The Book of Revelation p. 6d

v. 7 Look at this. This is high heaven. Satan is going to make his final attempt at the throne of Yah. That’s why he is in the heaven, ha shamayim. MichaYah or Michael as the world calls him Michael, we don’t want to confuse anybody. I know there are a lot of new people listening to these lessons. I try to give you the names in Hebrew and I try to give you the names in English.

So MichaYah, Michael and his angels fight so that there will be fighting, a war in heaven. So satan will come up to make his final attempt at Yah’s throne. MichaYah is there to protect the throne of Yah. And he has angels under his charge and they are going to battle satan and they are going to whip-their-behinds! They are going to throw down and they are going to move the adversary out of heaven. Satan is still in heaven. Satan is not in a place called hell where’s he is tormenting people. NO no. You are getting that confused with the lake of fire. The lake of fire will be the place where satan himself will be tormented. Satan is not doing any tormenting in a place called hell. Hell only references the grave. That’s what it means. Satan will be in the lake of fire to be tormented because the lake of fire was created for satan and his angels. So after they lose this war in heaven, let’s see what happens next.

v. 8 Look at that. They weren’t strong enough anymore. They didn’t have no power to overcome MichaYah and the righteous malakim. So there was not a place for them in the heaven any longer. Do you see? So satan is still up there. He’s down on the lower levels with us but he is still up there. Now it says here there was not a place for them in the heaven any longer because satan went up to that high heaven and remember in the Book of Job, satan was coming with the other angels to give a report. Yah said where have you been? Satan replied up and down to and fro on the earth seeking whom I may devour.

So satan has tried to bring the battle to Yah’s throne. ‘Star Trek’, do you remember that? Trekkies out there. Right? That’s what they are called those fans of Star Trek. ‘To boldly go where no man has gone before’. That is the motto of that show. John 3:13 says no man has gone into heaven (except Yahoshua). This is talking about the high heaven where Yah dwells. But satan is going to try to bring the fight there. The Book of Jasher speaks about that, when man was trying to make the quote-unquote ‘tower’ that we read about in Genesis chapter 11. It said that they wanted to go into heaven to make war against Yah, to replace Yah, to remove Him. Man has been seeking war with Yah forever. So on this Star Trek movie and TV show, you saw them trekking across the stars and everywhere they went they  ran into these fallen angels. The Klingons and all these creatures, those were fallen angels. And so they ran into all these different fallen angels while trying to search for the throne of Yah. Satan has deceived them saying we can go there and we can fight together to remove Him.

So their place is not found anymore. They will have to be cast down. He’s taking the fight up there and now it’s coming to earth. They will be cast out of heaven. This is when satan is cast out. Not way back in the Book of Genesis and now he’s in hell. No. That’s not it. That is a lie.

v. 9 Remember that serpent of old deceiving Eve? ‘The serpent of old’, let me just explain this. Just like the great dragon, satan carries all these names because he influences all these. He was the one that possessed the serpent in the garden. And he’s called the devil and he’s called ha shatan, he’s called the adversary. He leads all the world astray. All of the world has come under satan’s deception. He deceives us about everything. And for those that don’t know, he will deceive you about who Yah is. Because you think Yah is Jesus. You think it’s just a name difference but it’s not. It’s a full character difference. Jesus is a god. Yah is the Most High!

So satan and his boys will be thrown down to the earth and now they are coming down here, uh-oh. When they come down here what’s going to happen?

v. 10 Look at that. He’s up there accusing us to Yah. ‘Yah that ain’t your servant, why did he do this’? ‘Yah watch her, why did she do that’? Man, he is up there trying to put it before Yah’s face and making accusations against you. v. 11 Read. v. 12 He only has 3.5 years when he’s cast down. He’s going to be mad! He’s going to be filled with wrath! And we have already shown through the man of sin lesson that all that the man of sin wishes to do shall be done in that 3.5 year period that’s why it’s going t be the worst time of trouble ever. The trumpets are blowing and all these things are happening, satan’s hand is right in the midst of all of that through the man of sin. He’s going to be mad because he didn’t defeat MichaYah. You know MichaYah is one of those high-ranking malakim that stands before Yah, one of the 7 malakim that stand before Yah. Remember when satan was up there, satan was COVERING the throne of Yah. So both of them were high-ranking powerful malakim. And you KNOW that satan tried to get MichaYah to rebel with him! You know that happened. Because we can just see how satan’s spirit operates among our brothers and sisters when they get deceived and tricked by satan and we know the lies they say to get us to come and follow them. You know the blasphemous things that he said against Yah to try to get MichaYah and GabriYah and the others to come with him. But those brothers stood strong. They did not go so you know satan has a controversy with them.

