Flee From the Fear of Sin

This room is our refuge. This is the healing room from our battle scars all week. The tunnel represents the struggle. The light at the end represents Yah. Redemption is near. Fight.

Acts chapter 10, Kepha’s vision to eat: don’t call Yah’s creation unclean. This is talking about men’s hearts. He’s saying with symbolism of an unclean animal. Don’t put a clean animal with an unclean animal. In other words don’t put tilapia with a cat-fish. Yah cleansed the hearts of the Gentiles. Don’t say they can’t be saved. Don’t say righteous Gentiles are the same as wild Gentiles like tilapia is different from a cat-fish. When Yah has cleansed our hearts we have nothing to do with people with unclean hearts. Text: Don’t give what is Set-apart to the dogs.

Right, you are Set-apart. Dogs can eat pigs and all that. You can’t eat pigs. Do you know what it means to be Set-apart? It’s more than not being in the world. Set-apart people want to repent, they ask for forgiveness. Non Set-apart don’t care. Be mindful of your walk. We will fall sometimes. Who in here has NOT sinned? But in Set-apartness we ask to be forgiven. Set-apart people struggle to fight the temptations of the adversary. He will always be against you to battle against you.

(Talks about the upcoming Revelation series) Well first we will do the man of sin lesson and then we will do a lesson that parallels Ysrayl to Yahoshua’s life. Then the Revelation series.

(Talks about technology) Talks about smart phones: Technology is coming out more quickly now. This is fulfilling prophesy, Revelation. TEXT: My cousin has a phone with facial recognition scan.

From 2007 when the I-phone came out until now 2012 with I-phone 5. That is a very short time. Apple stock is worth $701 a share! They are worth $six hundred billion! Apple will be the first trillion-dollar company! They have I-pod, I-pad, I-phones. TEXT: Apple that forbidden fruit.

Yes, the bitten apple. Eve bit to get the knowledge of good and evil. We need this technology to navigate the world. Yeah, I need a Macbook. I’m still saving up for that boy. They make quality products. They build their products on-site. They sacrificed Steve Jobs with cancer, a slow death. Then they became the #1 company after his death. The fallen angels give them knowledge of space, time travel etc. UFOs fly inter-dimensionally. Technology is ruling this world.

Microsoft is another tech company. See, nerds rule the world now. Bill Gates is worth $66 billion now. Satan said if you bow down to me, I will give you kingdoms. Gates is worth 66 billion, not his company. He is very wicked. Gates is approved of by satan. What do you have to do to be approved of by satan?

‘Windows’=2 way devices. One can look in and out of it. You can’t operate a company today without windows. Do y’all know that they can control your mind with a computer?

Yahoshua said store your treasures in heaven where moths and robbers can not take it. Satan can only give earthly blessings.

Rich and poor: There is no more middle class. We are the super poor. We know how to survive. (We have always been resourceful). But what will happen to the millionaires who lose all their money? How will they survive? They don’t know how to. All they have are big bank accounts. They will commit suicide. It will create riots and financial wars. Liberia: Our people went there to set up a colony (the descendants of the slaves of America) and there was a war between those Israylites and the Hamites that lived there. When the rich start losing money and will invade our area where we live in the city, we will have to fight with them to survive. There will be financial wars…the newly poor against the old poor. The rich don’t trickle down. There are only crumbs down here and there will be a battle for those crumbs. They are setting this up, family. Do y’all remember back in the 90s the dot-com millionaires? Over night they lost everything. Remember that? The 1% will want to come to take the 99% crumbs. The Indians shared. But the colonists wanted it all. The same people are coming on a new invasion. They are coming to take it. The new poor vs. the old poor. Do y’all know that welfare is being taken over by the new poor now?

Romney is a MAD MAN! He is a lizard caught up in being rich. He said the middle class are those that make $200,000. He is out of touch. He talked about the 47%, you are that 47% he is talking about. He will not try to do anything for you as Obama is not. We are stuck in the middle. TEXT: Between a rock and a hard place.

Can’t get over, can’t get under (MJ song, ‘you want to be staring something’) It’s pol-tricks not politics!

