Return to Yah Before Your Grace Runs Out Part 1

Brothers and sisters, we are in a very critical time. I don’t know if you all are aware of how critical the times are…the times we are in…right before our eyes. It’s shaping up the next 5 years in terms of prophesies. Nations, alliances are forming. We can read in Revelations, Yah saying these nations forming and coming up against other nations. Those things are happening right now. They are choosing sides. They are satan’s ministers. satan’s men, his sons are out doing his job 24-7. They don’t sleep or rest. They want to bring satan’s order. Yah’s going to give him a 3 and 1/2 period. But that is their whole thing to bring satan’s order to manifestation. So that is what this is about brothers and sisters. We want to make you aware. We will talk about many different subjects in this room in hopes in enlightening you and bringing you closer to the Father. And even strengthening your walk with the Father.

The full title of the lesson today is called The Mercy, grace and wrath of Yah:Return to Yah before your grace runs out.

We need to have a comprehension of this because many of us come from the Christian understanding and beliefs. And within the Christian belief they talk a lot about grace. To Christians grace means that you don’t have to keep the law anymore. That is what they believe it means, that now you have grace, now you have mercy. Grace means to show favor or good will or mercy or doing something that is pleasing to Yah.

Some like to believe the concept of grace or Yah’s mercy began with what is now called the New Testament. Yah had grace or mercy upon His people from the beginning. Because if He didn’t have grace and mercy when Adam sinned against Him, He would have killed Adam and Eve right there and there would be no more humans. But He had grace, mercy upon him and kicked him out of the garden. Yes death has been brought into the consciousness of man yet Yah still has grace, mercy. Israel we are not even supposed to be here. Just us being here today as Israelites, we know the Father has mercy upon His people. We are going to look at this. What Christians get wrong is that…they say grace is everlasting. They don’t understand that Yah gives you a GRACE PERIOD. (I used caps here to emphasize not to yell.)

He gives you an opportunity to get whatever particular sin, right in your life, whatever it is. Yah gives you the opportunity to get that thing right before the judgment or wrath comes down upon your head. I’m going to show you several examples throughout the Scriptures showing Yah having grace upon His people, Israel. Yet at the same time, Israel has to get this thing together before Yah’s wrath comes down. Yah gives warnings…Israel don’t do this…Israel don’t do that. Israel continues to walk in that way (according to our own hearts). Yah gives a grace period, a warning, a time to get this thing right. If Israel does not get it right, wrath is coming upon our heads. So that is what we will look at in this lesson.

We see examples of Yah showing His grace, what grace is and Yah having mercy upon His people. In Israel today, we hardly hear anything about the mercy that Yah has upon His people. We hear about other things especially the wrath but we hardly ever hear about the compassion, mercy that Yah the Father has for His children. Many of us need to know that Yah is merciful because we are stumbling, falling. We need to know that the Father will forgive us. And we need to know how to forgive. If we expect Him to forgive us, then we have to know how to forgive one another. If we are not taught that Yah is compassion, that Yah is merciful, then you know, what do we have? Do we just have a mean ogre? An ogre that commands you to do this and that and that’s it? No love, no nothing?

Many of you have personal things in your life…personal sins in your life. You say hey I’m doing this sin here and Yah has not struck lightening on me yet. Do you say, ‘I can continue to keep doing what I am doing’. ‘I have not been struck down’. You don’t understand that the Father’s giving you mercy to get this thing right and He’s showing you things in your life, that what you are doing is not right. But you are not paying attention to the warning, the signs. Just like the children of Israel when Yah sent prophets. Those prophets were sent to warn the children of Israel. They killed the prophets and ignored Yah’s warning. After Yah’s grace period ran out on them, wrath came. This is what we have to understand.

Let’s go to Genesis 6. Let’s see that grace did not begin in the New Testament. Yah’s grace has always been upon His people as it is to this very hour. We have to thank Yah for that brothers and sisters. Yah’s grace, mercy and wrath run hand in hand. For instance, we as a people from 1865 to right now, us in the U.S. or N. America from 1865 until now that is a grace period for us. Yah has given us a period to get this thing right. We are in paltalk talking to people all over the country back then they didn’t have this. 2,000 years ago our people didn’t have this connection. Hey, 2,000 years ago if you want to go meet up with some brothers you got to go meet up with your camels or that boat…put those big sandals on so you can walk. Right now Yah has afforded us this opportunity to come together. He has given us grace to learn about Him. This is your opportunity now, Israel. Out of all the wickedness that goes on, on the Internet, Yah has given us a forum to talk about Him.

