The Man of Sin p. 2c

Ain’t no telling what you will be doing on the Shabbat. Oh I’m sorry it’s probably already the same thing you are doing on the Shabbat. You are probably at the club now! Then will come into Shabbat class tomorrow…today rather. And come in kayning (and shaloming) Saturday morning with the brothers and sisters. So profaning the Shabbat won’t be nothing to you. Because you are already doing it.

v. 44 Wait a minute. The customs that Antiochus is bringing are lawless. And it’s strange to us because we are a law-abiding people. We are ruled by Yah’s laws! That’s our discipline. That’s our wisdom in the sight of the nations. So he sent letters by messengers to Jerusalem and the cities of Judah. He directed them to follow customs (that were) strange to the land. v. 45 Now all of this was still going on. This was before Yahoshua came. So we were still having burnt offerings and sacrifices. We were still supposed to do all of those things. We were still keeping the feasts back then. Because we were still in the land. Yahoshua had not even arrived yet. This is before Yahoshua’s time. v. 46-47 They were sacrificing swine, rabbits, horses…all of this stuff on the altars.

v. 48 Listen this is what this is talking about. The man of sin is going to rule over a lawless society. This is what Antiochus is doing, making a lawless society. A society that is not run by the laws of Yah. That’s why when it says ‘it came to Ysrayl’ these were strange things to the land. These were strange customs. They came and profaned the Shabbat. They did this and that (like) sacrifice unclean animals. This is what he’s going to have you doing Ysrayl. The man of sin will have you doing this (but) since you aren’t sacrificing anymore, he’s going to have you eating unclean animals. Many of you still have the lust for that pork chop! Many of you still have the lust for that crawfish! You still have the lust for shrimp and lobster! You still have the lust for drug sorcery!

And when he comes and says I am god, you can do all of that, Do as thou wilt. (He will say) I will not hold it against you. That’s the whole of the law. You are going to jump in head first. Many of Ysrayl gladly accepted his customs and his religion. Remember he was Greek. (He) descended from (one of) Alexander’s generals. (Antiochus) ruled over a part of the kingdom that Alexander ruled over, that Alexander conquered. Alexander was a Hellenist, (which means) the spreading of Greek culture. The root word of Hellenism is hell. And hell means the grave or death. Alexander was spreading death around the world through Greek culture, Greek homosexual culture. The beasts culture. The beast’s system. So this is what Antiochus did. The beast’s system is a lawless society. Democracy, a government for the people, by the people.

v. 49-50 Read. v. 51 ‘overseers or inspectors over all the people’. (There will be) cameras. Big brother watching you, right? (There will be) citizens spying on other citizens. v. 52-55 This is what the man of sin is going to set up. I have this printed out family so it may be a little bit different from the one I’m going to be sending out. I have some things about what I said about the new world order…disregard that because you may not even have the same copy that I have. I just printed this from the lesson that I did. This lesson was back in 2005. So I just went and printed out of the Apocrypha. So don’t want to confuse you, when I said about the NWO earlier. The one that I’m going to send you all is a little different from this. (inaudible) So when we go back real quick to verse 41 when he tells his people to be one. This is going to be the world order because there is nothing new about it. Because we see Antiochus epiphany is doing it and he did this a long time ago before the birth of Yahoshua. At least 3,000 years ago. Right? The man of sin is going to do this in his day. So there is nothing new about this. This is old, old stuff.

