The Good News

What is ‘The Good News’? Why is it beneficial? Look at the world. Life without Yah is nothing. That is why there are so many who pursue riches.

The population has gone from 179 million in 1960 to 308 million in 2010. And crime grew from 288,460 in 1960 to 102 million in 2010. If the U.S. is so great, why is crime so high here? Rapes went from 17,000 in 1960 to 84,000 last year! Now we have children’s emancipation from parents, gay marriage, they want to declare themselves independent from Yah!

The near poor, 1 in 3 Americans are in poverty or just above it. This is why there is so much crime.

They turn to ABC, MSNBC because they don’t have ‘the good news’…the truth.

the link above, some social warefare benefits will be cut  all around the world including food stamps.

The same things they do today, Nimrod did back then. There is nothing new under the sun…the same as Greek and Roman rule…demonic rule.

Federal Reserve loans money to the government at an interest by the family called Rothschild. They own most of the world’s wealth. It is given to them by satan. Remember satan said he own the kingdoms in Luke 4 and Matthew 4.

Yah allows these things to happen as a testament against them on judgment day. Money is wicked, you can’t serve to masters.

The above story was of a babydoll that uses profanity saying ‘the B word’ :O The speaker was showing the increase in wickedness. I hope all the links work baby but they can be goggled too.

Matthew 6:19-23 We don’t worry about 401 K. Yah is our rainy day fund. We don’t worry about buying gold and silver. v. 21 Treasure is where the heart is. You can’t please Yah if your heart is here on earth. If you’re ‘occupying wall street’ and ‘occupying here and there’, that is where your heart is…wall street. All that glitters is not gold, actors kill themselves all the time. v.22 If your eye is on the kingdom…that is good. Yahoshua said those who seek the praise of men, that is your reward. v. 23 If you’re the greatest rapper or football player but are in the dark….where is your good news? This goes to all who do not do what thus saith Yah!

Ecclesiastes 1:1-12 Are you proclaiming the good news of the Bible? Or are you proclaiming darkness under the guise of being illuminated? What is the good news? v. 3 What do you gain from this world? Live for Yah, the good news.

What separates us from them? believers in Yah and Yahoshua verses non believers?

John 4:1-24 v. 10 How many people do not want to associate with you being an Israelite? It’s because they know the reputation of the Israelites. They refuse to hear the word. They don’t know the good news we possess. We have to make it known. They must see the good news in us! v. 11-12 She sees only on the physical. She questioned Him? As they question us today. v. 15 She is still on the physical. Ezekiel 37 talks about Spiritual raising of the dead Israelites. v. 17 Yahoshua is the bridegroom and Israyl is the bride. The kingdom is coming=the good news. v. 19 Her eyes start opening to understanding. v. 21 The time of persecution is coming. v. 22 Salvation is of the Israelites ( and those grafted in). v. 23 Israelites will worship in the Set Apart Spirit and truth. Good news=Spirit and truth. We raise the Spiritually dead, one day we will also raise the physically dead. The world as this woman, does not know the good news. They have cemeteries, statues in the land. The dead they worship v. 22 They worship what they don’t know. We have to proclaim this word zealously!!! Don’t be silent on the word! We are to be one with MessiYah as MessiYah/Messiah is one with Yah. v. 24 Worship in Spirit and truth. Yah=the word. Yahoshua=became the word in the physical.

The Set Apart Spirit will allow us to raise and heal physically as we raise them Spiritually. Yisrayl/Israel means to strive, overcome, endure with Yah!

Isaiah 44:1-5 Yah chose Yisrayl. Yah pours His living water for the thirsty! v. 5 We put Yah’s name on our hearts and we put His name as ours on the physical. Many of us have changed our names (to show Yah in our names). Keep your eye on the real prize…the kingdom. We are mighty, battle axes of war, Israylite men. Your name has power in Yisrayl. Yahoshua=Yah’s salvation.

Psalm 147:19-20 Yah declares His word to Yahqob/Jacob, His statues and judgments to Yisrayl. He has not dealt with any other nation. Yah has not known them. He only knows those born in Yisrayl and those grafted in. Grafted in=non Israelites who love the truth and follow the laws.

Does this make sense? Go through Yah’s salvation… Yahoshua to get His salvation! The Good News! Only a remnant will understand this!!!

Isaiah 2:2-3 Living water from Yah. Yisrayl are the people who will teach the law. Salvation is for all who believe in Yah’s salvation…Yahoshua. This is why it is called a narrow path…only a few will find it or understand it.

These words are living words of life. Faith=we will raise the dead physically and Spiritually and heal. But first the people must see and hear the living water before they drink it.

