Black History Month: My Boo

fearWhy does his woman look demonic in the background? hmmmm.

On the Destination America Channel, they are having a ‘be my boo’ week. ‘Be my boo’ is a pun for Valentine’s Day and also the demons/ghosts. This made me think about the word ‘boo’. Y’all know our people call each other boo or my boo/my sweetheart similar to ‘my nicca/my brother’. Did you know that the phrase boo comes from the ethnic slur, ‘jiggaboo’? The Gentiles use to call us  jiggaboos and spooks. These slurs were used to describe us as being afraid of everything especially demons. The Gentiles would draw us in cartoons with big eyes and hair standing straight up with fear on our faces. Does that remind you a scripture? Leviticus 26:36.


It was kind of hard for me to find those old cartoons with ‘black’ people afraid. However, I did remember this picture in a book called ‘American Folklore and Legend’ that my grandma gave me as a kid. You can see in the photo that the boy is afraid, his hair is standing up and his eyes are enlarged with fear. Click on the picture to enlarge.

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