The Bible vs. Christianity p. 1b

Let us go to number 2. As we were just explaining. The Bible is not a Christian Book. How do I know that? How does anybody who has ever read the Book from cover to cover, Genesis to Revelation, how does any of us ever know that? Because we never found that verse in here. We never found anything about the Word of the Most High Yah being associated with Christians or being given to Christians.

If we look at this in the Book starting in Genesis we read about a man named Abraham. This man Abraham was called the first Hebrew in Genesis 14:13. And this title Hebrew means a wanderer or one who crosses over. Abraham’s descendants which are the children of Ysrayl were known by this title Hebrew. And they were also known as another title, Israylite because we are descended from a man named Jacob whose name was changed to Ysrayl. That’s in Genesis 32:28.

But from Genesis to Revelation the children of Ysrayl are mentioned. And we only hear about other people, other nations when the children of Ysrayl have interaction with those other nations. The Bible is The History Book of the children of Ysrayl. It contains their history from their beginning to their present to their end.

If you are a so-called African-American, Jamaican, Haitian, Puerto-Rican, Cuban (S. America) so forth and so on and you are living in the western hemisphere, you are here because the prophesy said that you would be here. You are being down trodden right now because the prophesies said that you would be down trodden right now. Everything about your history and heritage is contained in the Bible.

That is why satan has gone into the minds of men and he has deceived men into believing and trying to make the Bible into something else. I was listening to this female preacher yesterday on cable access. I was just turning through the channels and I happened to come across it. And she made this statement: The Bible is for Christians (and) it is for Christians only. She said the Bible is a Christian Book. And since I was unable to correspond with this lady because you know this was a taped program. I only could take so much of that. I had to turn the program off. I was like wow, this is a straight up lie. That’s right, it is false.

Now if I were able to call into her show and say mam you just made a statement saying the Bible is for Christians. Can you show me the chapter and verse where that is mentioned. Can you show me where Christianity is mentioned anywhere in the Bible more than three times? Because it’s only in there three times. So can you show me a fourth time that Christianity is mentioned in the Bible. That’s right, she would not be able to do that. So how can it be your Book if you’re not even mentioned in here? How can it be your Book when your doctrine isn’t even validated in here. So the Bible talks about the children of Ysrayl from the beginning to the end.

Let’s go to the Book of Isaiah chapter 41. The prophet Isaiah. From the KJV, it says this.

Isaiah 41:8-9 Thou means you. Do you see that? ‘I have not cast you away’. This is The Most High Yah speaking and He said out of His own mouth. Now what He says is ‘it’. It is truth. He does not go back on His Word. Man goes back on his word. Yah never goes back on His Word. Once He says something…that’s it. It is law. It is what it is. So the Most High said Ysrayl, you are My servant, the seed of Abraham, My friend. So you have to understand that. Did He ever change that? Let’s see because some of us want to believe in Christianity. We are taught that when Jesus came that the Messiah changed everything. Once again Jesus is the name that you know, the Messiyah but His name is not Jesus and we are going to get into that in just a moment. We are going to break that down about the names.

But let’s go tot he Book of Romans right now. The Most High said He has not cast away His people. Right? He has not set them aside. ‘You are My servants, I have not cast you away’. This is the Most High talking. Right? This is what He said. ‘I have not cast you away’. So let’s go to the Book of Romans. So when the Messiyah came, did that nullify the children of Ysrayl? Did that throw them to the side? We are going to read Romans chapter 11 brothers and sisters. Romans 11, remember wherever you see ‘God’ at we are going to remove that title and put the Most High’s name Yah. Yah according to Psalm 68:4 and we are going to go over that in just a moment. But wherever you see God, we are going to remove that and put Yah because that’s His proper name that is supposed to go there…Yah, Y-A-H.

Romans 11:1-3 This is Shaul or you know him as the apostle Paul. He said Yah has not cast away His people which He foreknew. So where did Paul get this understanding from? He got it from the Book of Isaiah chapter 41:9. Paul is saying the same thing that the prophet is saying. That’s right, he was from the tribe of Benyamin and Benyamin is one of he 12 tribes of Ysrayl. So he (Paul) was an Israylite.

