2 Thessalonians 3:10 No Work, No Eat

News: There is a lot of angel activity in the heavens. Keep watch. There have been solar flares and an object crashed into the moon back on March 17th. They are just now telling us about it in the news. They don’t know what it was. On March 13th the Pope Francis was elected so it may all be connected. There were fireballs entering into the earths atmosphere around that time. There is a war going on in heaven. The man of sin will appear after satan is cast down. The show ‘supernatural’ season 8 ended with angels falling from heaven. Michayah and his angels in Revelation 12 will kick them out of heaven. Angels descend as fireballs in supernaturals. Satan will be confined to the earth and will no longer be able to go to heaven before Yah’s throne. He will be mad about that. See, they read this Bible. They know it’s going to happen. Yah gives eyes to see these things.

Salvation is for you first. Yahoshua was sent to you first. The law was given to you first. But you don’t want it. Integration is the worst thing to happen to our people. We asked Yah for a king through ShemuYah. We didn’t want Yah to be our King. (Samuel chapter 8 Ysrayl demands a king). Yah wants us to be a set-apart nation.

Do you believe the slave masters forced us to be Christians? NO. They didn’t. You weren’t human to him. You weren’t equal. So how could you be a brother if you weren’t human? He tricked us to believe in their god. The only Scripture the slaves were taught is how to be obedient to the master. You could not learn to read. They did not want you to read the Bible.

Black and white Christians are still separated. Sunday is the most separated day of the week (separate churches). They burned black churches from the 1960s all the way up until the 1990s.

We knew the concept of Messiyah when we came over here. They took Hebrewisms from you. They called you African, niggers. They knew you were the Hebrew Israelites of the Bible. TEXT: Let’s cut them off from being a nation.

They didn’t whip you to accept Jesus. They didn’t allow you to be a Christian. Yah allowed them to take our history from us. Yahcob town, Jamestown Virginia…no coincidence. Hurricane path from West Africa to Caribbean to America is not a coincidence.

If you aren’t calling on Yah, Yahoshua what’s stopping them from putting you back into slavery? Those men who became slaves were warriors. It’s Yah’s will if they start slavery again. That would make you take notice and run out of here…out of Babylon. (Talks to someone) no ahk, fema camps will be set up for the righteous Gentiles. They know there will be a large number of Gentiles that will listen to us. Psalm 83…they want to wipe the Israelites out. Shaul in Acts 13 said the Gentiles were happy to hear the Word of Yah. In the book of Yahzeqyl chapter 2, Yah said the wild Hebrews are the ones that will not listen. The stranger would hear and obey. The wild Hebrews are the ones that stir up the wicked Gentiles. They tell them what we say about MessiYah, Yah, etc. TEXT: like Samuel Jackson’s character in Django.

Sambo was the bad guy in Uncle Tom’s Cabin not Uncle Tom. See, this is what I mean when I say we listen to everything the Gentiles teach. Uncle Tom was whipped to death for refusing to whip another slave.

Facebook: The anti-meat vegans have an agenda! They love animals more than us. A man said he had worms inside his belly from meat. He probably was eating pork! Some people don’t cook their meat. They eat rare meat. Psalm 91, you shall not be harmed. Do you believe Yah? He gave us clean meat to eat. Steve Jobs was a vegan yet died of cancer. Bob Marley too. Yahoshua said it’s not what you put in your mouth that defiles a man but what comes out of your mouth that defiles you. It’s about what’s on your heart.

North American Israelites are just like those Israelites in Egypt. North American Israelites will be the main one complaining in the wilderness…you have luxury. Haitian, Sudanese Israelites are ready to go.

Everything good is from Yah…only Yah is good said Yahoshua.  We turn our noses up at crickets but we use to love pork and shrimp.

Bibles were on the ships with the slaves. He knew we would comprehend the Bible in whatever language, English, French etc.

Article: Obama says he has 3.5 years remaining. He is not talking about his presidency. He may be describing himself as the man of sin.

Lesson: If you don’t work; you don’t eat.

– Shedding Christianity

We come into one truth. We don’t have a pagan mind-set. We totally leave that mind-set. Don’t try to infuse new-age(ism) to Yah’s truth. We use the correct names. We had Yah’s names in ours when we came over here. Just go to slavevoyages.org although they have made it harder to look that up.  We sang Kumbayah. HalleluYah has Yah’s name. The prophets had Yah’s names in theirs.

