When We Fall Down Yah’s Mercy Lifts Us Up p. 4

Let’s go to chapter 12. David did evil in the sight of Yah.

2 ShemuYah 12: 1-23, v. 1-5 Whoa he’s pronouncing death on his own self! Now look at this. David is now coming back to his senses. David is now being brought from under the possession of the devil. Now David is about to think with sense. David is about to make logic. He is about to understand. But he said the man who did this is the son of death. He is the rich man taking the poor man’s only lamb. So what did David do? He committed adultery, he committed murder and he committed covetousness. These are three of the ten that Yah said not to do. David is the writer of the Psalms. Do you think he didn’t hear the commandments? But family, he was overtaken by the adversary. Satan came at him hardcore and caused him to commit this folly. A man after Yah’s own heart and Yah said this right.

How many of us have heard Yah give us a testimony about this? How many of us have heard Yah’s voice saying we are men and women after Yah’s heart? So if a man after Yah’s own heart and a man who Yah speaks to face to face can fall…we have to be on guard 24/7! So when we do hear that our brother or sister has fallen and if they are in a state of repentance, lets’ help them up. Let’s go to Yah and let us speak on their behalf for Yah to lift them back up. Who are we to say that they deserve the lack of fire immediately after they fall and Yah has not said that. Because Yah’ hand is outreaching to them but yours has been taken back because now your holier than thou and they are a sinner and you aren’t. See that separation will be made family once they folly in the sin. Once they continue (to sin) and don’t want to repent. Now they are in operation with the devil.

Now that’s when we separate ourselves. But if they have just fallen…Now David has just fallen and Yah could have killed him right here for committing adultery because that is one of the sins that you receive immediate death for. Yah could have killed him and Bathsheba. And He would be righteous to do it because she committed adultery too.

v. 6-8 Wait a minute. Do you see how satan operated against David with that lust? Yah said I gave you wives. David you had wives already, I gave them to you. I gave you your master’s wives. But you looked out and saw this one woman who belonged to this one man who was serving you with all his heart and you did this evil thing to take his wife and kill him. I would have given you much more David. If you wanted 20 women that looked like Bathsheba, I would have given you that, David. All you had to do was come ask Me. Has our relationship become that strained that now you sin against Me and you don’t feel comfortable coming to Me and asking for what you need?

See we can’t get like that family. We have to use that even among ourselves. I am not your brother where you can no longer come to me and talk to me about certain things? Has our brother and sisterhood become that strained? See that is how Yah is looking at David. I would have given you much more. You don’t have to go sin against Me to give you these things because you are My servant. We don’t have to go out and sin to receive these things from the Father Yah. We don’t have to steal, Israelites. All we have to do is ask. That’s it. So now David is starting to see what he has done and how he has sinned against his Father.

v. 9 David gave Uriyah in the hand of the enemy. v. 10 Look at this David has to get his butt whipped now. v. 11-12 Read. v. 13 David is no longer under possession of the devil. You see once this was brought to him, what he has done, David recognized it as sin and he said I have sinned against Yah. this is the first step of repentance. This is the first step of receiving Yah’s mercy. Yah said David, I’m going to bring the sword into your own house. David did these things with no conscience. After NathanYah pronounced the punishment he said oh yeah, Yah put away your sins so you are not going to die David. Because what he did called for death but Yah’s mercy lifted him up. Do you understand this family? Yah’s mercy saved David. He deserved death! But Yah said you are not going to die. Yah’s mercy saved his life. Yah’s mercy saved his life when King Shaul was after him. If Yah can forgive David of this great sin he did, don’t you think he will show us the same type of mercy?

If David is a servant of Yah and you are serving the same Yah don’t you know when you fall on your face and you are repenting and you come and confess your sins as David did. Don’t you know that Father Yah will have mercy upon you too? See this is what I’m talking about. This is what satan does not want you to know. That once he knocks you down, he tells you to stay down. He sticks his spear in your heart and tells you to stay down. You can’t get back up, I have a spear in your heart. I just killed you. That’s what he tells us.

But he does not control the beating of our hearts. That’s not in his hand. Satan can not control when the breath of life will leave our body. That’s not in his hand. So since he has no power over our life or our death. We need to be intoned with the Once who does have the power over our breath and over our death. So we bypass what the adversary says and when he knocks us down we go and get strength from the One who can give us strength. Not from the one who can take our strength but from the One who can give us strength. Not from the one who can drain our strength but from the One who can give us strength to battle.

That’s who we go seek. And that’s what saved David’s life. Look at the mercy Yah had. Yah sent a servant to him to tell him that he was in sin. He sent a prophet to him. When Yah could have snatched David’s breath right there, family. But he said this is my servant. He’s going to serve Me. This is a man after My own heart and shall do My desires…ALL My desires. How many times did David commit adultery after that? How many husbands did David kill after that? Alright.

v. 14-17 Read. v. 18 See, look at that. ‘He may do some harm (to us)’. Hey, David was a rough one! Do you understand? They were afraid to go tell David his child was dead. They thought David was going to pull out the sword and go wild. David is upset about what he had done. This man’s heart was torn up when Yah brought it to his face that he did this great sin. Had had no conscience of it but David knew thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not covet and thou shall not murder. David knew these things but he was unconscious when the adversary was on him, when he was possessed by the devil. It’s the devil that will have you to break commandments. So David had no conscience that he was doing wrong. It wasn’t until the consciousness was returned to his face that he said I have greatly sinned! That’s what it takes sometimes. But Yah did not do away with  him. Yah pronounced a punishment on him but Yah not once said David your no longer king or David your no longer My servant. Nobody can read that in here. Because it not there.