You say that this is a Christian Book yet you see that the children of Ysrayl are the only ones that are highly spoken of in this Book from Genesis to Revelation. So we ae not saying that only the children of Ysrayl will get salvation. Not at all. All men are welcomed yet you must come to that understanding of what the Most High has put into the hands of the children of Ysrayl.

Now to validate what I am saying, how many of the prophets were any other nationality? How many of the apostles…did the Messiyah go out and chose 12 Israylites? Or did He go out and chose 12 anything? Because this Word, truth has been brought into the hand of the children of Ysrayl.

So we see right here that Paul or Shaul is speaking the same thing that Isaiah said. That Yah has not cast away His people which He foreknew. He has not done that. Let’s go back to the Book of Isaiah this time let’s go to chapter 42. (Talks to someone) Yeah the Word of Yah is such a beacon, such a light, it is such hope. This is the hope of the nations. What we are reading right here, this Word, this is the hope of the nations. Christianity, there are a billion protestants, 2 billion of the 6 1/2 billion people on the planet profess to Christian belief. Yet we see that the world is in a state of chaos. It is chaotic. Why is that? Christianity is what The Father has left for us to teach, to proclaim to the world and the world worships this Christian belief. These ministers come on your television every Sunday, broadcasting to the world. The Messiyah said when this Good News goes out to all the world, then the end shall come. But we have this Gospel of Christianity preached to all the world yet the end is not here. So from the mouth of the Messiyah that’s telling us that the Gospel that is being preached in this religion called Christianity is not the Good News that the Messiyah brought for us to teach.

Isaiah 42:6-7, v. 6 This is what you have been called for, Ysrayl. To be a light to the Gentiles. Now notice. Once again, we don’t see anything being mentioned about the Christians being a light tot he Gentiles. We don’t see that. v. 7 Do you see that? This is what the true nation of Ysrayl has been called to do yet we see this is in the hands of Ysrayl, it is not in the hands of Christians. Because if that wer ethe case why haven’t the eyes of the blind been opened? Because brothers and sisters as we look into this belief in this faith called Christianity, we get something totally different. That’s why the pastors of that belief never take you from Genesis to Revelations to teach you the uncut Word of the Most High. They dibble-dabble here then there. Then come back to ‘where are your tithes’? I’m not saying this to be funny. I’m saying this to be real with you. and those of you that are in Christianity, you know this is real.

I have seen preachers start off in the Book of Revelations talking about the end of time but you better believe that when they were finished preaching, it was ‘we have to tithe’. It was prosperity teaching. And NOT ALL Christianity teaches that yet what I’m saying is that the doctrine that they do teach is invalidated in the Scriptures. If you are teaching, which they are that the laws of the Most High are no more…you are in great error. You are the cause of all the chaos and destruction that is going on, on the planet because you have removed the laws from the people. And if you don’t have any laws, you don’t have any discipline. If you don’t have any discipline you don’t have any order. If you don’t have any order, you are in chaos. That’s why the world is in chaos because the 2 billion people who profess and believe in this faith are teaching them that there is no more law, that they don’t have to be disciplined. The breaking of the Father’s law is sin. We are going to get into that.

So we see that the children of Ysrayl are highly spoken of here. Let’s go over to chapter 43 of Isaiah. Now when I get into conversations with these Jehovah Witnesses as they come to my house, I remember when I was a child when these people came on our block. We would hide from them as if we were hiding from the police. As if we had just shot the president and the police was on our tail. You know we are ducking under tables. But as I have come to an understanding of the Most High’s truth, I welcome that door bell ringing. You know sometimes they wake me up, I’m still asleep that eary.But I welcome that now. Because now I know how to defend the truth. It’s up to them to accept or reject it. For instance, what I’m about to read to you right here. Look at what Isaiah 43 starts off saying.

Isaiah 43:10 So in this verse, He starts off talking to the nation of Ysrayl. The true nation. I’m not talking about the land of Israel where the people are over there now fighting over the land. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the true Israylite nation that has been scattered to the 4 corners for our disobedience to the Most High. So this is who He is talking to. He said that you are My servants whom I have chosen. We just read that same thing in Isaiah chapter 41. It said Ysrayl you are My servants. You are Jacob in whom I have chosen. So right here in chapter 43, He said you are My witnesses. So the children of Ysrayl are the witnesses of the Most High Yah. Not the Jehovah Witnesses. Not the JW’s. This is what Scripture says versus what man teaches. Ysrayl are Yah’s Witnesses. What are we to witness to the people, Ysrayl? We are to witness the greatness of the Father. He has only interacted with the nation of Ysrayl.