I’m going to read v. 51-55 again. v. 56 Do I have to read that again? The books of the law, the Scriptures, the Torah that they found, they tore to pieces and burned with fire. v. 57-58 And he made war with the saints. Right? Remember that? It says that they kept using violence against Ysrayl.

v. 59-60 Listen they were cutting out babies out of the mother’s womb and hanging the child by its umbilical cord. They were doing all that to the Israelites. So if a sister is pregnant with a child and they found that she had 2 children and she is pregnant with one and she already had one and he is circumcised. They killed that child and they killed that mother by cutting that child out of her. And hanged that child by its umbilical cord. It was rough! These are historical facts! So if the woman had their children circumcised of if they found any body keeping Yah’s laws, isn’t this what it said? Isn’t this what Scripture is talking about? Right? He shall make war with the set-apart ones. Right? He shall make war with those that are guarding the commandments of Yah and have the testimony of Yahoshua. This shall be the worse time of trouble ever. It shall be Jacob’s trouble. But we shall be saved out of it. This same thing (will happen) but the majority of Ysrayl are going into the wilderness. But not all of Ysrayl will make the wilderness. We are going to see that.

v. 61 Look at that, they hung them from their umbilical cords and they hung them by their mother’s necks. How cruel is that? Yah tells us not to kill a baby calf and then boil it in its mother’s milk. That’s cruel. How cruel is this? v. 62 Look at that. He is going to make you eat unclean food. We are going to get into it. Wait until we get over ah to 2 Maccabees. Um-hum, so of you all that are familiar with the Apocrypha and familiar with that story of 2 Maccabees chapter 7…uh-uh-uh (smh). That’s all I can say about that. Prepare your hearts Ysrayl.

v. 62-64 Now if very great wrath came upon us that day and Yahoshua said that this day is NOTHING compared to what is on the horizon. When Yahoshua said what is going to happen this time is going-to-be-the-greastest-time-of-trouble-ever. I had to pause on that one. Hanging children by their mother’s necks. Nothing. They will be putting you to death because you got your child circumcised because you are found keeping Yah’s laws. You are found with a bible in your hand. Verse 57 says where the books of the covenant was found in the possession of anyone or if anyone adhered to the law the decree of the king condemned him to death. If you are found with the bible in your hand, you will be killed on site. (Like the movie the book of Eli).

So the man of sin will follow this same pattern as Antiochus. Why? Because the power behind both are the same, ha shatan or satan. (It’s) the adversary, the devil, the great red dragon. Now remember the man of sin is going to proclaim himself to be the greatest of all gods and Antiochus proclaimed himself to be a god. And built altars and statues of himself to himself. He built an image of himself. Now think about Antiochus’ image and the man of sin’s image, is that according to Revelation 13? The man of sin’s image will speak. It will walk. It will communicate. They had Antiochus sitting on the throne. This is what all they built. They built all this stuff in the courtyard of the temple next to the temple and in the temple. They had sitting on a throne next to Zeus!

Now notice his name. He didn’t call himself the manifestation of elohim on earth or the manifestation of the elohim. No, he said the manifestation of GOD. Singular. Supreme deity. Just like the man of sin will say he is greater than all that is worshipped. (This is) a precursor family. Yah is showing you this. (He is) getting you prepared. Because your day is going to be way worse than this. Your people stood on two feet and stood up STRONG against that in that day. And Yah expects you t do the same.

Now let’s just go through here again, through 1 Maccabees chapter 1 before we go to 2 Maccabees. Let’s read through this. Let’s check this out. Let’s break these verses down because this is so profound. Let’s look at v. 44 (reads). v. 45 Get this Ysrayl, you are already profaning feasts (festival days). (Laughs) so when the man of sin comes it will be nothing for you to keep the same feasts he has. Right? If you think that you are supposed to keep a Passover here, he’s going to give you a Passover because he’s god. If you think you can keep a Feast of Tabernacle and the Feast of Weeks which is called Pentecost, he’s going to give you all that because you are already doing it. How can you object to him if you are already doing it? But if you have WISDOM that Yah said that these can only be done how he said to do it and where he said to do it. And for that whatever reason you’re not doing it, you’re going to reject everything this man of sin has to offer you. But not for those that don’t know. Not for those that refuse to know. They are already lawless.

