Know Your Enemy:The Spirits of Satan:Anger Fear and Hatred p. 3

Let’s go to the Book of Yesiyah chapter 30. And let’s see what Yah has to say about this same people. This is why we are angry. This is why He is angry. And this is why the righteous servants have a little of this righteous anger as well.

Isaiah 30:9-11 Ain’t this so true. This is who we are fam. It’s right there. Not much has changed. We don’t want the truth. We want people to sit up and hee-haw and back-slap with us. We want people to sit and lie to us. Because the moment someone comes and tells us the truth, now we get mad. ‘Why are you telling me the truth for’? ‘I didn’t want to hear that’! Speak to us lies. Whew, that’s Ysrayl. They don’t care if Yah’s bringing that correction before their face. And I will tell you again. This is how Yah works. The people who you may NOT want to hear it from…those are the ones that Yah sends to your face saying ‘repent for the kingdom of Yah is here’. They didn’t want to here it from Yahoshua or any of His other servants. ‘Repent for the kingdom of Yah is coming’. But because they looked at this thing on a fleshly level, they may have missed out on being in the kingdom. The same people. We are always sitting there lying to them. We want people to lie to us. Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 29.

Yesiyah 29:13-16, v. 13-14 Yah said He was going to take away all that wisdom. Everything y’all think y’all know, He is going to take it, put it on the ground and stump on it. (laughs) HalleluYah because who is a wise man if he’s not getting his wisdom from Yah? v. 15 You can’t hide your counsel far from Yah. If you aren’t getting your counsel from Yah, where are you getting it from? v.16 You can’t understand. You can’t understand if you sit there and think Yah doesn’t see your heart. He sees our hearts. He knows there is anger among us that we have to deal with but you better not be angry with Yah. You better not even try that. I’m sure there are some Hebrews out there that are puffed-up enough to where they want to be mad at The Father. The nerve, right? He gives us the breath of life, He gives us everything that we need. And we want to sit here and be mad. What ever He’s given us ain’t good enough (for you). Yah rebuke you satan!

So that is the thing about us fam. We are just an insatiable people. We don’t learn from our mistakes. Let’s go to the Book of Proverbs. I have a couple more Scriptures after this and then we will close out. Proverbs 15. We really should NOT be provoking ourselves to anger or our brothers and sisters. We have to push that anger away. We have to rebuke that before it overwhelms us. We can’t fight a spiritual battle on the physical. We can’t fight any battle whether it’s physical or spiritual without Yah.

Proverbs 15:1-4, v. 1 Ain’t that true? A soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger. This is so true. Sometimes it’s not what you say but it’s how you say it. This is what this Scripture is talking about here. Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. So if you are speaking it in righteousness even though it’s true, you just may give that person a chance to hear the truth. But if you are coming harshly with the truth, even though it’s truth, now you have tainted it. And now you make it hard for that person to listen to it. Because you have tainted it with your wicked tongue.

v. 2-3 Can I read this again? Because ‘brews act like Yah is NOT looking at them. He’s looking at everybody else EXCEPT them, right? The eyes of Yah are in every place, keeping watch on evil and the good it says. v. 4 A healing (wholesome) tongue, that’s what we must have. We must have this healing tongue. That tongue that heals, you know we have to build each other up. We have to strengthen one another. We can’t sit here and provoke one another to anger.

So here’s the question, Ysrayl. How do we heal ourselves? How do we start the process of elimination of this common foe, that we all share? How can we show ourselves worthy to overcome this stumbling block that we continue to stub our toes on? As a nation we have been through a lot and as individuals we have had our own share of struggles. I know this to be true as sure as my heart is beating in my chest right now. If we can get out of our own way, Ysrayl, and trust in Yah, we will be able to endure. If you think you have these issues, it’s time to admit it, so the process of healing can begin.

Focus on the goal and achieving it through service to Yah. And being able to use the tools that Yah gives us to fight against the adversary. Sometimes we need to suck it up, Ysrayl. We can’t be right 100% of the time. But I know Yah is.

Sometimes when things get hot and irritable, it may be a good idea to slow yourself down and separate yourself from that situation. Ask yourself, is it worth doing something you may regret in order to get the last word in. Swallow the pride and desire to inflict harm on the person who may have very well have harmed you. Isn’t that what The Word says? It says love those cursing you. It says to love your enemies. HalleluYah.

