The Man of Sin p. 5b

Now we go to the judgment of the great whore who sits on many waters. The judgment of the nation who held us for a period of 400 years and mistreated us. She rules the world as the single authority. So as we look at all these things adding up, now we see after all these things have happened that we see the destruction of her taking place. The judgment of the great whore who rules over the entire world. Yah has a target on her back. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 17. We read this in this lesson before. But we have to go back because we are talking about her destruction here.

Revelation 17:1-5, v. 1 Notice what word he used their ‘judgment’. Remember Genesis 15:14 where Yah says He shall judge that nation. Now we are seeing right here in Revelation 17 where it says I’m going to show you the judgment of the great whore sitting on many waters. I shall show you the judgment of the great ‘ho’ sitting on many waters. Right? v. 2 ‘With the wine of her ho-ing’! v. 3-4 That golden cup which is filled with her abominations and her whoring is democracy. And she takes this democracy and has the other nations to drink from her cup. v. 5 Babylon or Babel means confusion. So she is the mother of the whores or the mother of the hoes! And (she is) an ABOMINABLE entity that exists because she is leading the world astray and she is leading them against Yah.  

So that’s who she is. It said she has a name that’s a secret. Mystery Babylon is a secret that this is the United States. Like I told you at the beginning of this. All your other so-called Christian prophets can not see the United States fulfilling this role. ‘Oh the United States is the greatest place on earth blah, blah, blah’. ‘This is our country’. ‘Our fathers came and our fathers were Christians and god gave them this land’. All type of foolishness. That’s why she’s a secret. And they can’t see her. It is the United States.

Let’s go to Isaiah 47. Yah has a target on her back and He will destroy her for what she has one to you. Now she is adorned in precious metals, gold and all that. She’s rich. This is the richest nation on the earth. And how did she obtain her riches? On the back of you. By your hard work, blood sweat and tears. And you don’t even get to enjoy nothing that she has here. You have to beg for everything. You have to beg her to even treat you descent. She wrote in her laws that all men are created equal that’s why she doesn’t consider you a man. Just by her treatment of you, let’s you know that she doesn’t even consider you human. You have about the same rights as a dog. Maybe. Because Michael Vick killed two of them and he did two years in prison. George Zimmerman killed one of us and he’s still out. Right? hmmm-hum. So maybe the dog does have better rights than you. So you are lower than that animal. Maybe they equate us with birds. How about that? Right? Maybe

Isaiah 47:6-8, v. 6 So they have not shown compassion towards us. They have no mercy towards us as a people. v. 7-8 She says she’s the lone superpower family. Who else is more mightier than her? Who else has military bases in other countries? Who else has that? Who else can take her currency and pay for goods in other nations? She is the only one. She sits alone. She said she does not sit as a widow nor does she know the loss of children.

Let’s go to Jeremiah chapter 50. We are looking at the destruction of Babylon now. We have gone through our time-frame. Now we are looking at her destruction. Yeremiyah 50. The destruction of Babylon is key to what the man of sin is going to do because he’s going to come up out of this system. We are going to see what her destruction is going to consist of.

Yeremiyah 50:4-10, v. 4-5 This is so beautiful because Yah is now forgiving us for our transgressions against Him. And now He’s beginning the process of returning us back to the people whom He created us to be and back to the land that He promised we would have. v. 6 I want you to remember this (verse)! What does it mean when Yah says that we have gone from mountain to hill? What does it mean when it says that we are ‘wandering’ and we have been led astray and we have led them away on the mountains? Remember this. I’m going to explain this as we get further into this. So you will be able to understand even what Yahoshua was saying about the mustard seed. Oh there’s great understanding to be had here, Ysrayl.

v. 7-8 Have you ever seen a flock of sheep or herd or something (when) a ram is coming. If you have a cow and a ram is running at them, those boys are running and will run over everything in sight. Yah said we have to get our of Babylon like that. When that time comes. He said flee. We are going to read that exact same thing in Revelation 18 We already read in Revelation 12 where satan is going to come chase us into the wilderness. Right? So we have to flee. We have to flee. Yahosua said flee. We have to run into the mountains. Don’t go back into the house for anything, Matthew 24.. So Yah is saying the same thing. You have to flee like there’s a ram in the midst of the flock.

Now this land of the Chaldeans, the Chaldeans were the people who lived in Babylon. Babylon is located in modern-day Iraq. Saddam Hussein had made that place as beautiful as it was during the days of Nebuchadnezzar. He fixed it up. So we are going to see that Yah is not talking about the destruction of old Babylon. He’s talking about the destruction of new Babylon

So when you are reading this you must understand. Because Yah did destroy the Babylon of old. But He didn’t destroy it like how we are talking about right here. He just removed the power. Right after the Babylonians ruled, the Medes and the Persians ruled. And when Alexander got into Babylon he was so taken back by how beautiful it was. He died in Babylon.

