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I have 3 more chapters of the book to read & transcribe, so about 3 more weeks plus I need a day at least to proofread. Humph, I remember back when this blog first started, I probably could have gotten this book done and transcribed in less than two weeks! I probably would have read a chapter a day & transcribed it. I was on fire for the Most High!!! I use to study ALL DAY and THROUGH the NIGHT! But now I have to work and not to mention sometimes I don’t feel good but I promise waiting so long for this next book (of the bible) will be worth it for you. It is a good read. Edited to add: Maybe it is time for a man to take over? Like Moses took over for Zipporah and Yahqob took over for Rachel. When Yahqob took over for Rachel, he made them wealthy…


Update 11/6/2019: As of today, I am reading the last chapter of the book. I will be ready to transcribe it by the Shabbat. I might need an extra week to proofread and edit because I have more information to add, that I wasn’t planning on adding in the beginning however you and I must remember that not all my blog readers are “experts” yet. This post might be the first time they have ever read the bible with “Yah’s understanding.” Thank y’all for being patient. Other than that, I wanted to tell y’all that I have another book that I will be reading while you are reading the next blog post. It’s not a new book but a book that I have kept my eye on for a few years. I even saw that it is now required reading in some high school English classes. I’m not sure yet if I will blog about it though…we shall see. Love y’all.  ~Ashantiyah

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How Does Yah Heal the Broken-Hearted?

The question, title of this post is on my mind this morning. Have you ever read Psalm 34:18? The Most High says He is near to those with a broken heart and a crushed spirit. That is a person with a deep sadness about themselves. In Psalm 147:3, He says that He is the One that heals broken hearts. How does Yah heal the broken-hearted? Does He send someone new into your life? Does He send His “Comforter” or the Qodesh (Set-apart, Holy) Spirit so that you don’t think about what broke your heart? Does He heal it by you only keeping your mind on Him? How does He do it?How does He take that continuous sadness away from you?…….

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A Reminder

This post is a gentle reminder to myself (and y’all). When we interact with family, friends, co-workers and even strangers that we must keep the fruits of the spirit on us. Especially love and kindness. I know that can be hard out here. This world is a vicious place. However, what if you did something or said something to someone and you later were sorry for and you asked that person to forgive you? And the person refused to forgive you? Do y’all know that the Most High has a controversy with the person now that would not forgive you? You don’t believe me? Matthew 6: 14-15, Yahoshua stated: For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you but if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

See Yah is serious about forgiving each other. Your whole life could fall apart, then you wonder why. When a person comes to you to repent or be forgiven and states that they will never do it again, you are to accept their apology. The Most High is now mad with you, if you do not forgive. That’s a scary situation right there, for the Most High to be mad with you…

Lately I’m also thinking about another tongue fast. Do y’all remember that Yeremiyah went on a tongue fast? Sort of? But he came out of it and said Yah’s words were shut up in his bones like a fire. The prophet Ezra use to go by himself 7 days at a time without talking to anyone except the Most High. He use to go on consecutive 7 day fasts so much that the children of Ysrayl grew concerned for him and went to check on him to make sure he was okay. Anyway, after I post this next book of the bible in a few weeks, I will begin another tongue fast. HalleluYah.

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How to Pray to Yah (Continued): A Summary of What I Learned From Solomon and Others

