The Book of Revelation p. 7c

Matthew 7:15 This is what we are reading here in Revelation 13. That he has the horns of a lamb. So he has the appearance of righteousness but he is a savage wolf. It said that he will speak like a dragon. A dragon will DEVOUR you and so would a savage wolf.

I got a chance to watch that movie ‘Grey’. Man, I loved that. Do you know why? Because it ate those wild Gentiles up. It ripped them to pieces. A plane crashed up in Alaska and those wolves ripped them apart. Good for them. ‘Obadiyah you just sound so MEAN now’. It’s not mean. It’s just getting back into the mind-set of justice. That’s what we have to get back into the mind-set of. All of these things these people have done to us and they think nothing is going to be done to them. That’s what I’m talking about. Why every time I turn on the television or I  go to the movie theater, there he goes as the hero of the world. Wild Gentile, the most disrespectful, most destructive entity on the planet right now working side by side with fallen angels and demons. This wild Gentile, it is his time to rule and he is destroying the world yet he is the ‘hero’ of the world. That’s his mind-set. “Oh I will lead you to freedom, follow me’. ‘Though there is a dragon, I have a sword, let me kill them’. ‘I can save the world’. That’s his mind-set. Save the world from what?! The world is in chaos and destruction because of you. In your time-frame to rule, what are you saving the world from, wild Gentile? So that is what I’m talking about family get your mind into justice against the wild Gentile, against the wild Hebrew, against all wildness of the earth. It’s time for it to end. Yah has stated family that’s why He’s given us the prophesies and the signs of when these things are to take place and how they will take place and we are starting to see how they will unfold.

Just like when those malakim appeared over Russia. You thought what they told you….there were no meteorites. Those boys came and descended just like you see in the movies. You know ‘immortals’ when the gods descended to earth they looked just like these fireballs. Those things lit up the sky. And they still can’t find the so-called meteor. That boy destroyed…it was over the air and it didn’t even hit the ground and it brought destruction with it. Didn’t we read in the Revelation series that a malakim came and looked like a torch? Right? Yes. It said it looked like a flaming torch just like you saw over Russia. Now I’m not saying that these are any of the malakim that we are reading about here. Do you remember our father Jacob had the vision or dream about the malakim descending and ascending back into heaven? Who do you think he was seeing? But we are going to go more into that because we have more fallen angel…well we have more angel stuff to talk about in future lessons. We are going to do some lessons on the righteous angels so you can understand them. We know about the fallen ones and the demons and all that. Let’s talk about the righteous ones.

So let’s go back to Revelation 13. We are looking at the false prophet.

v. 12 Look at that. He exercised all the authority. Remember the first beast’s authority came from satan. So he has all the authority of the first beast in his presence and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast in it to worship the first beast whose deadly would was healed. Remember this is the false prophet. And now he’s going to be the prophet for the man of sin. So he is going to run right alongside the man of sin to bring all to worship him. He will be second in command of the one world system. But he will be the head of the religious end of it. Well actually he’s going to be the prophet of it and the man of sin is going to be the head of it. So he will be second in command. So these two will mock Yah and Yahoshua. They will mock Yahoshua and Yahcanan the Immerser. They will mock Moses and Aharon. They will mock the two witnesses. They are going to make mockery of all this because remember satan is a copy-cat. Satan copies how Yah does things and he’s going to try to do the same thing. He’s going to tell the people ‘hey we are Moses and Aharon’. ‘We are the 2 witnesses’. ‘We are this and that’. ‘We are the God and the prophet’. Every God has a prophet. Since the gods are false, that makes their prophets, false prophets.

So Yahoshua said be aware of the false prophets who come to you in sheep clothing but inwardly they are savage wolves. Be careful of that. This man is going to be the head of all false prophets. He’s going to have authority and have the whole world to worship the man of sin. He’s going to be the leader of all the prophets on the planet.

v. 13 Read. v. 14 Now get this. It said that he’s going to do great signs so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on earth before men. Now looking at this, we identified the pope as being this false prophet because the Catholic Church is a grand false religion. The Catholic Church gave birth to what’s called Christianity. The Catholic Church gave birth to what’s called Islam. They have their had in Judaism and all these other religions because Catholic means universal. So just like we identified the man of sin as coming out of the system of democracy of the United States. The president already wears the title, the leader of the free world. The Catholic pope already wears the title, the leader of the religious world. So it only makes sense that this false prophet is going to be a major religious figure coming out of the highest religious office on earth which is the office of the pope.