Everybody is lawless doing whatever they want to do and how they want to do it. You are going to have a king that will come and he’s going to rule over all lawlessness but its going to bring order to lawlessness (laughs). I know that sounds like an oxymoron but that’s what he’s going to do. ‘Oh on Mondays we have a 22nd orgy going on’. ‘Mondays at 3 o’clock is orgy time’. but before he came and set a little order to you, you were doing orgies everyday. But he will say naw you can’t do orgies everyday, you can only do it on Mondays. That’s what I mean by he’s going to bring order to lawlessness. He didn’t say that you couldn’t do the orgy. But he just said we are just going to do it on Mondays…or on the Shabbat! This is what he is talking about that he is going to do. (That) you can sleep with little boys and little girls from ages 3 years on up, every Tuesday between 5-6 pm. You can go murder every Friday night from 9-10 pm. That’s murder time. Anybody you felt wronged you, go kill them. All this lawless stuff, he’s going to be their king. You have many people already doing these things so it’s going to fall in line with what they are already doing, including the children of Ysrayl. So when the man of sin comes on the scene he’s going to prevent anybody from observing Scripture.

I’m sorry fam, there are some wild ‘brews outside. Satan has them being loud and running past the center. When Yahoshua comes and gives us that power. And he tells us to go out and all forms, signs of wickedness put it in the ground. And you don’t stop until you hear my voice saying stop. Oh-wee, because the way that the world is going and the wildness that we have to endure. We are trying to stay clean, free of it and I know it’s a struggle. I know it’s HARD sometimes. But there are things that we must do to overcome it so that we can stand when this day comes. Then we can stand even greater and stronger when Yahoshua comes.

So he will prevent anybody from keeping the laws of Yah. He will prevent anybody from even reading Scripture. (v. 51 read) The job of an inspector (overseer) is to inspect something. To check it out. He’s making sure that those people are going and being obedient to his laws and to his rules, to his democracy. And not to Yah’s laws and Yah’s rules. They are already spying on you. They have cameras everywhere. They are peeking into your windows. They are looking at you through your television sets! They have cameras everywhere.

There was an article that came out a few years ago talking about how George Bush signed into law how it is lawful for American citizens to spy on other citizens. ‘I’ll give you thirty pieces of silver if you go over there and pretend to be his friend and you go into his house and tell me what his is doing. Does he have a menorah up anywhere? Does he have a bible in his house? Does he turn to the east when he prays? Does he wear tassels? Does he have any pork in his refrigerator? That’s what they are doing. Antiochus appointed inspectors over the people to watch them. Twenty-four/seven you are being watched. Don’t you see the world is already there?

Look at what everybody is agreeing to when you go get on an airplane. You almost have to get NAKED in the airport. You take off your shoes, your socks, your belt, your shirt, your hat. One wild Gentile said I can’t take this anymore and he did get naked. Because that’s what we are heading to. They have x-ray machines that can look through your clothes but they still want you to take off your shoes and belt. If you have things that can see through that, don’t you see if I’m carrying a bomb or anything? Why do I still have to take off my shoes? Look at all that, under fear. Don’t you know that if they have that much control over the people by blowing up two buildings. Just think when they blow up a hundred buildings. They are going to have full control over the minds of the people.

You are going to say I want an inspector in my doorway to inspect me every morning. When I first wake up, I want them looking at me in my face, making sure I’m not a terrorist. Big brother is watching you. This is what Antiochus did. This is coming again. The FBI is building the largest FBI database out in Utah. They are now capable of tracking and reading every e-mail, every text message, that every person that has access to the internet sends out. They are spying on citizens and intercepting trillions of emails and phone calls. Let me put this article to use right here. This is called U.S. government accused of spying on citizens. Somebody may be putting the link upon the screen now.

It says: Government around the world are repeatedly accused of spying on both domestic and foreign individuals and groups that may threaten the interests of their citizens. Sometimes these accusations are without merit. And sometimes they pan out. William Bently a former official with the national security agency recently said that domestic surveillance in the U.S. has increased under President Barack Obama and trillions of phone calls and e-mails and other messages sent by U.S. citizens have been intercepted by the government.

