Genesis 15:14: Judgment Upon the Land p. 6

So now here we are as Yah has required us family, we have to put these things in motion. They have to be done. The repentance, the humbling of the heart. All of that has to be done because we know how much time we have left in this land. We know from Scripture, from reading the prophets that we only have a 400 year time period that began in 1619. We have been afflicted evil for a 400 year time period. Do you think they are going to let up in this next 9 years and let us start to rule the country? Do you think that’s what they are going to do family? Or are they going to continue in what they have been doing?

Just look at what they do to us everyday, even our celebrities can’t escape. Our rich and famous even are being locked up left and right. Millionaires among our people, NFL stars killing themselves. Millionaires among our people being thrown in jail just like the regular Hebrew is. This mistreatment does not escape even the wealthy. You would think because you have a little money that you could escape it. But it’s not about money. Yah said no man shall buy you out of this condition. No man can buy your freedom. Because your freedom is up in a time period that Yah Himself has set. So how can money buy you out of this? It’s only in Yah’s time period, when He’s going to say this thing is over.

So wild Gentile you still have an opportunity at repentance. You better listen to the words that are coming out of the mouths of the children of Ysrayl, those that are redeemed by Yah.

So I want to touch on several more things real quick. But I just wanted to show you that the time of captivity…that Yah is going to gather His people. The gathering of His people is in His hand family. His mercy is upon us. He’s given us time to operate, saying ‘hey I’m giving you 120 years’ That’s what He said to the people before the flood. Before the flood, He told them He was giving them 120 years for you to repent. Ysrayl you will only have 70 years in Babylon for your repentance to start. I’m giving y’all another 400 years because after this…that’s it. That’s what is so important right now. Is that Yah is giving us a time period because after this… it’s over. It’s over family. Ain’t no more pleading…that’s over after this captivity. You ain’t going into no more (captivities) after this.

So He said, I’m giving you this time period, Ysrayl…GET. IT. RIGHT. This is the last and final movement. We had so many movements of freedom in this land. This is it. Think back in the days of Frederick Douglass. Think back to the days of Nat Turner. Denmark Vesey and all them. John Brown, think back to those days. They were fighting for freedom. Well freedom has arrived family. Freedom is here. This is what they needed. Think about the days of Huey Newton, Bobby Seal, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. Think about the days of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. This family is what they were searching for. This is the point that we were trying to get to. This was the point. And do you know what? Praises be to Yah that we have eyes to see this day. We have eyes to see, hearts to comprehend (and ears to hear)…ending of the 400 years.

Our people as they were bringing them across the middle passage were jumping off the ships trying to get back. But it wasn’t time for them to go back. They had to endure all the mistreatment that we have suffered. Almost 400 years is coming up on the mistreatment as a people that we have suffered. It’s almost over family. It’s almost done. Whew, HalleluYah. Because I’m telling you, I’m telling you this. That Yah in His infinite mercy towards us. Th is ain’t no debate about whose knowledge is greater…you have to understand His plan of salvation. That time period, the clock is ticking. This ain’t no guess-work here. 1619 to 2019, are you ready? If not stay here. You ain’t got to go. You can stay right here. And you can fall with Babylon. It matters not to us.

But those that are seeking Yah, those that are hearing His voice are packing their bags. And sitting patiently at the door. Saying Father when you tell me to leave, I’m going. The stiff-necks always want to party. They want to build their golden calf. They want to say that this is your god. They want to do everything that Yah says not to do. (So) continue doing that stiff-neck. That’s between you and Him. But for the rest of us that are trying to hear His voice, we are listening.

Let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 37. Every verse we will read here is related to Genesis 15:14, Yah’s judgment coming down upon that nation. And we will read directly those words, that Yah judges this nation for what she has done to you. We are going to get to that in just a moment. But you must understand, that last week we had to show that the 400 year (captivity) did not happen in Egypt. Affliction for 400 years did not happen there. So where in the world did it (happen)? Right here, right now.

Yahzeqyl 37:12-28, v. 12 Who’s going to do this? Are we going to do this? Should we plot and plan. ‘Oh I think it’s time to go now’. Naw man, it may be time to go in 2 years from now. We don’t have to think about that. The time period has already been given. Just humble your heart and accept it. v. 13 Your gates family is right here in this spiritual darkness…(sorry mic drops on the teacher here).