Yah had mercy upon man and man did not understand this mercy Yah had for him. Man was so wicked upon the earth, sleeping with the angels and all that stuff was going on in Genesis chapter 6. If you don’t believe that, stick around for another class because we will deal with that subject also…about the fallen angels. It’s very important to know that. What went on in the past will be again. Yahoshua made the prophesy, so as it was in the days of Noah, it shall be when He makes His second appearance. He said they were marrying and giving into marriage. In the days of Noah who were marrying and given unto marriage? The sons of the gods or elohim because that is who they were. They took human women for wives. There are countless Scriptures that speak on this.

Genesis 6:4 The nephilium were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of the elohim came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of name. v. 5 And Yah saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. v. 6 Yah was sorry that He made man on the earth and He was grieved in His heart. v.7 Yah said, ‘I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth both man and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have mad them. (The speaker went back to verse 3 saying it is important.) v. 3 And Yah said My Spirit shall not strive with man forever for his going astray is indeed flesh yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.

So here we see Yah is upset with man because man is going to fallen angels and producing these sons, giants and the giants are causing all kinds of corruption on the earth. Yah is upset with this situation. In v. 3 Yah says His Spirit will not be on man when he goes astray. Yah says his (man’s) days will be 120 years. Now, I was taught when I first came into the understanding of the Bible and the truth of Yah…that this 120 years meant that mankind can not live past 120 years. This is what I was told. Looking at this, and as you become aware of the truth, I never heard of a modern man living to 120 years. So I thought and prayed on it. Could this be more than what we are seeing? Could Yah actually mean something else with this 120 years? Absolutely, that is what He means, He means something else.

What Yah is stating here is that He’s given mankind 120 years to repent of that behavior. Yah sent Enoch…Enoch went to the fallen angels and told them their great transgressions against the Father. The Father gave mankind 120 years to repent. And I’m going to verify that for you right now, in what’s called the Book of Jasher. The Book of Jasher is written in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18. The book of Jasher is a valid book brothers and sisters. The Book of Jasher chapter 5, relating to this 120 year period, it tells us that this is what Yah gave. Yah had mercy upon man and He gave them a grace period of 120 years.

Jasher 5:7-8 Speak you and proclaim to the sons of men saying, Thus saith Yah, return from your evil ways and forsake your works and Yah will repent of the evil that He declared to do to you so that it shall not come to pass. v.8 For thus saith Yah, behold, I give you a period of one hundred and twenty years, if you will turn to me and forsake your evil ways then will I also turn away from the evil which I told you and it shall not exist saith Yah.

So right here brothers and sisters the book of Jasher is telling us, as it is also stated in Genesis 6:3 Yah is giving them 120 years to repent of their sins. They had a 120 years of grace, Yah’s mercy, to get their act together, to get themselves right before He would bring wrath down upon them. He told them if they turned away from evil, He would not bring this wrath (flood) to them. He said He was going to destroy all flesh, every breathing thing with breath in its body…it was going to be destroyed. 120 years of grace is the time these people had to get this thing right. See, this is how Yah operates…first the warning, then the mercy, then the grace period. Then after that grace runs out and you don’t have it together…the wrath comes down upon your head. This is what He says. Let’s read v. 8 of Genesis chapter 6. Remember Christians think grace began with Jesus. Let’s see. Remember grace is favor, good will, mercy.

Genesis 6:8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of Yah.

Noah and his family were saved. Noah heeded…he took the warning. Yah told Noah He was going to bring a flood on these people.  Yah told Noah to build this arc so him and his family could survive. So Noah found favor, grace in the eyes of Yah and Noah embraced that grace. Noah was obedient so Noah escaped the wrath of Yah. Yah gave a grace period and Noah fulfilled His grace period. Noah was righteous in the eyes of Yah. See, even with your personal lives, you can avoid some of the troubles that you’re in right now. Because Yah gave you that warning and you did not heed to the warning…you continue to do things not pleasing to Him. Then He had to bring wrath upon you. Noah walked with Yah. v. 9 Noah was perfect in his generation. He was righteous. He walked with Yah just as Enoch walked with Yah.

