News you can use

There is a cease-fire over there yet rockets are still being launched. Yah says when they say peace destruction comes suddenly and they don’t know where it comes from. 1 Thessalonians 5:3. There is a false peace over there. Jews are not going to back down. Did y’all know the Jews and Iran are working together against the U.S.? Yah says He calls Medes who is Iran and Ashkenazi who are the Jews against Babylon. Jews give Iranians technology for nuclear weapons. They are going to take this whore down in one hour, Babylon. Israelis sell weapons to Iran! Yeah, all the world is a stage. Obama is trying to go to Egypt now. Egypt is using Obama so they can get bailed out economically. The U.S. is using Egypt to get into the Mid-east.

They don’t use the dollar. They want it to fall. The dollar is like monopoly money now. No one wants it. China has the #2 economy in the world now. China is investing in its own army. Yeah the 1st Chinese people were black. China has troops in Africa. They are communist so the government owns everything. They have a massive army. China is becoming a super-power. They are friends with Russia. (Talks about Gog/Magog) being Russia. Yah is sending Russia to destroy Babylon. Russia said they been wanting to destroy Babylon since the cold war,  no since WW II. Russia, China, Africa and Arabs, angels will stir these countries/people up to fight Mystery Babylon.  Yeah the Jews have the 4th largest army.

Yah gave Nineveh a chance to repent but Babylon will not repent. She’s too arrogant.

PLO, Hamas…Yeah, they are about to resume Arafat. They will say Hamas killed him.

A man was arrested for saying Santa does not exist. What will they say/do when we say Jesus doesn’t exist?

Did y’all see black Friday? I mean black Thursday? People will kill you over those things! (The Holidays), it’s all to create debt, to break the economy. All for Jesus’ birthday. TEXT: The birth of the sun.

I use to go crazy for Christmas shopping. You can give someone a gift at any time.

(Talk to an ahk) Arabs teach satan was a gen (genie). They say there are no fallen angels. Satan did create neanderthals. There are entities that look like us but don’t have the same genetics as us out there. Text: like reptilians.

Islam has some of  the Hebrew culture but the religion is from the pope.

(An elder was asking Hebrews to please come to the mic and praise Yah) Elder Asayah: Don’t let the stones out praise you. We should be praising Yah. Luke 19:40 Yahoshua said even the stones will praise Yah if we don’t.


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