Did Yahoshua Pre-Exist? The Image and Word of Yah p. 1d

Because every prophet starting with Enoch on through…all the way up to Yahcanan the immerser made the Messianic prophesies of Yahoshua’s coming. But then when Yahoshua came, the prophesies of the coming Messiyah ENDED. Because He fulfilled all the prophesies and there are no more prophesies to make of His appearance and coming. Do you understand? For He was born of the virgin. He came to His own and they received Him not. They killed and executed Him. They tortured Him. They made mockery of Him. ALL of those prophesies have been fulfilled.

So when He spoke to the fathers by the prophets but now He speaks to us by Yahoshua, so now Yahoshua is sitting on the throne and gives the malakim the message and the malakim gives it to us. But in the days of old, Yah gave the malakim the message and the malakim came down to the prophet to give the prophet the message and the prophet spoke it to the people but now Yahoshua is speaking to us.

This is why Yahcanan the Immerser is called the greatest of all the prophets. Let’s go to Luke chapter 7. Luqas.

Luke 7:28 He’s saying listen, there is no greater prophet than Yahcanan the Immerser. Why did He say that? Why is He saying that Yahcanan is better than Yesiyah, Yeremiyah and Daniyah? Because all those prophets prophesied of the coming of the Messiyah and Yahcanan is the one that made the way for all those prophesies to be fulfilled through Yahoshua the Messiyah.

So he is the prophet that seen the coming of the Messiyah and recognized Him as such. That’s why He is the greatest. Because all the Messianic prophesies stopped at the foot of Yahcanan when Yahoshua showed up to him that day and got immersed. So he is the prophet that immersed Yahoshua, that prepared the way for Yahoshua.

There are no more Messianic prophesies because Yahoshua has fulfilled them…of the coming Messiyah. Now we are looking for His return. To come back, to get His people and make all those things right. So there is no need for Yah to send a prophet to come and tell us a Messianic prophesy because all of them have been fulfilled. Let’s go to John 1.

So Yahcanan is the greatest of all them because Yahcanan saw all their prophesies fulfilled right in the face of Yahoshua as he watched Yahoshua’s walk. Yahcanan recognized Him as He came.

John chapter 1, this is why Yah said He talked to the fathers in the days of old by the prophets because Yahoshua was not there but now He speaks to us through the son because Yahoshua has come through a womb of a woman, walked the walk, lived, taught and was executed. (He) went into heaven and now He’s sitting up there as a ruler, as a King. A King over men, a King over the malakim, Yah has made Him such. Do you understand brothers and sisters? Yah has made Him such. So now He speaks to us in this day.

But in the days of old, it was Yah straight to the malakim and from the malakim to the prophets. Now it’s Yah to Yahoshua and Yahoshua to the malakim and from the malakim to the prophets and from the prophets to the people. We see that in the Book of Revelation 1:1.

John 1:29-30 Do you see? Messiyah was before Yahcanan. Yahcanan being the greatest prophet but the Messiyah (is before). He did not pre-exist, he’s not saying that. But what he is saying is that he existed in the plan of salvation for a man. For before Yah spoke of the prophets coming, He spoke of the coming Messiyah in the garden as He was issuing out the punishments for everybody that participated in that event. Yah spoke about the seed of the woman coming. That was the prophesy of the Messiyah.

So Yahoshua was before Yahcanan. Yahcanan is the greatest of the prophets but even Yahoshua was before him. Yahoshua was before Abraham. Yahoshua is before Moses. So before Yahcanan coming to the kingdom, Yahoshua will be there. Before Abraham comes into the kingdom, Yahoshua is there. Before Moses comes into the kingdom, before King David comes into the kingdom, Yahoshua is already there. That’s what it is talking about.

(Reads v. 29 again) Look at that. ‘Who is preferred before me for He was before me’. He has become the Messiyah for the Messiyah was before me. He has become the Messiyah because the Messiyah was before me, that’s what he is saying. ‘He has become before me’ (or He was preferred before me). He has become Messiyah because He was before me. The prophesy of Messiyah was before Yah sent the prophets.

Had man not gone astray even after he sinned, there would be no need for the prophets to come and tell the people to repent had man just followed Yah from the beginning. Even after he fell, Adam had the commandments if he had taught the children-children’s children…

Let’s go back to Hebrews chapter 1. The people looked at in such high esteem of Yahcanan the Immerser (that) they had to ask him if he is the Messiyah? Are you the prophet? He said no, I am not. But there goes the lamb of Yah who takes away the sins of the world. That’s the one that Yeremiyah talked about. That’s the one Yesiyah talked about. That’s the one Moses talked about. That’s Him. This is what Yahcanan is getting across. Let’s go to Hebrews chapter 1.

Hebrews 1:3-7, v. 3-4 Huh? Wait a minute, He’s become greater than the angels. So how can He be an angel and be greater than the angels? Just like the question we asked, how can Yah be a god and He is greater than the gods? So how can Yahoshua be an angel when He has a greater more excellent name than they do.

