The Man of Sin p. 3a

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters. How are you doing? This is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl. We are continuing this week with the man of sin lesson. This is the third part here. This part is entitled facts and myths about the man of sin.

In fact, I would like to call this like a little intermission period or sorta like an overview to go over what we learned in the previous two lessons. And what I decided to do with this lesson, called fact and myths is that as I was stating we are going to go over some of the things that we went over in the previous two lessons but I want to address some issues and some points about things that people or primarily Christians, what Christians say concerning who the man of sin…not too much is but just what they try to get about him from the Bible about his character.

So I want to touch on some of the points that they teach and I want to show from Scripture what Scripture teaches. In fact, in doing that we will be able to go over some things that we have already gone over. Just what the Bible shows us. Because it’s very important that we have the understanding of what Yah has given us concerning who this character is versus what some misguided Christian preacher teaches that he is. So that’s what we are going to do here and in fact in this lesson, I’m going to be playing some sound bites from a documentary that I saw the other morning on the history channel because earlier this week, I was trying to beseech the Father and just see what he wanted me to teach on concerning the man of sin. And as I look at this, I told you that there may be 5 parts because I want to give us a clear view of the man of sin before we go into the revelation series. I want us to have that understanding of who he is. And by time we get to revelation, we will have a clearer understanding of all the things that are happening and why they are happening in that time period.

So in this lesson here we are going to go and we will be playing some sound bites from a documentary that I saw the other morning. The documentary was on the history channel. I just happened to turn on the television the other morning ’cause normally I get up, take my shower then I’m out the door. You know. But this morning I just turned on the TV and it just happened to be on the history channel. I only watch a few channels on TV. I watch the history channel, animal planet, the discovery channel and things like that. So I had the TV on the previous night, on the history channel.

And as I turned it on that morning, there was a program on there called the anti-Christ: zero-hour. So I watched this program and I was just so amazed at that things that they were saying about what’s going to happen leading up to the man of sin and just what he’s going to do and all this. I’m like wow these people have great misinformation. And I was thinking about the lessons that Yah had allowed us to do and the information that was revealed in those previous two lessons, I’m like wow we are so blessed to have an understanding granted to us by the hand of Yah Almighty. So I went and I dug up that documentary on YouTube because I didn’t get a chance to record it that morning.

So I dug it up and chopped it up and I’m going to be playing some excerpts from it so you can hear what these people are actually thinking or what they actually have to say versus what the Scriptures teaches us about the man of sin. And so this is one of those subjects where the Ruach has to be on you for you to comprehend this. It has to be on each and every one of us that has an understanding about the man of sin.

Also in this lesson, I would like to address just a few questions and concerns that I know some of these Israelites may have about the previous two lessons that’s talking about the man of sin. So that is what we will be talking about here today, the man of sin part 3: facts and myths about the man of sin. So grab your Bibles, grab your highlighters, your pen, your paper, all of that good stuff. Let’s sit down and sit tight and let’s hear what Yah has to say.

Now Yah willing this lesson will be shorter than the previous two. Part one was like 4 1/2 hours. The second was like 3 1/2 hours. Maybe this one will be 2 hours Yah willing. As I always state, as long as it takes. Right? As long as it takes for us to get an understanding of this man and going through the book. Hey we will sit here and we will listen and we will learn. HalleluYah.

So we are going to look at several myths that are being taught in the mainstream community or the Christian community concerning the man of sin. The first one I would like to touch on out of the two. Well thee is more compound. There’s two separate ones but the two come together to form one complete topic. We are talking about a seven-year great tribulation and the rapture.

Now for many of you being that this is the third part of this lesson, you have never heard anything come out of my mouth in the previous two lessons saying (anything) about a seven-year great tribulation. So this might be something new that you are hearing. And those of you that are familiar with Christian doctrine, you have heard this term before…the 7 year great tribulation.

We established in the first two lessons dealing with the man of sin that he would rule for a period of 3 1/2 years. But these Christians and the Gentiles, they teach that there will be a seven-year period of a great tribulation. Seven years, not 3 1/2 but 7 years. They take Daniel 9:27 which we will start off reading in just a moment and they misunderstand that as they do with all the other Scriptures.

