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Tragedy yesterday in Connecticut: signs of the times. Lawlessness shall increase. The number 27=2 +7 or 9. Nine is the number of judgment. Like theater #9 at 12:09 AM in Colorado. He went to the school in full battle gear with a bullet proof vest on like the joker killer guy  in Colorado dressed for war so as not to get shot. himself? Text: to get the job done.

So why did he kill himself? He was wearing a vest. Why this school? class? No answer yet.

Now they want to ban assault rifles. Cocaine and Heroine are abundant why not ban that too? They want to take guns out of the citizens hands now. Illinois can now carry concealed guns y’all. I have bought my shoulder holster. I’m going to get a Glock 40. I’m going to carry mine like I wear my tassels because Chicago is dangerous y’all. Youngsters in gangs carry many guns. Text: He killed his brother and his girlfriend is missing.

Why isn’t someone stopping them from shooting up these malls, theaters, schools? Text: a man shot up a Milwaukee salon. Text: An Orlando salon too.

There’s no one there to stop them. Yet you kill children in Iraq and Afghanistan. What you reap, you sow. Yah said its the only beginning. Yah killed Canaanite babies and Israelite babies. Yah killed His own people. What do you think He will do to them? Our hearts go out to those parents who lost children yesterday.

Do y’all know ‘brew children get killed going to school? They make excuses for these killers. They are possessed by THE DEVIL. They make excuses like ‘he had a hard childhood’. Or ‘He was bullied’. He served SATAN that’s it!! There are young ‘brew boys that go out and kill too. They are under the curses. This guy calculated what He would do. He was not insane. Text: Killed his mother first.

We have to help our communities y’all. The police do not help our communities. (Talks about violence in our communities). Boys are angry, fearful and confused. Our young men reject Christianity. They see Farrakhan does nothing for them. They don’t know about Yah, Yahoshua came to save them first.

Yesterday’s murders were sacrificial. In 1988, Lori Dan shot up a school here in Chicago. This type of spirit dwells in this land. Listen, people will find a way to kill. It’s in their hearts. They will use their hands to kill if they don’t have a gun. Text: They will use a knife. Text: Bombs too.

The condition of this country is the real problem.,0,5206091.story

Repent to do away with what’s going on in your country. All you politicians are witches and warlocks–demons dwell here. This is satan’s seat, his throne…wa shatan, the devil’s capital.

Yahoshua said sell all you own…get a sword. Did y’all know it was against the law for ‘brews to own guns after the civil war? David had a sword. Abraham had a sword. The government gives ‘brews guns in the ‘hood. Don’t protest people who legally own them…Jesse Jackson.

A man in China stabbed 22 people.

Everyone has an appointed time to die. The 1st born of Egypt died. People of the world trade center died. Those children died yesterday. Death and life are apart of His creation, Isaiah 57:1. Revelation says the day will come when you will wish to die and can’t…IT WILL BE THAT BAD. See you at the resurrection. Hope to be in the grave resting. Yah is not mean. He’s merciful. Who wants to see giants eating men? And fallen angels and monsters again? A spirit has been released y’all. This happened in an up-scale Gentile neighborhood. They said there were 2 shooters and the police was out looking for 1 more. The same thing happened in the theater, they said there were 3 shooters. These are mind-control assassins. The assassin probably killed Adam Lanza.

Did y’all know they fed our children to alligators and chopped them up to feed to horses?

Demons get stronger and go get 7 more demons and come back to that person. This country kills its politicians, violence in movies video games, TV  and then they blame guns. Arnold Schwarzeneggar killed the entire police force in Terminator ‘I’ll be back’ but there was outrage when Ice T made that cop killing song.

Protect yourself with guns but legally. Gang-bangers have automatic weapons where do they get them? Who gives it to them? Yet you want to take guns from citizens. It’s not wrong for you to obtain them but follow the laws of your state.

They use to search people for guns before Malcolm X spoke but the night he was shot there was no search…if they had searched…

The eagle of America has war arrows in one talon and the olive branch in the other. There’s a spiritual and physical war going on. There are no sissy’s in Yah’s war. Yahoshua is coming back to kill. There will be a river of blood. Joshua, Caleb, Gideon, David, Abraham, Moses, Yahudah Maccabees were warriors not sissies. No turning the other cheek these are not our brothers. When towns found out Yahudah Maccabees was on the way…they fled! Alexander don’t have nothing on him.

Movie ’28 days later’ referenced: angry red eyes…Yahoshua eyes red on return. Angels upon angels will come with Yahoshua to fight.

1 Chronicles 12:32 Men understood the times that they were in and what to do.

You are the center of these prophesies. This book is about the children of Ysrayl and the return of Yahoshua. There is no Revelation without you, Ysrayl. Christians don’t go to Revelation. They don’t understand it. Yahoshua is talking to us. Knowledge of truth given to you, to give to them. ‘Come to me and I will complete your training’ Darth Vadar said this to Luke. Spiritual things belong to the children of Ysrayl. The Gentiles own everything else. An angel was sent to Cornelius, a Gentile and he had to go to Kepha to learn. I noticed the Gentiles that have understanding hang with ‘brews before they found out…association. (Talks about Elvis) Elvis hung out on the ‘brew side of town. James Brown liked Elvis. Elvis was not racist.  My sidenote: Big Mama Thorton wrote you ain’t nothing but a hound dog. Some Gentiles are just too arrogant to come to Hebrews.

The UPS guy yesterday said to me this is the end of the world. CNN said where is god?  How can god let children be murdered? The churches will fill up tomorrow. One week before December 21…

Where is god? The man of sin will answer that question saying ‘here I am’. Everything is adding up. The flag was lowered yesterday and Obama was crying. He is a deceiver. They don’t cry for our children getting shot down going to school everyday. Only Yah hears us. We cried in Egypt. Yah heard us. We cry for our people and for our transgressions against Yah. What about the babies in Iraq and Afghanistan that your soldiers kill for fun? Aren’t they the children of Adam too? Man rejects Yah. We could defeat satan and the fallen angels. Yah gives us over to them because man loves lies.

‘After earth’: new Will Smith movie with son Jayden. Scientology nonsense in the movie where a man is chased from this planet. Yeah Will is into scientology, witchcraft, Judaism, Christian-fundamentalist, all of that. We will make a movie one day. Peter was not the first pope madness.

It’s hard to counsel parents that are not serving Yah. It comes from not serving Yah. We know when we lose someone, we will meet them at the resurrection if they died in Yah, Yahoshua.

There was a brew killed too. Text: a mixed girl. Text: A Hebrew jazz player had just moved to that neighborhood. Text: I know I had seen a black man.

Feed my people website soon. Deuteronomy 15:11 This is a commandment to feed the needy. They see Yah through you. You are the sign to the world. This generation seeks a sign. Hebrews 5:12-14 feed them milk.

Worldwide nobody does nothing for our people and Yah made it this way.

Pastor why did God let children die? They will ask this tomorrow. What will he say? He doesn’t know because he does not know Yah. The churches will be PACKED tomorrow. He will not answer. We have the answers. We are not arrogant. We believe Yah. I don’t know what the sun is made of but I can tell you what the Book says. That’s all that matters. You have something people need to hear. Let your light shine.

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Shalom, my name is AshantiYAH. I am a servant of the Most High Yah and His son Yahoshua. I am a messianic Israylite. My hometown is T'zion.

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