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In John 6:47 Yahoshua said he who believes in Me has everlasting life. In John 7:38 Yahoshua says he who believes in Me as the scriptures said out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. In John 7:38 is Yahoshua referring to John 6:47 or another similar scripture or is John 7:38 something He quoted Yah saying through a prophet and where is that scripture located ? Because He said ‘as the scripture said’. If you know please leave a comment.

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Did Yahoshua Pre-Exist? The Image and Word of Yah p. 1c

But I want you to see she (wisdom) was the first of all creation. But we are told that Yahoshua was the first of all creation and that He was so powerful that Yahoshua helped to create. but we see that wisdom was there and Yah infused wisdom into everything. And every man has some form of wisdom in him. Ain’t that powerful? I think it is.

Let’s go tot he Book of Proverbs chapter 9. The image and word of Yah. You say Yahoshua was at creation…okay. You say that Yahoshua helped with creation…okay.

Proverbs 9:10 To have knowledge of our Father Yah, you have understanding. And you have wisdom because you fear Him because you do keep His commandments. You have done what the Father said. The Father said to get immersed, so you got immersed. The Father said sit down and learn of His ways and you are sitting down and learning of His ways. The Father said keep My  laws and commandments and you are keeping His laws and commandments. Do you understand? That’s why you are comprehending this brothers and sisters. Because you have wisdom. Let’s go to the Book of Psalm chapter 111.

Psalm 111:10 All those doing them. Doing what? Doing His commandments have a good understanding. His praise is standing forever. Do you see brothers and sisters? Wisdom is the first of creation. She was there to see Yah’s hand and see Yah speak everything into existence. He fashioned everything how He willed it to be fashioned.

So you say Yahoshua was there doing the creating and you say Yahoshua was there that John chapter 1 proves this. Let’s go to John chapter 1.

John 1:1-3 Read. For those who are proponents of the pre-existing doctrine they say that this word that is spoken of here is Yahoshua. But that would be going against what we just read in Proverbs chapter 8 and the Book of Sirach chapter 1:1-10. Wisdom was created first. In the beginning wisdom was the first of His creation.

So if you are saying that this is Yahoshua there with Yah creating, when did that happen? And where did it happen? It’s because they don’t understand the image, likeness and the Word of Yah. Because right here all that existed with Yah was His literal word and Yah spoke everything into creation. Let there be grass and there was grass. Let there be darkness. Let there be this, that. Let there be day. Yah spoke all that into creation.

So the only thing that existed was His literal word at that time and Yah even spoke wisdom into existence. That was with Yah. In the beginning was the word and the word was with Yah and the word was Yah. Yah and His word are one. You can’t separate them. How do we know the Father and we have never seen Him? We never heard His voice but we read His word. That’s how we know Him. That’s how we have the beginning of wisdom because we fear Him through His word. That’s why we have understanding because we fear Him and we have wisdom and now we have the understanding of His word because He is His word. The word was in the beginning with Yah. Nothing else existed.

Let’s go to Psalm chapter 33. Yah spoke all of this into existence. Tellihim. Let me show you this. You want to say that, that word right there was Yahoshua, no Yahoshua BECAME the word after He was born into the world and after He walked the perfect walk. He became the exact representation of Yah’s word.

Psalm 33:6-9, v. 6 ‘By the Spirit (or Breath) of His mouth’. What is the Spirit of His mouth? What comes out of our mouths? Word. Real quick before we go to verse 7. Let’s jump over to the book of John chapter 6. Check this out, by the Spirit of His mouth.

Yahcanan 6:63 Yahoshua only spoke the words of yah so the words that He spoke which were the words of yah were spirit. The words He speaks, Yah’s words are Spirit because Yah is Spirit because Yah and His word are one. So He spoke everything literally into creation.

Let’s go back to Psalm 33. The heavens were made by Him speaking. Wisdom was made by Him speaking. That’s the power that Yah has.

v. 7-9 For He spoke and it was done. In the beginning was the word and the word was with Yah and the word was Yah for He spoke and it came to be. He commanded and it stood fast. Do you understand that? That He SPOKE everything into creation. That wasn’t Yahoshua there helping Him to create but He spoke it all.