Sound bite from anti-Christ zero hour: They say that though the tribulation, the 7 year reign of the anti-Christ will be the worse period in human history, they will not be on earth to suffer through it. Speaker: Well the rapture of the church is that moment in an instant. Those who are true followers of Jesus Christ what the Bible says are born again will disappear, will be caught away into the heavens to meet Jesus in the air and will be taken to heaven. Speaker 2: Certainly the seeds of the rapture are in Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians when it talks about those who are alive being caught up with the dead in the resurrection. But Paul certainly doesn’t delineate a kind of Armageddon which I think is very much part of the popular notion of this kind of moment. Speaker 3: Once the church is out of the way, the anti-Christ will be revealed.

Do you see, misunderstanding is what they do. And they are so prideful and so arrogant that they will not seek the truth from one of Yah’s servants because they refuse to believe who the servants of Yah are and that’s one of their things too dealing with the man of sin because they say he is going to persecute the Jews and all this.

So let’s go to Daniyah 9 to kick this off. We are going to read about this 7-year period. We dissected that in the first lesson and showed that 490 year period that was given upon the children of Ysrayl or 70 weeks and we know that 69 of those 70 weeks have already passed. We are waiting on the final week or the final 7 year period to be revealed. You know for the 7 year period to work itself out. Remember when we read that Scripture, 70 weeks are determined upon your people, til all is made right again. And that 70 weeks as we know was a period of 490 years or 70-7 year periods. So that is 70 x 7. So 70-7 year periods is that time frame that would be determined upon the children of Ysrayl and you know just upon the world to make all things right again.

Daniyah 9:27 So it says ‘he shall confirm’ this is talking about the man of sin. He shall confirm a covenant with many for one week. Now, Gentiles teach that he shall confirm a covenant with Israel. Israel being the Jews. They say he shall confirm a covenant with the Jews. It does not say anything about that. It says he shall confirm a covenant with many. He did not identify who the many are. But when we go over to certain books like revelation 17 and 13, it tells us that this man of sin is going to rule over the entire world. The beast that rises out of the sea. The beast that sits on many waters ruling over all the people. So the people of the earth represents the many. It didn’t just say Gentiles. It didn’t just say Arabs. It said many. And we know that this man is going to have power over the world.

‘And in the middle of the week’, in the middle of the 7-year period, that’s what this one week is talking about, a 7-year period. In the middle of the 7 year period…and please if you have not listened to part one of the man of sin lesson please go back and do so. It says in the middle of the week he shall put an end to slaughtering and offering. Once the Jews rebuild the temple over there in Jerusalem as 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 tells us that this man of sin is going to stand in the temple and proclaim himself to be the greatest of all gods and Mathew 24 says the same thing.

So when we see this happen, we know that he is the man of sin. He has been revealed and then that’s going to start the countdown of his 3 1/2 year rule on the earth. So it says in the middle of the week in the middle of the 7 year period he puts an end to slaughtering because he will tell the Jews that they don’t have to slaughter and do all that stuff anymore. Because once they build the temple, they are going t start back sacrificing animals and all that.

It says: ‘And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate even until the consummation which is determined is poured out on the desolate’. So this is what the Gentiles or the Christians, well the same thing because this is where modern Christianity comes from. It comes from the Gentiles. So the seven-year tribulation, they say the tribulation will be a period of seven years. Well we just read right here where the man of sin shall confirm in the middle of the week. In the middle of the week is a 3 1/2 year period.

Let’s go to Matthew 24. Because they say even what they say about the rapture but first let’s just establish this point that the tribulation period or as Yahoshua says the great distress, great tribulation or great trouble. This period is only going to last 3 1/2 years. Matthew 24, so you can get an understanding of this time period that we are about to read about right here which is the greatest time of trouble ever. They say it’s going to be lasting for seven whole years! This is what they teach.

Matthew 24:15,21 The abomination of desolation, abomination that lays waste, this man of sin standing up in the set-apart place will begin what is called the great tribulation. v. 21 Great stress, trouble or tribulation it says in the KJV. So it’s going to be the worse time of trouble ever. And this is going to kick off as when Yahoshua says when the abomination of desolation stands up in the set-apart place.

Let’s go to 2 Thessalonians again. This is like an overview. We have gone over all this stuff. But we need to make sure that we have the understanding because satan is the master of deception. He is the master of lies. And if we are not rooted in this Word he will deceive us and he will lie to us.