See I’m saying family because we know this. Those of you all that have been fighting with us in these spiritual wars…been fighting with us and satan has been bringing our brothers and sisters against us…you know that’s how it goes. Let me give you an example. Of all of you that are listening to this lesson right now int he paltalk room on January 19, 2013, I guarantee you that some of you have been…on the back-end somebody has been texting you. Telling you to come out of this room and to come over to their room. ‘Don’t be listening to Obadiyah and them’. I’m pretty sure that y’all have read the things on Facebook. Israelite Heritage this and that. They always try to get people to come against. All we are trying to do is deliver the Word of Yah. If you are trying to deliver the Word of Yah, then you should not have a problem with us and we shouldn’t have a problem with you. We should be brothers and sisters in the faith.

But if you are not trying to deliver the Word of Yah, you’re going to always have a problem with those who do. So satan is angry. He will be thrown down by MichaYah. The one he tried to probably get to rebel with him. But now this one has defeated him. And so Yah has allowed that to happen just like Yah allowed Yahoshua to sit on the throne. Satan would not bow down to the image of man when Yah said He was about to create man on the earth and satan refused to bow down to that image. Right? So satan showed his arrogance but now it is a man who has taken your place in heaven. So now you have to bow down to Him before He casts you into the lake of fire.

v. 13. The woman is Ysrayl. So now he’s going to persecute Ysrayl. v. 14 She will be nourished for 3.5 years or 1,260 days. We already read that. So it’s being repeated here. So when the dragon is cast down to the earth, he’s going to come straight for Ysrayl. And so Yah is going to take Ysrayl into the wilderness to protect us because remember when satan is cast down that’s going to start the 3.5 year period that will start the man of sin standing in the temple…all that is going to take place at the same time.

But there’s a very curious thing in here in Revelation 12:14. It says that the woman was given 2 wings of a great eagle to fly into the wilderness. I don’t know how many of y’all are ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans or seen ‘The Hobbits’ but you do remember those eagles in there. Right? Those great eagles that came flying and Gandoff summoned the eagles and they came to save the day and the hobbits would fly on the back. You know how that goes. Right? What is Yah talking about? Is Yah talking about something like that is going to happen to us to fly us into the wilderness? So when the man of sin stands up are you going to be outside your door waiting on an eagle to come scoop you up? So when he’s on TV saying he is god and pulling down fire from heaven and all that. All this stuff that is going on and you are still there waiting on an eagle? ‘Oh it’s coming, I’m just going to wait a little longer’. If that’s what you are waiting on, you are going to be waiting more than a little longer. And if that is what you think, I think you need to stop watching Lord of the Rings and The Hobbits. You need to watch something else. Something that’s not going to influence your mind to the point where you are going to be missing the wilderness.

Let’s look at ‘the 2 wings of a great eagle’. This is in the back of the book. We know that things that are taking place int he back of the book are going to take place in our modern times with modern technology. ‘Obadiyah I know what you are saying, that’s going to be an airplane, right’? Calm down ahk. Let me get to this and then you can make your decision on what it is after I present this information. I don’t want you to get ahead of yourself saying that it is an airplane when this very thing was spoken about when Yah brought the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness of Egypt.

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 19. Because if you are thinking that it is an airplane then what was this? When this same thing was spoken of when Yah brought the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness of Egypt. And hey what do you know, I thought this would be a short lesson but he Spirit moved. I was just planning…since we went over a lot of things in Revelation chapter 11 and Revelation chapter 12 and the man of sin and other lessons. I thought I was just going to read through it. But no the Ruach told me to stop here and talk about this or explain that. So hey, it is what it is.