Jesse Jackson Jr is going to be sacrificed y’all. They will make it look like a suicide. They diagnosed him as bi-polar already. Oh-uh. That’s all they need. He could bring his father and others down who are boule. Junior knows too much. Pay attention y’all. Yah brought us out of the world. Jesse Jackson Jr. may want to get out of that world. The guy on the stake next to Yahoshua believed and he will be in the kingdom. It’s too late.

Zombies: The Government is preparing! EVERY BRANCH! I’m not kidding. The social security bought 176,000 hollow tip bullets! The IRS and Department of Education are buying shot guns. In all the zombie movies, what is the gun of choice? The shot-gun! Even the national weather service bought 400,00 bullets! What the weather man need with bullets? LoL in the room. The military is preparing too. Movie: The Walking Dead 3 premiere will be out next month. There are 7 billion people on the planet for the zombies to work with. What is the most famous monster of the fallen angels right now? Right, Vampires. But there are no vampire invasions. They are saying get ready for a ZOMBIE invasion. TEXT: Flesh eating invasion. (not blood sucking).

Psalm 27:2 Read. Zombies are evil, mindless and will eat flesh which we are not to do. They come from ha shatan (the devil) the adversary. It says ‘My enemies, adversaries’ in the verse. This is ha shatan. They are preparing for this family. The zombie apocalypse is coming. They mocked Noah too until that water started rising. You can’t rely on guns alone though. You may have to cut its head off!

Text: Psalm 91 says Yah will protect us.

Yeah Ps. 91 does say that but you still have to prepare. Yah will lead you out.

Television show: called Revolution on NBC. They constantly show Chicago. Something happened to the power for like 15 years on the show. All the artificial energy was removed from the earth. Yeah it’s no Hulu.com too. The Hebrew woman at the end started up a computer. In terminator 2 a Hebrew made the sky-net technology. In the Jericho movie, a Hebrew had a laptop when all the power was gone. Why do Hebrews in all these movies have this technology? There is a correlation y’all. TEXT: ‘Zion’ in the matrix (had the technology) TEXT: The matrix was a computer system. TEXT: like book of Eli.

Technology without it our system would break in half. We depend on it even to pump water and grow food. The guy said if you stay in the cities you will die. Get out of these cities. Get yourself a sword and know how to use it. TEXT: Solar explosions that can take down the electrical grid.

Yeah on ABCnews.com, I was amazed to see all the UFO videos. They are about to say life exists out there, y’all. TEXT: They said they found new ‘super earths’ TEXT: watched a video about 13 ships leaving the moon.

Revelation 12: 6 Read. A great battle will be in heaven y’all.

Don’t allow the Gentiles to tell you who your heroes should be. The Abraham Lincoln movie is coming out soon. He was a white supremest. He wanted to break the Jews hands off of slavery and keep us in slavery. He was a jackal. If you say Castro, Gaddafi are good…they will call you a terrorist. Did y’all know that Castro sent help to the Africans fighting in Africa? Do y’all know that when hurricanes pass through no one ever is killed in Cuba? It’s Yah’s hand! Yah said I will bless those who bless you. Gaddafi had ‘brew women from Cuba as his personal body guards. These women were trained killers, his personal body guards. What do you think they will do to you? George Washington was a slave owner. Yet we name our children and our schools after him. This is why our children are messed up. Do y’all know that Castro fought apartheid? The Jews set up apartheid. The synagogue of satan did this. Jews own the diamond mines in South Africa. They send ‘brews down in there to get those diamonds. Do y’all know the temple is already built in South Africa? It is ready to be sent to Jerusalem.

Cecil Rhodes…Rhodes Scholars…the illuminati. TEXT: Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. TEXT: Hillary is a Jew.

Revelation will prepare us MENTALLY first. Don’t be afraid and start crying when you hear the prophesies of Revelation. How do you prepare your mind to see a zombie, an angel? They will not look feminine with long flowing night gowns on as the Gentiles try to portray them. LOL in the room. They will be 12 foot tall with fiery eyes and locs.  The Gentiles have deceived you. Angels are not naked fat babies. LOL in the room. They have voices of thunder. TEXT: They gon’ look more like predators (movie).

