The Man of Sin p. 6a

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters. How are you doing? Welcome to another Shabbat lesson brought to you by Israelite Heritage. My name is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl. Alright family here we go, part 6 of the man of sin series. We are in part 6 today. And we have a very interesting one for you in part 6. Part 6 just may be the final lesson in our series here dealing with the man of sin. Now for the duration of this lesson series, I’ve tried to bring out as much information as possible dealing with the man of sin. His character, what we are to look for and just the world that he’s going to rule and try to bring out just as much Biblical information about this man as we can possibly get. Now here in part 6, it is entitled: the revealing of god, the false prophet and the one world religion. We are going to deal with all three of these topics as they deal with the man of sin.

Now as we get ready to go into our lesson dealing with the Book of Revelation, in the Revelation series, we are going to get more information about this man of sin even from there. We are going to go into some things that we may have left off in this six part series. We may pick it up in the Revelation series because we are going to go through these same Scriptures again dealing with the Book of Revelation.

So we will read some Scriptures here today from Revelation and then in the Revelation series we will go over them again to see if we can add some more information dealing with the man of sin. Yah willing because it is Yah who gives and it is Yah that increases. So we pray that He gives us the information and that He increases that information that He has given us.

Now dealing with today’s lesson but first I have to say Shabbat Shalom to everybody. I you are listening to this in the archives 5 years from now or whenever you may be listening to it, I say shalom to you all. Today is December 1 2012. I’m giving this lesson for the pal-talk Shabbat class for all of our classes that take place, the assemblies all around the world of Israelite Heritage that will be listening to this lesson today. May Yah be a blessing to wherever this lesson is being heard. Even if it’s being heard in the secret chambers of the Vatican and the basement of the White House. I don’t think Michelle allows Barack to listen to the Israylite Heritage lessons upstairs in the White House so he has to go downstairs to the basement to listen so he can know just what exactly what it is that he is supposed to do. Right? (laughs). So Shabbat Shalom to him too.

Alright family, let us get started here. Let us move forward here and Yah willing we will have a better understanding of the man of sin and a better understanding of the false prophet and a better understanding of the one world religion by the time that this lesson has ended.

Now before we look at the man of sin being a god and before we look at his one world religion. We must first establish that Yah’s way is the only way. Yah is one. There aren’t multiple ways to reach Him or to get to Yah. You can’t take multiple paths as the world is teaching right now. There’s only one path that will lead you directly to Yah. You either come to Him by His road or you will not get to Him at all. There’s only one way. One teaching. One Messiyah. One immersing and one chosen people. Yah is one, this is what Scripture tells us. Let’s prove this. Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 6.

We have to understand the oneness of Yah. Before you even comprehend and start to get an understanding of what the man of sin is going to do in his time and what this one world religion is going to be about, you have got to understand the oneness of Yah because Yah is righteous, Yah is true and everything that is of Yah is righteous and true. But those things that are not of Yah but just the opposite of that, they are sinful and they are deceitful. That’s what’s not of Yah.

So when you see when this one world religion comes on the scene, it’s going to be easy for you all that have the knowledge of Yah to see that what this man is promoting, what he is bringing is not of Yah. And so you have to be with Yah to even understand that. It’s not going to be that easy brothers and sisters. His deception is going to be so heavy that Yahoshua stated that if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived. Now we have to understand this too, when we get into the part about understanding the false prophet. But remember, he is THE false prophet but he will have many, many false prophets serving under him. He’s just the chief of them all. So we will look at that and get an understanding of that too. So when Yahoshua talks about these many false prophets and many false messiahs come on the scene and they bring all these signs and lying wonders. These are going to be brought forth when the man of sin and the false prophet are doing their thing on the earth.

Remember our brother Eliyah, he went to Yah thinking that he was Yah’s only prophet left. They had killed many of the others. Yah said no you are not the only one left. I have 7,000 that have not bowed a knee to Baal. So don’t get caught up in this Gentile mind-set that when the prophets wrote, that there was only ONE prophet at a time. You get however many numbers that they dictate to you of the prophesies. There were many, many prophets that prophesied around the same time. Now these are the ones that Yah allowed us to have in this particular canonization of the Bible. These are the ones that Yah hand-picked and said I want these (Scriptures) there. But there were so many prophets of Yah. And some of their writings we have never ever read. But guess where they are hidden at? In the basement of the Vatican. Absolutely.

So looking at this and understanding this, that you will have one false prophet but there will be many that will be under him. So we are going to get into that in just a minute but right now, I want to talk about Yah. Let’s get the oneness of Yah understanding that there is only one way to Yah. You do not have multiple ways or times. Yah does not deal with that whole thing of reincarnation. If you figure you will be reincarnated okay, you can live this whole lifetime as a vile, wicked person and Yah says I’m going to give you a hundred years in this life. Then I’m going to give you twenty years in that life. Then I’m going to give you another hundred years….man that’s crazy! Just going over and over and you can become even…if Yah was to give you that many times, guess what you would do with it? You would just become that much more wicked every time that you existed. If Yah gave you 50 years and you could not use those 50 years to choose righteousness what makes you think that if you get another life in that mindset what makes you think you will choose righteousness in that mindset, in that life? Right?

