Yahoshua the Good Shepherd the Example to the Nations p. f

So Yahoshua taught the law. Yahoshua kept the law. Yahoshua was a perfect servant of Yah. He is the example to all the nations and how we all are supposed to serve Yah. We are supposed to keep the law. We are supposed to live the law. He became the living Torah. The people see the example of keeping the law through you. He is the good shepherd. He’s going to lead, guide and put His life on the line for the flock and this is what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to be dedicated. So dedicated that we would put our lives on the line for the flock. That’s the level of dedication He is looking for…anything less you are a hireling. Your level of dedication is supposed to be #1, numero uno in your life.

I’m not saying…you know there are side things in your life, like your 9 to 5 yeah of course, you do that. But this is supposed to be #1. YAH. You need to do a service for Yah and then your wife comes upon you telling you that she needs you to spend time with her. Then she gets mad at you ahk if you’re not spending time with her. But you have service to do to Yah.

The same thing with you sisters. Your husband starts talking about you are not spending enough time with him and that you are reading your Bible too much. You aren’t cooking. You aren’t cleaning. But he isn’t doing nothing but sitting there all day but you aren’t cooking and cleaning, you are studying. You go to the website and get the words of the week and get all the information and he’s doing nothing. S9 he gets mad with you. Your service is to Yah first. After you finish all that then…but to Yah first. That’s how dedicated you have to be as Yahoshua was dedicated. That’s how dedicated He was.

He knew He was an innocent man. He said I can pray to Yah right now and He’ll bring down 12 legions of angels to defend Me. But He never once put up that prayer. Because He knew what He had to go through. He knew He had to put His life on the line for the sake of the flock. We are that flock. That has extended down all the way to our day. So the same dedication that He put out, He deserves the same from us. That’s one thing that I can’t stand is that we are putting our lives on the line and we are slaving for this work and there are others that are standing in our midst and are not slaving for this work but are playing around.

Oh man! If y’all ever want to see Obadiyah turn into the Hulk, that would be one of the moments. It’s like man wait a minute, We are doing all this work and you are over here on the sideline doing something totally different. You are not even trying to serve Yah. You just holler Yah and Yahoshua but you are not trying to serve Him. You aren’t trying to dedicate yourself to this. You aren’t trying to make the proper sacrifices to this. There are things that you must give up for this. You aren’t willing to give that up. So don’t even act like you are because the moment you say you are, Yah is going to test you and see. Yah is going to test and see where you are.

‘Man I’ll give up anything for Yah, man’. ‘Oh wee, I’m telling you, I love Yah so much’. Okay the moment you say that, Yah is going to let satan come knock at your door. The moment it looks like that car is about to be taken oh we will see how much you love Yah then. The moment we see that bank account start to shrink oh you will see how much you love Yah then…hireling. This is only for the dedicated.

Yah is going to make that separation. Yahoshua already told you ‘I’m going to separate the sheep from the goat’. So all we have to do is worry that we remain sheep. Yah’s sheep. That’s what we have to worry about. Because if we become anything other than that then we have a problem now. You will become a goat or wolf. Yahoshua said the ones on my right are going into the kingdom and the ones on my left are going into everlasting fire. I remember my mama use to tell me that all the time when I was a kid. She use to tell me about the separation of the sheep and goats and the goats going into the fire. Oh yes she use to tell me that all the time. She use to tell me about the lake of fire. She didn’t call it hell, she said lake of fire. And she was not a church going woman.

From a child I never forgot that and now I have greater understand of it. I won’t forget it now. That is what Yahoshua said will happen. The wheat from the tare (weeds); the true from the fake. And it’s like, see you don’t proclaim anyone to be fake if they fall or mess up in their walks, whatever that mess up is but if they are getting back up…but if they are constantly doing that same mess up, that’s not a mess up anymore that’s what they do. ‘Oh I’m so sorry that I was gossiping about you’. Okay I forgive you. Two weeks later, here the word comes that they are still gossiping about you. After you forgave them the first time, see this is who they are now. They are revealing who they are. This is who they are. You have to separate yourself from them before you become like them. Before you become selfish like them. You have to get out of their midst. You have to stay who you are.

Never be afraid of who you are in Yah. I don’t care what they say ‘oh man, you soft’. ‘Oh man, you a chump’. Never-mind what they say. Because if you stay with Yah, you will have the last say about everything as you go marching into the kingdom and they go being tossed into the lake. So don’t worry about that. Stay who you are. See a man…and I’m going to have a lesson real soon about the men of Yah. See, a man’s nature is to be first, loving. A man’s nature is to first seek peace, to always seek shalom. That’s what Yah created us to be: To be protectors, to be loving, kind and gentle. If Yah would not have created us to be this way, He would not have created us to be this way. The fruits of the spirit as we know it.

