Genesis 15:14: Judgment Upon the Land p. 5

Title: Genesis 15:13: 400 years in a foreign land: p. 2 judgement upon the land.

(lesson already in progress)…so if you have another understanding of Genesis 15:13, that’s between you and Yah. Your salvation is on the line. So you better make sure that what you believe is righteous. Don’t just believe because hey…if you are under the operation of certain demons then you will believe whatever those demons tell you. So you better fight. This is your life on the line. This is your family’s life on the line, you better fight. You just don’t give in just because of one swing. One swing and that’s it, you don’t want to fight anymore. ‘Oh devil you got me’ (you say). And he didn’t even hit you. He swung at you. And you have given your whole life up to him. That is cowardly. Those are the type of men that Yah doesn’t need. Those are they type of men that Yah doesn’t want. Yah wants…When the devil swings at you, you swing back. That’s what King David did. That is what Abraham did. That is what Moses did. That is what Gideon did. That is what Samson (Shimshon) did. That is what Shaul, Kepha and all the righteous servants of Yah did. This is why Yah said, ‘I’m going to send cowards into the lake first’. Yah is upset with cowards. Here it is that I gave you my battle armor to fight and you let the devil swing at you and then you took off all the battle armor and start running? Who wants that sissy soldier? This ain’t don’t ask, don’t tell. Yah don’t want no fags in His army. Yah kills them. Yah kills cowards. Because a coward can’t fight. Alright family let us stand for something and sometimes let our name be known.

Once upon a time our army was so great that we marched and we shook the earth. The people knew we were coming and the people were terrified because they knew that Yah was coming before us. And they knew that the name of Yah was upon us. What could they do to stand against that? Now here we are. And it’s like, the fear of Yah within His people has left. His people don’t even fear Him anymore. They don’t believe that it’s Him. Naw, this can’t be the same Yah (they think). This can’t be the One that slaughtered entire nations and killed first-borns for their wickedness. This ain’t Him. That Yah is gone now. Jesus is here. Humpf.

Now today, today’s lesson Genesis 15:13, once again four hundred years in a foreign land part 2: judgment upon the land. Now we looked at Genesis 15 last week. We read the entire chapter. And what we got family was that Yah said the affliction was to be for a 400 year period. Now we saw that in that verse Genesis 15:13, we were to be sojourners. We were to serve them and then it said we shall be afflicted by them for this 400 year period. And that did not happen in Egypt.

Now we have got to understand Yah’s plan of salvation for man. Yah has a plan in order family in which He is going to execute. So that He can bring mankind back to salvation. Because when the adversary fell from heaven and he came to earth because he created chaos in the heavens by taking those who wanted to hear his voice over Yah’s voice. and they followed him. Then he got down here to earth and Yah’s new creation, mankind, the adversary came against man strongly, overtook man and caused man to rebel against Yah. So all this rebellion going on in the face of Yah. So now Yah has to redeem man back to Himself because man has fallen like some of His malakim have fallen. You have fallen angels and fallen men.

So now we are looking at Yah’s plan of salvation for the entire family of Abraham. Not just the family of Abraham but the family of Adam. But it is the family of Abraham that will be the ones that execute and operate as major players in Yah’s plan. Yahoshua is the greatest and then underneath Him is the nation of Ysrayl. Both of then play a key role in Yah’s plan of salvation.

So Yah has deemed a time period, family. On which the captivity of the children of Ysrayl is to take place and when it is to end. Let me re-phrase that. The FINAL captivity, Yah has a time period on the final captivity of the children of Ysrayl: when it is to begin, how it is to begin and when it is to end. And when that final captivity…there will be something to signal to the world that their time is up, that the rule of the Gentiles has ended.

So here we are right now in the midst of the rule of the Gentiles, which has not ended yet but is coming to a head. And so when we look at Genesis 15:13, Abraham know for certain meaning Abraham what I am telling you is going to happen. Your seed shall be strangers or sojourners in a land that is not theirs.