So he’s going to have authority. And the pope already has authority as I was telling you at the beginning, the pope made up his own sins. Whenever the president comes before the pope he bows down and kisses the pope’s ring and that’s showing his allegiance to this figure. so the pope already has authority but he’s going to have even greater authority when this whole system, when the man of sin is revealed. It said that he does great sins so that he even make fire come down to earth before men.

Now the House of Yahweh that false prophet who is going to be under the order…Yisrayl Hawkins is going to be under the order of this false prophet because all false prophets will be under this order. So Yisrayl Hawkins says that this is talking about that when he pulls fire down out of heaven that’s going to be a nuclear bomb. That’s stupid!! What does a nuclear bomb have to do with this?! Yahoshua talks about signs and lying wonders. Can you imagine what this would do to the minds of men? To see a man pull fire out of heaven! You have not seen that. Because with a nuclear bomb the fire does not come down from heaven, it goes up into heaven..Yisrael Hawkins. You drop a  little bomb and then it makes a mushroom cloud that rises up. Scripture says fire is coming out. This ain’t going to be no trickery. This won’t be satellite technology. This will be none of that. This is going to be satan who is a powerful malakim who was second in command in heaven whom Yah has not taken away his power. Yah has not taken away his throne. He rules over demons and fallen angels. You will see the power of a malakim when he’s here ruling on the earth as the man of sin. Oh yeah, Scripture says in the Pseudepigrapha that he is going to make the sun dance in the sky. He will  make the sun come out at midnight and he’s going to do all these things that are going to just blow the minds of men. Because only God can do those things. Because we read about them in the Bible. It said that he is going to do every sign and wonder that we read about in the Scriptures EXCEPT raise the dead. Because he has no authority over the breath of life. This is in the Pseudepigrapha Book called the Apocalypse of Eliyah.

So this man, he’s going to be the pope. Now what’s so significant about this? Since we did this lesson and talked about this in the man of sin lesson, Pope Benedict stepping down. He’s 85 years old and he’s stepping down at the end of February 2013 as being the leader of the whole religious world. This is significant. Popes do not step of that office. One has not stepped down in 600 years. There goes that number 6 as we look at 666 and get the full understanding. Six hundred years, no coincidence. They are just showing you that this man’s sign is here. The sign of the false prophet and the man of sin is here. This pope is stepping down.

Now there were several Catholic prophesies. There was one back in the 1500s and we will go over that in just a moment. But there were several other Catholic prophesies even a prophesy that was given in Fatima. Now what’s interesting about this is that Fatima is a city in Portugal. But Fatima was also the name of the false prophet Muhammad of Islam…the name of his daughter, Fatima. And Fatima is also the name of this Catholic town in Portugal where the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared in the early 1900s. I think in 1914 to two girls and a boy, 3 children. She gave three prophesies to them.

Now the 3rd prophesy was sealed up and they fabricated what the 3rd prophesy is. But the 3rd prophesy relates to that after John Paul and all this is in the so called prophesy given by this demon called the Virgin Mary. Given by this goddess. That after the death of John Paul there would only be two more popes remaining. And this 2nd pope is going to be identified…they call him a heretic. They call him a renegade. The next one that is coming up. Now we understand that the false prophet will be by the side of the man of sin. When we went through the man of sin lesson we identified how the United States, its system of democracy and the office of the presidency is prime. We even looked at Barack Obama as possibly being that man. So if Barack Obama is possibly that man…the man of sin is already in office. He’s already there.

So now if the false prophet is about to step on the scene…this is so unusual for a pope…600 years. This event of a pope stepping down has not happened in 600 years. John Paul actually died 10 years before they announced it to the world. When they finally said that he was dead…he was dead 10 years earlier. He was just a corpse walking around. They were stringing his corpse up like a puppet or something. John Paul did not want to leave that office. I remember him back in the 70s and 80s when he got off an airplane he use to get down on his knees and kiss the ground. That jackal had gotten so old and so broken down that he had to put dirt to his mouth when he got off an airplane. He was just a puppet with strings attached. He probably was a cardboard cut out. So that pope did not want to leave office. The cardinals and everybody were angry saying this jackal needs to go. This jackal is still hanging around. He can’t do anything. He can’t even wipe his own tail. He needs to get out of here. But John Paul stayed there to the very last of his breath.

So then they go choose a pope that is not a young pope but an older pope. Now here it is that he’s only been in office a few years and he’s 85 years old and he says that he is stepping down because of health. John Paul didn’t step down and like I said, he died 10 years earlier. He was still moping around, hanging on by strings. Right?

