Freeing Yourself from the Babylon Mindset p. b

Let’s go to the Book of Psalms. Tellihim 119.

Psalm 119:97-102, v. 97 So you must mediate on Yah’s Word, Spirit and law all day. But notice that v. 97 first said that I love your law. So you must truly love Yah’s laws in our hearts in order to truly mediate on it night and day. We have to truly love it. If we don’t love the law first and His Word first then it feels like a burden to follow it. Which is something that Shaul was trying to show the brothers during his teachings. We have to love it first.

v. 98 This reinforces the constant ongoing focus on Yah’s law. Because it says that Yah’s commands make him wiser than his enemies. Then it says that they are ever with me meaning always. Because when you love Yah’s law it remains with you. And when it remains with you, you mediate on it all day long because you love it. But you can not attain focus on Yah with a Babylonian mind state not even partially. Even if there is just a trace of Babylon.

v. 99 Here we go again. It says for I mediate on your statues. The ahk David is pounding this point home for a reason. This next scripture tells you to mediate on Yah’s laws.

v. 100-101 David said he had more understanding than the elders because he obeyed Yah’s precepts. Precepts are rules, laws or orders. So far, we see five verses consecutively where Yah’s law is being mentioned. Loving, obeying and mediating on Yah’s Spirit, His Word. Because v. 101 said because I have kept my feet from EVERY evil path so I may obey Your word. So every evil path that ha shatan and Babylon put before him, he’s stayed away from at that time so that he could obey Yah’s word. He needed to avoid Babylon in order to truly obey Yah’s word is what he is saying.

So this verse proves that you must completely avoid the adversaries ways, that mind-set of Babylon in order to completely obey Yah. And when it comes to obeying and honoring the Father, He doesn’t accept anything half way. Those aren’t my words, y’all know all the scriptures about the new man and everything. So you can’t do it halfway.

v. 102 We must not depart from Yah’s laws. But in order to gain more understanding and wisdom we must completely depart from the lawlessness of Babylon. We must no longer drink of her wine. Lust of the flesh, gossip, back-stabbing, plotting, fornication, jealousy, wickedly scheming, that sinful nature.

So in order to break from the Babylon state of mind we must humble ourselves to the Word of Yah. We must have the attitude of a child when we heed Yah’s truth. Because if no, you are going to drag some of that old Babylonian way of thinking into your walk and it will hinder you. How many of you can remember your parents not allowing you to hang around certain people because they were worried about that person influencing your behavior? Humphf, many of us were influenced by the wrong people at some point in our lives. Many times that caused conflict in your household with who? Your parents.

I tell people all the time, if you want to understand Yah a lot more than just think about how good parents deal with their children. Well man is so arrogant he can not think of himself as a child, he thinks he has the most power. This is what Babylon, satan has taught man, that nothing is higher than he. Where do you think human beings learn to be parents? Do you think some human made it up one day? We were born with it. Instincts. This was instilled in us upon our creation. But it is sin that separated us from that complete image of our Father. This is why the deeper the person falls into sin the more you see the person’s life fall apart here on earth before your very eyes.

Remember everything is symbolic for Yah’s orders, spiritually. Man comes from dirt. We were the last thing created. Man comes from dirt. This is why some people say mother earth. Not that it is to be worshipped but man came from the earth. We are trying to work ourselves back to the complete image of Yah in which we were created in, pure righteousness and undying energy. We have to earn that eternal life.

Let’s go to the Book of Yahoshua or Joshua. Yahoshua is the correct Hebrew pronunciation when you hear Yah’s name in it.

Yahoshua 1:7-9, v. 7 This verse instructs us to be strong and very courageous. So if you are being told to be very courageous, we know we have to stay focused on Yah so that He gives us that courage that we will face. Just as He gave David the courage to face Goliath. Can you image the amount of courage it took for David to stand his ground against this giant charging at him? Or how about our great prophet Moshe? This man went back to Egypt to confront pharaoh. This was a place where he was wanted dead at one point. This was a place that he had fled from years before. Not only did he go back but he went back demanding the release of his people. The reason Moshe had that courage to return is because he returned in the name of Yah. This time he returned under Yah’s authority. Yah protected Moshe because he listened and obeyed.

People never feared Ysrayl’s numbers. When we were right with Yah, they feared because they knew Yah was with us. They saw the destruction that came upon those nations that dared to oppose Yah. So we must be very courageous. That courage can only be given to you by Yah’s Set-apart Spirit. And you can only be intoned with Yah’s Set-apart Spirit by focusing on Yah at all times. If you can’t focus on Yah at all times then you can’t focus on your walk back to the Father then a piece of your heart is still with Babylon. All it takes is just a little, just a piece.