So it was still looking beautiful. Yah said that this place that He is going to destroy that is called Babylon which is the United States…not a stone will be left. So this word Chaldeans, the land of the Chaldeans…the Chaldeans lived in Iraq. They lived in Babylon. They are known as master astrologers. Remember that this is the same area that the ancient Sumerians lived in. And the Anunnaki came to the ancient Sumerians as it tells us in the book of Enoch chapter 8. The Anunnaki is just another name for the fallen angels. This is what the Sumerians called them who lived in that area of ancient Babylon.

So in the book of Enoch chapter 8, it says that these angels came down and taught men secrets of the heavens. So when it said the land of the Chaldeans, it is saying the land of the astrologers. They were master astrologers. Even Josephus, the Hebrew Historians write about them. They were masters at that. And if you look at the old images of Babylon and when their king are sitting around, they have pictures of the stars (around them).  And they have pictures of Pleiades which is a 7 star system which he scientists just found out when they got their big telescopes and all that. But the ancient Babylonians knew all this. Because the Anunnaki or fallen angels came an taught them. So where you see land of the Chaldeans (in the Scripture here), this is the land of the astrologers.

And who is into more of astrology than the United States? We talk about their secret oaths. We talk about their secret societies and their secret numbers and all that stuff…ritual stuff (like) 9-11. All that is based on astrology. You can even look at Tupac’s death. It was based on a whole spring of astrology that was adding up these numbers…numerology, astrology, all that stuff. It’s real heavy when they do these sacrifices. Everything has to be laid out on a dime. Michael Jackson was killed on June 25th. James Brown December 25th. Left-Eye Lopes was killed on either March 25th or April 25th. All of them were killed on the 25th of the month. Then you look at when Whitney Houston was killed, February 11 2012. Just add that up 2-11-12 what do you get? Twenty-five. So all of these things add up.

So this land…when we see this right here, the land of the Chaldeans, that is what He is talking about, the land of astrology. It’s the land of their witchcraft. Everything that Babylon did they did according to astrology. Everything they do here, when they send those space shuttles up all that is based on astrology.

v.9-10 This is Yah talking about Babylon being destroyed. Now notice He said ‘I am stirring up and bringing up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the land of the north’. He said I’m stirring them up (or raising and causing to come up against) and bringing them. So there being stirred up. They are having a hatred towards the United States. Who hates her the most and has power to destroy her? Who brought the greatest FEAR to the United States? Was it not Russia? She has the same nuclear might that she (the U.S.) has. And she has great hatred for the United States. You think those Arabs hate her Russia hates her even more! That’s why Russia (will be) with the Arabs. Because Yah said listen, I’m bringing up against Babylon an ASSEMBLY OF GREAT NATIONS from the land of the north. Russia is that land of the north.

Let me show you what I’m talking about here. Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 38. But keep your hand on Yeremiyah 50. Yah said I’m going to bring them from the land of the north, an assembly of great nations. Russia is in line right now with China. Russia is in line right now with Iran and other Arab and African nations. She’s going to be the leader of this. She has been wanting to go to war with the United States since the days of the Soviet Union being broken apart and even before then. After the second world war she was ready to attack the United States. Yah said, I’m stirring this up in her.

Now what we are about to read in Yahzeqyl 38 and also chapter 39 but we are not reading chapter 39. But in these two chapters, these are bringing about the last great war that we are going to talk about in a future lesson. But right now we just want to identify who this is coming from the north because Yah is using them from the north in this day that’s stirring up against Babylon and even when that last great war takes place, they are going to be stirred up again.

Yahzeqyl 38:1-6, v. 1-2 These are Europeans here. Go back and read Genesis 10:2-5. It identifies all of these as sons of Japhath. The Russians are sons of Japheth. v. 3-4 So right here we are seeing that this great nation Gog of the land of Magog, these are the Russians that Yah is talking about. You can research this. They are connected to Russia (Gog, Magog). v 5 Persia which is Iran. Cush which is Ethiopia or the Africans and Phut is Libya are with them. v.6 Now Yah just told us in Yeremiyah chapter 50 that an assembly of great nations are coming from the north. And what does this say? They are all coming from the far north. This will be led by Russia but this is talking about another war. Yet we are identifying this same group of people which that same power, strength right here. Now right here when Yah stirs them up against Babylon, they are going to serve Yah’s will. But right here in this next war that we read about in Yahzeqyl chapter 38 that’ when they are listening to satan. So this is why Yah is angry with them. He said I’m going to turn you around now. So they are coming from the land of the north. This is what Yah is talking about. They ae coming from the north and they are going to attack Babylon.