Do you see? He has appointed inspectors. Now remember the laws and the ways and the culture of the U.S., the woman riding the beast would be the laws and the way of the culture of the world! Because she has taken democracy and she is letting all the kings of the earth drink from her cup. And in that cup is the filthiness of her whoring and she is spreading democracy. So once you go and create a government that is for the people, by the people then next comes the culture. Baghdad does not have long to look like times square. They went to war with the Japanese, today look at Tokyo. Right? So what we are reading here will be used when the whole system is gathered together.

When the man of sin is ruling all of that is already here. This is why they are putting up all the cameras and stuff. The woman riding the beast, she’s going to lead this. London has the highest per capita amount of cameras than anywhere else in the world. There are cameras all over Chicago, NY and Los Angeles. ‘We are going to catch the terrorist’. And they have not caught one terrorist yet. But they are setting all this up to see, that when this happens, when this war goes on, when the man of sin stands up and when he makes war. When he says nobody can keep a Bible, Koran or whatever. We are going to burn those and nobody better to burn those and nobody better not be reading a Bible or Koran because he’s going to say hey I’m god, I’m here, you don’t need those old books. Whatever you need, I’m here for you. And you send a prayer up and he appears right before your face right then and there. What can you do with that? Right?

(v. 53 read again) This happened in that day and that is equivalent to what we know today as the wilderness. Yah is going to send Ysrayl into the wilderness to protect them. But there will be a segment of Ysrayl that doesn’t make the wilderness.

Let’s go to Revelation 12. I hope you all are staying with me here. We are looking at the persecution against the saints when that system is set up. When the system is reformatted. Revelation 12, we are looking at the wilderness now because it said in v. 53 of 1 Maccabees 1 that they drove Ysrayl into hiding in every place of refuge that they had. We were hiding in mountains, rocks and cliffs. That same thing like our Israylite brothers and sisters are doing in the Sudan right now. I was reading an article maybe about a month and a half ago and they were showing pictures of our people hiding in the rocks. Because of the curses and we have turned our back on Yah. Our family in the Sudan, they are being hunted down by the Muslims in the north. Our people dwell in the south. And they refuse to bow down to Islam. So the Arab Muslims in the north are coming down and striking them. So they must run and hide into the cliffs and rocks. Yahoshua said he who is in Judea flee into the mountains. So our people were in every place of refuge we had. Wherever we could find refuge that’s where we could find refuge that’s where we were hiding at during the time of Antiochus epiphany who is the precursor to the man of sin. The place of refuge is called the wilderness for our day and time. Do you see how Yah works the same thing over and over again so you can catch on to His pattern? We can look and see how He works in what’s called the old testament or the new testament. It’s the same pattern over and over. So we can know that we will not get confused about what Yah is going to do for us in this day when the man of sin stands up. He did it for them, in the day of Antiochus epiphany. We read it. So they had to run and they had to hide in the places of safety. Revelation 2 we will read again.

Revelation 12:13-14, v. 12 Ysrayl. v. 13 So the woman was given two great wings of the eagle to fly into the wilderness where she was nourished, taken care of.

Revelation is not the only place that mentions this wilderness. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 35. Because we are correlating this t v. 53 of 1 Maccabees 1 right? It said that they drove Ysrayl to hiding in every place and refuge they had. So that place of hiding or the place of refuge today is called the wilderness. Isaiah 35, Yah said He is going to take us out in the wilderness to hide from the face of the serpent, the dragon, satan. Satan is going to wage war once he is kicked out of heaven for the final time he is kicked down here and he is stuck on the earth realm. He is going to be angry because he knows that he has a short time remaining. So the dragon will be trying to chase us there. Yah said I’m going to nourish you for 3 1/2 years.