We will read v. 12-13 again. Then we will look at Yah’s judgment on Mystery Babylon. Because Mystery Babylon is that nation spoken of in Genesis 15:14 and verse 13. Yah said Abraham’s people shall be strangers or sojourners there for a 400 year period. This is Yah’s plan of redemption, the destruction of Babylon. We are going to read that in just a moment.

v. 13 So this is Yah speaking. He said you shall know that I am Yah when I open your graves. The graves that we are in family is in the midst of this spiritual darkness. We are dead spiritually as a people. v. 14-19 The oneness family of the nation of Ysrayl (one stick) will be one in Yah’s hand. This is after our captivity. This is after Yah has opened our graves. This is after YAH has brought us back. I want you all to see that. That YAH is going to be the one to release us from this captivity.

v. 20-21 Family when is this going to happen? We look now at the situation of the world. The world is in dire straits, in dire needs. When is this going to happen? Is this going to happen tomorrow? Is it going to happen next year? How about the year after that? But you see when Yah puts everything on a time period, a time scale to let you know He called the end from the beginning and the beginning to the end (Yesiyah 46:10). For He is Yah. He is Power. He is Yl. So this prophesy is very significant. That’s why we see that it’s mentioned several times throughout the Scriptures.

v. 22 Look at that oneness family. This is when the nation of Ysrayl is re-gathered. v. 23 He is cleansing us right now. We have time to go,  just a few more years before the final cleansing, family. that’s why He sent us into this captivity for 400 years. This is why we are in a land that is not ours. And we are being mistreated by these people. v. 24 They shall all have one shepherd. Even David will have one shepherd. John (Yahcanan) chapter 10 tells us that Yahoshua is the Good Shepherd. Yahoshua is going to be over us all. v. 25 See David is going to be a prince over us. Yahoshua is going to be king. Family, He said forever. He said them and their children’s children. There’s no more captivities after this. Once we are re-gathered and re-established in the land, that’s it! And those borders, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates, the same borders as the garden of Eden, where the tree of life is family. This is Yah’s plan. It is His plan, therefore He can bring forth Deuteronomy chapter 28 verses 48-50, Deuteronomy 28:68 with a 400 year mistreatment of His people in a land that is not theirs. Do you see all the birds that Yah is killing with one mighty stone?

Look at what is being fulfilled right before our face. Are you to ignorant to see that? (Do you) see the magnitude of these prophesies? Can you image right now, in our present state, when the Gentiles realize that we are the Israylites. When it’s brought before George Bush’s face, Steven Spielberg…what are they going to do about that? And then when Yah starts troubling the land…shaking, rattling this land and saying these are My people whom I have loved. Can you imagine that? That is what He is going to do.

And do you know what? Wouldn’t that make a believer then? Because does not Scripture say that the Gentiles shall come from afar saying, our fathers have told us lies. Family, think about how powerful that will be when Yah does this, right here, right now to the most powerful nation on earth. Letting us know when He’s going to strike. We are not saying the world is going to end in 2019. You are foolish if you are saying that. And if you say that we have said that you are a liar and the truth is nowhere near your raggedy mouth. With your raggedy lies that you are spewing. Nobody ever said no such thing like that. We are saying that 2019 marks 400 years in the United States. That’s what we are saying. That’s what prophesy is saying. So let’s continue to look at this.

Yah has already laid…this is the plan right here. Family, this is His plan. All of this is going to happen at a set time. Do you think Yah is in the heavens right now looking down saying ‘well hmmm, well Yahoshua what do you think about this’? ‘Do you think they are about ready yet’? ‘Do you think we should give them another year or two’? Because ready or not Yah (inaudible here). He is giving you a set time to. get. your. self. together. If He told them 70 years in ancient Babylon, why do you think He will not tell you, your time period in modern Babylon? He said ‘a land that is not yours’. This land is far from being ours. We couldn’t overtake this government right now (even) if we wanted to. If the government played ‘which hand is it in’…hey if you tell me which hand the government is in…it’s yours. We wouldn’t even pick the correct hand. We can’t do nothing with this, as a nation on our own. What can we do? We are just servants. Have you not heard? That you are still a slave here. You are still serving these people. When did your servitude end? When has the affliction of you  ended? Police brutality (inaudible here) don’t get charged with crimes. Have you read the Dred Scott ruling? This Dred Scott Decision, do you even know who he is? They say that you don’t have any rights (inaudible here). So when hateful Gentile police officers shoot us up, 50, 60, 70 times however many times they can load their clip. And it’s justifiable homicide (for them). How in the world? Do you know that there are people in jail right now for killing dogs? Look at Michael Vick. They locked this ahk up. He’s a Hebrew that plays football. Many of you may have heard his story. He had a dog fighting ring and they locked him up for 2 years.