Yah continued to work with David. I told you David is so blessed that he will be in the first resurrection as a ruling prince under Yahoshua. David is so blessed that Yah found fit to bring MessiYah through David’s descendants. Let’s continue. v. 19-22 David was like maybe Yah will hear what I have to say. Maybe Yah will (hear)? This is King David. v. 23 There’s no returning from death until the resurrections. David said I will go to the grave with him but he’s not getting up out of that grave and come to me not until the resurrections. Do you understand?

So you saw David fall and Yah forgave him. Yah is merciful. He will forgive the sins of those who seek Him, family. David continued to be the king of Ysrayl until he died. Then his son by Bathsheba became the next king of Ysrayl, King Solomon. Humphf. This first son died then they had another one. Do you see that? Yah still had mercy upon him. Yah had mercy upon her because she was supposed to die too. But Yah had mercy upon both of them.

Let’s look at another example of David falling down. David fell again. Let’s go to 1 Chronicles chapter 21. David was a great man in Yah’s sight but Yahoshua was even greater because Yahoshua didn’t fall. Yahoshua rode the horse of righteousness from the moment he stepped out the womb until the moment the breath of life was taken from His body. Then 3 days later it returned. Yahoshua stayed with Yah and that’s what made Him greater than even King David.

1 Chronicles, when we fall down Yah’s mercy lifts us up. David fell again.

1 Chronicles 21: 1-13, v. 1-3 See, Yah is against the numbering of the children of Ysrayl because Yah told Abraham that his seed would be so numerous that if you can count the stars of the heavens, then you can count your seed. If you can count the sands of the sea, then you can count your seed. So David is going to try to put a number on Ysrayl. It says that satan stood up against him and moved David.

So when satan attacks, this is important, when satan comes to attack the nation…he wants to do it through the leaders. We have to pray for those that Yah has placed as our leaders. We have to keep them rose up in prayer because he attacked the nation by coming through the king. If he can get the king in folly then he can get the nation to follow in that same folly. So satan stood up against David and Ysryal and moved him to count us.

v. 4 So once again David is not trying to hear. v. 5-8 So once again David said out of his own mouth. I have sinned. I have done evil again. This is David. He did evil and sinned one time and Yah forgave him. Your doing evil and sin again, Yah is going to forgive him again. See we fall down and Yah’s mercy lifts us up.

But once we fall down, let us be smart and learn from our falling because when you fall down and Yah sees your falling, family that’s the worst feeling as a servant that  you can feel. Just like when Yah approves of whatever blessing that he has given you to do. And your soul is just delighted. Well it’s just the opposite when you fall. This is why David called out ‘oh I have sinned’. ‘I have done very foolishly’.  He’s not trying to deny it. But of sins, not once has he tried to deny his sin. But Yah had to still whip his behind. Yah brought a plague down upon Ysrayl to whip his behind.

Let’s look at another thing that David did. Let’s go to 1 Samuel chapter 21. I hope you are paying attention this is for your encouragement Ysrayl. This is for encouragement of the nation.

1 ShemuYah 21:1-6, v. 1-2 Let me tell you, (laughs) do y’all see how everybody feared David? Do y’all see David just showed up and this priest is scared (laughs). What are you doing here? And his men were scared to go tell him that his child had died. They feared him. This man was a warrior!! David is one of the most interesting characters of the Scriptures because when I came out of Christianity with the traditional Christian belief or thought, they taught me to turn the other check, this passive-sissy doctrine. But I am reading the Book and it says David is going around chopping heads off of giants and just laying men out left and right. I’m like how does that fit into this? I’m like wait a minute, David is a righteous man and he’s a warrior. That has to be a connection between these two, I thought. I didn’t understand it until now.

If you are a righteous man of Yah, you have to be a warrior!! Because you are automatically thrown in the midst of war. So it’s impossible for a righteous man not to be a warrior. You have to be. So any brother in here, any sister in here that is saying that they are for Yah through Yahoshua the MessiYah, you are a warrior already. So that is how the two merge but I couldn’t get that understanding in Christianity.

David brought fear. ‘David what are you doing here’? ‘Ah-ah, David, I-I-I didn’t know you were going to be there’. ‘David why are you touching your sword like that David’? (laughs) I can understand that, you kn0w. There are just certain people who bring a certain presence with them. I know growing up in Chicago, there were certain drug dealers that if you saw their car passing 2 blocks away, you have never did anything to this drug dealer but you were terrified of him because you know his reputation has proceeded him. They knew David was a righteous warrior. Let’s continue.

v. 3 So David is hungry here. v. 4-6 So they were changing the bread so they gave David the showbread. The showbread was reserved for the temple and for the priests. So David ate the showbread out of the temple.