Exodus 19:3-4, v. 3 HalleluYah. v. 4 Yah said you have seen what I did to the Egyptians and I bore you on eagles wings. We don’t read nothing in the Exodus story about the children of Ysrayl flying anywhere on airplanes. We don’t read nothing about grand eagles coming and lifting them up. So what symbolism is this that Yah’s talking about?

Now Yah said here in Revelation 12:14 that I’m going to bring you on 2 wings of a great eagle. Two wings of a great eagle to fly into the wilderness to her place. So we know that this wilderness experience is going to be like the one of old. The children of Ysrayl had to leave Egypt and flee for their lies as pharaoh pursued them. And then they walked across the Red Sea, the Sea of Reeds and then Yah killed the pharaoh’s army. We don’t see nothing about them being taken up on an eagle. So what is Yah talking about here? The only thing we have in similarity to compare it by since Yah said here in Revelation, 2 wings of a great eagle. We just read here in Revelation chapter 11 that Yah is sending two witnesses. We just read in Exodus chapter 7 that Yah also had 2 witnesses back there. All we know is that these 2 witnesses are the ones that led the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness. So the only thing we have in similarity…because we know as it happened before, it’s going to happen again. It’s the two witnesses like Moses and Aharon.

But Ysrayl is scattered the world over right now. So how are they going to get to the wilderness by these two men? Moses had us in one place and lead us out of one country. But we are scattered in every country on the face of the earth. It’s all in Yah’s plan. But He said we are going to fly into the wilderness, we will be led by two witnesses as Moses and Aharon led us into the wilderness in that day. I tell you, I believe that, that is what it is. This is my personal opinion right here. I believe that, that is what it is because I know nothing is too small for Yah. Just like…let me show you something here.

Let’s go to the Book of Acts chapter 8. This is the only thing we have that is similar between these two times. Yah said I bore you on eagle’s wings. He said that. Right? And He said the same thing here. He’s going to bore us on eagle’s wings and lead us into the wilderness here (Revelation). The only thing we have to compare it to are these two men that lead the children of Ysrayl. Because without the leadership of Moses and without the leadership of Aharon leading them through the wilderness, we wouldn’t have made it. Yah’s hand was there. Yah was the leader but He spoke to these brothers and they spoke to the people.

So when we go into Acts chapter 8, remember the brother Philip? Philip was one fo the emissaries of Yahoshua in Acts chapter 8 starting at the 28th verse. The Spirit told him to go join himself to this Ethiopian who was reading Scripture. Philip heard the Ethiopian reading Scripture and he was reading a verse in Isaiah 53. Philip taught Yahoshua to him and then the Ethiopian Hebrew, Beta-Ysrayl, he wanted to get immersed so Philip immersed him. But after Philip immersed him…

Acts 8:39-40 ‘Philip however was found in Ashdod (Azotus). The Ethiopian didn’t see him. It said the Spirit of Yah caught Philip away. As soon as they came up, this is what they are describing…Philip disappeared in front of the brother’s face. The Eunuch saw him no more. And then Philip was found in Ashdod. Why would it tell us that he was found at Ashdod? It didn’t say he traveled or he walked but he was found after the Spirit had caught him away. The Spirit dropped him off there. So do you think it would be hard for Yah to come and teleport these brothers where they needed to go to lead the children of Ysrayl into the wilderness as He did in the days of old? Do you think that is too hard for Yah? Do you think that? I don’t. Because I know Yah can do anything. He caught this brother Philip away and dropped him off at Ashdod.

‘Two wings of a great eagle’. They are flying on eagle’s wings. They are going to swiftly get there, to the wilderness, to her place. She has to get there in a hurry. In the story of Lot, two angels grabbed Lot by the hand and took him out of the city because Lot didn’t want to leave. He did not want to leave Sodom. Let’s go back to Revelation chapter 12.

