Marriage Divorce and Remarriage

The name of the full lesson is marriage, divorce and remarriage: A righteous covenant of Yah. They decided to do this lesson because there are people forming new covenants and a few newlyweds there. You have to make marriage work. The speaker defined the following terms: adultery means sex with a married woman or man. Whore is a woman who has sex with no covenant. A prostitute is a person who has sex for money. A whoremonger is a male who has sex with no covenant. These are the pimps and players. Fornication or friends with benefits is having sex with no covenant.

Men are allowed to have more than one wife but not in our society (not legally in the U.S.). Yah does not want women to have more than one man. She would not know who her ‘baby daddy’ is. Polyandry is when women have more than one husband. Men had more than one wife to extend the family in the Scriptures.

What is marriage? It’s not just a ceremony. Kim K. spent 10 million and was only married 72 days. What makes one married?

Genesis 2:16-17 Eve was not created here yet.

Genesis 2:20-24 No helper in verse 20. v.22 Yah took genetics of man to make woman. v. 23 Adam made a covenant here with Eve saying bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. v. 24 He calls her wife. No one knows you like your spouse (one flesh) except Yah of course. Now you share your thoughts, bed, food with your spouse. But sometimes we get stingy…closing yourself off to the spouse. Marriage is a lot of work, you can’t close yourself off. She is there to help you. Don’t stop talking to her. v. 25. Don’t be ashamed of your spouse. Reveal yourself to your spouse…you talk to your spouse.

There is an engagement period before marriage.

Genesis 4:1 Now Adam has intercourse with Eve and she bore Cain. The vow makes you married not having sex. Sex does not make people married. Adam and Eve were married before Yah only, there was no priest. Marriage is universal to Yah or He recognizes marriage even if the bride and groom do not call on Him.

Genesis 39:7-9 An Egyptian wife wanted to have sex with Yoseph. He knew it was adultery. Pharoah did not get married under Yah.

Rings and flowers in the wedding etc, all that is from the fallen angels. They put rings with signet or their names on the women they married. Jumping the broom is how the slaves married. It was taught by the slaves owners. The owners did not believe slaves were human so they didn’t need to marry as they did.

Deuteronomy 22:22 This is what adultery is

John 8:1-7 They only brought the woman. But Deuteronomy 22:22 says the man and the woman. Yahoshua forgave her.

Engagement…don’t give your heart to someone you don’t know. It is the first part of the marriage covenant.

Pimps play with women’s emotions…even if she is beautiful. Men are visual…the big butt and pretty smile. Women play on men too…they know men love physical beauty.

Engagement means a promise to marry. Engagement rings are worldly. They think big rings=more love. See, love is an action. Don’t base love on material things…be there for each other.

Matthew 1:18,24-25 Yoseph was engaged to Miriam. He did not have sex with her until after Yahoshua was born. Yah did not have sex with Miriam. The Set Apart Spirit made Miriam pregnant. v. 24-25 He was engaged to her and fled with his wife. Engagement=his wife here. They were married in the sight of Yah.

Can you have intercourse if you are engaged? Yes, you have power of a husband. Yah promised to take us as his…this was an example of engagement.

Deuteronomy 22:23-24 Engaged woman sleeping with another man=adultery. v. 28-29 If she is not engaged and he lays with her, they are engaged according to Yah. If he seizes her and they are found meaning they are secret lovers they must marry. Dinah was not required to marry her rapist. v.25 Forced (rape) to be with him=the man shall die. The woman has no sin in this case.

Jermiyah 3:14 Yah is married to the children of Israel.

Reuben slept with his father’s concubine. Absalom (sp?) slept with David’s concubine. Reuben repented in the testament of the patriarchs in the pseudepigrapha volume one. They uncovered their fathers nakedness which is a sin. They fornicated which is a sin. Did Jacob’s concubine scream? Did Reuben stop her from screaming out?— ?

