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Paranormal Activity: The Ninth Plague: Darkness

According to Moshe, in the Book of Exodus Chapter 10:21-29, the Egyptians underwent darkness for 3 days where they did not move. Solomon in the Book of the Wisdom of Solomon gives us more detail of what was going on in that darkness. He said that the Egyptians could not sleep (or intolerable sleep) during this darkness because they were seeing monstrous apparitions. Y’all, the Egyptians were seeing demons! The word monstrous means frightening, huge, evil, unnatural or horrifying. The word apparition means spirit or manifestation. From The Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 17:14-15. Solomon said something else that was interesting. He said that the Israylites could hear them in their darkness. Chapter 18:1. They were probably screaming and/or crying at the form of those demons.

You might ask, well if it was so dark how could the Egyptians see those demons? Not to long ago, I was watching this paranormal show. This man that had a demon(s) in his house said something that I found very interesting. He said his room would be totally dark yet he could see this demon in his bedroom and that the demon WAS DARKER THAN THE DARK IN HIS BEDROOM! He could see its form. Anyway, Solomon also said the same thing that Moshe said, that the Israylites had light and were happy (in Goshen).

An interesting statement Solomon made in Chapter 18:2 was that Ysrayl did not seek revenge on the Egyptians when they were in total darkness. They certainly could have wiped them out but they did not. Why? Because this was the ninth plague (Yah had one more plague to go) and vengeance belonged to Yah. The Israylites let Yah show His hand, they waited on Yah.

*I forgot to add that Solomon said that the magicians of Egypt were very terrified during this darkness. Remember, they came up against Moshe after he turned his walking stick into a snake(s).

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The Reason Why Yah Calls Himself Alpha and Omega

We have read that Yah calls Himself the Alpha and Omega or the beginning and the end in Revelation 1:8, Revelation 21:6 and Revelation 22:13. The Israylites explained that this is Yah speaking through Yahoshua. Christians take these verses as the Messiah was there with the Almighty from the beginning which is not correct.

Yah explained to Shlomoh (Solomon) in the book of the Wisdom of Solomon that He is the Alpha and Omega or beginning and end because no idol was there with Him from the beginning. Likewise, no idol will be there in the end (or when they come to an end). You can read this in chapter 14:12-14 in the Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon). I found another statement Yah made to Solomon interesting. He said, “worshiping idols is the BEGINNING of all evil.” This can be found in verse 27 of the same chapter.


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Written in Blue

Recently, I was visiting a book store. I was looking at some of the bibles, I don’t know why, I already have many bibles. But anyway, I opened this small bible thinking “Oh this would be nice to keep in my pocket.” When I opened it… to my surprise….the words of Yah in ‘the old testament’ and the words of Yahoshua in ‘the new testament’ were written in BLUE. The bible was published by Barbour Publishing. Before this blog, I had never seen that, they use red. I used blue to emphasize that this is law. I’m not saying that I’m the first or only to use blue. I’m just saying that this blog is well read by many. HalleluYah. Oh yeah, if you are wondering if I bought the bible? No, I just smiled and walked away…