Protected: Iyob Chapters 41 and 42

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I remember learning from the Israylites that satan created the dinosaurs and that Yah destroyed the dinosaurs. After reading Iyob 41:14, about the monster called Leviathan having “terrible teeth,” this reminded me so much of a dinosaur’s terrible teeth. We know that the devil copies everything that the Most High does but uses it for evil. I wondered if the the devil copied dinosaurs to be like Leviathan and Behemoth? Leviathan and Behemoth were made during Creation way before any dinosaur. And isn’t it something that Leviathan breathes fire…like a dragon.


Submitting to Your Man

I love to hear stories about how couples met and the going-ons that came with it. Recently, I watched a couple of mini documentaries on how Prince and Denise Matthews (the artist formerly known as Vanity) met. Did y’all know that they met behind stage of one (I’m not sure which one) of those musical award shows? It was love at first sight. I also did not know that they lived together in the early 80s, for two and a half years! Prince had a lot of girlfriends but he was serious about Denise Matthews. He wanted to marry her. Their break-up was explained in the documentary. See, Vanity had a drug problem. She use to fuss and carry on in the house about wanting more money…for her habit. At that time, Prince had all three members of Vanity 6 on a stipend (or allowance). They also said in the documentary that she, Denise Matthew helped write the movie script for Purple Rain. The scene where Prince’s dad back-hand slaps him to the floor was a scene from her life. Her father did that to her in real life among the other physical, sexual and mental abuse she suffered because of dad. Prince wanted her to play herself in the movie but she turned him down. By that time they had broken up.

There are so many people suffering out here and they don’t know how to go to Yah about their problems. They may tell someone about their problems, like she told Prince about her dad…however…Prince did not know how to pray for her or take her to Yah. He did not know how to cast the demon(s) off her and/or himself. Purple Rain was a good movie back in the day but the story of Prince and Vanity (in my opinion) would have made a better movie. She also said in her book “Blame it on Vanity” that Prince was the only man that she ever had a deep love for (but she would not submit to him when they lived together) and years later she wanted to get back together and he turned her down…