  1. The Model (or Master) Prayer is to be prayed to Yah. This was taught to us by Yahoshua. The Hebrews prayed 3 times a day and certain times a day. Mattithyah 6.
  2. Face the east toward Yahrushalom because Solomon made intercession for us with the Prayer of Dedication (or Redemption) in 1 Kings 8, for when we are in captivity.
  3. Raise your palms towards the heaven. This shows Yah that you are not trying to hide anything.
  4. Positions: (In assembly), stand with your palms raised toward the east. You can also pray on your knees with your palms raised. Thirdly, you can lay prostate on the floor, no shoes and/or a rug like Moshe. Lastly, if you are ill, pray while laying in bed. I have read several scriptures where Yah said he heard people while they prayed or sang while laying across their bed. *The position of our bodies in prayer is important but the attitude of our hearts is just as important. For Yah weighs the heart, Proverbs 21:2.
  5. It is sometimes necessary to fast and pray especially when going to battle against the unrighteous.
  6. When you pray, believe the petition will happen. Search for a post called “Is anything impossible for Yah?” Also read Matthiyah 21:22 and Yahcanon (John) 14:14.
  7. From Job (Iyob), always pray for your enemies or in Iyob’s case, “frenemies.”
  8. When you pray, do not give up, Luke 18:1 (the persistent woman parable). Psalm after Psalm, David and them kept asking Yah until He answered. Yahoshua said not giving up shows Yah that you have faith.
  9. Solomon said when you pray to Yah for your gift, wisdom is the gift that you should ask for. You ask for wisdom before wealth, health and beauty. Because, when you ask for wisdom it will leads you to wealth, health, beauty and anything else. Wisdom will keep you close to Yah. Wisdom will teach you how to get other things. The spirit of wisdom was there in the beginning with Yah before light was created. Wisdom has been on the first man (Adam) on down but Solomon was the first to ask for it from Yah and Yah sent wisdom to him and it rested on Solomon day and night. *I think it would be wise to ask Yah daily for wisdom when you pray, don’t forget, we live in Babylon.
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Paranormal Activity: The Ninth Plague: Darkness

According to Moshe, in the Book of Exodus Chapter 10:21-29, the Egyptians underwent darkness for 3 days where they did not move. Solomon in the Book of the Wisdom of Solomon gives us more detail of what was going on in that darkness. He said that the Egyptians could not sleep (or intolerable sleep) during this darkness because they were seeing monstrous apparitions. Y’all, the Egyptians were seeing demons! The word monstrous means frightening, huge, evil, unnatural or horrifying. The word apparition means spirit or manifestation. From The Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 17:14-15. Solomon said something else that was interesting. He said that the Israylites could hear them in their darkness. Chapter 18:1. They were probably screaming and/or crying at the form of those demons.

You might ask, well if it was so dark how could the Egyptians see those demons? Not to long ago, I was watching this paranormal show. This man that had a demon(s) in his house said something that I found very interesting. He said his room would be totally dark yet he could see this demon in his bedroom and that the demon WAS DARKER THAN THE DARK IN HIS BEDROOM! He could see its form. Anyway, Solomon also said the same thing that Moshe said, that the Israylites had light and were happy (in Goshen).

An interesting statement Solomon made in Chapter 18:2 was that Ysrayl did not seek revenge on the Egyptians when they were in total darkness. They certainly could have wiped them out but they did not. Why? Because this was the ninth plague (Yah had one more plague to go) and vengeance belonged to Yah. The Israylites let Yah show His hand, they waited on Yah.

*I forgot to add that Solomon said that the magicians of Egypt were very terrified during this darkness. Remember, they came up against Moshe after he turned his walking stick into a snake(s).

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The Reason Why Yah Calls Himself Alpha and Omega

We have read that Yah calls Himself the Alpha and Omega or the beginning and the end in Revelation 1:8, Revelation 21:6 and Revelation 22:13. The Israylites explained that this is Yah speaking through Yahoshua. Christians take these verses as the Messiah was there with the Almighty from the beginning which is not correct.

Yah explained to Shlomoh (Solomon) in the book of the Wisdom of Solomon that He is the Alpha and Omega or beginning and end because no idol was there with Him from the beginning. Likewise, no idol will be there in the end (or when they come to an end). You can read this in chapter 14:12-14 in the Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon). I found another statement Yah made to Solomon interesting. He said, “worshiping idols is the BEGINNING of all evil.” This can be found in verse 27 of the same chapter.