In this walk, we must remain Set-apart and handle our anger different from what the world does. When the urge to provoke one another come, rebuke it. For it is the spirit of the adversary working within. That provocation, Ysrayl. A lot of us are guilty of it. We want to get the last word in. We want to be right. We don’t want to do what thus saith Yah because it’s coming out of the mouth of a servant who we do not like. That’s wrong fam. That’s wrong. We can NOT do that. We have to be better than our ancestors. Are y’all with me on that? We have to be better than what our moms, dads and grandma’s taught us. We use to see things…growing up…you know anger just personified. Basically, uncontrollable rage. Sometimes you would see that with the aid of alcohol and with the aid of drugs.

It doesn’t take nothing now days for Hebrews to get off in the club and somebody step on their doggone shoe and here they go shouting. Here they go fighting. Think they have something to prove. Billy-Bad, you know. Billy-Bad and I’m not going to say the other part. Tough-Tony you know, got that anger.

What’s the Scripture where it talks about how our men have fainted and they are like a wild bull in a net? (Isaiah 51:20) That’s what it is, you know. That’s that anger. And it overcomes our young men. It overcomes our young women. It overcomes us all. But we can fight against it fam through the Word of Yah. And through Yahoshua’s walk. If we pay attention to what He did, because even as the pharisees were hitting him and trying to get him to be knocked off of his path. He just calmly gave them the Word. This was His sword. This was His shield. His shield of protection if Yah’s Ruach ha Qodesh. We can have that as well.

So let’s go to the Book of Ephesians. We are about to close out. I want to thank everyone for your fellowship with us at Israelite Heritage in our online class of ‘Yah and Yahoshua are Real’. Because it is good to do the will of Yah. It is good to fellowship with Yah’s people.

Ephesians 4:28-32 (also look at verses 26 & 27) He forgave us in Messiyah. That is Yah’s Son. And He gave Him as an offering to us so that we can be saved. That’s forgiveness fam. That’s mercy. So shouldn’t we have mercy on our brothers and sisters? Shouldn’t we not judge so harshly? Shouldn’t we do that? Because the only way we can call ourselves servants of Yah truly or fully is if we are doing that. If we are having that same mercy that Yah had upon us and our wretched souls. HalleluYah. v. 29 HalleluYah, this is for building up. Let’s build fam. Let’s not destroy one another. We have so many enemies out here. Satan is trying to use our enemies against us. He tries to use finances. He tries to use secret societies. He tries to use all these weapons of war. All this temptation out here. The TV, the radio, all these different things, these spirits, everything. We have a whole world. A whole universe under satan’s control. There are many under satan’s control and we do NOT even know how many servants he has coming against us. They are NOT worried about the Christians fam. I just want you to know that. They are NOT worried about the Muslims or the Hindu or any of them folks. That is why when you were in Christianity you rarely went through a spiritual attack. I can’t say that you didn’t but I’m just saying that I didn’t. I didn’t go through no spiritual attack. If I was with satan hey that’s what it was. You know, I was out there getting drunk, hey you get what you give. And that’s just what it is fam.

We have to realize that this is a war. This is a WAR and we are fighting it. And we must continue to fight. We can’t get weary. We have to keep on swinging those arms. We have to keep on moving those feet. We have to keep our heads on a swivel, looking to our left and looking to our right and protecting the backs of our brothers and sisters. We must do that fam. And if not for yourselves, do it for your brother. If not for your brother, do it for Yah.

Let’s go to the Book of Colossians chapter 3. Then we have one more Scripture left. Then that will be the end of the lesson, HalleluYah.

Colossians 3:1-17, v. 1-5 Whew! I love that. It says put to death those members which are on earth. Praise Yah. v. 6 Let’s not be with this crowd. Let’s be with the sons and daughters of obedience. Because the sons of disobedience have something coming for them. Those people who want to transgress Yah’s law, you know those that want to add and take away from His Word. Those people have something coming to them. So we have to be on the safe side. If Yah has not told us what it is, if we can’t prove it by Scripture, stay away from it. That’s the bottom line.

v. 7 That’s right we lived in those things. We lived in greed. We lived in idolatry. We lived in passion, uncleanness and fornication. I know I did. v. 8 And I know I need to work on this as well. If someone cuts me off…something just may fly out of my mouth. And I need to stop that fam. And that is being honest. I know that is how satan comes to me. This is how he comes to me now. He thinks he has me figured out. But he will see that eventually through Yah’s mercy and the strength that He’s given us, that even that will be impossible to come at me. He can’t come at me with drugs (anymore). He can’t come to me with the fornication anymore. He can’t come to me with all the foolishness that I use to do. You know the smoking and drinking. So now I have to deal with the filthy talk and I have to deal with the anger. HalleluYah. So instead of 50 things that I had to deal with before I came into this walk, through the mercy of Yah now it’s 2 to 3 things I have to deal with. HalleluYah. So that is progress fam. And that is what we must look at. If we are progressing then we need to check our walks. Yah wants us to continue to progress, that’s growth fam.

