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Bear Hug

I don’t have a biblical post today, just something that’s on my heart, today or maybe it is from Yah. You know, we women are affectionate creatures, most of us. We like to be hugged/held and/or kissed on the cheek/lips. Do you give your wife, girlfriend or a woman that is important to you a hug ever now and then? Just a hug will let her know that you care without saying a word. It’s your action. Surprise her.

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Hey y’all. I’m still here. I have not posted in awhile because I have been very sick. So sick that I had to take a leave-of-absence from work. I am feeling better, I’m back at work but everyday is still a struggle right now. So please keep me in your prayers. The “good news” is that I am working on the next bible chapter but there is a book (a pre-ordered book) that I am waiting on, in August. Hopefully, I will be able to glean more understanding by using it. Love y’all. Shalom

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Written in Blue

Recently, I was visiting a book store. I was looking at some of the bibles, I don’t know why, I already have many bibles. But anyway, I opened this small bible thinking “Oh this would be nice to keep in my pocket.” When I opened it… to my surprise….the words of Yah in ‘the old testament’ and the words of Yahoshua in ‘the new testament’ were written in BLUE. The bible was published by Barbour Publishing. Before this blog, I had never seen that, they use red. I used blue to emphasize that this is law. I’m not saying that I’m the first or only to use blue. I’m just saying that this blog is well read by many. HalleluYah. Oh yeah, if you are wondering if I bought the bible? No, I just smiled and walked away…

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When I watched the Conjuring part 2, I wondered if the demon could be in two places at once. It (the demon) was bothering the little girl and her family in London and also the paranormal investigator”s wife in the USA. They seemed to experience it at the same time. I was watching this paranormal show about a month ago, one of the investigators said yes, demons can be in two (maybe more?) places at the same time. Time is not the same for them like man. They are spirits (paraphrased). I thought that was very interesting.

There is a new paranormal show coming on tonight at 9 pm on the FOX Chanel. It’s called “The Passage.” I’m going to check it out. I just hope it is not stupid like the show they had called “Lucifer.” HaHa

The blog has slowed down because I have been sick. I’m not totally well yet. I was sick about 2 months ago then I was well again for a few weeks then I became sick again (with three ailments). However, I am feeling better but not one hundred percent. Please have patience.


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Let us pray for the Carolinas and the east coast, that Yah will have mercy on the loss of life. My aunts and grandmother have evacuated (for those of you that remember that I am from S. Carolina).

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The Persistent Woman: How to Pray to Yah (Continued)

Years ago, after I found out the true names, Yah and Yahoshua Ben Yah, one of the first lessons that I was all over (so to speak) was how to pray to Yah. I learned to pray the model (or Master’s) prayer in Mattithyah chapter 6, several times a day. I was taught about facing the east, toward Yahrushalom because Solomon made that intercession for us with the prayer of dedication (or redemption) in 1 Kings 8, when we pray. I learned to raise my palms to the heaven or lay prostate on my knees and palms on the ground with no shoes. I even learned that it is very necessary to fast and pray (especially here in Mystery Babylon) often.

Do you remember the “Is Anything Impossible for Yah”post?  Yahoshua said believe when you petition Yah and you will receive. He also said ask in My name and I will do it for you. (Read Mattithyah 21:22 and Yahcanon (John) 14:14.

Another thing that Yahoshua asked us to do when we pray is to pray…and not give up! (Luke 18:1). This woman went to this unjust judge and wore him down until he avenged her. Yahoshua said in verse 7, that Yah would avenge His elect that cry out to Him day and night. Since I have been reading the Psalms, I have noticed a pattern. David, Asaph and them would be crying to Yah, Psalm after Psalm…y’all, some days I would open my bible and ‘be like’ I know there is going to be more crying but then all of sudden…there would be an answer from Yah. All of a sudden in the middle of the Psalm I would see that it is Yah answering David or Aspah! They prayed and cried to Yah and He answered (their prayers). This is what Yahoshua is saying, keep praying about this situation until Yah answers you. The woman is called persistent. Persistent is a synonym of determined, single-minded, tireless, patient, untiring, constant, unceasing…never-ending. Constantly praying for something is an act of faith because you believe (hope) Yah is going to fulfill His part. A person that gives up (praying), has given up faith. When Yahoshua returns will He find any faith on earth?

I might be back to this post to make a correction(s) however, this is what I have been thinking about lately because of my dad.

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I Need Your Prayers

I usually don’t post on the Shabbat, other than a Praise post or a thank you/Shabbat Shalom post. Today is different. My sister told me some terrible news today. She said the doctor found a spot on my dad’s bone. He received chemo back in May and the spot disappeared. However, he has not been going to get the rest of his chemo and not telling her why (she is a nurse). She will be going Monday to find out what is going on with him because she thinks he is not telling all. I need your prayers. Please petition Yah with me for the health of my dad. Please I am begging, we all know that Yah hears the prayers of the righteous. Thank you and Shabbat Shalom. Love Ashantiyah.

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I was in the bookstore the other day. I did not see any interesting book(s) to buy but I thought these pins were interesting especially the last pin. It says, “I read banned books.” I smiled when I saw it. Click on image to read up close.

I put the ten commandments at my front door next to my peace lily. Love it.

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Water Dream

Earlier this afternoon, I saw something that upset me greatly. It upset me so much that it made me cry. After I stopped crying, I took a nap. I have always had this re-occurring dream. I’m on a VERY long bridge and I’m lost. It always seems as though I’m about to drown on this bridge-water dream, sometimes the water rises very high and I wake up startled or sometimes the bridge runs out and I wake up startled because I’m about to plunge into the water. I’m surrounded by water (the ocean) and there is never another car on the road. Oh yeah, I was driving in the dream and always get lost. Just when I thought I was about to drown in the dream, I see this building ahead and I stop and ask three Gentile men in the building, who seemed to be maintaining the bridge, on how to turn around. They tell me how to turn around to get where I am going then I wake up.

Y’all know that water, oceans or the sea represents people and I do think that bridge…and I’m always on this bridge, represents a journey, a very long journey…but I still have not figured this dream out completely. Why does Yah keep sending me this dream?