Yah doesn’t play like that. Yah gives you one chance, one opportunity. And His way is fair. His way is justice. His way is righteousness that’s why it’s so important for us to strive as hard as we can. Yeah we are going to fall and do all those things but it’s important that we get back up and keep striving because you only get one life. Everything with Yah is one. There’s only one ha Maschiyach. The Messiyah. You can only have one ‘the Messiyah’. You can have many messiahs. But you only have one ‘the Messiyah’. You can have many different levels of power but you only have one ‘the Power’. That’s Yah (The Power). You only have one self-existing entity that exists off its own power. Yah is the only one. So everything that He does is on accord and is based on oneness.

So if you want to be with Yah, you have to become one with Yah. But this man of sin, satan doesn’t have it like that. Satan is so anxious or as we say on the west-side of Chicago he’s so starving for worship. Right? He’s so starving for worship that he doesn’t care what path you take to get to him. Because if yo deviate off of Yah’s path the only other path that exists will lead you to satan. Even though you can come from satan from a hundred different paths, if you’re not on that one road that leads to Yah, then your on the many roads that leads to satan. This is why Yahoshua talks about the way being wide to satan. That’s where everybody is at. But the way to Yah is the narrow road. (Luke 13:22-33 and Testament of Abraham chapters 11-14, a vision of the wide and narrow gates). Not many find it. Do you know why they don’t find it? It’s not like Yah is hiding it from them. He’s not hiding if from them, they are not looking for it. Yah came to us when we were looking for Yah, when we were seeking Yah. We were seeking understanding of life. We were seeking understanding of the religions, faiths that we were involved in and were not giving us the answers but should have been giving us the answers.

We know that the Book has the answers yet when the pastor told us from the Book the answer just didn’t fit. Yah says we shall not eat pork. Pastor says what you mean? ‘Jesus said we can eat pork’. But you can’t show me one Scripture where that’s written at in the so-called new testament. So these things weren’t adding up to us. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism, all these are roads to satan. And if you find yourself on any of these roads entertaining any of those doctrines, you have walked off the road of Yah and now you are walking down the path to satan. That’s why you have to be careful of what you worship, I mean what you research…of course you have to be careful of what you worship, know what you worship. As Yahoshua said in John 4:22. We know what we worship but they don’t know. But when you are doing research be careful of what you are putting between your eyes and ears. It may sound deep. It may sound good but you have to be careful because satan is SLICK. He will put a little inkling of the truth in there and fill the rest of it up with a lie. And then that’s what you believe because it sounds good to you like our mother Hawah (Eve) said ‘It looks like it could make one wise’. Right? That particular tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It’s all about the perception of the eyes.

Deuteronomy 6, The oneness of Yah. Let’s understand the oneness of Yah. Then we will understand what this man of sin is going to do with his religion and what he’s going to do with the false prophet and him revealing himself as a god. We already know how he’s going to do it but the fact that he is going to do it.  That’s where we want to look more into.

Deuteronomy 6:4 Yah our Father is one that’s why everything He does is based on oneness. He’s not double-minded. He does everything in harmony. He does everything in peace. He does everything righteously. He does everything in justice. Because He is one. There’s not two Yah’s ruling the heaven. There’s not three Yah’s ruling the heaven, those who want to believe in a trinity. Two Yah’s, for those who want to believe that Yahoshua pre-existed. If He pre-existed He had to be another Yah. Because Scripture says that He was not an angel (Hebrews 1:1-14). What else is there other than Yah and the angels that were there? So if you think Yahoshua pre-existed you are making Him another Yah. Which that is a no-no and Scriptures does not even validate that.

So Yah is one. You have to understand that. So there is one path, one way, one road, one Messiyah, one immersing, one teaching. All of these lead to Yah. One chosen people. Let’s go to Ephesians chapter 4. I want to establish the point of Yah being one because if we don’t understand that Yah is one, how will we understand this other stuff. How will we understand that what the man of sin is bringing us, you know, unity through diversity and all that stuff that is going on now. How do we know that, that’s not right? We have to understand the oneness of Yah. Yah does things on accord with oneness. He gives us all the opportunity to get it right. Man, we are going to struggle with the walk from now until the time that the breath of life leaves our body. It’s going to be a struggle. Some days you will win the battle and some days you will not. Some days you will get knocked down and you’re not going to want to get back up. But Yah is going to pull you back up. You know, there’s all types of stumbles and struggles in this walk and then there are the good times too.

