Freeing Yourself from the Babylon Mindset p. a

Before we start, I just want to say todah Yah for this weekly Shabbat gathering, it’s always a blessing to be here with family and I look forward to it each and every week. We have people here that are truly seeking Yah, we are growing and working together and getting better. It’s a beautiful thing.

…It’s all about Yah’s work and will. I see the work being done and the dedication. I say halleluYah for allowing me the pleasure of contributing and allowing me to be a partner with the most precious thing in our existence, spreading and living Yah’s truth.

So with that we will be talking about breaking the Babylonian mindset. Because once we come into this walk, we have to be 100% focused on Yah and Yah’s will. Abomination and blasphemous ways of thinking that we are conditioned with in Babylon will only hinder our walks. Even if they seem small. Remember satan only needs a small opening or break in your armor. You have people who say Yah and Yahoshua but it’s clear that through their actions that they are still caught up in certain ways of Babylon and in certain ways that Babylon has taught them to think. This is important because Babylon will feel the full wrath of Yah in her destruction. And anyone that is still in Babylon spiritually and mentally will suffer with Babylon.

Why do you think that our true family will be those that are serving Yah? See Babylon has influenced the entire world with her wine. This is why we are told not to love the world or the things in it because right now this world is under the control of the adversary. This is where the wicked prosper in all that they do. So we must not fall into that Babylon way of thinking.

As Obadiyah said once before, we have to kill that old person inside of us. So we will start the lesson in 1 Yahcanan or 1 John chapter 2. Many of you should be familiar with this.

1 John 2:15-17, v. 15 It says do not love the world or anything in it. It says if anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him. I love to fellowship on the Shabbat with my brothers and sisters. I love when we hold lectures and we see Hebrews come into the truth and interact with one another as a family. So does Yah mean this when He says do not love the world or anything in it?

Of course not because anything that keeps your heart and walk set on honoring Yah is not of this world. Because Yah is not of this world. Because this is satan’s parallel. So when you are honoring Yah as an obedient servant, you are not of this world. This is the adversary’s parallel world right now because man give it to him in the garden of Eden. We were given dominion over the earth as long as we obey Yah’s voice. As long as we harken to our Father’s command. We will read a little later for conformation that this world is under the control of the adversary.

Remember, even though satan is in control of this world, it is Yah that is allowing it. Because Yah is allowing man to sleep in a bed that he has made for himself in order for man to see the error in his ways and turn back to the Father.

The next verse proves that this is talking about satan’s parallel world. v. 16 It says for everything in the world does not come from Yah. The cravings of flesh, the lust of the eyes and pride of life. We know that those types of things do not come from Yah. It comes from the world. People may be thinking, well didn’t Yah create the world? Isn’t He in control of all things? How can this be satan’s world? The answer is simple. Just as we spoke about in past lessons and just as elder AsaYah texted up there. Yah has always given us the freedom to make choices. He’s not going to control our free will because that wouldn’t be fair. So He gives you the freedom to make a choice.

Man choose to disobey the Father. He gave all of the dominion over to the adversary. This world is run by men with wicked hearts that serve the adversary. So the adversary has wicked spiritual desires as we talk about all the time. It manifests physically through these wicked men. So this is what it means by things of this world. Satan’s parallel world is a result of our disobedience. Yah has allowed us to be fed these strong delusions. But when you turn back to Yah and learn the true essence of His spirit, He blesses you with eyes to see and you see this world for what it truly is.

If y’all are familiar with the movie ‘The Matrix’, this is what Morpheus meant in the Matrix when he was explaining the Matrix to Neo. Remember he showed a picture of the world looking all nice and pretty and he told Neo this is the world as you know it. Then he showed him the other picture of the world being rotten, dirty and down-trodden. He said this is what it really looks like. The only ones that can see that world and system for what it is and what is truly is (about) are those that are unplugged from it. Those that have broken the mindset of Babylon.

Now I’m not saying that we can’t have things or anything like that. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t step off the path that Yah has laid for you as His servant. We all have a job to do. This is why most of these rappers, actors and sports stars and folks out here don’t impress me a bit. I could care less about how much time they spend on a movie set or in the studio or how much work they have done or how many show they have done or how many movies they have done. Because when it’s all said and done, if that work isn’t for the Most High or something that will lead people to Yah then that work profits nothing. Because it’s not for Yah. What does it mean after that?

Remember Yah says in the day of Yah everything and everybody high will be brought down very low. Do you think that means a humble servant of Yah that has a high level of righteousness? No it does not mean that because that doesn’t make any sense. Remember, Yah is talking about satan’s parallel world. Anything or anybody who is held in high esteem in satan’s parallel world within satan’s order and that is apart of satan’s world spiritually will be brought very low.