2 Thessalonians chapter 2, we are looking at the time period when Yahoshua said that would be the greatest time of trouble ever. He said that when you see the abomination of desolation stand in the set-apart place. Now what is he talking about? Let’s go to 2 Thessalonians and Shaul is going to help us out in that understanding. As we have already gone over these Scriptures. Let’s go over them again to get a greater understanding. Because as I stated the Gentiles are teaching something totally different from what’s even written right here in the Word. So it’s like man where are you getting your information from?

2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, v. 3 We went over all this in the first lesson. v. 4 This is what Yahoshua was talking about, the abomination of desolation. And then when it happens, Yahoshua says it’s going to be the worse time of trouble that has ever existed. Daniyah 9:27 says that he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week and in the middle of that week which is a 3 1/2 year time period. A week represents seven years. And in the middle of that seven year period, 3 1/2 years period that’s when he’s going to do his thing. Yahoshua said when you see him stand in the place. We just read here in Shaul’s letter to the Thessalonians of what will happen when he does stand in the set-apart place. He’s going to be saying I am Yah. I’m greater, I’m this and that. He’s going to make himself a god. So when that happens and then Yahoshua stated in verse 21 of Matthew 24 that, that would be the worse time of trouble ever to exist on this planet.

Let’s go to Revelation 13. How long will that worse time of trouble last? He’s only going to have power for 42 months or 1,2 60 days which is 3 1/2 years.

Revelation 13:5 Forty-two months is a 3 1/2 year period.

Let’s go to Daniyah chapter 12. There’s nothing in here about him ruling for 7 years of great tribulation. Yahoshua said when this happens there shall be great distress, great tribulation. Right? Put it all into focus because the wild Gentiles, man listen, because they have position of rulership right now. People are listening to what they have to say. When I watched this program as I have watched a lot of these Bible programs over the years. The same thing stays constant in all of them. That their so-called experts are Gentiles. There’s never any Israelites in these programs. Especially Israelites with truth. They are always Gentiles, it does not matter what denomination of Christianity whatever… it’s always their view and their opinion on things.

I remember right before I came into the truth as I was searching for some type of understanding, I use to watch the Gentiles, his name is Pastor Arnold Murphy or whatever his name is. He use to come on late at night. And I use to listen to all of the things that they said because it’s like man, he’s white so he knows. He knows the Bible. So he’s right about everything that he is saying. But there was always something that struck me like man I don’t understand that. Can he be right? But the first mind is that just because he’s a Gentile that he is right. You know we all have been through that.

And since these people have the ear of the people especially the ear of our people and they are always feeding our people and all of these things. We need to expose it as a lie. Our people need to hear the truth so that they won’t be deceived. These are major heavy deceivers. These so-called Christian prophets. That’s what I call them Christian prophets because that’s what they promote themselves as. Yeah every faith has a prophet or prophets. We know what Yah’s prophets are the true prophets. Everything else is a false prophet.

So you know, you have your guys like Jimmy Swaggard, Jack Van Impe, Grant Jeffries, David Reagan, David Jeremiah, Howl Lindsey, Chuck Massinger, John Hagee…you know you have all of these guys and they always have something to say about prophesy. And they think that they are dead on point about what they are teaching and what they are saying. And they are way off. And they are so far off that it’s not funny. It’s dangerous and for you to put that misunderstanding in your mind and to put it in your heart is dangerous especially this late in the day.

Daniyah 12, this is why the man of sin is going to…all this information we have in the Bible concerning this and I use to always say because the Christians say he’s going to force them to get the mark of the beast. Blah, blah, blah. I’m like if y’all know that and everybody knows that and y’all are telling this on TV and its in the Bible, then how is he going to pull that off? I use to always think that. How’s he going to be successful if everybody is going to know that this is going to be him when he does these things? Well, he’s not going to do those things that’s why nobody is going to know it except the children of belief. Except those Messianic children of Ysrayl (and those grafted on) who have been redeemed by Yah and returned to the covenant of their fathers. They will know. Everybody else is looking out into the world and they are looking for the wrong man and they are looking for the wrong signs.

He’s going to waltz in so SMOOTH. And they will not know up until the time that Yahoshua returns. And start issuing out every man’s reward according to what you have done in this life. And when he starts coming through and slaughtering all the wicked then they will know. There will be some that will pull away from the man of sin’s grip during the time of the great tribulation period. Because they will that this man is false. There will be some of those that come out of it. Praises be to Yah for leaving servants behind to teach those people. But the majority of these people brothers and sisters, they aren’t going to get it. Especially when this man first starts to operate. They aren’t going to get it. Because they are looking for the wrong man. And like I said they are looking for the wrong signs and they are absolutely looking for the wrong times. They are looking for some man to stand up for 7 years in great tribulation but Scripture only gives him 3 1/2 years, 42 months.