Let’s go to the Book of Amos chapter 3. The prophet Amos in the old testament. Put a ‘7’ up on the screen when you get there. A prophet is a prophet to me and according to the Word of Yah. That’s exactly right, a prophet is a prophet (no minor prophets). They all spoke the Words of the Most High, the uncut Word. Look at this. Amos chapter 3.

Amos 3:1-2 Do you see? Yah said that you only have I known, children of Ysrayl of all the families of the earth. Now ain’t that something? Because the Most High Yah created all men on the planet but He said you are the only one that I have known. Why does He say that? Because the nation of Ysrayl is the only nation He has dealt with. The only nation that He has given His laws to first hand. The only nation that He has made a covenant with are the children of Ysrayl. And we are supposed to take this out to the rest of the nations and teach them the goodness of the Most High Yah. So all men are welcomed into the family of Yah. But you must come into Yah in the order that Yah has given.

Once again, He said you only have I known. Now understand this. The nation of Ysrayl is a nation. Christianity is a religion. Yah never chose a religion. He chose a nation to put His true Word into and to deliver. Do you know why He did not choose a religion? Because religions are man-made. You can add (or take) whatever you want to a religion. If you want to worship Allah one way then you can break away and start to worship Allah one way. If you want to worship Jesus in this fashion, you can break away and worship him because there’s no discipline. NO DISCIPLINE. That’s right, religion is of a pagan nature. They are man-made. The Most High never mentions a name here. That’s why those pagans had to call those brothers Christianos. They didn’t know what to call them. You know, ‘what is that y’all are teaching’? Hey, we are teaching a way of life here. This is what the brothers had to do because that’s what the Most High gave us. He gave us a way of life. These laws and commandments are not religions. It is a way of life. (It is) how we are to interact with one another. How we are to love one another. All of that is encompassed in the laws of the Most High.

So once again, we see that of all the families of the earth, Ysrayl is the only one that Yah has known. Yah has not known the Christians. He has not known the Muslims. He just said the children of Ysrayl. This is coming from the Bible. This has never changed. Let me prove this to you. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 10. Who was the Messiyah sent to? What group of people? Let’s see. Matthew 10, when the Messiyah sent His men out on the mission to go and teach this Word to the people, look at what He said to them as He is sending them out.

Matthew 10:5-6, v. 5 The Gentiles are the Europeans we will get into that next week and we will break that down…the difference between the Gentiles and the Israylites. But the Gentiles are the sons of Noah’s son Japheth. and these are the white European nations. So this is what the Most High says. This is what the Messiyah says. He is speaking the Words of Yah. v. 7 Read. So the Messiyah is saying go to the lost sheep of the House of Ysrayl. This is where you are to go. Don’t go to the Gentiles. Don’t go to all those nations. But go to the children of Ysrayl. And you have to teach them first because the children of Ysrayl are the only nation that Yah has known because Yah has made a special covenant with them and they are to be His people and He is to be their Mighty One. They are the ones that are to take this truth out to the rest of the nations.

When Paul and Barnabas or Shaul and Barnaba, when they were up in Europe doing all those teachings, they were only among Israylites. They were teaching the Gentiles but they were only Israylite teachers. And in just a moment I will show you that the Gentiles are the Europeans. Paul (Shaul) said he is the apostle to the Gentiles. That’s in the book of Romans ll:13. and if you look at Paul’s trips, his journeys…he only went into Europe. He only taught white Europeans. Because he was their apostle. (Talks to someone) that’s right Jew is a made up name. We will come back to that point.

But we are still showing that the Bible is not a Christian Book. That Yah talks about the children of Ysrayl from the beginning to the end. Now If you say that this Bible is a Christian Book and that only Christians can get salvation. (They say) you have to be a Christian to get salvation. We are going to go into what is salvation. So that means that our father Abraham will not be getting salvation. Was Abraham a Christian? How about the great prophet Moses? Was Moses a Christian? How about King David who was a man after Yah’s own heart? Was he a Christian? And I see a lot of no’s going up on the screen so how do we know that? Because we never read that (that’s how we know).