Genesis 15:18 Yah made a covenant with Abram (engagement)

Exodus 24:1-8 Yah married the children of Israel. This is the wedding between Yah and the children of Israel. Blood=consemation of the marriage.

Yah has not divorced us! He just has put us away for now! What is the 1st step of divorce? Putting away (or separation). Separation is not divorce. A certificate is needed for divorce.  This represents the spiritual and the physical. If you are married by the state, you need a state divorce certificate. It is to protect a woman from a jealous man. It is to stop him from claiming she is an adulterer.

You can’t put your wife away because she can’t cook, lol or she has hammer toes lol. Work on your marriage…endure!

Deuteronomy 24:1-4 A certificate is needed for divorce. She can’t come back to you if she has married another man. Deuteronomy 16:16 there is one law for all…men and women …men were to tell their women the law. The men were putting away their woman back and then saying she was committing adultery (for revenge).

Matthew 19:3-9 The speaker says he wrote up divorce papers for his first wife. If you are engaged…still write the papers up if you part. The engagement time is to get to know each other. If you marry through the state…divorce through the state.

Yes, the Ima’s (mothers, grandmothers) and elders can get married too! (lots of laughter) v. 3-9 Yah wants covenants to last! You can’t kick your wife out for every small matter! Don’t put your husbands out for leaving his socks out. Don’t leave your spouse for every small matter. Yahoshua said it was not to be in the beginning (divorce) but adultery and spiritual whoring are grounds for divorce. Put time and effort in your marriage. It can be draining but problems even sexual problems can be worked out in a marriage. If your spouse is putting up Christmas trees, this is a problem because Yah does not want us in unrighteous unions. Yahoshua said you can divorce for spiritual whoring.

Malachi 2:13-16 v. 14 husbands do not  act treacherously with wives. Yah hates divorce so don’t treat each other treacherously. Yah hasn’t divorced us even though we are treacherous to Him. Don’t commit spiritual whoring.

Jeremiyah 3:8 Yah saw our backsliding, our adultery and put us away. Yah divorced the 10 tribes. The Assyrians took them during Isaiah’s times. They never became a nation again as a whole even in Yahoshua’s time.  (They were here and there in the land). Yah never divorced Judah. Yahoshua will be the bridegroom (the marriage supper of the lamb). Yah will renew vows with the remnant. No one has married Israel today. We have been spiritual whores married to buddha, allah etc. Yah never remarried another nation. Now, Israel wants to come back home. Yah never whored against us. We whored against Yah. In the new covenant, Yahoshua opened the door for us to go back to Yah.

This is the greatest love story that has ever been told…between Yah and Israel. The other nations don’t want us. Yah still does.

Isaiah 50:1 Yah showing us how to run our marriages. Israel sold for our sins. Judah, Benyamin, Levites  were the last to be exiled from the land. The other tribes were already in Africa. No one has ever married us…so we are able to go back to Yah…our husband. Yah is going to remarry Israel and Judah and become one again. All 12 tribes are scattered today.

A family that prays together stays together.

Tomorrow I will post the news you can use and q & a below. I love you baby. Goodnight.

q & a: A spouse going to her family to celebrate Christmas, is this grounds for divorce? Is it spiritual whoring? Many gods are associated with holidays…yes it is spiritual whoring. The feasts they do or food they eat are sacrificed to demons. Some of these people know and some don’t know. Get rid of stumbling blocks so you will be in the kingdom. Some of you have given up children, friends, wives and husbands for Yah. Yah wants to know what will you give up for salvation? Divorce hurts, Yah hates it…but it is sometimes required. My sidenote: some of the people in the room were texting to see a marriage counselor first to try to work problems out.