v. 9 Last week we were blessed to have brothers and sisters come here to Killeen Texas and they were able to be immersed and put that old man, that old woman off in the water. And I praise Yah for all the immersings that are going through Israelite Heritage. We are able to immerse people in Yah’s name through Yahoshua ha Maschiach. And once that old man or old woman goes down in the water, let them stay there.

v. 10-11 So it does not matter if you are a Gentile or your from this or that nation. If you take hold of the covenant, you’re an Israelite. So whatever abominable practices you did within your nation, put them off. And take on the practices of the Messiyah and of Yah’s work. v. 12 He says we are the chosen ones of Yah. I love that. The Creator chose us, fam. Whew! v. 13 This is so true. v. 14 HalleluYah. v. 15-16 When we sing those songs and when we do our praise & worship, it is a blessing fam. When y’all are doing that Yah ordained music, it’s waking people up. It is a blessing fam. Sing to Yah. Sing praises to His name. Lift up a highway to Him. Who rides through the deserts by His name? Yah. NOT Yahcwah, NOT Yah-who-wah, NOT God, NOT Lord, NOT Jehovah. But Yah. This is what the Word says in Psalm 68:4.

v. 17 HalleluYah. I tell you, Yah is so good to us fam. And that is why He gives us His Word. So that we can work on the things that we need to improve in ourselves. I’m looking for an improvement. I need to improve. Because, I know that I can’t continue to do things the way that I use to. I haven’t reached the mountain top yet. I ain’t in the kingdom yet. I say ‘yet’ because I want to be there. HalleluYah.

So we are going to look at our last Scripture. This is in the Psalms of Solomon in the Pseudepigrapha volume 2. We will read chapter 10. These are very profound words our wise king Shlomo (Solomon) had before his fall. So let’s look at what he is saying to us. HalleluYah.

Psalm of Solomon 10:1-8, v. 1-2 Say what?!! Did y’all hear that? The one who prepares (his) back for the whip shall be purified for Yah is good to those who endure discipline. WHEW! MAN! So if you are making yourself ready for discipline, to be reproved (corrected)…you will be a better person. And you will be cleansed. v. 3 Yah’s NOT going to pervert (bend) your way with His discipline. Just because you are getting your tail whipped doesn’t mean that you will come out all disfigured. After your discipline, you are supposed to say, ‘oh now I know what to do and what NOT to do’. HalleluYah. Just like we do our own children. v. 4-8 HalleluYah.

Well that completes the lesson fam. That is all the Scriptures that I have here. Those are all the notes that I have. I pray that understanding has been had by everyone. I thank everyone for your support in coming out today, your fellowship and strength that is gained by our fellowship by listening to the Word of Yah. And it’s just a blessing and an honor fam to stand among you and share what The Father has put on my heart. This is one of the things that we must overcome is that anger. That fear. That hatred because they are all akin to one another. So we must recognize when satan is working on us and trying to provoke us into doing things that we should NOT do. Provocation means trying to get people to do things. It means trying to influence you to do things. So we should NOT be provoked to anger. We should NOT provoke anyone to anger.

As we were reading in those last couple of Scriptures, we should always try to build and NOT destroy. So I praise Yah for His Word. I praise Yah for His servants. I praise Yah for you brothers and sisters because y’all are essential, crucial to the walk. Honestly, if we didn’t have one another, this walk would be a whole lot different. Take heed to what Yah is showing us all. We must protect our hearts. We must put on that breast-plate of righteousness so that we can fight against the schemes of the devil. He is seeking to and fro seeking whom he can devour. Let him NOT devour us. We have to be better than that. We must be smarter than that. We must be stronger than that. We must have more faith than that.

Anger is a sign of weakness. Uncontrollable anger is a sign of weakness. Fear is a sign of weakness. It says fearful ones will be the first put in the lake. And hatred that is the spirit of the adversary. Because he hates everything. And he can’t love himself because love is of Yah. I say halleluYah, that Yah is giving us His Set-apart Spirit so we can fight against ha shatan. Praise Yah. I praise Yah for His Son, Yahoshua ha Maschiach and all the servants of Yah seeking righteousness. Shalom.


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