(finishes reading v. 7) ‘Don’t turn left or right’. Don’t let this book depart from your mouth. Mediate on it night and day so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Be careful to do everything written in it. So here again are more verses stressing the importance of focusing on Yah at all times. It said do not turn right or left. You look straight ahead, you stay focused on Yah so that His Spirit will be with you everywhere you go. Yah is ever-present anyway but the question is are we humbling ourselves and listening for Yah?

v. 8 Mediate means to contemplate or consider, carefully at length considering. So in other words Yah is telling us to think. He gave us common sense, a lot of people try to ignore it trying to hold on to Babylon. But a lot of people see this truth. Even some people who are still out there in the Christian church that we witness to. They see it. They play dumb. There is always at least one brother or sister in the house that ACTS like he knows his mother was saved (?).  Many of us, when we were lost in these wicked religions of Babylon, we didn’t think for ourselves. We didn’t think about this word. We knew we were supposed to be obedient. But that’s what god gives you, he let’s you do what you want to do. So we go with that, we choose to. So we didn’t want to know the word. We choose to sit there and just flip those pages and take in the madness that we were being taught. I’m not saying all of us but many of us did do that.

So scripture is telling us to think. Take this truth, study history. Learn the facts. Look at what’s going on in the world. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Think and use common sense.

v. 9 In verse 8, it said you will be prosperous. You know these tap dancing, pimping preachers will tell you that this prosperity scripture is speaking of earthly things like financial gain. But we know better than that because Yah says that He judges your spirit. That’s what Yah said, I don’t care what a preacher said, Yah says ‘I judge your spirit (heart)’. As long as your spirit is with Yah, He will take care of His obedient servants. If He takes care of the animals, surely He will take care of His children. As long as we seek Yah first in all that we do. Yah will handle the rest. Neither does prosperous mean material which all these Israelite groups are out here pushing. Some Israelites out there think because he knows some truth and that he has learned a little more and can speak Hebrew that he is some type of almighty king ruler now. The true nation of Ysrayl rules nothing right now because of disobedience. We don’t rule anything. But if you sat here and listen to some of these other groups talk, you would swear that we did. Prosperous doesn’t mean sleeping with woman after woman talking about any woman you have sex with is your wife. Then turn around and talk about those same sisters like dogs in front of the world.

We are talking about spiritually prosperous because everything that happens physically manifests from the spiritual world. Meaning that it happens there first. So only when you humble yourself, be obedient and focus on Yah…only then will you truly be prosperous in the way that Yah means. What could be more prosperous than truly being under the protection of Yah? Truly being loved by the Most High. Truly being blessed with understanding from the Most High. What’s more prosperous than that?

Because that’s what will last not the stuff in the world. I don’t care about something that is going to pass away. In other words like it says don’t store your treasures in this world but in the kingdom. All understanding comes from Yah. You will never understand Yah in the least and you will never fully understand your duty as a servant of Yah if any part of you remains in Babylon. Let’s go to the Book of Mattithyah 18.

Mattithyah 18:3-5, v. 3 We have already been talking about approaching Yah from a child’s prospective, approaching Yah as though we are children because we are in His eyes. Because if not, you will only bicker, argue with what Yah has ordained. Because Babylon has taught us to feel like we know it all, when we truly know nothing.

See, the wicked men that are truly in control, their whole think is to place themselves over Yah. Anybody that is an illuminati or part of these secret societies will tell you this. This is their whole aim, to put man over Yah. Because this is what the spirit that leads them seeks. The spirit of ha shatan, he seeks to have control and have more power than Yah. So man wants to believe that he’s in control of all things. You know somebody snaps and goes off on a sporadic shooting spree somewhere and kills 13 people…you see these serial killers but man will tell you that they have some type of mental disorder and that they have a medication that can help them. If you are Hebrew then you will be put under the prison.

But they will tell you that these people, oh he just needs some help. He needs to be studied. See, man wants to be able to explain everything in his own words with his own reasoning. For these wicked men to admit that this is all spiritual and that all true understanding comes from a higher power than them, they would also be admitting that they are not in ultimate control. It’s impossible for a physically and spiritually arrogant man to accept that fact. Because the spirit that leads him will not accept that fact that Yah is in total control.

This is why we must humble ourselves. This is why Yah is telling us…if we don’t become like children, we will not enter the kingdom. Any true father and mother should understand that. Especially fathers since we are supposed to be the spiritual leaders. If you are taking care of your family, providing for them and being the spiritual leader that you are supposed to be then the last thing you need is for one of your children who can’t take care of themselves arguing with you everything you say and trying to call the shots about what you say to do. Yah will not tolerate that from us on any level. Which is why we must start fresh and clean and forgetting the ways of Babylon. Learn to respect what our Father says.

v. 4 So we have to humble ourselves and trust in our Father’s word because He’s the only one that knows all. Scripture tells us that Yahoshua our Messiyah doesn’t even know when the day of Yah will be. Which is just more proof that, that putrid Babylonian doctrine of the trinity is just more hot garbage. Only Yah knows all so we must trust in Yah. Yahoshua was granted power from the Father because He fulfilled His mission. He is the ultimate sacrifice. He is ruling with Yah, under Yah’s authority. It’s because He humbled Himself as a child.