So when Yah begins to pour His judgment upon this world. These people will be looking for Israylites to find out what’s going on because they will not have a clue. When it comes to that point everything they accomplished in that parallel world will  mean nothing because they all still have the mindset of Babylon. Anyone who has the ways of Babylon in their hearts and minds will receive the same fate as Babylon. In fact, this is proven in v. 17 where we are reading.

v. 17 ‘It says the world and its desires pass away’. Once again, we know this is not talking about a world that is completely serving Yah because Yah is eternal. Yah doesn’t pass away. We know that the earth will be here because it was given to man. This is why Yah says He will dwell with us again. He will set the kingdom up and we will walk with our Father again as we did in Eden. He will re-establish His kingdom here on earth. So any man who does Yah’s will and loves Yah’s will, will share in that gift of eternal life. Yah can not allow wickedness to continue forever. This is why He said if he didn’t do something about it there would be no flesh left to be spared.

But at the same time Yah has given man time to repent and time to turn from his ways. He has given everyone time to turn from his sins. Yah has given His chosen people time to learn who they are and humble themselves and do the job that they were blessed with and chosen for. Because this entire world is drunk off of the wine of Babylon. Babylon will again be judged so anyone who is completely wanting to serve Yah must completely discard the ways of Babylon from their minds and hearts. Bloodline or not, it’s all about your heart. Yah judges the heart. Babylon can not lead you to Yah’s Spirit. Any remnant of Babylon in your walk is all satan needs to keep you in his clutches.

Which is why we must be humble. There are certain things that come along with this walk at least if you want Yah to take you seriously. There are things we have to give up. Giving up holidays. Giving up fellowship with worshippers of idols. Changing our eating habits. Parting ways with certain people.

We have to come to Yah as a child and allow Him to cleanse our minds of Babylon. We can’t use understanding or lack there of that Babylon has given us during our walk to learn the ways of Yah. It will only hinder you. I don’t care how small it may seem to you. Do you know why? Because this is a spiritual battle. Spirits are real and they only need one hole in your armor. Satan doesn’t need much to work with . So no matter how small something seems, you better pray to Yah and do battle with that spirit. Don’t give in to the way you use to think in Babylon. A lot of these things and Yah’s words seem crazy to many of us when we were lost.

We are no longer lost, that’s why Yah expects us to be all the way in or all the way out. Let’s go to the Book of Hosea chapter 9. Because it is important to break that Babylonian mind state completely. If there is a trace or remnant of it, it will hinder your walk, even if you know the truth. If you are holding on to any way of Babylon it can be dangerous, even for those of us in the truth.

Hosea 9:7-8, v. 7 They say prophets are fools and spiritual men are crazy. I don’t call or see myself as a prophet but I will say that I am inspired by Yah. As are many brothers and sisters in this room. It says those with sinful hearts call inspired men fools and think they are crazy. Sinful hearts and we know that sin is not of Yah. So this means that those who are inspired by Yah and His law…His Spirit, His Word this is what it is talking about. Because the Torah is the foundation of everything we read in the Word and everything we live. How many of you have been called crazy since coming into this truth? How many of you have been accused of being in some type of satanic cult? It’s because of this truth. How many of you get stared at like an alien by Jew and Arabs when they notice your tassels hanging?

But this can affect the assembly as well if people come into the walk holding on to that Babylon mindset. It can effect the assembly as well. This is proven in verse 8.

v. 8 The prophet faces hostility EVEN in the house of Yah. This is proof that there will be people with the Babylon mindset in Yah’s House.

There are misunderstanding between brothers and sisters at times. You may butt heads from time to time with your brothers and sisters. There may be times when a brother may have to correct his brother in a stern or firm manner because these types of things happen in a family. But as true servants of Yah facing hostility or ill-will in the House of Yah or within the congregation then something is wrong. Understand what I’m saying. I don’t mean people who just enter the assembly and say Yah and Yahoshua when I say true servant. When I say true servant, I mean those who walk showing they are a true servant of yah, their fruits (or works). Brothers and sisters whose works show that they are serving Yah. They shouldn’t be faced with ill-will in the House of Yah. They should not have to be weary of traps from their very own brothers and sisters.

Many times that happens because someone has not completely broken a Babylon mindset. If you have a problem with your brother, then you go to your brother. We can’t handle things the way the churches of Babylon do. Yah gave us the whole layout of how to deal with these things. All the gossiping and back-biting…just go to your brother or sister. See, there are some people who play the role like they are serving Yah but show ill-will or spiteful behavior towards someone who is supposed to be their brother or sister because they have some personal issue with that brother or sister. But they never go to that brother or sister personally and let them know what it is. Again, I do not mean getting on your brother or sister when they need to be checked because we have to set them straight sometimes. Sometimes we need to be chewed out by our brothers or sisters. I’m talking about straight up spiteful, deceitful, Babylon type behavior.

Let’s face it, this is family and sometimes family members need tough love sometimes. They need to be awakened from that sleep. You need some constructive criticism. So I’m not referring to the misunderstanding between brothers and sisters or a brother being firm with his brother out of love. I mean people who truly have hateful hearts towards their brother or sister or a true servant of Yah. It said (in v. 8) that traps are laid for prophets. Do you know that you can have a brother that has dedicated his life to Yah, given himself up for Yah and he will have people who smile in his face, fellowshipping with him on Shabbat and the whole time they are just trying to get close to him to set a trap for him to tear him down. Many of us will probably go through that.

