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Notes From Shabbat

Did y’all see Forbes Magazine top 10 most powerful list? #1 is Barack Obama. #2 is the Chancellor of Germany and #5 is the Pope.

Yeah the nurse was murdered. It was not a sacrifice. Rosemary’s baby. She was pregnant with a Nephelium from a fallen angel. She had problems with her baby in the beginning of the movie. This woman is seriously ill. It is not normal. Text: like when chick got pregnant on ‘V’ back in the day.

Many women died giving birth to Nephelium (in the Pseudepigrapha). Beyoncé may have had a surrogate. That surrogate may not be alive now. —like Yahoshua belongs to Yah but Miriam gave birth. Yeah the two DJs are illuminatists. They murdered her.

Talks about the lesson, this is class not church. I’m going to ask you all question today.

Kate Middleton, duchess of Cambridge, not normal pregnancy. This child is a lizard or child a Nephelium. But Diana was a human woman. The nurse’s death is unexplained now. Beyoncé hid baby, had her own floor in the hospital. Two hundred fallen angels took many wives in the book of Baruch 409,000 giants were born. Yah killed these giants then they became demons. These women were dying while giving birth. They put skin on them to hide them. Remember the Scripture? Be aware, you may be entertaining an angel. —Men in black p. 1 and ‘v’ the second episode referenced.

Talks about Forbes again. The pope is the #1 religious leader though. Barack #1 pope #5=#6. Mentions Germany starting WWI & II. Germany is anti-American. Hitler’s body was never found, Bin Laden body never shown. Nazi were smuggled to South America. Many Nazi went to Argentina and Israel. Hitler’s army was mostly Jews. Text: 50,000 deaths in Brazil in a year. France doesn’t like the U.S. either.

Did y’all hear about  Hebrew Israelites in Denver sentenced guilty of animal cruelty. They bought a lamb for Passover and put it in the closet. They say that was animal cruelty. They could get 18 months for trying to keep a feast of freedom in captivity.

I want to ask y’all a question. What did you learn from the man of sin series? various answers given.

The people are already in Barack’s hands. Mexico supreme court passed gay marriage. Now CA, IL all these states want to pass gay marriage. Marijuana—WA and CO made it legal to get high. It’s all to contact the gods that is why it’s called ‘getting high’ just like in the Bible the places to worship the gods are called ‘high places’. They use alcohol to meet demons too. Pharmacy=witchcraft. Communicating with the gods began from witchcraft. Text: drug dealer are modern-day warlocks.

They are trying to legalize pedophilia now too. Older men with young boys especially but all children in danger. Children are given too much freedom away from parents. Children have a lot of technology at their fingertips. Some children are allowed to run around in dresses now. Parents just say that’s okay.

Q: Why is it called ‘the dark time of the year’?( October through January). They say the sun is dying. It’s the winter solstice. The days are shorter. There is more demonic activity. It’s colder. Depression and suicide are up this time of year. (The big) pagan holidays from October to January.

Football player 25 years old killed his girlfriend. Something she did? Her parents have not said anything. Why haven’t they said anything? Suicide in NFL players has increased. What is going on in the NFL?! Why are they dying so much of heart attacks? Reggie White was 43 when he dropped death of a heart attack. Reggie found out he was an Israelite. He studied this Word 10 hours a day. Yeah he was a Christian preacher then found out he was an Israelite.

The world is godless they say. No it’s not. It’s full of gods.

Renegade is President Obama’s nickname. Renegade means lawless.

Son of Anak or Nephilium…Fallen angels can masquerade as us. We can rebuke fallen angels. This is why satan will be after the children of Ysrayl. Yeah the fallen angels will appear before the man of sin reveals himself. There will be a group of them around him like there are a group of elders that are around Yah (in Revelation 4).

Strong’s Concordance will give you a Aramaic word for the Hebrew. This is why I don’t use Strong’s. We know Ham means burning black. The old concordances from 20 and 30 years ago will give true definitions. Yahshua is Aramaic.

Q: The 7 sciences of masonry that the illuminati gives people (music, grammar, rhetoric, logic, math, geometry,astronomy): How does it parallel the 7 systems of Revelation 13? (government, education, finance, politics, culture, justice, religion) A: That is correct. They parallel. Satan patterns everything after Yah. Seven is the number of perfection. Education will have 7 parts; politics will have 7 parts etc.

Don’t always ask Yah for things. Ask Yah what you can do for him.

Q: What is the correlation between the 2 wings, 2 witnesses and the pillar of fire that led the children of Ysrayl out of Egypt? A: Exodus 13:18-22 pillar of fire and Revelation 12:14 2 wings of an eagle to fly. UFOs may be what lead us out. There is a desert in South America y’all. But Yah is probably going to send us out of this hemisphere away from the nuclear fallout  The desert in South America is called Atacama.

Q: What is the cut off age where Yah holds us responsible? And are we the children of Philadelphia? The 7 churches we will talk about in the Revelation series. A child is free of sin til he is 12 years old is a Christian belief they say because Jesus taught at twelve. When a child comes out the womb we are taught to eat pork and celebrate holidays etc. We are born into a sinful world. Yah said Canaanite children were just as wicked as their parents. Children are able to think. They know if they are disobedient. Text: prophet Elisha cursed a group of children calling him bald-headed (2 Kings 2:23-24).

Q: The first day Yah created light and then on the 4th day he created the sun and moon. What was that light on the first day?  Genesis 1:13-15 read. Verses 14 and 15 are the light on earth created for appointed times to light the earth. The sun and moon are greater and lesser light. The stars are for distinguishing the times but not as in astrology.  Verse 13 light itself created.

The dead sea scrolls, our people hid those. The scrolls were found and were hidden by the Jews for 50 years. I believe they mention the slave trade to the ‘tee’. They have only given us part of the scrolls. The Vatican has many of the books still hidden too. Text: I’ve always felt that the Scriptures that are locked up would identify us clearly. I saw the exhibit of the dead sea scrolls when they were in Dallas. They are heavily guarded and we couldn’t stand too long to read them.

John 10:34<—->Psalm 82 Yah called fallen angels, gods. Yahoshua is explaining he is the Son of Yah. The pharisees said He tried to make Himself to be Yah. We don’t worship god/gods. Money, things can be your gods.

Q: Genesis 1:7?

A:The layer of water above the atmosphere of the earth. Then the flood came. Water came from under the earth. So water came above and below to flood the earth. Before the flood man lived over 900 years. There was an atmosphere change after the flood. Then man lived only a short time as most 35 to 40 years old. But yeah, water existed in the sky during then. Firament=sky.  So there was water above the earth—then the sky—water under the earth. There is a radiation field between the moon and earth this is why Neil Armstrong is a liar. Angels protect the earth. Satan has to ask Yah to do things. I wonder if the water above the earth was for protection? Text: Discovery Channel had a special on about radiation belt last week.

Q: Is Pangea true? Dinosaurs?

A: The earth before and after the flood…the continents may have been connected. They are split now like a puzzle. Creatures called terrible lizards in Latin roamed the earth. Yah’s creatures were called good. There is nothing good about dinosaurs. Satan created them. Satan knew Yah’s plans to create man. Satan wanted to create like Yah. The imperfect man, the neanderthal are satan’s creation. Scientists say that we evolved from that. Those neanderthals did not think like we do. Yah threw a comet and wiped them out.

The origins of the gods referenced.  (I think this is their documentary, sorry I didn’t write down what this was).