You must trust in Yah just as kids trust in their parents. Faithful kids I mean. How many of you recall your mother or father trying to teach you how to do something or try to get you to do something that you felt unsure about in the beginning but they always ended up telling you exactly the right thing. Because they understood much more than you did. this is the approach you must have with Yah the Most High at all times.

v. 5 So just as we talked about prior to these verses about Moshe and Dawid having courage. This was because they humbled themselves as children in the sight of Yah. And whoever welcomes Yah’s child, welcomes Yah. Because a child of Yah comes in Yah’s name with Yah’s authority. So naturally those that reject Yah’s children also reject Yah.

Just like if I were to send my son to a neighbor’s house with a message and when he delivers the message to them they mock or ridicule him and through it back in his face. As a father, I will feel like they are doing that to me. Because even though my son delivered the message, the message was sent by me. My son went in my authority. We have to look at this as a father son relationship or parents and children. Do you think I would sit back and shoot the breeze with these people after they have done such a thing in rejecting my son?

Of course not. This is the same manner in which Yah deals with us as his children in this walk. We have to be focused on Yah to receive the messages that He is giving us, the understanding that we are being blessed with. But we have to completely come out of Babylon.

See, the reason we call it the Babylonian mindset is because Babylon is the model for all these wicked rulerships. These things you see today, pagan festivals or holidays, pagan religions, names of blasphemy, all these things can be traced back to pagan acts in Babylon. The worship of Nimrod. Every wicked rulership that came into existence after Babylon resembled Babylon. They just took the same meaningless customs that took place in Babylon and just applied them to a different go or deity. All of the wicked rulerships…Egypt, Rome, Medes-Persia and so on, they all took practices of Babylon and applied them to their gods. It’s the same thing. The same spirit.

It’s always a much deeper level of understanding when Yah shows us what’s going on spiritually. All these nations keeping the ways of Babylon alive through the ages is a result of a deeper spiritual matters. See, it’s the spirit behind Babylon that has to be understood in order to break free of that Babylonian mind state. So we must come out of Babylon spiritually and then the flesh will follow. If you try to do it the other way around and you will only deceive yourself. Meaning we can only come out of Babylon spiritually through the guidance of Yah’s Set-apart Spirit. The only way we will be truly guided by Yah’s Spirit is to come to Him as a child and doing exactly as we are told to do. It doesn’t matter how old you are when we deal with the Father. We must be obedient to Him like we would be here to our parents on earth.

We can’t come into this thing making up our own rules. We can’t do that with our parents here on earth so what makes you think you can do it with Yah who created our parents? You just can’t decide yourself what we will keep and throw out of Yah’s Word saying oh we will do this but not that. Or I’m not sure about that, I can’t get my mind around that one. Well you better if you are serious about this (walk). This is why we must focus on Yah daily, every single moment.

I know it may be hard sometimes for us all but it’s for our own good brothers and sisters. Our Father will tell us no wrong. Let’s go to the Book of Yeremiyah chapter 50.

Yeremiyah 50:23-27, v. 23-24 So Babylon will get hers because she opposes (contends against) Yah. So we can’t do this thing halfway. This is what Yah means by being lukewarm because even if there is a small trace of Babylon, it’s still there in you. Guess what? Then a small part of you still opposes Yah. No matter what you want to change it’s in your mind, to make yourself believe you are doing the right thing. But if a small part of you is still in Babylon then a small part of you opposes Yah. Because Babylon opposes Yah in ALL of her ways. If any of those are still inside you, you will still be in opposition to Yah in some way. There’s nothing in Babylon’s character that is seen as righteous in the sight of Yah. Not one thing.

v. 25 It said Yah has opened up his armory and has brought out the weapons of His wrath because He has work to do in Babylon. That’s a serious threat right there! It’s not to be taken lightly. It’s a serious warning. Now if someone tells you that they are bringing out weapons because they have work to do, what do you think that work is? We must drive this point home of Babylon’s fate because many of our brothers and sisters have not come out of her spiritually. I don’t mean just in this room, I mean across the world. Even some that know the truth still believe that they can incorporate old Babylonian ways in this walk. But as I stated earlier, if part of you still remains in Babylon then spiritually part of you is still opposed to Yah.

If not then why does Yah say that whoever is in Babylon spiritually will receive (her plagues) or whatever she receives? Which is why it’s important to understand that even having remnants of Babylon inside of you is dangerous when we come into this walk. Remember Yah sees us a children and the more a child learns the more responsibility that child receives. The more a child understands, the more that is expected of him or her from the parents. So it’s the exact same principle when we are dealing with the Father. Even a remnant of Babylon is dangerous.

v. 26 It says completely destroy her and leave her no remnant. So v. 26 confirms two things for us: One it confirms why Yah is bringing out His weapons of wrath against Babylon as we just read in the previous verse. It’s telling you why right here. (It’s to) destroy here completely. All He has to do is speak it. Remember this is the Most Powerful. This is the weapon…His words. He speaks it and it gets done.

It also says to leave her no remnant. So you know what that means. Anything or anyone that are of Babylon in any way will be destroyed. It says remnant. It did not say to leave a lot. There will be no remnant (of Babylon) not even a trace of her. Yah will completely destroy Babylon and leave no remnant.

Now if Yah says He will leave her no remnant, do you think He will spare people who are spiritually of Babylon?


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