They will look like warriors! You will run if they come before your face. How do you prepare? Get in tune with Yah! That ‘s how you prepare. Daniyah trembled when he saw an angel. The messenger had to hold him up. The only time you see angels: When Yah wants to give you a message or kill you. Be careful of what you pray for! You ask Yah to send you an angel?!! Abraham was frightened to see the death angel. Joshua saw an angel, it was for a purpose. David saw the death angel over Yahrushalom. what if the death angel looks like the predator? Oh-weee! Yah had to hold the death angel back after a while over Canaan. You don’t want that angel.  That angel that appeared before Balaam was ready to kill him. TEXT: His donkey was smarter than him. TEXT: Remember Yahcob wrestling with the angel. (My side note: An angel appeared to Esau when he was going to fight Jacob. Seemed like He was glad to turn around. An angel’s hand appeared to Belshazzar in the book of Daniyah. His knees shaked. Shimshon’s parents (Samson) saw the angel jump in the fire.


news on super earth; there is a war coming to this planet y’all. Mars=the war planet (a dream was interpreted).

Lesson:Flee from the Fear of Sin

The reason for this lesson: Questions about what should we be doing now? You should be fleeing from fear of sin right now. Fear=doubt. When we were babes we dealt with elementary matters. Don’t continue to struggle with the same things. Be perfect. Don’t be fearful of fallen angel technology. We are near the year 2019. The prophesy will end. The curses will not end though. As long as there is disobedience there will be the curses. We must still keep the covenant. Spiritually first, we must leave Babylon. We must think of Yahoshua. We are fearful of being perfect and being disciplined. One of the curses is that we would be fearful, shaking like a leaf with no wind blowing. (Deuteronomy 28). The commandments are not hard to keep. Be disciplined. Yah repeats Himself. We His words because our people are stiff-necks.

Genesis 12:1-5 Yah told Abram to leave. He left Babylon and went to Canaan. Yah promised Abram this land from Egypt to Iraq.

We must first leave Babylon spiritually. Don’t get caught up in politics. The 47% Romney was talking about is us. Obama is backed by the Rothschild.

I don’t want to be a rebel in the wilderness. Get it right now. What holds us back? FEAR. We don’t pray to Yah for understanding. We still have Babylon on our hearts.

Yeremiyah 51:6-7, v. 6 The 400 year prophesy, captivity is almost up. The persecutions are coming fast. The fallen angels are about to appear. Super earth, life exists on Mars they will say. What is stopping us from committing to Yah? FEAR. We can’t defeat the Nephelium, satan if we have fear. If you can’t give The Word to your peers because you are afraid, how can you battle fallen angels, satan?

v.7 what do you see in the world now? The spread of democracy. This nation leads the world into rebellion. The statue of liberty is Semiramis. This is the only country you can kill a dog and go to jail yet we are killed, lynched and they get off. Do y’all know they are removing slavery from the  history books? The persecutions are coming. Be prepared. The world has gone crazy. This is why the U.S. instigates riots in those nations. Isaiah Washing an actor had to apologize for calling someone a fag. Tracy Morgan, a comedian had to apologize because he didn’t want his son to be gay. Then they dressed Morgan up in a dress. What about them disrespecting our men? Why aren’t we portrayed as righteous? No one speaks about this.

Flee from fear. Don’t be afraid to speak out against this stuff. Tyler Perry is not funny…nigger shows…boufons. And you sit silent. Educate your people about this. Tell them about Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj and the music industry. Tell them why they are not to eat pigs. Explain it to them as Philip did to the eunuch.

Acts 3:1-7 Give them (homeless) the Word if you have no money. Kepha healed the man, he had no money to give him.

If you don’t believe you can heal, raise the dead go  back to Christianity. Belief is paramount.

Revelation 18:1-4 ‘a dwelling place for demons’. Democracy=the rule of demons. This place is a modern-day necropolis (city of the dead). Washington DC, the streets are named after their heroes. It is a dwelling place for the dead. Sunday high places are for the dead. They sacrifice Jesus weekly for their sins. This place (Babylon) is for demons. Separate yourself spiritually first. We can not bring paganism into the ways of Yah. No fertility worship, steeples, sacred dark feminine. No Gaia, no Bacchus. We worship Yah in Spirit and Truth.