But these police that shoot us 50 and 60 times, they get off. Justifiable homicide. They get leave, paid vacation time. You understand where you are. Right? A land of fierce, a nation of fierce countenance (Deuteronomy 28:49-50). You shall not understand their language. And to this day, we still don’t understand this language. That’s why we don’t even speak English correctly. We speak a form of English that is rightfully called Ebonics. Ebony language; Black language. We still don’t understand their language as Yah told us in Deuteronomy chapter 28. Because it is a language of deception. The children of Ysrayl don’t understand deception. We have been deceived. We don’t understand deception. That’s why we have been deceived because we didn’t understand what deception was. We have been overtaken by it.

So let’s go to Psalm chapter 105. I just want to show  you a few instances here family. How Yah mentions this. How this is mentioned in Scripture. Because this was a significant event when Abraham was told. He didn’t have any seed in Genesis 15:13. That began everything. Yah promised him not just one son but seed. And mighty descendants Father Yah promised Abraham. Let’s look at Psalm 105. Because once again, understand this prophesy once again family. Yah just said Abraham ‘your descendants’. Right? ‘Your descendants Abraham’ and we saw a Scripture that said in Isaac his seed shall be called. So we know that this was a prophesy pertaining to the children of Ysrayl. Yah did not say one tribe of the children of Ysrayl had to be in land. He did not say two. He just said Abraham ‘your descendants’.

So if there are Israylites (then) that is what we must look for. Who are the seed of Abraham which all Israylites are…the seed of Abraham wo are in a land bein mistreated for 400 years. A land that is not theirs. From the river in Egypt to the great river Euphrates, Egypt to Iraq. If you can’t deal with those borders then so be it. Because you don’t need to be there then. So it’s not even your concern for you to understand those borders or understand the time period in which Abraham’s seed is going to dwell in it.

Let’s go. Psalm 105. I just want to look at something real quick.

Psalm 105:1-20, v. 1-11 Read. The land of Canaan, that’s where the children of Ysrayl dwelled. We dwelled in that land. v. 12-14 Now listen, we sojourned in the land of Canaan. We were sojourners there too. We stayed there before that became our land. Before we put our roots down. Before we shed blood. Before we raised families in that land. We were sojourners there. And so they went from one nation to another. From one nation to another people, family. So we went all over. That is what the name Hebrew (Habaroo) means, a wanderer, to wander. v. 15-17 Look at that. He sent Yoseph ahead of them. v. 18-20 Now, the reason you will see that Yah speaks about our sojourning in Egypt is because this is where we grew as a nation. Because the Egyptians were so good to us when we first got there. Because Yah allowed them or had them to treat us well. And we were able to grow comfortably as a people. And we became a nation there. Seventy in number we came in and we left with probably 2 million people. A nation now. We grew from one clan to an entire nation. So Yah promised us the land of Canaan. Right? He promised us that. But He also promised us those borders from Egypt to Iraq.

Now let me show you something here. Why do you think we went over this last week? Why do you think we have never dwelled in those borders because Genesis 15:18, I gave you from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates River. From Egypt to Iraq. Why haven’t we dwelled there as a sovereign nation? Because it is for a future time, family when the garden of Eden is once again revealed to the eyes of men and the tree of life is given to those who have done Yah’s righteousness and kept His commandments. It’s for that time. It’s for a special time. It is NOT to be defiled. So do you know what? Yah just let you play because He knew what you were going to do because He called the end from the beginning. So Yah let you play in the land of Canaan. That’s what you did, Ysrayl. And you let others come in and play in the land of Canaan after that was your inheritance. So yeah, we dwelled in that little (part of the) land, a portion of our inheritance. Do you know what that means? A portion? That’s just a small piece of our inheritance. That’s it. It was just a small piece.

Yah just let us dwell in a small piece because do you know what? We did not give Him enough time to BLESS US with the fullness of the land. As soon as we got out of Egypt, we started acting up. We didn’t even have time to enjoy the land. We get in there, stake down roots and the next thing you know we are being uprooted for our disobedience. So Canaan is just a portion of the land. That’s it. It’s not the fullness of the land. It’s just a portion. The fullness of those borders will be filled when Yahoshua returns because there won’t be NO ACTING UP in the kingdom. NONE AT ALL. No acting up in the kingdom because Yah is going to get rid of the sinners in the wilderness…WILD HEBREWS!