Now we saw last week, reading from the Book of Yasher that our brother Yoseph was in Egypt as a ruling body in Egypt. Only pharaoh had more power ruling in Egypt than Yoseph. It said the government was in his hands. So if Yoseph sat around with the priests of Egypt and wanted to make laws and if Yoseph did not like the laws that they made, Yoseph threw it out and said this is what we are to do.

Yah said a land that is not yours. Yoseph had full authority over the land of Egypt…this Hebrew. And so did his family. As pharaoh praised and paraded them through Egypt. And if you go and read the Book of Yasher, it tells you that when Yoseph was made second in command, the people of Egypt worshipped him. We read that last week, that they built a high place for him. High places are temples and altars built for gods. Yoseph was a god in the sight of the Egyptians. And only pharaoh had more power than he. The Book of Yasher went on to call Yoseph the king of Egypt.

So in a place, a land that is not yours. Now we are going to look at this thing. We have had no hand in the building of this government. This governmental system here in the United States. Now let me explain this to you family. Let this be known. That what I’m saying here, this is not excluding other Israylites. See there is a lie being told. Let me tell you two lies that I have heard that we are supposedly saying. One, we supposedly say that Yoseph was a prophet. We said Yoseph was a ruler in Egypt. We have the lesson from last week and that is what we said. Two, we are not excluding others because they don’t fit this prophesy saying that they are not Israylites, THAT’S A LIE.

Like I said, tonight in the United States in the Netherlands where we have Israylites at, in Germany, how many of you ‘brews tonight are going to go hungry? Because part of the curses calls for famine. But which of you will be starving tonight? How many of you have been starving for the past week and didn’t eat anything because you didn’t have anything to eat? So our brothers in the Sudan are starving. We have brothers and sisters in Haiti that are starving. So because that end of the curses is following them, does that exclude us? Does that mean that we are not Israylites because we are not in famine right now? Not at all, family. So understand that when these prophesies happen, that they may happen to one end of the branch but it happens to the entire nation. If we have members in our nation that are starving, then that prophesy is on us. Then we have starvation in the midst of our nation. So when we look at this particular prophesy, the only fitting criteria is this: The seed of Abraham shall be strangers in a land that is not theirs. So if only the tribe of Judah was in a land for 400 years being afflicted then the tribe of Judah has fulfilled this prophesy.

So the seed of Abraham…it didn’t say Abraham ALL your seed because we looked at the Scripture last week, Abraham had multiple seeds. It didn’t say ‘Abraham ALL 12 tribes’. It didn’t say that, it said the seed of Abraham. Seed means descendants, family. That is all it means. It means Abraham’s descendants. Abraham know for sure that your descendants and we found out that, that’s the righteous descendants, the chosen descendants, the children of Ysrayl. Abraham, the children of Ysrayl shall be in a land that is not theirs.

Now, let’s look at that family. What does it mean, a land that is not yours? It means that you have no ownership of that land. But we read last week that we took possession of Goshen. We owned Goshen. When Yoseph was ruling Egypt who was going to come to Egypt and tell us that we couldn’t do what we wanted to do? Nobody in Egypt could do that. They couldn’t do that because we owned that land. So even if you look down to verse 18 as we did last week (Genesis 15:18) and Yah said from the River of Egypt to the River Euphrates. Which is the exact physical location of the garden of Eden was said to have been.

So we look at all these things, I’m going to show you even more of how these things shape up family. So we are going to look at Genesis 15:14 today. I just wanted to go over a small portion of last week’s lesson so that we can tie it all in together. Now the children of Ysrayl stayed in Egypt 430 years. That’s what Scripture says in Exodus 12:40. We read that last week. We looked at that pharaoh, when Yoseph came in (to power) and Yoseph was 71 years old and he was still ruling as a king with all the government of Egypt in his hand. Powerful, family.

Now here’s where we are really going to see this thing kick off. We are going to show that Mystery Babylon is that nation that is mentioned in Genesis 15:14, which we are going to read right now. We are going to look at judgment upon that nation. I’m reading from the translation called the Scriptures.