Daniyah 12:7 Time means one year. Times means two years. And half a year or 3 1/2 years. Forty-two months. So during the time he’s given to reign on earth, to rule as the king of the earth as his father Nimrod did according to his father satan. Because you know satan was the power behind Nimrod, of course. So during this same time period that this man is given to rule the children of Ysrayl will be in the wilderness for this same exact time period.

Let’s go to Revelation 12. All of this is talking about the same time period not no 7 year great tribulation. Only 3 1/2 years. Do you know why only 3 1/2 years? Because we couldn’t stand seven. We would not survive seven. Yahoshua said if I did not come back in the time that I’m coming back unless those days be shortened that no flesh would be saved. The wild Gentiles because they always want to extend their time. See these guys know that this is the time of the Gentiles. These guys know that they are deceiving the people. They know all this. These so-called big wig preachers, they know all this stuff. They understand that this is their time because it is taught to them in their masonic secret society circles. So they want to extend their rulership on the earth. ‘Oh we just need 7 more years that’s all we need’.

You have already destroyed the world in just these 500 years. It didn’t take you long. You have brought great destruction on the world quicker than any of the other sons of Noah. Ham’s descendants were ruling for thousands of years. These people, 500 years and have brought great trouble to the planet. And you want to extend that. You want it to continue. So you are always trying to throw yourself in there.

Like I said they are looking for the wrong man. We are going to hear a little sound bit in just a moment where one of these Christians, he’s a member of Jimmy Swaggerd’s Church, I think. They had him on this program and he was saying how the man of sin is going to be of European descent and he’s going to come out of Europe. I don’t know if you all have heard this term ‘the revitalized Roman Empire’? They say that, that what the United States of Europe or the EU, the European Union is a revitalized Roman Empire. That’s another hogwash too. Do you know why? Because why does the Roman Empire need to be revitalized when the Roman Empire is still standing strong right before our face today. The winds of the Romans are still blowing in our midst. So what are you talking about revitalized? Ever since the Romans took over the Greek Empire the Gentiles have been ruling the world strong. So what do you mean a revitalized Roman Empire? The US is a revitalized Roman Empire. You are already ruling.

So they are waiting on that to happen. Because what you will learn too is that one of the great mistakes that they make because once again like I said they are trying to extend their time, trying to extend their rule as Gentiles. But one of the greatest mistakes they make about prophesy is MIS-IDENTIFYING the children of Ysrayl!! And mis-identifying Mystery Babylon!! They REFUSE to except that this land, the United States is a filthy whore! They refuse to accept that and because of their refusal their WHOLE understanding of prophesy is gone! This is why you will be so quick to believe that a Jew is the children of Ysrayl. This is why you are so quick to believe that maybe an Arab or a European coming out of Europe is the man of sin.

But the woman who is riding the beast is your land. Not my land. NAW this ain’t my land. This land is your land. Don’t put this whore on me! Don’t try to give us this whore. This is yo’ ho! Not ours. So the woman riding on the back of the beast is the United States. She’s going to lead the beast. When you are riding on the back of the beast, you are controlling the beast. The beast is the man of sin. Democracy is already in operation. So it’s more than likely that he’s going to come out of your system of Democracy. And the United States is the leader of this system. Barack Hussein Obama, the president of these United States who just may be in office longer than what he is actually supposed to be. We’ll keep our eye on you. Because I know that you have your eyes on us, Hussein Obama.

Revelation 12, verses 1-5 is giving us this vision in the heavens of a woman clad with the sun and the moon. We already went over this. The woman represents Ysrayl.

Revelation 12:6 The serpent came after her because she bore the male-child who was Yahoshua. It’s beautiful how Yah puts this. He puts Ysrayl in the feminine sense. Do you know why? Because wisdom is in the feminine sense and Yah said these laws and commandments are your wisdom in the sight of the nations, Deuteronomy 4:6. So if these laws are your wisdom, this is why he’s putting Ysrayl in that symbolism. Because this woman gave birth and you are the wisest people on the earth, you come and you take hold of this covenant. Yah has not given no other nation wisdom as he has given to you Ysrayl.

