Yahoshua the Good Shepherd the Example to the Nations p. d

v. 36-40 Do you see that? I want y’all to understand that the least that you do to His brothers, you do it to Him. So you wolves that have come into the midst of the flock, we see you. But I want you to know that the good shepherd sees you too. And the least that you are out here doing to His brothers, you have done it to Him. Do you want to fight Yah? Well stop fighting His people with your slander, lies, gossip, rumors and your hatred. STOP. You’ve been warned. STOP.

v. 41 Read. v. 42-43 ‘I ain’t giving them no food.’ ‘I have not time to be giving you a drink’. ‘Who is that, I don’t know that nigga’. ‘I don’t have time to go to that hospital’. ‘I’m not going to any prison to see him’.

v. 44-46 Do you understand that Ysrayl? The good shepherd is speaking here. Hear what He has to say because He’s speaking truth. Because He is truth. So Yahoshua is serving as the good shepherd to lead and guide us. He’s the example. We must follow His example.

Let’s go to 1 John chapter 2. These are war words that He is saying right here. Like Yah told pharaoh, if you don’t let My first-born son go and Ysrayl is My first-born. If you don’t let him go. I’m killing your first-born. That’s how Yah does it.

Yahoshua said if you mess with my brothers, I’m coming against you. So you thought that you went underhanded. You thought you would be able to gossip. You thought you would be able to bring strife and division and Yah wasn’t seeing that. He sees everything you do. He sees you on the backend last at night calling up this one and that one and all y’all do is gossip about EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING. You thought that Yah didn’t see that. So as He comes down giving you time to repent and you don’t repent, He will come and smash your households! Do you hear what I’m saying? You will have so much pain and trouble in your house and you will have no way to relieve that pain because He gave you time to stop!

You refused to hear the voice of the good shepherd when He warned you. You refuse to hear His voice and follow after Him. When you had all the opportunity in the world to do it. He sees your hatred for those around you. He sees the strife. He sees the lack of love. He sees everything. He sees what you are doing to the least of His brothers. He sees how you mistreat everybody. Ysrayl, this ain’t no joke man. This is the real deal here.

So you can’t come calling Obadiyah in the middle of the night, ‘please pray for me’. And you have been doing all this travesty. You were one of these ‘oh Obadiyah is a false prophet’. ‘Oh Obadiyah is stealing money’. You have been one of the main ones saying that. Then when Yah comes against you, you call me ‘Obadiyah can you PLEASE pray for my household’. ‘Oh this and that is happening’. Hey you didn’t ask for me to pray to help to get that spirit off you when you were doing all of those things. Now you have to deal with what Yah is giving you. You caused all this. He was merciful towards you.

Even when we found out you were talking, we were merciful towards you because Yah said to be so. But you did not stop. You refused to hear what the good shepherd had to say to you. And He spoke softly to you. He warned you. He pleaded with you and you turned your back on Him. But you pretended to be one of His so you could come in and destroy as the thief.

1 John 2, we seen what the good shepherd does. Now we have to see the example of how to do this. Right? We have to se the example. What did Yahoshua do? What did He come to do when He was here? That’s what we must look at. So let’s go to 1 John 2. Yahoshua the good shepherd, the example to the nations. You see, if y’all ain’t following the example of Yahoshua (then) you are not a servant of Yah. It’s just that simple. If you are following the example of Jesus, oh man. You  have to follow the example of Yahoshua because He is the Master Servant. He’s Yah’s Head Servant and He’s doing everything according to how Yah wants it done. So if we want to know how Yah wants it done, look at Yahoshua.

1 John 2:1-6, v. 1 Do you see that? If anybody sins Yahoshua is going to intercede on your behalf. ‘Well Father, he or she is messing up now’. ‘Give them time’. But if you are not listening to the voice of the good shepherd when we comes to tell you to stop what you are doing, thinking that nobody sees. You thing the shepherds can’t see. If you don’t stop that then how will he intercede on your behalf to Yah? You are going to make Yah that much more angrier at you. Then when He brings His wrath down there will be nothing that you can do.