So with this pope, this story is so unusual. They are making him remove himself because they have said ‘it is time’. Do you think that this is coincidence that Yah told us this and gave us this great information and showed us that this false prophet is going to be a pope? Because the office of the pope is prime and ready. Just like the office of the presidency is prime and ready. So now many of the so-called experts, Catholic experts, they are saying that it’s going to be without a doubt that the next pope is going to be a Ghanaian. He’s a ‘black’ man. His name is Peter Turkinson or something like that.

Now going back to this prophesy that was written by this Catholic back in the 1500s. Now he stated that there would be a pope called Peter the Roman. And that he will pastor his sheep in many tribulations. Now remember Yahoshua said that 3.5 years will be that great tribulation a time of worse trouble ever. And we know that the man of sin and the false prophet will be on the scene in their full office when that tribulation period happens. In fact, they are going to usher in the great tribulation. This is what the prophesy says. It was written around 1597. It says: Peter the Roman, who will pastor his sheep in may tribulations and when these things are finished the city of 7 hills, Rome will be destroyed and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.

Look at that. What he’s saying here, doesn’t it match up with what we are reading in Revelation? Yah is going to destroy not only Rome, He is going to destroy all those in wickedness. Then He’s going to judge His people and then the end. This was written in the 1500s. By this guy…I think his name was St. Malachi or something like that.

Now they believe…this pope’s name is Peter. And this prophesy said Peter the Roman. This man is from Ghana. Let’s look at the history of Ghana. Ghana supplied a TREMENDOUS amount of Israelites during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. There are a tremendous amount of our people still there. Now what is it about this? If this man is going to be the false prophet…there is over a 50 to 70% chance that this man is an Israelite!

Now y’all remember the story that they put out about Barack Obama. Saying that through his mother, he is related to the first enslaved Israelite in the United States. So they are trying to put Israelite blood in him and what if he is the man of sin? So we have these two Israelites that satan will use to throw in the face of Yah! Right, because he who touches you touches the apple of My eye. So this is what you have Yah? These are Your chosen people? I’m making them work for me.

I’m not saying Barack is an Israelite but they are trying to throw him in the lineage of Ysrayl by saying that he is related to the first enslaved Hebrew in the United States. Do you see? So satan goes and grabs this man…because this is who all the experts are saying…thy say that he would be the pope when Benedict was chosen. They were really shocked when he wasn’t (chosen). But they are saying that this man will be the next pope. They even talked to him about it and asked him how would it be to be a black pope since Barack Obama is the first black president.

I was on this website and they have a side-by-side picture of them and it’s so profound. They have Barack on the right side and they have this next cardinal who many believe will be the next pope on his right side. So we may have an image of the man of sin and the false prophet. Can you image that?

The world looks up at us. I posted a video from YouTube about how the Japanese are trying to be us. The whole hip-hop style. Whatever we do the world looks at us and admires it. They want to be us. They want to be like us but they don’t want to be us. So what I am saying is that Barack is influencing the world right now. Can you imagine if they finally get a black-skinned man in the office of the pope? Do you know what that would do to the minds of Israelites? They would switch religions! Farrakhan would probably become a Catholic!

But what’s even deeper about this. All the experts say that this man is going to be the next pope, this Peter Turkinson. He’s on the board of the cardinals. He’s head of several Catholic organizations and he even choose Benedict. He is one of the cardinals that has a vote in choosing the next pope.

So there was an article out today, in the New York Times. I’m recording this on February 22nd. But you hear this live on February 23, 2013. But there was an article in the NY Times, February 22nd. I know that this isn’t an accident. Because remember how we talked about how we understand…because the Catholics worship a goddess. We understand that the Virgin Mary is based on a goddess named Isis. This is why many of the earlier pictures of the Virgin Mary were black. There was an article in the NY Times stating that a black woman nun may be the next pope. This is what this article stated. It was in the NY Times. But like I said a lot of the experts say this guy Peter Turkinson will be the next pope. But this article that was written in the NY Times talked about how a black nun…now we talked about this. That this would be something totally out of left field but not really because right now this whole world is based on the feminine. They are worshipping the sacred feminine. This is what they are doing right now. So this is based on goddess worship.. This is why homosexuality is so big in the world right now. Men that want to be like women. Women’s rights and all this. Women just as equal as men and women getting the right to fight in war. All of this stuff is based on that. And since the Catholic Church which we know that the false prophet will come out of…that will blow the world’s mind if the next pope were a woman. A black woman.

So you covered the black and then you have the woman…that would cover a lot. But this was in the NY Times. The article states: The Vatican is an old boys club with traditions going all the way back to Peter says ‘its a  man’s job’.

I don’t know what Peter they are talking about.