We must leave this Babylon mindset. Francis Bacon was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I before the pilgrims. They knew what this place. A place to be ruled by demons. This is a land of same-sex marriage, trans sexual monks, man-boy relationships here. Michael Vick going to prison here but you can’t kill a police dog. They kill us here saying it is justifiable manslaughter!! They attacked Yahoshua too. Genesis 3:15 there is enmity between us and them.

Revelation 18:3 Merchants of the earth are rich because of America. See, Americans paper chase…the American dream. The Bible says to store your treasures in heaven wear moths and thieves can get to it. What does it profit you to work for vain things and die and wake up in the 2nd resurrection?

You will be hated because you have this truth. Yah gives people over to delusion because they don’t love the truth. Don’t fear rejection. Freedom=the Word. Seek matters of Yah, lean not to your own understanding.


The article says that Israel will strike Iran before November. ‘The other countries’ in the article=syria and their allies.

The return of Yahoshua is getting closer. But first let’s start spiritually. We will be in multiple wildernesses.

We are the proof that Yahoshua existed. Don’t ask how He existed? FAITH. We are proof. We live by His example. I will be in the first resurrection…FAITH. If you are afraid to say that ….you doubt. We all sin, fall…I will get back up and NOT fall for the same stumbling block again. Don’t be afraid to be perfect. Don’t be afraid to fall…Yahoshua will carry you, our intercessor. TEXT: Matthew 1:21 is enough for me.

Revelation 18:4 This is the battle cry!! ‘Come out of her My people’!! Come out of this presidential debate. WHO CARES. My co-worker can’t wait for this debate between Obama and Romney. But this same co-worker doesn’t want to hear The Word. Profanity out of his mouth every 5 minutes, looking at women’s back-sides. We are not NIGGERs any more. We have come back to Yah’s covenant. We take the bread and cup to remember Yahoshua. Yahoshua existed, we remember Him.

Flee from fear of sin. Spiritually heal ourselves, then heal your brothers and sisters. We will command the dead to rise again. Yahoshua said greater things we shall do. Become the Word. It is a daily fight. We are not niggers anymore. Strive for perfection. Put on the incorruptible mindset. This is empowering…power. this gave Shimshon power. This will give us power over zombies. You better NOT run from no zombies! Fight! Don’t run from those Jesus zombies. Explain to them who the Messiyah is, let them see Messiyah in you.

2 Corinthians 5:1-10, v. 1-4 Read. v. 5 Yah has given us the Spirit of Truth just a small part of what is to come. We have to look forward to this in the first resurrection. No more pain. No more curses. This is why we must fight. This is why satan tries to stop you…with doubt. Then you go back to that old man as soon as things don’t go your way. Your lights go out, no food, then you say you didn’t struggle with Jesus or on the corner selling drugs. That is double-mindedness. Reminds me of the parable of the sower of the seed. Keep this Word, bear fruit with endurance!

v.7 We are led by Yah. We don’t need to know why pork is unclean. Yah says don’t eat it. Faith…we will eat poison and not get sick. Abraham passed the test to sacrifice Isaac. I can’t worry about my parent’s house. I have to protect my house. v. 8-10 I can intercede for my parent’s but they will be accountable for their own walks. I can’t blame anybody if I walk away from Yah. Don’t let no one take Yah’s Word from you. My walk started in 2008 after immersing. Although, I heard about Yah in 1992. I will not let satan take this from me. I will be Ysrayl, I’m speaking for me. Fight. I can’t be fearful. My daughters ask me why I don’t go to church? Daddy why di you and mom break up? Daddy why did you leave Chicago? I have to tell the truth. Yah wanted my to leave Chicago. I don’t hang with a friend I use to run with anymore. He does not call on Yah. My family members don’t visit me. And I live right down the street. SO WHO ARE YOU? MY MOM, DAD, CHILDREN, FRIENDS…I have laid it on the line for Yah and Yahoshua!!

1 John 4:18 Fear holds punishment. Fear=imperfection. There is no fear in love. Fear=bound by sin. Yah is love. v. 17 Go to the death with is Word! Yah is love. We should be love. They should see love on you. You don’t even have to speak it. They see it. Have a revolution of self. Have a Revelation of self.

