’s people to get out of the United States. This is it right here. The majority of Ysrayl is already in the wilderness but Yah is leaving some outside of the wilderness so they can stay back and teach.

v. 5 Read. v. 6 We just read this over in Yeremiyah. Right? It said do unto her as she has done to the nations. Bring vengeance on her. The same thing we are talking about the same nation…Mystery Babylon, the United States. v. 7 I don’t see any wars on my land (she says). I’m over in Babylon right now, this is her thought. She’s over in Iraq right now. She can break down the door of a young man’s home and take him half way across the world to Guantanamo Bay and torture and punish this man. And he hasn’t even got nothing to do with so-called terrorism. This is what she can do. But this is not happening to her. Right?

v. 8 I want to make two points here. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 47. Because Yah said her destruction shall come in one day. In one day Yah said He will bring this all on you because you are arrogant about all this. There is no people on this planet as arrogant as these people who live in the United States. The Gentiles from the United States are the most arrogant people on this planet. They don’t believe nothing that this country does or ever did is wrong. Everything has justification. You see how they just celebrated Thanksgiving or as we call it Thanks-taking, a few days ago. This ushered in the slave trade. This ushered in the slaughtering of an entire people and they celebrate that. That’s their arrogance. They do no wrong. Everything they do is right. Everything they do is gold. And that’s arrogance and Yah hates that.’ I sit as a queen’. There is none like me. Yah ain’t even like her (she thinks).

So let’s go to Isaiah 47. Yah said in one day, I’m going to bring all this on you.

Yesiyah 47:9 We are talking about the same Babylon here. Yah said it in Isaiah 47 and Revelation 18. He said in one day. This will not be a two-day event. This will not be a three-day event. Not even a week. One day. When has that ever happened other than when Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed in one day?

Let’s go back to Revelation 18. Revelation 18:8 said the same thing as Isaiah 47:9, one day. Right? Now there is something else I want to point out to you in Revelation 18:8. Let’s go back to Genesis 15:14. Well, you don’t have to go there. I’m just going to read it right now. But mark this in your notes.  Genesis 15 because Yah also said here and I’m going to read Revelation 18:8 first before I go to Genesis 15:14.

Revelation 18:8 Read. Yah is destroying her because He is judging her. And what did Yah tell us in Genesis 15:14? He said but the nation whom they serve I am going to judge. And afterward let them come out with great possessions. When the United States is looted, Yah is going to give us everything that we need out of this place. Right? The ships of Tarshish first, the ships of Spain first bringing our silver and gold. All of this belongs to us. The ships of Tarshish…while we are in the wilderness chillin’, the ships of Tarshish, Spain is coming over here to get what belongs to us. Oh we are going to get a greater understanding of that in the Revelation series but that is what I want to show you. It says in Revelation 18 that this destruction that Yah is bringing upon Babylon is because He is judging her and Yah said that nation in Genesis 15:14 whom they serve I’m going to judge. We are talking about the same nation here. The one that is holding and mistreating the children of Ysrayl in captivity for 400 years in her land. It didn’t say we were enslaved 400 years but we would be mistreated 400 years.

Okay so that is what we are looking at here. So we are seeing that the judgment of Babylon is the same judgment of Genesis 15:14. Yah said I will judge that nation, the United States.