You can go back to the Book of Genesis chapter 1 and read verses 3, 6, 9, 11, 14 and just continue to read that entire chapter. Every time Yah created it said, ‘Yah said let this happen’ and Yah said ‘let that happen’. Yah spoke all of this into creation. He spoke it all into existence because that’s the power that He has. He is the Power. By His Power, by His Spirit, by His mouth, by His breath everything was created even wisdom.

Let’s go to john chapter 1. I’m giving it to you simple. I’m not going to make it complicated because it is not complicated. It’s very simple. Yahoshua was not there at creation. Yah told you He is alone. There is none besides Him. He tells you all that. Yahoshua is His Messiyah for this day and He was sent to men. We are going to see that.

Yahcanan 1:10-11, v. 10-11 Now you see, He was in the world…now we are talking about Yahoshua. But prior to this verse, we were talking about Yah’s literal word. Here in v. 10 and 11, now we are talking about Yahoshua. Because Yahoshua became the word of Yah, He became the exact representation of Yah’s laws and commandments. When Yah said thou shall not, Yahoshua thou shall not. He had not only the physical understanding but He also had the spiritual understanding and that’s how He lived His life. So He became the exact expressed representation of Yah’s word to the Children of Ysrayl and to the world.

Let’s skip down to v. 14.

v. 14 Do you see this? He BECAME flesh and pitched His tent (or dwelt among us). Who is He? The word. And the word became flesh and pitched His tent. What word are we talking about? Yah’s literal word. What is Yah’s literal word? So you can understand this, let’s go to John chapter 17.

It’s just like if I were writing a movie script and all my ideas are laid out on these pieces of paper. Everything I imagined on how this movie is to look…so from this script I go into production and from production I go and film the movie. So my movie is he exact representation of my movie script. First comes the movie script and then comes the movie. So first comes the word of Yah, then the exact representation of Yah’s word comes which is Yahoshua. The movie did not exist before the movie script. The movie script has to be written first. Then from the pattern of the movie script, we move on to the different steps that will have us to film the movie.

Yahoshua did not exist before the word of Yah. It was impossible for every thing was created from Yah’s word. Do you understand that?

So let’s go to John 17. The word became flesh. The movie script became real when we filmed the movie. That’s all that means. What Yah had been telling us since the days of Moses, since the days of Adam, all the commandments He had been giving us, we see it in Yahoshua. When Yah said thou shall not, Yahoshua did not do it. And He showed you how to do it. He didn’t think it, He didn’t move on it, He didn’t do it because Yah said not to do it. He was very obedient. That’s what it means.

Yahcanan 17:17 What is truth? Yah’s word. What is Yah’s word? Let’s go to Psalm 119. We have been given this over and over again but let’s make it that much more sense of it. Every time we give these scriptures in every lesson we have to make that much more sense of it.

Your word is truth, that’s what Yahoshua said.

Psalm 119:142 …and Your law is truth. So Yah’s word is truth. His word is the laws. That’s truth.

Let’s skip down to v. 151. We just seen that His Torah is truth.

Psalm 119;151 So Yah’s law and commandments are truth. Yah’s word are His laws and commandments and they are truth. So when scriptures said that the word became flesh, Yah’s laws and commandments became flesh, in Yahoshua. Everything Yahoshua did was because He was perfect, obedient servant. That’s what happens when you are a perfect obedient servant, you see the esteem that Yahoshua had. They say we saw His esteem. They saw Him being favored by the Father heavily because He was the word encompassed, inside of a man’s heart. Do you understand family?

Let’s go to 1 John chapter 5. I’m going to read this from the KJV because the KJV has it right. It has a powerful statement here so we can get a greater understanding because it goes right into what we were talking about, Yahoshua as the word of Yah.