Revelation 21:8 The fearful, cowards will be the first to go into the lake. FEAR= double mindedness.

James 1:5-8 Don’t be afraid to say Yah’s name. You are afraid of what others will say. Be fearless. Hesitation will get you killed on the battlefield in war. Hesitation on the Spiritual battlefield will get you killed. The more you get into Scriptures the more your understanding opens up but at first all you know are the names…Yah and Yahoshua. v. 5 Have faith when you ask or you may as well have a genie bottle or wailing wall. v. 6 Don’t doubt. Don’t be leafy, lukewarm. Don’t be if-y. Die with honor like the Maccabean. Don’t commit suicide. Father Yah, I proclaimed your Word! Stand boldly!

v. 7-8 Don’t be if-y, double-minded. You can ask for understanding. But have faith that He will answer. Don’t ask Yah to send you a sign, that’s doubt. Don’t ask to see an angel. I’m not ready, I don’t want to see an angel. It will come later. I will be ready one day. I have to get myself right, be clean spiritually. Spiritual maturity. I’m preparing now.  Prepare yourself.

You pray for strength. Then Yah sends a test. Then you cry. FOOL, know what you are asking for! If you ask for courage, patience…expect to be tested. We think arrogant and act like fools. Nobody owes you. We owe Yah. Yah loves us so much. He gave us Yahoshua. Some are so arrogant, foolish not to believe Yahoshua. Yah sends servants to us. Yah loves us so much.

Check yourself Ysrayl. Women you gossip. Men you talk about sports and big booties. Flee from sin. There is no love in sin. Walk in newness. Perfection.

It’s not time to leave Babylon until Yah says to go. Especially if you are still of the world with no love of Yah in you. TEXT: Without Yah you can’t hear Yah anyway.

Yah sent Yahoshua. Yahoshua gave Spiritual understanding of the Word.

Deuteronomy 6:1-25, v. 1 The children of Ysrayl prepared to go into the land. He gave these laws first. Yah will give us the Set-apart Spirit before we go into the land. Yahoshua is our example. Dual understanding here. v. 2-5 We show love to Yah by doing His law. v. 6 Yahoshua showed us to be the law. The law in the flesh to be a spiritual being, to eternal life. v. 7 We should have the Good News on our lips everywhere we go. The testimony of Yahoshua gives us power. It protects us, this Word against the giants. It will let us heal, raise the dead, gives us authority over the spiritually death and the physically dead. We raise the spiritually dead when we talk about Yah and Yahoshua. v.8 As you think, you do. You become the Word. We don’t have cubes on our heads, hands like the Jews. TEXT: Church/Circe a greek goddess; Qahal=assembly, congregation.

v. 9-11 Read. v. 12 Read. v. 13 Fear Yah above all! Don’t fear the government…lol… student loans, child support, get in line!! Get in line government. What you gon’ do to me? v. 14-22 Read. When children ask you about Yah tell them about Yah and how He has changed you.

TEXT: When you are blessed by the truth of Yah satan wants to steal that from us. TEXT: Isaiah 35:8 the wicked will not pass over the highway.

Obama can’t save us. Yah will judge Babylon. I don’t vote. TEXT: Don’t celebrate Hellidays.

v. 23-24 Read. v. 25 This is righteousness=guarding the laws. Be a vessel not a tool. Righteousness will save us. Cointel-pro, they will lock us up on false charges. Persecutions are coming. TEXT: like Joseph when accused of wrong you still will prosper.

Yahoshua endured to the end. If He quit. Where would we be? People are watching you, your walk. Salvation is of the Israylite.

1 Peter 2:1-2, v. 1-2 Read. v. 3 We have tasted. This is why we are here in this room. You have tasted this Word. We are being built up. We are being healed by Yahoshua. v. 7-8 Cornerstone=rock, foundation. Yahoshua said He will build on this Word. The Word is a stumbling block for those who don’t love this Word. v. 9 Out of darkness of sin. Yeremiyah was known in the womb. Yah knew we would be in this room today. He knew you. v. 10-12 Deuteronomy 6: Righteousness protects us from false accusations.

The famine is coming. Prepare. Wars and rumors of wars, creature out of the ground, Don’t be fearful. Tackle it head on. Put on the armor of Yah.