So if He is not an angel, what pre-existing entity was Him? We see that He was not wisdom because wisdom is female. Yah created her first. So who was He if He wasn’t an angel? He wasn’t wisdom. He’s not satan. Who was He?

The only thing that you can have if you say that He pre-existed because He wasn’t an angel, He wasn’t wisdom, He wasn’t satan is that you are saying that He was Yah. That’s what you are saying. How blasphemous is that? When we just read where Yah said there is none here besides Me. Yah said I do all this. I made the heavens. Yah spoke if from His mouth and all existed. Do you see this brothers and sisters? You can not fit Him anywhere in the heavenly hosts ranking as a pre-existing being. We don’t see Him doing anything until after He came through the womb of a woman, did His walk, was executed and ascended into heaven. Now we see where Yahoshua fits on the right hand of Yah as the Messianic high priest of heaven. Do you understand? Yeah I know you understand.

So Yahoshua right now…let’s go to 1 John 2. Let’s look at some of His job description, family. I’m sorry we didn’t finish reading to verse 7.

Hebrews 1:5-7, v. 5 So Yah is saying to which of the angels did Yah ever have this personal close relationship with ? Because the angels were known as the son of Yah. That was just a title all of them had. Even the fallen angels were called the sons of Yah. But He said which one have I brought forth saying this is My Son? Today I have brought you forth. This is My great servant here. Today I have brought you forth. This is My unique Son today I have brought you forth.

v. 6 Let all the angels of Yah do reverence to Him (worship Him). Let’s look at this. In the Book of the life of Adam and Eve, satan told Adam in a discussion that they had, that Adam you are the reason of my fall. Adam said how did I make you fall? Satan said when Michayah brought the plan for your creation and he brought it to the face of all the malakim that Yah said everybody had to fall down and worship to the image of Yah and the image of Yah was a man. That man is known as Adam. Satan said I am in creation…I’m greater than him so he should bow down and reverence me. So satan and the angels that were under his change did not bow down to the image of Yah and  the image of Adam. So now we see that one of the descendants of Adam is in heaven taking satan’s role, taking satan’s place as the Messianic high priest. Second in command in Yah’s charge. He has the angels under His command. Everybody is under His command except Yah.

(Reads v. 6 again). So now we have Yahoshua who is a descendant of Adam, who is in the heavens, who has taken satan’s place and now all the angels have to do reverence to Him. So that means He is not an angel if all the angels are doing reverence to Him. Just like Yah is not a god if Yah is judging the gods. Yah can not be a god. Yahoshua is not an angel, the angels are doing reverence to Him.

v. 7 Read. Let’s go to v. 8. So now you understand. We read in Exodus chapter 3 when the angel spoke and he spoke as though he was Yah. Scripture says that it was an angel speaking to Moses in the bush but that angel said I am Yah blah, blah, blah and spoke everything that Yah told him to say.

Now that’s why you see Yahoshua who has no beginning and has no end because He is speaking as Yah with the authority of Yah. He is one with Yah and one with Yah’s Word and one with Yah’s Spirit. Do you understand that? So this is why esteem me Father with the esteem I had before the world was…because before the world was, Yah’s word had esteem because Yah was esteemed and Yah and His word are one. Huh?

Let’s go to John chapter 17. I want you to understand this. We see that He’s not an angel. But we saw that Yah spoke to us by the angels. In the old testament He spoke to us through prophets. The angels made appearances to the prophets…go to the Book of Daniyah. Gabriyah and all them made appearances to Daniyah. They spoke to him and gave him a message and the understanding of the message. The angels told them what to do. The angels spoke but now Yahoshua speaks to us. Look at the Book of Revelation. Right? Yahoshua spoke to us. He came and spoke to us in the flesh and He is speaking to us in the spirit. He spoke to Shaul and got Shaul to change his ways. Because Son speaks to us now.

John 17:5 What existed before the world was? Yah and His word. Yah was esteemed through His word. If Yah has esteem, His word has esteem because His word is one with Him and Yahoshua is that exact representation of Yah’s word. Glorify (esteem) Me which is the esteem I had with You before the world was even created. And before the world was…we saw that wisdom was there. That’s the only thing that existed because she said I stood there and I watched and praised Him every day as He stood there and did all His work. That’s what wisdom said.

So before the world was, the word of Yah was esteemed with Him and Yahoshua has become that word. So that is the esteem that He wants. Do you know what the esteem of Yah’s word means? It means that everything in creation bows down to you because you are the representation of His word. These words are spirits. Don’t you know that every word that I’m speaking right here, it goes on and it never stops. That’s why Yahoshua said every idle word that man speaks he will be held accountable for it. These words are spirits family. We will have to go into a heavy lesson about the spirit stuff. Get that Christian doctrine out of your hearts.