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 18. That’s just a portion family of your inheritance. So the Jews over there fighting, ‘oh this is our land’. The Arabs over there fighting ‘oh we need blah, blah, blah’. What are you fighting over? That’s just a little bit of the land. Now you have Babylon over there fighting over our land, fighting in our land. The world has gone wild. Why do you think that, that is the hot spot? That’s where everything is going to kick off at, right over there in our land. That’s only a small portion, family. Just a piece. that little sliver. We didn’t even give Him enough time to expand it. As soon as we went in, we were just about coming out.

Let’s go to Revelation 18. Now let’s look at this. Yah said in verse 14 of Genesis chapter 15 that this nation will judged. Let’s look at the judgment of Babylon family. Babylon is that nation where Yah said I have sent y’all into. It is that nation of fierce countenance. It is that nation that the children of Ysrayl have been for nearly 400 years and have been afflicted. Now if you don’t believe that this is the fulfillment of Genesis 15:13-14 just say this much: That we have been afflicted nearly 400 years in this land. So you would be right if this affliction doesn’t last for a full 400  years if it stops tomorrow then the prophesy has to be somehow been fulfilled in Egypt. But if this continues until 2019 and then we see the workings of Yah as Yah comes through, you still have breath in your body. So you have to come to that conclusion. You can not deny the fact that it has been nearly 400 years that we have been afflicted here, in the United States. That is what I am speaking about, under the English rule.

Revelation 18, this is Yah destroying Babylon. And look at why He does it. It’s going to be the same reason that we just read about in Genesis 15:14. It’s the same nation, family. The same nation. It is Mystery Babylon which we know is the United States. It is the nation that Yah sent His people into and they have not shown compassion (mercy) (on the children of Ysrayl). It’s the United States, they have not shown mercy and this is why Yah is going to destroy Babylon. Check this out.

Revelation 18:1-9, v. 1-6 So everything that she has done is going to be paid to her doubly. DOUBLE. We read that in Yeremiyah 51. Remember? Yah said ‘I’m going to repay her’. v. 7 There’s no wars on her borders. There’s no wars here in the United States being fought in the streets like there are in Afghanistan, Iraq and all over the world. She said, ‘listen, I’m not a widow’. ‘I don’t see no mourning (sorrow) at all’. v. 8 Yah who judges her is Mighty (Strong). Didn’t Yah say that nation whom they serve and stay in her borders for 400 years. Right? Be afflicted by her for 400 years, that nation I’m going to judge. What did Yah just say about Babylon? I’m going to judge her because Yah who judges her is Mighty. This is Mystery Babylon, family, the United States. Let’s continue. Let’s go to verse 24.

Revelation 18:24 This is why Yah is judging her. In her are the Set-apart ones (the saints) family, the children of Ysrayl. Who are the prophets family? The prophets are Yah’s servants. Who were the prophets? All the prophets were what? Israylites. So in her were found the blood of Israylites. This whore has spilled MUCH blood of the children of Ysrayl in her 400 years of affliction. Is Yah going to destroy her tonight? Is Yah going to destroy her next year? How about the year after that? See, Yah has a time period for this whore and when He is going to take her down. And Yah has already given us the time period. Go back to Genesis 15:13-14. Let’s go to Revelation chapter 19, the judgment of this whore.

Revelation 19:2-3 Do you see that? This is Yah judging the great whore because the blood of the children of Ysrayl…His servants have been found in her.

Now listen we know that she has spilled our blood here. Her many hangings and burnings and lynchings. (She use to feed the slave children to the alligators down in Louisiana). But wait until she starts killing us…those that are professing Yah and Yahoshua. Much of our blood is going to be spilled in this land, family. A whole lot of it. And so Yah is going to judge her. This is the nation that is spoken of in Genesis 15:13-14. Yah has her on a time scale of when He’s going to judge her. He said for her sins have reached into heaven. See her sins are still climbing the ladders to heaven. And Yah’s still giving her time (to repent). I think it’s Yeremiyah chapter 50 or 51 where Yah says ‘I would have healed her’ (Yeremiyah 51:9). ‘We would have given her a healing’. But she’s not going to be healed family. She’s not. (She does  not want to repent).