Yesiyah 35:1-10, v. 1 Who is ‘them’? When the children of Ysrayl escape and flee from satan and the man of sin. When I say satan, I’m talking about the man of sin because satan will possess the man of sin. They are the same. Because satan is going to give the beast his power. Revelation 13, right? He will give him all his power and authority. ‘And the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose’. Yah said he is going to nourish us in the wilderness. Just like He nourished the children of Ysrayl in the wilderness when we left Egypt. He gave us water, vegetation and food. Yah does it over and over again. Places of refuge over and over again.

v. 2-4 Wait a minute. Look at this. Why does it say strength in the weak hands and make firm the weak knees? Say to those with fearful hearts do not fear because the people who make it to the wilderness will be chased there by the man of sin, by satan! He shall sprew a flood. He shall send an over abundance of troops against you. He will form a one world army. He will have command upon millions of troops! And will send them after you. So here you are running, you will have weak hands, they will be shaking. You are so terrified that your hands shake and you can’t even do anything with it. You can’t even hold nothing in them. Your nerves will be so shaky. You know knocking-knees is a sign of fright, weak knees. Anxious (fearful) hearts, hearts beating like man. We just ran from an army that was sending planes, bombs at us. Be strong do not fear. Because the moment that we make it to the wilderness malakim descend down on our behalf and draw their swords. And said stop remember that is said that the earth opened up its mouth? And swallowed up the flood. So the malakim chasing that army is telling that army to stop. They will take their flaming swords and park them into the ground and tell the ground to be obedient to the commandments of Yah and swallow them up. And make those whom Yah had called to make it to the place of safety. For it is the worse time of trouble ever for the children of Ysrayl for the nations and for the world.  (My sidenote: I remember when I use to visit this other Israylite camp. The elder that taught use to emphasize that when we get to the wilderness we will be crying. That is how terrible this thing is going to be he said. He quoted Yeremiyah 31:8-9).

v. 5-6 Look at that instantly healed when you make the wilderness. Look at that. He’s identifying where the wilderness is. It’s in the desert just like it was back then for the children of Ysrayl. But I’m going to have to make a very important, interesting statement about that. For us Israylites in North America because when we understand that the United States is Mystery Babylon and when we read Revelation 18 Yah said He is going to destroy Mystery Babylon. If we run down south meaning down to south America there’s no deserts down there. There’s only jungles. So what shall be the wilderness for those in North America? Aha, we will talk about that one day. v. 7 Now these are not the wild Jackals here. These are the actual animals called Jackals. These aren’t wild Gentile and wild Hebrew jackals that Yah is speaking about. He’s talking about the real animals called jackals. We aren’t going to the home of the jackals because we are already living in the home of those jackals. But we are going to go into the home of the animal jackals. Right? And they are not going to mess with us.

‘There shall be grass with reeds and rushes’. I’m going to nourish you. He said that the desert is going to open up and pools and thirsty land springs with water. We will have all the water we need. To go wash our hair. To wash our body. To wash our clothing and they still will be clean. To heal our bodies. As it talks about in the book of Yahcanan, that there was a malakim that came down and stirred the water of the pool and whoever got into the water while it was being stirred was healed (John 5:4). These are healing waters here. Yah said I’m going to nourish you for 3 1/2 years and this is going to be the setting. There will be grass and trees and all that in the desert for you Ysrayl.

v. 8 It’s for those Israylites that have stood against the man of sin and for those Israylites that have called upon Yah and Yahoshua because fools are worshipping that man of sin and no fool is going to find himself in there. If he does, Yah will send him out of there, will swallow him up so quick. v. 9-10 So this is talking about after the man of sin, when the 3 1/2 years is over Yahoshua coming and going into the land. HalleluYah. We are going to be singing praises to Yah. Do you know that song? Oh when the saints go marching in. I want to be in that number. HalleluYah! That’s what it’s talking about right here.

Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 20. We see more about this wilderness. Yah is going to protect us in the wilderness. (Turn to) Yahzeqyl 20. They drove Ysrayl into hiding in every place of refuge they had. The same thing will happen in our time. Yahzeqyl 20 is talking about this wilderness again. Isaiah 35 layed it down, man. There’s going to be vegetation there. There will be food there. Everything we need for survival (will be there). Just like when we were in the wilderness of Egypt. Everything we needed for survival was there.