1 Yahcanan 5:6-7 The Father is Yah, the word is Yah and the Set-apart Spirit is Yah. All of these are one. This ain’t no TRINITY. All of these are Yah. yah is the Father, Yah is the Word…in the beginning was the word and the word was with Yah. Yahoshua became a representation of Yah’s word but Yah’s word is Yah. 1 John said that the word was with Yah and the word was Yah. We know that the Set-apart Spirit, the reason that it is called the Set-apart Spirit is because it’s set-apart from all spirits. Yahoshua is living as a spirit now. The angels are spirits but the set-apart spirit is Yah’s Spirit. It’s the highest Spirit that’s why it’s set-apart from every spirit because it is the only spirit that exists on its own power…Yah the self-existing one. So these three bear witness, this ain’t no trinity. The word, Yah and the set-apart Spirit, all these are Yah. Do you understand?

Yahoshua is just a representation of His word. His word is still Him. That’s Yahoshua said that they are one. Because Yahoshua is representing Yah and Yah’s word so Yah’s word has authority over Yahoshua. So whatever Yah’s word says and He gives a commandment, Yahoshua does. So He is one with Yah’s word. That’s why they call Him the word because He is the representation of righteousness. He is the representation of love. He is the representation of compassion, justice and truth. That’s why He’s the head servant because He represents all of those things that are Yah…to the max.

So We are seeing that Yahoshua did not have a hand in creation. We see that Yahoshua was not the first of creation. We see that when Yah made the first creation, of course Yahoshua is the first of His new creations now that man is dying and man will be resurrected and turned into spiritual beings when the flesh will be turned into spirit. So that’s a whole new creation there, we will talk about that in a future lesson. Buy we see that when Yah created, wisdom was there first. So where does Yahoshua fit in, in the whole scheme of things? Was He an angel?

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 3 because back in the day, if Yahoshua is speaking to us now…because we know that Yahoshua talks to us now. Yahoshua brings the truth to us now. Yahoshua taught us and gave us a great example. But if He pre-existed why didn’t Yah use Yahoshua as He uses Him today? Why didn’t He use Him yesterday? this is the same argument that the Christians have ‘well God says that the laws are no more’. Why would He say the laws are no more when we see that every prophet is coming to the Children of Ysrayl to tell them to keep the laws? So why would He give you laws in the one end of the book and then at the other end tell you no more?

So why would Yah use Yahoshua in this capacity to speak to us today but if He existed yesterday, why didn’t He use Him yesterday? And Yahoshua’s job calls for that, Huh? Because we see in the Book of Revelation, we see Yahoshua speaking to the malakim and speaking in the Book of Revelation. So even when He is in heaven, He’s still speaking to us. We saw that when Yahoshua introduced Himself to Shaul, He was still speaking to us, wasn’t He? Yahoshua after He had ascended into heaven, He was still speaking from heaven speaking down to us. Wasn’t He? So He is still speaking to us even in this very day but why wasn’t He speaking to us in the days of old if He was the pre-existing Messiyah?

Exodus chapter 3, these are questions that must be answered for those of you that have this pre-existing doctrine. Why didn’t Yah use Him yesterday? Why did He use Him to speak to Moses? Why didn’t He use Him to speak to Joshua? Shemot chapter 3.

Exodus 3:1-7, v. 1-2 Wait a minute, it says the angel of Yah appeared to Him in a flame of fire. v. 3-4 Wait a minute, verse 2 said that the angel appeared in the flame of fire but v. 4 said that it was Yah that he saw and Yah called to Moses. Do we have a contradiction here? Nope. Because this angel came speaking in the stead of Yah. when this angel spoke it was as though Yah was speaking. Like now when Yahoshua speaks it’s like Yah is speaking because He only speaks Yah’s words but back in the day, it was angels doing this. That Yahoshua now does. If Yahoshua is fulfilling this role in THIS day and 2,000 years ago, why didn’t He fulfill it 4,000 years ago? Because we know that, that is His job description today but if He pre-existed 4,000 years ago, His job description should be the same because scripture says that Yah does not change (Malachiyah 3:6). The way that Yah dealt with man yesterday is the same way that Yah deals with man today.

But yesterday it was angels speaking to us and today it is the Son of Yah, Yahoshua ha Maschiyach. Let’s continue.

v. 5-6 Huh? He was afraid to look at yah. v. 7 Oh wee, nobody knows the sorrows I see. Nobody knows. Right? Nobody knows the trouble I see. Nobody knows the pain and sorrow. But Yah knows and if He heard the cry of His people in that day, Yah is listening to the cry of His people in this day. As they cry out for injustices done to our people, Yah hears that. As He sent a servant in that day to deliver His people, He is sending His servants in this day to do likewise because Yah does not change.