So Yah is working. Let’s go to Yeremiyah chapter 23. I want to show you something here. Yah says this:

Yeremiyah 23:7-8 Wait a minute family let me stop right there. He said I’m not going to be known for bringing y’all out of Egypt. I’m going to be known for bringing y’all out of the land of the North, the North country, North America, the United States. He said I’m going to be KNOWN for bringing y’all up out of there. Can you imagine? Family yes you can imagine. Here we are being dogged in this land…called niggers. And Yah is going to dress us in kingly robes and garments and bring us up out of here. He said ‘I’m going to be known for doing this’.

That 400 year prophesy family. It’s going to fulfill a lot of different prophesies. Then He goes on to say as we close this verse ‘and from all the lands where I have driven them’. Do you see how Yah puts it on target? That North country, the land of the North and then He said all the lands. Do you see? It doesn’t exclude you Israylites down in Haiti. It doesn’t exclude you Israylites in Puerto Rico. It doesn’t exclude you Israylites in Brazil. It is just showing you, this is where you watch. Just look up here in the United States. Listen to what we are telling you. Listen to the reports that we are giving. Because you know that when she goes down, HalleluYah let us rejoice. It’s time for the return of Yahoshua, it is near.

But see a false prophet that has his false prophesies (saying) time to go now Ysrayl, they are not going to accept this. Because for them 9 years from now (2010-2019) is just to long to wait. They want to build their Ben Ami kingdom’s over there in Israel. Let Yah build the kingdom. You just get in where you fit in.

Let’s close out. v. 8 (finished reading). ‘They shall dwell on their own soil (land)’. We seen that by the hand of Yah, return to the land. By the hand of Yah, Yah will return us. Do you see that? What do we have to do? Do we have to go plot and plan and say well we have to convert to Judaism so we can fool the Jews to sneak back into the land? You don’t have to do that Ysrayl. yah has already given you the time period when this thing is going to be up. We just have to endure. What did Yahoshua say? Endure until the end (Mattithyah 24:13). ENDURE UNTIL THE 400TH YEAR FAMILY. UNTIL IT’S OVER. Endure. What does that mean? That means family whatever they put upon us, we are in these stages of being afflicted. Just endure it. Don’t fall for these FALSE DECEIVERS LEADING YOU ASTRAY, telling you that everything is okay. (Saying) there is no more trouble in the land. Family, THAT’S A LIAR. And the truth ain’t in them. If you havent’ been to your latest ghetto lately, please do. Look at how your brothers and sisters are suffering. Go to your so-called middle class Hebrew community. Look at how they are suffering and how they are being mistreated. Why don’t you write T.I. a letter and ask him how he’s doing? Ask little Wayne how he’s doing? Or O.J. Simpson. Do you understand? When do they let up on us? When have they let up on us? Four hundred years of affliction.

I want to put one more Scripture in here because Yah speaks about this substance that we are going to have. Family, let’s look at what our substance is going to be because the children of Ysrayl came out with the gold of Egypt. Right? They had a lot of gold when they came out. But what’s greater than gold? YAH. What’s greater than gold family? Yah. We are coming out of here with Yah.

Listen, the children of Ysrayl heard His name…they heard His name down in Egypt but they wasn’t serving Yah. Proof being, Yah had to kill them off. Yah killed off that entire generation that came out. Right? So when we come out this time, WE ARE FIGHTING TO SERVE HIM. He’s going to return everything they took from us. Yeah they took our silver and gold (from Africa). *My side note: I was just reading about the Gold Coast of Africa this week. It said: The Portuguese who came to Ghana (where the Ashanti live) in the 15th century found so much gold between the rivers Ankobra and the Volta that they named the place Mina…meaning mine. The gold Coast was later adopted by the English colonizers. *

We are going to get that back. But they took our names. They took our heritage. They took our shalom. They tried to take Yah. We are coming out of here with Yah. We are coming out of here with Yah’s shalom. We are coming out of here with Yah’s Power, Yah’s Yl. Our heritage and all, when we leave her borders after her destruction. Everything that they have taken from us will be returned and mightily so family. As you see, it’s starting to be returned right now.

Let’s go to Revelation chapter 2. We are rich family. What’s the highest number these ‘big brains’ can count too? Ka-zillionaires, I’m just making that up. Maybe, I don’t know. But we are Ka-zillionaires family with this truth of Yah. Let’s see Revelation chapter 2.

