Call and Response: YahYah-oh-Yah-oh-YahYah

Do you remember that post I did last week on the Geechee-Gullah shouters of McIntosh County Georgia? They have preserved the style of song that the slaves, the Israelites brought over here called call and response. In call and response, the speaker calls out and the listeners respond. I read call and response was noticed by the slave masters as early as the arrival of the first slaves in Virginia in the 1600s but no citation was given on where this information came from. Call and response was sung in the spirituals of the slaves. It also has been sung in every form of Israelite music since then including spirituals, blues, rhythm and blues, jazz, rock and roll, hip-hop and go-go.

In this video, the speaker calls out YahYah-oh-Yah-oh-YahYah. She does not seem to know that she is calling the Most High but she does know that the name has something to do with celebrating life, she says. Appropriate for her to say because Yah is life. Yah of the living. HalleluYah.

YahYah-oh-Yah-oh-YahYah ………………(speaker): ah (listeners): YahYah (speaker): eh….starts over.

uploaded by Nana Akosua Baakan Agyiriwah


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