We never read anytime, anywhere about Moses professing the Christian belief. You never read anytime, anywhere about Abraham professing the Christian belief. You never read anytime, anywhere about King David professing the Christian belief. So if these men were great in the eye-sight of Yah, the Most High… let’s go back to Isaiah 41:8. Let’s use this same Scripture and bring out the ending of it which has more information as it relates to our lesson. Let’s look at how great Abraham was to the Most High. Let’s go back to Isaiah 41:8 and read it again.

Isaiah 41:8 So Abraham being the friend of the Most High. Now if Christianity is all that important that our salvation is based on us accepting it. Why was not Christianity given unto the friend of the Most High Yah, Abraham? Do you see that? Why wasn’t Abraham a Christian if Christianity if all that important. If it is the belief that is going to get us into salvation, if it is the belief that is going to get us into the kingdom. Surely Yah would help His friend to get salvation. Right? But Abraham never confessed Christianity. Because if you would have brought Abraham Christianity, what we have today, Abraham would have reckoned it as a pagan belief that was brought on by Nimrod and he would have stoned you for bringing that to his face. Do you understand? Because Abraham knew Yah, he was Yah’s friend.

So you see my Christian brothers and sisters what we are talking about here? Once again, it’s not a slam against you. It’s just the truth. Now Christianity was not given to Abraham. What about Moses? Moses was a great servant of Yah. Right? Let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 34. The book of Deuteronomy, the fifth book of the Torah. Remember the Torah are the first five books of the Bible and it means instructions or law. Deuteronomy 34, let’s see how Moses was in the eyesight of Yah. Because hey if Christianity was all that good (then) Moses should have been a Christian. Right? Abraham should have been a Christian. This should have been a faith that they professed.

Deuteronomy 34:10 So what I’m showing you here is that Moses, he was a great prophet. He was a great man. It said that Yah knew him face to face. Yet Moses never professed Christianity. So if Christianity, once again is all too important, why didn’t Yah give it to those men that were great in His eye-sight? That’s a cruel, cruel hoax to have those men that great and have them as His friend and have them as His prophets yet He never gave them salvation or the opportunity if Christianity is based on salvation today.

So something ain’t right brothers and sisters. SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT.  What about King David? A man after the Most High’s own heart. Let’s go to Acts chapter 13. Did David profess Christianity? Was David a Christian? Was David going into temples on Sunday? Did David have a cross around His neck? Did David read from the Book of Romans? From the Book of Galatians? Did David do that? As it is heavily done in the Christian belief because this is why Christianity has separated your understanding. Because they have taken away half of The Book and gave you a partial story. The Christians say ‘I am a new testament Christian and we don’t deal with the old testament’. ‘That’s done away with’. Yet you can not read that. In fact, the Messiyah Himself out of His OWN mouth speaks something totally different. So Acts 13, we are looking at David. Was David a Christian because surely if Yah thought highly of David then David should have had Christianity (inaudible)… (Is) Christianity  of Yah and related to our salvation?

Acts 13:22 Do you see that? So David is a man after Yah’s own heart. So surely if Christianity is salvation, David should have been professing Jesus and Christianity all day. Now, David was a believer in the coming Messiyah Yahoshua. But the Christian Christ He did not believe in. Because he had no understanding of that. So we look at these three great men, they should have been given Christianity if Christianity is of the Most High Yah.

What made Abraham Yah’s friend? What made Abraham a righteous man? Why did Yah chose Abraham to bring a righteous seed through this man? Let’s go to the Book of Genesis chapter 26. This is why Abraham was chosen by Yah.

Genesis 26:4-6 So Abraham was a law keeper of the Most High that’s why He became the friend of Yah. Whereas in Christianity it is taught that the laws of the Most High are no longer in existence. They have been nailed to the cross (they say). So how could Abraham be a Christian and still keep the laws of the Most High? It’s straight up lies.

So Abraham was not a Christian. David was not a Christian. The Messiyah Himself was not a Christian. That term Christianity as we see came about when the brothers were teaching up in Antioch, the Greek city. Then these pagans decided to call these brothers Christianos which means the smeared ones. Derogatory.