So this woman who is adorned and she is clad with the sun and with the moon under her feet. She’s so high above  in the sky that the moon is her footstool and she has a crown on her head. Just like when Yah spoke wisdom into existence, the first of ALL creation. And everything proceeded from wisdom. So in verse 6 this woman is told to flee into the wilderness so she can be protected. Where she has a place prepared by Yah to be nourished there 1, 260 days. This woman represents the children of Ysrayl and Ysrayl will be in the wilderness for 1, 260 days which is 3 1/2 years.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 12 verses 13-14. We are trying to bust this myth in the head that the man of sin is going to be bringing 7 years of great tribulation so if you see this man and you see him start to operate in a manner that you have no understanding of and that you are waiting on a 7 year great tribulation and it’s (at) the 3 1/2 point so if you are looking for 7 years when that 3 1/2 years drop on your head…because you just enjoyed the first 3 1/2 years. Right? So this can’t be him (you say). This man just brought me great prosperity in the first 3 1/2 years in whatever he gave you, whatever it was. Because he is going to be so smooth coming into that office. So you’re looking (and saying) ‘naw this can’t be him’. ‘He isn’t making me take the mark of the beast’. This ain’t the mark of the beast, this is just correcting the financial system.

Revelation 12:13-14, v. 13 Ysrayl gave birth to the man-child. The man-child is Yahoshua. v. 14 Time=1, times=2 and half of time=6 months. 3 1/2 years from the presence of the serpent. The serpent is satan. The man of sin operating under satan, fully possessed by satan. Satan is not going to send a demon to possess the man of sin. Satan is going to possess him fully himself.

So for a 3 1/2 year period, Ysrayl will be in the wilderness. When Yah sends his 2 witnesses to the man of sin to witness to the man of sin to witness AGAINST him that he is doing wrong and that he is wicked. So when Yah sends his two witnesses and we will talk about them a little bit later. Not in this lesson but sometime later. Maybe when we go through the Revelation series maybe we will get a little more insight on the two witnesses. But right here we just want to understand. I just want you to see that when they stand up it’s only going to be for 42 months also, that 3 1/2 year period. So everything relates. The man of sin standing up in the temple making himself a god. Right? The children of Ysrayl have to flee into the wilderness. Then Yah is going to send his two witnesses to the man of sin to let him know that hey we are a witness against you.

Yah has always had His witnesses on earth which are the children of Ysrayl but when the kingdom was split, Yah had 2 witnesses on earth. He had the children of Judah and He had the children of Ysrayl. So we have always remained His witnesses on the earth because He has not dealt with any other people the way that He has dealt with us. We know His blessings and we know His curses. It’s just sad for us in this day that all we know are the curses. I’m talking about us as a people world-wide. So Yah is going to send two witnesses just like He sent two witnesses to the face of pharaoh who were Moses and Aharon, his brother. Yah told them in Exodus 7:1 Moses, I’m making you a god, a elohim and I’m making Aharon your prophet. The man of sin is going to have a counter-part. He’s called the false prophet. So Yah is going to send two witnesses to his face of the man of sin and the false prophet. And just like the day of old, when Yah made Moses and Aharon prophets and gods before the face of pharaoh, He’s going to make the same thing in front of the face of this man of sin.

Let’s go to Revelation 11 real quick. Some want to say that these are Eliyah and Moses resurrected. Because Yahoshua gave a vision about the kingdom to his ahks and they saw Moses and Eliyah in this vision. Now you have to ask yourself, this was indeed a vision because Moses and Eliyah both are dead and neither will be resurrected until the first resurrection. Neither will rise from the grave until they are judged righteously and go into the kingdom.

So they are still dead. What Yahoshua was showing his brothers is a vision of the kingdom. Moses had it hard dealing with you stiff-necks for 40 years. Dealing with our ancestors for 40 years in the wilderness, he had nowhere to run or turn to. They mumbled, grumbled against him and he was a humble meek man. He had a headache dealing with our stiff-necks out there in the wilderness. So Moses needs rest. Yah has so many servants that are capable of serving Him in the capacity that He needs them to serve (so) why would He recycle a servant? Moses did what he was supposed to do in the time frame that Yah gave him to do it. Let Moses rest. Eliyah did the same thing in a time frame that Yah gave him to do it. Let that ahk rest. Yah has servants right here, right now that are capable of being one of these two witnesses right here. He has servants right in our midst right now that are capable of fulfilling this role. So that is another made up doctrine because it doesn’t identify neither one of these men as Moses or Eliyah. These men are going to be from Ysrayl and Judah.