This is people with familiar spirits that will be cut off from the people. Anyone who can’t completely let go of that Babylonian mindset are easy pray for the adversary and those familiar spirits. Again, even if it’s just a trace of the Babylonian mindset, remember satan doesn’t need much to work with. We have to come out of that mindset because it is dangerous. Let’s go to the Book of Revelation chapter 18.

Revelation 18:3-6, v. 3 ‘For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication’. We have to look closely at this. Sometimes we read a sentence and just go through the words but you must break it down because there is a lot of deep things there. Every nation has drunk the wine of Babylon in other words, the entire world is wicked right now. Because how does Yah separate groups of people physically? By their nationality and it says all nations have drunk of her wine. This includes Ysrayl. Because it refers to her wrath as wine. And what is Babylon’s wrath? What is this wine that she has poured unto the entire world? It’s what we just read earlier. Sinful nature, lust of the flesh, prideful (arrogant) things like that.

‘And the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, merchants of the earth become rich through the abundance of her luxury’. Here we are being told that our world leaders are also committing these wicked acts with Babylon. Because it says the kings of the earth. It did not say a particular region, it said the kings of the earth. The king or ruler is one in a high position, a position of authority. We still have rulers today. Remember it said the merchants become rich off of the abundance of her luxuries. We started this lesson off in 1 John where it talks about not loving the world or the things in it. We also saw in John what those things are.

So the whore offers wicked men everything they seek  here on earth. And she seeks to corrupt the righteous into wicked ways as well.

v. 4 Notice the order in which this plea was given. It said come out of her first, in other words we must avoid and come out of Babylon spiritually in order to avoid her mentally because if you go into Babylon spiritually you will become like Babylon. Those that are with Babylon will be punished with Babylon. Remember everything on the physical level is symbolic of the spiritual. It’s taking place spiritually first. So people who go around fornicating on the flesh, you see kids 11, 12 years old on TV already involved with numerous sexual partners. All types of STDs running rampant. The definition of plague is affliction, wide-spread destruction or some form of calamity. We see people dying all the time from diseases. Suffering from a STD is a result of physical fornication. Sharing in plagues or receiving plagues, it’s the same spiritually. If you fornicate with Babylon spiritually, you will receive her plagues.

Remember v. 3 told us that the kings of the earth are committing fornication with the great whore as well. Therefore in the day of Yah, they will receive her plagues, the kings of the earth. This is why the voice from heaven will say come out of her my people so you do not partake in her sins. Because the result of that is that you will receive her plagues. The great whore’s plagues will be covered in the verses we go over later in this lesson.

So we must come out of here spiritually. Look at all the curses upon Ysrayl today. Look at the numbers and percentages within the Hebrew community that die and suffer from these diseases. Even if AIDS is not sexually transmitted the principle still stands. The reason these things afflict us the most is because spiritually we fornicated with Babylon. The curses are in place because Ysrayl committed fornication with Babylon. This is a result of our spiritual fornication. Serving all the gods and lusting after the ways of the wicked. Being envious of the prosperity of the wicked. We have to completely break that Babylonian mindset. We can only do that by truly humbling ourselves to the word of Yah completely.

If you have a problem with something Yah says you better check yourself. You need to leave Babylon ways behind and come to Yah as a child and follow His set-apart Spirit because no matter how much that Babylonian mindset makes us feel like we have it all figured out, Yah still sees us as children. No matter how much we think we know. The only question is are we being obedient or disobedient children?

So if you have a problem with thus saith Yah…check yourself or be checked.

v. 5-6 So everything that Babylon has done, all the sin that Babylon has done, Yah is going to pour His wrath on Babylon double that. Think about the sin that goes on and has been going on in Babylon. Think about the amount of sin and wickedness that has turned this world into a spiritual cesspool. Think about it.

Yah’s wrath and judgment will be double that. Anyone that is part of Babylon spiritually in that day will receive that very same fate or plagues. Everything that Babylon gets…you get. Which is why we need the guidance of Yah’s set-apart Spirit at all times. Since this is a spiritual war we will battle demons and demons are spirits and only Yah’s set-apart Spirit can remove them from our midst. Therefore we need Yah’s spirit with us at all times. This is why we must pray diligently and mediate on Yah’s word nigh and day so that we can break free from those spiritual chains of Babylon and avoid her plagues. We have to mediate on this night and day. EVERYDAY. All day. I mean seriously not just to say that we pray. But we must truly clear our hearts and minds and listen to what Yah is instructing to us.

This is a spiritual war. That’s what it is. You have to look at it as a real war. We say all the time you will not (?) on a battlefield and throw your weapon down and walk around like you saw a (?). You would sleep light (in war). So this is a spiritual war.

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