Genesis 15:14 They are going to serve this nation spoken of in Genesis 15:13. Now Father Yah in all His infinite wisdom, Abraham knew the Egyptians. Right? Abraham knew of the land of Egypt and so did Yah. It would have been a perfect time for Yah to tell Abraham the name of the land where his descendants are going to dwell for their 400 year period and He is going to judge the Egyptians. It would have been the perfect time for Yah to mention it right there.

Or how about this, Genesis 15:13: Know for certain that your descendants shall be sojourners in EGYPT and they shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years. But EGYPT whom they serve, I am going to judge and afterward let them come out with great possessions. Yah could have said that. Abraham would NOT have said ‘who is Egypt’? No, Abraham knew the Egyptians. He was living next door to them practically, in Canaan. But Yah did not mention this nation by name.

Now had Yah said listen Abraham, know for certain that your seed shall live in the United States. And then in v. 14 say but the United States whom they serve… Abraham knew nothing about a United States. What in the world is that? So Yah did not even bother to tell him the name of the nation. He just said the nation. Abraham don’t even worry about it,  just ‘the nation’. Because what we are going to do now in Genesis 15:14, we are going to identify that nation. Just like we had to identify who that seed was. Yah just put a blanket (general statement) ‘your seed’. And this is before our father even had children. So your seed Abraham, He didn’t even take time to say your seed, the children of Ysrayl, Abraham. What? Who are the children of Ysrayl? (Abraham would have said). So Yah just put it out there (as a general statement). Because those things, these prophesies are to be known in our time. We know who the children of Ysrayl are now. Because that’s us. And we can identify from Scripture that place, a 400 year captivity.

Alright, let’s look at this. The nation who they serve, I am going to judge. And afterward let them come out with great possessions. Now the key points that we must look for in Scripture to find it, is tha is the same nation spoken of in Genesis 15:13. This is the same nation to whom the children of Ysrayl will be mistreated evil for a 400 year period. And be in the midst of this nation that is not theirs. So this nation does not belong to the children of Ysrayl. They have no hand in the governmental system of this nation. The founding of it, none of it. The creation of it, any of it. Our people have laid blanket in this land. They had us as slaves. We did slave labor. We have some politicians now but at the formation of this country, we had nothing to do with it.

They didn’t invite us to the table. We were not invited to this land. We were brought here against our will. We served them. This land has been the paradise for every nation on this planet except us. Everybody has been invited to the dinner table except us. They said we are going to have a grand dinner tonight and children of Ysrayl, you will serve everybody here. Just like the storyline in Coming to America (movie). Did y’all know they were telling you the story of Ysrayl in Coming to America? Many of you have loved that movie for so long and didn’t understand why. That’s what they were telling you, in a symbolic gesture. You are leaving royalty…because Yah said you have left your fame. You have left your glory, esteem. You left it. You gave it up. And so this is where you came. Yah sent you here for punishment. But you are royalty. You are rulers. But you can’t tell that now by looking at us.

So we are going to connect this family. Genesis 15:14 one more time. Genesis 15:14 (read). This nation family that Yah is speaking about is identified in the Bible as Mystery Babylon. One of the key points in v. 14, Yah said I’m going to judge this nation. So the judgment of Yah is going to be upon this nation. Now we know that when he children of Ysrayl came up out of Egypt, it said that Yah executed judgment on the gods of Egypt. Yes, He did so He could free His people. He brought down that judgment on Egypt so He could free His people but after the children of Ysrayl left Egypt, Egypt still functioned as a society for hundreds of years after the Exodus.

But when Yah brings His judgment down upon Mystery Babylon…she’s through. There will never, ever be anything left of here. We will see why Yah is going to bring His judgment upon her and the reason. And it’s going to go right back to what we read in Genesis chapter 15:14.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 47. We are still under the curses. We have been sent here as part of the curses. We are going to see how all this is lining up. We are identifying now that nation whom Yah is going to judge.

