Interesting Movie

A few nights ago, I watched this movie called ‘The Conjuring‘ based on a true story of a family of 7 in Rhode Island. Funny, when the movie started ‘Lassie’ would not go into the house on the day of their arrival to the new home. The dog was still outside that night, barking the whole time but they did not understand what ‘Lassie’ was trying to tell them. The next day ‘Lassie’ was dead.

The day they arrived at the new house, the youngest daughter found (by a tree) a musical jack in the box with a mirror but the box was shaped like a circus tent or hexagon shape and a clown popped out when the music stopped (I just did a post about clowns and children). She took the box into the house, it was one of the portals. This house had several portals. The little girl said when the music stopped and after the clown popped up, a man named Rory appeared in the mirror, a demon. The cellar was also a portal, they took the boards off it. They didn’t even know they had a cellar until after they moved in.

The father bought the house from a bank. At the end when they researched about the house they found out that many people had died on or near the house/land. It’s important to research the goings-on of a house before you buy it. Read about who died in the house/land and how they died.  Also anoint the house and land. I have been noticing that the Gentiles on these shows/movies don’t research a house until after demon(s) are bothering them. Some state laws don’t require the owner to disclose history of the house, it’s up to the buyer to find out.

The mother started having bruises all over her body from demonic attacks in her sleep but the doctor told her that it was an iron deficiency.

When a demon entered a room, there would be a stench. I’ve seen several shows where the Gentiles said this same thing. Sometimes a rotten or death smell and sometimes a smoky smell.

There were black birds always dying on the property.

The second to youngest child would sleep walk in the movie. I just found out that sleep walking is a type of demonic possession. I use to think it was caused by stress and/or family chaos but now I know better. When a child sleep walks, the evil spirit wants to kill the child. I saw one show recently where the little boy was sleep walking and would wake up next to the pond in the rear of his house. I knew a girl who use to sleep walk. Her dad said that her eyes were open as she walked through the living room. Her dad would tell her to go back to bed (before she reached the side door which led to the car port and outside). He could tell by how she was walking that she was sleep-walking, it’s a slow walk and the person does not speak, like a zombie almost. Her dad would be sitting in the living room watching TV when this happened and it happened more than once. This behavior lasted about a year, she out grew it, she said or thought. Her dad would ask her the next day if she remembered walking into the living room, she never remembered. That’s how you know the demon had taken over the mind. The sleep walking child in the movie would sleep walk into an older sister’s room and bang her head on the wall. Later she was one of the two children (she and the baby) that her mother tried to kill while possessed by Satan. Satan wanted this little girl to die.

Closet doors opened and demons came out in the movie.

Sheets were pulled off one of the daughters, often, waking her up.

The mother was thrown down the cellar stairs. I noticed this is common. I especially noticed in many of these shows it will throw a pregnant woman down the stairs. Sometimes when a woman is vacuuming and cleaning the stairway, it will thrown her down the stairs and she is usually home alone. *Anoint the staircase in your home. Anoint the stairs that lead to your apartment.

A night hag, we use to call them, a demon, attacked one of the daughters.

Their clocks would stop at exactly 3:07 am, later they found out the first home owner hung herself at this time. She was a witch, a Satanist that sacrificed her baby to him and her husband walked in on her after she did it. Then she killed herself. This was the original portal.

This family lived in the house from 1968 to 1981. Thirteen years. This movie was released in 2013.

I took notes of the main points of the movie that caught my attention.





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