Psalm 46:1-11, v. 1 Yah is our refuge not the Democratic party. v. 2 We.do.not.fear. There are earthquakes all over now. Famine all over. We don’t fear. Don’t worry Yahoshua said. Seek the kingdom first in all righteousness. Righteousness=Deuteronomy 6:25 the laws.

We don’t fear zombies. We don’t fear biologic weapons. I fear YAH! Woe to you if you take the life of the anointed!! v. 3-5 Read. TEXT: I will stay in this Word even if it means my death.

WWIII will happen. Chaos to bring one world order of Nimrod, they will bring. Goshen was prepared, the children of Ysrayl were prepared. We will be protected. The Day of Yah prepare for this not dooms day prep. Prepare Spiritually.

v. 6-11 Yah is going to bring judgment on Mystery Babylon. I don’t need to save up no weapons. Vengeance is Yah’s. He will bring it down. Yah is with me. He will fight our battles.

The Book of Jasher, let’s look at Joseph and his brother.

Yasher 54:34-61 The time of the famine had begun. Before Yoseph revealed himself they thought this man was Egyptian. They didn’t know he understood Hebrew that they were speaking. v. 42 Why are you afraid? Yah is with us. They will use AIDS, HPV, diseases, poison the food to kill the children of Ysrayl in the U.S. v. 43-45 The shriek of the voice of Judah made them afraid! All these military Egyptians afraid of Judah’s voice!! You have authority in you too! The same blood is in us. Yahoshua said greater things we will do. Don’t be afraid. The synagogue of satan, the U.S. military are against us. Don’t be afraid. v. 46 Just His voice! See we have the Words of life. They said we have never heard teaching like this before, they said to Yahoshua. v. 47 All this happened at the shriek. He was fearless. We are in modern Egypt. They have police, militia, zombies, government for us. Stand up like Judah. His voice carried power! Pregnant women miscarried at the sound of the voice. This is why they want to break you and make you fear. They know one of the curses is fear. Willie Lynch letter referenced here. Stand against fear. Don’t hate each other. Don’t hate people still in the cursed mindset.

v. 48-50 The U.S. government fears the rise of the ‘black’ Messiyah. Do you know that? We are Yah’s battle axes. Yah repeats. We are Judah. We are the Maccabees. They worry about that. This is why they want to keep you high, drunk and sinning. This is why they have the King Alfred plan, zombies etc.  The Greek army was terrified of the Maccabean family.

The black panthers, Marcus Garvey, they didn’t have Yah. Not Christians, not Muslims…Yah will lead us.

v. 51-58 Read. v. 59 Faith. Yah will deliver us against whoever. v. 60 Who can stand before them? Yah will use us to smote kingdoms.

Yeremiyah 51:20-24 All we need is Yah’s righteousness to protect us. We don’t need super-duper X-ray machines to fight.

Ephesians 6:11=24 Put on the armor of Yah. We are fighting against the children of satan. Our armor does not hold fear. v. 14 Righteousness=keeping law, calling on Yah’s name. v. 15 No doubt, no fear, feet prepared. You study daily. Feet rooted in truth not doctrines of demons. v. 16 We have the shield of faith. Satan will get you to question your belief. Yahoshua was tried by the devil. This is coming…the devil will tempt us. Prepare. The shield of faith is important! How can you have salvation if you are questioning Yah? Don’t go back to elementary matters. Perfect yourself daily. v. 17 Fight the demons with the Word. The  Word=the sword. The Word=truth. Like Deuteronomy 6 said, the Word is to be on the frontlets of our heads. Be the Word as Yahoshua. v. 18-24 read.

Non-Messianic: Satan did not want to pay reverence to man. They (non messianic) don’t want to pay reverence to Yahoshua. It’s the same arrogant spirit of satan. They claim we worship Yahoshua. Yahoshua intercedes for us to Yah. He is the first fruit.

*Commemoration with bread and cup (wine, grape juice or water) done. It was the last dinner. Yahoshua died for our sins. He gave us an example. We celebrate His life. We remember the significance of His life. Don’t drink, eat unworthily. Examine yourself…there is one Yah, faith, immersing, Messiyah.


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