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I forgot to tell y’all yesterday that I watched the movie ‘The Conjuring’ part 2. It was okay. It wasn’t as good as part one. I took notes in part one, with part two, no notes. However, one thing stuck out to me the most. The man’s wife (paranormal investigator) was a seer. She had a vision of this demon before they investigated this house. She wrote the demon’s name all over her bible during a vision. When she did this, I was thinking why is she destroying her bible with its filthy name? She may have been possessed also? That would be interesting to know if a demon can possess two locations at the same time? Another thing is that she told her husband, that the only way to make this demon leave, the only way to have authority over this demon was to learn its name and command it to leave using its name. At that point, I was thinking noooo, you have authority over it by knowing and believing Yahoshua’s name. And  “shol nuff” (meaning really, sure enough or truly as I said, some down south slang) the demon never really left because at the end they said the demon killed the mother of the family just (or in the same way) as it had killed the previous owner 40 years before. The demon just wasn’t in their faces as it had been before the paranormal investigators came to visit. They had no authority over this demon. Anyway, there is another movie out now at the movie theaters called ‘Rings’ that looks interesting to me.