Yesiyah 47:1-6 Now I want to break down some of this. First, ‘come and sit down in the dust oh maiden daughter of Babylon’. ‘Come sit at My feet’. ‘Now you say that you are a queen (lady) of kingdoms but you come sit at the dust at My feet because I have authority of you’. So Yah says sit on the ground without a throne. When you approach Me, you will not sit high and lofty on your throne as if you have authority over Yah. Yah is going to meet you and treat you like you are NOTHING. So He says ‘no more do they call you tender and delicate’. Take the millstone and grind flour (meal), remove your veil,  lift up the skirt, uncover the leg (thigh), pass through the rivers let your nakedness be uncovered’. Let them all see what you have under there. Let them all see your foulness. (Let them see) what you have been seducing them with. This is what Yah is saying to her. But look at this in verse 6, Yah said I was angry with My people. Who are His people? The children of Ysrayl. I have profaned My inheritance and given them into your hands. He gave us into the hands of Babylon, family. That’s why He told Abraham, know for sure, see Abraham I know for certain that your seed is going to be in her land because I”M GOING TO SEND THEM THERE. That’s how you can be certain of this thing Abraham.

Then He goes on to say ‘I gave them into your hand and you showed them no compassion’. ‘You made your yoke very heavily even on the elderly’. Family, we are talking about one nation here. Yeah, the children of Ysrayl have suffered many captivities and are scattered the world-wide but we are talking about one nation here. Who fixed this prophesy? Just like we say that we are the children of Ysrayl because we fit the prophesies and the Jews don’t, well the same thing still applies. That’s how prophesy works. Who fits this? Who in the world could Yah be talking about? Could He be talking about the children of Ysrayl that has been under Spanish rule for 600 years? That segment of Abraham’s seed? Naw. Could He be talking about the children of Ysrayl that has been under French rule for 500  years that is a land that’s not theirs? Naw. He couldn’t be talking about them because they are passed the time frame. So we have to look for Abraham’s descendants, the children of Ysrayl to be in a place for a 400 year time period and be afflicted for that 400 years in that land for that time period. That’s what we are looking for.

So Yah said He was angry with the children of Ysrayl. You profaned Hi inheritance. He gave them into your hand and you showed them no compassion. You made your yoke very heavy on the elderly. Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 28. We are going to see family. We will see this nation whom they serve, I am going to judge. Who else is in line to receive the judgment of Yah face to face, other than the United States for all she has done? Who has mistreated us more right now? She has not let up. We have not had a chance to breathe in her land.

Now this is not a debate about which segment of Abraham’s seed of the children of Ysrayl are suffering the most because we ALL are suffering. But we look at the way she has treated us from the moment we came here up until this very hour. There has been no rest. And we are closing in on a 400 year time period. We are going to look at the whole thing. The founding of Jamestown and all that.

Deuteronomy 28:48-50, 68 Family, could this be the exact same nation that we just read (about) in Isaiah chapter 47, whom Yah calls the daughter of Babylon? Yah said this nation in Isaiah 47, He calls her Babylon. And then He says I have sent My inheritance into your hands and you showed them no mercy and you had a heavy yoke upon the elderly. We just read the same thing here family. It’s the same nation. And we know that Deuteronomy 28 verses 48-50, in fact verses 15-68 are the verses to the curses. So Yah said this nation is fierce-looking. Which shows no regard for the elderly nor shows favor to the young. When have they been kind to the elderly? They will beat an old Hebrew man over the head as quick as they would a young Hebrew teenager. Whenever in our history have you found any relief for our people in this land from 1619 up until now? It says Yah brings this nation from afar as swift as the eagle flies. It’s not a coincidence that this land’s national symbol is the eagle. But we must also look at that ‘as quickly as the eagle flies’…is that the eagle is a powerful predator bird. It swoops down upon its prey. And its prey doesn’t even know and the next thing its prey knows is that it’s in the grips of the eagle. That’s how the swiftness of an eagle operates.