Revelation 2:9 Look at that. He said I know you are physically in poverty. Yet you are rich. Why are you rich? Because you have Yah, family. You have Yahoshua. This is your substance that you are coming out with. ‘Blasphemy who say they are Ysrayl and are not but are the congregation of satan’. We know who they are. We have a lesson coming up called the synagogue of satan. Y’all definitely will want to tune in for that series. HalleluYah.

So family, we are coming out of here, we are rich. They are going to return our silver and our gold. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 60. They are going to give us that back. But the greatest substance that we will have is that we are going to come out here with Yah. We had called upon  Him (prior?) to this land. We said KumbaYah (come by Yah). We made a petition to Him. And do you know what He’s coming. And when He comes, Babylon can do nothing but fall to her knees and sit in the dust and accept her punishment. He is COMING for you Ysrayl. Endure. We have a little longer to go. Endure, endure, endure. Don’t you give up! Your time is coming family! It’s almost here. It’s almost here.

All that rebellion and all that we had to go through on the hot Mississippi plantations, Emmett Till, Medgar Evers all these people family. They are significant in our history because prophesy is being fulfilled. They are significant in our history because prophesy is being fulfilled. All these men and women have stood up on behalf of their people, the children of Ysrayl and tried to free them, Harriet Tubman. Let’s not forget them. As Yoseph said to our people ‘when y’all leave here, take my bones with you’. Let’s not forget the struggles that we have fought in this captivity. We have put forth an effort family. But it’s only now that our fight has been strengthened with Yah. There have been many deceivers, many false prophets. Many wrong doers have stood up and led the children of Ysrayl astray. And they are still doing it.

But in this time family, the strength of Yah has returned to His people. And it’s in this hour as we close in on this last-ness of this captivity, this exile. It is time for us to get it, that is why it’s so important, it’s not a coincidence that He brought us out to Jamestown Virginia. And He said He heard y’all petition (in 2010 in Jamestown), now show Me. Put it in action. And yes we have been under attack but we have been blessed too. Ima Mayimyah, I heard that beautiful testimony. That’s only the beginning of many Ima. You already know. That’s how Yah is about to work in our midst. Ima Mariyah we heard your testimony, that’s only the beginning of many. They can’t hold us.

We have gone to Yah and said we are sorry for this. (We said sorry) in the place You brought us in at. Now if you didn’t believe in the 400 year captivity family…all of us that went out there then you should not have gone. Because you were just playing around. This is too serious. To go before His face (and play?). It’s over for you. That’s what Scripture says. After you have received the knowledge of the truth and you continue to willfully sin, there remains no more sacrifice for your sins… that’s it.

So now we are at a new level family. We are in a new time. We are Yah’s people. Yah is going to turn this captivity in our face ( or around). So satan is coming at us with his attacks…so be it. He’s always attacked the children of Ysrayl. But Yah is coming at us with His Mighty blessings. And yes are blessed family. Yes we are.

I just want to go to two more Scriptures. Isaiah 60. You want some substance. If you don’t believe that the 400 years is happening…this is not my prophesy. I say you stay here, you stay right here alright. You stay here, that’s all I have to say about that. If you don’t believe in it, you stay here. Or you leave before your time. You will see how Yah works with you. That’s why this is not an issue of debate. I’m not going into no (pal-talk) rooms or getting on mics to debate Yah’s truth. What is there to debate? Present Yah’s truth and if it is truth, it’s going to overcome everything else. The truth will defeat a lie. Just present what Yah has shown you, if He has shown you anything. Let Yah be the giver of truth. Let Yah be the judge.

Like I said, this ain’t no rebuttal, family. This is a lesson given to show the Word of Yah. We don’t have to rebut the Word of Yah. What are you talking about? This is so the children of Ysrayl won’t be deceived. So they will know what time they are living in and how Yah is going to operate this last final captivity. Do you think He is going to just put it out there for stiff-necks? So stiff-necks can come up with their own time frame of when they are ready to go. ‘Well we are just going tomorrow man’. Then the other group , ‘naw man we are going next week man’. Where are you going Ysrayl? There’s not one country on this earth that will accept you. And what I mean by that is that we all try to leave and go to a country tonight, man it would be war tomorrow. They wouldn’t let all of us in there. So where are we going?