I don’t count what I knew back before I came into the truth because I wasn’t totally obedient to Yah. I start with when I was immersed. Because I knew the names a long time ago but I was disobedient.

What does 2 Thessalonians 3:10 mean? I had to re-learn Scriptures with Yah’s understanding upon coming into the truth. Stop re-saying silly sayings of the Gentiles. They don’t understand what Shaul was saying. He wasn’t talking about food. They don’t understand what Yahoshua means about being reborn. Reborn is the first resurrection. Yet us eating from the tree of life is literal. We will have to do this before we enter into the kingdom of Yah…eat from the tree of life.

There are many churches in my community but there are many boarded up houses here. They feed people too but spiritually. There is no eternal salvation when calling on lord and god.

No work, no eat=they think on the flesh i.e. food. The Pharisees did no law. I must obey the law in order to teach you.

2 Thessalonians 3:10 Read. This is a commandment through Shaul from Yah. Yah gave the commandment not to eat of the tree. Yah told Noah the law of unclean and clean animals which we are to eat. The law has ALWAYS been here. Moses was the first to write the commandments down. Christians say we are the Gentiles. No way, Shaul taught the Gentiles in Europe. Salvation is of the Israelites. Yahoshua was sent to us to give us understanding of the Word of Yah and to walk in Spirit as an example to us. Shaul is speaking spiritual matters in this verse. TEXT: John 4:22. TEXT: Matthew 15:24.

The church taught you had to go out and get a job. They don’t understand who the children of Ysrayl are. They teach you are a Gentile. Yahoshua gave us understanding. The Pharisees gave no understanding. Our daily bread is the Word of Yah not physical bread. If a job gets in my way of putting Yah first, I will quit. As a matter of fact, I did quit my post office job to move to the state of LA. Put Yah first. Everything else will be given to us. Christians look down on people with no job….Babylon mind-set.

Genesis 3:17 They use this to validate the lie they tell about Shaul. I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Doing the work of Yah is what this Scripture (2 Thessalonians 3:10) means or you will go to the 2nd death (the lake of fire). Put Yah first, everything else can wait. Eat this spiritual food first. People start to see differences between us and pastor or Muslims. Muslims hate ‘the white man’ yet dress like him. (talks about wearing suits and bow ties). Did y’all know Yahzeqyl had locks? An angel grabbed Yahzeqyl by the locs in Scripture. (Yahzeqyl 8:3).

The church has plastered images of gods all over them. (Exodus 20:4-6).

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a suit but that does not equal success. Your physical appearance does not make you. You can be successful with your own business. Most rich Gentiles don’t wear suits. TEXT: jeans and t-shirt.

See satan makes you think you need to portray a certain image. (Microphone problems here).

Genesis 3:17 They use this to justify saying Adam had to work for food. No. Adam had to prove himself to Yah to eat from the tree of eternal life. Psalm 82:1-6 Yah judges the gods. Yah is not a god. How can god judge gods? It doesn’t make sense. Yah is not a god judging gods. Yah is living, the living Yah. They are taught by the gods.

Acts 6:1-5 The truth was spreading in Greece at this time. Greeks wanted their servants (Hebrews) to serve. Hebrews did not want to serve tables. v. 2 Do you leave the Word of Yah to do worldly matters? Do we need to ALL quit our jobs? NO. Just put Yah first in our lives. v. 3 They picked 7 brothers, not ALL of them to minister. Yah may have you working on Shabbat to assist the body. Everyone has a job in the body…teachers, healers etc. v. 4 Serving Yah first, the 7 chosen were to be full-time ministers of the Word. They sought Yah first with the set-apart Spirit upon them. v. 5 These chosen with the set-apart Spirit. They had faith. They were strong in belief. It says Stephen had faith and the set-apart Spirit. Obadiyah didn’t start this ministry in one day. He had to digest this meat first.

Yahoshua led by example. They call us crazy saying there is not a black Messiyah. Yahoshua was called stupid and crazy. Messiyah had TREMENDOUS faith and wisdom to do what He did. Don’t quit your job to go out and teach unless Yah calls you. You will fall on your face if He hasn’t called you. The 7 were filled with faith and Yah called them to do it. We know if you don’t work, you don’t eat but it’s deeper than that. That is the physical part. You must physically grow your food but this Scripture is spiritual not carnal as Christians teach. Be the Word, live the Word to bring souls in to get everlasting life.

