When Yah Visits You

Did you know that when Yah visits you, He goes first to your heart? Recently, I was reading 2 Esdras chapter 16 and began to think about the heart. I read why Yah goes to the heart first, in 2 Esdras 16:61-63. Yah says that He put the heart in the middle of the body where He stores your breath, life (blood) and understanding. If you read any biology book you will see that the heart sits in the middle of the body between the right and left lungs but slightly tilted more on the left side so this is why doctors listen to your heart on the left side…to hear it better. Your heart is as Yah said, in the middle of your body.

We know that we also have understanding between our eyes (or frontal lobe). However, in the above scripture, He is talking about our consciousness. Remember we were taught that everything about us is stored in our consciousness and that this is what goes back to Yah when we pass away. Yah will judge us based on what was on our consciousness or hearts. It’s not as some of the Gentiles teach, believing that the breath of life is in the brain. I remember when my cousin died, my aunt said that his heart was the last organ to shut down.

The prophets: Shemuyah, Yeremiyah, David, Solomon also knew that Yah visits the heart first. Read 1 Shemuyah 16:7, 1 Kings 8:39, Psalm 44:21, Proverbs 21:2, Proverbs 16:2, Yeremiyah 12:3. Yeremiyah even broke it down further saying, Yah goes to our hearts first then tests our minds in Yeremiyah 17:10. See Deuteronomy 8:2.

Genesis 6:5 (NKJV) Yah said He knew the evil thoughts on their hearts. Matthew 5:28, Yahoshua said that sin, in this case adultery, begins in the heart…(then it stays on your mind). Yahoshua in Luke 6:45, said a person with a good heart produces good but a person with a evil heart produces evil. From the heart the mouth speaks. Matthew 15:19 and Mark 7:21 Yahoshua said from the heart proceeds evil thoughts such as murder, adultery, fornication, thefts, lying and blasphemies, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, pride, foolishness, an evil eye. In verse 18 of Matthew 15 He says that which was in your heart came out of your mouth. So now I am starting to understand why Yah comes to our hearts first when He visits.

Proverbs 4:23  Solomon said, “Above all guard your heart because everything (life) flows (or proceeds) from it”. Your breath (consciousness, everything about you), life and understanding of Yah and Yahoshua is on your heart. Solomon is telling you to guard it from the adversary.

*This may not be every scripture about the heart but these are the scriptures that were on my mind this week.

03-26-2016: Yah caused me to think about something this morning, when Abel (or Abiyl, meaning My Father is (the) Power) was murdered. In Genesis 4:9, Yah said that Abel’s blood cried out to Him from the ground. Our consciousness (life) is in our blood which is stored in our hearts. Also, It seems as though there could be a correlation between the way that Abyl was slain by his brother and his blood poured to the ground and the way Yahoshua was slain by his brother(s) or the Israylites and His blood (and water) poured to the ground…and Yah heard their blood.

The answer is yes they are related. Read Hebrews 12:24. But Yahoshua’s blood was the greater spilling because He brought us back to Yah.


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