Yahzeqyl 20:35-38, v. 35 Now this is not one wilderness location. There will be many wilderness locations. Do you know why? Because Ysrayl is scattered all over the world. There’s going to be wilderness locations in China. There’s going to be wilderness locations in Japan. There’s going to be wilderness locations in Africa and Europe. All over the place because Ysrayl is all over the place. That’s why it says (in v. 35) I shall bring you in the place of the wilderness of the peoples, plural.

‘And shall enter into judgment with you face to face there’. Now you know this is, like I say, you may have been that little hard-headed child growing up. Or you may have given birth to a hard-headed child but you know that when you are dealing with a hard-headed child that they will not listen until you get down into their face. Until you have to grab them by the collar and pull them close into you. You have to get eye-to-eye, bend down to them to their face and almost have to growl at them to let them know that you ain’t playing. (lol down south it’s called getting jacked-up by your daddy or mama). That’s what Yah is saying right here. (He said) I’m going to enter into judgment with you, I’m talking to you face-to-face. No longer will I be up here int he clouds in the heavens and you think you can’t see me. You think I can’t hear you. You think I can’t see. I’m right here in your face now. Just you and I in this wilderness. You don’t have to worry about all that, that is going on, on the outside of the world. That ain’t even concerning you. I’m talking to you. He has you by the collar in one hand and got the belt in the other.

v. 36 Read. v. 37 He’s going to make you act right. This is what he is telling you. Just like I had to whip those Israylites, your ancestors out in the wilderness when we came out of Egypt. I had to whip their behinds and whip them right, to get them right, to get them prepared to go into the land. I’m going to do the same thing with you. I’m going to bring you under the bond of the covenant. You are coming into this covenant now. v. 38 He said I’m going to bring all y’all out. I’m going t bring those stiff necks out that talk about having Passover all over the place. I’m going to bring those out that talk about the white man is Edom. I’m going to bring all of them out. I’m going to give them this last chance right here. They are going to come out here and they are going to act a fool in the wilderness. You know you have that stiff-neck, hard-headed child and you have gone over with them ‘listen we are going out to dinner. I don’t want you to do this or that because I don’t want you embarrassing me’. And you get out to dinner and the first thing they do, they start especially if it’s a little boy right. He starts spitting and farting and digging up his nose and throwing boogers and you know what little boys do. And you just told him, we are going out to dinner, I don’t want you to do all of that stuff. So now you have to purge that little one out, boy. You have to take him to the bathroom. Right? To straighten him out.

So Yah is saying even though you have been disobedient, you are still my child. I’m still going to give you a chance to come into the covenant fully. So He said I’m going to purge out the rebels. Read Numbers chapter 16. Read about (Korah), Dathan and all those ahks. Yah opened up the ground and swallowed them up. That’s what he will do out there, purge them out. ‘Obadiyah listen man we over here man and y’all talking about you are going to keep the 7th day Shabbat but we just saw the new moon so we are going to keep the Shabbat over there’. Alright ahk, go ahead. Make sure you are far away, you and your Shabbat. Because soon as that sun sets Yah opens up that ground and you and your Shabbat are gone!

‘Obadiyah, I just saw a goat’. ‘I think we can go ahead and do a Passover’. Okay, you and your goat and everybody that wants to have Passover with you and your goat, y’all go over there. We saw 10,000 people standing over there last night and all of a sudden we woke up this morning and there are none left. Just only the goat. Right? Okay. This is what it means to purge out the rebels. This is when Yah brings us into the wilderness. Yah will lead Ysrayl into the place of refuge, safety. Just like Antiochus epiphany drove us there when he came. So when everybody goes into the wilderness…let’s go back to Revelation 12. Let’s read v. 15-17. We already read it but it makes sense even more now. Let’s look at the persecution that he’s going to bring on you.

Revelation 12:15-17 So not all the Israylites will make the wilderness but the remnant of those that are outside of the wilderness satan is going to make war with them. The man of sin is going to make war with them.