So let’s go to 1 John chapter 2. I want to show you something as we get ready to wind down here. I want to show you something here. We see that Yahoshua is not an angel but after He did all of His job, service to Yah, the angels have to bow down to Him. Just like they did to Adam, the first Adam and Yahoshua is the second Adam because Yahoshua is now the first of the new creation. He is the first-born of the new creation of men that lived in the flesh and now lives in the spirit. Yahoshua is the first one. He’s the first man to obtain His spiritual body. Abraham doesn’t have his. Adam doesn’t have his. David, Moses none of them have their spiritual bodies. They are still in the grave waiting to be called out in the first resurrection. Yah will call them and they will come up out of the grave in new bodies. We all have to be resurrected in new bodies, everybody that dies, everybody must have those spiritual bodies. But Yahoshua is the first one.

1 John 2:1 I’m going to stop right here. He said that we have an intercessor with the Father, Yahoshua the Messiyah a righteous one. So Yahoshua is our intercessor, we have now. But where was Yahoshua in the old days when Yah was looking for an intercessor? Why was Moses doing Yahoshua’s job? If Yahoshua is the intercessor today, why was Moses doing Yahoshua’s job back in the old testament days? Why was Abraham doing His job back in the old testament days?

Let’s go. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 18. I want to show you Abraham interceding. The intercessor, the once that comes in between. The one that mediates the situation between one party and the other. We will see Abraham interceding on behalf of the city of Sodom. As Yah gave him the battle plan saying I’m about to go tear that place up and Abraham interceding here.

Genesis 18:20-33, v. 20-21 What they were doing is having sex with fallen angels. v. 22 Where it says Yah stood before Abraham…no man has seen Yah or heard His voice. This was a malak. That’s the pattern. Every time we see that it says that Yah stood before a man, we see that those were angels. That’s how Yah communicated to His prophets through angels or messengers or malak, or malakim.

So now the angel is standing before Abraham and look what Abraham says. v. 23 Read. v. 24-25 Look at Abraham. He’s interceding. He’s like wait a minute Yah, that’s not right. I know your righteous but if you are killing the righteous with the wrong Yah that’s not right. v. 26 I want y’all to understand this. Yah said if I find 50 righteous, I will spare the place for their sake. America, the United States has not been destroyed yet because you are still here Ysrayl. And it is for your sake that Yah has compassion and mercy upon you that He’s giving her an opportunity (to repent).

For the sake of however many righteous Messianic Hebrews there are in this land…that’s what’s holding the walls from tumbling down. And in many of your households, Yah has not come through to tear that place apart because you are there. And for your sake, He’s watching over that household. But the moment that you leave there, oh that place is in trouble. Because now the righteous has left the building.

v. 27-28 Do you see? All the way down to v. 33 Abraham is pleading with Yah and he gets all the way down to ten, if He finds ten. But they only found four, Lot and his household. Do you see? So this is what an intercessor does. He mediates between one party and the other. Abraham was mediating between Yah and between the city of Sodom, Gomorrah, Zobiim and Adamah. There were 4 cities that Yah destroyed that night because they are always having sex with the fallen angels and producing giants and all that craziness.

But Abraham is here interceding. Where is Yahoshua? Why isn’t Yahoshua speaking on behalf of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah? But Abraham is. If Yahoshua pre-existed and was in heaven at that time, why is a man doing his job? See, you have to find a place for the pre-existing Messiyah family. I’m just being real with you. this is no disrespect to our Messiyah. I would never do that. But I understand that when He came through the womb of Miriam and walked His walk and talked His talk…I keep saying that but it’s very powerful that you understand that. He ascended into heaven, that’s where we see Yahoshua fulfilling all these roles. We don’t see men interceding and all that anymore. Yahoshua is doing it. We have an intercessor that can forgive sins, that can plead our cause, that knows our pain sorrow and hurt. So Abraham was doing the job Yahoshua does because Yahoshua was not there but Abraham was. Yahoshua was there in the plan of salvation for man but He was not there pre-existing. Because if He was He would have stood before Yah and not Abraham.

Let’s go to the Book of Numbers chapter 14. We will see Moses here interceding. Scripture says that Yahoshua is the intercessor.

Numbers 14:11-23, v. 11-19 HalleluYah this is what Yahoshua is speaking into the ear of Yah everyday for the children of men. Particularly for His people the Children of Ysrayl and those who are following after righteousness. You see Moses is the intercessor here. Interceding meaning the mediator between Yah and the children of Ysrayl. Do you see?

v. 20-21 Read. v. 22 ‘Ten times they tested Yah’! My, my, my ain’t it enough to try Yah once?! (laughs) But they did it ten times, my my my. Yah said they will not make it into the wilderness. He listened to Moses’ voice because what Moses said made sense. That’s what the intercessor does. Yah just wants to see the righteousness of your heart. Yah already knew all these things but He will put it before your face to see what you say, to see what you understand. So Yah listened to Moses but where was Yahoshua if Yahoshua is the intercessor in this day, why wasn’t He the intercessor back then? Yah does not change. If He’s the intercessor this day He would have been the same if He pre-existed back then. If He was in the heavens then, He would have been there talking to Yah not Moses.

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