Revelation 12:15-17, v. 15 Now this is the symbolism that he is seeing but the actual water is going to be his army. Because he’s going to make war. Remember that. He’s going to use all his war devices to come after the children of Ysrayl. Just like pharaoh did. Remember pharaoh’s chariots came chasing us into the wilderness. And the man of sin is going to do the same thing. v. 16 Now the earth opened up, now remember when we came through the Red Sea, the sea opened up and let us through to get to where we needed to get to in the wilderness. But this time the earth is going to open up to swallow the water. The water opened up to let us walk across the earth. But this time the earth is going to open up to swallow up the water.

v. 17 ‘And the dragon was enraged with the woman’. So since he could not get to the children of Ysrayl because they are now in the wilderness with the malakim standing on guard…you can’t do NOTHING satan. Back on back Jack!

‘He went to go fight the remnant of her seed who keep the commandments of Yah and have the testimony of Yahoshua MessiYah’. This is the Messianic House of Ysrayl. There’s no need for us to be fighting Messianics. Cut that out. Satan is coming for all of us. If you are professing Yahoshua as MessiYah, I’m talking about true Messianics. I’m not talking about those with Ben Ami and those still worshipping Yahweh Ben Yahweh. I’m not talking about y’all. I’m talking about the real Messianics that believe in Yahoshua as MessiYah. Cut all the fighting out. Because Yah is going to take care of that in the wilderness because you do know that once we get into the wilderness, Yah is going to purge out the rebels.

So whatever you believe about the MessiYah and if Yah considers it a rebellious thought…you will be purged out of the wilderness. But first you have to get there because He’s coming to those who are keeping the commandments of Yah and possessing the witness of Yahoshua, that’s the Messianic House of Ysrayl. That is who he is coming for. This is what I’m saying, you have some Messianics out here that are plain crazy. But you have some out there that are just misguided. You have some out there that have a misunderstanding. But you have some out there that are just evil and wicked! So you have to know where they stand and who is who. We just may have to escape to the wilderness side-by-side with some of those crazy Messianics. That just may happen. And they may just try to trip you so you can fall while the army is chasing behind you. Because that’s how wild they are. Some of them just might be agents that you think are running with you but are actually chasing you. You just have to know who is who and what is what.

I can’t share a bunker with these ‘brews that really don’t love Yah. They can holler Yah and Yahoshua out of their mouths all they want. But at the time of escape, the hour of trial, the day of battle…you can’t be trusted. And that’s just that. Listen, I don’t have to talk bad about you now or do this or that. But I still don’t have to trust you either. Because Yah is going to sort this thing out. Yah is going to bring this too, there’s no need to be fighting out here. If you say you believe in Yah through Yahoshua, HallleluYah. Let the rest be sorted out by Yah.

Let’s go to Ezekiel chapter 20. Because we are headed into some very wild times. It’s going to very hard to tell friend from foe and foe from friend. Yahoshua said brothers are going to deliver us up. Just hope that you haven’t been deceived to be one of those brothers that do the delivering of a brother that is a servant of Yah. Because you will have to pay. You will have to answer to Yah. Ezekiel 20, we are looking at this wilderness and then we will close out here. We are at 1 hour and 52 minutes. I thought it would be under an hour. I’m not apologizing the Spirit said go. Now my flesh thought, man this is going to be the shortest lesson that we have ever had. Y’all heard me at the beginning. That was flesh talking. The Spirit said Obadiyah I’m going to show you something here. Since you are talking about the shortest, this isn’t going to be the shortest lesson you ever had. Naw, I’m not going to let it be, I need you to explain some more things here. Do you understand Me? I understand. And I’m explaining some more things here too. If You need some more after that, I will do that. I have no argument with that. I humbly accept.