These people came down upon us so fast and snatched us up. One day we are over in the west coast of Africa and they just swooped down and snatched us up. Predators. They had no regard for the old or young. They stacked us ALL in the bottom of those slave ships. On top of one another. They put us in there with rotten corpses and everything. It was horrific.

But we are talking about the same nation here family. The same one that Yah calls Babylon, is the same one we are talking about here. And it’s the same one that is going to bring Yah’s judgment down upon her head. It’s the same one in Genesis 15:13. A 400 year period for Abraham’s seed.

So let’s go now and look at something real quick. Let’s go down to verse 68. We all know the Scripture but we are going to read it here again just in case you may have forgotten.

Deuteronomy 28:68 He’s going to bring you back it says. This is after we have been freed from Egyptian captivity and had gone through the wilderness. Yah said I’m going to bring you back. I’m going to bring you back to Egypt in ships. By way on which I say to you. You are never to see it again. There you shall be sold to your enemies as male and female slaves but no one will buy you.

Now when it says no one to buy you, it means no one will redeem you. Leviticus chapter 25 speaks about the law of redemption, that we were sold into slavery. That we can be bought back by the next of kin. But Yah says no one to buy you. No one will buy you out of your condition. No amount of money has ever been put forth by anybody to try to buy you out of your condition. Its can not happen. You shall be redeemed without money, family. Because it was not the lack of money that put you here. Or the over abundance of money that put you here. It was by the hand of Yah for your disobedience.

So what we are looking at here with Genesis 15:13 prophesy, is that Yah is going to kill as they say…when Yah brought us here to the U.S., He’s going to fulfill Genesis 15:13. And (He will) fulfill a host of other prophesies.

This was fulfilled in Deuteronomy 28:68 with the whole western hemisphere captivity. When all those ‘brews were brought on ships over here to the west. So because the ones in the Sudan have not gone into slavery in ships, does that exclude them from being Israylites? Because some Israylites do teach that. But we don’t teach that here. We say that all the prophesies…because you are reading Deuteronomy 28:15-68 and not all of these (curses) are happening to Hebrews in the west. What is not happening to the ones in the western hemisphere is happening to the ones in the east. Because we are one nation. What happens to one end of the nation, happens to the whole.

So we see now that Yah says He is going to take us back into Egypt (v. 68). This is where this thing goes back because many Hebrews teach and believe that the 400 year captivity happened in Egypt. But Yah said I’m going to lead you back to Egypt. That’s why you see their time in Egypt…our time here mirrors that. And it’s so closely aligned that Hebrews think that, that’s the fulfillment of the 400 year prophesy. Because Yah said I’m bringing you back, if you are disobedient, you are going back (into captivity).

So let’s look at some of the parallels between the Egyptian sojourn and the sojourn here in the United States. Let’s look at this. Remember last week, we read that our brother Yoseph was sold into bondage into Egypt? He came down there as a slave in bondage sold by the Ishmaelites. Right? Now Yosheph’s bondage in Egypt did not begin the 430 year sojourn of the children of Ysrayl. That began after Yoseph had been made viceroy. But Yoseph was sold into bondage by Arabs. This is who Arabs trace their descent to…Ishmael…Ishmaelites. Now, not all Arabs are Ishmaelites but there is a great majority of them that are. And it was these Arab merchant men that sold Yoseph. Just like the Arabs were the first ones to sell us into slavery. They sold us to the the Europeans. (Arabs) are the ones that informed Europeans about the slave trade. (The slave trade) was taking place a thousand years before the European slave trade started. I just wanted to show you the parallels and how Yah works this.

Then when we were brought out of Egypt, we went into the wilderness. That’s what Yah said. Right? He brought us out of Egypt and we went into the wilderness. We were taken out of this (inaudible) (captivity?). Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 20. Because He said you are going back into Egypt. So we are going to look at the parallels that existed when we were in Egypt and where we are today. Because I want you to see this family so we can identify who that nation is that Yah is going to bring His judgment down upon. And for having us in servitude and mistreating us for the 400 year period. Now remember that’s His whole reason that He’s going to bring that judgment down upon the nation. Ezekiel chapter 20. I want you to see that when the children of Ysrayl left Egypt, they went out to the wilderness. When we get up out of here, where are we going? (to the wilderness).