Enoch was a prophet. He went to the people. If you read the book of Enoch very carefully, there is good information there. The angels came to Enoch after they sinned. And they asked Enoch to go to Yah and ask Him if they could be forgiven for this. Those angels were not forgiven because…how could Yah forgive them when they saw the greatness of Yah? Those angels saw 10 times, no 100 times more than your eyes see. They know what Yah is like. There was no repenting for them. Just like Scripture says in Hebrews 10:26, once we have come to the knowledge of the truth (and truth is the laws and commandments) and we willfully sin, there remains no more sacrifice for our sins. So the angels willfully sinned after they knew. satan willfully sinned. There’s no way for satan to get back into heaven…he can’t get back into heaven and be the covering cherubim again. There’s no way. Because he knew, see you are still learning…we are still learning. We have not seen the things satan has seen. satan seen the throne of Yah…he’s seen Yah’s order and law in the heavens. We haven’t seen that..he was mature, there’s no forgiveness for that…that’s a great transgression. That is why when Yah said when you hit a certain level and you know the truth and you willfully sin after that, there is no hope for you either. This is why we have to get on this word and stay with it!

Yah also says if a righteous man turns away from His righteousness and turns to wickedness…all of his righteousness shall not be remembered. So we really have to work on our walks brothers and sisters. We have to get intoned with the Father so that we can hear his voice. The only way you will hear Yah speaking to you is if you are intoned with the Father. If your out of tone with Yah then you will here satan speaking and think it is Yah because you don’t know Yah anymore. So we see Noah found grace, Noah found mercy, Noah found favor in the eyes of Yah. This is way before the New Testament. We see the understanding of grace is already here (in the Old Testament). We see Yah gave mankind a grace period…120 years to get it together. Noah and his family had it together and Yah saved them. The concept of Yah’s mercy has always been here. Yah has always had mercy upon man.

Genesis 19:19 Look, your servant has found favor in your sight and you have increased your mercy which you have shown me by saving my life but I cannot escape to the mountains lest some evil overtake me and I die.

Lot found favor, grace. Yah had grace upon Lot and his family when they escaped the destruction of Sodom. Yah came to that city and the people of that city were doing great abominations. They were having sex with the angels again. This is why giants like Goliath were around after the flood. The people continued to have sex with the fallen angels and continued to produce these giants after the flood. When Yah came to destroy Sodom, He had compassion on Lot. He saved Lot and His family from that destruction. Now, Lot did not want to leave Sodom. He wanted to stay in Sodom because Sodom was a beautiful city. He wanted to stay among the ‘luxury’. But Yah brought Him out because Yah had grace and mercy upon him and his family and Yah saved them from destruction. Interestingly, Yah gave a command to them to keep going…don’t look back and Lot’s wife was disobedient and looked back and Scripture says she was turned into a pillar of salt. And some say in the Hebrew she was not turned into a pillar of salt but that she was evaporated into ash like the explosions that destroyed Sodom when she looked back. Either way, we know she died from being disobedient. When Yah’s wrath comes down brothers and sisters we have to make sure we are under His wings! Do you know Yah even has a grace period right now for mystery Babylon? She has a chance to repent. The United States of all the evils she had done, she has a chance to repent. That is how merciful Yah is. But do you know what? She will not repent. She will not repent of her sins. That’s why Yah’s wrath is going to come down upon her head and destroy her utterly. The world will not repent because the world will not repent.

So everyone is rushing Yah, ‘oh Yah, I can’t wait for ‘the day of Yah’ to come. You better watch those comments brothers and sisters. One, you don’t rush Yah’s hand and two, Scripture says when the day of Yah comes…no man will be able to stand it! It’s going to be a horrific day! You take all of the sci-fi movies you have ever seen, you put that together and you have half the day of what the day of Yah will be like. You will see creatures, all types of things that the human eye has never seen before. It’s going to be frightening! Scripture says it will be like escaping the jaws of a lion but running right into a bear. You can’t escape that day. He’s going to come and repay wickedness for what wickedness had done to the earth. So you just be patient and wait on that day…don’t rush it. Because when it comes here, you will wish it were gone. It will be that terrible! Be careful in saying thoses phrases. I know we hope for the day we can be in righteousness and peace but that day will come but it will come in the Father’s time. When He has deemed it time to come. When He has deemed it the hour for that thing to come to pass. You just be patient. You make sure you know what you need to know. Because if that hour comes and you are not ready…if you have not learned what you need to know…if you are not living how you should be living, so Yah can pass over you…then man…you will be in very big trouble!!

So let’s take the grace period that He has given us. This is our opportunity period now. We can learn about Yah. Here we are in a chat room on the interenet that didn’t exist 50 years ago and we are coming to learn about the Father on His day. We have libraries and information at our fingertips. This is the opportunity time because one day, in one hour these things will be gone. It will be hard to find a Hebrew teacher. It will be hard to find a Bible. Scripture says there will be a thirst, famine not for food but for the hearing of the word of Yah! They are going to burn Bibles brothers and sisters when this man of sin comes. They are going to take away your Bibles saying you don’t need this anymore saying because we have god with us now. They will say that the Bible is ‘god’s old word’. They will burn the Korans…anything that has to do with religious significance to it because this man of sin is going to say he is the greatest of all gods. You will have to be prepared for this. If they break down your door and say, ‘listen we heard you are serving Yah’. Are you ready for the persecution that will come?