I know many of you just look…because you don’t believe in Yah. So you don’t believe His wrath is coming. Because you are a deceiver like your father satan. So you don’t believe none of this will happen UNTIL it happens. Then what will you do? See this is a serious walk here. This ain’t no toy. You had all the time to play when you were in Christianity, when you were in Islam and Judaism or whatever philosophy you came from. That was your playtime. Now it’s time to be serious with Yah. You have got to understand what He requires of you.

v. 2 Family as we go into some of these latter lessons about the Messiyah, we are going to break this stuff down about the atoning offering, the sacrifice for sin. I’m going to explain all that, what it means to you. But right now if we don’t get this basic foundation of who He is and what He is and what He came to do, all that won’t matter. (It won’t matter) if you can’t understand these basics here.

But I know you understand it because many of you are rooted in Yah. Listen, I’m not pointing the finger at anybody, it’s just what Yah is telling me to say because whomever it’s meant for, it’s on their heart right now. They know who they are! Yah knows who they are! Obadiyah may not know but Yah knows and they know. They know that they have to repent of these things because Yah is calling you to do so.

v. 3-5 Look at that the ones who guard His word truly the love of Yah has been perfected in Him. Look at that. That’s why with these hireling and wolves that have sneaked in there is no love in them and that’s why they are only out to devour because they are not guarding the Father’s Word. If you’re not guarding His Word, it’s impossible to guard the sheep. ‘The one that says he knows Him but does not guard Him is a liar and the truth is not in him’. Look at that, the one that says that he knows him. ‘Oh I know Yah, Yahoshua’. But you are not guarding His commandments. You are a liar. That’s what the book says.

Real quick, let’s go to Revelation 21. This is where the spirit is sending me. I’m going to read from the KJV. Because it said that the one that knows Him but does not keep His commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him. So what’s going to happen to ALL liars?

Revelation 21:8 …and ALL liars! All liars are going into the lake of fire. So if you say you know Yahoshua but you are not living as Yahoshua taught us to live…you are a liar and you go to the lake of fire. That’s what it says.

Let’s read 1 John 2;4 again. v. 5 Do you see that? Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. ‘Oh there’s nobody that’s perfect on this earth’. NO, you are not perfect…you many not be but there are perfect people because they are doing it right according to the ways of Yah. Matthew 5;48 tells you to be perfect. So it says right here in 1 John 2:5 that whoever guards His word truly the Word of Yah has been perfected in Him. What greater love is there than the perfect love of Yah and if you are keeping His commandments. If you are loving a brother as you love yourself and not putting any elohim before the face of Yah, your finding yourself perfect in His love. You know, Yahoshua is ha Maschiyach, the Messiyah. You are not out here doing all that crazy stuff like lying, gossiping and back-biting. You have perfected the love of Yah in you. By this we know that we are in Him.

v. 6 Look at that. We are to walk as Yahoshua walked. We are to live His example that He gave to us. He is the example to the nations. So if we are called to teach the nations, He’s been sent to save us from our sins as His people so He teachers us and we teach the nations. So He is the example to all the nations through us. Like the son is the glory of the father. If the father is raising the son properly then that son is going to grow up and be that shining example of how his father raised him. So that is how it is here. We are to walk as He walked. We are to look at Him as the example. Yahoshua didn’t do none of the things that many of you are going around doing. Lying one people, bearing false witness against your neighbor. You have hatred in your heart against your neighbor. He didn’t do that. He did it with the love of Yah, to His brothers.

So it says here, ‘if we guard His Word. We know His Word is the truth and we know that the truth is the laws and commandments. So if we guard His laws and commandments as Yahoshua did, so when it said we are to walk as we walk, how was His walk then? Was He like Jesus nailing laws to the cross? ‘Excuse me mister Roman can you  nail the Sabbath up here too’? ‘I think you forgot to nail thou shall not murder’? Was He talking that crazy talk? But that’s what Jesus was saying. Right?