Yahzeqyl 20:32-38, v. 32-36 See Yah’s saying just as He did with them, when they were in the wilderness is the same thing I’m going to do with you when I bring you out into the wilderness. So there is a parallel family going between the two. Let’s continue. v. 37-38 Family, when Yah takes down Babylon, when Yah brings His people into the wilderness, this is the signal to the rest of the family of Ysrayl that redemption is very nigh. It is very close when Yah takes out Babylon, family. Yah has a target on this whore’s back. Yah has a grand controversy against her. when we were down in Egypt, Egypt was the most powerful nation on the face of the earth. And Yah’s going to bring her shame for the nations and say you ain’t so tough after all are you? Let’s go down to verse 40.

Yahzeqyl 20: 40-44, v. 40 See this is when Yah is going to free us and bring us back into the land. Yah gives time periods and we are going to look at tha in just a moment. Yah gives time periods for the captivities. v. 41 So what I want you to check   out is this, ahkeem, ahkotees, elders, Imas and children, is that understanding Genesis 15:13 is understanding Yah’s plan of salvation. He has us in this land because now He has a controversy just like in Egypt. He can step before pharaoh’s face and say My people speak on behalf of the nation to bring down this mighty wicked nation. Who in the world can defeat the United States military?

She says ‘I am a queen of kingdoms’. Who can defeat her military? Nobody. She has all the weapons that she will ever need. And even getting more. With the push of a button she can take a country off the map. At any time Iraq is at her disposal. She can remove that country from the map and it will never be seen again. The same with Afghanistan. This is her might among the nations. This is her might among the faces of men. But in Yah, Yah is going to have her to sit in the dust like a child. Sit down, don’t rise up until I tell you. Don’t even open your mouth until  I tell you to open your mouth. So with these unrighteous powerful nations, Yah has always destroyed these mighty nations because they have laid hands on His children.

Why was ancient Babylon destroyed? Because they laid hands on Yah’s children. Why was Assyria destroyed? Because they laid hands on Yah’s children. Why was ancient Egypt destroyed? Because they laid hands on Yah’s children. Why was Greece and Rome destroyed? Because they laid hands on Yah’s children. Why is the United States going to be destroyed? Because she laid hands on Yah’s children. That has been Yah’s M.O., that has been His motive, family. That has been His way of operation.

Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 51. Because Yah said He is going to judge this nation. Right? In Genesis 15:14, this nation. What nation? The nation where His people have been afflicted for a 400 year period. Mistreated by these people for a 400 year period.

Yeremiyah 51:55-58, v. 55-56 Yah says He is going to judge this nation. I want you to keep that in your heart and mind. Yah said this nation where they are going into, I’m going to judge. Right here we are reading that Babylon shall be repaid. v. 57 Family, I want you to understand when Yah’s destruction is coming down upon this place. And what it’s going to be. Yah has given us a time period to watch for. He has given us a time period to understand. Do you know why He gives us time periods? Because there would be stiff-necks that think that they have a hundred years more here. There would be stiff-necks that think that they have two or three hundred more years. This is why a lot of those Israylites don’t want to get into shape. Because deep in their hearts they don’t believe that Yah is coming. ‘We been here almost 400 years and Yah haven’t came yet’. That’s what many of them believe in their hearts. So they believe tht they can go on with this foolishness and continue, continue and continue.

But Yah has put a time period on this. A time period for your correction, Ysrayl. And that’s why you must understand how much time you have in order to get this right. Does Yah give out time periods about our captivities? Let’s look at that.

Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 25. This is to let you know that this is how Yah operates because it is Power. If He makes a prophesy to you, exact…like I said early on I was taught wrong that the prophesy could be for 499 years…NAW. Yah said 400 years, He means 400 years. Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 25. Let me show you what I am talking about here when He calls a time period upon a captivity.