Let’s go to Daniyah chapter 11. Daniyah talks about these same people in this same time period. Immediately when that man stands up, we are to run to get away to be led by the malakim into the wilderness. And we will be hunted down by satan and his crew. I sho’ had a dream years ago that we were down in South America and we were running away from a South American army. They were after us and we were navigating through the jungle because we were running alongside this river. And I remember this guy there. I’m not sure of who he was but it was like everything about him stood out. I’ll say he looked about in his forties. He had a salt and pepper beard. And he just had this powerful look on his face and he was guiding us through this jungle. And we were being chased by South American troops. We were in South America running alongside the river and we were navigating through this jungle by the river.

And so when we get into the wilderness family we have to run to get there. Because the dragon is going to spew (this flood of waters). But not all of us will make it there. Because once he can’t get those who are in the wilderness then he is going to go after those who are on the outside of the wilderness. Those that are still not part of his system. Those who have not taken the mark of the beast. But Yah has found fit for them to survive the wilderness. This is what they were showing you in the movie The Matrix with Morpheus and his crew. Remember they had the real world and they were outside the real world. They were outside the city of Zion. And they were going out to free people from the Matrix. That’s what they were showing you. But we will go into that when we have the video lesson come out about the Matrix.

Daniyah 11:33-35 Daniyah was talking about those who will not make the wilderness in that time period. v. 33 Do you see that? They shall stumble (fall) by sword and flame. They will be burned to death. We will see that in just a minute what Antiochus epiphany did in his time is what the man of sin will do in this one. We read that in 1 Maccabees 1:41-64 but we are going to 2 Maccabees and you will see.

So they will be beheaded (Revelation 20:4), burned alive, just like they did to us on the plantation. ‘By captivity’ so we are going to be taken into captivity and put into prison and plundered for days.

v.34-35 So they are going through this so Yah can try them. These may be Israelites that come into the truth the night before the man of sin stands up. Or the year before the man of sin stands up. And Yah has not tried and proved them yet. But those that have been enduring for all this time that you been with Yah before the man of sin takes hold of the kingdom and before he sets everything up and before he goes into operation. You have been suffering so you may be the ones that Yah says that have proved and gone through all these things and given up everything, Yah might be telling you to go and rest in the wilderness but those who have not proved themselves yet, you stay out. I need to prove you first. So even those who may be rebels, Yah’s going to give them an opportunity to come into the wilderness because they have been enduring right now. They are going through it right now. So Yah is saying, you are seeing My power, I’m face-to-face with you. This may change you. But if yo are coming out here with that rebel attitude, I’m going to have to kill you out here.

Out of all the Israelites that came out of Egypt on that joyous night, time only two (men) made it into the promised land. Caleb and Joshua. The rest were the children of those who came out. They were so disobedient that Yah had to purge them out. So he will have to do the same thing once again. It’s repeating itself. That’s how we know it’s of Yah because it already happened in the name of Yah.

So when we look at v. 56 of 1 Maccabees chapter 1 it says the books of the law that they found they tore to pieces and burned with fire. v. 56-57 Read. Oh-wee! It says they kept using violence against Ysrayl against those found month after month in the cities. Now, it states that the books of the law that were found were tore to pieces. The books of law are the Torah. So we know it as the Bible, the Scriptures any book that you find with Yah’s truth in it, they are going to tear it to pieces. But they will also burn Korans and all that because he is going t say you don’t need these things anymore. This is the old way. I’m the new way now (he will say). I’m here with you.

Have y’all ever read in the Scriptures where it says that there’s going to be a day coming that Yah will send a famine of bread but of the hearing the words of Yah? Let’s go to Amos chapter 8. This is going to make more sense to you now. What we are going to read here is what that famine for the Word is. Because we just read how Antiochus burned up all the books of the law. So if there’s no books of the law, there’s no Bibles around. And we are going to read where the people are going to find out that this man of sin is a fake yet they can’t go to the book and read for themselves. So there will be a thirst, a famine in the land. People will be hungry for the Word of Yah. For a man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the Word of Yah. Deuteronomy 8:3.