2 Corinthians 5:1-10 Walk by faith to get closer to Yah. If Yah didn’t call you to be a teacher, you will become a proverb and byword in the nation of Ysrayl! We have to be led by Yah, His will. Our footsteps must be guided by the Father. v. 1 Regardless of what goes on, seek Yah. He will give you more or another house. Endure. Work at it continuously. There will be many mansions in the kingdom but you must earn it!! Work in the kingdom to eat from the tree of eternal life. In church, they tell you to hope on Jesus and that’s it. YOU MUST HAVE WORK! v. 2-3 Put on that incorruptible. Eat of the tree of salvation. It takes work to be strong! Do those spiritual push-ups to get stronger spiritually!!So when tribulation comes, you will overcome it (you will endure it). And don’t be surprised when Yah sends a test (trial) to you. When you pray to Yah saying give me strength, Yah is going to test you! Example if you have a lust problem, oh here comes the sister dressed a certain way. Or if you have a stealing problem, there’s that thing you want sitting before you. Thank Yah for your trials! Fight!!

v. 4 References 1 Corinthians 15:50-56 here. Corruption becomes incorruption. Physical becomes spiritual. The lake of fire (2nd resurrection) or the kingdom (1st resurrection)…everyone will be transformed to one or the other. v. 5-6 Read. v. 7 We walk by faith not by sight. Yeah we need to see but we still hear the Word of Yah even if we had no eyes. v. 8-9 Read. v. 10 Judgment on our works. Messiyah will judge us on our work! He is trustworthy and true because of His work. We are judged on our work too.

Christianity, Judaism, ancient aliens, How Lindsey, TD Jakes and them they don’t understand the Bible. We don’t go to them. We go to Israelites. Salvation comes from the Israelites.

Matthew 7:15-20 By their WORKS (fruit) you shall know them! They will be thrown in the lake of fire because they have no spiritual work.

Matthew 6:33 Seek Yah first. Every lesson has Yah’s truth. The same thing is repeated in almost every lesson. Matthew chapter 6 is called the ways of a servant. Yah provides so don’t worry. Worry about the laws. Yah will bless you with a job or things but first be obedient to Him. Prove it with faith. Yah gives what we need. Yah’s work is the real job. We work for Caesar, give Caesar what is Caesar’s. Even without a W-2 we all work!!! We work for Yah even if we have no 9 to 5!

Exodus 19:5-8 We are Yah’s priests. We work for Yah. This is our job. Moses gave this to the children of Ysrayl and our fathers agreed to it thousands of years ago. We still are in this covenant today. Sigh—sealed—and delivered baby! We are a  nation of priests. We are to give truth to the nations. This is our job. Yah will bless us with clothes, health or whatever just put Him first. Prove you love Him.

Genesis 22:13-18 Abraham had to prove he loved Yah. He was going to do it to prove he loved Yah. He was willing to do it. In the book of Jasher satan tried to stop Abraham from doing it by making himself a pool of water etc. Abraham loved Yah more than his family. Yahoshua said he who loves mother, brother more than Me. Put Yah first. We may have to physically split from our family members. Respectfully tell them they are in error saying god. Pray for them. Intercede. Especially if Yah is punishing them. Don’t pray the punishment stops. Pray they will see their error. v. 14 Abraham knew Yah would provide…faith. Our actions. Some of us live pay check to pay check. We put Yah first. Abraham gave up his son. Could you give up your check for Yah? Matthew 6, Yah feeds. Don’t worry about where your next meal is coming from. You are more important to Yah than the birds, flowers. Stop being physical with the Babylon mind-set. v. 15-18 Read. Abraham obeyed Yah’s voice. He put Yah before his son. Satan visited Sarah and worried her in the book of Jasher.

We must be mighty men in Yah!! STAND BOLD! Be firm on His words. Correct your family members that are in error.

Luke 4:1-4 He was filled the set-apart Spirit it says. ALL of Yah’s servants have this Spirit. We worship the living Yah. The world worships the dead. We worship the Spirit that gives life. The Spirit told Yahoshua to go to the wilderness. We are led by the Spirit. We don’t do things on our own. v. 3 Fleshly thinking is of satan. Satan knew He could turn that rock into bread. Satan knew He fed the multitude of people bread and fish. We do things when Yah says not because you are an Israelite. v. 4 We live by Yah’s Words. Do what Yah says. Give people the Word (Scriptures) but we can’t make them believe…Christians say this. Yahoshua put Yah first not hunger first. We eat when Yah says. Yah will not let you be clothes-less.