Yeremiyah 25:11-12 So this is Yah speaking. He said 70 years. Let’s go down to Yeremiyah chapter 29. (inaudible)…to rule and so when he brought His people into Babylon we were under that same 70 year time period. Let me show you.

Yeremiyah 29:10 Let me explain (this) so there will not be any confusion. Yah is talking about ancient Babylon here. Our people went into captivity in ancient Babylon in the year 587 BCE under King Nebuchadnezzar. So we were in Babylon for a period of 70 years. Not 69.5, not 70.5 but 70 years we were in ancient Babylon. Now we have a new Babylon that Yah speaks about. (He calls it) the daughter of Babylon, that’s this modern-day Babylon that we are in right now. Yah gave a time period for that captivity. Do you see how Yah works? He gave a time period for ancient Babylon’s captivity. He gave a time period for modern Babylon’s captivity. He said 70 years for ancient Babylon, 400 years for modern Babylon. Because you need that much time to get your behinds spanked.

Do y’all think we are ready to go back into the land of Ysrayl as a righteous marching army? Not yet. Look at how many false prophets and just everything that has gone wrong in the midst of the children of Ysrayl because we have not learned our lesson yet. We are just waking up to find out that we are the children of Ysrayl on a mass scale. It’s just starting to happen. Now you see Israylites everywhere. So Yah gave them 70 years but check this out. Let’s go to the Book of Daniyah chapter 9. How did Daniel know how long they were going to be in Babylon? How did Daniel know this? We just read Yeremiyah 29:10 where Yah gave this prophesy to that prophet. Check this out.

Daniyah 9:2 So this is how Daniyah knew because he read the prophesies in the Book of Yeremiyah. Yeah, the prophets read the other prophets. Daniyah read Yeremiyah and said, ‘oh we are going to be here for 70 years’. That’s how he knew how long the captivity was going to last. Do you think that he disputed that? ‘Oh 70 years was for the Assyrian captivity’. ‘Naw the 70 years was when we were fighting the Edomites’. No, he knew. Because the Ruach ha Qodesh, the Spirit of Yah came upon this prophet and that’s how he knew. So Yah gives us time periods when these captivities will last. And this one is the final captivity. There is no more after this one. Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 30. I’m just about done with this lesson family. I told you that it will be a short one.

I just want you to see that we are identifying that nation in Genesis 15:14. The one whom Yah is going to judge. We are identifying that nation ‘Babylon’ that is spoken of in the Bible. ‘Mystery Babylon’ I’m sorry because you had ancient Babylon who ruled, which Nimrod founded and you have heard of Nebuchadnezzar and his dynasty rule. And then this modern Babylon which Yah calls Mystery Babylon because many people don’t know who she is. It’s a secret, She’s hidden. She’s ‘hidden Babylon’. Babylon is Hebrew, Babel means confusion. This is the land of much confusion.

So when you look at this family and understanding this. In 1607 listen, hear family. In 1607 Jamestown Virginia was founded. Jamestown is the first English permanent settlement in the United States. It was the seat of the English government. This is where it began. So she was founded in 1607. And then 12 years later…Right? Twelve years, that magic number 12. Twelve years later in 1619 she had members of the 12 tribes of Ysrayl coming into her ports as servants to fulfill Genesis 15:13.