See, we have to get ourselves ready that’s why He’s giving us this grace period. In this grace period Yah is separating those who are truly His servants from those who are not. Not everyone who says Yah and Yahoshua are the servants of Yah. Yahoshua said many shall come to Me in that day saying, Master, Master haven’t we cast out demons in Your name? Haven’t we healed in Your name? Yahoshua will say depart from Me…I never knew you, you worker of inquity, you sons of sin…I don’t know y’all. Y’all were never with Me. So you have to be careful brothers and sisters. It is important to learn the word of Yah while you have the opportunity. and if someone comes bringing something contrary to the word of Yah…you will be able to spot it out (snaps fingers) just like that, within an instant! But if you only go by what people tell you, if you don’t research if for yourself…the trap is laid out and easy for you to walk in and be deceived. We have to study to show ourselves approved.

Like I said the Father is so merciful, He has simplied the Scriptures for you. This book is the only book on the planet that is translated into almost every language of man on the earth. That is not a mistake. That is done by the hand of Yah for a purpose…because man needs to hear the word of Yah…so man can return back to the word of Yah. Israel, you are a key figure in turning men’s hearts back to the Father. The Father has sent this word to you…so you can take it to them. Show them the ways of Yah. Show them the Messiah and the Messiah will show them Yah. The Book today is simplified for us. It has names of the books, chapters, and verses. Back in the day, the brothers just had one big scroll. If you wanted to read from  the book of Isaiah and Isaiah 53, well you had to pull out that big scroll and search for it. There was no numbering system, no chapters. So Yah has simplified it for us so we have no excuses. If you look after 1865, you see Israelite congregations starting to form in the Americas. I think (?) the first one was…(pause)…prophet Cherry…I believe. We have known we are the Israelites since we have been over here, that is why they had to put us through the seasoning process (to try to make us forget). But after that…in 1865 we started to congregate among each other, we started Israelite congregations because we knew who we were even though they tried to take all the information away from us. Yah left something there for us…so we would know. He did not allow them to completely remove it from our thought process. So we have to take advantage of this grace period before Yah’s wrath comes down upon us.

Exodus 33:12-13 Then Moshe said to Yah, see You say to me ‘bring up this people. But You have not let me know whom You will send with me. Yet You have said, ‘I know you by name and you have also found grace in My sight. v. 13 Now therefore, I pray, if I have found grace in Your sight show me now Your way that I may know You and that I may find grace in Your sight. And consider that this nation is Your people.

Yah told Moshe that he has found grace in His sight and in v. 13 Moshe understands he has found grace of Yah. See, y’all grace is not a New Testament understanding. It’s an ancient understanding. Yah has always had mercy for us, upon His people, upon Israel, upon man. Yah has always had mercy, compassion, grace for us. He has always given us a grace period to get things right. He gave the children of Israel 40 years when they were wondering through the wilderness, to get this thing right. And after the 40 years what happened? Their children, no the ones who came out of Egpyt from slavery but their children were allowed to enter into the land of Israel. The children were getting it right and were given the land. You see, grace runs out. Christianity teaches you are under grace, that you are not under the law anymore, not understanding what that is. Grace runs out, you get a period of grace, a grace period. When that runs out and you don’t have that thing together…Yah will send warnings to you. He will let you know.

Some of you are intoned with the Father and you know when your doing somtheing wrong and you know the warnings that He gives you. He may take money away from you. So you know when you come up short and now it’s hard to pay the bills when just a few months ago it was easy…you know the Father is giving you a warning…you say hey, What am I doing wrong? So now it’s time to soul search, now it’s time to search the family, the household. Where is this sin at? Am I secretly holding on to something in my heart that I’m hiding? That I think I’m hiding? You have to search it out. The Father will let you know. You seek His face…’Father what is it that I’m doing wrong’? He will let you know because He’s merciful. He’s compassionate. He gives warnings to awaken you in the beginning in knowing in the first place. So you go to Him and ask Him Father, what’s going on? What am I doing wrong? You check yourself to see where you are. Am I loving my neighbor as myself? Am I coveting what my neighbor has? What am I doing? Seek His face and He will give you the answer.

So, I want to show you some history now. But before I do that I want to go to the book of Romans. This is where I’m being led to…so let’s go over to the book of Romans. To the ‘New Testament’. There’s nothing ‘new’ about it. It says the same things the old says.