So let’s go to number 3. So we dealt with number 1 the origins of the Christian faith. We dealt with number 2 Christianity is not of the Bible, the Bible is not a Christian Book. Now we are going to deal with number 3, Messiyah or Christ? Which one is it?

The word Messiyah (talks to someone).   There you go.    It’s actually spelled with a Y-A-H…MessiYAH. and it means the anointed of Yah. That’s the actual meaning of it, MessiYAH. It comes from the Hebrew word Maschiach. And it means the anointed of Yah. The word Christ, that’s Greek. And it means anointed. It just means anointed. So in Greek you would have to say Christ-Yah to get the proper translation, the anointed of Yah. Yet Yah’s name does not need a translation. It does not translate into other languages because you say His name and that’s it. YAH, that’s it. It’s Hebrew. That’s His name and that’s it. You don’t need a translation. Every language on the earth can pronounce that name…YAH. Every language on earth.

Just like you have HalleluYah but we are going to go into that in just a moment. But because they have removed His name and we are going to talk about that. How there is a conspiracy to remove The Father’s name. So we see that the Messiyah, that should be the title not the Greek Christ or Christos. The Greek Christ is the name of..that’s where you get Christ from. Christ is English and the Greek is Christos. And how you would say Jesus christ in Greek is Iesus Christos (pronounced) Hey-sus Christos. So the title Christ is not the title of the Messiyah. When I was growing up, I thought Jesus was his first name and Christ was his last name. I didn’t know that Christ had a meaning until Yah brought me to a greater understanding.

But the word Christ is once again derived from the Greek word Christos and it just means anointed. Messiyah let’s you know that this person has been anointed of Yah. He has been chosen, anointed means to be chosen, to be called for a particular purpose or duty. The Messiyah, the Maschiach has been called from the beginning of time when man fell from before the foundation of the world. BEFORE man fell, the Messiyah has been called for a particular time and for a particular duty to restore the nation of Ysrayl first thus restoring the rest of mankind to the Father Yah. So He had a great job. And you can not limit His job to just a Christ, just an anointed. Satan anointed men. Satan has anointed women. But when you are anointed of Yah…that anointed is different.

So when we look at this, it is the Messiyah or the Maschiach. This is the proper title. Yahoshua ha Maschiach which means Yahoshua the Messiyah because Father Yah is in His name. The MessiYAH. So we stay away from that Christos, Christ and it is YAH. Yah, HalleluYAH. So the anointed of Yah.

Now this title ha Maschiach was applied to Yahoshua. He is Ha Maschiach, the Messiyah. Now you had many anointed of Yah. David was an anointed man of Yah. David had the anointed oil placed on His head by Samuel or Shemuyah the prophet. David was a type of Maschiach, a type of anointed. Yahoshua is THE ONE that has been proclaimed from the beginning of time to release man from this death sentence that we are in. So Yahoshua is the Messiyah. He is above all Maschiachs. All that is called anointed, He is over all of that. So we go with Messiyah not Christ or Christos.

So let’s go to number 4. Was the Messiyah a Christian? Assembly, was He a Christian? Yes or No? Surely the answer should be there. Right? (laughs) Once again, I see a lot of notes going up on the screen. So how do we know that He was not a Christian? (inaudible) Only 3 times was Christos ever mentioned in Scripture. Never once did the Messiyah utter this out of His mouth. Out of all the words that He spoke, if you have a King James, red-letter Bible, if you go through the four Good News Books or the four Gospel Books, if you go through there and you read that. Right? You will never see any red-letter writing in the King James, you will never see anything in red with Christian, Christianos, or I am a Christian or I am the founder of Christianity all Christians should follow Me. You have never seen that. (Talks to someone) kayn, His neck. And He was not a red-neck either. That’s something we will talk about next week.

So the Messiyah did not say that He was a Christian. He never uttered this. Let’s go to Romans chapter 9. I hope that you are following along with me, with us. (Talks to someone) Yeah, it is very disrespectful. And I am going to do this. I’m going to go one step farther. Not only is it disrespectful…it is a sin. It is sinful to wear a cross. Do you know why? Because a cross is a symbol of idolatry. Wearing a cross with an image of a god on it, wearing a cross with Jesus on it is idolatry. The making of your god with hands and wood and stone by the hands of men. That god can not speak, he can not hear, he can not talk and as we see Jesus has been on that cross what two thousand years now. Right? So he has not come off the cross yet whereas it only took Yahoshua 3 days to rise up from the grave. So I am telling you this and we will get into it in number 5 next about this name that is all too important.