In v. 7 we see that it is an angel that appeared to Moses in the flame of fire but He is speaking as Yah.

Let’s go to Exodus 23, let’s farther look into this. This is Yahoshua’s job description, why isn’t He doing it? Why is Yah sending malakim to speak to us? If He is pre-existing what is He doing up there? He hasn’t taken satan’s seat. He is not coming down to speak to men. What is He doing up there? We see that He was not creating. Yah did creation Himself. What is He doing up there? Where is He?

Exodus 23:20-22, v. 20-21 So this angel has the power to forgive and not forgive sins. We see Yahoshua has that same power in what we call the new testament in our day for He forgave the woman who was caught in a transgression. He said He forgave her of her sins, go and sin no more. But back in the day, it was an angel doing the exact same job that Yahoshua is doing now because Yahoshua was not there to do it in that day. He only came to fulfill that role as He came through the womb of His mother and lived on the earth as a righteous man and was executed and ascended into heaven THEN He started fulfilling all those roles and we don’t see the angels talking to us anymore like that in that manner. NOW Yahoshua is the one guiding even the angels as we see even in the Book of Revelations. But we do not see anything about Yah saying listen to Yahoshua do we? He said listen to My angel. Are you telling me that Yahoshua was an angel? If that is what you are telling me, the book says NO.

Let’s go to the Book of Hebrews chapter 1. Let us make man in our image and our likeness and the word became flesh.

Hebrews 1:1-2 Look at this. He has appointed to be the heir all that He has appointed. So if Yah has appointed, it means that He did not have it before He came down here to do His earthly walk and mission. Before He became the word of Yah, He didn’t have everything. But after He did it, this is His grand, great reward. It says for through Him,  He made the ages. What is Yahoshua called? The word of Yah. What created all the ages? What created everything? The word of Yah. Yahoshua is the exact representation of Yah’s word. We know that the word is the only thing that existed during creation. We know that Yah’s word literally made all of the ages. So this is just one of the titles that Yahoshua is called. He is called the word of Yah, among many other things. Powerful things. Powerful titles.

But let me ask you this. It said that Yah having in old (various times) spoken of to the fathers. Yah spoke to our fathers by the prophets. But today He speaks to us by the Son. The malakim or messengers brought the message to the prophets and the prophets brought the message to the people. Do you know why now that format has switched to now Yahoshua is speaking to the prophets? Let me tell you why.

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Yah’s throne room was described in Revelation chapter 4 by Yahcanan and also in Yahzeqyl chapter 1. Another prophet also described Yah’s throne room. Who described it? Answer: Yesiyah chapter 6, he saw Yah sitting on His throne and Yah’s robe filled the throne room. A seraphim put a hot coal on Isaiah’s mouth similar to Ezra drinking that fire like substance in that cup then the fiery words of Yah come out.

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Yah commanded ravens to bring this man of Yah bread and meat morning and evening. Who was this man of Yah?

Answer: Eliyah. Yah gave him bread, meat from the ravens and water from the brook Cherith. 1 Kings 17:1-7.

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The shadow of Kepha healed and cast out demons in Acts 5:15-16. Yah worked unusual miracles by the hands of this apostle also so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them! Who was this apostle? Answer: Shaul Acts 19:11-12.

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In Revelation 1:15 and Revelation 14:2, Yahcanan described Yahoshua’s voice as being like many waters. Which prophet described Yah’s voice as being over many waters?

Answer:David described Yah’s voice as being over many waters in Psalm 29:3. He goes on in verses 4-9 describing Yah’s voice.

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In 1 Kings 17:1-7 Eliyah proclaimed there would be a drought to King Ahab. Yahoshua said this drought lasted how many years? Who will stop the rains in the future? Answer: Yahoshua said the drought lasted 3 years, 6 months or 3 1/2 years in Luke 4:25. The two witnesses will stop the rains it says in Revelation 11:6.