It says: But wouldn’t a woman one who isn’t the least bit timid be interesting in the role? Like a cool black nun who comes to the throne after 30 years of doing God’s work with little recognition. She’d be the first pope in heels. Maybe from the Franciscan Handmaidens of the Most Pure Heart of Mary in Harlem. The real sister act. Get a swinging, singing sister to jazz up St. Peter’s Basilica. I guarantee people will tune in.

Because remember he’s going to have authority over all the people. Can you imagine? A black woman coming up there being the next pope? And then she says she’s a goddess. Then we have the trinity playing out. The holy father represented by the man of sin, the holy mother represented by the false prophet and then we have the son, Jesus. Or Muhammad or whoever you want it to be. That’s your trinity.

I’m just saying, just throwing this out here because this is not too far-fetched. Now either the next pope is going to be this guy Peter or maybe they will come out of the blue and put a woman in there. That would be powerful and that would lead a lot of people to the Catholic Church. But I just found that interesting that the NY Times wrote about this. We have been saying this, that it could be a possibility. A Hebrew woman as the next pope. That would be something. But we will see. Because they will elect the pope in March.

We talked about last time, about how the pope has what is called supreme authority. It’s called papal supremacy. It refers to the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church that the pope by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ and as pastor of the entire Christian Church has full, supreme and universal power over the whole church. A power which he can always exercise unhindered that in belief the pope enjoys by divine institution, supreme, immediate and universal power in the care of souls. This is from Wikipedia Online encyclopedia about the pope. He has full authority. And we read here in Revelation that he shall be given authority as the first beast. And the first beast has authority over all the world, all nations and tongues. The false prophet will have ethe same authority. It said he has universal power in the care of souls. And they say that this was instituted by Christ.

So if the man of sin says yes I am your messiah, I am Christ, I am this god. Yes he does have full authority. He’s my prophet. Do you see? Man, I’m telling you family this is so powerful. Revelation 13:13 says he does great signs. Revelation 13:14 said he leads astray those dwelling on the earth because of those signs. So people are going to follow after the signs. This is what they want to see. They want to see signs, miracles. This will make them believe.

Just not to long ago, the pope signed a contract with the state of Israel to have a seat at King David’s tomb. Now the agreement is going to be ratified in June of 2013. this gives the pope a special authority over the 2nd floor of the building that is by King David’s tomb. The Catholics are also seeking control over Mount Zion and also the Mount of Olives. You know why? Because they want to fabricate the return of Yahoshua. Where did Scripture say that He’s going to return? So now they are trying to get this authority over these places in Israel and the Jews are giving in to them. The Jews are signing these pacts with them. So now they are going to have this place where they believe that David and Solomon are buried. The Catholic Church will have control over that. Pretty soon the Catholic Church will have full authority over what’s called the Temple Mount of the courtyard of the temple. Remember we read in Revelation chapter 11 that the courtyard of the temple where Yah’s temple once stood is given to the Gentiles and they shall trample it 42 months, 3.5 years. So we are looking at the same time period here.

So now the pope has this authority that has been given to the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul went around the world and for his entire duration in office he was going around collecting the Catholics lost children. He was collecting or bringing everybody into the fold. To get them prepared for the rulership of the false prophet and the man of sin. In fact, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, daddy Bush talked about how John Paul was the key figure and very instrumental in the collapse of the Soviet Union and how that ended the cold war. They said that he was the key figure that did that. So he has that authority. He went around breaking down walls. Remember he has the appearance of a lamb. So he has the appearance of peace. He’s going around making ‘peace’. He made peace with the Muslims. There are pictures of John Paul kissing a Koran. that was his job, to go around and make peace. Now this other pope did what he was supposed to do. Now everything is ripe for that false prophet to stand up. As soon as Barak got into his second term, now we are ready for this next pope to come up. As soon as  he got in his second term He got in there January 20th and then a few days later here comes the pope saying that he is stepping down. That ain’t no coincidence. That’s setting it up. They are getting it ready.

Revelation 13:15 Do you see that? So they are going to actually put Ruach into an image! Right now over in Japan and many of the Asian countries who in big time cahoots with the fallen ones, they have technology…they have made robots…androids…cyborgs whatever you want to call them. They look human with actual human skin covering their circuits. You can’t tell it from a human. So when these things are built it said that they will make an image of the beast, the image of the man of sin. It shall speak and kill those that will not worship the image of the beast. Just like we read in Daniel chapter 3. When Daniyah and the brothers did not fall down and worship the image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up. Then they threw them into the furnace of the fire. This is the same thing. So if you don’t fall down and worship the image, if you don’t give your allegiance to the false prophet and to the man of sin and to satan…because that’s your true trinity. Satan, the false prophet and the man of sin, that’s the only trinity that the Bible talks about. This is the one the world already and will continue to worship


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