So here we go, number 4. Was the Messiyah a Christian? No He was not. Romans chapter 9. Look at what it says here brothers and sisters.

Romans 9:1-5, v. 1 Set-apart is the holy ghost. The Set-apart Spirit which we will talk about is not called a holy ghost. That’s blasphemy. Yah is not a ghost. (Yah is) Spirit, Set-apart Spirit. But I will explain that. v. 2-3 Who are His brothers according to the flesh? v. 4-5 Did y’all see that in verse 5? He said ‘and of whom is the Messiyah according to the flesh’? He said that the Messiyah according to the flesh came in the form of an Israylite. He was Israylite of the tribe of Judah. He was going to save His people from their sins. He came to His people and His people believed Him not. HE WAS AN ISRAYLITE. He was not a Jew. He was not a Christian. He was not a Buddhist. He was not a Muslim. He was the Hebrew Messiyah. The birth of the Hebrew Messiyah, He was not a Christian.

Let’s go to John chapter 5. The Good News of Gospel of John. What they call the Gospel but we are going to go over the Good News. The Good News of John. And it reads like this pertaining to is the Messiyah a Christian?

John 5:46:47 Oh, so Moses who was not a Christian wrote of the coming Hebrew Messiyah? So in the words of Moses, in anywhere in the first five books did Moses ever write of a Messiyah coming in a new religion called Christianity? And being the founder of this new religion with a Greek title Christianos. He said Moses wrote of Me had you believed him, you would have believed My words. So do you see that? He’s saying that this is what the Messiyah is saying. The same thing that Moses said in the Torah is the same thing I’m telling you today. ‘Moses and I are on one accord’. ‘Moses wrote about Me’.

Let’s see, where did Moses write about the Messiyah? But before we do that let’s go to Luke 24. Had yo believed Moses, you would have believed My words. Because Moses wrote about Me. Now Moses, brothers and sisters, who all knows the name that Moses has been given? I’ll just tell you. Moses is called the law-giver. Do y’all know why He is called the law-giver? Because Moses is the one that gave the children of Ysrayl by inspiration of Yah, the laws of Yah. So do you understand that Moses in the Book of Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26 and other places throughout the Torah. Moses said what would happen to law-breakers. Didn’t Moses say that there was a curse to be put upon you for breaking the laws Ysrayl? So would Moses write about one who was going to nail the laws to the cross? That’s going to do away with the Father’s righteousness, would Moses write about one doing such a thing?

Moses would have said, if y’all ever see anybody doing this, you pick up the BIGGEST stones you can and you MAKE SURE his brains are laying on the ground, in the name of Yah. Because Moses did not write about law-breakers. Moses wrote about law-keepers and teachers. Because that keeping of the law is the righteousness of Yah. So we are going to talk about that. But let’s go to Luke 24. It says this.

Luke 24:25-27 Do you see that? Beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself. Let’s go one step farther. Let’s go to verses 44-46. We are still in Luke chapter 24. Was the Messiyah a Christian? This is what we are looking for. So He said that Moses and all the prophets wrote about Him. And Moses would not have written about a person that is coming to change Yah’s law and coming to change Yah’s whole philosophy and everything.

Luke 24:44-46 Now remember this is taken place after the Messiyah had risen from the grave. This is when all of this is going on here. After He had risen and He came back to His brothers for 40 days. And now this is what we are reading here in Luke 24. v. 44-46 So do you see? He broke it down. It said that He started in Moses. He went into the Books of the Prophets and in the Book of the Psalms. This is where the Messiyah is written about in the Torah, in the prophets and in the Psalms. That He had risen from the grave and that He had to suffer all these things. So He said I’m going to take you to Moses. Let’s go to Moses and see what did Moses say about the coming Messiyah. Let’s go to the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 18. Was the Messiyah a Christian? We are in question number 4 and that’s what we are dealing with. Because it’s taught in Christianity that He is the founder of the Christian belief and the Messiyah or who they know as the Christ and we just went over that. They said that He is a Christian. But we are seeing no-no. Because He was from the children of Ysrayl. He was the tribe of Yahudah, Judah.