Jews own the land of Israel, is that prophesy? I mean is that part of our redemption? Going to live under Jews. Naw man, I’m ready for Israylite kings. Not Israeli prime ministers, that already hate you. That are your enemy.

Isaiah 60, Ben Ami and all your foolishness that you are doing over there. Calling that the kingdom of Yah and havent’ even got citizenship. You have to go beg a Jew for citizenship. And they got you on a temporary status. And your sons have to serve in their military to fight unrighteous wars. As they are doing elsewhere. So where is your deliverance, Ben Ami, Messiah. Calling yourself Maschiach and you haven’t delivered nobody. You haven’t even been delivered. Yahweh Ben Yahweh…

Isaiah 60. You want some substance. Check this out.

Yesiyah 60:9-10 Tarshish=Spain. He’s going to have compassion on us family. We went before His face and repented (in Jamestown). That started Yah’s compassion to return before us. Because now Yah sees. Just as He saw with Yahoshua. Yes man can submit to Me. Now He’s seeing with you, Ysrayl. Yes Ysrayl can submit to Me. Because they came before My face and repented. Whew. Do you see how beautiful this is?

I pray, now if you have any questions please come and ask your questions. Don’t let the author of confusion (satan) come your way. But do you see how this operates? Mystery Babylon is that nation spoken of in Genesis 15:13-14. Mystery Babylon is the United States. We have a lesson on that. I didn’t want to go into the fullness to show you know, how Mystery Babylon is the U.S. in the lesson. Because we have a lesson on this already. It’s broken down for you. Mystery Babylon is that nation that Yah is going to judge after the 400 years of affliction is over. After the sojourning in her land that is not ours. Barack Obama is not one of us. Barack Obama more than likely is a clone of the pharaoh Akhenaton. If you don’t believe that,  Barack Obama is a Kenyan. He’s not a descendant of a slave here.

The night that Thomas Jefferson and his boys put together the Declaration of Independence, we were not…when they founded Jamestown VA, we were not included in that bunch. Everybody has been invited here except us. Do you see how unique your history is? You have been here almost 400 years and it’s matching up with prophesy. Are we that ignorant? That we overlook that?

See now I see why Yah had to destroy those Israylites when they came out of Egypt. He said I can’t stand this. These children are just to hard-headed. How many of y’all have ever dealt with a hard-headed child? How many of y’all was a hard-headed child? My mother use to complain about my hard-headed-ness. And now that I am a grown man, I see what she was talking about. Just looking back on my life and how disobedient I use to be as a child. I understand that (now) family. I see that now, as I see the children of Ysrayl.

Yah has to give it to us simple. If He gives it to us any other type of way family, we would not get it. If we can’t accept His truth His Ruach…listen for those who say prophesy is too complicated to understand, they don’t have the Ruach. How can you say that if Yah’s Ruach is upon you, how can you say His Word is to hard for you to know? When He is the author of the Word. He and His Word are one. So whatever His Word is saying, He’s going to tell you and explain it to you fully. So how is that hard? It’s only hard when you don’t have the Ruach and you REFUSE the Ruach and you can not understand His truth. Because He is not leading (you). That is why you have a problem with prophesy. That’s why you have a problem with understanding the simple things. That’s why you can’t understand how to keep a feast day. That’s why you can’t understand where the 400 year prophesy was. It’s just that simple. Because Yah ain’t telling you. Because His Ruach ain’t on you.

So that’s it family. I wanted this to be included last week but I said I’ll stop there and let you marinate on that last week. Then come back this week and here you go. If you have any questions come to the mic and let’s discuss it. But let’s talk real questions. Let’s not talk about confusion. Let’s talk real questions that you have. Because that’s what this room is aimed for. So It’s always a blessing to stand before Yah’s people for we can not take this light-hearted because  if I have come up here and said anything against Yah’s Word, He is going to hold it against me. But if I have not, then the Word of Yah has been spoken and I pray that His people have heard. HalleluYah. I relinquish the mic.

*The Israylites went out to Jamestown Virgina is 2010. They repented before Yah by praying the prayer of redemption. They turned east towards Zion and said the prayer. The prayer of redemption can be found in 1 Kings 8:44-53, especially verse 47. Yah tells Solomon that He will hear the prayers and forgive them in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

*Yah chose Yahrusalem as the place to put His name 2 Chronicles 6:6. Yah says His eyes and heart are always there 2 Chron. 7:16.

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