Yahoshua was a law-keeper. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 5. We are to walk as He walked. He kept the law. This is why we distinguish Him from Jesus Christ. Once again, stop going around here repeating all this satanic doctrine! Talking about why there is no unity! Why are you even asking that question?! What does it concern you about the nation Yah Himself split apart!! Because your unity is with those that are doing the desires of Yahoshua’s Father, which is your Father. That’s where unity (is)…stop going out here thinking that the entire nation is going to be unified and we all will be on one accord calling upon Yah in this lifetime. That ain’t going to happen. That won’t happen until Yah deems it and that will happen when Yahoshua comes back to separate the sheep from the goats. Only the sheep are going into the kingdom and only the sheep will be unified with one another. For the goat are unified with satan.

So you keep going around here talking about unity, unity, unity not even realizing that you are unified and the other ones that are calling upon Yah and Yahoshua. You are unified with the ones that know that the 7th day of the week which the world calls Saturday is the Shabbat. You are unifying with the other ones that Yah said we can’t do a feast day outside of Jerusalem. You are unified already so what other unity are you looking for? You’re going to find yourself in unison with the devil. Your going to unify until you find yourself in satan’s lap and you will be one with the devil. So you have all the unity you ever need. All of this is in the hand of Yah. You just get in where you fit in. You just do what Yah needs you to do. Do you understand? It’s a false unity. ‘Oh man the Israylites have to be united’. I’M NOT BEING UNITED WITH SOME OF THESE DEVILS!! Are you kidding me?!

How are we going to fight on the battlefield and they don’t even believe as you believe? When Yahoshua said there are others that are part of this sheep but He has to bring them in too. Yet they say that the Gentiles can’t get salvation. Do you want to unify with that?! When in the Book of Yahzeqyl 47:21-22 Yah says the stranger who begets children with you those children shall be as native-born Israylites and they shall have an inheritance in the land.

These wild ‘brew jackals are running around her talking about Gentiles can’t get salvation and that Esau is the white man. Do you want to unify with that? You see, we get out here and regurgitate everything satan says. Satanic doctrine we just throw it back up. And that will cause deception. You will see others listening to what you are saying and you will lead them into the trap that your falling into. It will be a situation of the blind leading the blind. Slow down Ysrayl. Yah is here. Yah has all this under His control.

He’s leading and guiding us. Yah is my shepherd. I do not lack. So why are you acting like you are lacking things? Why are you acting like time is going to run out? If you do what you need to do and store up good works and have good favor with Yah, there is no time for you because when you leave this earth or if you are still here, if you are in good favor with Yah, HalleluYah nothing else matters. This is real talk here family. You have to understand this before it’s too late. Understand about the good shepherd. Understand about the good example that He left for us. Understand that only Yah is good.

If we are to walk as Messiyah walked, how did He walk?

Mattithyah 5:17-19, v. 17 Do you see that? He came to complete our understanding of the law and the prophets. v. 18 All isn’t done. Ysrayl has not fully awakened. The man of sin has not made his appearance. The false prophet hasn’t…all this has to happen. The temple hasn’t been rebuilt. All this has to happen. Yahoshua said nothing shall pass from the law until all be done.

v.19 So do you see that? If you are keeping the law and you are teaching men to keep the law you shall be called great. But if you are breaking the commandments and you are teaching others to break it because you are nailing the law to the cross, you will be least. So what does it mean to be least in the kingdom of the heaven? Many of you say I would rather be least as long as I’m there.

No you won’t be there. We already know where all lawbreakers will be right? But do you know that the lake of fire is apart of the kingdom? ‘Obadiyah that’s crazy there, that’s new teaching what are you talking about’? No it’s not crazy and it’s not new teaching. The kingdom will encompass the whole earth and the lake of fire will be on the earth. Just like prisons are apart of the United States. You send your bad people to prison and that’s part of the kingdom of the United states.

That’s what the lake of fire is, it is the second death. It will be their prison. They will never get out of it. And it’s going to be on earth as the kingdom is. So that’s where all the bad, death and all that goes. The grave and all that is there. So you will be least in the kingdom because you will be in the lake of fire with the rich man (Luke 16:19-31) and satan and his angels.