John 6:63 Spirit (word) gives life. These words are life. They heal and raise the dead. When you die you don’t take your gold. The pharaoh’s gold is still here. Eternal life=the word.

John 12:49-50 These words come from Yah not our own mouths. HalleluYah Yah finds us worthy to proclaim His word!

Exodus 19:1-8 A nation of priest that are to proclaim this word! Proclaim Yah’s salvation…Yahoshua! Imitate Yahoshua!

Psalm 119:142,151 Laws=the truth and everlasting life.

Deuteronomy 32:47 This word is our life. The word prolongs our days. This word is not idle. It is not of the world. Fight for this word! Life/truth…death (the second death) can not overcome you.

1 Corinthians 15 The whole chapter is read aloud. v. 1 I make know this good news which you received. v. 2 Faith with works we must have so we can be saved. If not you don’t believe and that equals spiritual death, the lake. v. 3-4 Good news=Yahoshua rose again, Spiritual. He died physically. v.5-8 Yahoshua seen by many. v.9-10 Shaul says he is the least because he persecuted the assembly of Yah but he says it is what it is. The things he did made him who he was that day. As we have all sinned but now we are with Yah and Yahoshua on one accord. v. 12 Some congregations  don’t believe in miracles or that Yah doesn’t talk to people anymore.  v. 13 If there is no resurrection then there is no salvation of Yah. v. 14 Without resurrection there is no Messiah, this is what he is saying here. v. 20 Messiah has been raised. He is no longer on the stake. There is salvation in Yah! v. 21-22 Original sin came by a man, Adam and life come to us from a man…Yahoshua. v. 24-25 Yahoshua will rule for 1,000 years as Revelation says. Then He will turn the kingdom over to Yah. His heels will crush lies and prophesied. v. 26 Death will be thrown in the lake as it says in Revelation. Faith is enduring with your shield. He rewards those who diligently seek Him. v. 28 Yahoshua is the Master Servant, Scripture will be fulfilled. We must strive and overcome with Yah! v. 31 Everyday we fight and die to this world! Ask Yah for this bread (word) everyday. When we go through trials we know Yah is with us. v. 32 Don’t fight for futile words as men do. Don’t ‘occupy’ or save the whales or civil rights, whatever it is…it is futile. What good is it to fight for vain things?

John 4:22 =1 Corn. 15:34 Some have no knowledge of Yah. I speak this to your shame. Be perfect brothers and sisters. Give people this living water! v. 42-58 This is the good news. We will be spiritual when we raise up in Yahoshua!! See v. 44. v.45 The last adam=Yahoshua. There is no reincarnation. v. 50 We have to die to the flesh to hear Yah. We can’t be friends with the world. Be perfect. The rebels will be purged out. v. 56 Death sting is sin. satan is death. We are the living law. Accept Yah’s salvation to overcome death. Yahoshua was the first man to overcome death. Your work in Messiah is not in vain! Fight to overcome death! Yah is opening up our understanding in this captivity! Baruch ha Qodesh Shem Yah! Blessed is the Set Apart name of Yah! The lesson ends.

Q & A: Do you light candles for bringing in the Shabbat on Friday night? That is from Judaism and not in Scriptures. We do not light candles.

Explain 666? It is written in Revelation 13:18. It is a number for a man. An imperfect man.

Someone asked about weddings. The answer: Be careful with paganism in weddings. Cakes, rings stood for saturnalia, flower carried so the people would smell good. They didn’t wash much back then. The matron of honor and bridesmaids dressed like the bride to confuse the gods.

 The news you can use: Herman Cain, wouldn’t that be something if 2 ‘blacks’ were running for president. Someone said ( I didn’t get the name of who they said, said it) that G. Bush would be the last American president. Barrack was born in Asia. Cain is Hebrew and was picked by the Illuminati for the Republicans.

Cam Newton, new quarterbacks coming to dominate. They understand we are a mighty people. They use to say we were too dumb to quarterback.

Did y’all know when movies went to sound only our voices could be picked up?

Two blacks running against each other has never happened. A Hebrew (Cain) will not win but he may work in the cabinet.

November 16…The KJV turned 400 years old…November 16, 1611 to Nov. 16, 2011. The Bible came over with us y’all.

Do y’all know when you log into Facebook, they trace where you go? It is CIA operated. The CIA runs Facebook under this guys name. Why do they want to know where you go? Be careful y’all! Social networking is to keep track of you.

Titans +gods=best fighting scene in the movie ‘Immortals’. They used concepts of the fallen angels, straight from Scripture. There wasn’t as many fight scenes in Immortals as in the movie ‘300’. Pay attention to the beginning and ending narration! They are prepping you for the coming of the fallen angels. Hidden in plain view is how they do it. zeus and apollo are in the movie, they looked small, lol.

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