Do fallen angels need gold? I noticed people are gathering up gold, why? When will Yahoshua renew the covenant? Annanuki (sp?) means those from heaven came to earth. They lived in Samaria among the people. They are the fallen angels. They told the Samaritan people they created humans to mine gold. Scientists say all humans have netherthal genes except africans…a lie. Yah created all humans. The fallen angels did have people mining gold though. In Genesis, Yah created us to keep the garden…not mine gold. They want to buy all the gold now. You see the signs everywhere. Do y’all know the Spanish came to the Americas looking for gold? Check out the movies called ‘el dorado (?). There is a gold rush happening now in California.  Jeremiyah 35, when Yahoshua returns…the marriage supper of the lamb in Revelation will take place…this is after the battle of Megiddo.

Do y’all know the Grand Canyon was created by the great flood (in Noah’s days). They have found water damage on the canyon. The sphinx has water damaged from the flood too…they have admitted it…Khufu did not create it. The sphinx is much older than Khufu. It is the image of Nimrod! Nimrod said he was a nephelium or half god half man.

What has to be written on the certificate of divorce? Write that the covenant is broken, that you are no longer bound to each other. Say I am not married to so and so any longer. Put the date. Make it simple. You don’t need any long statements. Yes, you can have the person sign the divorce paper or you can have it notorized (sp?).

Is it wrong to have only one wife? Don’t break your vow! Those who had many wives back then also had a lot of land. Multiple wives are an option not a commandment.

Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:7…male and female created him, then it says man formed. Is there a difference here? Is it true that eternal beings were created and the humans were formed? Angels existed by the time He created man. Genesis chapter 1 tells how Yah created day by day and Genesis chapter 2 is an overview. There were not 2 different creations!!! The elohim did not create anything! Yah spoke creation into existence.

Wedding anniversaries, can we celebrate them? Yes, praise Yah for making it another year with your spouse. Celebrate your anniversary.

The news you can use: ‘black friday’=a merchant holiday! There is a spirit on that day! People fought for cabbage patch, Elmo, beanie babies etc back in the days. They still trample, kill. There was reported shootouts at a mall and macing people with pepper spray this year. They said Wal-Mart has a heavy spirit on it on this day. People get hurt at Wal-Mart. (My sidenote: I remember back in the day hearing of people getting arms or legs broken.). The speaker said black does not mean money or that they make money and are not in the red anymore…black means death.

Greece, Italy, EU countries are going bankrupt. They say if America sneezes….we (the EU) catch a cold…it’s all connected.

Russia has always hated the U.States. The U.S. stood in the way of Russia conquering Afghanistan back in the day. The U.S. supplied guns to the Afghan rebels and opened up the drug trade there. Watch the movie called ‘Charlie Wilson’s war’. Russia, Iran, and China are allies. China has a billion plus people…the U.S. has 308 million. All the Chinese are one ethnicity and stand together. The U.S. is multi-ethnic and has divisions. The military and economic power they have in China is massive (?). They kill baby girls over there and keep the boys…why? To build their army up!!!

China, Iran, Russia are going to take over, they will cross the Euphrates that is going to dry up according to Scripture. Did y’all know they can drain the Euphrates river up? Saddam Hussein (sp?) built this drainage system in the river in order to cross it…they can say what they want about Arabs but the Arabs know Scripture! The Arabs have read the Scriptures and know prophesy.

Russia is ready for war, Russia has never been a punk. The U.S. has been planting missiles in Europe lately. Russia is Gog and Magog and Iran is Medo-Persia. Look at Isaiah 13:17 and Isaiah 13:5. We will break this down in the end time prophesy series in January.

Iran caught some spies and the CIA admitted they were spies. y’all remember the spies that were caught ‘hiking’ in Iran? Who hikes in Iran?!!!! (laughter) Nobody says let’s go on vacation to hike the mountains of Iran! (You know they were spies)

Riots in Iran…they don’t like their leader…riots in Egypt…The world is unstable…riots in the U.S…notice all the riots occur in the squares of the city…this is masonic…chaos in order to take the world system down.

They made George Washington seem like a hero and he owned slaves. They called us Africans, Negroes, Colored,Blacks…they lie…trickology…we are the Israelites. They make up lies on these leaders of these countries that will not join them.





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