Now when I was out at Jamestown earlier this year, myself and elder Abiyah and we were speaking to the woman who was at the front desk of the exhibit. We went to the museum and we looked at the ports and ships and all that. This is before we had the premier there. And so we were having a conversation with this woman. And she said listen, there is no evidence, none nowhere, that any slave was brought into Jamestown Virginia in the year 1607. She said ALL the records show, every record that we have ALL show that the slaves were brought here in 1619. Now when we talked to this other woman, we went to Jamestown for the premier a Gentile woman, she was telling us…she was like listen: They were slaves when they got here. Because we had heard that they were indentured servants. But she said no. They were slaves. She said they came here in slavery in 1619. So family, 1607 to 2007 marks 400 years of the founding of Jamestown Virginia. That’s what that represents, 1607 to 2007. And as we told y’all before (about) the revelation that the ahk had and brought to us about Jamestown being called Ysrayl-town. Because James in Hebrew means Yahqob. Yahqob’s name, our father Yahqob’s name in Genesis 32:28, his name was changed to Ysrayl. So Jamestown is Ysrayl-town. That’s where Yah brought us into her ports in the year 1619.

Let me go over that again. In 1607 Jamestown VA was founded. Twelve years later in the year 1619 you had members of the twelve tribes of Ysrayl being brought into her ports. We came here under the banner of slavery, servants, we were serving these people from the moment we got here. And that’s the first thing Yah said. Y’all shall serve them and they shall afflict you 400 years.

Show us anywhere…now when you look into the western hemisphere’s captivities, can you show us anywhere a group of Israylites that has been in these surrounding lands for almost 400 years and have been mistreated evil? Do you see? So looking and understanding this family, Jamestown VA represents America’s history. When they celebrated it in 2007, the Queen of England came over here. It was a grand celebration out there. And if you go out there, we were in the museum and it talks about America’s 400 years.So they have already celebrated their 400 years. Our didn’t begin until 12 years later, the count down. From the 2007 celebration that they had but even earlier from their 1607 celebration and we were brought here once again 12 years later.

So let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 30. I want to touch on a few things here. Because Yah is going to release us from this present captivity. HIS hand is going to do it. But there is a set time just like when we were in ancient Babylon. There was a set time given on how long we are to be in the present exile, in this present captivity. That’s why when you have false prophets coming into your face and (saying) it’s time to go…THAT’S A LIE. It’s not time to go yet. It’s not time until Yah says time is up and we have accepted our punishment. Deuteronomy 30, Do you know what? Our captivity and we will touch on this in just a moment. But our captivity family even gives the time frame on how long the Gentiles have to rule. How much longer do they have to rule? Because when the children of Ysrayl are freed. Their destruction is imminent. Yes we are going to look at this.

Deuteronomy 30:1-3, v. 1 Yah has driven us among the Gentiles. So He says ‘hey when you accept the blessing and the curse’…We talk about the blessings and the curses all the time. We know that, that is talking to us. We know that, that is related to us. So look out. v. 2 This is what we went out to Jamestown to do family. To the place where He brought us in at, we went there to repent before His face. v. 3 Family, that is in operation. We see everyday, Israylites waking up to whom they are. And waking up to the understanding of this covenant. Waking up to the covenant of the Messiyah. But their still so (inaudible) (much work to do for?) our people. To bring back to their remembrance the blessings and the curses. Yah has given us 400 years family to do this in this land. And when that 400 year time period is up, it’s going to signal everything is nigh (near) now. Messiyah’s return is so very near. Yah’s judgment upon that land, uh-oh, she better look out.

So do you know what that means? Until our 400 years is up, she still has time to repent. Yah is still compassionate upon her. Even though she has not been compassionate upon His people. Do you see how all this works with the understanding of the time frame? The understanding of the time scale? How we have the time to get it right. Family, it’s about to start falling into place. The persecutions, the Gentiles rule, their new-world-order, the revealing of the man of sin. Man, it’s on the way.

Let’s go to Leviticus chapter 26. I want you to understand some things here Ysrayl.

Leviticus 26:39-42 So He is going to remember the land family. See everything has to be put into motion first. Before His judgment comes down upon the Gentiles before His judgment comes down everything has to be put into motion. We have to do this first right. We did that. We went to confess our sins and the sins of our fathers and we humbled our uncircumcised hearts and we confessed and accepted our punishment before His face. We did that family (in the Jamestown 2010 gathering). So everything is being put into motion that’s why satan hates what we did because he knows his time is very short now. The children of Ysrayl have repented back to Yah.



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