Let’s see about that. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 12. We saw that David ate the showbread. He was not supposed to do that, that was for the priests.

Mattithyah 12; 1-5,7 So Yah forgave him for that. David is still Yah’s son. Yah’s son was hungry and when your sons are hungry, who isn’t going to feed their son? Who is going to tell your son, you can’t eat if the Father has bread on His table? Even though it was reserved for the priests but the mercy of Yah is upon us, family.

Just like some of us have to work on Shabbat. Yah’s mercy is upon us. Yah knows your  heart is set for the Shabbat. Yah knows that if David had bread elsewhere, David would have eaten it elsewhere but he had no other bread but right here. He was hungry. So why is Yah going to hold that against him? Any other day David would not have come in and ate what was set-apart to the priests. Do you see? This is Yah’s mercy. We see that David did something Yah did not want him to do but we see Yah held him blameless for that. Yah didn’t even account it guilt for him. He’s blameless. David don’t worry about it, go eat it.

I remember sometimes boy, when I was a child my moms…you know when she was cooking dinner you know Christmas dinner and stuff. I’d be there hungry and mouth-watering. She had everything laid out on the table and I couldn’t touch NOTHING. (laughs) You know moms didn’t play that. You know kids bringing their dirty hands on the table and grabbing food before she’s finished cooking. You know mom like presentation. She put everything out. But I’m just saying family that when your child is hungry it’s not blame…I use to do it. I use to go to that table when my mom said not to do it. I was hungry. I would take it in the corner where moms didn’t see me and eat it. Sometimes she saw me and didn’t say anything, boy I told you not to do that. Mom, I was hungry. Alright, well don’t do it again. Mercy.

It wasn’t like she was going to throw me up against the wall and kick me out the house at 5 years old for eating stuff on the table. So I’m just showing you that mercy that Yah has. What David did here even though he was not supposed to eat the bread but Yah had compassion on him. (Talks to someone) Absolutely ahk! The super ‘brews would try to stone him for that!! And bring fault on him. See, they don’t have mercy because super ‘brews don’t have mercy of Yah. Only those whom Yah has granted mercy to can understand mercy. That’s why when some of your brothers and sisters do something to make themselves fall, we are still there with them. Until they fall so far that they don’t want to come back, then that’s a folly on them.

Yah is there for us. So let’s go to Yahzeqyl chapter 37. Look what Yah did for David. Did Yah cast David away? This is what I want y’all to understand. Your walk is still your walk with the Father. You still are going to do His desire, purpose. If you repent and come back to Him that does not end. It’s only when you don’t repent, when you are unrepentant and you think you have done no wrong. That’s when Yah will take ALL of that stuff out of your hand. but if you humbly come back to Him and you repent to Him and understand that you have fallen but now you are getting lifted back up. Yah is going to continue to work with you.

Whatever He has for you to do, you still are going to do it. David still was king even after committing covetousness, adultery and murder. He was still king. Yah forgave him. So if Yah can forgive him, David has no fault in our sight. Yah forgave him so how can we hold anything against him? So even though David committed murder, David was not a murderer. Even though David committed adultery, David was not an adulterer. Even though David committed covetousness, David was not a coveter or whatever word you want to put to that.

Do you know why? Because Yah forgave him for all that. Had David continued in his sin then David would have died as an adulterer. But he did not dies as an adulterer because Yah forgave his sin. He did not die as a murderer because Yah forgave that sin. So those sins are no longer on David. They are over. Because if they weren’t David would have been killed for those sins. Yah would have removed him and he would no longer be Yah’s servant but it didn’t happen.

Do you see? Satan can’t hold this over our heads. It doesn’t mean you can go out and continue to sin as the Christian does…naw you can’t do that. You must understand that when you do fall and the Father lifts you back up that you stay there. You don’t see David committing the same sins over and over again. Once he finds out he did it and wasn’t supposed to do it, David repented. And that was the end of that.

‘Obadiyah, I was just hungry man and just ate two pork chops’. ‘I’m sorry ahk’. ‘I was just super hungry man’. Okay take it up with Yah. You have to repent of that. You come back ‘Oh man I’ve been repenting all week’. ‘I have been fasting and praying’. ‘Yah let me know that He forgave me’. Then a month later. ‘Obadiyah, I just ate some sausages on a pizza, ahk’. Well, did they hid the sausage under the cheese or something ahk? ‘Naw ahk, I ordered like that’. ‘And I got extra pork sausages too’. But didn’t you just repent two weeks ago from eating pork? ‘Yeah ahk, I’m going to go do it again after I finish this pizza’.

That’s madness there. That is the type of stuff that will get you thrown in the lake and that is the type of stuff that will remove Yah’s mercy from you. Because now you are playing with Him. Do you understand? So there is a limit and we will read this. There is a limit on what you can do and what Yah will forgive you for. He is merciful towards us. Never forget that. He has mercy.


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