Revelation 11, will show as Yah was getting ready to reunite the tribes. He got His 2 witnesses, these brothers are going to be from the tribe of Judah possibly or the domain because remember there were some Levites down in Judah. And there was the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Benyamin. Then you had the northern family up there. So Ysrayl and Yahudah have always been the witnesses of Yah on earth. These men are Israelites not Jews but Israelites. Not Christians but Israelites.

Revelation 11:3  1,260=42 months. Right? 3 1/2 years. So they will be going up against the man of sin every step of the way. Yah is going to have them in his face telling him how wicked he is and how wrong he is. Yah has never left the earth empty of His servants. So the man of sin will have a 3 1/2 year period to rule. Not a 7 year great tribulation only 3 1/2 years because we couldn’t last 7 years of this man’s mess. The earth couldn’t take it. The lawless one ruling over a full lawless society without Yah’s law ruling…can you imagine? Everybody doing as they will, that’s the whole of the law. Right now the people are being restrained but you take that restrain away and you bring a full lawless society…you don’t punish them for murder anymore. You don’t punish them for child molestation anymore. You don’t punish them for rape anymore. That’s the only thing that restrains them right now. Their wickedness is up there but the only thing that is keeping them from being that wicked is that you have a law against it and they don’t want to get caught and they don’t want to go to prison.

But you are going to tear all your prisons down and just keep the prisons for the righteous children of Ysrayl. Right? That’s who you are going to fill your prisons up with. You are going to let all the wicked ones out. Right? Give us Barabas and execute Yahoshua. Right? Ain’t that how we did it? Well that’s how its going to be again. Executing the righteous ones, remember that parallel between Yahoshua and Ysrayl. Executing the righteous ones and letting go the wicked ones. Because your wicked ones are for your wicked society.

Everybody already follows use in everything we do. And everybody already patterns themselves after everything we do (so) just imagine in that day. Jay-Z already says do what you will that’s the whole of the law. Just wait until he’s not going to be so supple with it. Just wait until he’s out in the open with it. We already know that he’s homosexual just being in this homosexual secret society and all that. Just wait until him and Kanye West are on the stage doing their thang to one another in front of everybody. Do as thou will, that’s the whole of the law.

So the Gentiles…I have hot cocoa today. And it is de-li-cious. Just like the Blue Mountain but I don’t drink coffee everyday. So I had to take a break from the coffee before I become a coffee head. So I just grabbed me some hot cocoa today. I like to get a little jazzy with it. I put some French vanilla creme in it and it is marvelous.

So the Gentiles family, they also teach about this rapture. Right? We looked at the 7 year tribulation. We know that there will not be a 7 year tribulation. So you see how easy they can get these things mixed up if they don’t have Yah’s Ruach. It said he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week and that one week is a seven-year period. And in the midst of that week or 3 1/2 years is when he is going to do his thing. He will stand in the temple and persecute the children of Ysrayl. Ysrayl will go into the wilderness. Two witnesses will come and step into his face. All of that.

So we are looking at 3 1/2 years of great tribulation, 3 1/2 years of the worse time of trouble ever. Three and a half years for the time of Jacob’s trouble. 3 1/2 years, 42 months, 1, 260 days all of it is the time period. It’s not a seven-year great tribulation. Now they also speak about going along with the 7 year tribulation . They have another doctrine that follows along with that called the rapture. I know you all have heard of the rapture. I’m not talking about the beautiful song by…what’s that sister’s name? Anita Baker. Not that song rapture. I’m asking you if you have heard the doctrine called rapture? There was a movie made I think called rapture. I think Mimi Rodgers, Tom Cruise’s first wife. And it was about this woman, I think she converted to Christianity. I think she was a harlot or something like that. She converted to Christianity and was waiting on the rapture and was going crazy.

But let me explain to you what the rapture is because we are going to look at this now. The rapture because this is another one of their false doctrines as it relates to the man of sin and as I was listening to this program called the anti-Christ zero hour on the history channel. In that documentary, they were pretty much saying the same thing in there about the rapture and how that relates to the man of sin. (They said) the rapture has to happen first before the man of sin is even revealed.