Amos 8:11-13 Do you see? He said that behold the days are coming. They are coming during the times of the reign of the man of sin. His 3 1/2 period. Declares the Master Yah that I shall send a hunger in the land not a hunger for bread or thirst for water but for hearing the Word of Yah. Do you know why? Because the people are going to be tired of hearing this man (say) god, god, god. Showing them signs and wonders and being blinded by these signs and wonders but at the same time they are going to see him killing off a lot of righteous people. They are going to see the lawlessness of his society. And then they will start to see that this man is not who he says he is. And so by that time, he has burned up all the Bibles. What do you need a Bible for and I’m here? I’m god (he will say).

But there is going to be a thirst for the Word of Yah. The people are going to want to know what Yah’s truth has to say. But there’s a thirst coming because Antiochus burned up all the books of the law. Anybody found with a Bible would be killed and that’s what’s going to happen this time. So this is why Yah says there will be a thirst in the land. Not for food. Not for water. But for the Word.

I’m turning through the Pseudepigrapha to find where it says that the people will recognize that he is the false one. So they are going to run away from him. And this is what the people are going to start saying. Because they will see there’s no Bibles around. People are going to remember some of the things they read in the Bible but this man is going to be coming with something totally different. That deception can only last for so long. Even when satan comes to tempt you, that can last for so long. It comes for a season. Resist the devil and he shall flee. Sorry family I can’t find the (Scripture) right now but let us continue none the less. (The teacher remembers the Scripture later on but I just put it here).

Apocalypse of Eliyah 5:10-14 The sinners will groan upon the earth saying what have you done to us O son of lawlessness saying I am the Messiyah when you are the devil? You are unable to save yourself so that you might save us. You produced signs in our presence until you alienated us from Yah who created us. Woe to us because we listened to you. Lo now we will die in a famine. Where indeed is now the trace of a righteous one and we will worship him or where indeed is the one who will teach us and we will appeal to him. Now indeed we will be wrathfully destroyed because we disobeyed Yah. We went t the deep places of the sea and we did not find water. We dug in the rivers and papyrus reeds and we did not find water.

So now as we see that this is what’s coming upon, the system that is to be formed in these last days shall be ruled by the lawless one. There will be no laws, no rules. He can murder, you can murder. And everybody is going to be down with that for a minute. But then they will start t see through this.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 7. Because Yah always punishes un-repenting sinners. But if you have sinned and you repented, Yah will forgive you. So even those who take the mark of the beast, there’s still an opportunity of repentance. Let’s go to Revelation 7 so you can see what I’m talking about right here. When these people start to see through the man of sin.

Revelation 7:9 Revelation 7 chooses the 144,000. v. 9-11 Read. Skips down to v. 13-14 These are those coming out of that 3 1/2 year tribulation (people of all nations, tongues, tribes). v. 15 Do you see? So there will be people coming out of the great tribulation and they will make their robes white. You can repent but if you are an un-repenting sinner…this is what it is talking about. Once they find out…all the Bibles (will have been) burned and they will see through this man towards the end of his reign. And they will be going from sea to sea it says in Amos 8:12 and from the north even to the east they are running to and fro seeking the Word of Yah!! Because right now even when we give these lessons we say go to this Book to read it. We direct you in the Scripture where these things are written. But when the man of sin burns all the Bibles we will not have that luxury. There may be one Bible between a hundred of us. Whenever we come out, whenever we come into the system to teach those and free those from this Matrix, 10 of us will have to take that one Bible together. So we can show the people or we will have to have it memorized. (Like the Book of Eli movie). So the people will remember everything that we said about the Book but they are going to read it for themselves but there will be none because they are going to tear them up and burn them. This is going to happen again. They put the women to death who had their children circumcised. Circumcision is part of the covenant according to Genesis chapter 10. Right?


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