So in Deuteronomy 18, this is Moses making a prophesy about the Messiyah.

Deuteronomy 18:18-19 So Moses is making a prophesy about Yahoshua right here. He said that Yah is going to raise up a prophet from among their brothers. Who are their brothers? The children of Ysrayl. He said I’m going to raise you up a prophet from among the children of Ysrayl, one like you Moses. Now we just read that Moses was a great man in the sight of Yah. Yah said I spoke to him face to face. Scripture said a prophet like unto Moses has not risen in Ysrayl. That’s in Deuteronomy 34:10. So that Prophet did not come until the time of Yahoshua. He said one like you. I will put My words in His mouth and He shall speak all that I have commanded Him. I want you to hold that thought right there. Because as we go through this we are going to see that, that’s exactly what happened. Yahoshua spoke the words of the Most High Yah. He did not speak His own words.

But the people were asking in His time, they were like ‘Is that the prophet’? And when they said that, whenever you read that in one of the Gospels or Good News books, whenever you read that phrase, they asked about Yahoshua and they asked is He the prophet? They were referring to the prophesy in Deuteronomy 18:18. They knew that this prophesy was applied to the Messiyah. ‘I will raise Him up from among His brothers’. So when Yahoshua in Luke chapter 24, when He said that He went into the Scriptures starting at Moses, He gave them this. He showed them this. I am that prophet that Moses said would come. And the Most High Yah put His words in My mouth and I have spoken them to you. He started right here. He told them these things. He showed them where Moses was talking about Him. So HalleluYah.

(So was He) a Christian? Let’s go to Matthew chapter 1. (Talks to someone) let’s just pray that half of the 130 (persons) in here get understanding today. HalleluYah. Matthew 1. This is another aspect about Yahoshua.

Matthew 1:1 So do you see that? Yahoshua was a son of David and He was a son of Abraham. And as we went over David and Abraham were not Christians. He was the seed, offspring, descendant of Kind David. David was an Israylite that followed Yah. David    was a man after the Most High’s own heart. So HalleluYah that this is who Yahoshua was. He was not a Christian. You will never see that phrase uttered out of His mouth.

 Alright, number 5. The names of salvation y’all. (Talks to someone) son=descendant, absolutely ahk. That’s what it is. He was a son. He was a descendant of David. David was not a Christian. Abraham was not a Christian. So why would all of a sudden Yah just throw this new belief in there? All these righteous men that had followed Yah, that have given their hearts to Yah. All the prophets were killed because of the word that they were bringing to the children of Ysrayl. And so Yah seen all that and He’s going to wait and drop this new thing called Christianity in there. Which really is not that old. It is one of the newest religions on the earth. So why didn’t He give it to His righteous mighty men of long ago? Why wasn’t Abraham coming out of the womb speaking Christianity? Because it is man-made my brothers and sisters. It is not of the Father.

So the names of salvation: Let’s start off in Proverbs 30. There’s a very good question right here. Proverbs 30. Look at what it asks us here y’all. Look at this! This is powerful here!

Proverbs 30:4 What is His name and what is His Son’s name, if yu can tell? This is VERY PROFOUND! Because within the Christian religion, we hear people talking about that they have the holy ghost or the Holy Spirit, the Ruach ha Qodesh, the Set-apart Spirit of the Most High upon them. They say that the Most High has blessed them with a new car. They got a new job, the Most High has blessed them. Yet when a simple question is brought about brothers and sisters, the simple question is this: What is His name? What is His Son’s name? Do you know?

Names are very important. Names identify a person. Names identify your character. In the Hebrew culture we give our names according to the character of that person. My name is Obadiyah, it means servant of Yah. And a few other brothers and sisters can tell you what their Hebrew names mean. Because we all have a name that means something. And so when the Most High has a name, His name is very powerful because it means something. He has the Highest of all names. So what is His name? What is His Son’s name?

When you first encounter a person, one of the first things that you do is that you introduce yourself. ‘Hi I’m such and such’. And then that person will say ‘my name is blah, blah’. Do you understand? But if you are in a religion and you don’t know you are in a religion and you don’t know the name of the one you say you serve, the one you say you love and you don’t know His proper name, then how can you really love Him? How can you really serve Him?