Yahzeqyl 20:33-38, v. 33 He’s talking about you Ysrayl. v. 34-37 Read. v. 38 So He is saying I’m going to bring those wild ‘brews out. I’m going to bring them out from all the countries, lands where y’all are scattered. I’m going to bring them into the wilderness but I’m going to purge them. I will kill them in the wilderness, purge the rebels in the wilderness. Those that still want to rebel. Those that still want to bicker, fuss and fight and make up their own doctrines, teach and seek their own followings. He’s going to purge you in the wilderness. He’s going to kill you! Kill you in the wilderness! He will purge-out-the-rebels! He said I will enter into judgment with you like I did your fathers. He’s going to come face to face with you now. You know what that is right? ‘Face to face,’ He’s going to shake you. Didn’t-I-tell-you-not-to-be-acting-like-that? You now how that goes. You get one of those whippings where you can’t even catch your breath. You will not even be able to speak. That is the type of whipping that He is going to give you in that wilderness. Rebels.

It’s best that you try to get this thing right as best you can now with the information that is given to you. You don’t want to get out there acting up. Remember how you would get those extra whippings, those extra hard whippings when you went out into public and acted up? Yeah you got a whipping for acting up in the house but when mom and pop took you outside because you were acting up in public and embarrassing them. See back in the day you got a whipping out in public and parents go applauded for that. Oh but today you can go to jail. So today parents have to wait til they go home. Or they go to the public restroom and handle business. But back in the day when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s, mom would get in your face right there. Squeeze your face. ‘Didn’t I tell you not to do that out here’? Gritting her teeth. Right? You might even get a little smack across the face. ‘Stop that boy’. This is what Yah is going to do. This is what He’s planning to do. He has to get with you face to face. He’s been telling you from afar not to do this or that.

One of the worst whippings I can remember was given to me by my father. He was sitting on the couch one day watching TV and I’m across the room. I forgot what I was doing. I was playing with some toys and making noise. He told me calmly to stop. Then I would start making that noise again. Then he turned the TV up a little bit, he had already told me one time. So I guess he didn’t want to say it again so he turned the TV up a little bit. I’m still in the corner and started again. He has not said anything. So I get louder. He turns the TV up louder so now I have to get louder. I’m in competition with the TV now on who can be the loudest. So pops said it again and he raised his voice this time ‘BOY STOP’. ‘DON’T LET ME TELL YOU AGAIN’. And when he said that (laughs) I knew what that meant but still it didn’t never mind me. So I’m still whatever. Right? That was my mindset. I must have been 6 to 8 years old. So I’m continuing to play with my toys.

So I just happened to look over, now this is way back in the day. We didn’t have remote controls so pops had to get up to turn the TV up. So I know he was already mad. He was in his comfortable zone. Moms had fixed dinner. He had his plate and in a comfort zone. He had to get up to turn the TV up. So here I am making all this loud noise in the corner and I peep out the corner of my eye. This after the second time pops told me to stop. I peeked out the corner of my eye and all that I saw was him jump off of the couch. He pushed himself up with one hand and jumped up off the couch and I don’t know what he did with the other hand but I saw him reach for his belt and it was like his belt magically unhooked and magically came to his hand. That’s how it looked to me. The next thing I know is that I was upside down and that belt was on my butt. Stinging. I got the whole speech. I told you to be quiet. I had to gather my toys up and go to the back room. I couldn’t even breath because of the crying. I wanted to say a word but I couldn’t. I wanted to say I will not do it any more but I could not. I couldn’t play with my toys anymore. I couldn’t even sit down for a little while, until the whelps went away. (laughs)

But that’s what Yah is planning with Ysrayl. I don’t want that type of whipping. I don’t want it. I still remember that boy. It happened to me over 30 years ago. I still remember and I don’t want that. If you want it, if you are one of those that like pleasure in pain…you go ahead and let Yah put all the pain on you. That’s not for me. I don’t want it. I don’t want that for our nation but that is what Yah is doing because He has been telling us not to do this and that. He’s been from afar. He’s been watching us. Now He’s getting up off that couch with the belt in his hand. And He’s out in the wilderness and He’s about to purge out the rebels.

So family that’s it. That’s the end of the lesson. Todah for tuning in and I hope that the lesson is a blessing to you. May Yah continue to grant you understanding. May He continue to give you peace. We will be back next week if that’s Yah’s will to bring forth part 7 chapters 13 and 14. So now we are about to get into the mark of the beast.

So I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace, shalom, shalom.


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