Hey, we get together, we gather, we fellowship. We embrace one another. We love one another. There are good times too. They may be a few of those, fewer than what we would like. Right? Yet we still get them.

Ephesians 4:5-6 One Master, one belief, one immersing, one Yah and Father of all who is above all and through all and in you all.

So Yah is one, Right? and there’s only one Master. Right? There’s only one Yah. There’s only one creator that created all the earth. There’s only one seventh day of the week. There’s only one 6th day of the week. There’s only one 5th day of the week. Do you see? That’s why it makes no sense when these people run around here talking about having lunar shabbats and all that stuff. When there is only one 7th day of the week. There’s only one way to keep Yah’s feasts days…His way. There aren’t multiple ways. If you have multiple ways of keeping the feast days then you are not serving Yah. That’s it. You are doing your own thing. So everything with Yah is based on oneness. He is the only savior. There’s only one savior that exists in all the earth and that is Yah.

Yah will send someone as a savior or as a deliverer. But they are coming in the name of Yah and that power that they have to save or deliver is from Yah. Moses was a deliverer to the children of Ysrayl. That delivering Power over Moses was Yah. Yahoshua or Joshua was the son of Nun who took over after Moses. Yah made him a savior, made him a deliverer to the people. When Yah brought the prophets, Yah made the prophets deliverers to the people. Because they brought an exclamation of Yah’s Word in telling the children of Ysrayl what you must do to get these curses off your neck.

Yahoshua of course is called the savior and that saving power that He even has comes from Yah. So Yah is the only savior. There’s only one savior. Satan does not have the power to grant salvation onto eternal life. He doesn’t have that power. So he is not a savior. He can only pretend to be one but he is not truly a savior because he can not save you from the penalty of death. He can not save you from the hand of Yah. So Yah is the one savior.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 43. We are establishing that there is only one way to Yah. That’s it. But when this man of sin starts his operation, oh unity through diversity, come as you are. Come as you are no need to change. God accepts homosexuals. God accepts unrepentant murderers. God accepts unrepentant fornicators. All of that, that’s what yo get with what the man of sin is going to bring. Because remember he’s going to be ruling over a lawless society. So his religion has got to fit a lawless world.

Now the only way that this world is lawless today is because of the religions that exist. If there were 3 billion Israylites practicing on this earth as there are 3 billion practicing Christians and Muslims.  And these 3 billion were worshiping were worshipping Yah and Yahoshua and bringing forth the truth to the world, the world would be a totally different place. But since the religions of the world say that death, murder and all these are okay. That’s what you get in this world. These religions have no discipline. There lawless religions. Don’t let the nation of Islam fool you because the brothers…because the fruit of Islam can march and stomp on one accord. Man listen, that ain’t nothing. These same people teach against the laws of Yah. These same people worship the Virgin Mary, a goddess. So don’t get caught up in all that craziness.

Understand what Yah is bringing you. Yah in one. Isaiah 43, this is what it says.

Yesiyah 43:10-11 Besides Yah there is no savior. He is the only savior. There’s only one savior and that’s Yah. He said before Him there was no power formed and after him there is none. He’s the only one. The self-existing one. The oneness of Yah.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 45. See that’s what we have to get as a foundation to understand that there is only one way to Yah. You can’t make up your own way how you want to get to Yah. Many of these religions and many of these philosophies that exist right now on the earth, they tell you that you can be…that you can make up your own thing. You can be your own god if you want to. You make up your own laws, rules, your own religion. That’s the way the world is going right now, do as thou will. Do as thou will is going to be the way of the world and do as thou will is going to be of the new world religion, the one world religion. Because there’s nothing new about these religions that are on the earth right now. These are the same sinful practices that satan has deceived man into practicing since he got us to eat from the tree in the garden. So we are not talking about a new world religion. We are talking about a one world religion where all the world will recognize that they all serve the same god. And that’s what the man of sin is going to do to bring the world into oneness. To bring the world in oneness.

Yesiyah 45:21 Yah is not judging or ruling with elohim sitting next to his side. Yahoshua sits next to His side. The elohim have been cast down. You know how you have a trinity in Christianity. You know how you have the ancient nations worshipping over 360 gods. You have one god that’s head over the other god. Two gods ruling together over here and all that madness. Yah says there’s none besides Me.

So like I said if you are trying to fit Yahoshua in as a pre-existing entity…what was He? If He was not an angel, what was He? See, you are making a second Yah. And Yah is clear right here. There’s none besides Me. I’m the only savior. He gives the saviors and He gives the deliverers the power to do so. If anybody has ever saved your life from a life or death situation, Yah has sent that person to save you. And many of us have the sense to even know that. When we were back in the world and maybe we served the gods of Christianity or maybe the gods of Islam but if something happened good to us the first thing we did was thank god, praise Jesus. Right? Because we understand that, you know, we were saved and many of us now have the greater understanding that we were saved by the hand of Yah. We just didn’t know His name at the time.