Listen, I remember a game that the sister’s use to run. And I know you sisters use to do this back in the day. When you were women of the world and when you had that buster come up on you and want to talk to you. And you knew he was a buster. And you just needed to do anything to get his buster self out of your face. What did you do? You gave him a fake name, fake phone number and told him to run on. You did not give him your real name because you did not want to enter into a personal relationship with him. So you gave him a false name.

So when we look at Christianity and you say that you are of the Bible yet the Mighty One of the Bible is not named Jesus and is not named Jehovah. But you say that you are blessed by Him yet you don’t know His name. So He has given you a false name. And just like these sisters use to do in the club when they were women of the world, they gave a false name because they don’t really want to be bothered with you.

So it’s a false name in a false belief. The name of the Father is key to salvation. How can I serve Him, if I don’t even know the basics and I don’t even know His name. How can I understand His character (if) I don’t even know His name?

So let’s go to Psalm 68:4. The Father has a name in the Hebrew language. And I have been saying throughout this lesson that His name is Y-A-H, Yah. His name is Yah.

So see if your original name has been taken away from you, then you can be called any name. For instance, we are what? They call us what? Negroes. They call us what? Colored. They call us African-American. They call us blacks. They call us Afro-Americans. Why can they call us all these things? Because your original name has been stripped from you. So therefore if your real name has been taken, now you can be called anything. Now get this…they can never name you because Yah has already named you Ysrayl, the children of Ysrayl. But they can call you whatever and you answer to whatever they call you. They have no respect for you. Africa-America, Africa is a continent, America is a continent. America is NOT a country. It is a continent. So now we are being called by two continents because they have removed our original name. Therefore they can call us what they feel.

Psalm 68. We are going to read it from two translations. Yah’s name is inserted in the second translation.

Psalm 68:4 Now if you have some of the older King James, it says Jah. But let me explain this for you. There is no letter ‘J’, you may read this but there is no letter ‘J’ or J equivalent in the Hebrew language. The letter ‘J’ is one of the newest letters to the English alphabet. It came into widespread usage sometime after the year 1630. (You can) look this up. So ‘J’ is not even 500 years old. So when this Psalm was written about 3,000 to 4,000 years ago, there was no letter ‘J’ to pronounce. And there was no letter ‘J’ to write. The ‘J’ sound was not in Hebrew language and still isn’t. So write here we have that when it says Jah in your King James, it should say Yah.

So that’s what that is. There is no letter ‘J’ so when it says call upon His name by Jah, that you see, naw that’s incorrect. It is Yah. That’s why there could not be name for the Most High called Jehovah. That’s why there could not be a name for the Most High or His Son called Jesus. Because Yahoshua the Messiyah was a Hebrew who spoke to Hebrews over 2,000 years ago and He spoke the Hebrew language.

Now if you want to say well I speak English and Jesus is a translation of His Hebrew name. That is a lie. If you want to translate the Messiyah’s Hebrew name into English you would call Him Joshua. But His name needs no translation, Acts 4:12. But we are going to get there in just a moment.

So the name of Yah, this is what we are going to talk about that first the name of Yah, this name can be found in the names of the prophets. Once again (in this) phrase, HalleluYah. Which means praise Yah or praise You Yah. that’s what HalleluYah means. Remember the song KumbaYah? It means come by (here) Yah. Let’s look at my name. My name has Yah in it. Obadiyah means servant of Yah.  Zechariyah means Yah remembers. Yesiyah (Isaiah) means Yah is salvation. Zephaniyah means Yah hides. Shemuyah, Yeremiyah, Messiyah…all of those names that have Yah in it. They have certain meanings to it. (Talks to someone) Right, (it means) who is like Yah (Michayah). So we wear Yah’s name in our names. Some of the phrases in Hebrew carry the Father’s name. Malachiyah means messenger of Yah. Michayah means who is like Yah. That’s what they mean.

So what has happened is that there has been a great conspiracy to remove Yah’s name from the Scriptures. Do you all see how Isaiah is spelled in the Scriptures? Do y’all see how Obadiah is spelled in the Scriptures? Do you see that? They have removed Y-A-H at that end. There has been a conspiracy led by the adversary to do that but the Most High Yah has allowed this to happen because He wants to see if you really love Him. Are you going to put in the little time that it takes to research to find out His name?


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