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Written in Blue

Recently, I was visiting a book store. I was looking at some of the bibles, I don’t know why, I already have many bibles. But anyway, I opened this small bible thinking “Oh this would be nice to keep in my pocket.” When I opened it… to my surprise….the words of Yah in ‘the old testament’ and the words of Yahoshua in ‘the new testament’ were written in BLUE. The bible was published by Barbour Publishing. Before this blog, I had never seen that, they use red. I used blue to emphasize that this is law. I’m not saying that I’m the first or only to use blue. I’m just saying that this blog is well read by many. HalleluYah. Oh yeah, if you are wondering if I bought the bible? No, I just smiled and walked away…

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When I watched the Conjuring part 2, I wondered if the demon could be in two places at once. It (the demon) was bothering the little girl and her family in London and also the paranormal investigator”s wife in the USA. They seemed to experience it at the same time. I was watching this paranormal show about a month ago, one of the investigators said yes, demons can be in two (maybe more?) places at the same time. Time is not the same for them like man. They are spirits (paraphrased). I thought that was very interesting.

There is a new paranormal show coming on tonight at 9 pm on the FOX Chanel. It’s called “The Passage.” I’m going to check it out. I just hope it is not stupid like the show they had called “Lucifer.” HaHa

The blog has slowed down because I have been sick. I’m not totally well yet. I was sick about 2 months ago then I was well again for a few weeks then I became sick again (with three ailments). However, I am feeling better but not one hundred percent. Please have patience.