Because if He tells us to be this way and we are created in His image that means He is that way. So do we say that Yah is soft because He is kind and gentle. And Yah destroyed entire nations. Is that what it will take for you to understand who He is? Do you have to be destroyed with Babylon? And then wake and be in the second resurrection? Is that what it will take? Maybe for some.

But a man’s nature is loving, peace, kind and gentle. It’s to lead, it’s to shepherd. It’s to protect. It’s to keep the law. That’s why Yah gave man the authority to administer the law. He gave that into the hands of men. Because you can’t administer if you’re not keeping it so you are to keep it. The law makes you all these things. (inaudible) Yet that doesn’t mean you are soft because only a man of Yah can keep the laws of Yah. Only a man of Yah.

So with that being said family, this was the third lesson of the Messiyah series. Yahoshua the good shepherd the example to the nations. We are to walk as He walked. He kept the law and He taught the law. He was righteous and kind. He was gentle, loving compassionate, merciful, all of that because remember when they wanted to kill the woman in John chapter 8 because they caught her in the act of adultery. She was having sex with another man behind her husband’s back and they caught her when they were supposed to bring her and the man. Yahoshua forgave her for her sins. He was compassionate. He said where are those that accuse you woman? They were gone. So He didn’t accuse her. He forgave her. He was not ready to throw stones at her. He forgave her. He was compassionate.

So you have to be compassionate. You have to be loving, gentle all those things as Yah is, as Yahoshua is. Because we put everything in Yah’s hands first. There may be times when Yah would give the enemy over into your hand and say now you do. Just like He did with Goliath. He gave him over into the hand of David. He gave the Canaanites over into the hand of Joshua and the Israelites as we conquered Canaan. The conquest of Canaan. So we seek to have Yah to resolve these issues first. Lead and guide us in the way that we need to go. Because if we lead and guide our own selves, we are going to end up in the ditch. Late at night where nobody is around to come save us. That’s a terrible situation there.

But if we allow Yah, Yah will show us where the ditch is and He will help us to get around the ditch so we don’t fall into it. Do you understand what I’m saying family? I pray that you do. Listen these lessons are not just for you to sit around and socialize. These (lessons) are to get you ready for what’s about to come. This is to get you ready to know Yah. To get ready to know Yahoshua.

So that’s if for this week. Next week we may talk about the prophets prophesying about Yahoshua. Moses spoke of Yahoshua. In that lesson we will start with Moses and compare Moses with Yahoshua then we will go and look at some of the other prophesies of the coming Messiyah. That may be next week’s lesson. But we must get this understanding of ha Maschiyach, the Messiyah. We must get that understanding, man. We can’t leave this place without understanding ha Maschiyach. Because He plays such an intricate role in the plan of salvation (and) the plan of redemption of Ysrayl. We need redeeming, family.

So everything I say here is generalized. I’m not pointing the finger at anybody but when Yah gives me something to speak, I have to speak it. I have to speak it in the manner that He tells me to speak it. So maybe there is someone out there that heard something that is going to help them save their lives. Because that’s the point of where you are at now.

Because when you come to Yah and got your immersing and all that and you are calling upon Yahoshua, you are supposed to have a changed life. But if your life has not changed the way Yah wants it to change then you better hurry up so you can save your life. Because now you are in danger. He will come down and strike you and that will be it. He said if a righteous man turns away from His righteousness, then that righteousness that he stored up will not be remembered (Yahzeqyl 3:20-21).

Hebrews 10:26 says once we have the knowledge of the truth then there remains no more sacrifice for our sins. He said if we willfully sin once we have received the knowledge of the truth then there remains no more sacrifice for our sins. So y’all have to be careful out there, man, thinking that you are getting away with something. You aren’t getting away with nothing. And Yah is tapping your life right now to let you know. Stop, STop, He’s tapping you on the shoulder STOp, STOP and you are just ignoring Him.

Whatever is going on in your life, you will find 20,000 things except (saying) Yah may be upset with me about something. Maybe a wild Gentile on the job doesn’t like you. Maybe your wild boss doesn’t like you. Whatever it is you will find an answer on the physical. You ignore the spiritual. And all the while Yah is there showing you mercy, giving you compassion, speaking to you. Stop what you are doing. Listen to My servants. He is showing you a little bit, the worse is yet to come.

So with that brothers and sisters, alright. So be it. So I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word for peace, shalom.


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