Observations About Bread Around the World

In various parts of the bible Manna is described. It’s described as being like the coriander seed (coriander seed is the same as cilantro which is used around the world to remove toxins from the body). Manna according to the bible tasted like wafers made with honey. It was also said to be white like hoarfrost and like bdellium in texture. In contrast, the devil has introduced white bread to the world. Once again trying to be like Yah. Yah’s bread vs. the devils bread.

I read that most bread eaten in Europe (especially France) is/was brown, kind of hard like a wafer with a nutty taste. I have heard some foreigners refuse to eat American bread. I know that Asians eat white rice (and not much bread) but I don’t think they eat all day long and large portions like us here in America. Manna fell once a day in the dew of the morning and the Hebrews gathered it before the sun rose and melted it away. Each Hebrew family could only gather one omer daily. So there was a food restriction. There was no all-you-can-eat in the wilderness like here in America (Egypt). I mean there was no all day eating, I remember in the bible that it said that some only ate a little manna while others ate more but the family only had a certain amount.  On Fridays, they gathered Shabbat’s portion too and it did not spoil. Shabbat Manna (or bread) represented Yahoshua, the uncorruptible bread.

I had an Ethiopian friend, who fed me this kind of flat brown bread used for dipping the other food. I can’t remember the name of the bread right now…Taita is the name of the bread. I read in the book of Isaiah that while in the land, the Hebrews use to put black cumin seeds in their bread. Bread use to be a highly nutritious food.

When Yahoshua fed the children of Ysrayl bread and fish. It was barley bread that He fed them.

This post is about observations. If white bread is the only thing your family has to eat, do it. I already know Yahoshua said to pray over your food.  I may come back and make a correction(s)or add info.


2 thoughts on “Observations About Bread Around the World

  1. I enjoy reading your posts, I actually just stumbled upon the posts about peircings, marriage etc. which was a great read. I came into the truth last yr. and thank the most high it is so refreshing. I love to know and hear from a woman’s perspective about being in the truth, which makes it easier to comprehend or relate to. From reading your posts it’s relaxing and calm so thank you, you’re doing an excellent job.

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