A Woman in Distress

My hoopty (meaning jalopy, beater, old car) has been doing this shaky movement lately. I also noticed that my front tires needed some air, especially my left front tire. Maybe needing air was causing my car to shake? So I took it to a gas station where the air is free of charge, this morning. When I got to the pump, I had difficulty working the machine. There was an older Spanish man waiting on me to finish so he could put air in his own tires. I guess from the distress on my face, he got out of his car and took over putting air in my tires while showing me how to do it. He even asked me did I want air in the back tires. After he finished putting air in my tires, I thanked him and I thought my goodness, men from the Gentiles are very helpful. You may think he only did that to move me out of his way. Maybe. However, on several occasions while at Home Depot, Gentile (European) men have just walked up to me and asked me did I want them to move those 40 to 50 pound bags of soil that I was moving into the trunk. When a Gentile man sees a woman in distress, he will usually go over and help her. Or maybe it was Yah moving them to help me…


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