Let’s read verse 11.

Yeremiyah 50:11 Do you know how glad they were when they entered the slave trade?! And the slave trade made them rich. They got so much money…they STILL are spending money that they got from the slave trade. Entire industries were created (like) insurance agencies and universities. All of this came from slave money. So they were glad and rejoiced. You have plundered My inheritance. We are the inheritance of Yah, the nation of Ysrayl. So Yah is calling out all her transgressions against her. You were glad at this. You have become fat and rich off of Yah’s inheritance. Not to mention all the things that we have invented in the country which we got no credit for and we got no money for. They got all that. Right?

v. 12 Whew. v. 13-15 She has gone around the world and she has waged war on every nation. And so Yah is saying the things that she has done to other nations, raped their women and killed her babies and plundered them. Yah said do the same to her. That is what is going to happen. That’s what she has to look forward to. Like that movie ‘Red Dawn’. Go check that out. Even though I like the one from 1984 with Charlie Sheen but go check that out, the movie Red Dawn. When the Russians…I haven’t seen the new one but I know the old one…you can go check out the old one. The Russians attacked the United States and invaded the U.S. and there was war on this land. THAT’S WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN! Yah said take vengeance on her as she has done so do it to her. She has gone around the world and invaded all these other countries and brought war to their lands. She brought war to Korea. She brought war to Panama. She brought war to Vietnam. She brought war to Iraq. She brought war to Afghanistan. She brought war to Europe. She brought wars to Africa. Yah said do the same to her.

v.16 Look at this. The United States is known as the melting pot of the world because every nationality dwells here. But when this goes down…Yah said listen, let each one turn to his own people and each one flee to his own land. Everybody has a place to go EXCEPT for the children of Ysrayl. The only place we have to go is into the wilderness.  Let the Irish-Americans go back to Ireland. Let the British-Americans go back to Britain. Let the Mexican-Americans go back to Mexico. Let the Chinese-Americans go back to China. Everybody has a place to go except you. But that’s why Yah is going to have you in the wilderness until He cleans your place up.

v 17-20 ‘The sins of Judah but they shall not be found’. So we are going to be found guiltless. ‘For I will preserve those whom I preserve’ so that remnant is going to be a blessed group. Yah said ‘you have no sins with Me’. We are starting new. v. 21-23 How the HAMMER of all the earth…Babylon has been hammering the earth. v. 24 Do you see that? Because you have contended against Yah. v. 25-28 So Yah (inaudible) when old Babylon took down His temple. And now your daughter is here reigning so Yah is going to get your daughter. Just like He killed off the first-born in Egypt. If you don’t let my son go, I’m killing yours. Your father destroyed My temple, I’m destroying you.

v. 29 Her scientists say, we are Yah. We can create life. We can search the heavens and the stars and we know what they are made of. We can tell you how old he earth is. Humphf! v.30-33Now let me tell you this. It says the children of Ysrayl were oppressed along with the children of Yahudah. The northern tribes DID NOT get taken into ancient Babylon. Just the children of Yahudah did. So Yah is talking about this new Babylon where the children of Ysrayl and the children of Yahudah both are here. All 12 tribes are here. All 12 tribes are being oppressed. All 12 tribes are being held captive and they refuse to let them go. Because you are the money bag here.

v. 34-35 ‘A sword is upon Chaldea or the astrologers’. v. 36-38 ‘And they boost (are insane) about their idols’. They boost about Jesus and all this . Right? v. 39 Now we are not talking about ancient Babylon. Right? Because ancient Babylon they dwelled in it. Saddam fixed it back up. Alexander died there. Alexander was a king there. And the place looked just as beautiful as the days of Nebuchadnezzar. So it can’t be ancient Babylon that he is talking about. He’s talking about this new, this daughter of Babylon. This is Mystery Babylon. This is her destruction that we are reading about.

v. 40 This is what I told you in the beginning. That we have not seen a destruction like Yah’s going to bring on Babylon since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Where that destruction was so strong Moses spoke about grass not even growing there anymore (Deuteronomy 29:23). Lot’s daughters thought that the world had ended and  there were no men left on the earth. They thought they were the only people left on earth and they had to repopulate the earth. That’s how bad that destruction was. Yah said this is going to happen again. Like this.

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