So he’s saying Yahoshua was a law-keeper. He taught the law. He said if you are teaching against the law then you will be least. We know that law breakers and those who teach against the law will be going to the lake of fire.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 7. Let’s prove this. So Yahoshua taught the law. He said if you are teaching against it…so how do Christians get away with saying that Jesus nailed the laws to the cross? You have your red lettered Bible. These are supposed to be the words of JESUS, right? We know better but I’m just saying from their perspective. How can they get around that? You see, that’s how lawless that religion is. It takes away all your logic and understanding.

Mattithyah 7:21-23 ‘Depart fro Me you who work lawlessness’. Lawlessness is sin. Because sin is the transgression of the law. And when you transgress the law you are lawless, without law. Without Yah’s law. So Yahoshua will say get away from Me. But this is deep because He’s talking about the ones that know His name. He’s talking about the ones that did mighty works in His name. He’s talking about the ones that cast out demons in His name. So He’s talking to stiff-necks that will still be here calling on Yah and Yahoshua. Like I told you everybody who says Yah and Yahoshua are not for Yah and Yahoshua. Because you are still doing lawlessness. What are you doing? You are still back-biting. You are still gossiping. You are still slandering. You are still stealing. You are still lying. You are still being a coward. You are still doing your witchcraft. Your still doing your drug sorcery. Huh?

How many times does Yah have to tell you about drug sorcery. Y’all don’t want to listen. You aren’t going to stop until Yah allows a demon to grab and take you somewhere. You think you must get high. Right? You get high to commune with the gods. You get drunk to be non-sober minded. You can’t stop. You don’t love Yah enough to want to stop that stuff. Yeah, smoking weed is drug sorcery. Doing crack and cocaine is drug sorcery because it alters your state of consciousness. You go get high, the next thing you know a demon is going to have you in chains and shackles and in captivity (Mark 5:3-4). We will be asking what happened to him? What happened to her?

Nobody will know where you are because you have allowed yourself to be taken. You didn’t listen to the good shepherd as He tried to warn you. You didn’t walk as Yahoshua walked. All this talk about herbs, where do you see Yahoshua smoking herbs? Huh? If you walk as He walked where do you see Him smoking herbs at? How many times did you see Him drunk? Yeah He drank wine but how many times did you see Him drunk? Huh?

You have to walk as He walked. Let’s read Revelation 21:8 again to bring this to your remembrance. Let’s read it from the translation called The Scriptures.

Revelation 21:8 ‘Untrustworthy’ because if you are lying and back-biting who can trust you? I don’t want you around me. I can’t even talk to you so how can I trust you…gossiper. ‘Abominable’ ‘homosexuality’, men dressing as women. that’ abomination. ‘Murderers’ you want to be all thugged out and murder folks. (Finishes reading verse) Hey you do not have to listen to Obadiyah. Hey I’m trying to make sure that I’m not in that group right there. Do you understand? I’m trying to make sure I’m not the cowardly and the untrustworthy, the abominable, murderer, whore, drug sorcerer, idolators and false. I’m trying to make sure that I’m not in that group right there. So you don’t have to listen to me but know what it says. So it’s upon you to change your life and walk as Yahoshua walked.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 20. We are going to look at the Shabbat here. Because Yahoshua was a law teacher and He taught the Shabbat. I want you all to understand that because many of you try to go under the radar, you talk about herbs. You say that Yah said we can have strong drink, stop fooling yourself. No, stop letting satan fool you. Stop letting the devil fool you. Those things are drug sorcery because the smoking of the herbs all started when man wanted to communicate with the gods. A witch’s brew, when witches wanted to commune with the gods. It’s sorcery. It’s witchcraft. That’s why it’s called getting HIGH. Just like the high places where the pagan temples and high places were built on high hills and mountains because the people thought that the higher the mountain or hill, the closer they would be to the gods who dwell in heaven. So when you get high you know off your ‘angel dust’ and you are flying up in this cloud…you are going to commune with the gods. The gods take over your mind when it’s unsober. That’s why scripture tells us to be sober-minded.


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