John 6:35 Follow His walk for eternal life in the kingdom. Earn it. ‘Work to eat’ as Shaul said. Be ye perfect. Work at perfection. The Gentiles say there is no perfection. Perfection is following laws, statues and commandments. That is perfection in Yah’s eyes. Put Yah first, all the other stuff will come.

Eucharist…they have no understanding. They do a perpetual sacrifice. We eat bread and wine in remembrance of Yahoshua. Matthew 5:48. We don’t eat pork then ask for forgiveness. Yahoshua is going to judge you.

Genesis 3:17-24 We know there is physical toil but they don’t know what Shaul is talking about. v. 22 They are sent out of Eden. They did not eat of the tree of life. v. 23-24 Read. Adam listened to Eve and not Yah in v. 17. v. 23 Punishment to be sent out. In Eden there was not work. Outside the garden, toil for food. Now we have to till it, sow it physically but spiritually we were in Eden. Now we have to work spiritually to get back in. We have to prove to Yah that we love Him. 2 Thessalonians 3:10  is about laboring toward the kingdom. We were punished as men to work in the fields. Now we must prove to Him by following law. This was a physical punishment here in Genesis 3. Now we must labor spiritually.

2 Thessalonians 3:1-18, v. 1 He is saying this is the Word of Yah. He is not talking about food. This first verse could be a thesis statement. I love Shaul. v. 2 Not all have faith, wicked men. v. 3 Yahoshua made trustworthy by work. This gave his authority to judge all. v. 4 We have faith in the Master…do it…work to spread this good news to eat or establish your spot in the kingdom. v. 5 Endure in Messiyah. Work. A labor of love. Show Yah. Guard His commandments. v. 6 In verse 2, not all believe so stay away from them. You know them by their fruits. v. 7 Imitate Messiyah. v. 8 No burden on brothers, they worked physical jobs but he is talking spiritual here. v. 9 Imitate us he is saying. Give Caesar his, Give Yah His. v. 10 Is there a commandment saying thou shall work? NO. Establish yourself in the kingdom (work) to eat (eternal salvation). Reads v. 8-10 again. They worked a 9 to 5 job too but don’t put burdens on people. They worked for Yah. We help clean up houses after gatherings. We help each other to not be a burden. This is what this is saying. There is no commandment to physically work. Yahoshua knew He was Messiyah. He gave examples on how to walk. (v. 9) Be an example.

1 Corinthians 11:1 Imitate Messiyah as I do said Shaul.

We are not the same as other Israelites. We follow Yah here. They don’t have the spiritual truth. They tell lies. v. 10 This is a commandment from Yah. Work for the kingdom. v. 11 Some don’t work. This seems like an oxymoron work/busybody. They ‘the busybodies’ are in assembly lying. Example: FB prophets. They don’t know the illuminati are really the fallen angels. They gossip, back-bite, cause strife and division. They can’t see because the demons won’t let them.

v. 12 ‘Work in quietness and eat their own bread’. Give us our daily bread and forgive those…you don’t need that other bread…it has leven in it. You need the bread of life…Yahoshua. Don’t listen to Dr. Oz, you will eat poison and live Yahoshua said. Stop listening to the Gentiles version of your history…eat your own bread…this is your history book.

v. 13 ‘Do good’=do work. Work this job with endurance. v. 14 Whoa! Don’t fellowship with them that don’t obey. Servants of Yah vs. servants of satan. Carnal minded Israelites always on the flesh. v. 15 Intercede for your brothers. Pray Yah opens his eyes. He is not an enemy. He may come back to Yah, like the prodigal son. Do you recite Scripture or do you live them? v. 16-18 Read. Physical work and death was a punishment on us but this work of 2 Thessalonians 3:10 is talking about seeking Yah first. Store your treasures in heaven. Let’s go there.

Matthew 6:19-33 v. 19-20 Yahoshua is the way=spiritual. v. 21-22 Read. v. 23 Whew HalleluYah! v. 24 We can’t serve the world. v. 25-32 Read. v. 33 Seek Yah (the spiritual). 2 Thessalonians 3:10 is not physical work. Seek the spiritual work of Yah!

The end of the lesson.


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