Romans 11:1-6 The ‘Scriptures’ copy of the Bible says elohim in verse 1. The speaker says Yahoshua says in the book of John 17:6, 12, 26 to Yah, ‘Father I have manifested Your name to these men. ‘I have kept them in Your name oh Father Yah’. ‘I have made known your name to them and I will make it known again. So, Yahoshua taught in the name of the Father Yah. He did not go around called Yah…el and elohim. He called Him Yah, ‘Yah I made Your name known’. This is Shaul speaking in verse 1…he would not have called the Father…elohim! He would have called Yah…Yah, just as Yahoshua taught His brothers. Yahoshua kept them in Yah’s name, Shaul is one of those brothers taught by the brothers and they were taught by Yahoshua. Shaul would not have said elohim because in the ancient times, let me tell you who the elohim were. The elohim were the fallen angels. The higher and lower of the fallen angels…they were called the gods. Elohim refers to them. Yah is above them. Yah say He sits in the counsel of the elohim (and judges them). He knows who the elohim are…they are the gods. That is why you don’t hear me saying el and elohim. I’m not putting titles on Yah’s name. If you do it…that’s what you choose to do. That’s on you but I’m not putting titles on Yah’s name. Yah is Yah.

(Continues to read verses 1-6) Right here brother Shaul says that Yah has a remnant of Israel. Because He has a grace period for the remnant of Israel, those are the Israelites that are going to walk in His ways, walk in His truth, walk in His law. Yah has a remnant, election of favor, a chosen of favor, election of grace has to come. Yah’s grace has to be upon the remnant in order for the remnant to come into the truth of Yah. So here it says, Yah has grace over the remnant. Remnant means a small portion. There are Israelites all over the world like the sands of the sea but only a small portion will return or give their hearts back to Yah. Only a small portion will return back to the covenant. That portion Yah will have mercy upon them. Yah has mercy on that portion now. He has favor for you to get this thing done, understand His truth, to get it right, right now, you are in this time period to do this thing right. This is your opportunity to get this grace, this walk together. You don’t want your grace to run out and His wrath come down upon you. You don’t want that, Israel. You don’t deserve that…well, I can’t say you don’t deserve it because if Yah finds fit to put it upon you…you deserve it. I was thinking as a fleshly man a moment ago because I’m looking at our people…how we suffered here on the physical plane and then get ate up in the next one too? We suffer the most in this world then go to the lake of fire too?…to suffer forever? But if Yah wants you to suffer that…you will suffer. That’s how important getting this walk is. He has mercy on you right now. He is giving you the opportunity to get your walk right.

Let’s look at a little history of our people. But first let’s go to Isaiah 49. You have to understand that we have to come back to Him not in the way we want to come back to Him. He will not deal with sinful Israel anymore. We have to come back to Him in the way He wants us to. He gave us things to do, requirements and He said this is how I want you to do them. This is how you need to do it Israel. So brothers and sisters we have been doing things how we want to do it. Over the years…2005 I put out the article about the Passover when I was first awakened to that information. An elder brought this information to me. One of the elders that was fellowshipping at our class. I didn’t understand anything about the Passover from the time I came into this walk up until 2005 because I was just taught confusion with no solid answers. In 2005 when this elder gave me this information, I was blown away by it! What could I do? Could I throw at this man, the confusion I had been taught? Or should I just humbly accept this as the word of Yah because it was coming directly from the word of Yah (Scripture). And Yah put it on my heart to put this information out. So I did it. And over these past 2 years, I have gotten so much slack. Some people appreciated and got understanding but some said hey…so what I’m saying is that with that Passover celebration…Yah had mercy upon me doing that thing. I didn’t know what I was doing but then when He brought it to me…He gave me a grace period then when He brought it to me, I accepted it so He may have delayed the wrath. He probably took the wrath back. Many of you have came and told me of situations where you were trying to keep these feast days and they were not going right because you were confused about it.

See, Yah will bring things your way for understanding. You have to understand what He’s bringing you. He brings things to you as a warning. He brought prophets to Israel as a warning, saying Israel turn from your wicked ways. And if you don’t, here it comes…wrath. Many of us are walking upside down…we put on a happy face when we are not happy at all…we are confused. We are being taught all kinds of things…being led astray. When Yah speaks to us we turn His voice away because we don’t hear His voice, we don’t understand His voice. We are so use to hearing the other voice. So when His voice comes as a warning to His afflicted ones, He’s coming to heal you. And many of us turn the healing away. We turn our backs on the healing.

So let’s continue…

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