The rapture states this: Some of them say before the great tribulation begins, some of them say in the middle of the great tribulation and some of them say after the great tribulation. So with these Christian doctrines you have what’s called the pre-tribulation. You have mid-tribulation and you have post-tribulation raptures. Their rapture doctrine states that Jesus Christ is going to come down from heaven. He has not come down off the cross yet but somehow he’s going to come down from heaven. And he’s going to scoop up all these wild Gentiles that are lawless and just as lawless as the man of sin is lawless and he’s going to scoop up all these wild folks, take them back to heaven and I guess in this level of heaven is where satan is. And they are going to have a grand par-tay (party). They are going to rock the heavens with the par-tay that they are going to have up there with Jesus Christ. This is what the rapture doctrine teaches. That he’s going to come back and scoop them up. Now, some say that this is going to happen before the great tribulation. So before the man of sin of sin stands up and says he is the greatest of all gods, we know that is what it will take for the tribulation to begin. But they say before the 7 year covenant is made with many that Jesus is going to come get them and take them with him so they don’t have to go through the great tribulation.

And then you have the other ones that say that the 7 year great tribulation is going to start and then the mid-point of the 7 year great tribulation in the 3 1/2 years, Jesus is coming to get them. And then you have some that say that after the 7 year great tribulation, this is their doctrine because we know that the great tribulation does not last for 7 years. It’s only 3 1/2 years. So they say that after the 7 year great tribulation has happened that Jesus is coming to get them to scoop them up.

So this is what the rapture doctrine says is that the Christians are going to be delivered. They have gone over this earth spreading DEATH. They have sent to many people to the lake of fire into the grave. But all of a sudden all is made right and all the trouble that they have brought upon this world making this world fit for the man of sin to come walk in and rule it as a lawless king. They have done all this damage and then all of a sudden they are going to escape it. And they are going to go live in heaven. I’m not going to go in to heavy about the rapture right now but rest assure we will talk more about this. Because we are going to see even what they have planned. I don’t know if you all have seen the left behind series but we have it here.

It’s a 3 movie series. But you can only check out 2 movies at a time. Because if I allowed you to check out more than just that, we would have no movies. (laughs) You would have all the movies at your house and we would have to come over to your house to watch them. So I give y’all a limit of 2 movies at a time. One week 2 movies, bring them back. So if you ever want to check out the left behind series we have that and they are about to do some new ones with what’s that jackals name? Nicholas Cage. Nicholas Cage is about to star in a new set of these left behind movies. And the left behind movies are supposed to show you what will happen when the rapture happens. That all these people will be taken away. They somehow left their clothes behind to I don’t know what kind of heaven Jesus is up there running with naked folks everywhere. Right? Cover those folks up Jesus. Right? Showing their nakedness to everybody. Cover those people up.

So in this movie, they all have been zapped up. Beam me up Scotty. Right? Up the blue beam. Right? There clothes and everything is left behind and they have been beamed up to hang out with Jesus. I guess Jesus has made a deal with Allah. I guess so Jesus gets 70 virgins too. Because he has blown himself up. Right? He has blown himself up with that false doctrine which has just about killed EVERYBODY.

So that’s what the rapture is based on. That’s what it is. Now they go into Scripture and they try to twist Scripture and I’m going to use a few Scriptures to show you a few Scriptures here that they use. And we are going to bust their heads wide open with what they try to use against the truth. But we are going to hit them over the head with the truth and let them know that what you think is truth is nothing but a lie.

Let’s go to 1 Thessalonians because this is just crazy and it’s like Yah has given us all of this understanding and it’s freely given. It’s here. It’s not that they can’t understand if they are seeking the Ruach ha Qodesh. That can be given to them and understanding can be granted to them if they were truly seeking understanding. But if yo are seeking your own following and you have your own agenda, you don’t want this understanding. Satan has his ministers operating for him throughout the world. These men are not just…you know we just think that they are blind and deceived naw they know purposely what they are doing. They know that you are the children of Ysrayl. They know that His name is Yahoshua. They know His name is Yah. And if you asked them, they will tell you this. ‘Yeah I know but if I told the people that then they will stop coming to church’. That’s what they say. What does ‘they coming to church’ have t do with anything? You are supposed to be there granting the people a door way to salvation, putting them on the path. Yet you choose to deceive them.