So Yah will send saviors. He will send deliverers. So when Yahoshua talks about being the savior and when the brothers talk about Yahoshua as the savior, it’s not a contradiction. Because only Yah has the power to save and He will send those with His power to save whom He wills, how He wills. But He’s the only one. And that oneness that Yah has is one with His Messiyah.

Let’s go to John chapter 10. Yah is even one with His Messiyah. Yah only delivered one teaching to mankind. He didn’t give the Hebrews of you know the old testament the law and then give Christianity to us in the new testament. I’m sorry, they say in the old testament He gave the law and then in the new testament He gave a new teaching…Christianity. Do you see?

But now we know that is a lie just by understanding that Yah is one. Yah never broke His Word apart and gave it here or there. You know giving one group of Israylites this book and then giving another group of Israylites another book. Naw, it’s the same Book. And we are the first generation of Hebrews…because we are still in that same Messianic generation. We are the first generation to have both of the books in its entirety and just one continuous work. Now when I say in its entirety, I mean that we have the knowledge of what’s called the old testament and we have the knowledge of the new testament. Yah has delivered that onto us until this day, the Messianic House of Ysrayl.

So we know that there is no separation of the work because we are going right now from what’s called the old testament right now over to the new testament and we are showing that they are saying the exact same thing. That’s the understanding that Yah has given us in this day and in this time. So we know that His Word is one Word.  It’s  not separated. It’s not fragmented. It’s one Word. So with His Messiyah, Yah is one. John 10, this is what Yahoshua says.

Yahcanon 10:30 I and My Father are one. That’s it. They are one. They are not two. They are not three. They are one. They are on the same accord.

Yah tells us men that when we get married and we have a wife that we are to become one with our wife and our wife is to become one with us. That’s one in purpose, character and goal. The same thoughts, the same mind-set, oneness. That’s what Yah deals in, oneness. One way to Yah. One way. Let’s go to John chapter 17. Our Father Yah is one, family. And I’m going to keep saying that because if you lose understanding of, if you lose that out of your sight you are going to get deceived by satan quick. Yah said what the man of sin is going to bring down upon the world is going to be a strong delusion. He said since they do not love the truth, He’s going to give them over to that great lie. They are going to believe this man is a god, (that he) is Yah. Because you love not the truth. This is the truth, the oneness of the Father Yah.

John 17, there is no reincarnation. There are no different roads and paths these brothers out in NY, well I’m not going to even call them brothers because these Israelites out in NY, they teach that one of their leaders was the reincarnation of King David. All of them, they have splinter groups and all of them held on to that teaching that this man was King David walking around up in NY and you know doing whatever He wants to do. That’s blasphemy.

Where the brothers Kepha (Peter) and all them said back in their day, they said David was in the grave. He has not ascended into heaven. (Acts 2:34). He’s still laying there in the grave. But these Israylites say that King David is walking around the earth. I find it curious, all the time that they talk about…because that group of Israelites talks about reincarnation. They always…you know, one of is King David. One of them is Jeremiah. One of them is Isaiah. You know if there was reincarnation why do you have to be the highest? Why can’t you be the cup-bearer for King David? Or why can’t you be the man who cleaned up behind the horses of Jeremiah? And cleaned up horse poop? Why do you have to be the biggest Israylite of all the Israylites? That’s who you have to be because that’s made-up crap. It’s made up horse poop. That’s all it is family. Because Yah deals in oneness, man. He gives you one chance here and that chance is fair.

If Yah takes the breath out of your body before you are able to even comprehend and to even know what to choose or whatever. That judgment, like when little babies die coming out of the womb, all that’s the judgment of Yah. However He deems to judge those children, that’s in His hands. And Yah is fair in everything He does. Everything He does He’s fair and He’s justice. But once those little babies are taken from here that’s it. They are not coming back as something else. They are not coming back as a horse or as a butterfly.

Yahcanon 17:11 Yah wants us a family, as a community of Israylites to be one like He and Yahoshua are one. He wants us to have the same mind-set. The same purpose, character.

We can’t be coming to Yah from 5 and 6 different routes because Yah is one. And the way to Him is one. We can’t be having feast days in February and having the same feast day in March. And then some other Israylites having the same one in April. We can’t do that. Those are multiple routes to Yah. That’s doing what’s on your own heart. There is only one way to Him. Yahoshua showed us the way. Moses had showed us before Yahoshua came. And it’s the same route. it has not deviated. It has not changed. It’s stationary. It stays the same. It doesn’t fall over to the right nor the left. It doesn’t tire. It stays the same. It’s still there. This Book shows us the way how to get there.

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