1 Thessalonians 4:17-18 So you know what? I’m going to go up and read v. 14 down to v. 18 because what they are saying is that when the resurrection happens and the dead are raised first, this is what we are reading here. v. 14-15 So he said that those who sleep are going to be raised up first! If you are still living and you are in one of the wilderness locations being protected you ain’t going up to meet Yahoshua when He comes back first. The dead will rise in Yahoshua (first). The dead who believed in Yahoshua they will go first. This is what Shaul is showing you.

v. 16 This is at the last trumpet and we will read about this when we go through the revelation series. All 7 of those trumpets blowing is signifying the return of the King! And you thought that was just the title of the Lord of the Rings movie. You have to pay attention Ysrayl. v. 17 ‘Left over or remain’ in those wilderness places and all those that are in the grave that sleep that believed in Maschiyach shall be raised first. Those that were righteously obedient shall rise first. Then they, the living who are left over, those in the wilderness shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Master in the air. And so we shall always be with the Master. v. 18 Read.

So when Yahoshua returns and the graves open up and those who died believing in Messiyah shall be raised up to meet Yahoshua in the clouds! We know what those clouds are. Right? You have listened to the fallen angel lessons. Right? Meet Him in the clouds with the righteous malakim. And then those that are left over from all the wilderness locations will be raised up to join them.

Let me take you to 1 Corinthians chapter 15. This is the same time period that we just read in 2 Thessalonians 4 but they try to say that this is a rapture. You know that Jesus is coming to rapture them away and take them up to heaven with him. But Yahoshua is only going to raise them up. They are going to meet Him in the sky. Everybody in the wilderness places will meet Him in the sky and they are coming back down to earth. They are not going to stay up in heaven. No they are coming back down to earth. And as you will see Yahoshua gives us the time period of when this is going to happen. He tells us this.

You know what something keeps telling me and I think I better be obedient…Let’s go to Matthew chapter 24. Because I know that I had this Scripture written down. But Yah says go to Matthew 24 now. So this is where we are going to go. Matthew 24 then we will go back to 1 Corinthians 15 because we have to get this time period that all this stuff is happening. We just read meeting the Messiyah in the air and coming back down with Him.

Matthew 24:29-35, v. 29 There’s that Word distress (tribulation) right. There shall be great distress right or great tribulation. If you have a KJV Bible it says immediately after the tribulation of those days. I’m going to explain to you all what’s going on right here in a future lesson. Maybe  when we go through the Revelation series. But what’s happening right here is an event that has not happened since the formation of the heavens. This has not happened to the earth since Yah created the earth. You will see what it means ‘the powers of the heavens shall be shaken and the stars shall fall’! Because Yah has got to tow the earth out of this location. It has got to leave this planetary system because everything in it has been defiled by satan including the sun! And the man of sin is going to tell the sun to do whatever he says. Tell it to do it in the face of men to deceive men on the earth. The sun will be disobedient to Yah. When the man of sin tells the moon to do whatever he tells it to do, to break the law that has established with the moon. Then the moon has been disobedient to Yah. So this whole planetary system, every planet is named after a god. Because this is where the gods dwell. So Yah is going to move us up out of here.

v. 29-31 This is the last trumpet! That last shofar! Ysrayl is scattered to the 4 winds and when Yahoshua returns those that are still living will be in the wilderness. Shaul said those who are still living shall be caught up. So Shaul who is deceased, he’s going to be in the first resurrection to meet the Messiyah in the sky. The dead shall rise first. This is the same time period we are talking about here. Ain’t no rapture happening. Yahoshua said I shall send my malakim, the others that are in the wilderness, malakim will come and get you and shaul said we shall rise up too, to meet them. v. 32 Those wild jackals try to say in that documentary the anti-Christ zero hour that this is talking about the Jews.

v. 33 Yahoshua said I’m going to give you a sign. You know that when the figs start to change and grow leaves, you know that summer is near. We know that when the trees start to grow its leaves back right. And the grass starts to come up and grow, we know summer is near. This is what He’s saying. Watch the signs. And if you are listening to these Christian prophets you will miss all of the signs and you will not know where you are in terms of prophesy. You will not know who is who and what is what. Pay attention to the signs of the times. v. 34 This generation is the Messianic generation. It shall not pass away. v. 35 Do you see that we are talking about the same time period here?


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